Misunderstood Yaacob Ibrahim

I quote what Yaacob said about being a minority from thestatestimesreview.
“It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community. Sometimes, the majority does not know what it feels to be a minority community.”

Without giving any example, the Minister in-charge of propaganda and Muslim affairs also played the victim card and said that Singaporean Muslims have been “under constant scrutiny” after terrorist attacks overseas made headlines news in recent years:

“It is not a pleasant experience when your religion and your religious orientation is under constant scrutiny. For the Malay-Muslim community, this sense of being misunderstood is deeply felt, having been in the spotlight for quite some time. It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community.”

It is true that given the circumstances, the Singaporean Muslims have been ‘under constant scrutiny’. Can Yaacob expect less? What Yaacob did not say is that this is a peculiar situation that would also happen to any community, even to the majority if their kinds are involved in the terrorist acts around the world and threatening to blow up some parts of Singapore. And this is not an issue of being a minority or being a majority.

The scrutiny is a result of terrorism and terrorist acts and nothing to do with being a minority. It just so happened that the terrorist acts around the world today is associated with ISIS and its religious connection with Islam. Yaacob needs to be clearer in his inference of how the Singapore Muslims are feeling under such circumstances. Being Muslims and being from the minority race and terrorism are two separate things. If the terrorist acts are not committed by Muslims in the name of Islam and ISIS, would there be such scrutiny against the Malay/Muslim minority? Unfortunately the Singapore Malays are Muslims and the dread of the world today is ISIS and Islam or ISIS abusing Islam. If terrorism is from a different religion that has no relation or association with Islam, this ‘under constant scrutiny’ would not be an issue.

I would agree that the majority does not know what it feels to be a minority community. Such a feeling of being a minority is not unique to Singapore or to the Malay community alone. Any ethnic minority will have the same sense of unease anywhere in the world, of any ethnic minority, as long as they are a minority. The Chinese may be a majority here but is a minority in many countries and also felt the same way, affected by being a minority. There is nothing new in being a minority. It is everywhere. Things get worst when ISIS is associated strongly with Islam and Muslims and the latter are also Malays.

But I must say that the majority of the other races, including the Chinese, are not staring at every Malay/Muslims and fearing that behind them is a terrorist. If that will to be the case, life would be very miserable and very difficult to get by, and inter racial tension and suspicion would only increase. Singapore would become dysfunctional. This is not true, not the case in Singapore. Generally all the races are going about their lives without being paranoid about the Malay/Muslim community.

Betul tak?


Anonymous said...

We Sinkies are the most loving, forgetful, generous friendly brothers....just look at the Garhmen we voted and tong so long. No racial problem....Chinese, Indians, Eurasians all like nasir lemak...and no political problem....always asking Pappies to keep hiking fees after every election. Yakcocb probably a bit high or quarreled with wife lah.

Virgo49 said...

How about the Chinese been branded as what's Communists, what's Evil. What's MCPs.???

But now they dancing and wined with them.

Educated, enlightened Chinese Singaporeans DONT have prejudiced mind to lump all Muslims as Terrorists.

See the China Muslims, they are so peaceful and mixed easily with the PRCs in Hainan Tau and elsewhere.

Chinese are the mostlyColoured Blind.They married all races.

DON'T be so bitter and put on a Charade.

Betul ka??

Anonymous said...

“It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community. Sometimes, the majority does not know what it feels to be a minority community.”
- Yakult Ibrahim

Really ah?
So now you know how MPs from the Workers' Party feel when they attend to Parliament lah.
Do you think the PAP majority know how it feels to be the Opposition minority in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

...actually, Yacult maybe trying to elaborate charades that his boss doing of reserved EP causing his Malay Muslims unrest & unstable as the majority Chins pointing finger towards them should a terriosts attack take place. No worries lah. His boss & bulldogs Ah Shame & Big Nose already installed the SGSecure & been practicing drills in all island wide Lah, so there is no cause for concern on his part that his community get blamed for nothing. Anymore there r 70% dafts Sinkies will not create any form of unrests ( at least for now), but the 30% who knows bout their mentality...

Anonymous said...


DON'T anyhow say say leh........

We are all brothers and sisters.......

Yes I may be Chinese, ....,..

I love Malay foods......

I also love Indian foods........

Etc etc etc,...........

We are all Singaporeans........HOME.........


Anonymous said...

8.59 am, agreed and I love Malay girls too

Anonymous said...


Hahaha......very very good for you!

Anonymous said...

Is it Yakult or Yacult or Yak-cock?

Rocket said...

“It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community. Sometimes, the majority does not know what it feels to be a minority community.” - Yaacob Ibrahim

We all know Yaacob (better known as 'Yakut" in the past but now known as "Japanese Syonan Lover") for at least 40 years already, since he appeared in public life.

We all also know that Yaacob, the Yakut-fame, likes to carry his boss' balls. He has never failed to demonstrate this and also in quick time to follow up the moment his boss said something.

We all also know that the Japanese Syonan Lover always simply shoot his big guns in the general direction, one broom sweep clean everything, without facts and details to substantiate his claims,

And most important and significant of all about this Ya-Ya-cob Ibrahim is that he is the ONE AND ONLY who claimed that Orchard Road floods happened only "once in 50 years!"

And the Almighty God or his own Allah immediately discredited him by raining and flooding Orchard Road at least three times in that year, and subsequently at least once every year for the next five years.

So, we can safely conclude that Yaacob Ibrahim's Ya-Ya statements are all baseless and empty noises. He has no substance. He simply does not have any credibility any more after spurting the "Once In 50 Years Flood" NONSENSE!

If he had any balls, he should have stood up to oppose his Boss. But he allowed an Indian to usurp the Presidency for which his Boss had deliberately reserved for the Malays!

Moreover, his Anti-Chinese Stance is now very clear. When he proposed the renaming of the Museum to Syonan Gallery, we had thought that he was being insensitive only. But now with this utterance of his about the MAJORITY, we can see deeper into his psyche - his Anti-Chinese Stance harbouring inside him ALL THESE YEARS!

Anonymous said...

Is it right to say Yacock IBRA-SHIm is Anti- Chinese?
Or it it right to say Yacook HeBRaHim is racist ?
Or Yacult IWhearBraHim is following his boss instructions?

Frog Outside Glass said...


agongkia said...

Jangan bohong lah.
Minority has its advantages wherever they are.I wonder why my father never name me Buang Goh or Razali Goh and my future will be different,no pulau chief oso at bila bila village chief.
I have no doubt about our Singapoolah Muslim and They do not pose any threats.
They are loyal and trustworthy and whatever acts or threats by terrorist has got nothing to do with them .
Please do not give an impression that the majority have doubt on the minority as it's not healthy .Only khongcum think and say so.
I trust and love the minority and hope to be born as a minority in my next life.I sayang my minah.Pakchik,machik,abang adek,kaka..Saya cinta kamu.

patriot said...

As the Minister Incharge of Malay and Muslim Affairs, Sinkies are waiting with bated breath for him to say something or anything about the Reserved Presidency for the Malay Singaporeans.

To date he has stay dumb about it. ls he happy with the Choice?


Rocket said...

As Minister In-charge of Malay and Muslim Affairs, what has Yaacob Ibrahim done to improve the lives of the majority of the Malays and Muslims in Singapore over the last 10 years?

Why did he not taken the initiative to propose the need to have a Malay President? Instead, it was the PM, a Chinese who did it? How does this reflect the sincerity of a Malay Minister representing the Malays?

As a Malay, qualified on all counts as a Presidential Candidate, why did he not bother to contest for this year's Reserved (For Malay) Presidential Election and allow an Indian woman to easily passed through by walk-over?

When he has a chance to champion for the Malays, he did not do so. Only after the event is over, then he kpkb, pretending to represent the voice of the Malay Community, and painted a pathetic, sorrowful, victimized picture of the Malay Community? What does this say about him?.Either he is damn stupid or he has some ulterior motive?

Either way, he should step down from being a Minister, as he cannot be trusted by both the minority Malays and the majority Chinese, and even the minority Indians and Eurasians.He should never have been trusted by all Singaporeans after his blatantly fake claim of "Once In 50 Years" Flood in Orchard Road.

His calibre does not deserve the million dollars salary and bonuses. It is long overdue for him to retire and be replaced by a younger Malay, someone sincere and more capable than him.

Anonymous said...

@Patriot 11.32am

There is a high possibility that Ah Yac is not so happy about the reserved EP? But he can't do anything bout it. As long as his mthly celery still has in the bank, who cares his community go upside down or inside up?...

Anonymous said...

This man s 2 sons were reported by main media to hold US passport. Their mother is US citizen. This is the reason no need to serve NS? This custom of sons following the mother is unique to the majority sinkies chinese.
Have they changed to sinkies custom?

However, sinkies should fully respect what a family s choice in orientation to NS. ie PR from flooding villages working for 20 to 30 years in sinkieland prefer to keep their sons at flooding villages at sunny land to avoid NS. They carry home millions dollars of cash in CPF as land owners in flooding villages.

How about the minister level retires with millions dollars cash in foreign country? This is what majority sinkies cannot understand these people s thinking: they are here for the cash, that is one leg committed on sinkieland. The other leg is outside country.

Its like salesman s talk for these people: one leg step into to block the door close, to acquire the cash, the other leg is ready to go after the sales. That s what snake oil sales man does.

Frog Outside Glass said...

Actually, the biggest minority issue in Singapore is the Ministerial Minority. The ministers are the tiniest group, the minority of minorities. They belong to the Multi-Millionaires Club.

What Jacob Abraham was referring to is about himself, not the Muslims or Malays. With his type of half-wit brain and coward heart, he stands out like a sore thumb when he mixes with the other Multi-Millionaires in Singapore, majority of whom are Chinese. That's why he suffers. People rub at him when they do meet during big functions.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.16

The PAP cronies or inner circle elites children escape NS for several years enriching themselves to the Full in education and other personal business and came back later to serve only gets the minimum civil jail sentence of just a few months.

Whereas peasants fellow men sons absconded NS served years. It be much worse if they are enlisted and AWOL.

The sentence in military laws are draconian. Simple insubordination gets you months of detention.

AWOL gets you years. I had a Kaki who served Two years full time and another two years in detention for AWOL.

The punishments in Detention Camp is hundred time more severe than the civil prisons.

Those who defaulted should be send to Detention Camp and not Civil Prisons.
I know Ahgongkia gonna to swaun me after this post.

So you see where got Justice???

The farking Govt is SICK.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1216pm

The sons are also holding US passport?

True or not?

Can meh?

Really bo cheng hu!

Anonymous said...

During the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s Communists & suspected Commies were under intense scrutiny. Since Commies were predominantly Cheenas, the Cheena community bore the brunt of monitoring & "interviews" by Special Branch & ISD. Those Cheenas in M'sia & Indo got the worse of it. But S'pore also suffered and most cheena organisations were slowly wiped out e.g. clan associations, independent labour unions, independent cheena newspapers, cheena-medium schools, Nantah, etc. Most damaging is LKY managing to con the paranoid Brits into jailing the Barisan Socialis for being Commies, and setting the path for PAPies unfettered power & rule. But when got $$$$$$$$$$ to be made, LKY himself hug & kiss Deng Xiaoping like long-lost brother. So if ISIS & Taliban can bring $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, high-paying jobs, prosperity to all, I bet that PAPies will open legs wide open for them too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.01pm
This NS escape thing was an issue when kfc s son was deferred ns while someone was the mindeaf overall in chart.
He was asked to serve in camp in aircon research later. There was on piano artist lived in UK and came to sinkieland to make performance money. This same artist escape NS was just fined, so fine for sinkieland s pro rich wack poor system.
But the yakut foreign passport sons ns issue was never come out again, after the main media reported the news. Good guess is: they never step onto sinkieland. Everybody keeps silent: shu shit, keep quiet lah. Election might be called after abe did that. Sinkieland s election followed abe s previous called not long. Yaku might still want to take the million dollars to feed the no need to work hard sons ever after. Who dont want to be yaku s son? Minority suffering meh? My foot. Enjoy the money as minority sons in US while majority sons do donkey ns at $500pm. Some even get capside war machine and mati for $500pm.

NS s not fair. Not so much for yaku this kind of look over but not ok for so hi level civil servant. But the elite feed half a millions PR here. How many PR from sunny land present their sons to do NS? No elite dare to present the real data. Sinkies can gues it correctly bcos hi level also dont risk their sons. Correct?

Ans to 1.02pm. If this post about hi level s sons holding foreign passport was wrong, it is bcos u are not current on current affairs on sinkieland or u r new to sinkieland. Welcome to sinkieland. Got sons to do NS? If no, then relax to watch how things go.

NS men are getting furious for no jobs for them while keep asking them to report to camp on weekends. Cannot drive Unber, how to survive after owing money to pay for uni tutions fee? Weekend is the best time to drive taxi.

Anonymous said...

NS men are getting furious for no jobs for them while keep asking them to report to camp on weekends.
October 11, 2017 1:47 pm

Not true.
NS men very happy PAP voters.
If not, how can PAP get 70% votes?

agongkia said...

//I know Ahgongkia gonna swaun me after this post//

Of course lah Lauchek.In those days your mate like ssgt Seet,if I remembered from the news clearly ,abuse power as a MP n duck SUS into KDB pond water till he died.
You still defend your mate when I bring this up.Shows that your heart oso black.
It's PG like you that support the idea to abuse power in camp or with backing that the current generation now learn from you ,learn the bad habit,greedy,lazy,Jlb,to sleep with citizens wives like Peter,Michael,David etc.instead of caring for citizen.
How to blame Garmen?it's all PG own fault for not teaching their children the right moral value.
So you shd continue to support chenghu ,support 6.9 and wait for your PH ,oops,Pigeon Hole,to fetch 600k.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Once in 50 years probably now backside feeling itchy, talking about the concerns of the Malay minority, when most citzens are still sore about the PE issue.

Why did he not talk about the reserved PE for Malays being hijacked by an Indian?

He represents the interest of the Malays right?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Once in 50 years probably now backside feeling itchy, talking about the concerns of the Malay minority, when most citzens are still sore about the PE issue.
October 11, 2017 2:37 pm

Not back side itch.
Do you think they are taking turns to support PM Lee.

Masagos supported PM Lee's 30% water price increase.
Became very unpopular.
So right now will keep very quiet until the daft Singaporeans forget.

Now it's Millionaire Yacob's turn to support PM Lee and to become unpopular.
Because most daft Singaporeans already forgot his "once every 50 years" remark

Anonymous said...

Pap s support is 54%. Based on trend under the popular dragon son. Every election under him is 6% decline. Except the old man masuk dalam causing sympathizing votes, the policies votes are getting worst from bad. The worst was foreign talent, now racist president reservation policy, all this will bring down from 61% to 54%, drop at least by 5% to 7%.
U saw news WP Low and Pap speaker eating BKT? U will be surprise when the internal split at Pap or Wp similar to Japan s Korike coming into power out of no where.
Tan stand a good chance to start a new party as his chance to be pm is not based on merits but who did carried the old man when he was walking. He is the old man s choice as pm.

b said...

He is playing race card again and inciting racial hatred. He should be arrested. Malays are not minority. They are quite significant >10%. Eurasians are the minority. They never come out and play victims. When muslims going around killing chinese in the 60s and 90s in matland and indland, why they did not feel unpleasant then?

Anonymous said...

PE 2017 was reserved for minority race. President Nathan was Indian. He served 2 terms before President Tony Tan. Indian not minority? Indians non-existence? Nathan 2 terms not counted? If not counted, PE 2017 is not valid. Where got 5 terms? TCB can re-contest.
Worst still Halimah is Indian based on IC and official document. So counted or not counted? So where is the Malay candidate or Malay President?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo,Aiyo, Ahgongkia, you DONT know the saying :Set a thief to catch s thief. Not all MPs are Angels, likewise the MPs in Parliament.

Our time, many Regulars with Dragon And Tigers tattooes. Likewise the SPF with many crooks.
The dunking case committed by S/Sgt See on the unfortunate NEwman is a one off 50 year happening as exclaimed by PAP.

See today court case one deserter served in the Military Police command and will serve jail when he completed his service.

Many hard-core deserters are put into this service so as to set a thief to catch a thief.

If they were to desert, they get double punishments.

Our time NS Provost men, very sympathetic to detainees as we knew their hardships of why they deserted.

Many are send in by sadistic tang chiak bo cho Peng yow see black ants and bananas for the stupid flimsy charges.

We not black hearted ones. What can happen to them can also happens to you.

So, we or mee tou hood ones.


Anonymous said...


Your figures look very encouraging anonymous 3.47pm!


We shall see!

Anonymous said...

Whether in the majority or the minority, all also want their hard-earned CPF savings back after age 55, and don't want to be forced to buy CPF life annuity! PAP O$P$ !

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, ex CEO of ex-NOL, now CEO of SPH retrenched 230 SPH staff.

Karma,karma, One down Two, oops 230 to go.

Aiyo, sad Christmas and CNY. Famous quote : Restructuring.

More joined UBER and GRAB.

NTUC promotion, lost too many cabbies.

Drive free rentals for three months.

Another Hatchet Man

patriot said...


230 retrenched is just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Me says by the End of 2018, many Sinkies shall have plenty of free time to spend but no money to live.

Listening to Minister Chan Chun Singat FM 95.8 Chinese Station made me sick. His claim to want to provide jobs and career developments for Sinkies now and in the Future sounded damn grand.
BUT, I like him to know that this Oldie Sinkie(me) thinks his words are worse than farts.
It is empty.

it stinks.


Anonymous said...

Now the "moron dotard" has more words to play with:
Ri said, come with fire to settle the score. Not words please. Poor "dotard" will run out of words this time. He is cornered.
NK begs for a fight.

"Ri Yong Ho, Pyongyang's foreign minister, hit out at the US President and said the tensions will not be settled with words.

He said: "With his bellicose and insane statement at the United Nations, Trump, you can say, has lit the wick of a war against us.

"We need to settle the final score, only with a hail of fire, not words."