Have We NO Shame?


Authenticity is the utmost important characteristic of integrity.
How much longer should Singapore continue to participate in the bogus and fraudulent World University Rankings? Have we no shame?
Read more about our Decade of Shame.

We need to set an honest and genuine example for our NTU Alumni, our Singapore Community and the world;

Or else, we are much better off selling fake Rolex at NTU

As the Chief "replica" Rolex Salesman has said: "It's fake, but it's a Rolex!" And he's selling them like hot “Hello Kitty” dolls! Well, the NTU grad is just copying NTU's branding strategy.

WHEN can we stop our Shame? If not now?  If not by us?  

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agongkia said...

Well written article.
Naming myself,condoning,allowing my children n grandchildren,to name themselves as Beter,Dony,Sylbia or Jannifer Goh etc.when me has nothing to do with western origins is actually trying to be fakes N more Shameful.
Let's stay origin and stop being a fake else there's no shame to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Bananas are not interested in virtues and
characters. They are not averse to shame so long there is money.


Anonymous said...


What's that ?

And what abt it ?

Anonymous said...

Bananas have no roots. They would copy and imitate anything and looking fake but thinking they are looking good.

Mikospace said...

All Singaporeans who love this country and care about our values and direction should indicate or speak their minds on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Conned by foreigners to employ foreigners and to sack Singaporeans.
How stupid can they be? And appoint foreigners to take charge of national institutions to fire Singaporeans to bring in more foreigners.

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of traitor, treason, treachery, betrayal?

Anonymous said...

All Singaporeans who love this country and care about our values and direction should indicate or speak their minds on this matter.
Michael Heng PBM 8:53 am

Agreed. But then there are far too many issues for Singaporeans to speak up.

So in terms of importance in the minds of Singaporeans,

what ranking do they place for NTU's participation in the bogus and fraudulent World University Rankings,

that's the question.

Or in a crowded field of issues, will NTU's bogus ranking become a forgotten issue

and Micheal Heng's voice on the issue a voice in the wilderness,

that's another question or even issue.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ah Loong and his PAP Generals have turned Singapore into an army camp?

NS men.
You all know the standard of our army camp correct?
You all know the standard of SMRT correct?

Do you see any similarity?

Anonymous said...

Do you think our Singapore economy has also become like an army camp?
No diversity.
No initiative.

Do you think even a billionaire entrepreneur feels he has to ask for permission before trying out his idea for a cashless system in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

“I hope we will be able to compartmentalise and look at things more clearly in that way.
And I look to you honestly as media that you can help us do this educational thing.

Because if you yourself are confused and you conflate, then you are going to write in a way which will further confuse the ground.
That’s what I’m urging.

I think just as I said, I’m looking at this whole project as one team, I look to you as part of my team too.
I think we are all Singaporeans we want our MRT to be the pride of the world and it can be, and it can be. But I need you too, to work with me, try to explain.”


Does this mean when there is shit work to do;
we are all part of the PAP team like national service;

But when it comes to salary;
It's million dollar salary for them;
and peanuts and retrenchments for us?

b said...

People with no shame are more successful. If you want success then must have no shame. Having no shame will help you to get control and power easily. This is nature loh.

Rocket said...

On Tyranny

Selfishness does not know shamefulness.
Ruthlessness does not know shamelessness.
Power does not know self to blame.
A tyrant does not know every shame.

Unethicality does not know black from white.
Immorality does not know wrong from right.
Lawlessness does not know rule of law.
Tyranny does not know them all!

Anonymous said...

When top national leaders dishonor own father, use state organs for personal purpose, appoint crony engineers to be big-time fund managers, turn IC Indian to Malay, dishonor 1st official elected president, pay themselves millions with sub par performance year-in year-out, mocked at Asia no.1 power in US Congress, hike essential tariffs unnecessarily, sell low, buy high state assets eg NOL, power stations, etc, MPs sleeping in & skipping parliament, favored (fake) FT in jobs & education, signed stupid & harmful agreement with India, instill fear & draconian punishment on citizens, full of propaganda media, lump PR as citizens to confuse, put party interests way avove citizens interests, wayang thru, etc.....this beloved country Singapore can only go one way...DOWN.

Anonymous said...

People with no shame are more successful.
2:50 pm

U are right.

And that's what I personally see for myself that happening, especially in workplaces.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of being more successful at the expense of losing your soul? Peace with own conscience, peace with fellow man especially the poor & weak and peace with God is worth more than silver & gold.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Politician Pushes Ban On Businesses Banning Cash


Burke called his ordinance a "fair and equal access" issue and calls out Visa's repression of the poor and young...

"A 'no cash' sign is a 'not welcome' sign for many without ready access to credit, including those who are low- or fixed-income, homeless, undocumented, young or victims of identity theft," he said.

It adds that those under 18 can't apply for credit cards, making a cash ban "de facto age discrimination," while many low-income families can't even afford to open a bank account.

The ordinance would make it illegal to decline cash as payment at any business in retail sales or food and drink, under the penalty of fines starting at $1,000 and up to $2,500 a day.

As we noted previously, this ongoing push for a cashless society in Europe, Asia, and the Americas is about much more than just phasing out paper money - it’s about central planners solidifying control over the public’s wealth.

This ongoing merger of corporate and government interests is the definition of crony capitalism.