Racial equality must be right sized

TRE has an article by a Matilda Gabrielpillai with the title, ‘Majority Chinese not doing enough to stop closet racism, so much for equality’. She lamented about the plight of the minorities and the disinterest among the Chinese majority to their causes. What is pertinent after all the bitching about the Chinese majority paying lip service to the minorities is this paragraph,

‘More domestication of the truth in the show--those four CMIO boxes, they are not the same size in real life, are they? If depicted more realistically in terms of size, the discourse of each imagined race wanting more than that given to them will start to give off very different meanings than that of human beings always clamouring for more. Don't belittle the minorities' clamouring and make it the same about a majority's clamouring--one is about equality, the other is for greater power. I wonder about the assumptions of someone who can even begin to construct those Singapore boxes as equal.

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I think she has a point. Singapore cannot be equal when the Chinese majority is an absolute majority while the MIOs are not really equal in numbers. I would like to correct her that her closet view on this Chinese majority is not the fault of the Chinese. This is an artificial creation of the British colonial power. They were responsible for the racial composition of modern Singapore. Don’t blame the Chinese like the naiveity of a child that did not know her history and blaming everyone for the wrong reason.

What can be done to correct this imbalance is to do what the British did wrong then and rebalance the population to 25% for each racial group. I think that is the gist of her angst and doing that would please her and make racial equality more real.

What I can say is not to worry. With CECA, and if one really counts the number of the CMIO, I think the percentages are working more towards reducing the Chinese majority to a smaller number if one is to include all the foreigners here, local or foreign workers. Mind you, more than half of the population consists of foreigners and many are not Chinese. So the real percentage of the Chinese majority is much lower today. The biggest gainer among the CMIO is likely to be the Indians. From my observation in the trains, on the streets and in Raffles Place and MBFC and in East Coast, the Indians are a very significant group, very likely bigger than the Malays today. I don’t have the statistics and my observation may be wrong. But this is based on the physical presence, not based on locals, residents, PRs, citizens or whatever.

And if this is not good enough, maybe the likes of Matilda Gabrielpillai should make a representation to the govt to rebalance the racial population so that all the races are of about equal in size. Then everything will be more equal or at least equal in numbers.
The British had an artificial construct with Chinese as the absolute majority. I am not sure the British planned it that way. It did not matter to them then. Maybe the govt of the day may want to have a new artificial construct to please the minorities like Matilda Gabrielpillai. Then we will have real equality and peace in paradise.

What do you think?

PS. I am not going to think about how to make this possible, like telling the majority to stop reproducing or the minorities to go forth and multiply. But if I have to, I am going to curse the British for allowing this to happen and to create so much inequality in this island. I will not blame the Chinese majority for it as they were colonial subjects of the British like the rest of the minorities and had no say of what the British were doing here.

So please get your facts right and go fuck the British and not the Chinese majority for the present situation. This is like blaming the social and economic ills in the region to the Chinese when the real robbers and looters of the colonized countries were the colonial powers, the British, Dutch, Spanish, the Americans and to a certain extent the Portugese. What SE Asia is today is the work of the colonial empires. Stop blaming everything without thinking.


Anonymous said...

//What SE Asia is today is the work of the colonial empires. Stop blaming everything without thinking.//RB

Actually the colonial government in SE Asia has got nothing to do with the racial harmony, socio-economy & defense in this region. Bcos they have given the SE Asian countries self govt & has long washed hand & nothing to do with them after they left these countries. The only to blame in Sinkieland is lack of social-racial unity & the late Old Guards of MIWs knew it & came out rules, constitution & pledge to guard against these flaws..but it looks like the present guards r s spoilers to this social-racial harmony, & it is these fault lines that the Miws exploit on to its fullest such that the reserved EP become a sacrificial lamb to wat the miws wants...majority Chinese r s quiet docile & disunited lot especially in this little red dot, this r wat the late old fart labelled them as Dafts Sinkies..the best or the best of the best lots of Chinese Sinkies majority have left Sinkieland for good when they see how naive or stupids r these Dafts Sinkies..

Anonymous said...

Mind you, more than half of the population consists of foreigners and many are not Chinese.


But then what's wrong with that, I mean for PAP lah,

when there is peace and prosperity (at least seen on the surface and on the streets),

and as recently as 2016, Chee Soon Juan even lost a by election to a PAP minority

candidate in a Chinese majority SMC?

So Chinese majority got use for the opposition or not, u tell me lah?

So if Chinese majority are of no use for Sinkie opposition like Chee Soon Juan,

and being Chinese like Tan Cheng Bock also not eligible to become President,

then why does it matter with more than half of the population consists of foreigners

and many are not Chinese, again u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Being Chinese, Malay, Indian or others or even being Sinkie is not the issue.

The issue is whether like what one anon here said, can 3M (Make More Money) or not?

Tan Cheng Bock already 3M.(He lives in a big bungalow, u know). So cannot be President doesn't matter lah.

Chee Soon Juan lives in a 3 room HDB flat. So I think 3M matters more to him than winning election, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

TRE has an article by a Matilda Gabrielpillai with the title, ‘Majority Chinese not doing enough to stop closet racism, so much for equality’.

Dear Gabrielpillai
There are PAP approved venues for addressing your unhappiness:

1. Go and complain to your PAP MP.
2. Go and complain to SINDA.
3. Go and write a letter to the Straits Times
4. Go and protest at Hong Lim Park

5. Express your concerns on PM Lee's twitter account
- if you make him a proposal, I'm sure he will study it seriously


Virgo49 said...

This Mati Matilah what Pillai must be a Foreign Trash who on her own Shits country must be like a Joseon Period Noble who thinks everybody are Slaves to her.

Just because atas sikit and her natives bow to her, we also must so likewise do the same

Little does she knows that the Majority Race Sinkies are much much worse off than.the minorities who are been.better taken care of by the PAPies.

She does not appreciate our.managnity and still.wants to be Lords over us.

We are giving much concessions to their benefits like Reserved Housing,.Reserved PRESIDENT and also allocation of of their MPs in Parliament.

In ratio, their percentage of seats and Ministerial Positions in Parliament is even much much more than other races.

Tried that in Matland and they will give Shits to you. Their Bumis DONT give a shit to you been the Majority Race.

So, better appreciate our managnity. In time to come with SINKIE land heading to this direction, we may be begging for their managnity to have a Reserved Presidential Seat for the Chinese. Wait till that day which hopefully I won't live to see it.

Daft Sinkies need a bitter lesson like the Mandarins Garden Management Affair before they wake up.

But they wake up too late and have to live like the Chinese in Matland.

So better to be a minority in Matland then be a majority in Sinking Land.

Anonymous said...

TRE has an article by a Matilda Gabrielpillai with the title, ‘Majority Chinese not doing enough to stop closet racism, so much for equality’.

Dear Gabrielpillai
Majority Chinese cannot even muster enough votes to support Chee Soon Juan against PAP's Indian minority candidate Murali in 2016.

Maybe you should raise your concerns with Murali.


Anonymous said...

anon 938am & 946am


Never mind your race!

Yes! Living on this pee sai all are sama sama!

Yes! What is the most important is 3Ms!

Must 3Ms! Don't waste time kpkb and kpkb!

Here up there up. Here tax and there tax. How to tahan if just kpkb and don't 3Ms!

Hahaha,........3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms!

Anonymous said...

Photograph of a rat in an MRT train carriage.


Tan Cheng Bock warned against this in 2014.

Rats, Food and MRT Stations.

Do you think this is the beginning of a bigger problem?

Anonymous said...

Some culture believes in being minority, the majority must provide for the gap so that the minority will sit on top. Yes, give them positions as president and pm and cabinets. And so? They can deploy their kaki to do the jobs as what the majority has done. Cannot meh? That was the message of that author whose idea was based on the change constitutional reserved president.

Based on someone s logic and built upon it to gain self interest is called "borrowed the corpse to scam on others that soul has returned". This phase was targeted on an article on today writing about sinkieland s fate. The author used the corpse Glubb s article about empires, to expound his points: intellectual discussion leads to down fall of a wealthy civilization. This today author borrowed a short para about foreigners described by Glubb. He contradicted Glubb by using one old man s advise about foreigners: treat them as equal. Glubb had a sound logic on how a civilization collapses because of foreigners influx. Today s author underplay foreigners influx s harmful impacts, made the whole article sounded like pastime reading. This today s author omitted the value of intellect learning leads to fast advancement of science. Instead he said discussion was talk no action (nato). So read articles with your minds thinking. Each author comes with a motive.

The motive to put a presidential race as PM is eye opening. Readers can consider the CECA first. CECA meant to flood the entire commercial positions: engineers, accountants, financial analysts, IT, TV presenters, administrators, marketers, with well trained in superior indian institutions of world 2000-3000th ranking.
Some companies such as financial institutions almost have all CECA experts in positions. Many are still hiring these non NS men and women from the reputable eastern lands. They ask for far less salaries and with no "Incamp" required. This practice to enable influx of capable foreigners professionals had done on single impact to the citizens NS men: hit their pockets hardest. Housing cost triple high, salary went decline. The NS committee declared NS needed no salary increase as NS is a citizen s duty.

Glubb said: when citizens no longer willing to perform self sacrifice, that nation collapsed.

The current team put cash is the priority before service in parliament talk. Now added race is the priority for president. Someone wants the same race to be PM, and of course the cabinet team are similar.

Will sinkieland not collapse? Can a firm filled with CECA expert compete well with the traditional mix staff competitors? Can a presidential race cabinet compete with nations like HK, China, Malaysia? Can presidential race occupied EP PM defend invaders when attacked from outside?
If the answers are: can can. Are there problems to majority of citizens? They can vote in the pap teams to see if sinkieland will be ok. Or vote for opposition to change the pap teams who push for race based positions.

Sinkieland collapse may be too trivial to some sinkies as it has never happened before.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Once again, I reiterate my year's-old prediction and warning of: "I told you that an Elected President was a REALLY BAD IDEA".

This "race" thing is another fucking smoke screen.

We are (essentially) all of varying shades of a unified Peranakan Culture which is unique to the former Straits Settlements of Singapore and Malaya. Singapore and Malaysia have further differences in their own local versions of Peranakan culture.

Singapore Chinese are not the same culturally as the HK, Taiwan of China Chinese...or the American or British, Canadian, Aussie Chinese. Singapore Malays are not the same. Singapore Indians are not the same as Indians in India or British Indians or the Indians who emigrated to the USA...like all those Indians running Google.

There are more SIMILARITIES with Peranakan Culture than there are DIFFERENCES between the races---along cultural lines, I'm not taking into account RELIGION...which is another, separate story.

The best thing the people can do (which they die die will never ever do...) is to repeal the EP law in the Constitution and have parliament choose the next president.

The people can play hard ball, with real meaning and consequence. They can lobby, threaten, protest, cajole and reward each of their elected MPs....the way it is supposed to be in a representative parliamentary system. Hint: Notice I never used the word "democracy".

But die, die Singaporeans won't go for the logical, rational choice. They still believe that a directly chosen president is the "better" option.

So...how's that working out for you, Singapore? 🀣🀣

Anonymous said...

@ September 13, 2017 12:01 pm

You say:
/// The best thing the people can do (which they die die will never ever do...) is to repeal the EP law in the Constitution and have parliament choose the next president. ///

It's the PAP and not the people who can repeal the EP law.

You say:
/// But die, die Singaporeans won't go for the logical, rational choice. They still believe that a directly chosen president is the "better" option. ///

It's the PAP that die, die won't go for the logical, rational choice.

It's the PAP that makes all the decisions.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

A lot of banking and IT jobs are totally taken over by Indians. But these are more indo european type people. They don't hold the mainly Dravidian local population in high regard. The population statistics have already shown that the total number of Indians (indo european + dravidian) now outnumber the Austronesian- malayo peoples.

Anonymous said...

Going cashless — what about legal tender?

Excellent analysis & thought by Alex Au
- worth a read

If only all our PAP por lam pars are able and willing to do this type of thinking.
- then I will vote PAP without any hesitation

b said...

God only created one race. Stop being a sock puppet. Stop falling into the race trap where the elites have been using that to control the population, make them hate each other, make them plunder each other, make them kill each other etc. There is no superior race cos there is only one race - human race. Btw, Adam and Eve were mixed race so that make everyone of us mixed race.

b said...

This pillai should be arrested for sowing racial discord under sedition act.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For a while I thought Dragonfly was a born again Matilah. They have so many similarities except the vulgarity part. This is missing from Matilah lately as well.

The properties, living on rentals, travelling and this one I think would be better than Matilah, 3 wives and 6 children. I am envious.

Wonder both have ever met in Sin or in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Some one in ass wrote:
"So wouldn't you agree that there is no need for such a presidential election as Halimah is going to win anyway?"

The new president said its a proud moment of Singapore.

Champion was reserved a seat to be champion, no need to run for it.

Start with PM seat now that president is done. Reserved PM seat should be minority: who is the champion to be reserved for the champion seat, that singapore is to have another proud moment?

No need for GE anyway.

b said...

The EP of small land tells us one thing:
It is better to be colonised by mighty british or americans than colonised by little pap. One would rather chose a boss that can protect you than one that only bullies you. Nothing wrong with colonisation. We are all of human race.

b said...

We should be a state of uk and usa. Otherwise when disaster strikes, no one will help us. St martin is a good example. It is both a french and dutch state.

Anonymous said...

Swedish Police "Cannot Cope" With Huge Numbers Of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived

Anonymous said...

Germany: The Rise Of Islam

b said...

EU is soros playground. He enjoys performing all his social experiments eualibaba there.

Anonymous said...

Paul Lampard



The Dragonfly said...

There Is Only One Race In This World - Homosapiens

If everybody, every human being, considers that there is only one race called the Homosapiens, how can there be racial inequalities? Homosapiens have 99.99% of similarity in DNAs.

If not happy with being called a Homosapien, then there is a further grouping into four biological races:

1. Homo sapiens Europaeus = Europeans.
2. Homo sapiens Africanus = Africans.
3. Homo sapiens Asiaticus = Asians.
4. Homo sapiens Americanus = Americans.

A little bit of problem begin to surface: the problem of locality.

Then people not happy because they don't have enough problems to solve. You see, human beans love to solve problems. That is why they created so many mathematical problems and tried to solve them. After solving them, they are so happy and they declared Quite Easily Done (QED). So, the itchy-backside human beans started to differentiate themselves by skin colours, thus:

1. White People or Caucasians.
2. Yellow People or Mongoloids.
3. Black People or Negroids.
4. Brown People or Australoids.

Now, they become a little bit more unhappy. They started to see one another as having distinct differences, and called one another names, ugly names such as the white devils, the yellow perils, the black niggers, the brown parasites, etc.

So, of course problems become greater and greater.

Then in 1950, the United Nations dropped the word "race" and replaced it to "ethnic groups". Hooray, the problems multiplied 5,000 folds because there are more than 5,000 ethnic groups in the World. How to solve so many problems. Human beans become more unhappy. Everyday, nothing to do, started thinking how to spike the other races, and feeling inferior whenever they cannot get what the other groups have got. So how?

Endless problems. No government, no matter how smart and wise, can solve these problems. Even if they can, they won't waste the precious time on these problems. Daily living already got problems, so many problems. Still want to dig up race problems to cause more problems and possibly lead to troubles, race riots.

Please don't forget the massacre of Chinese in Indonesia in 1965 and 1998. Also, please don't forget the Racial Riots in Singapore in 1964 and 1969. Not forgetting what had happened in Malaya and Malaysia, even now.

Once racial hatred starts, the problems will become very ugly. There will be bloodshed. So, it is better to just confine ourselves as ONE RACE


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

When discussing issues of "race" it is wise to first define what you mean/ what is the context of the "race" word(s) you use in the discourse.

Biologically, there is only one race: homo-sapiens. aka a species of bi-pedal hairless African Ape with big brains.

By moving out of Africa, the various "tribes" evolved different traits according to their respective environments, and also mated with other species ("races", in the biological context)

In places like New Zealand, Scotland and Australia some people fuck πŸ‘ sheep, as told in many jokes. In the Arab cuntries they are known to fuck 🐐 goats and πŸͺ camels (there is video evidence on the net, for those who are curious). Malay fisherman are reputed to "fuck πŸ¦‘ sotong", and most people in Singapore may as well go fuck πŸ•· spiders, or themselves.

However none of the aforementioned sexual couplings has yielded the offspring with mixed DNA the way our genetic ancestors early banged and screwed their way thru life, thus mixing up the DNA so we in the present day can be awesome. Let's face it, life back then sucked more than it does now. Lifespans were short, iPhones, Netflix and the internet did not exist so what better way for entertainment and amusement than to catch a species, fuck the shit out of it in every orifice, then kill and eat it for nourishment.

Waste not, want not...and where possible engage in "sustainable", eco-friendly behaviours.

Anyway, race---means different things. Clarify the context before discussion❗️

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I forgot to add, the way "race" is used in general conversation is the old term for "culture".

Singapore now identifies as a multi CULTURAL society. Back when redbean and I were kids (yes we were, we played chatek and kuti kuti) we were told by the same PAP (the older fuckers, mostly all πŸ’€πŸ’€ dead now)....

....that Singapore was a multi RACIAL society. Glad to know the PAP woke up its motherfucking ideas and changed with the times, so as not to embarrass us any more (than usual).

Anonymous said...

@ Ⓜatilah $ingapura


The Dragonfly said...

I deliberately forgot to add many more pages.

As I was writing my comment this morning at 10 am, it started getting longer and longer, with all the standard shits like definitions, descriptions, statistics, events in the past, race within Singapore context, etc ..... until it became more than 10 pages.

So, I decided to short-cut. I rewrote everything. Make it simple.

The original more than 10 pages will be published in my own blog, after I have time to rehash.

patriot said...

Untill the End of the World, do live with the Race Differences,
Cultural and Custom differences which are NOT REGIONAL OR CLIMATICALLY DEFINED

Above differences do cause friction and war.
However, compare to MAM-MADE RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS, they are mild and minor.

if Homosapiens wants peace just by claiming that all are humans,it is going to be impossible because beside the Fight for Resources, there is the Fights over who have more superior beings backing them to be above others.

You know You are either bias over belief or You will want more over others.

Are You peace loving as You claim to be???


denk said...

Singapore is on the way to the 'little India' of SEA,
This Indian complain about 'discrimination' ?

See what the Indians do to their Chinese minorities !

The Dragonfly said...


Because your comment appears directly under mine, I would normally think that it is in reply to what I wrote.

But to be cautious on my part, may I ask you who are you directing your comment to?

If it is to me, then I will reply. If not, I will shut up.

patriot said...

Dear The Dragonfly;

like You to know that my
comment is for all humans
who get to read it.

All and Sundry.

Personally l look forward to responses from Readers, You and my idol here especially.

And may l thank You Guys in advance.


The Dragonfly said...

Classification Of Human Beings - Part 1/3


How can we accurately classify people in a manner that corresponds to real biological differences rather than culturally defined stereotypes. The answer to this question is highly complex.

Initially, there were three basic ways in which anthropologists have tried to classify people. These are the topological, populational, and clinal models.

Topological Model

During the 19th century, anthropologists and biologists naively divided all people into distinct geographical groups on the basis of what they saw as the regular occurrence together of selected traits. They were using the topological model which has the same basis as the commonly used categories of "race" today. This approach focuses on a small number of traits that are readily observable from a distance, such as skin color, hair form, body build, and stature.

Inherent in the typological model is the generalisation that there have been "pure" unmixed "races" in the past. The roots of this model for classifying people go back to the Swedish naturalist, Carolus Linnaeus. He proposed the existence of four biological subspecies of humans corresponding to geographic regions:

Homo sapiens Europaeus albescens ("white" people from Europe)
Homo sapiens Africanus negreus ("black" people from Africa)
Homo sapiens Asiaticus fucus ("dark" people from Asia)
Homo sapiens Americanus rubescens ("red" people from the Americas)

The topological model is based on a false assumption concerning the nature of human variation - that we can be unambiguously assigned to a "race" on the basis of selected anatomical traits. In fact, when we look at specific individuals, we often run into difficulty trying to categorize them. For example, on the basis of skin color, we might put them into one "race" and on the basis of nose shape, body form, or blood type, they might go into others.

Even if we base the classification on a single characteristic, the topological model fails because most biological traits are continuous variables. That means there is a progressive range of variation that our preconceptions sometimes prevent us from seeing. The typological model causes us to lump people together into arbitrarily assigned categories. For instance, we tend to classify people as being slender, medium build, or fat despite the fact that there is a continuum of body weight and size among humans. The same is true of skin color and other commonly used "racial" characteristics.

The topological model usually leads us to wrongly assume that the people within any "race" are genetically and anatomically more alike than people from other "races." This all depends on the traits that are being compared. For instance, many Americans believe that people of African descent have broad noses. In fact, both the widest and the narrowest noses are found among the people of Africa.

Another major problem with the topological model is that the number of "races" you end up with depends on the number and kinds of traits employed in the classification. The more traits used, the fewer people in the world there are who share them. For example, light skin color is considered to be a defining characteristic of Europeans.

However, when you add the criteria of narrow noses, straight hair, and tall stature, many Europeans would be excluded altogether or the European racial category would have to be further subdivided into several smaller "races." Since the number of "races" can be so easily changed by the way they are defined, it is clear that they do not really exist as distinct biological groupings of people. Instead, they are arbitrary creations that reflect our ethnocentric views of ourselves and other people. They are mainly cultural rather than biological groupings.

The Dragonfly said...

Classification Of Human Beings - Part 2/3

Populational Model

By the early 1940's, most biological anthropologists recognized these problems and adopted the populational model as an alternative. This emerged from perspectives developed by population genetics. It is based on the idea that the only significant groups, in evolutionary terms, consist of people whose ancestors have more or less exclusively mated with each other for thousands of years. Individuals in such distinct breeding populations would be expected to share many genetically inherited traits and to have a similar appearance.

This approach to understanding the patterns of human biological diversity differs radically from the topological model. The latter starts by defining traits that presumably characterize a "race" and then looks around the world to see who has them. In contrast, the populational model looks for breeding populations first and then considers the anatomical and physiological traits that may distinguish them.

While the populational approach makes theoretical sense, it is undermined by the fact that throughout history humans have rarely mated within a single group for long. Cultural and geographic barriers to intergroup mating have most often broken down over time.

Speeding up this process of intermixture of human beings have been the mass intercontinental migrations of the last 500 years. This process is actually speeding up rapidly today, due to relatively inexpensive and easy international travels.

Anthropologists have found only a few moderately distinct breeding populations still exist. As a result, the populational model is of little help in understanding most of human variation today.

Clinal Model

By the 1950's, sufficient data had been gathered for anthropologists to understand that a clinal model reflects more accurately the true nature of human biological variation.

This model is based on the fact that genetically inherited traits most often change gradually in frequency from one geographic area to another. For instance, the allele for type B blood generally increases from west to east Europe. They could record different clines, or frequency zones.

Unlike the topological and populational models, the clinal model does not result in the definition of distinct groups or races of people. Gradual changes in gene frequency from one region to another are mostly due to the simple fact that the chance of mating is usually directly related to the distance they live. People whose ancestors have lived close for many generations are more likely to share genetically inherited traits than are people who live further away.

However, as long distance transportation have become more easily available, the distance from home that we travel and potentially find mates has increased. Despite this change, most people still end up marrying others who live within a few hundred miles of their home.

Unfortunately, the pattern of human variation around the world cannot be entirely understood by the clinal model alone because the distribution of some traits is partly discontinuous. There are other traits that have non-clinal distribution patterns. These can also be understood as results of historical migrations or exclusive breeding.

For example, the frequency of people who have the B blood allele generally increases from East Asia to Central Asia. Within this more or less continuous cline, there are isolated pockets of relatively low B allele frequency. Therefore, the distribution of this genetically inherited trait appears to be mostly clinal, but also partly discontinuous.

The Dragonfly said...

Classification Of Human Beings - Part 3/3

How Can Human Variation Be Best Described?

It is clear that all the three models failed to do the job adequately.

The topological model is the most unsound because it presumed racial traits are found exclusively within defined races, which is not true. In addition, focusing on new sets of traits often results in assigning people to different races, despite the fact that they were lumped into the same race before.

The populational model makes sense theoretically but fails to account for most of the distribution patterns around the world because we do not limit our breeding to isolated populations.

The clinal model comes the closest to grasping the real nature of human variation. However, it is undermined by the occasional discontinuous distribution resulting from migrations and the few small isolated communities.

Human Grouping By DNA Today

In order to better understand the true patterns of human variation, biological anthropologists have gathered detailed data about genetically inherited traits. Most of this work has been done with blood typing. DNA sequence comparisons are now providing an even more detailed understanding of our human biological diversity.

Most biological anthropologists today agree that human variation are 99.9% genetically identical. Most of the differences between us are due to our individual traits and being male or female. When compared with animals, it is remarkable how little variation exists within our own species.

Generally, based on data collected, there are 8 DNA main-groups that branch into 42 DNA sub-groups.

The DNA sequence comparisons indicate that the farther apart populations are from each other geographically, the less similar they are genetically. This is due to the fact that people from more distant populations are less likely to mate together than they are with their close neighbors.


The patterns of human variation around the world are not only highly complex but also are constantly shifting through time. Moreover, the rate of change in the patterns has been accelerating as our numbers grow and as long distance travel and migration become more frequent. A reduction of inhibitions about inter-marriages also contributed to the rate of change.

End of the day, we must remember that all humans around the world today are biologically quite similar despite our outward differences. In fact, we are 99.9% genetically identical!

The Dragonfly said...

The 8 DNA Main Groups are:

1. African
2. Caucasoid
3. Northeast Asian
4. Southeast Asian
5. American
6. Pacific Islander
7. Oceanian
8. Arctican (Eskimo)

The Dragonfly said...

The 42 DNA Sub-groups are:

1. Bushmen
2. Pygmy
3. Bantu
4. Nilotic
5. West African
6. Ethiopian

7. Southeast Indian
8. Lapp
9. North African
10. Sardinian
11. Indian
12. Southwest Asian
13. Iranian
14. Greek
15. Basque
16. Italian
17. Danish
18. English

Northeast Asian
19. Samoyedic (northern Russians)
20. Mongol
21. Tibetan
22. Korean
23. Han Chinese
24. Ainu (original Japanese and eastern Russians)

Southeast Asian
25. South Chinese
26. Mon Khmer
27. Thai
28. Indonesian
29. Philippino
30. Malaysian

31. South American Indian
32. Central American Indian
33. North American Indian
34. Northwest American Indian

Pacific Islander
35. Polynesian
36. Micronesian
37. Melanesian

38. New Guinean
39. Australian

40. North Turkic
41. Eskimo
42. Chukchi

Anonymous said...

While the (rest of the) world is progressing, ahgualand is keblakanpusinging ...?

While the (rest of the) world is taking care of its people, ahguamen is being forsaken at the drop of a hat?

While the (rest of the) world moves from ignorant to informed, ahguagenerals are (going against yhe natural flow and) keblakanpusinging ...?

Anonymous said...

Oops ...

Typo ...

*ahguamen are being forsaken at the drop of .....

Anonymous said...

70% (kongcum) ahguamen voted for 30% water tax?

70% (kongcum) voted for soon to be announced endless excise tax ...?

70% (daft) voted to break their very own bank accounts, pay through their noses to send their offsprings to tuition for eveli subject after they failed badly to benefit anything from the (jlb) system and ended up with many ("Utopia" aka UNGRADED) "U"s in their sch final exam before the crucial Nov "AIR"-Level exam ...?

Alas, even with that, many students will not make it in the end despite their 70% (kongcum) parents breaking their bank accounts to try last minute damage control/ remedy of the (jlb) system failings ...?

The 70% (daft) parents deserved the jlb they voted . .?

virgo49 said...

Bro, break their clay, porcelain children's piggy banks for water and later sugar tax.

COEs, Inflated Pigeon Holes. Oh ya, forgot coconut tax for nasi lemak.

Now Istana needs lots of coconut lemak.

KFC and Prata no more.

SDP suing for By elections.

Hopefully, another chee by erection.

patriot said...

Homosapien = 1(One) Race


1(One) Species??


b said...

Because the elites want to make us fight each other so they can plunder and thus they made us think we are different. Biologically we are the same. We are just a little bit different in looks but just like in a family, brothers can also look different, have different blood groups, have different noses but the majority or big picture is the same.

The Dragonfly said...
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