Mahathir’s definition of a Malay

‘Mahathir simplified the meaning of being a Malay by saying to be a Malay, one has to speak the Malay language, follow the Malay customs and be a Muslim…. To be a Malay, said Mahathir, is no more an ethnic thing as today it is more of a legal matter.’

What or who should be the authoritative source of what is a Malay? Singapore’s has its own definition of what is a Malay. According to Article 19B of the Singapore Constitution, "any person, whether of the Malay race or otherwise, who considers himself to be a member of the Malay community and who is generally accepted as a member of the Malay community by that community" is qualified to run as a candidate for the reserved EP for Malays.

The encyclopedia, Wikipedia, dictionary and all the anthropologists would have their own definition of what is a Malay. With so many different definitions, the final answer for a Malay is that everyone can be a Malay and everyone can also not be a Malay.

A person can change his nationality, can change his religion, even change his father, but no one can change his/her racial blue print. Race is biological, You cannot change your DNA, at least for now until the scientists find a way to alter them. Then a Caucasian can be a Mongoloid or vice versa. A Negrito or Afrikaan can be Caucasian or whatever.

Race is not a legal matter but ethnicity, not even cultural, it is biological.

A chicken that can swim and quack like a duck and calling itself a duck is a duck, or still a chicken?


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, u & I can also be Malay ( YALAM) Lah...provided is recognized or approved by the Malay Community or the Leegime...

Anonymous said...

"A chicken that can swim and quack like a duck and calling itself a duck is a duck, or still a chicken?.."

In Ancient Chinese proverb, it is called 指鹿为马 , tis case is 指鸡为鸭..(cock a doo..quack kwek)..

Anonymous said...

A chicken that can swim and quack like a duck and calling itself a duck is a duck, or still a chicken?

Depends on who says the chicken is a chicken or duck lah.

If PAP says the chicken is a duck, then it is a duck lor.

PAP got power is always right mah. Just like the boss is always right mah.

Not Happy with PAP? Emigrate lor.

Not Happy with boss? Resign lor.

This type of thing no need and also no use to argue one, if you are not or cannot become PAP or the boss, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Not Happy with PAP? Emigrate lor.

Not Happy with boss? Resign lor.
9:20 am

It also depends lah. If you can make lots of money under PAP, continue to make money lor.

If you can have million dollar salary under boss Hsien Loong, continue to be under boss Hsien Loong lor.

That's what smart Sinkies do, tio bo? Only stupid Sinkies like Chee Soon Juan and lately Tan Cheng Bock, want to challenge PAP, knowing full well that in their present state, and unless the sun rises in the west, they can never fight and win PAP.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday in a meeting, my boss says a chicken that can swim and quack like a duck and calling itself a duck is a duck.

Actually, I very much want to correct him, but then hor, I suddenly remember that even though I am already over 55, I am still having a good paying job working under him.

And I feel so lucky, as compared to those ex Sinkie PMETs who are now taxi and Uber drivers!

By the way, I am a over 55 yr Sinkie PMET.

Anonymous said...

What to do?

We have horse, hen and cow ministers classified as humans.

So, Indians, Chinese, Eurasians can also be a malay.

I think we have to be No. 1 in interpretations too! We cannot be left behind and become 'sua ku'. Mahathir already is far more advanced in his thinking than us. So must change quickly.

Bo Tio meh?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations anonymous 936am you had made the correct decision!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

They are chameleon candidates - change color according to background.

If Presidency reserved for Malay, emphasize on Malay mother; if Presidency reserved for Indian, emphasize on Indian father . . .

Anonymous said...

We have horse, hen and cow ministers classified as humans.
9:39 am

U classified one, tio bo?

And u also not Hsien Loong, tio bo?

So why would Hsien Loong bothered how u classify his ministers?

Hsien Loong only interested in 70:30 classification in favour of PAP, after polling day.

patriot said...

One fidel to his/her ORIGIN shall not compromise. However, there are folks who are willing to sell their souls for fame and glory.
The Chinese do not look down or despise prostitution. BUT, they certainly despise traitor and those who sell their souls for whatever reason.

I shall say again that folks should stop BELITTLING your idol Tan Cheng Bock, who in my view has thus far maintain his decorum a d self respect by not contending the Presidency by Race. Rather, he wanted the Definition for who was the First 'Elected' President. Even then, me am of the Opinion that he is wasting all his efforts and so are his supporters. For the President Of Sin is a PURE PUPPET AND AT BEST A DECORATION PIECE. HE/SHE IS COMPLETELY FOR HIS/HER MASTERS TO MANIPULATE, meaning the President Of Sin is totally impotent in any Affairs of the State, especially in policy matters.

Anyway, anyone is free to sell ones body or soul as long as one is fine doing it.
CANT say bananas are having much respect for themselves and or their origins too. However, so long as one thinks his/her integrity is not besmirched, it should be the Pregorative of the Individuals to do whatever they deem fit.


Anonymous said...

They are chameleon candidates - change color according to background.
9:48 am

That goes without saying.

What really matters for PAP and Halimah is whether there is a walkover or not for PE.

The chameleon can change color for all it wants, but if the snake sees it, too bad, the chameleon will become snake breakfast, lunch or dinner.

patriot said...

for MONEY, fame and


MONEY to be added, in
my above comment.

My bad.


Anonymous said...

If there is no walkover, we gun for Khan, ok ?

Anonymous said...

The chameleon can change color for all it wants, but if the snake sees it, too bad, the chameleon will become snake breakfast, lunch or dinner.
9:56 am


Chee Soon Juan, like a chameleon, has also changed over the years, now u don't see him protesting illegally on the streets like before, do u?

But too bad, with PAP and Sinkie voters, he still lose elections, and even by election, just like the chameleon becoming snake breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Anonymous said...

If there is no walkover, we gun for Khan, ok ?
10:01 am

Unless the sun rises in the west, Khan as candidate to fight Halimah will never happen.

Like what 9:56 am said, I consider PAP is the "snake" and "Khan" is "chameleon", from Pakistani to Malay.

virgo49 said...

Anon 10.01

Either spoilt all votes or just gun for one. Don't make same mistake as previous last PE.

Spite the PAP. Think Khan better choice. Second chance Marican looked too scholarly.

Khan looked like many ex Pakasitani ex Strong Men. Like one ex PM Khan who have more guts to face the Opposing Waves.

Like Xi been pushed to be President instead of one scholarly Mandarin.

No other choice, choose better choice than offer by the Papies.

Anonymous said...

One ex pap went for the game. He lost to a Chinese could hardly write Chinese characters. Based on Dr M s definition, being a Chinese must at least write out some common phases or poems. One ah neh minister did that with a Chinese brush. He should be the Chinese pm. EP is good pay and nil power post. Restricted to applicants belonging to a particular race. Why other race not qualify for the post wanna talk about who is qualified?

The one who gets the benefits is non other than that particular race s man and woman appointed by pap ah long. Its more of sour grape motivation. The one who gets the good pay job will be innocently being torn into questioning if he or she is belonged to a race. His or her race was decided by her his parents.

It is useless to dig on race in attempt to question the legitimacy of the candidates. There are only 3 wanted to apply for it. Most readers predicted only one will be qualified. Indirectly, this is a way to get round the ex pap eying for the post. Yet by doing so, it stirs up another race questioning if one or two particular candidates are their own community members.

After the candidate declared as walk over winner, the other 2 might take legal actions to question if the disqualifications justified. If they do, they are not as wyang as the ex pap. If they all accept the disqualifications as justified, then these 2 candidates can join either pap or opposition in the GE. If they all decided that s end of their political careers, they are just wyang kings after all.

Do not be so concerned about EP. It s gonna be a walk over. This prediction has lots of agreeing echo on the web forums. Cannot be too far out.

Anonymous said...

Unless the sun rises in the west, Khan as candidate to fight Halimah will never happen.
10:08 am


It just too bloody easy for PAP to just disqualify Khan, Marican or whoever of whatever guises come forward.

Just as it is too bloody easy for the court to dismiss TCB case.

Only bloody Sinkie fools would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

70.30 meh? I thought the forecast three or four days ago was 80.20?

And I noticed that 4 days since the beginning of the hungry ghost month, the odds went up 10% in favour of the PAP.

Like that hor, they should hold a snap election on 19th September, which is the last day of the hungry ghost month. And I calculated the PAP would win about 150% of the votes, including those cast by the 'good brothers' and hardcore supporters of the PAP of the netherworld.

No wonder LHL and his advertising agent here are so confident.

Bo tio meh?

Anonymous said...

And I calculated the PAP would win about 150% of the votes, including those cast by the 'good brothers' and hardcore supporters of the PAP of the netherworld.
11:13 am


PAP is now so powerful that it can even control the netherworld and outer space aliens who will vote on polling day.

Lagi best, the polling agents and the police cannot even see them, including a famous one who died on earth on 23 Mar 2015, let alone catch them voting! Only Hsien Loong, with his superpower, can "see and command" them! Hahahaha.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Ethnicity = biological race + culture.

Chinese means neo mongoloid race + yellow river culture

Malay here means ethnicity rather then pure biological race. Because if we want to use pure biological race then we have to use malayo austronesian type south east asian which would include pinoys, taiwanese aborigines, polynesians and some tribes of madagascar since they have austronesian blood.

Malay as we know it means the austronesian south east asian but within a culture sphere that of western sumatra and malaya practicing the religion of islam.

Malays already have admixture with a lot of groups from arabia and india and china, so the concept of biological race is problematic. Ethnicity would be better.

Anonymous said...

I hope his advertising agent gives LHL the feedback immediately. No time to lose! History is in the making. Can he control the gates of hell from closing or not? I think can. His old man is there.

Never in world history can a party win an impossible 100% of the votes in an election, not to say 150%. It will be a world first.

Will there be million dollar reward for the advertising agent for the historical feedback? I wonder? In red dot 'world first' must always be well rewarded, like our swimmers hor!

Bo tiok meh!

Anonymous said...

Alpha males will only vote for Khan !

Anonymous said...

Actually TCB case, even before he launched his appeal, we know it will be dismissed. As sure as the sun rises in the east.

No need for the verdict to take so long. This pronouncement is not meant to be a contempt of court. Anyway, I am a nobody for them to waste time using AGC. Just a curious onlooker, having looked at the past for the last 52 years.

Anonymous said...

12.08pm, a comtempt is a comtempt and it does not matter you are a somebody or nobody. So I think u Kena already and will be spending sometime at Changi resort till may be 62! U should have thought about it before u post now u Kena Rb too.

Anonymous said...

I heard of 'contempt', but never heard of 'comtempt'. A 'comtempt is not a 'contempt'.

Case dismissed!


Virgo49 said...

Scenario One: Both of the Two candidates challenging Harimau simply disqualified. PAP and the Select Committee got one thousand and one reasons to justify their disqualifications.

Scenario Two: If one qualified, the other or all will qualify. Same ploy in last PE. Bank on spilt votes. PAP's Machinery of loyalists, silly serpents will already make up 30 to 40%.

Daft Sinkies on the balance will be brainwashed that Harimau is still the best choice. Mediacock and the Shit Times and all other media will be programming all the Good Deeds of the PAPies and the credits of her old Masters.

For this first Reserved Election, just for putting on a wayang and credibility, think they will take the risk of having a contested election.

Just like the First PE, they put a reluctant Chua into the Fray to be the slaughter chicken.

Now, they having Electronic or Computerized Registration at three GRCs for trials on the next GE. Quite serious in implementing so think they would not want to waste resources for a wallkover.

Ground is till sweet for the PAPies support. Not enough pains as yet. Faked or True News Economy grew by two consecutive eight over percent.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add.

PAP's Chief Mathematician calculated that WKW is the first elected President instead of OTC.

All in agreement with him, even the Judges.

So, if if only about 30% voters were to cast valid votes that is their own kind plus the other kind and if Harimau were just to win by one hundred votes, the Chief Mathematician will declare:-

That Ms Harimau won by 80% of the valid only 30% valid votes casted.

They will know how to present their presentation and to HELL with the 70% NON VALID Votes.

Anonymous said...

Few comments on TCB case except yahoo. It reflects the whole market thought TCB is irrelevant. Opposing sites hardly want to comment. They know this ex pap was staging wyang hitting on a point having dead returns.

Sinkies are relatively savvy on identifying fake opposition politicians. TCB constantly saying he would speak for sinkies. But when will he want to do it once?

He is already 77. Keeping quiet about the cpf, about big loss in shares cut loss using public funds, about jobless youths driving private taxis. He said he was speaking out.

He did it for publicity. He can easily achieve to do something solid by organizing a political party to compete with Pap.

Will TCB start a political party?
No body will bet he will. He is still a pap hoping pap will do what they want to pocket big salaries and imposing more taxes.
Imaging TCB will come out to do something for sinkiesland is like watching virtual reality. TCB is for entertainment.

patriot said...

of ones Racial identity.
lt is NOT part nor parcel of ones biological make-up.

NOT a component of ones body, though it could form part ones culture, it could also be discarded like old or used item.


patriot said...

Halimah came to Tampines Round Market this morning to care for Tampenisians.
As a resident of Tampenis, I feel so touched, I 100% will vote her and I wish my Fellow Sinkies will also give our MALAY Halimah/你/妳妈 full support.

I am


Anonymous said...

Anon 2.14

Quite surprising that few comments were made about TCB's appeal dismissal, even in the social media. Perhaps the ground had long discounted the possibility of his sucess in his appeal.

Compare this to his challenge during the last EP election with the ground rooting for him.

In any case, I do not think it wise to have him as EP. Too combative and the establishment will know how to get rid of him, like they did to OTC. Too submissive and what he promised to do will not materialise. We will be disappointed if we voted for him.

The Dragonfly said...

In a Self-Proclaimed Natural Aristocracy, when the King says black is white, black is definitively white. No one, not even the erected puppet who has been put above the King, as Head of State, can say otherwise.

So, if the Self-Proclaimed Natural Aristocratic King decides to call a chicken (pun intended) a fearless Lion, not even the Pao Chin Tien dares to charge him with Contempt of Natural Laws.

However, if Redbean tells us that a chicken, no matter what, is still a chicken, I think we, the Natural Commoners, will accept based on Common Laws, not Uncommon Aristocratic-Manipulated Constitution.

The Common Laws of the Natural Commoners require that the DNA of any person must be more than 51% of that Race in order to prove that he/she belongs to that Race - Chicken, Duck or Lion. If based on each powerful political wolf-in-sheep-skin to define as they like, there will be no ends to definitions. Then there will be chaos.

The bottom line is how far you want to stretch your imagination. If you have the thinking that nobody can touch you, you may do whatever you like to suit your own benefits and advantage all the time

However, it also depends on how powerless your fellow countrymen are; how subservient and obedient they are; and how daft and fearful they are.

In addition, like a spoilt brat, you may want to win all the time, irrespective of reasons, irrespective of others views and opinions, irrespective of everything else, but there is one thing called Retribution (Karma), which will quietly creep nearer and nearer to ensure you can never win forever.

We have to die one day. Everyone of us will. Do we look forward to that day? Or do we chicken out, not dare to face that Fateful Final Day?

Well, it depends on whether you have a conscience. And if you have a conscience, will it prick you? How much will it prick you?

May be you are so numbed by money and drunk with power, that your conscience and even your soul do not matter any more?

patriot said...

Elder Virgo;

l doubt Chua was slaughtered.
For all You know, he
became more well known
like some kind of celebrity and maybe given celebrity status for his participation in the PE.
Possibly even VIP Status.


Anonymous said...

12.58 pm, u better taking it seriously as u are already 52. If u Kena the resort, u may be sodomised then u know it's no joke ok. Better talk to some of the ex to learn how to protect yourself. Wearing a few layers of pants may help you to delay the act till help arrives. But then u never know as some may enjoy blow job and covering your mouth with your hands just won't help. So u may want to think it over which is worst for u lor. If u think blow job is worst then better just wear one pants without underwear. Ask your love ones to provide some ky jelly for your use to ease the penetration and hence the pain.

God bless and may God help you and pity you too

Anonymous said...

@ August 26, 2017 10:58 pm

30% water price increase is not sodomy meh?

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is insulting the bumis by treating them like fools. He would say anything, no matter how stupid, and expect the bumis to believe in him blindly without questioning.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.06

You are right. Some people have been sodomised and yet not realised it and think that they have been spared.

God bless them and may God take pity on them.

b said...

God only created one race - the race adam and eve belonged to. All of us are from that race. Why used race to divide us ? Difference in race does not exist.

patriot said...

Sorry to say
most are not
descendants of
adam and eve.

Most people are
not products of
inbreedings or worse

Our differences in Race
is very clear on that.


patriot said...

My mistake.

I need not have to apologize
for my previous comment.


patriot said...

My mistake.

I need not have to apologize
for my previous comment.