Ground breaking events on 4 Aug

Five days before Singapore celebrates its National Day on 9 Aug, two ground breaking events hit Singapore on Friday. The first was the PNG of Professor Huang Jing of the LKY School of Public Policies headed by Kishore Mahbubani. Huang Jin and his wife Shirley Yang had their PR status cancelled and banned from entering Singapore for life on charges of trying to influence Singapore's foreign policies by working with foreign intelligent services and govts.

The second ground breaking event was the AG's decision to charge Li Sheng Wu for contempt of court for his facebook posting commenting that the Singapore court is pliant.

In Huang Jing's case an unknown superpower was hinted to be behind his actions. There are two big superpowers that are likely to be associated with this case, the USA or China. Huang Jing and wife are US PRs. But he is said to be pro China in his writings. The guess is that the power to be behind him is either the USA or China. What is important here is that Singapore is living up to its principles of not allowing any country or superpower to influence its policies or be pressured to bend its policies. In this case Huang Jing is representing a powerful country to influence Singapore's foreign policy. Does his expulsion got to do with another power pressuring Singapore to expel him?

The expulsion of Huang Jin and wife is a hardening of Singapore's position against the superpower behind Huang Jin, be it the USA or China. And Singapore is prepared to take on the superpower come what may to establish its principled position and to protect its national interest. The price is high for making this tough decision and there will be consequences. It is kind of calling a spade a spade, no more disguises and innuendoes. You are enemy. And the enemy is exposed and embarrassed and the ball is in the enemy's court now.

The case against Li Sheng Wu is bridge burning, a declaration of war with Lee Hsien Yang and family. Li Sheng Wu is no sibling, one generation down the road. Taking him to court is different from taking siblings to court. But nonetheless he is family and Hsien Yang and Wei Ling would take this as open warfare, everything goes. The truce has been broken. The family feud is alive and burning.

Li Sheng Wu has said that he would not return to Singapore to face charges. It is as good as self imposed exile, like his parents. Would he be applying for political asylum like Amos Yee? The only thing to remember this young man for his brief moments in the annals of Singapore's history are these words spoken in his eulogies for his grandfather.

'It is often said that my grandfather built great institutions for Singapore. But what is an institution? It is a way of doing things that outlives the one who builds it. A strong institution is robust, it is persistent. It does not depend precariously on individual personalities. It places the rule of law above the rule of man. And that is the sacrifice of being a builder of institutions. To build institutions is to cede power – is to create a system that will not forever rely on you. That this occasion passes without disorder or uncertainty shows that he succeeded in this task. We are bereft at his passing, but we are not afraid. The pillars that he built stand strong, the foundations that he dug run deep.'

It is ironic and sad that he has to run away from his grandfather's institutions and the home he grew up with and full of fond memories.


Anonymous said...

Aiya...angkol Huang Jing is not Ho Jing la..so Ah Long wudn'not give face to this Jinx la..whoever tell this little USA to support Cheena go against Ah Long school of tots that's why this Yellow Jinx is booted out together with Yellow Jinx fox assh la..

The Dragonfly said...

Impermanence is the only Rule of Law (Universal Law). Everything else in this universe is impermanent. Therefore, no institutions built by man, one or many, can last forever.

In the case of Lee Kuan Yew's institution (s), it has started to crumble even before he kicked the bucket. However, Li Sheng Wu, being brought up in a highly protective incubator, would not have felt nor realised it. We can't expect him to.

The crumbling of the LKY institutions has become even more pronounced when his Last Will was pronounced by the lawyers to his beneficiaries at is last residence at 38 Oxley Road (the house of dispute).

What Li Sheng Wu must now do is not to go into self-exile but to return and show courage and stand tall to take on whoever going to be engineered to take over the Prime Minister post in the near future, in order to ensure his Grandpa's institutions continue to stand as long as possible.

Otherwise, words are only mere words. Action speaks louder than words. Therefore, he must act according to his words. Cowardice cannot uphold integrity. If anything, cowardice is a disgrace to self and family, and Grandpa and his institutions as well.

Anonymous said...

Huang Jin is no big deal lah, so therefore can expel him from Singapore for PAP to prove a point. After all, the US Asia Pacific fleet will still continue to use Changi Naval Base, tio bo?

As for Li Shengwu, he is already working at Harvard in the USA, so he is of no contribution to PAP and Singapore. So might as well also charge him for contempt of court lah. Nothing to lose for PAP, tio bo?

And since WP is also not ready to be govt, so might as well also finish Ah Hia and gang off by suing them for $33M lah. And doing so, PAP will still win the next election anyway.

Anonymous said...

India is gleefully rubbing its hands as Singapore tilts more into its embrace away from its rival . . .

The Dragonfly said...

Looking further ahead and deeper, it is my conclusion that Li Sheng Wu is being single out because he has been perceived as a possible threat against the potential candidate for the post of PM in the near future.

There may be denials of this and that but which politician won't try to be modest and not show too much of his cards to the public, and to his contenders?

Anonymous said...

What LHY and LWL said about the use of state organs against those who dared to go against the powers that be is well known to everyone, and this case against Li Shengwu is as political in substance as it can be. Let it be known, I am sure they are sending this message, that since state organs can be used against family, it purports to show that those outside the family who criticise the powers that be will face the same music.

Now that Li Shengwu has no intention to come back shows that the state organs have succeeded in its job of removing a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Those that oppose the state must either flee or remain free, either choice is with the blessings of the owners of state organs.

When truth is not to be uttered, what truth remains to be judged as the truth? I guess power dictates the truth. Nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

When PAP wants to do an attack, PAP is confident that nothing bad will happen to them and they can win.

Or even if something bad happens, they know they can still handle it. In other words, they calculated that the pros will outweigh the cons for them if they attack.

PAP will not attack if they know that there are bad consequences which they cannot handle.

That's why PAP dare to have policy of jobs for foreigners and NS for Sinkies is because PAP is confident that they will still win the election. And win they did, with 70% votes some more!

And also perhaps why Hsien Loong did not want to sue his siblings probably because he knows he cannot win in court, and not so much as to besmirch their parents' names as the reason that he gave.

Anonymous said...

Contradiction is observed as Li Sheng Wu commented that the court is pliant but his parents insist that the Oxley house dispute goes to court instead of before a Parliamentary committee.

Anonymous said...

Know yourself, know your enemies,
100 battles, 100 victories.
Sun Tze's Art of War (544 - 496 BC)

So that strategy was more than 2000 years ago in ancient China.

And still relevant to Sinkieland in AD 2017.

Anonymous said...

Contradiction is observed as Li Sheng Wu commented that the court is pliant but his parents insist that the Oxley house dispute goes to court instead of before a Parliamentary committee.
10:23 am

There is no contradiction because to PAP, what Sheng Wu said is not true and that's why they started contempt of court proceedings against him.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder why the Sinkie opposition wanted to contest elections when they know that they cannot win. For instance, Chee Soon Juan even fought losing battles with PAP for more than 2 decades and think he still got hope! Can you imagine that?

Or is it winning elections is not even their priority or objective? Then why are they in politics for? Doesn't make sense.

The Dragonfly said...

I see damage control at work again.

Anonymous said...


You all don't know meh?

Living in Singapore is like that lah.

If you are not careful with your words you may have to "run road"!

You may also be invited to lim kopi on some cases!

No choice! This is Singapore!

Many called HOme!

Hahaha ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

If you are not careful with your words you may have to "run road"!
You may also be invited to lim kopi on some cases!
10:53 am

That's why smart Sinkies just concentrate on making more money (3M) to have a good life in Sinkieland if they don't want to "run road".

If they cannot do so, they will then "run road" to elsewhere to have good life, and perhaps good life with less money.

Where got time to attack PAP or join Sinkie opposition to fight PAP? At most just kpkb in RB blog for shiok lah.

Anonymous said...

Another "Foreign" Influence in Singapore?
" Singapore just saw its first fatality from a highly-contagious disease on Friday (Aug 4), with the deceased victim confirmed to have contracted the disease LOCALLY.

In a press release by the Ministry of Health, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi construction worker died from an airborne-transmittable disease, diphtheria.
As the worker did not travel out of Singapore recently, the ministry confirmed that the disease is locally contracted."



It's been a long time since Singaporeans have heard of a diptheria disease outbreak in Singapore.
Unfortunately, this type of foreign influence is not so easy to deport.
Let's hope it does not take up permanent resident status here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Agent of influence is not common to get sack in democracy. There are people from all countries telling high official stories. Who do the elites want to believe and build into decisions? Its solely the decision makers. Every day people watch TV to be influenced. One news of a sengkang escalator stopped suddenly and hurt one woman appeared in Malaysia web site. It was not shown as important TV news.
This American being sacked for talking to high officials to influence them with "privileged information" was for acting in bad faith. His privileged information was fake?
Do you think high officials mingling with so called "think tanks" are unhealthy? There are think tanks keep talking about foreign policies and their words are spread in social media overseas. They become the policy makers?
Sinkiesland should ban academic talking to reporters. These academic speak as if they still hold official positions. Or overseas reporters thought they still hold official positions to speak on behalf of ah long. It is a strange arrangement for the public. Other countries do have such speakers, they are pure academics, writing books and hardly held official positions. Do we see US ex FM or UN reps spoke against Trump or in support of Hillary in politics? They should not be allowed to air opinions against or for the current politics to confuse the public.
Sinkiesland is different. A few academic keep talking on TV. So public pick up their privileged information through CNA programs to guess what ministers will do?

Can any adult be influenced by "privileged information" acting like robot? If he acts on non privileged info, he can claim being scammed? Report to police someone told me to take bus170, and not 56, landed me at wrong place. Gave me wrong privileged information. Police will tell u to go IMH.

LHY s son cannot be compared to a 17 year old teen escaped NS and asking asylum from US. LHY s son is taking up the case while the 17 year old is escaping from his homeland to indulge in his own fantasy world in talking cork. Both enjoy US as their ideal lands. That is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Li Shengwu had already "run road" and then attacked PAP from the safety of USA, and only through a private blog.

From this, u can see that he is a smart Sinkie. Had he remained in Singapore and dare to attack PAP here, I think he will kena very "tua kee" from PAP, like what had happened to a less smart Sinkie like Chee Soon Juan.

Anonymous said...

Political Satire
Do we have enough Singaporeans living overseas to form a government-in-exile?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1120am you are 1oo% correct!

Everyone is so busy with 3 Ms!

So like what you said kpkb here and kpkb there, but at the end, everyone will still be lan-lan!

This is Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Do we have enough Singaporeans living overseas to form a government-in-exile?
11:29 am

What government-in-exile?

For what?

They are living a good life overseas!

Anonymous said...

One issue about the Huang Jing case is the curious way it has been handled - alot of media blare and no identification of the superpower behind Huang.

Is there a message in the manner it is handled and is the message for China?

If so, is the invitation for Chinese premier Li Keqiang to officially visit Singapore still on? Would Li Keqiang still want to come?

The atmosphere would be very awkward ! They can still smile broadly to each other and shake hands meh?

Anonymous said...

They are living a good life overseas!
11:33 am

This one PAP also knows. PAP also knows that due to not enough smart Sinkies willing to join the Sinkie opposition, the Sinkie opposition can never be ready to be govt.

And majority Sinkies (at least 60%) will continue to vote for PAP if the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt.

And with strongest opposition WP leaders kena sue for $33M, this will make the Sinkie opposition even more not ready to be govt. Very smart move by PAP.

Anonymous said...

YE$! YE$! Anonymous 11.33am!

Anonymous said...

Foreign Agent of Influence? Or punishing LKYSPP?
Numerous questions surfaced from MHA’s charge and a thinking population should be asking instead of believing .....


Anonymous said...

Numerous questions surfaced from MHA’s charge and a thinking population should be asking instead of believing .....
11:40 am

U can think or ask all u want lah but of what use, u tell me lah?

Chee Soon Juan also think a lot, and even wrote books for it and contest elections, but of what use?

virgo49 said...

The lion cub been snared and hunted by the hunters.

The Papa and Mama Lion and Lioness together with the Aunty Tigress will bite back.

No parents we will let their cubs beaten by hunters.

MOT, the retaliation.

Some more Papa and Mama not ordinary Kings of Jungles.

Anonymous said...

That's why smart Sinkies just concentrate on making more money (3M) to have a good life in Sinkieland if they don't want to "run road".

Maybe uncle oso stop writing if someone bought over his blog.

Anonymous said...

AGC’s contributing factor to Li Shengwu’s alleged contempt of court offence


Anonymous said...

Maybe uncle oso stop writing if someone bought over his blog.
12:03 pm

If that can happen, it would have already happened!

If the Sinkie opposition can be ready to be govt, it would have already happened in 2015!

Anonymous said...

Ambassador-at-large, Bilahari Kausikan, scoffs at Quora user questioning who Huang Jing is working for


Virgo49 said...

One smart Sinkie ex Major had a start up making parts for the computer industries.

After a few years into the market sold to an American comgelamate for millions of dollars.

NOW riding his Harvey Bike rounding the world.

Red Bean Mr Chua can be sold for DT's comgelamate for several million US $ and he might also be flying round the world.

Unthankful deed just like CSJ and his comrades.

No Sinkie will appreciate your deeds and Sinkies DONT deserves to be saved actually.

Anonymous said...

Please note that.........

I have no intention to leave $ingapore.

I have a happy life and a fulfilling job in $ingapore.

Hope you all will understand.


Anonymous said...

IB very active here!

Anonymous said...

Foreign influence - US interfered in South Korean 2012 Presidential election !

South Korean spy agency NIS likely consulted the US before reportedly interfering in the country’s 2012 presidential race.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has admitted it played a role in the country’s 2012 presidential election. The South Korean spy agency issued a statement, promising to dissociate itself from politics in the future.

In 2012, the NIS deployed its cyber-warfare unit to organize up to 30 teams to influence public opinion on social networks. As a result, then-President Moon Jae-in was defeated by Park Geun-hye.

She was later impeached in 2016, and this year accused of corruption and arrested.


And the US has the gall to accuse Russia of interfering in the Trump-Hillary US Presidential election !

Anonymous said...

I have a happy life and a fulfilling job in $ingapore.
12:26 pm

Maybe u r also speaking for the 70% who had voted for PAP in GE 2015.

And 70% are also PAP IBs, including unpaid ones.


Anonymous said...

I have a happy life and a fulfilling job in $ingapore.
12:26 pm

Must be a foreigner!

There are 2 million foreigners working in Singapore. That figure was revealed when the Deccan Herald reported Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivering the inaugural address at Delhi Economics Conclave July 22, 2017. Tharman said of the 5.5 million work force in Singapore, around two million were foreigners, according to the Deccan Herald.

Here's the Deccan Herald "two million were foreigners" link :

Anonymous said...

When you sweet talk your virgin girl friend into sex before marriage.
This is not considered "foreign influence" meh?

Unthinking Singaporeans need to grow up lah.

Every time you communicate with another human being ... there is some influence (intentional or unintentional) going on.
You influence the other person and the other person also influences you.

What are think tanks on policies?
Are these not all institutes set up to influence public policies?

Anonymous said...

This is sinkieland reporter s "privileged information" that he will visit.
China Foreign Ministry spokesman when asked by other reporters, De Swan said he did not have information about the visit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

" too many Singaporeans feel no connection with the parade because they have never been to it or have grown tired of it" - ST's Han Fook Kwang said as he suggested giving every citizen a ticket to the NDP in Saturday's column.

Think it's too late. U can't flog a dead horse back to life . . .

Anonymous said...

What happen to "I'm my own man" Murali ??
Not heard anything from him since he got elected.

Do you think daft Sinkies would have gotten better value voting for CSJ instead?

Anonymous said...

Do you think daft Sinkies would have gotten better value voting for CSJ instead?
1:37 pm

What better value?

See CSJ face more often at BB?

Anonymous said...

There are 2 million foreigners working in Singapore.
12:43 pm

Aiya, this one even my company PRC bus driver already told me one year ago lah.

"Sin Jia por you liang pai huan huai lau woh"

No need Tharman to tell.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, this one even my company PRC bus driver already told me one year ago lah.

August 06, 2017 1:47 pm

Words direct from Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam's mouth carry official confirmation !

Virgo49 said...

This year my estate which is LKY strong hold now have only one miserable worn and tired flag flying from their window.

Must be a Grassrots member who had benefited quite a lot from his free parking every where in.Tanjong Pagar.

Only one side decorated with flags on stairway.

Too many already puked on Sinkie land with many of their children on part time and no time.

Now use to see many youngsters in shorts and singkwts parading round the estate.

Think many also sick of NDPs with their aimless roaming on the streets. RTS.

This NDP think many will jammed the airports flying out. Some for good.

Anonymous said...

The NDP at stadium was like a drama. The marching of guard of honor was so small so short distance. The hosts would wave "stand up" "sit down" as if it was fun. But new citizens found this fun: could be from Indonesia or Myannmar.
Padang parade was far better. The sound of booths marching, the old tanks cracking the metal roads, and the white souls needed to receive hot sunshine all contributed to the feeling of "ya it is a nation".

A nation hide his parade in stadium. When time to pledge loyalty, the flag did not show up due to "glitch". The stadium was run by world class foreign talents yet did not work out when truly needed.
The CEO was new citizens from sunny land, a power in IT.
Sinkiesland is ruined by foreigners, lacking of loyalty, lacking of jobs for citizens, lacking of cash, yet plenty of loans. Ah long will come out to say he has got a muslim president fixed in this year s theme. Ma lai ku niang jong tong. Bahru, xin de, new feature everyone likes.

Anonymous said...

@ August 06, 2017 4:20 pm

After 50 years of NDP.
And now, we have lost the ability to do a National Day Parade.

You know we are in deep trouble.

Cannot do NDP properly.
Cannot operate MRT properly.
Are there more problems that are not yet revealed?

Anonymous said...

@ August 06, 2017 4:20 pm

NDP at the Marina Barrage was supposed to be temporary until the billion dollar Sports Hub became operationally ready.

Now the Sports Hub is operationally ready, but the PAP government cannot afford to pay the price for hosting it at Sports Hub.

Is this PAP's new standard of forward planning and budgetting?

Anonymous said...

Now the Sports Hub is operationally ready, but the PAP government cannot afford to pay the price for hosting it at Sports Hub.
4:36 pm

Doesn't matter lah, because PAP will still win the next election.

And for PAP, this is what really matters, tio bo?

The Dragonfly said...

The Madness In The Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 15

Madness To Label Someone As Agent of Influence

Questioned by reporters over the influence of foreign agents, MP Teo Ho Pin said, “Singaporeans must keep themselves informed of what’s happening in our country through reliable sources of information, such as government’s announcements.”

On Friday (4 Aug), MHA issued an official statement that a China-born US citizen, Professor Dr Huang Jing and his wife had their Singapore permanent residency status revoked for acting as “foreign agents of influence”. They are also banned from ever entering/returning to Singapore for life. This is equivalent to declaring a person Persona Non Grata in the Diplomacy.

In diplomacy, a persona non grata is a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country's government. Being so named is the most serious form of censure which a country can apply to foreign diplomats, who are otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution.

MHA stated, “Huang used his senior position in the LKYSPP to deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense. He did this in collaboration with foreign intelligence agents. This amounts to subversion and foreign interference in Singapore’s domestic politics. He knowingly interacted with intelligence organisations and agents of the foreign country, and cooperated with them to influence the Singapore Government’s foreign policy and public opinion in Singapore… Huang’s continued presence in Singapore, and that of his wife, are therefore undesirable. Both will be permanently banned from re-entering Singapore.”

Tthe fact remains that Professor Huang was appointed as a senior expert academic in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, which is a government think-tank. Therefore, it is natural in the course of his duties to gather as much information from various sources (reliable or otherwise) to serve as the basis for his own views and opinions in order to contribute to the think-tank, as an individual and collectively.

Prof Huang provides his inputs to the government from an academic's perspective, through the proper channel, from his interactions and discussions with foreign delegates and experts. Whether the government is influenced or not is dependent upon the mental quality of the government officials concerned, isn't it?

Prof Huang and his wife are currently still in Singapore and he told the South China Morning Post that MHA was unable to reply which country he acted for, US
or China:

Prof Huang's standpoint, “It’s nonsense to identify me as ‘an agent of influence’ for a foreign country. And why didn’t they identify which foreign country they’re referring to? Is it the US or China? My family and my home are all here. I have property in Singapore, too. How can they treat me like this? If they have evidence, they should take me to court.”

According to whispers, Prof Huang was said to be critical of the new US administration under President Donald Trump and that his expulsion was probably a direct influence from the US government through the US Embassy in Singapore or from the CIA Counter-Intelligence agents operating in Singapore.

Half the world leaders are critical of the Trump administration. Even the US own citizens are very critical of or have worst opinions of Donald Trump. This is a fact, not fake news!

If being critical of any country's leadership and administration can be considered a serious crime that warrant a person banned for life, how are all the advisers, consultants and military intelligence officers who present the various options to their commanders going to have the courage to act professionally?

Looks like the madness has gone a step further?

Anonymous said...

Can splash about SGD$400 million on the Youth Olympic Games, but cannot spend on hosting NDP at the Sports Hub stadium? Something amiss?

Anonymous said...


The stadium is too small for troops review. Its for the hosts to shout are you ready, "stand up" "sit down", nothing more.
The people doing the review KFC was like "Shan Hai Tian" show, tai kor review his kakis.

The Padang is always there. Its the laziness creep into the ah long and teams. Many dont see the need to let citizens feel its a parade and make the men and women march till TPY.

When war similar to Marawi comes, wander they can hold parade in field dress ready to go matilah. The Little India night took 60+ mins to get ready. The parade may need one day to dress up.

Anonymous said...

When war similar to Marawi comes,...
5:42 pm

Sinkieland is not Marawi lah.

Who will be the fighters, or where will they come from, if war similar to Marawi comes to Sinkieland?

Just like smart Sinkies, foreign talents come here to make money, not to fight lah.

The Dragonfly said...

When war similar to Marawi comes, wander they can hold parade in field dress ready to go matilah. The Little India night took 60+ mins to get ready. The parade may need one day to dress up.
@ August 06, 2017 5:42 pm

When war comes (before the war ever comes), I will be one of the first to run away before the foreigners, permanent residents and new citizens. Let them 'defend' Sinkieland.

All my six children are already living in other countries, like Li Shengwu and Li Hong Yi and company.

Anyway, Sinkieland won't be able to survive any war. It is too small and too weak to fight a war. That is the real reason why so many Millionaire Mini-$tars are trying so hard to punch above their weight, in the hope that other bigger countries, especially our neighbours, will be taken for a ride and therefore will not invade or attack Sinkieland. They have too much to lose. They don't want to give up their comfortable, easy and enriched living that they are presently enjoying, I am sure.

So, rest assured. There won't be any war for Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

So far not only no angry sign from China over the Huang Jing saga, but China on Sunday even lauded Singapore for its "positive" and "constructive" role this year as China-Asean coordinator.

Vivian Balakrishnan even have a picture of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi putting his right arm behind Vivian's back in a friendly manner as they walked! Wow!

So Huang Jing is working as a spy for the US trying to change the course of Singapore's diplomacy when the tiny island state was trying to reconcile with China after the recent spat?

The Dragonfly said...

Unthankful deed just like CSJ and his comrades.

No Sinkie will appreciate your deeds and Sinkies DONT deserves to be saved actually.

Virgo49 @ August 06, 2017 12:24 pm

Fully agree with you. But not all Sinkies, only the 70% don't deserve to be saved.

Anyway, I don't think they want to be 'saved'. I already saw this in the late 1980's, when JBJ was being demonized.

The Dragonfly said...

So Huang Jing is working as a spy for the US trying to change the course of Singapore's diplomacy when the tiny island state was trying to reconcile with China after the recent spat?

Anon @ August 06, 2017 6:16 pm

My assessment is that Huang Jing is a doubel-agent, working both for USA and for China.

Anonymous said...

Actually in the first place why PAP want Huang Jing to be a staff at LKYSPP?

Surely PAP thought that like a good foreign talent, Huang Jing could be a valuable resource and of use to PAP in his area of expertise, tio bo?

But perhaps, as time went on, PAP realised that was not to be and even inimical to PAP.

So it is understandable why Huang Jing kena kicked out of Singapore because he has no more value and even harmful some more to PAP.

The Dragonfly said...

Twists And Turns In The Saga of Li Sheng-Wu's Prosecution

Latest, Li Shengwu rebuts AGC’s claim that they received his letter after 5pm deadline. He says he has evidence to back it up.

When questioned by Li Shengwu why the AGC did not publish his letter of reply to AGC's letter of demand for taking down his July's private post in his Facebook, AGC replied in a public statement that Li Shengwu's reply was only received after 5 pm on Aug 4th.

"The Straits Times has reported AGC saying that they received my letter after the deadline of 5pm on Fri 4 Aug. This is incorrect. The letter was delivered to AGC at 4.40pm, and I have proof," wrote Li Shengwu in his Facebook.

The Dragonfly said...

The United Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 to sanction North Korea.

China, North Korea's only international ally and a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council, voted in favour of the resolution.

Russia, which the US has also criticised for its economic links with North Korea, also voted for the sanctions.

What are the new sanctions?

* Importing coal, seafood, iron and iron ore, lead and lead ore from North Korea is banned
* Countries cannot receive new North Korean workers
* No new joint ventures with North Korean entities or individuals
* No new investment in existing joint ventures
* More individuals targeted with travel bans and assets freezes
* Member states to report to Security Council within 90 days on how they have implemented resolution

patriot said...

No one needs to invade

lt is much sold aliens and they are occupying
Sin lawfully and justifiably.

What is the Military in
Sin and National Service for??
Only the Dafts feel the Need for them.


patriot said...

No one needs to invade

lt is much sold aliens and they are occupying
Sin lawfully and justifiably.

What is the Military in
Sin and National Service for??
Only the Dafts feel the Need for them.


patriot said...

'lt is much sold TO aliens....."
to amend my earlier comment.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

A 48-year-old wheelchair-bound man has been arrested at an airport in Bangladesh while trying to smuggle 25 kg gold into the country, custom officials said, calling it the biggest haul of the year.

Jamil Akter, a native of Nilphamari, flew to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport here from Singapore yesterday. He had kept 250 gold bars worth 12.5 crore taka in a vest kept between his legs, Dhaka Tribune reported.

The man has a chips shop in Singapore. He went in and out of the country 13 times in the last six months," the Bangladeshi customs official said.

Question: How did Singapore customs let a man get on a plane with 250 gold bars weighing 25 kg undetected!?? Of the 13 times in the last six months, how many times had he smuggled so many gold bars before he was caught ?

Anonymous said...

MP Halimah Yacob resigned from her Speaker of Parliament post to contest the upcoming presidential election in September.

If she loses the election, can she immediately return to her MP post?

Anonymous said...

Nightmare !

b said...

Thanks to Leefamily that sg is full of shit now. They should start firing all those incompetent ministers and restore order.

Anonymous said...

We want Tan Cheng Bock !

Anonymous said...

Found this old news article:

Indian-origin politician to be Singapore’s first woman speaker

Indian-origin politician Halimah Yacob (58) is set to become the first woman Speaker of Singapore’s Parliament next week replacing Michael Palmer, who was forced to quit over his extra-marital affair.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday said he would nominate Ms. Halimah as the next Speaker when the House sits on January 14, 2014.

Ms. Halimah, a former labour lawyer, is a Member of Parliament from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and has extensive experience in the labour movement, social work and pre-school education. She would be resigning as Minister of State (MOS) at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports on January 13 as office holders cannot be elected Speaker, said Mr. Lee in a statement.

The Speaker’s post fell vacant when Mr. Palmer, also a PAP MP, resigned last month for his involvement in an extra-marital affair. Ms. Halimah would be confirmed as Speaker as PAP has an absolute majority in the 99-member house. Mr. Lee said he has briefed PAP MPs and received their full support on his intention to nominate Ms. Halimah to the position.

Ms. Halimah, a mother of five, entered politics in 2001.


Anonymous said...

Getting Lost in Own Homeland?

Is that NOT the biggest joke?

Political Science ( PS ) or rather of human society, in the words expounded by Thomas Hobbes ( British Philosopher, 1588-1679, famous author of the books Leviathan, De Cive, Man and Citizen ) is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short".

For many, aren't lives also "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short" when they seem "strangers" in their "own homeland" and being "discriminated" in their "livelihoods" by "foreigners who are guests" in this little red dot "but looking out for their own kind" and acting as host?

Can citizens ever feel YEW-NITED in a country when strangers can suka suka walk into their homes and tell YEW-ALL the rightful owners to get out?

Can LSW ever be able to come back and be YEW-NITED with his "YeYe"'s spirit at GMS temple on each 23 Mar?

Can people on the street sink the national song in YEW-NITY anymore than asking indigenous chinese in mainland to say in YEW-NISON they love kari?

Is it not often that many in our midst cannot help but feel "our homeland" has become "The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number NOT FOR OURSELVES BUT For Foreigners" instead?

How can that be?

For many, is there anything "worth defending at all"?

For many, is there any more meaning as citizens?

In many PS introductory courses, freshmen are taught the "four core political problems" of a society.

First generation leaders often acted to (1) "create a common identity" ( first core political problem ) and (4) "production and distribution of goods and services" ( fourth core political problem ).

Did the future generations leaders build upon what our the first generation leaders had handed over to them?

One, when many citizens start feeling "lost" and have the "feeling of being strangers" in their own "homeland", is this a step forward in further "forging a common identity"? ( first core political problem )

Two, when many citizens are at "the back of the queue" in the "production and distribution of goods and services" arguably "discriminated in their employments and remunerations" by hordes of foreigners who are often ahead ( many with fake credentials, degrees and concocted CVs ) , "unfairly often without real merits but kinship and placed" there by their own kind, is this a step forward in further "forging a common identity"? (fourth and first core political problems)

As a nation at the crossroads, perhaps, some "soul-searching" and ownselves ask ow selves selves what have been happening in own homeland?

Anonymous said...

Dear MSN PGs,

As Wed is a PH, has taken 2 days leave to enjoy a super lo(ooooooo)ng hoLEEday in matland putra jaya ...

Lately, have been listening to matland anthem and memorising it ...

Will pple sink in yew-nison on this wed or in disyew-nity?

But on 31 Aug the sense of nationhood is different?

Btw, has also applied leave on 30th and 31st Aug to enjoy another super lo(oooooo)ng weekend and spend all the 4 days there at Putra Jaya ...

Anonymous said...

"When war comes (before the war ever comes), I will be one of the first to run away before the foreigners, permanent residents and new citizens. Let them 'defend' Sinkieland.
All my six children are already living in other countries"

Sounded like u are empty in family. This is a weakness. Do take it as strength. Because it sounded like u are already a aged parent. All your children chose to leave your alone.
Is this a strength? Yes if you do not suffer heart attack or emergency such as severe injury.

Many posts in social media took pride that their children are living overseas leaving them alone. In any basic defense idea, this is a mini "empty city" strategy on display.

Back to Marawi style attack. It is so possible that in 2nd World War, the Brits put canons at Sentosa. Now you see the condos and talk sunshine reflections on water. Who defend the water border?
Marawi had 400 terrorists died. One can estimate half or 400 might have run away with the civilians. The IS attack might consist of 800 commando style terrorists. The rest is up to the readers to think. If sinkies defense is so powerful/comprehensive, their mrt should not have broken down so frequently, and free of accident. This should be logical thinking.Little India night was just a bad example, other units are tip top in performance, may be.

virgo49 said...

Empty nests ni baggage. Just pack and leave. Small little kids just to call you Gong Gong really Gong Gong like Ahgongkia will made you worry for them ans much easier heartattacks.

Only those smart ones with hindsight and foresight and not backside thinking will leave their families in the lurch.

You think other units better trained with better performance??

Have you seen the video and out in the paper od just a single quite burly Indian guy who made one policeman giddy and got to help by residents to sit on a bench.

The rest three of them being swung like nine pins scrambling on the floor and got to help by residents just to retrain him after nearly ten mins of stuggling.

Initial four of then cannot even nab one. Another joker suffered fractured thumb.

Imagine just a thousand of them???

Cannot imagine.

Yesrterday night about 11 plus, a group of Anehs so called "gang fight" or cat fights just below my block. NOT A SINGLE GRASS ROT MEMBER dared to come down and intervene.

Add insult to injury, they scuffled through the void decks with Police CCCTV cameras and one lone standing camera taking in all the action.

I made a call to them and as three of them rush down to their bikes parked at the road, a police car arrived and these jokers should have stopped and check them at this hour ans three jacketed Indians scrambling to their bikes. I also reported Ah Nehs fighting.

But they let them loose.Oh my God, should not have call and see whether the cameras are fake or not.

They just came and milled around shinning some torchlights and saw some abandoned slippers. LATER they saw the lone camera and milled around it.

Add insult to injury, the CID and Central Police HQ less than half a mile from our estate.

Shudder to think if there is a Little India episode II.

All the while, I been screwing the chiak liao bee RC members of these activities of pimps and call girls and these ah Nehs in our estate.

But they scorned me like I kay poh.

Useless bastards.

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 6.38

This ND ok ours peep they off peep.

I also transit in KL to Genting.

Too sick of our wayang and no more stomach little USA so called Independence Day.


As they peep we off peep.

But very crowded. Also they have SEA game 16 to 30 airports veey jammed.

Cheers enjoy your like what the Presidents do what's retreat.

Sinkieland gonna retreat and surrender soon.

So must source for your Retreat Sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

//But Aug 30/31ST ADVISABLE NO GO.

As they peep we off peep.

But very crowded. Also they have SEA game 16 to 30 airports veey jammed. //

Not worth it meh?

At least no nid stay bk help defend some aliens ...

Unless u dun mind let your melaka apt become asylum refuge and hse pple who tak boleh tahan must escape from the suffocating "jail" ...

Then watch aug 31 parade on tv tgt and sink national song in yew-nison?

Hopefully u dun bring chip bu there ...

Skaly later b3cum black turtle head hse next time diff resell ...?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo bro, don't mistaken.

We retirees always plan, when they peeped, we try not to peep. When they dont peep, we peep.

More comfortable. But sadly for you still have part time or free lance or some lucky or unlucky ones gull time, then no choice, they peep, you also have to peep.

But at theCauseway and second link have to be stuck several hours butter and jam by the incompetent Shamu kakis.

This ND, I purposely also get out. Sinkies peep and there no peep.

But their ND I will go before that to hear the firecrackers in my Melaka Kampong to recall my child hood happy days.

Be back before they peaked

Anonymous said...

//they peep, you also have to peep.//

Go there get some "lobang" lah ...

But cannot tell what cos later more competition compete away the fat cat profits lah

Must have "MP" to make fat cat $$$ mah ...

But still hard earned $$$ lah not like ah long biz ...

Some $$$ cannot "take or earn" lah cos payback time come not worth it lah ...

Those type of $$$ not dunno or no lobang but for JLB type to make lah cos they want good life but no ability so go by that route lor but they nvr "price in" the "future costs" mah ...

This life while they can they enjoy in "abundance of gluttony can liao" including change wives lah ... some nvr change but got "secret kangtao or lobang or some type of xxx kee" lah ...

Unless oldies eyes pasted stamps (& envelops) it is so obvious eveLEEtime public can see them "got eat finish or not lah" ... the face can tell lah ... "it is written on certain part(s) of the face" but reprint here lah in case many pink panthers "snooping" in msn teach them for free become public goods le let them free ride cannot cannot so kum lan ...

Ha ha ha

Now in melaka eating porchoogeese bbq fish lah ... shiok

Got music somemore

Anonymous said...

*cannot reprint ...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Tell u what ... since 13-yo nvr trust the white "hungry ghosts" le ...

U trust them sure become "skeleton" de ...

They same same the bai gu jing in the xi you ji ...

Whole boLEE go in skeleton come out ...

They always sitting there waiting for next silly prey walked in ...

These type of white scums kick bucket le sure kena JL JL from the king of hade lah ...

They thunk they smart waitung for sully prey walk in but they themsleves silly preys already walked in kena trap le and king of hade just waiting right time they go there all the "apparatus" waiting for them down there le "to service them shiok shiok" ...

Anonymous said...

Actually this gks sama sama same gang old man lah ... many things they can do but nvr do ... many things shouldnt do but they did ... they think youthdies stupid dunno many "dirty things" they did behind "pple"s bk" ...?

Just dun wan say explicitly lah so can use gks cho choke the JLB mah

Say gks verlee gd jlb no gud lah ... song song mah ...

Actually all same same lah

Tok tok tok for shiok only lah

No heart serve pple de

Like this old man grand son lah

Purposely make himself ownself exile aka sifu wooden block old trick ownself chk owself lah ...

Pple born golden spoon where got intention serve the poor like dirt daft ...?

Tiok bo?

Make sense?