The Evil Empire - US, threatening another Korean War PART 1

This article is written as a sequel to Redbean's article, "The world's number one Outlaw threatening war in Korea." dated 07-07-2017.

Do not believe when US labels other countries as hostile, irresponsible, badly behave and  a threat to world peace. The truth is always the other way round , the Americans.

The US has from the day of its independence from England adopted war as an acceptable means to national policy designs whether it is attacking and grabbing other countries lands, opening markets for trade, installing friendly puppet regimes and regime change. At the time of its independence US consisted of thirteen ( 13 ) states amounting to about Six Hundred Thousand Square miles. The rest of North America was still ruled by self-governing native American Indian states albeit under British sovereignty. For the start US planned the destruction of all the self-governing native Indian states and thus eventually acquired all the rest of North America with the resultant genocide of eighty-Five million North American natives or almost ninety-eight  percent of them.

Beginning with the brutal genocidal wars on defenseless native American states US has been declaring and fighting more than 230 aggressive wars continuously out of its 242 years of its history. All these wars were criminal in nature as they were carried out wantonly and brutally against all the victimised countries with mass killings irrespective of men, women or children, genocide and destruction of scarce resources and native cultural sites, icons and artefacts.

The American people by and large are ignorant of their government using War as a national policy to achieve its ends of conquests and domination. US government and its state's mass media deliberately manipulate fake  news and shore up official  twisted and slanted official reports from the White House, CIA and Pentagon through misdirection.

For many years North Korea had accepted the good offices of China in the Six Party talks involving DPRK, China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and US to achieve a fair and just peaceful settlement to the Korean issue. Each time just as DPRK had accepted and signed the agreements the Evil Empire reneged, tore up the agreements and illaterally imposed further unwarranted conditions and sanctions. It then carried out frequent mass military drills involving the army, navy and airforce with Japan and South Korea to intimidate DPRK simulating an attack on North Korea. Thus DPRK has always been forced to react to US  endless insidious provocations to protect itself from US attack and regime change by going nuclear.

US has never have any intention to a peaceful Korean settllement. Portraying North Korea as hostile and as an enemy will give US legitimacy in continuing to operate its over 400 military bases in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Philippines and the Marshall Islands

The crux of the Korean problem is not North Korea but the ultimate aim of the Evil Empire in containing China and Russia. US is using DPRK as an excuse and a proxy against China and Russia,the only two countries able to stand up to to US wild ambitions and capable of stopping  the Evil Empire from world domination and hegemony.

The hot heads in Washington, CIA and Pentagon are contemplating and delving into the pros and cons of the possibilities of taking a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia and China foolishly thinking US will be able to survive and win a nuclear war.

The Evil Empire has more than 1,000 military bases around the world threatening every country big and small. The United Nations must demand that US close down all these military bases and let the world live in peace less humanity may have to face Armageddon due to US irrational wild ambitions.


Saturday, 8th July,2017.


virgo49 said...

Now the USA realised that the North Koreans can give them an Independent Day present of Nuclear Bomb that they are urgung all nations to paralyse the North.

Now they have some one also can draw guns with you in a gun fight instead of just having knives that they are afraid of been also have Necular Dust over them.

But unfortunately only Russia is the one solidly behind North Korea. CHINA having second thoughts of its own selfish interests.

They should also solidly backed the North as they are on the list to be cornered by the Imperialists.

The South Koreans are still as dumb not knowing who the Real enemies are. See the looters returning them their looted treaaures and they still looked at them as protectors.

They be burning to ashes if the Americans relatively unscathed in the event of a war.

Anonymous said...

US is a satanic country with full of evils. Their ruling scoundrels, rogues and crooks in the White House, Senate, Congress, CIA and the Pentagon have no qualms in killing other people by the thousands through mass bombings. They totally have no conscience. They brush it aside as collateral damage when their bombings whether by drones or bombers killed hundreds of thousands of civillians.

It's time the world must unite to take down the Evil Empire.

Eagles Eyes


Anonymous said...
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denk said...

once a sepoy, always a sepoy,


patriot said...

No worry anymore about
the Evil United States of America. All that needs be done is to let the Americans to show much of their evil ways and the World shall realize the foolishness of believing the US.
Those that are runner and sucker of evil shall deserve the retribution.

the World is basically comprise of two sides: the Good and the Bad with the Neutral and Innocence who cant be bothered or lost somewhere in the Middle.
Ultimately there must be a settlement, be it war or change of character.
From empirical evidences, war is inevitable.
For me, to be able to witness a World War maybe extremely special though it is going to be extremely sad.

The Chinese has a Saying that the End is the Start of a New Begining.
Another Chinese Saying 先死而后生, meaning that survival and living shall be better after a great struggle or calamity, is just as applicable.


Anonymous said...

Why worry so much for fuck?!?!?!

Life still goes on .... PAP will still rule S'pore ... CPF will still be stuck ... Mortgages will still need to be paid until 60 or 65 .... Sinkies will still need to work until drop dead & die....

So you tell me .... Everything still the same .... Why worry so much for fuck?!?!?!?

The Dragon Fly said...

If USA is that bad why many people from Singapore, as well as other countries, all run to USA for asylum?

Why not run to China or North Korea or Russia?

In late December last year (2016), Amos Yee sought political asylum in the United States of America (US) and was granted asylum with the Judge criticising Singapore's Judiciary, Legal Practice and Singapore Government for political persecution. Singapore Government white tried to white-wash its image by making frivolous statements about different systems of Laws in US and Singapore; and probably through back doors, tried to get the US Homeland Security Agency to appeal to the US Courts. However, the US HSA did not appeal within 30 days as stipulated in the US Laws. So Amos Yee's asylum is confirmed, valid, legal, internationally binding and properly accepted.

The genesis of political asylum is encapsulated in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, which states that

"Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution."

The United Nations Convention and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees (“Refugee Convention”) sets out the direction of international refugee protection today, providing guidance to national legislation concerning political asylum.

A person can qualify for asylum, or political asylum, if he or she has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Once a person’s application for political asylum has been approved, he will become a refugee, and can expect to gain citizenship (subject to certain requirements), live and work in that country.

Anonymous said...

Just be a crony to the USA and everything would be alright and life can be good. But don't end up like Qatar.