Singapore idol takes a beating

Barely two years after his departure from the face of Singapore and
Singapore’s political scene, this issue suddenly surfaced overnight. No one
would expect anyone to be attacking or deriding this famous founding father
of Singapore, to be brazenly attacking him personally as a person so soon
after his death, and so soon even when his party is still in absolute power
and his son is the unchallenged PM of the island. This is surprising to
everyone, even to his own party members and to the cabinet and the MPs. Who
in his right mind would dare to attack or throw negative comments at LKY
when his son is still the PM of the island?

Unfortunately this unpleasant truth is now out in the open, in the main
media and in social media. People on both sides of the political divide are
not holding their punches and are embolden by the fact that PAP ministers
are also in the game, attacking or ridiculing LKY as a man with many flaws,
unthinking or unclear in his thinking or maybe senile if not wishy washy.

What is more unexpected is that despite of all the things thrown at LKY,
only Hsien Yang and Wei Ling have stood up to defend their father and
hitting out at those saying bad things about their father. What is more
surprising is that no one on the PAP side thinks it a responsibility to
stand up to stop the barbs hurled at LKY. No minister has done so, no MP
has done so, no old or senior PAP stalwart has done so. It is like anyone
is free to do so, at your own time, your own target, fire.

So many are taking pot shots at LKY and it is not funny anymore. Poor

Are there anyone out there, within the PAP or in the public, in the civil
service, people who were beneficiaries of LKY’s policies and decisions, be
willing to stand up to defend this man they once revered and cried for?
No, no?

Anyone wants to defend kong kong? Defending kong kong is an honourable
thing to do. Never mind if the politicians are keeping mum. He is not their
kong kong after all.


jjgg said...

There's a village in india..

patriot said...

Just to add that Lee Kuan Yew had many open enemies right from the Start of his political adventure.
Other than those well-known dozens that he put into jail, the Thousands that fled Sin during the Cold Store Operation were all actively against him.

Currently, there are thousands and if not more and growing are more daring now that the Monster is dead.
The Social Media has also uncovered and revealed much of the Monster's Misdeeds such as working for the Japanese lmperial Army during WWII, Operation Cold Store, Stop At Two and his Eugenic Engineering etc which those under 50 year olds might not be aware. Now, all the Informations are available 24/7.
All that Sinkies need to do to know the
is just to google
Lee Kuan Yewand the Good, the Bad and the Ugliness of the Man are all revealed.


Anonymous said...

Nathan is their kong kong . . .

Anonymous said...

So far Lee Wei Ling kena rebuked by Shanmugam, Indranee Rajah, Janadas Devan . . .

patriot said...

l would like to add my personal experiences and observations here.

During Operation Cold Store, swear and curse plus invocation of Karma were heaped upon the Monster Lee Kuan Yew.
Grandparents, parents, the Family Members a d Fellow Villagers were badly shakened whence many young men and women had to make their escapes in the early morning to avoid getting arrested.
Some who cannot bear been seperated from their families were picked up and jailed,
some for many years.

virgo49 said...

The KFC man being LKY second generation hand picked Stewart is the most mo lan yong coward who kept quiet till now.

His time is already up. No more third term.

So, must speak out and maybe have a third term. If the court ruling that the next PE reserved for Malay minority.

With disciple and friend like him who needs enemies.

Heavn Is Watching said...

LHL and his Soldiers-of-Fortunes and Troops of clueless Critters think they are adopting the correct and righteous approach to tackle the Abuse of Power (Highest Corruption), Misuse of State Organs, Cannot be trusted and Dishourable Conduct Charges in the Court of Internal Civil Service and Parliamentary Public Opinions.

One of his Soldiers-of-Fortunes got the audacity to say it's "ridiculous to suggest conflict of interests" for advising LKY about his Will and now sitting in the Secretive Ministerial Committee to defy LKY's Eill! No conflict?

The fact that the Power of the Minister For Law and the Power of the Minister For Home Affairs held in the hands of one same person is itself a clear direct CONFLICT of INTEREST! And not a single soul realises this! This is really Ridiculous!

You can see clearly the poor quality of these Ministers who are wasting taxpayers' money to form, Similar to China's Cultural Revolution's Gang-of-4 led by Chang Ching, Secret Society Committee ( probably leashed to Ho Jinx's wrist), to defend tooth and nail the fledgling objectives in restoring credibility for the PM's stubborn desire to preserve LKY'S HOUSE for his personal glory, satisfaction and political mileage.

Blind Faith is bad! Robotic Money-Minded Immoral Unethical Faith is dire. Stupid, idiotic and moronic Faith is the Worst! Similar to Nazi Germany.

Instead of courageously advising the PM to stop the bitter head-on confrontation with his own siblings and washing dirty linens in public, these ‘coward, hideous and moronic backers’ are further sowing the seed of division and conflict between his siblings and him.

Instead of backing-off and maintaining calm and silence, considering this as a private family affair, they have come out with time-bombs and machine guns ablaze firing from the hip into an abyss to arouse and draw public and world attention unto the questionable character of their own Boss and themselves.

Instead of helping LHL look like a responsible, reliable and credible PM, these blood thirsty critters crush their own leader’s bones by engaging the ‘prey’ continuously, by taking turns, day after day, even in the middle of the night.

Sadly, there is no prey. There is sibling differences but hell no, the critters (outsiders) are more likely to deliver a catastrophic and final death knell to their own Boss by sustaining the foolishness in trying to tear up LHY and LWL.

The Singapore's Success Model is now receding further and further into the Dark Ages. For this, the folks in white have only themselves to blame.

Two swallows do not make a Summer. A pack of ferocious, mad hyenas will make a cold, bloody ugly Winter!

Anonymous said...

It is not a big land mass here where people living in farming do not care about what happen to city at orchard road. Its a handphone state. The dead man has hurt so many people s pockets. Prior to his gone date, he told voters somewhere earlier than 2011 GE: if voters at tempanies do not vote in rumbutan, HDB prices will plummet. Then he followed UK Tong Blair ushered in 3 millions immigrants without adequate public transport, schools, housing and medical hospital facilities. How many people lose money by paying more to buy the sudden shot up housing prices? How many hospitals could not take in cases to attend timely? He stopped couples to have more than 2 kids and abortions were options. Worst was permanently disable the reproduction on human male or female.

The dead man s supporters are enjoying or suffering from his grand policies. The whole game was to prop up prices and take the inflated total as economic growth results. The poor too, are paying higher GST day in day out.

There are numerous newly built retail malls having empty units. Those built cost were GDP growth. Those paying loans to sustain the empty units know what is LKY s game plan: bubble after bubble.

When he could not build fast enough, he wanted less or no kids for couples. When he could sell lands at high prices, he pushed in 2 to 3 millions immigrants to push up the prices and enjoy 15.2% GDP growth increase in salaries. No real manufacturing and creative products growth like Samsung in asia. It was inflation as growth.

Pap voters are still yet to learn about this party s empty promises. Foreigners create jobs for local. Is this an empty promise? Look at the immigrants from the north and sunny land. How can they create jobs? One senior migrant would rent a flat, and sublet to several migrants quietly eating instant noodles, while remitting billions of earned salaries to sunny lands. The economy in sinkieland is a hollow shell under such policy. Can u deny the facts in this post? Praise him or not? Continue to worship someone who has done plus and minus like employees in a firm?

Its fair that he has done his part good or bad. Forget and forgive him. Life for the young must decide something new. Not dependent on him to feel proud. Depend on own educated singaporeans for the next phase of singapore. Not UK US educated and should not be mumbai educated then considered talents suitable to lead this country. The requirement is: please do NS first if wanna be leader. LKY did not do.

agongkia said...

anon 10.30
Walao.Greedy sinkies make money diam diam,lose money want blame him ar?

The "Stop at 2 "idea is reported to be mooted by the then health minister Yong Nguk Lin so cannot blame him but Yong if I am you.
If he ever said stop at 2,then I think maybe sinkies in those days like to marry more wives so likely he is kind enough to tell sinkies to stop at 2 .
Not stop to produce but stop having more wives :-)
//please do NS first if wanna be leader LKY did not do//
Serving as interpreter can also consider as doing NS.,cos that time rule by the Jap.

Anonymous said...

Allowing hiring agents to earn middle man money and ushering in foreigners to take up jobs in this limited good jobs city, is the hallmark of the dead man s policy. Foreigners Hillary set the policy and the dead man and son implemented. Monthly, billions sin dollars is shipped out. The jobs if given to citizens, will recycle cash earned into the small economy.

3 millions of such positions were handed over to foreigners to channel cash earned from the local positions to overseas banks and use the cash on foreign lands such as india and malaysia. This is Pap s empty economy policy.

Local citizens only get the results of higher prices, paying more taxes on GST and water electricity, medical, transport due to demand. Jobs income is constrained by Employment passes and S passes and even work passes. These passes are the hallmark of policy to empty the cash to be recycled into the small local economy.

To the jobless, even they start a small stalls, they close shop eventually because: these stalls sell products to meet locals.

Locals has low salaries and high costs and taxes cannot afford to buy from these small stalls. Look at the retailers, people can see the dead man s bubble creation plan is reaching the end of road. US interest rate is rising. Borrowed money to sustain empty shops as "investment" will see these families save every cent to avoid defaults. Other retailers cannot earn the normal living. We see shops open and close in shop span of time.

The millions of employment passes, s passes and work passes is a curse to millions of locals trying to keep their family expenses afloat. Yet the dead man s party is unable to create jobs, besides handing cash to foreigners migrants to earn here and pass on to overseas economies. When can sinkies realize they are trapping themselves for supporting the dead man s policy?

Anonymous said...

Reading 1120 s comments, one can see how the dead man s IB work. The policy that created millions of dead fetus initiated and being proud of by the dead man was pushed to someone else to take responsibility. The dead man taught china to do it and they followed. At the end, someone called Paul Chan looked at the statistics and told the dead man, singapore would face declining population. The dead man declared he forgot to stop the policy after 30 over years of implementation. He admitted to have "forgotten" it.

Never take IB s words in internet. If you are uneducated, you are being fooled by them. Most readers are too smart after years of internet training. Agree?

Anonymous said...

Never mind if the politicians are keeping mum. He is not their
kong kong after all.

Aiyo RB, why r u stating the obvious? After all he is also no kong kong to ordinary Sinkies what.

But unlike the politicians, ordinary Sinkies are not keeping mum. I mean they are laughing and enjoying the whole show with popcorn in their hands and mouth.

Anonymous said...

When he was alive he said that building casinos would have to be done over his dead body. But they did it, even when he was alive, and with his willingness to go along. What happened?

When he was alive he said that he will rise up from grave to put right what is wrong if someone did not do the right thing. But, so far he did not. What happened? So, even his PAP buddies knew he was talking nonsense and nothing of the sort will happen. Even his beloved son knew he was talking rubbish. And they did do wrong. What can he do now?

The great irony is that when he is dead, they do not even want to do what he willed as his last wishes. What happened?

Are these signs of the end of another dynastic ambition biting the dust as had happened with so many dynasties in history?

Anonymous said...

Are these signs of the end of another dynastic ambition biting the dust as had happened with so many dynasties in history?
12:02 pm

Yes, and absolutely.

But then hor, the streets and Hong Lim Park is still peaceful, tio bo?

And as recently as 2015, PAP even got 70% votes and even won a by election in 2016, defeating even Chee Soon Juan with a PAP minority candidate!!! And the roads are chokeful with cars, one of the most expensive and also depreciating items Sinkies ever have.

This is unlike other places where the end of dynasties came with violence, chaos, poverty and also loss of lives.

That's why if I were Hsien Loong, I say "What's the problem?"

Anonymous said...

The millions of employment passes, s passes and work passes is a curse to millions of locals trying to keep their family expenses afloat.
11:35 am

A curse to millions of locals? Which locals u referring to? 30%? 70%? New citizen locals? real local born Sinkies?

And if it is a curse to some of the 70% who voted for PAP, then why did they still vote for PAP, Hsien Loong must be wondering.

Anonymous said...

12.59 millions working foreigners equal to the working population of citizens is a curse to working populations. The citizens working population needs employers to pay cpf and do NS in camp and ippt.

U are a foreigners PR never serve NS, or new citizens never need to serve NS.

Your future generations if you have the luck to have them will know the meaning.

The 70% meant so much to you similar to you got 70 marks in test at schools, that no longer exist.

Good for you to keep writing about 70%. Not others. They know Pap will not get 70% because there is no more another dead man who can have long state funeral to time with GE. U cannot even smell 70% again in your next life time.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Men proposes, God disposes. There is no such thing as 'what's the problem?' When it comes, it comes. There is no such thing as dynasties that can last forever.

Mao Tse Tung had been idolised and total and absolute control, but...Marcos had all the military power and US support, but....Sukarno had all the charisma and persuasive power, but....Suharto had all the control over the military top brass, but....

They all fell.

Anonymous said...

U cannot even smell 70% again in your next life time.
1:21 pm

Aiya, no 70%, 60% also good mah. No fish, prawn also good mah.

By the way, PAP's Murali could even win 61% against Chee Soon Juan in a by election in a Chinese majority SMC, u know.

So what so difficult for PAP to win 60% in a general election, especially when the opposition is not ready to be govt? And GE 2011, 60% votes got PAP 93% seats, u know. Not good meh?

Anonymous said...

Majority of Sinkie voters "see no up" Chee Soon Juan and the opposition lah, that's the problem.

And Chee Soon Juan and the opposition deserved to be "see no up", for being disunited and not ready to be govt.

Do u dare to be passenger in a car if the driver is not ready to drive?

Anonymous said...

U are novice to Marali. This man was active 12 years on the ground. My knowledge to him is better than you as IB.

I did not expect Chee would win. He was quite good to get 40%. Although the previous one played with a pretty married woman. Also let rats infested facing the mrt station. The pap ward was not badly maintained. There was no lift dropped down breaking residents legs. So Chee did a job he was assigned to do. He did not let his party down or let opposition lose face.

Let me remind you. Hard core supporters for the dead man are also dying by about 300k. The second generations for these died hard pa p fans face jobless problems, face downgrading flat and get very little cash kinda scheming. 1 guy who parent was grassroot downgraded his flat. He found hdb deducted large sums of his sale proceeds as subsidies. For those taking grants to buy flats, they will not enjoy selling the flats unless they migrate or live at the beach.
The fact is: pap s plan or scheming is not rosy even to the hard core fans. When the real hardcores got their I/C punched with holes, pap support will reduced slowly.

You want 70%? Next life time to you still not possible. Do not be born if you must insist on 70% or 60%. My guess is :54% Pap still win.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck pays the Million-dollar salaries TODAY?!?!?!

Old Fart or Young Fart??!?!?!?!

Now you know why the Por Lam Pars keep quiet!!! Hahahhaha!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A commenter has observed that more Sinkies are owning big cars which are fast value depreciating items.
However, it must be said that it is precisely that Sinkies can afford big ticket items like car, condo, play golf and eat at Michelin Restaurant that PAP got 70% in 2015 and likely 79 or more percents in the Next GE.

patriot said...

Like to say it again.

Most involved shall lose big; 手足情完蛋/Sibling Love gone, 兄嫂被视为小人, 甚至是贼/Sister-In-Law deemed lacking in ethics
or even suspected of stealing(document).
Worst of all is the Accusation of Misuse of Power by none other than the Prime Minister Himself. His integrity shall be greatly tarnished if he does not absolutely clear that Accusation. That shall cause no confidence in him to be a national leader or at the very least cause the People to lose their respect for him.

No matter the Result, at the End of the Day, the Damage gonna be huge.
The Most Unfortunate of All shall be the Conclusion that Karma has indeed befall upon Lee Kuan Yew, the First Prime Minister Of Sin also known as the Founding Father Of Sin by his idolators.


Anonymous said...

When you make it a habit to shit in the public, soon you would get use to it and would not see any difference.

And the public too would get use to it and would not know the difference or if it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dark clouds ahead.

In 40 years time, more than 90 percent of Sinkies would be poor as their 99-year leasehold properties will fall below the 50-year lease life mark.

Only the PAP aristocrats will continue to prosper.

Anonymous said...

After the funeral of Deng Xiaoping in February 1997, his remains were cremated, and his ashes were subsequently scattered at sea, according to his wishes.

Nobody in China tried to do the dishonorable and disrespectful act of trying to override his wish.

But in Singapore, . . .

Anonymous said...

Wa lau!

Now people who worked for LKY for just 3 years as principal private secretary are claiming they know LKY better than his son of 60 years !!

The way this Oxley drama is developing is surreal !

Anonymous said...

Now people who worked for LKY for just 3 years as principal private secretary are claiming they know LKY better than his son of 60 years !!

Good point!

Did he get to wash his underwear? No?

Anonymous said...

Now people who worked for LKY for just 3 years as principal private secretary are claiming they know LKY better than his son of 60 years !!
12:36 am

Ya lor, this Chee Hong Tat has no sense of shame saying that publicly. Is this what million dollar salary can do to a highly educated person?

b said...

So nice to sit back and enjoy them fighting each other. God is Great!