Peaceful China versus warmonger USA

 What are the main differences between a peaceful country and a warmonger? It is not what they said or claimed to be. It is what they are doing around the world. In the recent decades with the opening up of China and China’s participation in world trade after its admission into the IMF and WTO, China has been actively engaged in all kinds of major infrastructure projects around the world. And China backed these up by setting up the AIIB and the BRI to connect the Asian countries together to advance trade and economic activities.

China is not just talking and investing in the BRI projects that joined the Asian countries by land and sea. China is also attempting to open another route through the Arctic region. A massive US$20.1b has been budgeted by China towards these projects. Apart from the high speed railroads crisscrossing Asia to Europe and Africa, the Chinese are also building high speed rails in the Americas and Africa. The Chinese are also intensely involved in the development of ports from Greece through the India Ocean littoral states, Malaysia and Indonesia and in Papua New Guinea.

In Malaysia alone, the four key projects of Melaka Gateway, Kuala Linggi Port, Penang Port and Kuantan Port would cost China US$10.5b. In Indonesia, the development of Tanjung Priok Port would be to the tune of US$590m.

Arctic route ports that are in the pipeline are Norwegian port in Kirkenes, Russian port Arkangelsk in Siberia, and Klaipeda port in Lithuanian to complete the opening up of an Arctic sea route.

And as usual, asshole thinkers like Jonathan Hilman, director at the Centre for Strategic an International Studies started to put up a spin on the possible use of such ports for ‘non commercial activities like hosting military forces and collecting intelligence.’ Aren’t these activities the key roles of American military and non military installations and bases around the world? Further, he did not admit that these ports are in the sovereign territories of the respective countries and military activities would not be allowed without the approval of these independent states.

While China is deeply involved and spending hundreds of billions in such economic projects, what is the world’s number one warmongering nation doing? No need to guess. It is building more and more military bases, forming military alliances, developing and selling more deadly weapons of mass destruction and threatening other countries with sanctions and wars. The USA has run out of ideas. It is only interested in wars and creating tensions around the world. It is spending all its limited resources in weapons and everything related to wars, about wars and nothing about economic development and trade. It backed away from the TTP and even the Paris Climate Change accord.

These are the stark contrasts between a peaceful super power and a warmongering super power. One is about trade and economic development and the other is about wars and more wars. What else do the Americans think they can contribute to the world other than wars and selling weapons for wars?

How many more pieces of evidence are required to wake up the unthinking Asians to call a spade a spade instead of being misled by the western media to believe the Americans are for peace and China is for war? Who is fighting wars in the Middle East and going to start a war in the Korean Peninsula and possibly the South China Sea?


Anonymous said...

'How many more pieces of evidence are required to wake up the unthinking Asians....'

Compare that with the unthinking dafts in red dot and you have the answer.

When the unthinking and the daft refuses to wake up, what can you do?

Blame the opposition? Or blame the daft?


Anonymous said...

From the very day of its independence US has been on the warpath conquering and invading other countries and carrying out genocide enmass all in the name of its Doctrine of Christian Discovery which it corrupted to justify its conquests and genocide. The righteous God will eventually catch with the wicked Americans and destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure China's long term strategies are all peaceful? No one can predict what will happen in 20 years from now. The top governing bodies of any country can change, policies and ambition can be overturn and white can turn to black. For small countries such as Singapore, trying to predict the future is going to be difficult. Putting all your eggs in a single basket could prove to be rather risky. Currently Singapore is maybe swaying to the side of the US of A. Is this wise or a folly? No one can tell, right?

Anonymous said...

9.12am well I can only say u are an asshole thinking that way

Anonymous said...

9.41 am. Your argument is very grown-up and sophisticated.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

9:12am, Is this how you lead your life and make decisions? If so, would it be acceptable if someone said in 20 years time they would not know if you will become a criminal and so must treat you as such just in case?

And everyday, everywhere this someone is going to warn people about you becoming a criminal in times to come?

Anonymous said...

The records of the Americans have been wars and mass murders but fools would happily said the Americans are peace loving people.

The records of modern China have been peaceful but fools would say you don't know what China would be tomorrow and very likely China would be bad.

So treat China as bad and Americans as good

Which is reasonable and logical thinking?

Anonymous said...

US has upper hands comparing to PLA in behaviors. PLA dare not to send high ranking officers to Shangrila. Little usa and Mattis were the focused parties in regional security conference 2017. US Ships followed up. They sailed close to 12 nautical miles of SC islands. US P3 flew near to Shantow radar complex. China could only complain.

What is China doing? Different focus. China now has Indians invasion. Reports said days and night PLA has transported more than 10 thousands tons of “logistic materials” to Tibet. War with Indians army is getting likely. Logistic materials go first before the troops. Indians army has intruded into China boundary and refused to withdraw back to original position.

China war planes flew round Taiwan with its warship Liaoning sailed near coast. Invade Taiwan in 2018?

China s needs rely on Malacca straits has reduced. The straits and south china seas could be war zones.
If happens, small country relying on trades will be panicky.

Small country has no part to play when US interested in China. Trump put up a white hair man picture and said he met Jokowi at G20. China foreign ministry spokes man DeSwan said on 27 June he could not confirm China pm had confirmed to visit a small country at its south.

US s priorities are clear: sell weapons to Taiwan. Stir up SC to warn China its weapons are superior: thaad to monitor china, and accuracy to shoot NK ICBM. Allies like Japan should be convinced to buy some of them.

Will there be war with China? Certainly not. That will cost Trump to lose his seat. He is a businessman.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore offers drones, urban warfare training facilities to Philippines troops to help combat militants"

This incorrigible kaypoh disease will up the terrorists' attention and threat on Singaporeans!

virgo49 said...

USA Big Bully.

You have to comply with whatsoever requirements and conditions what we tell you.

Now all passengers by air coming here have to be stringently checked at your side, at your expenses, your inconveniences.

Cargo has to be in and survey even by ships by our appointed surveyors.

Which country impose the same conditions on the cowboys who killed themselves everyday.

Sinkieland take the lead??

Anonymous said...

12.08pm // .....threat on Singaporeans!//

The immediate, short and mid term threat (to songkies) is "here" eveLEEday lah ...?

Threat to their pockets, bank accounts and future well being lah when prices are spiralling up 10 to 20% across many food outlets .....etc?

Already said in Feb and Mar 2017 that all these (cheap economic tricks of) price increases of "Botak-nomics" are to reflate (and probably contribute abt few % nominal growth to) the economy lah ...?

Collateral damages are the masses and low-income cos the poor and masses sweating blood to finance the rich's well-padded income day in day out lah ...?

Life sucks for songkies when they are below the 60th (& even 70th) percentile in the (economic) food chain ...?

This Patrait may not be economics trained but his several economic observations abt songkieland could be just about right ...?

Anonymous said...

What defines a songkie?

Many readers in msn would probably agree he/ she is one who loves to be (repeatedly) "sodomised" (& somehow returns to ask for more) ...?


Somehow a songkie (would) find(s) "it" song ...?

The "weird and incomprehensible" part is at least ah "gua" get paid but songkie get "billed" after being "sodomised" (repeatedly) ...???

Anonymous said...

PLA 72th Group of troops (pla is rozah involving all kinds of weapons) is moving 2800km west to do live firing and towards Tibet.

A ex china diplomat quoted by India today:
"A former Chinese diplomat, who was earlier Consul General in Mumbai, told Chinese state media on Wednesday that Indian troops faced three options at Doklam as the stand-off entered one month: withdrawal, capture or an attack by China "should the dispute escalate".

Modi held on to Trump tightly with his face and head buried inside Trump s chest impressed many TV watchers.

So US is ready to "give" India support. Who "mai tan" for the quick war at high land?

I have no doubt Indians will lose in this war again.

Will US 7th Fleet fly to Himalaya to help India? ( No cold beer on board).

b said...

Blame it on kishoren. He always bad mouthed china. Dus, china do not want sg. Rather spend money to build new port. Cannot trust the ahnehs. They have ruined sg.

Anonymous said...

True News: China rejects Singapore model for state-owned enterprise reform, thinks Temasek's investments are "fake" investments

Caixin reported that China's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission feels that promoting the Temasek model would reinforce an undesirable trend in China's economy towards "fake" investment that generates profits by shifting money between existing assets without generating new economic activity. Instead, China wants state groups to support government macroeconomic and industrial policies.

Anonymous said...

Does Temasek generates new economic activity when it swallowed up SMRT?

It only reduce the universe of safe blue chip shares that retirees can hold for stable dividend income . . .

Anonymous said...


China s point on Temasek is valid and true. Transferring money from one share accounts to another, is "transferring money". No real value added and long term business activities.

The economy is NOT benefited by transferring money, except the brokers of shares. Real economy sell value. Making handphone is adding value to raw materials. Making fish balls in factory and sell to the market in big scale contribute more on creating jobs for creative designers ( different taste shapes of fish balls, sotong balls, and bull meat balls). Many people will get jobs if Temasek get into economic activites: managers, workers, directors all need to be hired.

Transferring money has little value, its gaming and gambling.

Remember Nick Nickson who gambled and lost S$1 billion and whole UK Bank. Gambling in shares is either win or lose. One swiss bank has caused losses of few billions S$. This is results of gambling.

Anonymous said...

4.56pm //China wants state groups to support government macroeconomic and industrial policies.//

It got nothing to do with BOP (Balance of Payment)?

Anonymous said...

Many daft sinkies are mostly Economics ILLITERATE but talk big time ...?

Anonymous said...

Many lack the understanding of even basic economic concepts but also want to talk big time ...?

Anonymous said...

Economic concepts may be in the realm of theory but are the backbones and basis of most if not all macroeconomic decisions ...?

Ask Janet Yellen and the US FED the basis of their decisions?

Ask Mario Draghi (remember Super Mario mentioned by MEE in msn comments way back in 2011, 2012, 2013 ...?) and the Eurozone ECB the basis of their decisions?

Ask Mark Carney and BOE the basis of their decisions?

Ask Zhou Xiao Chuan (whom is the CB {Central Banker} since Zhu Rong Ji & Jiang times) and PBOC the basis of their decisions?

Anonymous said...

Due to Songkieland Exchange-Rate based MP, she needs to invest overseas given annual current account surplus equivalent to about 20% of GDP?

The real question is not the need of Tummysick or GEE-EYE SEE(BUEY SEE) to invest overseas ...?

But HOW they invest overseas ...?

Anonymous said...

When "Kotek Fried Chicken" was vice-chairman, he copycat(ed) Warren Buffet and said that when they invested "they take care of the downside, (& naturally upside will take care of itself)?

The result?

The GEE-EYE SEE 2007 US$14 Billion investment fiasco in UBS (on the EVE of the GFC) which was reduced to 20% (mark to mkt) value within months of their investment?

Anonymous said...

With the massive outflow in Cina FA in the past 2 years, obviously if they indulged in massive portfolio investments overseas, their FA will "bleed" even more ...?

Anonymous said...

The most important credential to be the EP could be NONE other than being a trained MACROeconomist (and that probably rules out (even) Dr Li Sheng Wu bcos he specialised in microeconomics {research areas like game theory which most likely will not be helpful in managing an economy no matter how goooood he is in such areas)?

What ceo of minimum 500 million capitalisation coy (to be qualified to be EP)?

"Kotek Fried Chicken" (as vice chairman) managed possibly a few HUNDRED BILLIONS portfolio but lost more than US$10 Billion (mark to mkt value) within months of the 2007 UBS investment (ALONE)?

Does that qualify or disqualify "Kotek Fried Chicken" (to be elected EP)?

Thus, does managing a few hundred billion portfolio make "Kotek Fried Chicken" any more qualified?

If an ex-paLEEment speaker knows NUTS about economics (like the patrait in msn self-conceded in Mar &/ or April 2017 in his msn comments), how qualified is she/ him (ex-speaker or otherwise) as compared to msn patrait to be EP (and jagar the reserves)?

Anonymous said...

Many Songkies in Songkieland very "song" to SWEAT BLOOD to bankroll this JLB LEEGIME garment ...?

69% daft like to sweat blood pls fo ahead and DUN IMPLICATE the 31% non-daft ...?

Anonymous said...

*go ahead

Anonymous said...

This lhy made those allegations then ran away asking the dafts to take up "his fights" and BEAR the CONSEQUENCES (bcos the dafts got no $$$ to suka suka run away anf emigrate and thus ARE STUCK in songkieland for good)?

The whole FAMILEE "stinks" ...?

Anonymous said...

Mee din want to comment on the 15 Jul HLP protest bcos what for "being suckers"?

(Though many are using the issues to further their agenda)?

Thats the point or besides the pt really?

Anonymous said...

When cina was weak during the Qing dynasty, just a "small nippon state" or a few western naval warships can tear her into pieces ...?

Now she is stronger but no less precarious geo-politically ...?

India will "tear at her" in the west and if there is any real confrontation, the "small nippon state" in the east will likely start some provocation and tear at her in the east ...?

Then there are many little "Indias and small Nippon States" to tear at her in the south west, north west ...?

The fate is "doomed"?

So be it!

patriot said...

Very apt to relate the World at Large to Daft Sinkies who are stupidly sticking to the Jiakleowbees in the Parliament and allowing themselves to the manipulation and exploitation by the Leeders.

Many countries are likewise being manipulate and exploit by the Americans.
take heart, the Chinese has an Adage that 上了山多终遇虎,meaning play the Sophistry too frequently shall one day gets the Player the Retribution.
As it is, the US and the Sin Leedership are facing mounting distrust and even getting despise.
This distrust and despice if prolong shall bring down regime and nation.
lt is not something to trifle with. The Consequences are no joking matter.
Chaos and bloodshed are likely to ensue when the People cannot bear anymore abuses and impropriety.

物极必反 meaning whence
driven to extreme, reaction shall be as extreme. The Timid shall becomes chivalrous and the Gallant Folks shall
make sacrifice to rid the Evil.

Be reminded that this Sequence repeated itself throughout history.



Anonymous said...

An investigative SCMP article questioning how's a ‘Singaporean’ investor in The Peninsula's holding company linked to Xi Jinping's right-hand man was withdrawn.

According to the article, Chua Hwa Por began buying a stake in Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels– the holding company of The Peninsula – early this year. The 32-year-old already owns a race horse called Limitless at more than £1 million, a S$15 million bungalow in Stanley, a HK$500 million office on the top floor of The Center, and a listed company to build his empire with.

In his regulatory filing, Chua portrayed himself as a Singaporean with nine years’ experience in investment. But his wealth was too vast, and his Zhejiang accent didn't quite jive with someone from Lion City.

A Hong Kong magazine tailed him for days before reporting last week that Chua had filed the same residential address on Stanley Beach Road as a woman named Li Qianxin, through a company called Chua & Li Membership.

The woman’s Chinese surname is rare, so rare in fact that it’s not even among the 100 most-used family names for the entire Chinese population. You'll have to look to number 249 to find the surname, used among just an estimated 300,000 people in the entire country.

This is an illustrious clan, with prime ministers and high officials through the centuries. The most famous, and highest-ranking Li out of the current clan, would be Li Zhanshu, the right-hand man to the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

He's one of the most powerful men in the Communist Party and could be on the path to promotion when the party meets this autumn to pick their leaders for the next five years.

On paper, Li Qianxin's name looks the same as Li Zhanshu's daughter.

Anonymous said...

United States’ nominee for ambassador to Singapore Kathleen Troia McFarland said Thursday Singapore’s value to America lies in her strategic location, sitting astride one of the most important geostrategically important locations in the world.

Singapore is the security gateway between East and West as the entrance to the South China Sea, she explained.

So u see, U.S. is befriending Singapore just to make use of the island state's strategic location against China! If Singapore is not strategically located, u think Obama would invite PM Lee to White House state dinner?

Anonymous said...

Since when the whites are interested to help anyone except themselves?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 20, 2017 6:05 pm
//China s point on Temasek is valid and true. Transferring money from one share accounts to another, is "transferring money". No real value added and long term business activities.//

In Lo(oooo)ngan's eyes, what lenses he wear?

Yew think the cina in songkieland are stupid?

Their children new citizens but kena post to becum hokkien peng (when their children dun even speak hokkien)...?

Ha ha ha

Many dafts said in cyberspace new citizens "baojiak" voted papigs?

But nvr heard many new cina citizens talked among themselves "cursed and swear" at lo(oooooo)ngan ...?

Have yew chkd with the new cina citizens their views on the "reserved ep" tinkie?

What have they got to say among themselves and what they thought of "lo(ooooo)ngan {mai hum}"?

Anonymous said...

The day might come when new citizens (ah neh or otherwise) form their own political party to challenge the papigs ...?

Anonymous said...

An erection might soon turned into a (globalisation) joke ...?

Yew "lived & prospered" by "globalisation?

Yew "died & nme dragged theough mad" by "globalisation"?

Anonymous said...

To know how endeared wooden block and his fella greedy and glutton cohorts like jayabalan, kotek fried chicken, tlj (aka tcb) are, just looked at ge 2011 and 2015?

When nat'l ave is 60%, wooden block got 47% constituents vited against it?

Why constituents in malign blurade dislike wooden block "so much" to cause almost half to vite against it in 2011?

Even in 2015 funeral erection, 35% vited agaunst wooden block qhen eveb kee chiu got only slightly more thab 20% vited agaijst him?

How (un)popular are wooden block and his greedy 2g cohort like jayabalan, kotek fried chicken, tlj (aka tcb) ..... etc etc?

How can the 47% who vited agaunst it in 2011 be "collectively blund" ?

Theee must be reasons ...?

Wooden block popn policy sucks bug time & failed miserably with tfr dropping from 1.8+ in 1990 to 1.20+ in 2004?

Wooden block "foreign talents" policy also failed miserably starting with the "Goal 2010" fiasco?

More to come given 2012 prc drivers strike and 2013 ah neh riots?

Even police patrol cars also overturned and burnt, next time what?

Wooden block "foreign talents" policy passed or failed with more "ugliness" (likely) to cum?

Yew tell me lah?

Merely short term "drugged induced glory" (done with "puff up steriod"?) to "con" ah gong songkies?

Anonymous said...

Dun say tlj (aka tcb) is not greedy when he held arguably hundreds of directorship during his 30+ years "service" for songkies?

Anonymous said...

Lao hero, with more than 15,000 ah neh crack troops and land, air, artillery coordination occupying key vantage view in TEEBAT, yewr beloved cinaland looks like gg to be shredded to pieces in the west by ah nehland and in the east by nippunland and in the s east by marikanuland powderful dual fleets ...?

Anonymous said...

India needs a second lesson to know its place. this is a repeat of what happened in 1962. All chest thumping until China whacked and fled with tails between the legs.