Moon Jae In’s dangerous overtures to North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae In has made good his election pledge to reduce tension with North Korea by proposing direct talks between the top military officers of the two states. Some reports have come out saying that this is a dangerous policy to deal with the North. How dangerous could it be? To the western narrative and thinking, the North Koreans are mad people and cannot be trusted. So talking to them about peace is a dangerous thing to do.

I have a different take on this. The first South Korean President Park Chung Hee that initiated talking with the North to reunite the two states was assassinated. By who? Definitely not by the North Koreans or by pro unification South Koreans. This is how dangerous it is to talk with the North and to think of reunification. Moon Jae In got to walk gingerly along this path and be wary of reunification talks if he wants to avoid being assassinated. It is a treacherous path.

The other dangerous things that could happen while Moon Jae In is proceeding with talks with the North is that there could be more false flag incidents to depict the North Koreans as untrustworthy, dangerous and mad. Such false flag incidents could the sinking of South Korean ships or attacks on South Korean installations, acts that are obviously ‘committed’ by the North without much thinking.

The South Koreans must be very careful and alert to the risks and dangers along the way for peaceful talks and in the longer term a reunification of the two states. When reunification takes place like in Germany and in Vietnam, there is no reason for the deployment of Thaad missiles in Korean soil, there will be no reason for American bases in Korea and the South Korean armed forces would not be controlled by the Americans as their supreme commander. The stakes are too high.

A peaceful Korean peninsula, a reunification of the two Koreans, must not take place and any South Korean president taking this road is flirting with his own safety and possible assassination. It is a dangerous policy to pursue.


Anonymous said...

The CIA agents and covert operatives deliberately deployed in South Korea are the dangerous ones. The can be activated at any time to caary out the murderous act of assassination to ensure that there will be no reunification of the two Koreas which were diligently and deliberately separated by the Western Powers at the UN, lead and coerced by the Evil USA, the SATAN incarnate.

Anonymous said...

If one watch a fact finding episode from local TV8 some sort of title: divider, one will realize that not all North Koreans want to stay at the South. This woman was scammed to sign papers at Beijing to seek medical treatment at the South. She ended up given with South passport and she tries all the ways and means to go back to the North, she was blocked.
Lately there was a South actress ran to the North and became voice against the South.

There is no true story about how bad life in the North. CNA has reported the restricted version of the North. It was reasonable from the TV that the North people live similar like Hong Kies or Singaporeans or Beijing people.

The US is worried about Moon s talk to the North. US wants to put its military bases in the South. Moon s father was from the North. He should not want to receive the artillery bombs at Seoul. Seoul is within range. No need Nukes.

If North South united similar to Germany, the first country to worry is China, the next is US which must get out. "get out" is Kim family s long term aim. Surely US will not like it as Japan will be too frighten of an united Korea.

Anonymous said...

China is friend to both North and South Korea and only interested in economic development and better life for its people and the Koreans. China would not interfere with their domestic politics and unlike the Americans, had withdrawn their troops since the end of the Korean War.

A united Korea is neutral to China and China has more to gain than to lose with the expulsion of the Americans from the Korean peninsula. The country that feared most would be Japan. A united Korea would be a headache for Japan. While to the Americans, they lost a foothold in Asia and a shrinkage of the Empire at most and cannot threaten China at close range. No bid deal.

China would build strong economic links with the united Korea like it is building in Central and Southern Asia, India excluded.

b said...

No one out there trust usa anymore, not even europe. The best candidate will be china. The three world theory based on mao will mean china, russia and usa are super states and the rest are just minion states, some more important than others.

Anonymous said...

Was the outcome in Vietnam dangerous to the US? In what way?

The only reason is the elimination of the US base in Saigon which is important to counter the influence of Russia at that time. Their propaganda of communist takeover of South East Asia, hyped up during the conflict, was hardly the reason for their involvement in Vietnam.

The Korean Peninsula is another similar situation whereby any unification would mean the end of US presence in South Korea. South Korea is unlike Japan, a double headed snake sleeping with the enemy that used them for testing the first atomic bombs.

What is Japan afraid of? Japan had big ambitions during WW2 to colonise Asia, killing millions in China and the rest of Asia. That blood debt has still not been settled particularly with China and South Korea They think that China is out to do the same without US presence in East Asia.

b said...

Japan and Germany are the evil twin. Together, their imperialism, marxism, nazism ideologies have killed more than all others added together. They must be broken up.