China, making sense of massive projects

Ghost towns, endless highways, super high speed trains traversing the whole of Asia and Europe, hanging bridges straddling across mountains, pipelines crisscrossing countries, you name it, China has done it. Many blur westerners are pouring scorns over what the Chinese are doing. They don’t make sense, money wasting projects at huge cost that have little or no value. China is in big and deep financial trouble due to debt from these projects. Economy will collapse or collapsing, from double digit growth to 6.6% growth. What’s new?

Launching the Belt and Road Initiative cost China hundreds of billions and still promising to pour more money into the projects. China is also building massive infrastructures in countries all over Asia, Africa and SE Asia, with its own money. What western fools are complaining about? These are genuine money, printed papers unlike the greenbacks. If China is about to collapse, where is China to find so much money to give away? AIIB, China contributed hundreds of billions, the biggest contributor. China got no money?

This article is not about how much money China has or how much more they in the reserves. It is about the thinking and policies behind the huge infrastructure projects. Do they make sense? Or are the Chinese foolish as the western pundits alleged, throwing good money away?

Think about it, which country is going to give China massive infrastructure projects if China cannot prove that it has the capability, the knowhow and technology, the experienced engineers and technicians to do the job? And where did all these capabilities, knowhow, technologies and experienced engineers and workforce going to get their experience and skills if they have no projects to work on to add them into their testimonials? Get the picture?

China has a very short history of industrialization and infrastructure building and in many things like building factories, towns, ports etc etc. They must develop these capabilities and skilled and experienced workforce quickly. And only in China can they be given the chance to do so when they did not have any experience to do them. No country will give China a chance to gain these technologies and to train its people. They are learning and testing new technologies in China, to master and perfect them for export. Now the picture is clearer. China is spending a lot of money to build and acquire experience and capabilities, and armed with these achievements and track records, they are going to the world to build the world with their own technology, knowhow and with their skilled and experienced workforce. They have all the records to show what they have done and the people to do it.

This is something that China has done right and everything wrong in Singapore. Singapore is buying skills, buying experience and neglecting to develop its own skills and workforce. Singapore has nothing except some money and when money runs out, there is nothing left for Singapore to offer to the world. No skills, no knowhow, no technology and no experienced workforce except foreigners that come and go. When Singapore was building its MRT with foreign expertise, China was still an agriculture country running on Second World War trains. Today, China is building the fastest train system around the world. Singapore cannot even run its train system without a day free of stoppages, unable to even produce a train cabin.

Compare what China is doing, to develop intrinsic and organic skills and technology using its very own people while Singapore is using, hiring and buying foreigners to replace Singaporeans. How long can Singapore go on destroying its own skill and technology base? Where is China heading and where is Singapore heading?

The Chinese are not stupid and that is why they are now the Number Two super power in everything in such a short span of time and going to be Number One in everything soon. Singapore is heading from the First World to Third World with a snap of the finger. Singapore is bidding for the right to build the HSR from KL, with foreign expertise again, like when it started some 40 years ago when it built the present train system. Where are the skilled engineers and technicians and the industrial base to build them? In China of course.

Are we teaching China? China learning from Singapore? Who is teaching who and learning from who?


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. You hit it on the nail. The same can be applied in tech and banking sectors. There is now a serious vaccum. And the government still stupidly want to cap Uni intake at 20/30%? They are turning singaoireans into serfs.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Singapore economy is like instant trees. They grow fast and gives shades but unfortunately they have no deep roots and will crash when a big storm come passing by.

patriot said...


One tree fell on a Mercedes right infront of my block.
There was hardly much wind and only a drizzle to wet the top of the earth. Luckily, the occupants of the Car were not hurt. The was not badly damaged, however the Occupants must have suffered frightening shocks.

l will post the Picture of the Roots of the lnstant Tree at Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 930am is correct..... Instant trees!

But no need for big storm. Just strong wind already cannot tahan lah!

This is Singapore!

patriot said...

The CAR was not badly damaged....

The Word Car missing in my above post.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

The falling big trees are like foreigners here. When the collapsed, they will drag down Singapore with them. They will sink Singapore.

The falling trees are bad omens of what is coming to hit Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I am not superstitious.
if lighting strikes
at the Merlion again,
l shall agree that the
Omen is beyond doubt.

patriot said...

l see China under President Xi, is indeed all out to create a better World.

President Xi obviously has to care for his Citizens and he knows that for his Country and Citizens to be prosperous and happy, it has to premise that on prosperous and happy neighbours and the World at large to live in peace.

President is the Greatest Leader in history in my opinion.
The Mamoth Task that he sets himself to achieve, is hitherto unheard of.

lt is ONLY COMMONSENSE that to live in peace and bliss, neighbours and everyone else must have well-being as good as one/ownself.

President Xi Jinping is a great man.


patriot said...

My apology

Spelling correction to mamoth to
President XI to be added in the Third Paragraph.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, what can China learn from this pee-sai?

Absolutely nothing!


The Dragon Fly said...

If only 1% of China's 1.4 billion people smart, there are 14,000,000 smart people in China as compared to Singapore's total population of 6,000,000, 70% of whom are daft, dumb or brain-dead. How can Singapore teach China to suck eggs?

Deng came to Singapore as a mere gesture to show his own people back home that he is a open-minded and progressive leader, willing to learn new ways and new approach, in order to get mass support for his drastic reforms towards economic progress and supremacy. It was a political strategy. Not a lack of intelligence and wisdom. He really got to learn from LKY? That is preposterous and overly condescending to even make a suggestion of such. He made use of LKY and Singapore as a stooge for his implementation of his economic-cum-political reforms. Period.

If Singapore leaders, especially LKY and GCT, were that good, this would not have happend:

From Yahoo News Singapore - 6 July 2017:

Two days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong presented his speeches in Parliament about the 38 Oxley Road dispute, his siblings Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang posted a joint statement on Thursday (6 July) saying that they will cease posting evidence of their brother's alleged abuse of power online.

On Thursday morning, the siblings posted two documents online, a seven page public statement on their father Lee Kuan Yew's will, the Parliament session and the Ministerial Committee, and a 10-page summary of all the evidence they had been posting on social media since 14 June.

They added that they would manage the disagreement "in private", saying that a previous attempt at reconciliation was “rebuffed”. They wrote, "We privately offered a ceasefire shortly after our statement of 14 June 2017. Our attempts at reconciliation were rebuffed. We therefore welcome Hsien Loong’s stated desire on 4 July 2017 to manage his disagreement with us in private."

In the concluding paragraphs of the statement, they said, "We are not politicians, and do not wish to see Singapore embroiled in a never-ending public argument. For now, we will cease presenting further evidence on social media, provided that we and our father's wish are not attacked or misrepresented. Ultimately, it is up to the government, and the people of Singapore, to decide whether and how to hold Lee Hsien Loong to account."

The siblings added that they had "much evidence" they had yet to show, saying, "Some of this evidence is too complex to be well-suited to social media. We reserve this to show to a truly open and independent investigation, if there ever is one."

They also thanked Singaporeans who had reached out to them in support.

QED. i rest my case.

b said...

After years of bullying by foreigners, china have learnt they have to be strong so no one can bully them anymore. Many chinese died in hands of foreigners for all kinds of stupid reasons and none was addressed. Jap still running around freely as if they did nothing wrong. The days will come when tears will turn into triumph.

b said...

Unfortunately, the sinkies elites never learnt. Continue to bring down the population with them.

Anonymous said...

There are many Sinkie Chinese that are anti China, anti Chinese. Same as Hongkies.