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This is what a Malaysian said of corruption in high places in Malaysia. Where got problem? It is ok if the corruption did not lead to high cost of living. Who is going to complain when seeing a govt doctor cost RM1. Who is going to complain when the delivery of a child in govt hospital cost RM1?

Then there is public housing where a 2 bedroom apartment cost RM50,000. Complain for what? This is good govt, a govt that looks after the welfare of the people. What corruption? Who cares?

Najib just announced a RM1.42b package for Felda. How is this to be spread among the people? This is what AGENCIES reported, ‘Cash incentives of RM475 million, or RM5,000 to each settler. Forgiving RM128 million in debt for settlers who took out Felda Global Ventures equity loans. Debt forgiveness of RM519 million, or up to RM5,000 for each settler that had taken part in Felda’s scheme to replant unproductive oil palms, and A special fund of RM300 million to be set up for 2017 to 2021, to help with replanting operational debts of RM40,000 or more.

And everyone knows that this is pre election budget. The Malaysian govt is buying votes and the people are not worry as the govt would not be coming up with high taxes to take back everything they gave during the election. Why not? If the govt is giving money to the people, this is the kind of govt that the people will vote for. Why vote for a govt that promises everything under the sky but what comes after the election are tax hikes in everything. Malaysians are smart, unlike the daft Singaporeans, got conned and conned after every GE and still never learn.

The Malaysians love their govt, a govt that takes care of them and their welfare. It is ok if they take care of themselves, pocket a bit more, but give the people more also.
Which govt do you think is good for the people? Which govt is not corrupt? What is important is whether they are making life better for the people or not.

What do you think?

PS. Anyone can help verify the numbers?


Anonymous said...

I think Malaysian govt better than S'pore PAP govt, because the Malaysian govt take good care of its own people; and also help the Malaysian people to bring food home for their families.

Whereas S'pore govt let in 2 million foreign workers into the tiny island state, and the Singaporean workers cannot find jobs and cannot bring home food to their families, and their standard of living plummeted.

Anonymous said...

Earn less but ok!

Can buy house. Cheap!

Can buy car. Cheap!

Everything there is cheap cheap cheap!

What to complain? What to kpkb?

Who cares what the leaders do!

Everything is really cheap cheap cheap!

Put us to shame shame shame!

Malaysia Boleh! Boleh! Boleh!

Anonymous said...

There are two ways to take all over the world, no difference. It's either legal via legislation or illegal via under table. So no diff. The diff is whether as citizen, how much u benefit under the two diff systems.

virgo49 said...

Blue I/c Malaysian citizens pay about RM 10.00 plus for medical services. Consultation plus medications.

Singapore citizens with pink I/c paid 100 plus,some 300 to 400 plus for the same. If skip payment, within one day, you will receive red notice. Later when you visit, at the counter the receptionist will sing loud loud that you still owe monies.

If no visit, due to money not enough or scared to see them. No worry, they will send Leegalised loan sharks to haunt you.

Only those at IMH and seow or brave enough no need to pay. For they will go seow if you become more seow and they cannot force you to suicide.

Many sceptics or critics will tell you. OUR doctors different from Matland lah. Ours first class. Yes, first class to slaughter you.

If your time is up, no first class doctors can save you.

Don't believe ask LKY. Later you ask Lau Goh.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia EPF gives its members more than 6% every year for the past nearly 40 years, whereas S'pore CPF gave its members a measly 2.5% yearly interest over the last 15 years, such that CPF members have inadequate savings in their CPF a/c for retirement. Also Malaysian EPF don't hold back the money till age 65 and force its members to buy annuity insurance, unlike Singapore government. So definitely Malaysian government is much better than Singapore government !

Anonymous said...

We everything also hightech to increase productivity but......VERY HIGH COST!

Then why want to hightech?

Lowtech isn't it better! LOW COST!


Anonymous said...

Lowtech isn't it better! LOW COST!
July 26, 2017 9:37 am

If low tech, then no more government tender.
No more government tender, then how to make more money?

Do you think High tech is very good for making more money?
Every year got more tenders for technical upgrades and patches.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

RB. That is an interesting way to compare. For short term, I would prefer Malaysian style of giving goodies (not taking back after giving like in SG). However, there is a cost to future generations. Money would be used up by then. Fortunate for Malaysia, there is still oil and gas to sustain.

On the other hand we have a clean system but that does not translate pure goodness to us Singaporeans. We are finding jobs harder to come by because government is feeding companies with cheap labor from nearby countries. Singaporeans are deemed too expensive for companies with higher salary and many days off for NS. Singaporeans are good only to defend the country while they enjoy their good life. Even you get a job, the threat to retrenchment at mid 40s become very real. Cost of living is getting higher and taxes are up each time they have a Budget announcement. We are so afraid of receiving goodies from government because we know it would be taken back in no time and worse still we have to pay more at the end.

So to choose, think I still prefer the Malaysian style. At least the government is not trying to prove that they are super clean. Taking some here and there is part of the system. After all, they are paid pittance, not like ministers in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who claims SG govt is clean & corruption-free is either ignorant or already enjoying the hidden benefits of the SG system.

Anybody who has worked in SG govt at a high enough level will know the many types of legalized corruption, unspoken benefits, crony capitalism. He or she most likely will also have enjoyed many of these benefits too.

Very similar to kickbacks, gifts, under-table privileges common in private sector as well.

It's only the low-level civil servants that don't have access to privileges & benefits. They are the "clean" govt.

Anonymous said...

Brought in more than 2m FTs and GDP stagnant at 2%. Hahahhahahahahha.
And cost of living going thru the roof.

Anonymous said...

1 PR working here kept saying both his sons were born at JB. NO NS. No delay in studying universities. No wander one FT minister told sinkies not to study degree. Ordinary sinkies should finish their NS and look for jobs as "interns". Be cleaner intern or security guard intern: start with half pay.
Tharman said sinkieland hire 47% foreigners in work place.

Naturally, the foreigners work force will grow to 70% or 80%.
Foreigners managers hire foreigner managers. Foreigners create jobs for foreigners. The growth is certain.

Even lucky sinkie found jobs, the salary will stay at same level. Foreigner come in with lower and lower salary. Hire more foreigners to lower the salary level. When NS cleaner interns have babies, one birth will cost $10 to $15k. Milk powder $60 to $100 per can. Diapers $100. Wife cannot work. Pay cannot rise. Flat installment goes up with interest. NS men intern wanna be cleaner or guards?

NS men cannot be cleaner because the salary cannot sustain the cost of living. But Malaysians working in sinkie and living in JB can be cleaners. Politicians in sinkies want sinkies workers to learn from Malaysians to ask for less, work more cheaply in salary while they charge expensive civil service and tax upon ordinary sinkies.

1RM per visit is far better than $132 per visit in sgh. When they pass 60 year old and find CPF kosong/emptied.

This guy in Malaysia at 92, is still active without "tongkat". Isnt both side hospitals are about the same? The salaries for civil servants are different. They do not hire fake degree in civil service. Sinkiesland had JB sec4 got paid $12k+ as manager.
Sinkies' chance to get fake services will result in repeating experiencing failures. Mrt keep breaking down. Weekly without breakdown is rare. Naturally, sinkies voters will pay more: inflation.
47% foreigners, may have high % "fakely" qualified. In future 80% foreigners in work force, the small sinkieland will be on danger ground.

High % of hired unfit for the jobs will result charges expensive to pay: lots of repeat work. Mrt waiting time is wastage but taken as normal. More: xchange not working, atm not working, scammers a plenty, taxi driver kena violence, etc these are indicating social illness for excessive foreigners.

Lose control already. Waiting for the chaos. Pay more is certain.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, since corruption is inevitable, we take it as like paying protection money to gangsters. As long as we are offered protection, then we pay. No choice. The Malaysian govt take, but also give to its citizens.

But if we pay, but still not protected, then . . . . KNN!

Unknown said...

Si peh ho...we should all migrate north to be 2nd-class citizens.

Anonymous said...

Si peh ho...we should all migrate north to be 2nd-class citizens.
July 26, 2017 11:12 am

You talk like you are a 1st class citizen here in Singapore.
Typical daft Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Is this the typical PAP value added logic?

30% first world Singaporean workforce + 70% 3rd world workforce = 100% first world workforce

30% first world Singaporean productivity + 70% 3rd world productivity = 100% first world productivity.

Magic right?
It's the same way when a Temasek linked company does a corporate reorganization.
The magic is done with a powerpoint software.
But at the working level, nobody knows who is supposed to do what anymore.

These PAP scholars still think their parents will clean up their mess for them.
They don't believe in cleaning up their own mess (eg MRT).

Is the above true?
I don't know.
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

@ July 26, 2017 11:35 am

"These PAP scholars still think their parents will clean up their mess for them."

Whose mess has LKY been cleaning up over these last 20 years?

Anonymous said...


When i read your comments. I felt the double standard perception on sinkieland and other countries is already "burned in".

Najib was cleared by internal system. Not sued.
Sinkieland has similar system. 1 vivid example: at 1 grc, auditor found someones who were directors of contractors, got awarded with contracts. These someones signed cheques from public funds account and the other someones approved. There was cash paid out more than 130k with no receipts. After internal investigation, there was no impropriety. Cleared off.

So the "internal investigation" was reliable in both lands.

U must take it that way. There are open investigations elsewhere for Najib s case. The results proved otherwise.
U still think sinkieland s system is perfect.
I salute your judgement.

Anonymous said...

@ July 26, 2017 11:45 am

I Najib also use ownself check ownself system of investigation.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysians love their govt, a govt that takes care of them and their welfare.

RB, u sure or not?

If that is the case, then why so many Matlanders want to cross the causeway everyday to work in Singapore?

And why so many ex Matlanders are now PRs and citizens of Singapore?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...


Corruption of greed for money, hunger for sex, title, status, fame, integrity and dignity are small change when compared with GREED AND HUNGER FOR MMORE POWER.


Anonymous said...

Actually I like to live in a kampong with fresh air and lots of spaces and greenery but I don't like kampong toilets and the smell of chicken shit.

I hate to live in a HDB pigeonhole but I like HDB toilets.

So after weighing the pros and cons, in the end I still prefer to live in a HDB pigeon hole under PAP rule.

Virgo49 said...

wah piang, SL and LTK too much talk in Parliament that the PAPis is so uncomfortable. Make funny faces and turn here turn there.

Now tua Teow. AHTC served notices on them.

wah piang, last time same auditors for many many years DONT serve notice on NKF Durai.

Got LauGoh's wifey protection.

Now boh piang chance, straight away served Court Notice.

Sure chiak lat

Anonymous said...

Any wonder mee this morning said new nickname is:

No lo(oooooo)nger Songkieland .....?

Is the suggested new nuckname: "SueTillPants(BrasUnderwearsBlouses)DropLand ... gud?

Extremely Daft Sinkie said...

Using the Laws, the Courts, the Parliament, the Elections Department, the ISD, the CPIB, the Police, the ICA, the Military, the HDB, the Town Councils, the NTUC, the Manpower, the Environment Authority, the Parks and Trees Authority, the Health Authority, the Inland Revenue Authority, the People's Association, the MAS, the PMO and Others to the fullest ADVANTAGE OF THE PAP. Is this not corruption? I am very daft and naive. Can anyone enlighten me please?

Anonymous said...

Ownself-check-ownself and ownself-clear-ownself are common tools used by politicians.

When the politicians are in power, of course they can do what they want!

But when the politicians are no more in power, they will ownself-screw-ownself and owner-xxxx-ownself!

All the wrong doings will surfaced!

纸是包不住火! 纸是包不住火!

The politicians may have to "run-road"!


Anonymous said...


This is a proper step. These people had their reason to set pricing for AHTC. Let them present documents to the courts.

The same was not so clear now. 1 GRC GM set out of normal pricing on broucher. 1 resident complained to Auditor gen office. Now people already forgotten.

Residents pay more for no reasons. Things get too expensive because of TC internal problems. 1 TC lost multiple millions dollars on mini bonds. Who pay for the cost?

Eventually residents or voters paid for higher costs.

Good to open up in courts because voters are paying the cost, even it it fair, how much is the proper charges. AHTC charges can be used as a standard after the court judgement. If no need to pay, the all GRC should get free cost also.

Good news to open up the TC pricing problems. The TC charges keep going up. Lifts upgrade charges higher. No upgrade also goes higher. Voters can learn about the pricing and vote for the correct candidates.

Anonymous said...

Hi 11.12am, you are correct!

You can always get an unit in Forest City Dev!

I think you can get a BIG discount now!

Not a bad proposal.


Anonymous said...

Virgin69 12.37pm //Now tua Teow. //

Uncle Virgin69,

U mean to say "tua kee"?

Suey teow or suey kee or tua kee any diff if someboLEE see own shadow oso jump (& scream & becum hysterical)?

Will it be surpriseing if manyboLEEs even (go to the extent to give order to) serve "notices" on "their own shadows" ...?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.28 DONT know the meaning best of both world.

PRs in Sinkieland for the dough and return to Matland for blissful retirement.

Now how many Malaysians wants SINKIE land ICs? ??

Anon 12.36 must be living too long in pigeon hole that now thinks like pigeon.

Matland had bungalows and terraces houses or apartments overlooking Kampongs where corns and rambutans and mangoes flourish.

Three room apartment with two halls and three rooms plus two modern no foul smelling toilets and a balcony to enjoy fresh air and morning Sun only at 20K Sin. Unless you kept smelly toilets with no washing.

Mangoes overhanging the fences of bungalows and terrace Houses dropping over the fences can be picked and Makan by you.

Enjoy your HDB toilet with sewage water dripping on your head after twenty off years.

Welcome to Kampong Bachang or Lapan at Melaka where you can still have RM5 lunch last till dinner time.

Anonymous said...


next time not bad lah

work place in Jurong earning Singapore salary with cheap landed home in JB

with fast speed rails and mrt extension, it may be faster than the living in Singapore

forest city may be worth considering........correct?

patriot said...

Have been seeing many young males and females riding bicycles ti deliver Uber Eat.
At the Same Time, many Malaysian Registered Motorcyclists are also doing cooked food hone deliveries.
Singapore 'wu cheng hu'/got Government. Why are aliens allow to do the jobs which our youngs are doing to supplement themselves.



patriot said...

Have been seeing many young males and females riding bicycles ti deliver Uber Eat.
At the Same Time, many Malaysian Registered Motorcyclists are also doing cooked food hone deliveries.
Singapore 'wu cheng hu'/got Government. Why are aliens allow to do the jobs which our youngs are doing to supplement themselves.



Anonymous said...

Sinkies are basically fxxked in many ways by the Self-Enriching Government who openly told the that Welfare is a Dirty Word. Yet they continue to vote for more fxxking in every General Election. I think Sinkies are addicted to being fxxked in the from the back. No wonder Pink Dot has 20 times more turn-outs than the protests in HLP.

Anonymous said...

Just knew of a Filipino couple who have decided to surrender their PR status in Singapore and return home. By selling their HDB house plus withdrawing ALL CPF monies, they actually have millions. What a comfortable life awaiting them in Philippine. Landed houses, no worry retirement expenses, maids to serve and lot's of money for good & cheap local food.

Such story cannot happen to Singaporeans. After retirement, you will still stuck in the pigeon holes. Money in CPF is there for you to see but cannot touch until 65. Thereafter, just enough for you to survive without a job. Eat hawker food only.

Anonymous said...

hi 251pm.......

lucky never co$$ect carton boxes

lucky still got $$$$ to eat hawker foods, not too bad, our hawker foods OK wah

anyway no choice,......70% ok-ED!

what can you do.....only lan-lan

Anonymous said...

patriot 2:20 pm

Companies can do anything they like as long as don't get caught.

And companies know it is difficult for the govt (where got manpower to do these minor things?) to catch them.

Anonymous said...

Who want to be PR? After 2012, if they come in, they will lose money buying used hdb flat. True that their cpf can take back 100% when leaving. Must came before 2007. Price difference can make some. Remember they borrow money to buy. Paying back the principal sum and interest, can take millions dollar home? Not true.

Anonymous said...

Govt sure got manpower to do big things.

One example of big thing is to take WP MPs and town councillors to court to recover improper payments (in the millions) made by AHTC.

Big thing or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...


Will the pants drop this time?

Anonymous said...

Annon 4:19. This couple had been here for donkey years. Husband is an Architect and wife woke for a MMC. Both did not convert to Citizenship. Example of one system two distinct world in Singapore. PRs benefited so much more the Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Will the pants drop this time?
4:31 pm

That depends on their net worth lah. Remember $600K can be peanuts to some people, u know.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, don't you think its sad that our young generation got to do these menial jobs that we oldies done previously just to earn a living.??

It's not that they are shameful jobs but many are well illiterate and should be in offices rather than doing these deliveries.

I had in my void decks with my dog and these young men and ladies spoke to me articulatly and I reckoned that they should be in office attire.

Our forefathers who has worked so hard to make sure that the young generation had a better life than them will be stirring in their gravesa ndn urns if they knew that the present crop of Papies traitors were depriving our young from their respectflu jobs.

Hope they will haunt and bring bad karma on them.

Virgo49 said...

Should be literate or educated enough.

Also should be rightfully theirs.

Sorry for the fast errors

Anonymous said...

@ "Will the pants drop this time?"
at 4:31 pm

The most panties drop lah. Don't need to take down pants or skir

patriot said...

Dear Elder Virgo 49;

like You to know that we may have done the Younger Generation much harm, for me am aware of many in our generation and most of the Pioneer Generation were and are die hard PAP Supporters.
Some of the Youths are also doing much disservice to their fellow peers either due to selfishness and or ignorance. The Volunteers at Meet the People Sessions are usually youngish and the Grasslooters are usually middle age and old aunties.

As You have admitted, You were a PAP Supporter before and there are many like You who are now regretting. Most senior citizens do, but much of the Pioneer Generation are too used to the Pappies, they are stuck with the Greedy 'jiak liao bees'. These PG Folks will only disappear after another one or two General Elections, by then they shall be replaced by Pro

Woes betide the Sinkies that are stuck in Sin with little or no alternative.

lt hurts to see the Situation deteriorating fast. As it is, it's already quite a mess.
Things have indeed gone awry in Sin now.


Anonymous said...

'but much of the Pioneer Generation are too used to the Pappies, they are stuck with the Greedy 'jiak liao bees' unquote

Honestly, I beg to belief in the statement that the Poineer Generation are die hard PAP supporters and that they are stuck with the Pappies. Contrary to that, the reality is that most of those who I know, met, talk to in that generation, who were at one time PAP supporters and who gave PAP the stepping stone to power over 50 years ago, are now mostly anti-pappies, including me. I am talking about the elderly male voters. That statement may be true of the elderly female voters.

Sit in a coffeeshop or at the old folks corner of any void deck and hear what they say and you will know they dislike the PAP because they felt sold out. Of course they said so with deep regret and who does not if he felt betrayed. The present PAP is not the same PAP that first came to power five decades ago.

The PG folks will disappear after sometime, so my belief is this is one contributing factor to the PAP gaining voters going down the road. Some younger voters and new citizens will add further support to the PAP.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 26, 2017 5:37 pm
//@ "Will the pants drop this time?"
at 4:31 pm

The most panties drop lah. Don't need to take down pants or skir//

If skir dropped, only left underwear &/ or sanitary pad le?

Virgo49 said...

well said Bro anon. 6.47

As Mr Chua said the PG generation supported the PAP in the past because at that time, we acknowledged that they are genuinely working for the masses.

So, CANNOT be claimed be accomplishes of the murder of the now Singapore.

Only those still die hard stubborn unthinking ones that should be the ones who will drive sinking land into demise.

For that matter, now even the so called more educated young ones.

Think they are there also for the Wealth. Gold mountain to dig.

Anonymous said...

//Gold mountain to dig. //

How yew know is NOT ownselves dig own graves?

Anonymous said...

//The PG folks will disappear after sometime, //

Recently, quite a few did .....

So many around the hounding esate until almost like every blog got one funeral downstairs ...

Ghost month havent (officially) come but advance party hooking many spirits to meet the king (of hade) le?

Anonymous said...

// .....by then they shall be replaced by Pro

From the ground, past 2 years heard many cina new citizens "cursed" at the "piglooters" ...

With the discord between cina & peesai likely in the lo(oooooo)ng haul, is it a foregone conclusion new citizens, esp from manland sarpport "piglooters"?

Anonymous said...

When the boat reached the pier, it will naturally straighten itself.

Don't need to worry unnecessarily.

PAP is still very strong. As long as LHL continues to lead the country, there won't be any significant change.

But when LHL expires, there will be serious struggle for power among the elites - the military vs the non-military.

Whoever takes over the reins will not last long. There will be instability in all areas - political, economic, social, cultural, racial, religious and foreign relations.

The general populace will face severe hardship never experienced before. Because the SIN$ will drop steadily and fast to as much as 70% of present value. HDB, commercial and industrial properties prices drop to half of original value.

Prices of food and essential items would rice to unreasonable and shocking levels.

Foreign Debt and Balance of Payment become unsustainable.

National Reserve is depleted by GIC and Temasek.

CPF is not able to return money to those who reached withdrawal age. CPF interest rate reduced from 2.5% to 0.25%. Those who foolishly left their savings with CPF Board to get higher interest rate, despite being allowed to withdraw lump sum, got their money stuck and vaporized. They cry without tears. Curse and condemn the heartless, ruthless, cunning liars responsible for the various scheming con-jobs.

To continue ....

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean, don't forget Malaysia's BR1M. It's even more money to take care of normal citizens.

The Dragon Fly said...

The following letter is lifted from the comment section of TRE - Part 1/2

Dear Fellow Singaporeans

Come September 2017 we may be going to the polls to elect our 8th President reserved for the Malay race only. Notwithstanding the constitutionaI amendments passed in Parliament I am not convinced of the wisdom and logic of changing our Presidential system to ensure that a member of the minority must always have a chance to become President via rotation.

As a Singaporean who lived through the time of our first President or the Yang di- Pertuan Negara appointed in 1959 in self governing Singapore to the 7th President elected in 2011 race was never an issue in my mind and in the minds of countless Singaporeans.

He can be Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian elected or appointed it did not make any difference. What matters most is the President must serve the people. If he is honest sincere and capable he will be able to unify all Singaporeans regardless of race language class and religion.

As a 72 year old Singaporean it is my privilege to grow up colour blind even through the worst racial riots in 1951 1964 and 1965. I was a child of 6 when I first witnessed the horrors of the Maria Hertog riot from a cubicle window in Jalan Besar. Then came the 2nd and 3rd racial riot in 1964/65 when we were part of Malaysia. We were at the Cathay Cinema when racial riots broke out and we were told to go home.

But none of these riots change our generation’s perception that in multiracial Singapore race should not matter and should never be allowed to matter certainly not in the choice of a President whether he is black white brown or yellow.

It never occur to me that a Malay should not be the head of state in Chinese majority self governing Singapore in 1959. Neither did I have any reservation to a Eurasian President Dr. Benjamin Sheares a distinguished gynaecologist who served us well from 1971 to 1981.

Then came our third President Mr. Devan Nair an Indian MP who came from the ranks of the PAP. He unfortunately had to leave office after 4.5 years as a result of personal health problem.

Next came President Wee Kim Wee another appointive President who hailed from the Straits Time Press. He was a “baba” Chinese Singaporean who performed his role so well that he became known as the People’s President.

Another well loved President was Mr. Ong Teng Cheong the first elected President in Singapore history. He was our Deputy Prime Minister before he took office but completed only one term owing to differences in perception of the President’s role as a guardian of our reserve.

After him came the 2 term President S R Nathan a civil servant who was moderately popular with the people attending President’s Charity galas to raise funds for the people. Again race was not an issue even though the previous Indian President did not…

After him came the 2 term President S R Nathan a civil servant who was moderately popular with the people attending President’s Charity galas to raise funds for the people. Again race was not an issue even though the previous Indian President did not fare too well and had to leave office under a cloud.

Now we are nearing the end of the term of Mr Tony Tan an endorsed elected Chinese President who was a former DPM in the PAP government.

So all in all we have had 7 Presidents over 58 years. 1 Malay, 2 Indians, 1 Eurasian and 3 Chinese. Out of the seven 4 were appointed and 3 were elected. As far as the people are concerned it does not matter as long as they are men of integrity and perform the jobs well to serve the people.

Patrick Low
4th April 2017

The Dragon Fly said...

The following letter is lifted from the comment section of TRE - Part 2/2


Without going into the merits and demerits of the government’s rationale for amending the Constitution to allow for a reserved Presidential Election for only members from the Malay race my main objection is that such a change violates the Singapore Constitution and undermines the daily National Pledge recited by all school children every morning that:

“We the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness prosperity and progress for our nation”.

If we have any regards at all to the history of our Presidencies one fact that stands out is the colour blind reality of the ordinary Singaporean. There was never any perceived notion that the Presidency must be rotated by race to ensure fairness to the minority. All the friends acquaintances and strangers I meet on the streets and in the parks in the last one year invariably dismiss race as a factor in their reckoning of what makes a good President.

The issue of the President holding the second key to the national reserve should also not be an issue for he is surrounded by the Council of Presidential Advisors whom he has to take advice from. So whether he is Malay Chinese Indian or others the key that he holds is a collective key held by a panel of advisors nominated by the government.

As for the financial qualifications required of a Presidential candidate it is most unlikely that the government would be able to headhunt for one who would meet all the stringent requirements.

In fact all our past Presidents never had the experience of running a $500 million company. Where then do they get the forte to disagree with the government on opening our national coffers.

However in raising the bars so high the government turns what should be a level playing field into a pole vault pitch ruling out the possibility of sourcing for a few good men who can genuinely understand the plight of the ordinary people and work for their welfare.

The office sadly is in danger of becoming the precinct of the rich and powerful.

In this day and age when governments all over the world are beginning to lose the trust of the people it is incumbent on the PAP leadership not to erode that trust further by imposing a albatross around the people’s neck.

Given the challenge from a former Presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bok that the reckoning of the first elective President does not reside in Mr Wee Kim Wee’s term but rather in Mr. Ong Teng Cheong’s it would be prudent for the government to pause before rushing to implement it’s Reserve Presidency – an area where angels may fear to tread.

It would also be doing itself a huge favour to hold a referendum to ascertain the wishes of Singaporeans whether race is indeed a factor in the choice of our Head of State. Afterall what is the hurry when more haste produces less speed and further undermines the trust of the people in the midst of a economic recession and a very uncertain world.

Patrick Low
4th April 2017 (Unquote)

Anonymous said...

Very sad past few weeks in Singapore:

China - Singapore rift

Oxley Road House quarrel

Controversial Presidential election

CECA India nationals clamoring to enter Singapore

WP kena sued

Very messy! If only LKY is still around, like in the 60s to 80s . . .

Anonymous said...

Better to concentrate on stock market!

Singtel approaching $4.00 and paying 10.7 cents dividend. ex-Div August 1. Yippee !!

virgo49 said...

Shares worse than Casinos.

Dividends just a few cents oer dollar.

One shot you lose all your value if that stock crash.

Socalled smart sinkies also kena conned in ponzi scheme and lost millions.

So much for smart investors and high education.

Better get a 20K Matland apartment to be a Sanctuary to the mad mad topsy world and chaos of the next storm.

The Dragon Fly said...

@ Anonymous of July 27, 2017 12:45 am:

"Better to concentrate on stock market!

Singtel approaching $4.00 and paying 10.7 cents dividend. ex-Div August 1. Yippee !!"


You get 10.7 cents dividend for $4.00. That means 2.5% returns.
You use your CPF money to invest or Cash?

If you used CPF Savings, why not leave it in the CPF to get 4% interest?
Why take a risk to buy the stock and get only 2.5% returns?

If you used Cash, it would be worse, is it not?

You pay cash $4000 for one lot.
In return, you get $100 only.
After the dividends have been paid, the share price drop 10%.
Your $4000 becomes $3600.
You lost $400 for a dividend of $100.
How much you lost? $300!

Isn't it penny wise, pound foolish?

Why not buy a piece of land in Australia,
Or a castle in UK?
Or a bangalow in USA / Canada?
Or a house in Malaysia?
Or buy gold and silver?

Anonymous said...

Why do they say 'Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread'?

In everything, those who win or succeed gets all the accolades and praise, but how many failues out of how many wins or success are the statistics, and do you know how many failures just disappear without a whimper? They have nothing to brag!

Anonymous said...

The nett annualized return is more than 30.0% lah, not 2.5%, depending on the price u buy the Singtel for the dividend. eg $3.80, and the period invested. In this case the funds were invested for just one month! Yippee !

Virgo49 said...

Only Fools invested in shares.

Let the Management paid themselves sky high.

All fringe or even personal benefits plough by them with your monies.

So happy just get a few cents from your dollar so called investments.

When they go bust like the NOBLE, not so noble Group how much so called dividends you have from them goes up in smoke including your principal's amount.

Gave them the monies to splurge and even the Bonds so called safe investments unable to pay.

They deserved tobe losers on their Greeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.28 talks like the PAP town councils. The twist and turns are taken from the PAP template. The merry go round arguments are typical PAP tactics. Now, who can win in an argument with the PAP?