A Malay President

The Constitution was amended for a simple reason of having a minority president, should there be no Malay, or member of another minority group be elected as the President over a 25 year period. The idea and intent were simple and clear to the Malay and other minority groups. You will have a chance when all else failed.

This simple but untenable proposition is increasingly looking like a bad dream coming true. And as the goal posts keep shifting, the issue of a Malay president is looking more like a farce when reality hits the roof. What is a Malay becomes a major issue to address.

With the ridiculous and extreme elitist conditions in place, hardly any Malay would qualify, and those that qualified are either partial Malay or ethnically non Malay in all counts taking the application of Mohamed Salleh Marican and Farid Khan as examples. Even Halimah Yacob is only half Malay at most.

The big question now facing the committee that is given the power to determine what is a Malay is to come up with a formula or definition on Malayness. As this is going to be a very serious matter that affects the Presidency and racial harmony, the last thing that this committee would want to do is to come up with something that is unacceptable to the majority of the Malay community. Suka suka business tak boleh pakai.

Other than being accepted by the Malay community as Malay, practising Malay culture and living like a Malay, the next big factor is the Malayness. How many percent Malayness would be considered as adequate or minimal to be called a Malay? 10%, 30%, 50% or more? Can one that is ethnically not a Malay, ie 0% but fulfilled the rest of the conditions be called a Malay? What about someone with race in the IC or birth certificate clearly stated as non Malay qualifying as a Malay? In the case of Farid Khan, his IC said he is a Pakistani.

There is this other controversy of foreigners taking up citizenship and in their IC it is stated that they are Malay when they are not. Can a person officially stated as Malay in the IC, but did not qualify in the other conditions be refused to be a Malay and thus disqualified?

This can of worms is getting serious with so many worms crawling all over the place. The whole intent and purpose of the constitutional amendment is for racial harmony. In reality it is becoming a very divisive issue facing the Malay community. How many Malays agree to the definition of Malay in the Constitution? The govt must not take the Malay community for granted. By their reticence it does not mean that everything is fine. Would they be seething with anger beneath should a non ethnic Malay be elected as the EP to represent them?

The Pandora box is opened and what would happen to this simple idea and intent turning into a Gordian knot and turning everything topsy turvy? A badly conceived idea, and rushed ahead for implementation, would have highly undesirable and dire consequences to the maker and the country as a whole.

What kind of joke is it if an EP election to elect a Malay President ended up with no Malay President or at most a half Malay President? Oops, this is not a joke but a very serious matter concerning the interest of the Malay community.


Anonymous said...

Muslim country like Malaysia have, over the last 50 odd years, have several Prime Ministers who are not pure Malays. They were individually a mixture of Malay and Thai, Turkish, Bugis, Pakistani blood. And what was the issue over there?

You want to go to the roots, you may never find a handful of pure Malays. Or even a handful of pure Chinese or Indians.

This nonsense of race preference for Presidency has been played in dramatic fashion only in red dot and nowhere else. All for what? To hang on to power?

Anonymous said...

RB. You are spot on. It does not mean that if there is no protest from the Malay Community, all is fine. The simplistic way of defining a race is troubling. How do we measure acceptance by the community? Will having few Malay friends in the neighborhood qualify as being accepted? Sometimes I fear simple definition can lead to more confusion.

Anonymous said...

If the Malay community felt shortchanged, the political cost can be very high. Don't pray pray.

Anonymous said...

'Even HY is only half Malay at most?'

'Even HY is only half Malay at most?'

I didn't know that!

That is something new to me!

I must be sleeping!


Anonymous said...

Who sang that song "Oh! The Joke Was On Me"?

Must be Mee Siam Mai Hum, right?

Anonymous said...

Whether it is full or half Malay or others, it is not an easy task for
the committee to determine the Malay-NESS of the applicants.

What is Malay-NESS?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The most accurate way of determining the REAL from the FAKE (non pedigree) Malay is to have a DNA TEST for each and every potential Malay Presidential Candidate. Only those who matched the DNA of the MAJORITY of Malays in Singapore can be counted.

Anonymous said...

Hi 906am.........

Wah-lan! So siong!

Must DNA some more!

Singapura Boleh!

Anonymous said...

The same Rule of a 25-Year Period without a Malay President should and MUST apply to the Position of the PM, who is much more powerful than the President. This is to uphold the true spirit of Multi-Racialism.

Anonymous said...

What kind of joke is it if an EP election to elect a Malay President ended up with no Malay President or at most a half Malay President?

Hahahahaha. It is only a joke what, so doesn't matter what kind lah.

But let me tell u hor, PAP can afford to joke lah,

because PAP will still win the next election,

even if the Malay only EP election decided by PAP is a joke,

and Halimah by agreeing to contest and 93% sure win,

doesn't mind being made the butt of the joke.

Anyway, if I were Halimah, I would have done the same too. Who wouldn't, u tell me lah?


jjgg said...

Perhaps when all the nomination is in then test it in court.. no it's not to see whether the suit is thrown out but more to add to my collection of silly judgements.. btw..how do we make monkeys of learned judges in Singapore? Take the government to court n find out🤣🤣

jjgg said...
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Anonymous said...

What happen if there is a contest, and 90% of the votes are spoilt votes?

And if the President so elected win with only 5% votes?

Last time we have 35% President and already people say it is a joke, so what about a 5% President? Bigger joke?

Anyway, for everybody's info, I am going to cast a spoilt vote, if I need to vote.


Anonymous said...

What is the President $alary $,$$$,$$$.$$?

I think it must be not bad! Anyone knows?

Hope can be the President!

Anonymous said...

The test if someone is Malay is this simple. The ruler to measure it is: pro pap or not. One leeder has both sons holding foreign passports. No news about them serving NS. So sinkies can assume them still foreign citizens not need to do NS while father is citizen and malay leeder.

To be malay from a non malay perspective is simple: religion must be muslim. There are malay looking but chinese speaking races in taiwan call ou lai zhu. They dress like malay too, but culture is different.

Malay must have the look like malay. In sinkieland, even the culture is non malay, such as adapting western culture, as long as the father is muslim and leeder, they are all malay by ah long s definition.

The important point is: the president must not know about the reserves. OTC asked about it s figure total. Hard luck to him as president. Past president is good example for future one, now, pap is so scared, only want malay president. TCB must not be one.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about a Malay president for Singapore by default. Surely the Malay community of Singapore must feel a little degraded by this. It does suggest that no Malay in this country has the ability to become a president unless the government forces them natural selection process and give the Malays a chance.

Anonymous said...

First there was the old man talking about Dhanabalan, being an Indian, not being in a position to be PM. That was the first time race came into the political arena.

Then they introduced the GRC concept, whereby they again played around with the race issue.

Now they have completed the game with the race card thrown into the Predidential issue.

I thought the issue of race and religion was taboo. Or is it only taboo for others but not for the PAP?

What will they think of next? Maybe the President must be foreign educated as well?

The Dragon Fly said...

99.99% there won't be any real and properly contested Presidential Election!

There will be only ONE can-di-date and whether it is Hari-mau or Hari-ta-mau, it will be a walk-over.

Just like what happened after Late President Ong Teng Cheong stepped down. Prata-man, a subordinated, subservient ex-civil savant, was shamelessly propped up on the pedestal and instituted in the office of rubber-stamping and ribbon-cutting.

It can be easily understood that no dishonorable, unethical, immoral people will do a clean and fair fight in the open. They would rather scheme and maneouvre in the dark in order to make sure they win all the way the easiest way.

That is why people say, "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

Fairness Is Not The Name of the Game said...

The same Rule of a 25-Year Period without a Malay President should and MUST apply to the Position of the PM, who is much more powerful than the President.

This is to uphold the true spirit of Multi-Racialism.

Anonymous said...

Put in a non elected malay president is good for pap to face the death path. The whole team are dying hoping to grab few more millions dollars to coffin, if they can bring the papers along.

The ah long team s creation is to destabilize overall sinkieland. Just watch after the malay president put in place, the economy and the politics will get more confusions: malay want this, indians, the largest community now, want too, to have a place as president. Chinese baba sinkies may be not too keen. But the forces in contest will have enough strength to weaken pap.

WP better be more responsible. If they still work like tortoise, putting 28 candidates signalling no interest to threaten pap, the majority sinkies baba, english speaking all races, will have to turn to other parties to support. Pap support is diminishing, especially, they rely on new citizens support. Putting mp with no NS and overnight converted from foreigner to citizen then mp. Such practice is now hitting the nail. The new citizens cannot find suitable jobs and income to pay the higher costs due to infux of population. They may not support pap.

The economy will go weaker as products produced by migrants are so shallow and non value for money. Mrt breaks down offend due to poor maintenance, accidents, building bridge can collapse in modern days. They talk about 1r1b building projects.

If TCB takes the task, he may stablise the image of lee dynasty. Hard luck to pap.

Anonymous said...

Re: 9.37am

You are not the only one who will cast spoilt votes. The presidential election is a farce and making fools of everybody. It has turn Singapore Pappies into the King of clowns and bafoons.
It seems most people will cast spoilt votes as you gather from market talks.

Anonymous said...

The new citizens cannot find suitable jobs and income to pay the higher costs due to infux of population. They may not support pap.
10:26 am

New citizens already got jobs lah, and is one of the key criteria in order to be a new citizen, u know.

Anyway even if new citizens lose their jobs, and unlike Sinkies, they sure have the capability to go look for jobs elsewhere, or maybe even balek kampong to retire. Just like smart Sinkies who emigrated, they are definitely smart and good in doing this, so the issue of their not supporting PAP does not arise. So not to worry for them and PAP lah.

And with more new citizens and majority Sinkies who still got jobs, and Sinkie opposition not ready to be govt, PAP will continue to win lah. And Hong Lim Park anti Ah Loong and PAP events will continue to have poor turnout. No doubt about that. So again don't worry for PAP and Hsien Loong lah.

I only worry for the jobless, money no enough and pa-see-buay-zhao (beat to death also cannot or don't want to run) Sinkies who got stuck here and LL continue to suffer under PAP.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the two candidates seems unreal. Could they withdraw at the last minute leaving Halimah as the only candidate? Like that no voting required and no public holiday needed.

Anonymous said...

@10.38 am

Please don't say will cast spoilt votes leh!

I think the masses will not do it.

How would the new EP faces the world if the total spoilt votes are 49.9%?


Must give face lah!

Anonymous said...

Could they withdraw at the last minute leaving Halimah as the only candidate?
10:59 am

Looks like that may happen.

Perhaps not even necessary to withdraw but rather disqualified. I foresee 93% chance of their being disqualified and so Halimah, just like the late Nathan, become President through a walkover.

All the best, Halimah. By the way, for security reasons, please upgrade hor, if you are still staying in a 5 rm HDB flat.

Anonymous said...

U are correct. Most new citizens converted from PR are already have jobs.
The problem u do not see is: these companies infested with foreigner PR and foreigner turned citizens do close down.

They will have to look for jobs. Some companies have a few directors as ah neh. Then the ah neh push away the angmor. When the ah neh getting more and more on the board, the business goes down. Customers see such companies can predict: the ah neh directors will hire more middle managers from ah neh home town. The work done suffers in quality.

Any smart sinkie will move away. U know what i meant. U dont want support collapse or electronic devices send out wrong signals to spoil your own business ie damage your own customer s business.

U cannot deny the fact: quality counts. U buy iphone. 95% is made in china. Do u buy ah neh hand phones? No. Ah ned buy china handphones.

Sinkies buy ah neh and pinoys products/parts here. U want to use made in sinkieland? Close down is the path. similar to pap.

virgo49 said...

Anon 10.38. You are absolutely right.

Not only spoilt vote.

Before booth closed at 8.00pm, I will send my most loving vote to Ms Halimah with a loving signature FU on the vote with compliments from Grace Fu.

Hello Madam Harliamu, don't be shy leh?? said somemore thinking and contemplating whether to stand or not.

Heavy Responsibilities meh??

Just ok ok and rubber stamped heavy responsibilities meh??

Ask Nathan whether hard work or not. Forget already meet the Jade Emperor. Maybe he will also appoint him President.

Anonymous said...

Now everyone wants to be a Malay. Never mind what my IC states, I am a Malay.

When the turn for Indian president comes, everyone would want to be Indian. Never mind what my IC states. I am Indian.

Anonymous said...

hello......please don't pai-say

be our president

please don't say you are considering

just say yes

may walkover, just walk straight in

so OK lah you be our next President

all the best all the best


b said...

Better emigrate before it is too late. Otherwise, may have to pay muslims tax.

patriot said...

May l say that if the Whole PAP itself is a Complete Joke , it will still get over 69% in the Next General Election.

The Joker shall have the Last Laugh.


Anonymous said...

May l say that if the Whole PAP itself is a Complete Joke , it will still get over 69% in the Next General Election.
patriot 3:41 pm

If you know Sinkies and the Sinkie opposition well, this is what will happen.

Because at most what Sinkies can do is only to kpkb, and nothing beyond that, even if the Whole PAP itself is a Complete Joke.

Really 无药可救!(no medicine can cure)

Anonymous said...

Can we don't go to the voting booth ?

patriot said...

The Problem does not lie with the Pappies and or PAP.
It is the Daft Sinkies that is the Problem.


Anonymous said...

Right! If the PAP is a joke and still gets 69% of the votes, you know something is wrong with the voters. But you cannot blame them because this is what the daft will do? Screw them hard, tighten the noose around their neck, sodomised them and they still come back asking for more.

31% will have to grin and bear with it. Maybe there are worse scenario to come, so keep on praying.

Anonymous said...

It has been reported that the Attorney General's Chamber is so free that it is now looking into people's PRIVATE POSTINGS in the Facebbok. Seems like there is not much litigation work to do. So perhaps because of that the AGC has turned into a spying agency similar to the CIA of USA?

Green Matter said...

Personally wish to see MHY keeps her promise on completing and serving her MP term. MHY should give herself longer/ sensible time to think/ plan properly for next PE2022 instead.

MHY should give other (ex-MP or non-MP) high calibers of her peers a chance for PE2017. - Hands-On Green Matters

FL said...

In Malaysia, the local Malays are classified as Bumiputras. No need a committee to certify them as Malays, but in SG is difficult to do so.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 17, 2017 7:14 pm
//It has been reported that the Attorney General's Chamber is so free...//

The "problem" is at the taxpayer$$$ expense, (if u go to season parking lots to look see look see) so many of them are able to afford branded cars (like Lexus, BMWs ...... etc etc)?

But the "problems" just dont stop with them but many other "kaypohs" very "free" proper and efficient work dun do but waste taxpayer$$$ chasing "shadows and wild goose (& wild geese)" .....?

For some songkies especially the 31%, since 12-yo during 1st day of sec 1 already lost faith, trust & confidence ..... no nid to wait until become laukokok 69-yo to realise wooden block, "tlj" (aka tcb), their peers, cohort, classmates, schoolmates (& inadvertently & inevitably subsequent holders?) are JLB$ wasting taxpayer$$$ paying even their "junior elites filthy sums" to afford branded cars and often change cars like "sanitary pads" ... (when many songkies and masses are struggling and "dying" to make ends meet & paying technically INFINITE ENDLESS BILLS & TAX INCREASEs & PRICE INCREASEs)?

Anonymous said...

To know how jiatlat (JL) and jiak liao bee (JLB) some of the ministers are, just go to some of the agencies under such JLBs and "deal" with their pple in charge ...?

More often than not, u will end up "shaken, shocked, horrified and lose all confidence in the future (of songkieland + vomit a "pool" of blood)"?

Some (or many) agencies pple under "SHAM(E), (Yellow {pronouced in hokkien}) Ji Bye" are "atrocious & horrendous" ...?

Anonymous said...

Now the organs of state, ie judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies, peoples association & grassroot organisations (call them PAP associations), are basically used to target those who oppose the PAP, like WP etc and now the children and grandchildren of the Leegime.

Do you wonder why they have to cling on to power? Because they know that what goes around comes around, and if they loose power, the wheels may turn the other way.

Of course under present circumstances how can they loose power? Everything is so well oiled and under control on the surface. But underneath, who knows? The shine on the surface may not be a reflection of the corrosion underneath. Just like the MRT system.

Dynasties, centuries old, have fallen under circumstances that no one could foresee. When it comes, it comes and it never rains but pours!

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 18, 2017 7:46 am
//Dynasties, centuries old, have fallen under circumstances that no one could foresee. When it comes, it comes and it never rains but pours!//

Yeah ...?

Dornbusch Law ...?

Now they even "target shadows and wild geese" ...?

Anonymous said...

Now some cronies might use that as pretext and target "shadows and wild geese" but at "taxpayer$$$ expense ...?

The cronies are "pouring kerosene into the fire ..."?

Wooden block already prophesised in 2015: "Ownselves burn ownselves ..."?

Anonymous said...

Why have an EP election for A Malay President when there is no Malay candidate standing?

Anonymous said...

If that is the case, how?

I think they shot their own foot by making the rules so stringent that no Malay candidate can qualify. Ownselves burn ownselves for real!

Worse case scenario, loosen the rules and just allow 'no fish prawn also can' policy.


b said...

Its a dictatorship here lah. Now they want muslim to be president. Next time they want monkey to be president. They will get what they want. No need to oppose, just emigrate before it is too late.