South China Sea – Return of peace and calm when the devil is away

The Americans have stopped their agitation in the SC Sea and moving north to the Korean Peninsula to raise tension there. With their departure, peace and calm have returned to the region. Now who is the trouble maker that caused all the tension in the SC Sea and now causing tension in the Korean Peninsula? It does not need any thinking to know the answer. But some fools would forever be fools and would not be able to see that the devil has left to create trouble in the Northeast Asia.
The American Pacific Command under the Japanese Commander still wanted to stir trouble in the SC Sea and requesting approval from Washington to violate Chinese territorial integrity. Trump has turned them down, or Trump’s team in Washington has said no. Permission not granted. China is now helping Trump to deal with the problem of North Korea and so cannot create trouble for China.
The main theater for war is now in the Korean Peninsula and let there be peace in the SC Sea. But would the sneaky little USAs feel uncomfortable, backside itchy because there is no trouble in the SC Sea and would want to drag the Americans back into the region to create tension all over again? What would the little USAs gain if the region goes up in smokes?
Why would the little USAs want to create trouble in the region when they could have peace and live peacefully with everyone? Anyone wants to invite the trouble maker back into the SC Sea?
China is continuing on its mission to build a new infrastructure for trade with the OBOR project. China is going everywhere to build ports, cities, rails and road and trade. On the other hand the Americans are going everywhere to sign military pacts to conduct military exercises, to threaten regime change. The Americans are conducting military exercises with the Japanese, with the South Koreans, with the Philippines, with Jordan, with India, with Nato countries, all in the name of peace and is regarded by many fools as a peace loving country. China is all about trade, about economic development, about building infrastructure, about building international banks, but many fools chose to call these as hostile acts with aggressive intents. How long would the fools wake up from their stupidity?  Oops, stupidity cannot be cured.


Anonymous said...

Lao hero //With their departure, peace and calm have returned to the region. //

Unfortunately, there is no peace and rest especially for the 80-yo cardboards exercising very old ah ma, ftct table cleaning 67 to 79-yo lao kok kok aunties, uncles?

Alas, often even 13 to 16-yo children the LEECHES oso take advantage?

Like that how to have peace and confidence in what is ahead?

Virgo 49 said...

These Americans including most of their breed of same colour has hormone imbalance manic plus aggressive blood in their systems.

See everywhere they goes, they create troubles thinking it's fun.

Like to visit Asian Cities and thinking that the natives are meek due to their humbled way of cultures think a they are sick cats.

Football matches in other countries,they also rioted. Go to scared places as revelled by the locals, they posed in the nudes just to show their off their rotten AIDs infested bodies.

They seemed unable to grow up and behaved as lunatics.

The Chinese just stand and watched them do their antics wasting their time and monies and wear them down.

Hopefully,Moon be President in South Korea's elections and moved towarda the North like Roh.

However, the Americans would leave nobody any peace and stir Shits to have their dominance brainwashing the Dafts that they are doing it for peace.

Those bananas who adopted their lifestyles and decadent thinking just simply adored them.

virgo49 said...


You must be a brainwashed banana sai.

Don't said someone. Said China.

Got no guts even to accuse direct.

This is what most PAP stooges behaved.

China built up their own islands for defence, is wrong??

The Americans going round with their warships tgre as threatening others with their wars exercises acceptable??

Brainwashed white stooge.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have just deleted 9:02's comment. He is in the wrong place. He should go somewhere where they think alike.

Anonymous said...

The idiot of 9:02s comment I suspect must possibly be one of the American running dogs, the American 5th column in one of the many so called institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore. Recently the chief of one of these study centres claimed that they conducted a poll and the result concluded that US and Japan are peaceful countries and can be trusted more than China to keep peace and security in East Asia and South China Sea and in other regions. They are begging for US to return to conduct aerial and naval patrol in the South China Sea to safeguard freedom of navigation. The many institutes of higher learnjhings and international studies in Singapore are a hot nest of extremely anti China running dogs of US and Japan. I suspect they must be taking guidance from higher authorities or political masters who are definitely very pro America and Japan.

Below I quote Dr. Paul Robert Craigs with his reference to US determination to impose a NEW WORLD ORDER under American hegemony.

"Washington as the Russian and Chinese governments comprehend has placed life on earth under dire threat. The dire threat that all life faces comes from Washington's drive for world hegemony."

Washington via CIA and the Pentagon will definitely come back to create more trouble in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. The warmongers in the AngloSaxon Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati cabal are the master behind the Democrats and Republican party and they are calling the shots.

Eagles Eyes


b said...

Although I am against all kinds of warfare, sometimes just wish someone gives them a N bomb and settle all injustices sufferred by asians and others once and for all for the last two centuries. There is a reason why man can manage to create N bomb. It offers the only solution.