When we have water sufficiency

The outrageous and unthinkable happened with the announcement of the 30% price hike of water. And the most nonsensical and condescending reason for the hike, is to teach the people the value of water and to make the people feel the price of water. What hogwash! This is not new. Yeo Cheow Tong did it in his time to raise the price of water for the same reason when we were paying 3c for water from across the Causeway. And a large part of our water supply is still coming from Malaysia and at an unbelieveable price today but they are going to make you pay, for their illusion or delusion, to appreciate the value of water.

The govt has its own computation for this ridiculous and callous demand for a 30% hike quoting sensitive issues that could not be disclosed. Would the govt at least come out with some of the major factors and assumptions, without the details, that led to this price hike? At least the people would know what are the devils and whether the devils are unnecessary, facetious and could be removed from the computation.

We were not really self sufficient in water in the past. We depended too much on water from Malaysia until Mahathir knocked us out from our comfort zone. We went on a rapid water production programme and declared that we were self sufficient in water. It was a great effort and duly recognised. We moved from 3 tiny reservoirs to 17 huge reservoirs today while our population went from 2m to 5.5m and crazily ramping up to 6.9m while some IMH cases asking for 15m.

The big question, were we self sufficient in water at 5m population and if so, why must we move on to a treacherous path of water insufficiency in the future? What are the factors that contributed to this dangerous situation? Can this be avoided? Many have been guessing that the key factor towards painting ourselves into a corner is the mad craving for 6.9m population or more for economic growth as if economic growth is everything and the only way to achieve it is through population growth. If that is the reason many developed countries would have taken that path but they are not.

And this belief, this thinking, is not far from the truth. If this insane craving for a bigger population is removed from the equation, would there be a need to build all the expensive desalination plants and put the country in a state of crisis in the future? And water would not be the only strategic resource that would be stretched to the maximum with a bigger population. Everything, every essential service and resource would be strained. The most critical, and some that we don't even have, is energy source. We are 100% dependent on external energy sources and this is a very precarious position to be in, not counting on the supply of food to feed 6.9m people or more.

Now you can understand why there are still mad men talking about nuclear power plants in this piece of rock. They think they are very clever, to mount nuclear power station on floating platform, to be towed away for safety, to where? Would the littoral states allow Singapore to do that in the South China Sea or Indian Ocean? Would our neighbours be comfortable and forgiving for a 'nuclear bomb' that we insist on having that would jeopardise their well being?

Our thinking has been self centric, only thinking of self, our national interest and not of the concerns of our neighbours. Would we accept it if Malaysia and Indonesia would to locate their nuclear power stations in Johore and Batam respectively? By the way, this talk of national interest is also questionable. Is it really for the interest and good of the people or for who? Who would be benefitting from this population craze that would lead to a slippery and treacherous road of no return? Many people do not think it would benefit them and there are other safer and more manageable ways for economic growth without tying a knot on our throat. The knot would only be tighter by the days and would hang us high and dry in the future.

Is this multi milllion dollar thinking or crap thinking? We are familiar with the simple analogy of force feeding ducks or geese and the consequences. We are also familiar with drug taking and how it would self destruct and must self destruct up to a point. There is no miraculous escape for the Peking ducks or the geese that produced the foie gras or the drug addicts. The end result is certain death.

Are we so stupid and desperate to take the unrestrained high population path that would put an unacceptable strain on everything? The first victim to this foolishness is water pricing and the farcical logic being uttered that made the 'utterers' looking stupid even to a child. Please spare these fools from making themselves looking more ridiculous by what they have to say to justify an untenable premise.


Anonymous said...

This one trick pony can only think of more population for economic growth at all cost. They would not want to tell the people the serious consequences of such a stupid move. Everything would be put to maximum strain just because they want to show there is economic growth.

Anonymous said...

This population expansion thing in Stinkyland is gonna squeeze out of almost everything & everybolee.. at some point, it is gonna reach a tipping point whereby it's too unbearable to live & the noise gets louder, & even the foreigners may not find here living conductive as it gets more expensive & crowded. These foreigners eventually will go elsewhere that r conducive to them. The new citizens after earning enough they might even uproot & go overseas,leaving the low-middle incomers around ..sooner or later this Hotel California becomes empty like a ghost town & even the owners give free membership free meal NoBoLee will wan to come...

Anonymous said...

"If this insane craving for a bigger population (7 millions in 13 yr time) is removed from the equation, would there be a need to build all the expensive desalination plants and put the country in a state of crisis in the future?"

This is the true reason. I think as long as pinky is sitting there, this is the only path for sinkieland to go. The other sleepy king warned sinkies to be prepared for water rationing. It seems from dry spell time, JB side might slow down or stop water supply.

At cheap rate, JB can easly buy all the water from the remaining contract by paying a sum, like it or not. There is no big break on JB if they compensate equal sums of water by giving a simple notice period.

With more power needed to regenerate waste water into drinkable water, power needs is a questionable supply in my view. The gas powered plants normally is problem for pollution for p2.5 problems. This happens in many countries. It is not cheap when gas runs out, and there is no direct supply from any country to sinkieslands for gas. Nuclear is cheap but the nuclear waste is a big problem to sinkieland.

Fukushima radiation leak from nuclear power plants happened many years back. Fukushima is still a deserted place, the SOILs are still radioactive over the allowable standard.

By supporting pap voting for them to sit through then next 15 years. 7 millions population will become reality.

Next few questions are clearly on table: water supply dispute with JB, when malaysia population in south ballooned with a port at malacca that siphons off 80% china shipments at straits.
A poorer sinkieland, without sufficient water to live, prices will be sky high to maintain world most expensive place. Few tourists, hotels mostly not profitable due to high water costs, factories move away, offices half dead. Joblessness will be at normal of 5 to 10%, the whole place will have crimes, like scams, thefts, and super mar will need to put bulb wires fence like army camps. Malls need more guards than visitors. Haha.

The insane team is leading sinkies to crime infested sinkielands by opening border wide wide for millions to flood in, yet not enough poolists to counter the crimes.

Can reader imagine the problems after problems? All are self created by pap team. But they do not have solutions to grow primary supplies like water, power and gas, foods, then poolists to fight crimes created by the overcrowding as the team are unable to create good jobs for all.

What economic growth worth so much costs to pay by voters?

Anonymous said...

Worry not worry not!

We got the BEST-est govt in the world.

Yes! Our govt is world best. Yes! World best!

They will take very very good care of the you.

So why worry so much for what.

Just be happy and worry less!


Anonymous said...

The real reasons for the sudden and non-gradual shocking heaven-rocking sky-rocketing water price hike are:

1. To cater for the increase of the population to 10,000,000.

2. To penalise the poor across the board, more than to penalise those who abused water, such as PAP Town Councils, SAF washing of tanks, armoured cars and military trucks, Govt agencies, public, private and commercial wasteful car-washings, etc.

3. To increase the Govt's cofer so as to subsidize the wasteful experience of the PMO and the Finance Ministry.

Anonymous said...

Dental treatment is the next strategic resource open to price surge - since it takes more than a year of waiting for a treatment appointment at the National Dental Center due to overwhelming demand . . .

Anonymous said...

lt shall be hell




now on.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is fait accompli for Singaporeans and the cuntry they inhabit, that...

➤ The population will inch its way toward 10 million---it might get there, it might not, or it might exceed it. No one knows for sure, but increase it will.

It is also important to realise that every immigrant is potentially breed stock for more citizens. Anecdotally, we know that to be true: many "new immigrants" are starting families in Singapore.

➤ Certain resources like water will be treated as "scarce" long before they are. You can thank the cultural kiasu mentality for this. The people are kiasu. Thus the govt. they voted for is also kiasu. Before the population is anywhere near the 10 million mark, we can predict the construction of aquifers (water storage)---probably underground deep below the MRT system.

➤ DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES are going to torpedo many expectations, but some young Singaporean entrepreneurs are going to be very wealthy. You can blame the super-competitive education system for this. From the get-go, Singaporeans have meritocracy drummed into them. When you have a brain pumped with ℳeritocracy + 𝚱iasu ....interesting things happen 🤑💰💵😂

So continue complaining. It's your time, so waste it according to your own selfish desires! 🤣

Got future-proofing?

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that if the water price is raised by about 5 or 10%, quite a lot of Singaporean will be persuaded to accept due to physical factors which are well known. However to raise by 30% flat imposed on one and all ..poor, sick, rich.,, is most definitely cruel, wrong, wicked and implies a government which had no skill in forward management. Why are they paid salaries at all if they cannot manage.
Tragically the protest at hong lim was a total failure. Likewise workers party was not able to project a strong voice against this. I felt that WP should explore other avenues of publicity instead of confining themselves in Parliament when they are outnumbered. WHY WP NOT ORGANISE PROTEST AT HONG LIM? I AM SURE THE TURNOUT WILL BE BETTER AND THE IMPACT WILL BE GREATER THAN WHAT THE LIKES OF LEONG SZE HIAN AND GILBERT COULD OFFER! WHERE IS TEOCHEW AH HIA, NEED A CODRIVER TO SLAP?

Anonymous said...

Singapore will never be self sufficient in water.
Because PAP will always want a bigger population.
So that PAP can collect more money from a bigger population.

Be prepared to pay more taxes when you vote PAP.
Vote PAP only if you think you can afford a PAP government.

Is the above true?
I dunno. You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...


Not correct. WP should organize protest at HG to support Pap s success. Pap leaders hardly have chance to visit closest asean, not to talk about china and usa. Only one outgoing french man bother to lunch kfc. By increase to 7 millions population will create debts unparalleled to most modern countries, 500% GDP debts, 1.76 trillions. IMF recommend maxi 60% for government debts, sin has over 100% GDP debts.
People in usa are not interested in such a debt debt debt owed so much country as usa is also having so much to pay before can compare to china about less than 30% public debts.

WP so what? Only change the face. Its better than pinky when china leader see him, they siam. Now Trump siam him. Najib, Jokowi, hardly bother to visit someone so close to them. Can voters imagine how fuck type is foreign relations here. Still want to vote for pinky for next 15 years to fill up the 7 millions vacancies and borrow money abroad when empty reserves has zero?
Vote WP is slightly better like changing the bowl for the same pork soup from the tap. By nature, sin city has no clean water lah. Hong lim park is appropriately legal for gay lesbians gathering only, do not keep going there to get your reputation spoiled, WP will not dare to go there lah.
Start a pink party, politicians can go hong lim every day and night.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you read what PM has said, his ministers all screwed up. True, the silly excuse that there is a need to create awareness is totally flawed. But there again, PM is not telling us the real reasons behind too.

Anonymous said...

Are we so stupid and desperate to take the unrestrained high population path that would put an unacceptable strain on everything?

Not that PAP want to take the unrestrained high population path.

But rather because without this unrestrained high population path, due to the below replacement fertility rate of Sinkies at 0.82, it is a matter of time before Sinkies go the way of dinosaurs.

So which is better, Sinkieland with foreigners, or no Sinkieland when Sinkies become extinct, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

The first victim to this foolishness is water pricing and the farcical logic being uttered that made the 'utterers' looking stupid even to a child.

But even if the 'utterers' looking stupid even to a child, I can bet that the utterers can still win the next election.

Simply because to majority voters, those who contest against these utterers in an election are deemed even more stupid than these utterers.

Anonymous said...

10:50 am

TEOCHEW AH HIA belong to PAP Team B lah. If not, why he praised PAP being a competent govt? So u expect him to slap PAP? Tan ku ku lah.

Anonymous said...

/// Are we so stupid and desperate to take the unrestrained high population path that would put an unacceptable strain on everything? //

Are we so stupid and desperate to take the unrestrained "keep voting PAP" path that would put an unacceptable strain on everything?

70% say yes.

Anonymous said...

10:50 am

Better to slap the 70% who voted PAP.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.34

The Real Reasons:-

PM LHL is Chairman of GIC. Ho Ching CEO and Exec Director of Temasek Group.

In fiscal year 2016

1. GIC lost US$41.6b
2. Temasek lost S$24b.

Above are probably the real reasons behind tax increases and rate hikes.To cover their GIC and Temasek losses.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat says Govt has to raise revenue via NEW TAXES AND TAX RATE INCREASE TO ensure prudent revenue stream, despite having Budget surplus.

Buffing those all of us.

Watch Out: GST rate hike, CPF withdrawals.

Welcome News to the 70% daft PAP Stooges.

Anonymous said...

Hey redbean, complain so much for FUCK?!?!? You all fucking deserve it lah!!!! You die your biz!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat says Govt has to raise revenue via NEW TAXES AND TAX RATE INCREASE TO ensure prudent revenue stream, despite having Budget surplus.

The truth.
Readers, do not hear any explanation for water tax 30% increase.

Reason: Malaysia, the supplier did not and never increase the price at all.

S$ in export is so bad, in past 5 or more years, every month we hear export is declining. Where go so much cash to support S$ high? It was close to S$1.2 at GDP 15.2%. The rate is dropping so much. Exchange reserves keep buying S$ to pop up the value, it is still going down in future.

Bad foreign relation with china is the key problem caused by pinky and cronies.

Not only water taxes, electricity will go up to collect more cash, then CPF to slow down because PR can take 100% CPF when going home. Not enough cash, cash is not enough.

Look at those iB, still want to support pinky and pap. But its ok for the rest of us. Let it implodes, and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Until the 70% pro PAP voters feel the price of voting PAP .... nothing will change in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs population growth to 10 million population to sustain the GDP growth we have been enjoying over the past decades. We need nuclear energy too. I for one think that 10 million population is good for Singapore and a nuclear plant is a must.

Luella said...

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Anonymous said...

Majority have no problem on the 30% increase as this is peanut compare to the subsidies and handout they received.What they want is the convenience of getting water as and when they want.And our competent Garmen has make this possible.As such 30% is reasonable.
Can consider to spend peanut to build well in some housing area and let resident who complain about expensive water to get it free.
Can easily prove that not many will be interested,cos Sinkies are known to be nerngkha n lazy.
Can then increase to 50% instead of 30%.,want free water get from the well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

GIC and Temasek with their hundreds of billions are supposed to provide another source of revenue to the govt.

What is happening? How much are they making or losing?

Anonymous said...

Is the garment working towards water sufficiency or water insufficiency to make the people pay more for the same water?

Anonymous said...

Like all others, first they pass the law, then they call for a debate in Parliament.

So, they increase the price of water first, then they come out with all the grandchokong reasons to justify it. This is the PAP mode of operation over the last 51 years.

But, what to do? 70% is for it. 30% are just collateral victims.

Anonymous said...

Very very shocking to note Virgo49 12.03pm figures that.......

In fiscal year 2016

1. GIC lost US$41.6b
2. Temasek lost S$24b.

If the figures are correct..............

"Very-Eat-Strength"! "Very-Eat-Strength"!

"非常吃力"! "非常吃力"!

Very very the "siong"!

Why like that? How? What can we do?


Anonymous said...

The whopping one-time 30% water price hike, as compared to a more reasonable incremental 3-5% periodical hike, is suspicious, spurring speculation for reasons other than costs of production . . .

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.12pm........what so suspicious?

even if the increase is 300%, everyone oso "lan-lan"!

living in this tiny city state is like that

no choice........70% voted "YES"

what is the use of kpkb kpkb

so......just try to make-more-money........3Ms

this is......no-money-no-talk......you-die-your-business.....society

singapore.....is too massive.....is too messy.......to change now

maybe more shocking news to come

like the scout motto.....Be Prepared!

anyway........be happy and worry less


b said...

Those who promoted increase of population should be denied of their water, electricity, transport and other necessity so they can understand what their irresponsible actions can lead to.

Anonymous said...

In fiscal year 2016
1. GIC lost US$41.6b
2. Temasek lost S$24b.
Virgo49 12:03 pm

Hey Virgo49, how u know hah? Is it from reliable source or from Roy's blog? Can show the link or not?

Anonymous said...

Sin is


to hell


rightly so.

Sin mah,

right ?

Anonymous said...

"In fiscal year 2016
1. GIC lost US$41.6b
2. Temasek lost S$24b.
Virgo49 12:03 pm

Hey Virgo49, how u know hah?"

I have been thinking about these figures. It is quite possible. I recalled reading one of the two lost multiple millions, completely written off at N America deals where one angmor who was in green telco before. After yevery thing, this guy came bark. How many of the losses like that kinds. Its like this: u sell one can of peanut, u make only 20 cents, but u lost the stock of those cans. How many other cans need to be sold to cover the lost inventories?

Got the picture? juet imagine u are selling can foods. But multiple millions losing into zero is not serious in such big companies. I really do not think so. Even oil company goes bankrupt.

Singapore s whole year export was only 40 billions. Import was 38billions. Can u guess how much is the profit? Therefore i was thinking about virgo s figures. It can mean sinkies are gonna in trouble in future for people playing with huge money yet not disclosed of losses.

Anonymous said...

In fiscal year 2016
1. GIC lost US$41.6b
2. Temasek lost S$24b.
Virgo49 12:03 pm

Hey Virgo49, how u know hah? Is it from reliable source or from Roy's blog? Can show the link or not?

Is the money flowing from your bank account into the PAP government?
Is the money flowing from the PAP government into your bank account?

Everything else is just mental masturbation.

Anonymous said...

//Many people do not think it would benefit them and there are other safer and more manageable ways for economic growth without tying a knot on our throat.//

It must have been at least 10 previous lives of karma to be born in SICKLAND led by SICKOS?

Anonymous said...

//The knot would only be tighter by the days and would hang us high and dry in the future.//

Based on ancient Chinese readings, the end is quite near?

Anonymous said...

Population engineering for growth is a risky proposition, and brings to many negative secondary effects and unknowables that are just becoming known. Of course, the common man(the species not the sex) experiences government policy first hand, versus the 6th avenue crowd, they are the tip of the toilet scrub entering the toilet bowl. No problem, given their education levels, political and cultural condition, they will take it well. Even better than their grandparents, the so call Pioneer batch, who have sold their children into bonded slavery in exchange for a NTUC discount. Banzai!

Anonymous said...

The end is near. The meteoric rise of Singapore is like a meteo dissolving into space caused by extremely high speed and friction, just like the MRT Tracks' frequent breakdowns caused by unprofessional maintenance, abuse and overuse. A person who was reluctant initially to be Prime Minister, being forced or coerced into leading the Nation, is similar to a reluctant bride being forced to marry a difficult husband in a strange land. How not the meteoric rise wears out by itself? All these whiles of so-called progress is like a freak stroke of luck being harness and exploited as success of the PAP leadership. Wherefore success when majority of the population remains is debts, yet with huge CPF savings of hard-earned blood and sweat money that the individual rightful owner has no say totally on how and when to use their savings, and unable to retire gracefully?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.05am //The meteoric rise of Singapore is like a meteo dissolving into space caused by extremely high speed and friction, just like the MRT Tracks' frequent breakdowns caused by unprofessional maintenance, abuse and overuse.//

It is impossible to keep building and adding more capital goods without diverting more and more resources away from consumption?

With more buildings, roads, mrt, machineries, newater plants, desalination plants, etc etc etc, just to make up for the depreciation and maintenance of such infrastructure would need increasingly more $$$$$?

Up to a point, even saving 100% is not enough to cover the depreciation and upkeep of existing infrastructure and capital goods, what more with increasing population, capital goods per worker would further deteriorate?

Anonymous said...

Existing there are about 31,300 vacant condos?

By end 2018, there will be about another 30,740 being completed and coming on stream to add to the already over built condo mkt glut?

Without tenancy, just to maintain these properties would cost more than an arm and leg annually?

Anonymous said...

As it becomes an inceasingly buyers and tenants market, rentals plummet?

The temporary steriod boost ..... oops ..... ultra low interest rate environment is gone .....?

Healthcare bill has stalled in the US?

Anonymous said...

The next bill in the US House of Representative is tax reform?

With US$20 trillion national debt and mounting, the US is proposing to cut taxes to boost consumption and investment?

And they are also proposing to spend trillions on infrastructure over the next few years?

Anonymous said...

With tigthening labour market, wages growth have outstripped productivity in the past few years?

With US$4+ trillion QE $$$ in the market, this means 2 sharp "knives" piercing through the inflation firewall fabric meticulously and painstakingly built after the horrendous stagflation era in the 1980s when interest rates were jacked up to double digit to tame the inflation monster?

The bull run after Nov 2016 could have been misguided and built on many assumptions?

Anonymous said...

2nd half of 2017 could prove tricky and difficult for the US?

If thay happens, carrying it fwd into 2018 could mean tremendous pressure for the US?

With only about 60% labour force participation rate but below full employment (NAIRU) unemployment rate of about 4.9%, the US could be heading towards 1980s style stagflation exuding many symptoms classic of the observations made by renowned economic professors Robert Lucas Jr, Thomas Sargent and Robert Barro?

Anonymous said...

Many oldies should have recollection of the double digit interest rates on their bank deposits in the 1980s?

Good time coming for savers?

Those heavily leveraged could be in for a "hellish roasting" in the post-QE microwave oven?

Anonymous said...

As proven, even in the House of Representatives, DT could NOT get enough of his own party Congressmen to support him for the recently stalled Healthcare Bill?

And the US Senate Democratic Party minority leader hinted triggering the onerous filibuster process to block DT's legal nomination?

Many of DT's election platform promises may be DOA either at the US Federal lower house or stalled in the US Senate if any get past the US House of Representative?

Anonymous said...

So long as sinkies choose to be oblivious to the glaring cronyism and nepotism and refuse to make the distinctions between making money for one own pockets versus propering the people, the daft sinkies will get themselves exploited and suffer for their stupidity.
Stupidity has no cure, anyone trying to provide the cure will be disappointed and ends up frustrated.

When the leaders have wealth that last them many generations want their frail elderlies to work till they drop, one should realized that the leaders are devoid of conscience or have completely lost their humanities and feelings.

Sin has matured super fast
and as all things with nature,the result of maturity in the end shall...........

b said...

Cronyism is everywhere. No use wasting energy on changing the impossible. Having dreams of owning a decent house, car and job and making that dream come true is more achievable. Clue: it does not need to be in sg.

Anonymous said...

The idea that singapore is lacked of water is a big lie. Actually, we're are an island, similar to modern ships such as the very huge aircraft carrier, Cruise ship, oil rigs, artificial islands such as those in south China Sea and etc. All of them are surrounded by sea water. Where is the lack of water.
The only thing left is to convert enough freshwater for human, livestock, animal, living thing consumptions. The rest of applications such as sewage needs should use seawater. With modern technology, shale oil production cost have been brought down. Huge gas reserve and oil reserves is being discovered and harvested by Russian, USA and etc. The cost of energy is going down that means the fresh water production cost should go lower. What, I feel its acceptable for our government to charge us the production cost without profits. Seem we are lack of lands convert all our reservoirs into lands. As we are not lack of water only fresh water. Stop all the bullshits.

Anonymous said...

Heard that they had to ask Georgie Boy to ask sugar king to intervene after all garment effort came to naught. Sugar then spoke to Middle Kingdom Emperor and as Middle Kingdom owed Sugar a big favour decades ago they agreed to release the Terexs. Otherwise the toys will still be in Fragrant harbour. The next capture will no longer be released.

Anonymous said...

Somehow water bcome 30%

Higher feels more like a punishment.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not lack of land or water. It is the result of having too many people on the island that some nuts have been brainwashed to think is a good thing and the only thing needed to grow the economy and refusing to see how they are digging their own graves, or a big grave for daft sinkies.

Virgo 49 said...

In the 70s we are exhorted by our Great Leader that Two is ENOUGH.

We are a small Nation without Resources. Land is scarce, water is scarce. We cannot afford to have a large population.

The British is withdrawing. Thousands will lose their jobs.
Singaporeans struggled on and built a kang kang how society enough for everyone.

The next Generation of Daft Leaders are caught in a whirlwind of Stupid what globalisation as preached by the West.

Must have 10 millions to build the economy. What foreign talents? ?

Mostlt trashes to lyunch the build up resources of Singaporeans.

6.9 just add 1 to 2 % to the economy. Plus these are just fake internal GDP.

Now into Big Shits of not having enough of everything. Unable to unscramble the Mess.

Near future, many many Bigger Shits gonna to implode and Sinkies would be reduced to Ashes.

They are just too naive, timid boh lan yong to be over ran by the Aliens.

Anonymous said...

MSN ECONOMIST VIRGO 10.16AM://Plus these are just fake internal GDP.//

Could have said it BETTER?

30% is to reflate the GDP?

(FAKE) GDP measured by PRICE$$$ of goods and services produced in a cuntree within a fixed period, usually 12 months or one calendar YEAR?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo

Should be

"COULDNNNNN'''''TTTTTT have said it BETTER?"

Anonymous said...


Using laygongcum lingua?


30% Hike

--> kopi up 20cents

--> whole peesai in 12 months assume CONSUME 300 MILLION cups of kopi

--> "extra(fake) GDP produced = 20 cents x 300 million cups = (extra)$$$$$60 million (FAKE)GDP created out of thin air"?

Anonymous said...

Cheap trick lah?

(Can only) bluff economics ignoramus patrait lah?

And (his) equally ECONOMICS IGNORAMUS (s)QUITTER idol, lol?

Anonymous said...

Another eg.

12 months consume 500 million bowls fishball noodles?

When up 30%?

Fishball up 50 cents per bowl?

=(another) $250 million (fake gdp created)?

Anonymous said...

The # of cups of kopi consumed in 2017 still same as 2016?

But (FAKE) GDP up by $60 millions?

Fishballs ate 2017 same as 2016?

Anonymous said...

So (FAKE) GDP created by fishball noodles up $250 million in 2017?

Add up tea, teh si, teh o, kopi o, kopi kosong ...... etc etc?

(Fake) $60 million gdp x 100 (including milo, milo o, coke, 7 up ...... etc etc) = $6 bullion (fake) gdp created?

Anonymous said...

Whole peesai drink beverage (kopi, teh, coke, etc etc) alone add (fake) gdp 1.5% (6 bullion/ 2016 gdp 400 bullion)?

If add drink stout, hainakan, cowsbird, annkor, sa-pore-do etc etc?

Add another x.x%?

Anonymous said...

This is classic (BOTAK-NOMICS and LAOGOA-NOMICS) cheap tricks?

Last time use property inflation between 1990 to 1996, 2005 to 2007, 2009 to 2013 to REFLATE GDP?

Reflate balloon mah, just pump pump pump lor?

Anonymous said...

Now property bubble very big le?

Cannot pump (anymore) le?

So reflate kopi, kopi-o, kopi-si, kopi-siutai, kopi kosong, kopi kau, kopi katai, kopi katai kau, kopi kau kosong, kopi kau siutai ...... teh ......... coke, 7 up ...... etc etc etc ...... etc etc etc?

Anonymous said...

Every cup REFLATE by 20 cents?

Every can of soft drink REFLATE oso?


Anonymous said...

Every plate of cai fan oso REFLATE by 50 cents?

Every bowl of wanton noodles oso REFLATE by 50 cents?

Every dabao of ban main oso REFLATE 50 cents?

Anonymous said...

One patrait in msn last week mentioned some tv economist "winked" his right eye when revising upwards 2017 GDP forcast?


Cos 2010 15% GDP growth big chunk come from 30% property price REFLATION?

Anonymous said...

Means what?

Let those economics ignoramus patrait figure out bah?

Meanwhile, after 20% carpark increase, how much (fake) gdp will be added?

Anonymous said...

SomeboLEE predicted 79.99% winning vote after 30% hike?

This is likely the case?

Cos 2017 GDP likely reflated at least 5% (fake) growth?

Anonymous said...

2018 translated to 4 to 6% (fake) gdp growth?

Daft economics ignoramus gongcums dunno real per capita gdp actually down (by double digits)?

Only look at the surface (& nominal gdp growth cos 99.99% economics IGNORAMUS)?

Anonymous said...

Even want to explain to economics ignoramus oso IMPOSSIBLE?

Even explain until vomit blood less than 1% likely understand?

Too many blind oxes le?

Anonymous said...

What are the "empirical evidence of Botak-FLATION and LaoGoa-FLATION"?

Look no further?

Peesai LEAP-FROGGED countless CITIES since 1990 to BEECUM d MOST EXPENSIVE city GLOBALLY in the ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM, GALAXY & UNIVERSE in the past few YEARS CONSECUTIVELY, based on EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) report?

Anonymous said...

Where the old guards such as GKS grew GDP via industrialisation and exports,

Botak-FLATION and LaoGoa-FLATION grew the GDP since 1990 predominantly through massive leg open BIG BIG foreign labour and immigration policies, PROPERTY INFLATION (1990-1996, 2005-2007, 2009-2013), PRICE INFLATION but unfortunately for the DAFT GONGCUMs wage-deflation?

Need empirical evidence?

Anonymous said...

Between 1990 to 2013, property prices easily being INFLATED by 400%?

But real wage growth between 1990 to 2013 declined by about 300%?

In 1990, about 5 years of entrance wages can buy an average resale HDB flat but in 2013 need about 16 to 20 years wages?

Anonymous said...

Why productivity growth (if any) is so low in peesai?

BOTAK-FLATION, LAOGOA-FLATION in price increase, blind population growth through super lax foreigners policy between 1990 to 2013, meaningless capital accumulation ULTIMATELY all are DEAD END LONG TERM economic growth models?

Diminishing marginal returns on capital per worker, population growth and capital depreciation (beyond the long term SS GR level) would ultimately likely kill off any long term economic growth per worker trajectory?