Terrex saga – Is Singapore off the hook?

 The attention has shifted towards the ship’s captain and APL that carried the Terrex APVs. Both are being charged for not filing proper documents for the Terrexes. The case seems so clean and so be like that from the very start. It was the duty of the ship’s captain and the APL to file the proper documents. Singapore was just an innocent customer paying for the shipping of its APVs.

At the moment it would seem quite clear that the ship’s captain and APL would have to face the music and the consequences, fines or maybe jailed. It is normal to expect that Singapore would do the necessary, provide all the information to ship the APVs to the shipper/APL as there was nothing unusual, nothing illegal and nothing to hide. And Mindef or whoever tasked to handle this consignment must be expected to do the proper, the due diligence. And the ship’s captain and APL are as good as cooked for not doing so unless the captain has something else to say.

Would there be any surprises like Singapore did not provide the necessary documents and falsely declared the Terrexes as something else? If this is the case, which is highly unlikely, the whole case would fall onto Singapore’s lap once again. In all probabilities, the case is as good as closed from the Singapore angle and everyone can have a good sleep. It is now between Hong Kong and APL and the ship’s captain.

There should not be any nasty surprises or unexplainable events to make Singapore jittery and all ‘emo’ again. Case closed. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah .hub Terrex? Uncle RB ..Case Close on Sinkieland's side Liao..it's not MintDeaf fault Mah? How dare they make fun of MintDef & aSShAF? Yeah..better lock the Shit Captain & whoever never declare tat national cargo..MinyDeaf & aSsHAF can wash hand & save taxpayers monies..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The presumption is that the ship captain is stupid or negligent. If he is not, he may spill the beans to save his own ass.

Virgo 49 said...

This is just a wayang wayang case.

After behind the scene kowtowing, must planned a face saving ploy.

HK shipping activities been following International Ang Moh Sea Carriage Laws for donkey years.

So many times why they don't seize, now then they seized? ?

Also, if this is a simple case of licensing, why takes so long to settle and release? ?

International Shipping carriage of transit cargo with several rotation ports is difficult to check and if remained on vessels is not the concern of the prevailing POC.

Unless they are sanctioned car go as ruled by the UN. Embargoed Cargo.

So this is just a wayang wayang show to close the case.

Anonymous said...

Do not read too much
into the Incident.
lt is no big case and
small deal.
Sin is not afraid of

Anonymous said...

Under Sin City Law, no one in this planet can sue Minidaef & SsAf as they r sovereignty immune from any Laws..not even HK laws can sue Sin City ( no way & no case at all)..so HK customs Bo bian or no choice but to sue the ship captain & the company... too bad that they become the scapegoat of this Terrible Saga...

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, the Capitan will just be the donkey man to take the blame.

Fines will be paid for by the Company or by Sinkieland.

Unless there's a jail sentence.I believe not as they just wayang wayang.

Only way for foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

The investigation has completed, according to report, singapore is not responsible. No case. It was captain who "imported" the strategic weapon into HK. The 37 yr old man Pan is on HK50k bail. Highest term is 7 yrs jail and or fine.

The shipping company will be charged too, both cases will be in one go on May 19.

China is scared of singapore asking it to follow international laws lah. So singapore s not responsible for transporting strategic weapons on board of commercial vessels. Probably bcos of singapore s sovereignty on the armoured cars.

Singapore has been saying, this kind of transporting is not the first time. It has been using Taiwan as training ground and it never promised to stop. So next time, the captain should not stopped the ship at HK lah. Stop it at Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam ports to rest lah. Future shipping company knows what to do.

By the way, sovereignty assets no need license, according to singapore s big gun. Time to celebrate another singapore success story. Everybody s face in singapore is proud of this terex incidence. China is scared of singapore so wayang wayang ending up the captain taking the jail term may be or fined. Lets see what he gonna say on May 19. May be he just plea guilty and pao ka liao. That s justice done hor?

Anonymous said...

The TERRIBLE handled TERREX Issue, a mere criminal offence committed by the shipping company, American President Line, reflects poorly on Singapore's diplomatic skills as well as its political leadership. China's stand was very clear right from the beginning. She has decided that it was the HK Govt that has to deal with the case, as it involved the violation of HK laws.

The Singapore Govt should not have got itself involved by rubbing it in with a flurry of uncalled for and unnecessarily whiter-than-white assertions, which were actually meaningless and unhelpful for both sides.

The TERRIBLE TERREX Incident should be seen as the symptom of a graver disease - the disease of punching above one's weight irrespective of friends or foes, which requires a good doctor to dish out bitter medicine in order to at least prevent it from spreading further.

To know the REAL ISSUE behind HK Authorities decision to retain and investigate into the TERRIBLE TERREX casw, one must delve deeper into the background at least six months prior to the incident. Once one understands the background, then you. Know whether the TERRIBLE TERREX INCIDENT is just the beginning or everything has come to a satisfactory result for Singapore.

If you go around, under the illusion of a big brother protection, punching everybody and anybody above your own weight, you had better be ready to receive the same, if not heavier punches, at you in retaliation!

Even if you were born only yesterday in the Geopolitical Sphere of China's Strategic and National Interest, you can't be so naive as to assume that China will simply allow a small insignificant island state, harboring one of the US' 400 military bases to encircle and strangle China directly and to intimidate and control the Asia-Pacific nations in general, to keep punching at her like a mad man, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

in fact the new normal in this modern is surprise surprise surprise

we must learn to accept surprises as normal, just like the water increase by 30%

anymore shocking surprises from singapore

sure........we shall wait and see......very very soon


Anonymous said...

There should not be any nasty surprises or unexplainable events to make Singapore jittery and all ‘emo’ again.

Aiyo, what's the problem, if PAP can still win elections?

Got Amos, got terrex, got water price increase 30%, got Malay President, got this, got that, also like that what, tio bo? PAP can lose election because of it meh? If not, what jittery, what all ‘emo’?

Anonymous said...

...got this, got that, also like that what, tio bo?
10:53 am

Opposition got ready to be govt or not? Meteorite got fall down on Sinkieland or not? If got, PAP will sure jittery one.

Anonymous said...

Don't quite understand why must Singapore Garmen or mindef be responsible.
Transportation of terex is outsource to contractor so it's the responsibility of the contractor to ensure proper document done,failing which it's the contractor that should face the music,
Not the client.
In fact Garmen should claim any losses from the contractor as they are victim too.

Anonymous said...

//Opposition got ready to be govt or not? Meteorite got fall down on Sinkieland or not? If got, PAP will sure jittery one.//

There is a high probability that the whole of the opposition parties (WP) will be wipe out in the next GE. Bcos of massive import of FTrashes & newly minted citizens, some more that Teo Chew Ah Hia not ready to form govt & opposition parties r not united...also the group of 70% dafts will increase wobbly with no spurs stuck in their spines ( unlike one 18yo whom will Fxcx O to another country to escape the enslavery system here)..

Anonymous said...

"If you go around, under the illusion of a big brother protection, punching everybody and anybody above your own weight, you had better be ready to receive the same, if not heavier punches, at you in retaliation!"

Not true lah. This tactic used by singapore s leeders is called effective strategic leverage. It means putting P8A Poseidon on Changi base to patrol South China Seas s China submarines activities. China scared. The information about their submarines will share with 7th Fleet. The Japanese commander will shout "tonight action". Ah Long Abe are good friends. They know where are the submarines.

So Singapore is the security for US to ensure all its allies can have free navigation of cargoes and oils. US will come to Singapore s call for help in seconds, not minutes when China wants to put pressure on it. Its the diamond jewel of USA. China is scared when Ah Long asked it to follow international laws. As far as Ah Long is concerned, the South China Seas islands are not belonged to China, but illegally owned by China, according to Philippines Hague judgement, the new laws.
This new laws will have to be implemented sooner when Shangrila meeting takes place in Singapore. USA will command PLA generals to give answer to the demand which is supported by Singapore and Japan.
This is not punch above weight, its punch double with heavy power with feather weigh lah. Heard of bee sting? This is hornet bee sting, can tahan? Cannot? Surrender lah. China has to surrender.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon. 10.14

If the vessel go to Matland or Thailand or Vietnam to rest, the cargo should be discharged in Sinkieland. Why have the cargo to there when it already reached Sinking land??

Oh, forgot now can go by the Isthmus of Kra before Singapore.

No wonder 30% water increase.

Anonymous said...

“The fall of Empire, gentlemen, is a massive thing, however, and not easily fought.
It is dictated by a rising bureaucracy, a receding initiative, a freezing of caste, a damming of curiosity—a hundred other factors.
It has been going on, as I have said, for centuries, and it is too majestic and massive a movement to stop.”
– Isaac Asimov, Foundation

Anonymous said...

" Don’t you see? ... It’s a worship of the past.
It’s a deterioration – a stagnation!”
– Isaac Asimov, Foundation

"His Father say so ma"
- Daft Singaporean, 2017.

"Any fool can tell a crisis when it arrives.
The real service to the state is to detect it in embryo.”
– Isaac Asimov, Foundation

Anonymous said...

Chinese Elites Scramble To Apply For US 'Golden Ticket' Visa

As members of Congress in Washington debate raising the minimum required to obtain a U.S. immigrant investor visa from $500,000 to $1.35 million, Bloomberg reports concern about the hike has set off a scramble among wealthy would-be participants in China.

China’s wealthy, using not-always-legal means to skirt capital controls to get their money out and at the same time gain residency in the U.S., are continuing to dwarf all others as the largest participants in the EB-5 program, despite heightened measures by the Chinese government.

Chinese investors, several thousand a year, have made up as much as 85 percent of the annual EB-5 investor total, according to U.S. data provided by Rosen Consulting and the Asia Society. In 2015, China overtook Canada as the biggest foreign buyer of U.S. homes.


Anonymous said...

"If the vessel go to Matland or Thailand or Vietnam to rest, the cargo should be discharged in Sinkieland. Why have the cargo to there when it already reached Sinking land??"
Virgo 49

If the vessel does not land the cargo on port, how does the reporter knows these are armoured weapon?

Must discharge in those ports whenever there is exercise in taiwan so that china knows mah. It is to prove that taiwan and singapore are sovereign states, including the sovereign assets.

Correct? HK did not charge singapore for landing the sovereign assets there without license. HK only charge the captain imported the weapons on HK land. The owner of weapon is not affected.

If discharging at matland, vietcon, thailand, these countries will likely to tell the captain to: please, go away, no body knows yet.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 11.08

So if you send heroin in parcels to your destination and Speed Post or Ninja Express or DHL as courier or contractors got to be hanged if the Customs made the discoveries??

If send in containers in containers vessels, the Masters and Crew also got to hanged? ??

Sound Logic.

Anonymous said...

Today asked....Why is everyone mean and stupid — and getting worse?

Well, because of lawlessness or the abuse of the law, the people become retarded( If America wants this misguided recalcitrant, it can have him.

But if Mr Yee wants to live in Singapore, all he has to do is abandon his "hate" or simply keep it to himself - repress the truth.)

"And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold."

Anonymous said...

The sting of death is Sin, the strength/power of Sin is the law

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49

"If send in containers in containers vessels, the Masters and Crew also got to hanged? ??"

Got check and without reason to suspect illegal goods, no hang.
These terex rolled up the vessels. Cannot say not checked or seen lah.
The vessel went to xiamen, china territory, the port bound to be checked by custom as it is a smuggling port. Cannot see the big rollers 9 by number?

After xiamen, the rollers place on land of HK port, so its landed. Still cannot get charged? HK ada laws? Correct.

Landed, i think is too much lah. Keep on vessel may be its not HK laws case.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 12.09

Don't talk Cock with a SHIP'S PLANNER

These are called UC or Uncontainerised Cargo of Odd Size and can only be stowed on Deck of vessel in FR or Flat Rack special containers in full view of all who are not Blind.

Reporter can go on board and specially to look at containers meh??

They already knew that these are on board all the time from Taiwan to Sinkieland in transit at HK. Last time no quarrels, just ignore. Now small small things also catch your hind legs.

Normal human behaviours everywhere.In all situations and environment.

Far East Routes call vessels made their last stop at HK b4 sailing to Singapore or elsewhere in SEA. Most appropriate and convenient plus costs savings.

Unless you have cargo for Japan, then last port in Japan.

So vessel cannot Rest in Matland, Thailand or Vietnam unless they go thru the future Isthmus of Kra.

Vietnam ports mainly feeder smaller vessels. If not also like Sewol, capsized.

Anonymous said...

The book condemns you, good luck to you bunch of idiots

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, you asked the Customs or CNB, who they go after??

Definitely the Sender or the Consignor or Consignee

The Owner of the cargo. Not the courier or contractor.

Unless the contractor and shipper and Consignee are the same.

Anonymous said...

Those who bathe in "success" or mammon have no conscience and they lie...those who struggle and the bottom feeder die in stupidity.

Their glory? A piece of over glorified concrete that will soon fall on their stupid heads

Anonymous said...

The elites, high and arrogantly mighty, think they are always right don't give a hoot and so the people, being too stupid, don't give a hoot either.

All pointing middle finger at each other while smiling. Welcome to Sin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep it to yourself. Be dumb! Be blind! Be deaf!

Be a monkey!

Anonymous said...

While, smart city some more. So smart until become like monkey

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been victimised in the Terrex case. The fault lies with the shipping company and the captain of the ship.It is in the past. Redbean should not stir up muddy water. Why is Redbean bring this up again?

Anonymous said...

"Why is Redbean bring this up again? "

What so good or so bad to u that Redbean need your approval to talk about Terrex. Terrex is a state problem. U are just one individual. Not your problem at all. We like to read about Terrex in this blog. U can go to other blogs not talking about Terrex. U are like some who cannot stand some teen talking about someone, ended the teen no need to do NS. U think you have the rights to impose your wishes on others?

b said...

ITs a warning to sin that sin should not send any weapons or warships or tanks to that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

When the Sin people become chicken and duck talk( no one is communicating) the city then shall disintegrate

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49, please go to Reach. You belong there, not here. Go, shooo, shoo, silly boy.

Anonymous said...

"He asked to see the CV interviewer had, and realised his CV had been cropped and edited, most probably from the HR people. He then lodged complaint to the CEO, and company's internal investigations shown that the recruitment manager from a certain nationality was the culprit, and apparently it was intended to make him look bad so that the manager's "friend" could get the job. Other CVs were also doctored as well, particularly Singaporean applicants.

The CEO (AMDK) apologised, then tried to offer the friend a job ON CONDITION THAT he does not go to MOM."

Time to celebrate. Even resume foreigner wants to alter suit their arguments to hire kskinan.

The CEO must be very smart. Some day the group can create own records about what they do to benefits themselves.

This is my first time heard of such attempts, akin to creating false records on hiring, such as false degrees.

I like Singapore being divided so much so that foreigners can do so serious fraud against citizens. Have a stout to celebrate pinky s success on population policy.

Anonymous said...

The next step China will likely take with redgard to Singapore's "International Laws" attack on China is to apply "International Laws" as well as China's National Laws in everything Singapore Govt and private enterprises do within Chinese Territories.

Anonymous said...

You are slaves. Idiotic slaves on every level and you don't have soul.

Soul is the essence of Creative life. You have Creative destruction and the abuser of laws you kookoo

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro Anon 7.48

I had stated time and again Singaporeans are just too trusting, too naive and too accommodating to the street wise, cunning foreign trashes. But unfortunately, not to our own kind.

They been brainwashed by the propaganda daily doses of our equally loved the foreign trashes
Government that they become so dumb.

Even do not even know what hits them.

Anyway, maybe they have to suffer great lost and hardships before they woke up.

That's unfortunately be too late for them. They need to be like the ancient chinese in having a repeat of the Slaughter of Sinkieland, like Nanjing.

Before they be as wise, streetwise andcunning like them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:49pm

I agree with you. This singapore firm CEO is in hot soup.

He still wanted to cover up against applicant going to MOM. Can u imagine how weak this CEO is.

The right steps to do is to sack the person ie manager trying to create false resumes ie modifying the applicants official submissions. I think a immediate sack is justified for discipline reason.

Then CEO should not bargain with the new applicant to cover up. In that way, the CEO loses authority due to himself showing no integrity.

If i were the HR, those steps will be recommended. How to work with managers when they resort to changing the source documents? Sack them as they have no honesty and have ulterior motives to:
Start an empire within their departments.
It will be difficult to build team work.

Very similar to singapore now. There is no trust on foreigners. Even foreigner managed banks, i do not trust. I only use the local chief bank, ah neh banks, like black red, or blue green, i close all accounts to save troubles in future. They said this, trust a snake better. I think is racist but when i deal with PR in company from there, i always make sure i have plan B. When they complain i must have answers. Always justified and not caught by them. Yes no trust by jagah jagah behind well.

Anonymous said...

APL American President Lines was founded by Americans and has 160 years of history. Its website boasts an impressive array of international awards accorded over many years right up to the last few years consistently. The management team shown in the website lists 5 person...two apparently Singaporeans. The chief operations officer is "jason wong" ex NOL man. At this moment we are treated with an obviously heavily censored news that APL is the "bad guy", and mindef is good guy. We have not heard from APL, NOT A WORD! It is an eerie silence as suggested in rb article above. If i am no wrong, APL is now part of French conglomerate CMA-CGM GROUP not much "American ". (The Ceo according to APL Website, is a director of NOL. ). On 19 May, when the court hearing is started, we shall get to see what APL has to say. If they plead 100% guilty, the CeO will surely be fired along with some in their management team. Will their CEO protect themselves or have they made pre-arrangements what to say. Redbean is correct. This case is NOT over until the trial in May. We cannot assume the case is over just because local MSM censored incomin information, most likely. Those who made comments here that rb is imagining thing, are either heaviky brainwashed daft Singaporeans, or handsomely paid pap IB trolls....or both.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I fully agree with 9:46 that daft Sinkies are doomed with more discoveries of conspiracies against Singaporeans by foreigners. Someone should make sure that report, if genuine, reaches MOM and Lim Swee Say and the media.

Daft sinkies are so pathetic that they are being robbed of their jobs by crooked means in their own country without knowing why, and worst, the country is also being taken over by foreigners.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ March 29, 2017 8:33 am

/// Someone should make sure that report, if genuine, reaches MOM and Lim Swee Say and the media. ///

Got any use or not?
What can Lim Peh Say Swee Swee do?
Can only mental masturbate in front of a PAP audience tio bo?

/// Daft sinkies are so pathetic that they are being robbed of their jobs by crooked means in their own country without knowing why, and worst, the country is also being taken over by foreigners. ///

In 1965, wasn't Singapore already taken over by the foreigners called PAPaya?
True or not?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.14

When the military wares were s seized by the HK Authoritie, our Hen made a mistake by jumping the gun too fast. Does not pause and try to seize and read the situation with fellow ministers.

He insisted that these transits in the past by the same mode of transportation were met without any problems. Why now????

This clearly shows that they are doing this for some reasons. He is not sharp enough to be aware of what going ons with his other colleagues ministries relations both domestic and foreign that might harm his ministry.

That's why he is sidelined for the CEC. MOST ARE NOT OF CALIBRE TO BE MINSITERS.

For that matter, all PAP ministers are too preoccupied with their own directorships and their own interests that they are not in sync with one another.