How long does it take to admit a silly mistake?

A few people came to me shaking their heads just to ask why it took 6 long years and wasting so many precious hours of unproductive time to realise that the no lunch break is a total failure from the start? The promise and optimism of some half baked logic that longer hours with no lunch break meant more business,  would increase trading business by 10%, were at best be good for a laugh. Only someone not in the industry could think that such an idea would work when anyone with a couple of years in this business and with a little grey matter would know how silly it was. And it took a whole solid 6 years to admit that it was all an expensive mistake, an unproductive farce.

Then I also heard some clowns still saying that it was a great idea and it did not fail, it was a great success. The no lunch break farce gave SGX a big advantage over other bourses that have to close for lunch. The clown even bragged that if one bought one share in Timbuktu and the market crashed, the buyer of that one share could sell it in SGX without missing a bid while other bourses were closed for lunch.

I must say that I agree with the clown's clever reasoning. We could boast to the world that we have a market that opens a whole full day, so efficient and so convenient for all the traders of the whole wide world to trade here. I would also agree that if the market is open 24 hours, better still, then our aunties and uncles and ah mahs could trade in all the markets all over the world any time they like. They can even wake up in the middle of the night after having a good tip from their dreams to buy shares, and the Singapore market will be there waiting for them.

Come to think of it, the failure of the no lunch break would not have happened if they open the market 24 hours a day non stop. (Oops, I know some disagreed that it was a failure and would still swear that it was a great success.) And business would boom and everyone in the business will be laughing to the bank and no one would be complaining of no business or a waste of time. It must be, 8 hours of business, now 3X8 hours would mean business would triple. As they said, want to do something well, go all the way, no half hearted measures like no lunch break.

Many are cheering that they are having their lunch break back. Please forgive these people for they did not know what they missed and how good it would be, how good it could be, if the market remains open 24 hours a day. The only reason for these folks to be happy for a miserable lunch break, I think, is that they are not talented so unable to appreciate how good no lunch break is for the business. A child in the kindergarten would also be able to work out the arithmetic. The idea is so simplistic! But that is the brilliant part and even simpletons would know that it would work. How can anyone say it would not work or it did not work?

Maybe we need to engage a foreign talent to teach these simple folks how good it is if a market has no lunch break, or better still operates on a non stop 24 hours basis. Give it more time to succeed, keep the no lunch break. 6 years is too short a time for this great idea to bear fruits. Please don’t throw out such a clever idea.

Stupidity has no cure.

A consolation is that the market still has many great innovations that would keep it flourishing and in the pink of health. I particularly like algo trading, computer trading, smaller bid size, can trade one share at a time to improve liquidity and cheaper for children to play with their piggy bank savings. $1 can buy 100 shares. Now isn’t that nice? And main board shares some more. More than 2 billion shares are traded daily, and will be bigger tomorrow. Don't pray pray. See how healthy is the stock market or not? It is growing from strength to strength.

It is such a pity that they are bringing back the lunch break. Now business will surely be adversely affected.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, lunch or no lunch break has nothing to do with volume. Those who made the decision is crazy. Probably a scholar.

Anonymous said...

When u go buy ToTo or 4D, do u see the counter staffs ' out for lunch', no right? The S-pools or Turf counter staffs only stagger their lunch breaks or go later...so if Pools / Turf did it why can't ASsGeeX...may be they r a different breed ( as some need smoking break to have a kick in their stimulant brain to get working , who knows?)..

Virgo 49 said...

When you took over an appointment as the Chief of an organisation or even just a manager, you got to throw some ideas of how to reorganize and make your charges worked better.

If yoy just simply tweaked some changes, the Management or your boss will said you are not competent enough to reshuffle and make further progress.
But, actually most things are already in place and tested.

To justify your hefty salary or top appointment, you have to throw ideas some even usless and crazy to show that you are an independent mind.

So, changes are sometimes made for the worse.

In our Pioneer leaders philosophy, no need to reinvent the wheel, just modify and make it better.

But now, you must have ideas out of the box. These jokers really think and jump into the boxes of he'll with their nincoomp ideas.

After, their ideas not successful, just pat your backside, collect your hefty remuneration plus bonus and Sayonara.

Anonymous said...

Don't anyhow say idea no successful. The guy is so highly regarded here that he refused to go away and even appointed to important post to share his great talent with the daft. The daft deserved him.

Anonymous said...

After, their ideas not successful, just pat your backside, collect your hefty remuneration plus bonus and Sayonara.
March 01, 2017 9:08 am

If really Sayonara ... then there is still hope for Singaporeans.
So what happens next after 6 years of stupidity?
They will now hold a conference to tell you that they welcome "disruptive" ideas.
And hang around for another 6 years while they do their new dog & pony show ( centered around being "disruptive" )

Anonymous said...

What silly mistake? None so far and never will there be. So Redbean you can tang ko ko for any admission.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I never say got mistake hor. I support the idea. I also support open the exchange 24 hours like 711.

Anonymous said...

/// A few people came to me shaking their heads just to ask why it took 6 long years and wasting so many precious hours of unproductive time to realise that the no lunch break is a total failure from the start? ///

Don't you think by PAP standards - 6 long years to admit a policy mistake is considered very fast? Redbean should be very thankful and grateful.

Think about our falling fertility problem.
40 years ... and still not willing to identify the cause.
Even though they have been told countless number times.

Virgo 49 said...

Correct, this Sayonara only applicable to those in private or statutory boards, but not applicable to the PAP Ministers and MPs.

Even can not walk or after whole body transplants, still want to hold on to posts.

Aiyo, where to find these types of r emunerations plus fringe benefits.

Just take a Singapore flag at sports meet and wave, wave plus smiles a bit on cameras.

All on the house.

Pai see boh chow

Anonymous said...

@ March 01, 2017 9:27 am

Does Science (and Politics) Advance One Funeral at a Time?
" A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. " - Max Planck


What about politics in Singapore?
Does it also advance one funeral at a time?

Virgo49 said...

When you have Cabinet changes, be prepared to face the worst.

New Ministers will make changes and most will be worse off than their predecessors.

Let me give an example of how these changes affected the ordinary citizens.

Before Khaw Boon Wan left to be Transport Minister, he was the National Development Minister.

He publicly declared that those who opted for the two roomed flexibility flats from their previous other applications for other flats would not be penalised.

My bachelor friend had applied for a studio flat and even paid the initial deposit for one.

He went to reapply for a flexibility two roomed flat for a shorter lease and less pricy.
Thinking no penalty involved.

Next comes Lawrence Wong and he had his deposit and whatever upfront payments all forfeited.

To add insult to injury, as a Single, he has to top up 15K for his application of a two roomed flexi flat. His first time in applying a flat.

Others had brought, sold and make a fortune selling their flats and he has to fork up 15k extra as a single to buy a flat.

Paying more income taxes for years and doing National Slavery and yet paying extras for a flat as a loyal sinkie. Likewise, my daughter also buying a flexi flat as a single.

What logic is this??? New minister thinking out of box to slaughter you.

Add on top of his miseries, he has to dispose his Malaysian properties as he is too honest and stupid to declare his interests. Too kia see, kia cheng hu.

He has applied for nearly ten years with no results till now.

So, you see what new ministers can override and bring more miseries to the very people who stupidly voted for them.

Anonymous said...

So, you see what new ministers can override and bring more miseries to the very people who stupidly voted for them.
March 01, 2017 10:06 am

I think it's basically the PAP Minister mindset.
They do not think it's their job to make Singaporeans' life better.
They think it's their job to collect more money to add to the "national reserves" (a mythical creature that nobody has ever seen before)

It's also the Singaporean mindset.
Die, die ... must vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

" Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking.
Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. "
- Steve Jobs

Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going – 2011
by Lee Kuan Yew (Author)


Anonymous said...

Singapore - Progressing slowly ... one funeral at a time.

Anonymous said...

When talking about changing the current team of politicians, one can see swam of warnings change can be worst than now.

If one is born with a brain and a pair of eyes, one can see how their children see things so different from him as parent. The ways children see things and grow up with new ideas different from the parent is what the new world should be.

Many old fellows couldnt take it. They said change means worst. To give live examples and not to get deleted: Tony Blair, when pm was visited by his frequent friend, an old man from his familiar syonan. Tony now proven to have blood of 1 millions death at Iraq which syonan participated and was proud of by one old men openly said to the distinguished guests when imf had meeting at suntec. This publicity now turns out to be a disaster. Tong gave a speech said UK voted leaving EU was made by voters did not know what they were voting for. 17.4 voters voted to leave EU did not know what they voted for. That was Tony s new thinking. Another old man joined him, John Major said leaving is a mistake and asked May the present PM to stop it.

I think about it. Why old politicians are so different from new politicians. This theory is the hard truth: old politicians enjoy the money and they do not want the money to go. If they do not keep their presence, they have no money as young ones will take away.

"Change from mistakes" is secondary to politicians or CEO or COO. The CEO started as FT in exchange. He stirred a fake take over on another exchange, and share prices soared. It could never work as the other country cannot agreed. He hired a COO could not manage UPS to stand by power for exchange power out. It did happen and UPS did not kick in to provide stand by power. The exchange was off for the day.

This CEO started the lunch time no break fancy idea. I found lunch time the screen was so quiet. Who want to go in? The whole exchange after the hu ha of the FT CEO and COO with couples of "days off" due to no power, wrong programs etc, the reputation in the region is "world class number one" from bottom.

I saw on article saying the exchange might get Aramco the saudi oil company ipo against HK? i want to laugh at these novice reporter. What exchange is this now? 3rd world exchange when compared with HK, Shanghai and Shenzheng exchanges. Why? No Alibaba, Tencent, etc. Tencent is now higher than Ali. Both are hot stocks in HK.

So where does Aramco go? My bet is 100% on HK exchange. The world top IPO is in HK not syonan. Whatever mistakes made in syonan is far too late to change: the reputation is damaged.

Tell you the cause of these mistakes: hired Foreigner as chiefs. Train systems, exchange operations, banko operations and loands, used to be reputable as tip top financial and transport operations. When looking at the systems now, were there "mistakes" made?

That came from the politicians policies of relying on foreigners and discarding citizens to manage the mission critical assets for syonan.

More mistakes will continue when voters continue to vote for this bunch of politicians and not opposition in 2020GE.

After 2020GE when the same team continue, syonan most probably will run out of CASH to run the small city. Dont make mistakes to waste money on this bunch of politicians who waste so much money to hire foreigners in top positions to waste more money, and to give free scholarship ($360 millions x 20years) to foreigners means giving away taxes from gst from water taxes to foreigners.

When can voters learn from their past mistakes? Is when they can change for better life.

Anonymous said...

" 17.4 voters voted to leave EU"
Should be 17.4 millions voters, referendum date: 23 June 2016

patriot said...

Running it 24/7 should be the Way to go.
Stock Trading is a round the clock activity around the Globe.

ln fact, money making is a non stop affair and people should work non stop to make more money.

Commonsense la but sensible or not; You decide, okay?


Anonymous said...

Whatever we do in life MUST be kind!

Take away from people their lunch breaks.......really UN-kinD!

Go back to basic! Dont try to be tooooooooooooooooo smart!


Virgo 49 said...

The other time, the Ang moh implemented NO lunch break is because he hoped more transactions.

Thus more revenue. This is the only step to justify his hefty salary.

Or else, NOTHING to show. Same time remisers and brokers hopefully more incomes.

If your cha kway teow is good, by 2pm all sold out.

If no good, even sell till midnight also no business.

Midnight sell backsides and abalone in Geylang, not Shenton Way, SINKIE land wall street.

Anonymous said...

The no-free-lunch to improve productivity can NEVER work in Asian or Hispanic cities, as Asians & Hispanos need to have siesta & relaxing beer to de-stress first before going back to their computers. No-free-lunch to improve productivity so far can only work in major angmoh cities like New York & London. Even angmoh city like Sydney also not working so well, coz Aussies like to slack & drink beer at all times of the day.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, how about forex market? It's available 24/5. I used to know a FX trader working in offshore bank. The FX traders are on 3-shifts. He worked the morning shift from 5am to 2pm. But he'll be in the office by 4:15am. At least he got very well rewarded for it. Average earnings of $50K per month. Best months can hit $100K or more. He kena called back for reservist accidentally becoz most of his earnings are credited to him offshore in foreign banks. So his CPF is minimal --- SAF thought he low-income feller. I remember the S1 got a shock when presented with $25K make-up-pay claim for 2 weeks reservist. After that I never saw him for reservist again.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, how about forex market? It's available 24/5 ... FX traders are on 3-shifts.
March 01, 2017 12:49 pm

The forex market is a global market. Of course it's 24/5

The Singapore stock market is a little peesai.
Even New York Stock Exchange ... thousands of times bigger than SGX in market capitalization. They trade only 6.5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Only Singapore politicians believe that they should be paid more than the USA President for managing a little peesai.
Only Singaporean voters are stupid enough to believe the bullshit.

The Dragon Fly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Inspiring America: N.C. Principal Visits Every Student’s Home
A North Carolina middle school principal is trying a unique strategy to connect with her students outside of the classroom: visit them at home — all of them.

Elizabeth MacWilliams, principal at Caroll Magnet Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina, told NBC News it's a practice that she started back in her teaching days, when she organized her first parent-teacher open house at school and no one showed up.

"We mistake [parents'] absence at a school event for a lack of care or interest," she said. "I found that's not the case."

So instead of asking parents to come to her, she's decided to go to them. Over the course of the school year, she visits more than 900 families in total to be sure each and every student is attended to.


Just in case you think our PAP politicians are very hard-working and underpaid.

The Dragon Fly said...

The Pathetic and Tragic Story of the Little Red Dot - Part 12A

The Stock Exchange

President Hee Hong Yee, after his inauguration was very satisfied but not so happy, because one of his sychophantic balls-carrying nephew told him that he had made a mistake in making the Stock Exchange of Little Red Dot continue trading during the lunch hour, and many people are not happy.

"Where got mistake? God never make mistakes. We call ourself God, no, I mean Natural Aristocrats, not for nothing, Yew Know? We believe in 'Nothing is Impossible; Miracles Take a Little Bit Longer', Yew Know? I am the President now! How dare you or anyone say I made a mistake!"

"Yes, Sir! Yew knows, I know, Everybody also knows..... But, but, but, not say I want to say, but I must say hor. This is not your grandfather's country, Sir! How can you not give your citizens a lunch break, when every organization in the world does? People going to hate you.... "

"What! You dare to question me? This is indeed my grandfather's country, Yew Know? Now I am the Emperor, eh... I mean the President. I can do anything I want and nobody should dare to go against me .... eh, if you dare to go against me I will fix you good and proper. Don't ever question me again, do you understand!?"

"Yes, Sir! I am so, so, so sorry, Sir! I was just trying to advise you to be cautious. Maybe, I am too old already ... my memory fails me .... I forgot that this is actually your grandfather's country. Please, forgive me, Sir!"

"Now, what mistake were people talking about .... you mentioned something about lunch break? Ah, yes, I forgot I have a lunch appointment with the North Korean President. Hurry .... go to the garrage and tell my driver and traffic police escorts to get ready my motorcade immediately... I will be down at the front door in 10 minutes... and I want you to accompany me in my limo so that we can discuss about the .... mistake on the way. Go now!"

"Yes, Sir!" The Chief Presidential Secretary (CPS) quickly turned about and ran as fast as he could down the corridor, down the huge red-carpet staircase, out of the main door, dashed for 50 metres straight to the garrage and shouted as loud as he could at the President's driver, "Driver Tan Ah Kow! ,,, Ah Kow! ... Ah Kow!"

"Cow, Cow, Cow! Cow Bei, Cow Bu, people sleeping so nicely ... just started to dream of my darling having fun in the gardens ... come and wake people up.... hai ya ... bad luck .... really bad luck .... this chief secretary ... sure no good kang tao wan."

"Ah Kow, President wants you to get ready immediately. Drive the limo and wait for him under the porch at the main door. Traffic Police Officer, please get your team ready to escort the President in 5 minutes and follow Driver Ah Kow to the porch. Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir!" Driver Ah Kow and the Traffic Police Officer replied in unison loud and clear.

"Thank you..." The Chief Presidential Secretary turned around and run as quickly as he could back to the main building of the Palace.

In 10 minutes, President Hee Hong Yee was in his limo, with his Chief Presidential Secretary sitting beside him at the back of the car, on his way to meet the North Korean President at the Red Dot International Airport.

On the way, he discussed about the lunch break issue with his CPS, then after a few minutes consideration, he told the CPS to let the CEO of the Red Dot Stock Exchange know that the lunch break would be re-instated but not to admit that it was a mistake.....

(To continue .... going for lunch and smoke breaks.)

Anonymous said...

The no lunch break thing is for the computers to trade non stop. This is the main reason.

Anonymous said...

"Only Singaporean voters are stupid enough to believe the bullshit.
March 01, 2017 1:26 pm"

I spoke alot about changing the team. Not that i have doubt about them, but i have doubt about what they do, especially replacing important positions with foreigners, making spending out of control.

Just read in ass about article "S'PORE HAS $190 BILLION BUDGET CASH SURPLUS YET PAP MP CALL FOR FISCAL PRUDENCE? " This author added up the preceding years surpluses. He assumed these were real CASH. I do not assume this is cash.

The surplus figure is one thing to bluff about the "good jobs" done by the elites. If they add in some such as unrealized gains in lands or shares in those time, and now is no longer in surplus, the total figures of that guy s adding is meaningless.

That is the reason i guess, those talks in parliament asking for prudence. I can make a wide guess, after 10 years, the new government if under Pap, will scream for cash not enough.

Remember they give away real cash, such as scholarships to foreigners, jobs income to foreigners which means citizens has no contributions to taxes, and most important of all: the timebomb the Pap created: PR CPF.

The PR is coming to million. All can take 100% cash home at emergency, ie when syonan is attacked and PR are leaving. CPF can be a real problem to draw cash for citizens.

Remember, profits and surpluses made are not real cash. Giving away are real cash. How long can syonan last to continue the generous policies for foreigners to collect cash from this little city? If voters are foolish. I cannot help them. Only they need to learn similar to Greece. The ran an Olympic yaya. Now is indebted and could not pay off the debts. Syonan better be very careful, or voters have to vote for another team to take over the jobs to twist the policies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't worry. More and more robots will be used, and these silicon-based "super fast traders" will replace those carbon-based "slow" humans more and more.

I predict that in HFT, they are going to "slice the time" in to smaller and smaller units.

Humans blink their eyes at a rate of ~400 ms. (Blink is close and open). You can easily blink twice or three times in one second. 10,000 trades per sec is the sort of ballpark, back-of-the-envelope figure the current tech is at (as far as I know....I could be off and the number even higher).

If you "slice" that into milliseconds, you get 10 trades per millisecond. The aim is to slice the time into even smaller bits. 10 trades per NANO second or PICO second....?!? (I can't even imagine what that would be like)

Enjoy your reclaimed lunch break folks....while you are still relevant. 😂🤣😂

Got Uber?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...



The above are not HFT software, but rather predictive tools....which will of course form part of an HFT algorithm. i.e. if you can predict an end game (future price), you can place bets (make trades)

Playing around in this area will give the "inquisitive folks" an insight into machine learning, big data, Bayesian analytics/ brains, etc....especially if you want a career in FINANCE. Who knows? You might start your own hedge fund? Anything is possible. 🤣

If you're in your teens and 20's, you should be playing here....why do you think we're spending enormous amounts of our hard earned tax-money money on your STEM education? (yes, you've been spoilt!)

Google Tensor Flow. Get busy boys and girls, and good luck!

Anonymous said...


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says that ethnic considerations are still a consideration for Singaporeans when choosing a prime minister.


Hello Uncle Lee.
Singaporeans do not choose our Prime Ministers.
The winning political party (in this case PAP) decide internally within PAP who among the elected PAP MPs will be Prime Minister.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

@ March 01, 2017 10:13 pm

Yes. You are right.
Singaporeans elect our Presidents directly.
But Singaporeans do not elect our Prime Ministers directly.

Singapore's current PAP Prime Minister (Lee Hsien Loong) is chosen by PAP. NOT Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

(Political Scientist) Rb in his 28/2/17 post -- "Critics and cynics to be invited to share their disruptive views" -- wrote: //The word disruptive is now being floated like a new panacea to cure the ills of everything.//

In this current 1/3/17 post -- "How long does it take to admit a silly mistake?" -- Rb wrote: //A few people came to me shaking their heads just to ask why it took 6 long years and wasting so many precious hours of unproductive time to realise that the no lunch break is a total failure from the start?//

Mee has not posted comments for a few days "to watch the world goes by ..... to ponder what is to come ....... what can we do about it ...... if anything ......) .......

[Those reflections, analyses and syntheses shall be inspiration for "musings" and kpkb another time .....]

Meanwhile, going with the times and needs, to weave problems, ideas and (potential) solutions into a coherent, aesthetic yet practical yet game changing social fabric, here is the


...... to solve the "problem of a Stock Market performing way below its potential" .......

Appoint a real winner to run the stock mkt ......?

A man who made a billion with 10 million?

A man who could be the richest man in red dot in 10 to 20 yrs time (cos he is imvesting way ahead of the curve) ......?

One who invested in the commodity biz just before it took off big time ......?

And in recent years (heavily) invested in the medical industry before the silver tsunami and grey (tidal) wave onset from the 2020s onwards ......?

Appoint this "INVESTMENT-GURU" to run the (stock) mkt .....?

A Remiser King (in the past), (presently) a Commodity King, and (likely soon to be) A Medicare King......?

Why not let him unleash his potential and become the:

"The Stock Market King"

Of The Globe

In the 21st Century

By turning a peesai stock mkt

Into a Financial "Superpower"?

Well, this is just a "disruptive idea" after reading political scientist rb's 2 posts .......

Alternatively, (peesai can) hire another "AngMo" and "make another 6 yrs mistake"?

Or satisfice and twiddle thumb for another 6 yrs?

Talking motherhood is one thing?

Taking action and becoming a mother is another?

No wonder there is a lot of talk ..... about motherhood ...... but a dearth of mothers and babies ......?


Look at the TFR since 1990 (when LaoGoa took over)?

Talking motherhood for 27 years but lesser and lesser mothers and babies .......?

Time for less talk and MORE (real disruptive) actions?

Did someboLEE say (some) people peeing (and shitting) in their pants?


Talk only?

Just one "suggestive disruptive idea" and already many cynical old farts (investor) "up in arms"?

How to have (more) "disruptive views" other than (more) wet dreams (and masturbation)?

[Will NOT post meanwhile cos no point ...... a leopard will not change its spots ...... a papig will not stop gobbling greedily .....?]

Virgo49 said...

Need a Donald Trump or Tan or Tang to save sinkieland.

Hear his speech in Congress yesterday's morning.

Every thing for the Americans.

Poor Senators and members of the House of Representatives.

Every two or three mins got to stand up and clapped.

Can this be happening in sinkieland???

Can Teochew Ah Hia or Sylvia Lim do this in 2020???

Anonymous said...

When they dipped into the people's savings, levied high taxes on basic necessities like water, you know that they are desperate for money. Surpluses are written on paper. How to trust. It is the real actions, where and how they are taking money from the people, these are real and will tell you the true story. No money.

patriot said...

There CANT be any good just by having positive thinking or what's call here as MENTAL MASTURBATION.
Someone whatsapped me early in the Morning today that the Philippines has one of the Largest Gold Possession.
Told him gold not edible, only good for adornment. The Whole of Asia and S E Asia OTHER THAN SIN, are endowed by Nature with plenty of natural resources and all they need are good leaders and citizenries. They have plenty to eat and live. There is no need for the People to be resourceful.

As for Sin, Nature was kind to give it a strategic location and it prospered for about two centuries.
However, due to greed, Sin becomes too small for the Avaricious to share and it is now a place where dog eats dog, Sinkie exploits Sinkie. The Chasm between the Rulers and the People
gets wider as day goes. lt appears and some, including me and Commenter b here in My Singapore News Blogsite, are feeling that the Sin Rulers are indirectly trying to goad the Sinkies to migrate. Not too silly an idea and if Virgo49 is any guide for us; MIGRATION may
indeed be the Way to get out
of faving insurmountable challenges coming to the Sinkies.
l would say the Younger Sinkies have to learn from
the Foreign Talents and be
more adventurous.
lt is not too wise to live on hope and worse depending
on the Rulers to change ones' fate.


The Average Sinkies shall
serve the Aristocrat and Elite, if they remain in Sin.


patriot said...

Like to say that the Sin Leeders have ran out of ideas to make Sinkies live better. lt is not because they are stulid or incompetent, IT IS BECAUSE SINAND SINKIES ARE COMPLETELY EXPLOITED. THE ONLY OPTION LEFT IS TO BRING IN THE FILTY RICH AND POWERFUL TO KEEP SIN ROCKING.

Matilah Singapura is the Kind of people the Sin Leeders want to have around.
Of course the Aristocrat and Elite also
want You around to serve them la.


patriot said...

Like to say that the Sin Leeders have ran out of ideas to make Sinkies live better. lt is not because they are stulid or incompetent, IT IS BECAUSE SINAND SINKIES ARE COMPLETELY EXPLOITED. THE ONLY OPTION LEFT IS TO BRING IN THE FILTY RICH AND POWERFUL TO KEEP SIN ROCKING.

Matilah Singapura is the Kind of people the Sin Leeders want to have around.
Of course the Aristocrat and Elite also
want You around to serve them la.


Anonymous said...

/// Like to say that the Sin Leeders have ran out of ideas to make Sinkies live better. lt is not because they are stulid or incompetent, ... ///
March 02, 2017 10:22 am

Do you think it is correct to assume that Sin Leeders want to make life better for Singaporeans?
Or is it more correct to assume that they want to make life better for themselves?

Who is paid millions and who is paid peanuts?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans with expertise in shipping, logistics and other viable commercial expertise required in Matland.

Malacca Port. HSR nearby can go back 1 hour and phave a quick one and back to work.

Also can applied PR or silver hair scheme.

Can have bungalows and 2000 cc cars there.

Weekend can go north or south no hassle.

If SINKIE land don't value you, Matland wants us.

Just sell your HDB flats and exchange $1.00 to 3 Ringgit there.

Become mini millionaires or millions hairs.

Future Malacca Gateway wants you.

Anonymous said...

@ patriotMarch 02, 2017 10:22 am
//Like to say that the Sin Leeders have ran out of ideas to make Sinkies live better.//

Angkor Patrait,

On this point, look at the ground ......?

It is the ability to solve problems, (and not just leeching on high pay) and get the job done?

On the ground, for every rank and file performing, probably another 4 to 5 is underperforming or just barely satisficing to scrape by ......?

It is easy to make motherhood statements (from ivory tower) but unable to conceive in reality or deliver (babies and become mothers) in the labour ward in the end?

Many SMEs are "grasping" for air "frantically treading water" with the little remaining final energy left to "stay afloat"?

But recently more weight are added to the SMEs (and economy) in the recent budget announcement?

SMEs hire about 70% of the labour force in peesai and generate about 50% of its GDP .......

With many SMEs "fighting for their lives" trying to stay afloat, how lo(ooooooo)ng more or how much energy u think the SMEs have in them to "stay afloat treading water with more weights added"?

With SMEs struggling when as a whole, they hire about 70% of work force and produce about 50% of GDP, do u think the employees or economy is doing ok (financially)?

Since the LEEder in charge is in your GRC (10-pee-nise), is there any possibility for you to email him for answers to the above qns?

Exports constitute abt 200% of peesai GDP, consumption abt 37%, investment abt 26% and government spending abt 17% ......?

With high leakage/ withdrawal for any government fiscal injection spending, your perception that peesai can still "tong" and grow moderately for another 20 years via fiscal stimulus may be built on "quicksand"?

The average life span of sinkies now is 80+?

Will the peesai economy stay afloat lo(ooooooo)ng enough for oldies like Patrait for another 15 to 20 years could be an increasing challenge and insurmountable feat each passing day, month and year?

On the ground, there are "many carnages" among SMEs almost everyday?

Either u choose to see it or u dont?

Angkor Patrait, mee was in 10-pee-nise recently for appointment and on the ground, things are "certainly not rosy" ......?

U stay in 10-pee-nise and move around the estate, ....... u should know better the state of "despair and despondency" among many residents and small businesses owners?

Are they full of confidence?

Or many are resigned to whatever fate befalling them in the near future?

Anonymous said...

@ Patrait 10.13am //However, due to greed, Sin becomes too small for the Avaricious to share and it is now a place where dog eats dog, Sinkie exploits Sinkie.//

Botak-nomics economic model of high cost and high prices is heading towards "economic despair, hardship and even finaicial disaster" for many ......?

How many SMEs will fail in the next 2 years?

How much "financial carnages" on the street?

Anonymous said...

@ virgo 12.42pm //Future Malacca Gateway wants you.//


Abandon the daft and silly zha bor to be screwty by papigs policies and the blangas in the back lane of s'goon?

Time for new pastures, fresh grass for old cows?

patriot said...


l know for sure the Two Full Cabinet N
Minister in my Tampines GRC
Shall Reaped another few tens of million Sin Dollars if they stay in their current appointments or get promoted higher for another twenty to thirty years.
Sin can build and build to sell and sell another probably thirty years or so.
Will it benefit the Nan in the Street of Sin?
l doubt so.
l have NO DOUBT the Sin Rulers shall enjoy good harvest.

Twenty to thirty years is actually quite a long time in relation to average life span.
Doubt anyone can be sure that peace will prevail in the Region or even just in Sin itself.
Bloods had flowed in many places, diseases had killed many and the Elements have had done their damages.


Be prepared for the Consequences.


patriot said...

l know for sure the Two Full Cabinet Ministers on my Tampines GRC.....
to correct the Mistakes in the Earlier Post.

My apology.


patriot said...
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