CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade and Trafficking

CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking.          PART   1

Opium, heroin and cocaine smuggling and  trafficking is big business. Every year CIA and its closely connected drug mafias throughout the world ripped in tens of billions of dollars in profit. CIA runs its drug and narcotic trafficking unhindered and with impunity  because it is protected by powerful people in Washington, the Judiciary, customs, police and the Pentagon. The chains of connection in the narcotic trafficking can usually be traced from the mafias to judges and high ranking officers in the customs, transport, police, Pentagon  and ultimately ends at the doorsteps of USA presidents.
CIA has been steeply involved in drug and heroin business for decades in the Philippines. This is the reason why America opposed strongly President Duterte's war on drugs.

CIA has been indulging in drug trafficking and manuafacturing since the end of the Second World War.
CIA drug rings cover the whole world from Latin America to Europe, Middle East, Afghanistan, South East Asia and Australia. CIA drug peddling in Afghanistan, Golden Triangle - in Burma, Thailand and Laos, USA, Mexico, Honduras,Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia are all connected to Wall Street barons, the Rothschilds, Illuminati and Free Masons.
We can learn much of CIA's drug and narcotic trade from the books and reports written by historian Alfred McCoy, English professor and poet Peter Dale Scott and Journalists Gary Webb, Alexander Couckburn, and Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez. Their works result in USA government investigations. But these investigations were always tempered due to the influence and infiltration by CIA protectors in USA government. Thus they were all sham investigations.
From 1961 to 1975 CIA sponsored a secret war in Laos in support of the pro American Laotian government against the Pathet Lao Rebels. Throughout these years CIA was involved in trafficking Opium in the area known as the Golden Triangle. CIA recruited the Hmong or Meo tribes to fight the Pathet Lao rebels which occupied the Plain of Jars. CIA used its own planes to smuggle opium and heroin in and out of the Golden Triangle. This CIA illicit activity in trafficking in opium and heroin was revealed by former CIA pilots and personnels involved in the war and who were disillusioned with CIA for bringing death and suffering to millions of innocent poor people in the third world.
During the 1980s, CIA helped the Talibans in their  wars against Soviet Russia .  At the same time it was running a drug ring with the Afghan elites who were indulged in opium trafficking in the Middle East. CIA worked closely with Ahmed Wali Kazai the brother of then President Hamid Kazai in running the opium and heroin trafficking.
Monday,14th November, 2016


Hermit said...

Your facts wrong lah. CIA helped mujaheedin, not Taliban. Taliban only came up after US left after the war. Today, the same mujaheedin are called Al Qaida.

Another fact - when Taliban took over, drug in Afghanistan came down. When US overthrow Taliban, drug trade shot up. Agree with you CIA = drug trade.

Anonymous said...

Angmos are professionals in using drugs and liberalism to subvert and overwhelm their targeted victims.
When Old Civilizations like China and India adopt Western Culture, their very own cultural foundation will be eroded.
lt was lucky that the PRC managed to overcome Opium Addiction wrought onto them by the Brits.
Indians were and are less prone to adopt Western Culture and have resisted drugs very well.
Valentine Day is very much disapprove in India and PM Modi is promoting Yoga to the World.
Modi is wise.
Conversely, the two newly elected young Hongkie Parliamentarians are shitty
in using the english language to proclaim their liberalism and probably are Christians.
They betray the Motherland and are traitors to the Chinese Race.

Anonymous said...


I think you are right. Thanks for pointing out the error. But the Taliban also indulged in opium and narcotic trade in the end for financial survival to fight the American warmongers.


Anonymous said...

Do not blame others

when those of your own

tribe are out to sell out
the tribe and betray fellow
countrymen. Such traitor are

There is no difference in Sin.

b said...

Everyone selling toxic stuff these days. People must learn to make right choice in their own lives. Beware and do not buy all those stuff. Buying less is best. Create less waste. ZEN is key.

Anonymous said...

This is like how they spread deadly diseases to the native Indians to terminate them. The same formula is used to cause troubles all over the whole world. Everyone, every country is infected, affected by such hideous programmes of the Americans.

Anonymous said...

/// CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking. ///

And who runs the biggest gambling organization in Singapore?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

ICA and PMO runs the World's Most Lucrative Gambling, Prostituting
and Human Trafficking Business in Sinkie-Land. Right or Wrong"

Anonymous said...

How to pay million dollar salaries if don't have gambling and human trafficking?

Anonymous said...

Million dollars salaries are taken from three plates of fried kway teow of each and every single person working and non-working in Sinkie-Land, even before the Gambling, Prostituting, Human Trafficking, Boosting and Drugging went rampantly out-of-control.

If you had bothered to check back, the Million Dollars Rip-Off was introduced by Lau Goh, well before Ah Long San came into power.

During Lau Goh's time,
there were no Cash-in-Knows (Casinos);
there were no influx of human traffics;
there were no Little India Boosting Problems;

there were no rampant infestation of prostitutes all over Sinkie-Land
(now even HDB heartland also harbour illegal prostitutes under the guise of decent 'housewives' and 'Peh-Too Ma-Ma");

there were no Illegal Erection Drugs selling along the streets openly.

Now, Sinkie-Land has really become one of the world's Great City of Sins!