China officially protests to Singapore’s relations with Taiwan

For more than 40 years, Singapore Armed Forces have been training in Taiwan under the codename Starlight. This was an open secret without any party making an issue out of it. China could have protested but chose to close an eye and over the years everyone seemed to take this unusual relationship for granted.

Today, arising from the landing of Terrex armoured vehicles in Hong Kong and now impounded for not having the proper papers, the issue has escalated. China is now making an official protest to Singapore’s relationship with Taiwan on the ground that those countries recognizing one China should not have official govt to govt relations with Taiwan. Now what?

This is the first time that China has rebuked Singapore openly demanding that Singapore observed the rule of law in its relations with China under the One China Policy. Before this, Singapore enjoyed a very special relationship with China, carefully crafted and nurtured under the skilful hands of Lee Kuan Yew. This special relationship allowed Singapore to have very close ties with the Americans, the arch enemy of China and persistently trying to contain China and creating trouble for China, and also Singapore’s nebulous military training in Taiwan. All was good when relationship was kept at an even keel.

Things started to change when the Americans took an aggressive stand towards China in the South China Sea. Working hands in gloves with Japan and instigating the Aquino govt to take China to The Hague Tribunal and to make matter worst, turning the permanent arbitration court into a kangaroo court against China.  All this got nothing to do with Singapore until Singapore started to take the side of the Americans demanding that China accept the dubious rulings of the court, that China must abide by its rulings, and kept repeating that China must obey the rule of law, abide by international law as if China was not. Many other sordid events followed suit culminating in some unnecessary remarks at the Peru APEC Summit.

Why would a little Red Dot think it is its duty and right to keep telling China what to do and think that China is hapless and would have to tolerate its demands?  Though the Chinese govt did not say anything officially, the social media and other semi official media were rife in their attacks against Singapore for being on the side of the Americans and being anti China.

The writing was on the wall. Singapore did not see it coming? With its top diplomats making unfriendly comments, claiming to be speaking in their personal capacity as ‘ordinary citizens’ and brushed aside as non events in Parliament unchastised, did not go unnoticed.

Now the climax of this saga, 9 or is it 12 Singapore made Terrex armoured vehicles landed in Hong Kong port, carried by American President Line. Why did the vehicles landed in Hong Kong when they were not supposed to be there, on transit from Taiwan to Singapore? There is absolutely no reason for the armoured vehicles to be unloaded on to Hong Kong port. How did it happen, who did it and on what purpose? What is the agenda, or is there an agenda?

The APL or its employees cannot be so stupid to do such a thing. Armoured vehicles are weapons of war, prohibited unless proper documentations are done, often with diplomatic clearance. But why, why were the armoured vehicles in Hong Kong when they were bound for Singapore? Did someone intentionally unloaded them and then tipped off the Chinese authorities to create a tiff between the two countries?

Another big question, these are military weapons. Were they secured, were there guards to protect them from mischief? Were security protocol in place to keep terrorists or trouble makers away from the armoured vehicles? It is unbelieveable and shocking that such weapons are left to commercial shippers without being accompanied by military guards and treated like scrap cars, leave them wherever also can.

What’s next? How would this strange episode be resolved now that Lee Kuan Yew is not around and Hsien Loong has not been too friendly with his comments on China?  Could Singapore punch above its weight against China? Or would the Americans and its cronies be egging the Singapore govt to stand up to China just like the Aquino govt? Would there be another Hague Tribunal, backed by the UN to rule against China and the rulings be legal and binding?

With the Philippines not wanting to be the barking dog for the Americans, are the Americans looking for a replacement in Singapore to provoke China and raise tension again in the region? If so, would Singapore willingly accept this and play the role? Looks like Vivian Balakrishnan has a job cut out for him to excel. And he would pass with flying colours with his team of super talents in the MFA.

When leaders received bad counsels and cannot tell the difference, the only way to go is down.


Anonymous said...

Rb //When leaders received bad counsels and cannot tell the difference, the only way to go is down.//

??? ♤♡♧♢

??? ☆☆☆

??? ☆☆

??? ☆

??? ¿

Anonymous said...

The Cheena is teaching Pinky a lesson that he will never forget. Remember that VB said in parliament b4 bout the Power thing, now come back to haunt them, what go around comes around. The only thing that Pinky has to do now is better to shut up & let his fm deal with the matter..as the kids nursery songs sing "...Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall...humpty Dumpty had a great fall..." think that nobody taught Pinky this song b4 when he was a kid & GKS & Rjanatmam words were all forgotten...a modern day of ancient Cheena fallen king FuChai (夫差) of Wu Kingdom ( whom never uphold the words of his past wise advisors).

Anonymous said...

9.47am //Remember that VB said in parliament b4 bout the Power thing, now come back to haunt them, what go around comes around.//

Like that:


Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning.

The worst is yet to come.

I m not here to spread fear.

Not need me to explain. You got eyes to see n ears to hear.

Just talk talk only? Serious? Anyway for a U-turn?

Difficult! Very difficult! Anyway, we shall see.

As for now.....Be Happy n Worry Less!

Anonymous said...

With Vivian Balakrishnan helming the foreign affairs ministry, the strong pivot to India, and away from China, is understandable . . .

Anonymous said...

The Six Rules of Conduct are:

1. We always honour our Nation. We will do everything to uphold it and nothing to disgrace it.

2. At all times, we must bear in mind that we are the protector of our citizens.

3. We are loyal to the Armed Forces and we take pride in our unit, our uniform, our discipline, our work, our training and ourselves.

4. We must be exemplary in our conduct. We respect others, and by our conduct and bearing win the respect of others. We are courageous but not reckless.

5. We are devoted to duty but not to ourselves.

6. We guard our weapons as we guard secrets.

Virgo49 said...

Ports rotation to fill up a fully containerised ship after Taiwan, China and then HK to Sin is usually the norm.

Can be also to Japanese ports if on another route before Sin.

As these are odd size cargo, normally placed on deck full view on flat rack containers as not to obstruct or take too many usable slots for other containers.

In Xiamen, before HK, the Authorities already knew of these cargo but preferred to let her sailed to HK and let HK dealed with the situation.

If they were to make things difficult for Sin at Xiamen, then it will be shown as open confrontation. China do not want to show that they are picking on Singapore as a rising power.
They still want to have less countries in support of USA.

In HK, after some show of displeasure, they will be let off. Also on the pretext that we allow the HK authorities to have their discretion.

In fact, this is the PRC decision. For years think been transiting thru HK prior Sin with this arrangement. They just closed a blind eye to this. Normally friendly nation ships bearing friendly flying carrier flags are not so stringently mointor and check of their cargo.

Unlike North Korea carriers with their flags.

Also, in General Purpose or GP containers fully covered containerised cargo and stored in many tiers on and under deck inspections are difficult unless required shifting and tip offs.

So many lines do not declared what's in unless they have been sabo by the loading ports.

So this is china way of showing we can make things difficult if you want to be difficult.

Only warning this time.

Slap on wrist.

Next time cane on buttocks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

Anonymous said...

Virgo69: // Can be also to Japanese ports if on another route before Sin.//


denk said...

good analysis rb.

duterte is right, unitedsnake is a destoyer.
destroyer of countries, lives, families, friendships.

china's friends are dropping like ten pins,
sri lanka,
now even sg,

courtesy of uncle scam.

malaysia and indon are work in progress,

murkka is the scourge on the planet, a professional arsonist who makes its living igniting sparks all over the world.
obama came in as prez for 'change', yes he morphed into bush by the sly,
now trump the 'great white hope' looks to me like another wolf in sheep's skin.


Anonymous said...

This link here is a fantastic take of the situation

It was very strange, the TWN media interviewed a professor from NTU from Singapore to give his views. This wasnt even covered in Singapore news. The prof certainly doesnt speak like Singaporean! And his views were very fair.
The most interesting part of the video is in the last few minutes. The Taiwan intellegientsia, a professor i guess, made a remarkable statement. Listen. He said that in the past decades, SG army was quite pathetic and backward, and the PRC was prepared to turn blind eye to allow SG to train in Taiwan, since LKY is good friend. However, in recent years, the SG army has become so sophisticated, and our LXX is so anti china, and with aid from USA, that the tech transfer is REVERSED, to the extent that SG training in Taiwan could possibly be helping Taiwan military to upgrade!. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE TO PRC, AS OBVIOUSLY TAIWAN IS enemy, a renegade province of PRC, ejected from United Nations since 1971.
The conclusion is that Ex Starlight in Taiwan really has to be stopped immediately. It amounts to provocation against PRC and to put it bluntly could be grounds for PRC to bomb the hell out of this Red Dot. And they are right because we have no reason to be putting military in their territory.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has instructed Hong Kong to return the armoured vehicles to Singapore with a warning to obey the rule of law and the One China Policy.

I will post an article on the implications of the One China Policy later. The story is just beginning and not the end with the return of the armoured vehicles to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong now placed in very embarrassing awkward position whether to dare thumbing his nose at China's One-China Policy and continue sending NSF to Taiwan to train . . .

Anonymous said...

Fair is fair.

I have given redbean a lot difficulties with my critical China and Chinese comments for a long time.
But over this Terrex incident, I have to say that China has proven itself to be a patient and loyal friend to Singapore.

Come on.
China is a very powerful country today.
I can think of all manner of difficulties and "rule of law" procedures China could have used to embarrass our "Rule of Law" Millionaires.
- China has not done so
- China is showing remarkable restraint and patience

While I still insist I am correct with my revisionist interpretation of China's history and culture.
- in the light of this Terrex incident, I have to concede there are merits to redbean's favourable interpretation of modern China.

Anonymous said...

The realities are changing and good becomes bad and bad becomes good or not bad but made to look bad is now recognised as not bad and bad, made to look good is exposing its true self, as really bad.

Anonymous said...

Most men are well familiar with armour cars inside out, except new citizens so proud of these stuff, my only hope is the walls made of metal can take weapons given to IsIs such as TOW, then soldiers are safe lah. Some said these armour cars had bought by US, must be high tech lah. I dont know why US bought so few only 13, not enough for 1 base 1 armour car round the world, so for storage or transporting somewhere correct, certainly not for IsIs in Syria, so far so good. I think car is car, you get the message? Rule out the high tec is safe. It is powerful provide u can test it, as fast as ferari. Stored the 9 and locked inside a warehouse at tngmoon harbor hk takes away lots of space for other cargo. Correct? In other words, now the 9 armour cars are waiting for claimants to claim legally.

Claim what legally? Sin army has a team probably with legal experts to take the cars home. Trouble is wrong place. HK is not following china laws, but HK laws, left by the same colonial master Britain. Got the point? Must pay fine, as shipping documents not complete, not permit to transit or unload "strategic" items on HK LAND.

The whole question in my mind is landed or not? Landed, sure kena fine for no permit.

What is the big deal as Sin city has lots of money to pay fine. So its a matter of time to get the 9 beautiful cars home.

Otherwise, if dont claim properly following the HK Laws, the 9 cars might be turned into metal liquid under high heat, who knows as they need space.

The next question is China s protest on one china policy. China said no military exchange with Taiwan because Taiwan is "mine land", not independent. Sin city sent military cars and personnel (sure got drivers tio mo?) into Taiwan. The behavior means Sin city does not recognize ccp China has ONE CHINA in this world. It is against UN resolution 2758 (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758) recognizing ccp china and not taiwan china. Or Sin city recognize Taiwan as independent country from ccp China.
That is easy, just tell ccp china Sin city policy. See how ccp China react. There is no need to dispute with ccp China any more. Let them make noise lah.

But be very careful, not to sabo Taiwan government. It dare not to say it is an independent country.

So Sin city actually sabo Taiwan. Now ccp China confirmed Sin city is helping Taiwan, ccp China will work double and triple hard to please Sin city to "come back to me".
May be ah long really think ccp will do that. The next trip should do the same: hire APL, route the armour cars without proper papers, sailed to Xiamen, Shanghai, then accidentally loaded in HK harbor. Another Sin city story: how come cargoes was loaded in HK, how can it be.. stories never end, as Sin city has very capable leeders.

Anonymous said...

祸从口出! 祸从口出!

In life, we must be humble!

Even we are very very successful, we must remain humble.

Don't talk too much! 祸从口出! 祸从口出!

Silence is golden!


Anonymous said...

/// Therefore Singapore ought to speak up against thuggish, bullying behaviour. ///
November 29, 2016 12:14 pm
Do you call these "thuggish, bullying behaviour" ???
"Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle-dusters. If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try. There is no way you can govern a Chinese society."

"If you are a troublemaker... it's our job to politically destroy you... Everybody knows that in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac."


Anonymous said...

The world is watching!

Asean is watching!

Singaporeans are also watching!

Getting very very interesting and very very exciting!

Hold tight! Welcome 2017!

Anonymous said...

Just side track: Clinton supported the recount of 3 states, at the back of Green party Stien asked for and will to pay for the 5mil.

That sounded like TPP might have hope for Sin city, gonna to pass as Laws of this city.

This slight chance is dashed. Pennesylvania rejected recount. Wisconsin rejected Stien s hand recount request.

From these rejects, Clinton Hillary is in history for good, TPP is having slim chance as long as Trump is sitting at the seat as President.

Will Sin city is still playing the key very important role as a base for "pivot to Asai"?? Can Sin city continue to gain prominence to attack on China s South China Sea stand and encircle China as a vehicle for US forces?

The 9 armour cars may not get diplomat preference for "free" release from HK as HK SAR is not empowered to do so.

Anonymous said...

The Minister of Defence should resign.

Anonymous said...

China is sending a signal to Singapore that their special relationship has ended from today onward.

Singapore always rebuke China that they are not Chinese nation.
Singapore always make jokes against their problem in front of foreign delegate
Singapore always poke into international dispute between China and other nation.

When China is protesting against Japan over Yasukuni shrine, a smart alec, LHL criticised China and Korea for poisoning the mind of their citizen with " hatred" and "nationalism " by teaching them about Japan aggression.

LHL accused these nation for abusing this history as " Tool" to stoke nationalism.

LHL try to appease Japan side by saying that Singapore had forgive Japan aggression and moved forward- bury the pasts.

"Every nation should emulate Behavior of Singapore. Japan has offer enough apology."

Even Singapore media print such Propaganda to blame China for harping on WW2 and protest against Japan visit to Yasukuni shrine.

Singapore hypocrisy on rule of law and international law . Singapore support International Pariah, US and portray them as " Beign Superpower" .
Singapore do not talk about the need for a Balancing power to contain US hegemony in Asian region.
Singapore always pretend that they does not kowtow to US or US did not bully smaller state.

The fact is that Singapore is overly pro US and already join US camp. That is why US allow sale of high technology and weapon to Singapore. Singapore is one of their member in NSA spying program. US did not oppose Singapore military activities in Australia or UK etc...

Singapore surrender sovereignty to US to comply with their demand over Tax Evasion by American citizen. - FATCA Law.- Kow TOW

Conclusion: The special relationship between China and Singapore has ended. Congratulation!!! Singapore does not need to remind China that Singapore is not a Chinese state .

Anonymous said...

Singapore did not talk much about the need to contain the rise of India and prevent India hegemony in Indian Ocean.

Singapore do not ask China , Japan, US to strengthen their position in Indian Ocean. It is in the best interest of Singapore Too. This make the mockery of Singapore stance in SCS.

Singapore media seldom blame/accuse India for their aggression, bullying against smaller nation. Singapore expert seldom give lecture to Indian leader that they need to play by the rules ,international law, and respect those nation as equal.

Singapore do not to ask Asean nation to speak as One VOICE against India.

Anonymous said...

Liddat, PRC, as Uncle Mao is doing us a big favour, by doing free international advertising and promotion for our Made in Singapore Armoured Vehicles! Do you think we should buy some ST shares as more sales are envisaged?

Anonymous said...

President Obama s "good friend", agreed to deploy Thaad to monitor China, has to go first before Obama s due date, one and half year earlier. Hillary is the first partner gone, now is President Park. S Korea.

She announced willing to resign when her successor is selected in parliament.

Now Obama s only good friend s ah long san and abe san.

Anonymous said...

The 2016 Topless "CIRCUS SHOW"!

Between the king of sky, DRAGON and king of land, LION!

Now showing. Limited tickets available at main entrance!


Anonymous said...

Out of principle & own self-interest, PAP has no choice but to state that China must follow the pronouncement of the International Arbitration Court. Otherwise, S'pore would be seen as "blowing-in-the-wind", talk cock for its own sake. And Malaysia can turn around to say it doesn't recognize the International Court of Justice awarding of Pedra Branca to S'pore. Indonesia can also turn around and say it no longer recognizes the maritime border declared by ICJ between S'pore and Batam/Bintan. S'pore can easily write off the 9 Terrex and maybe 1-2 years of downtime in Taiwan training grounds (SAF can still train in Thailand, Oz, NZ, Brunei, India). But S'pore cannot afford to fight a 2-front war against M'sia & Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.29

there are big difference between ICJ in Malaysia and Indonesia case vs a fake tribunal in SCS.

Many nations keep silence on the issue .

Singapore can choose to maintain a neutral position.

Anonymous said...

ya 2:29, ICJ is an UN organisation. IAC was a kangaroo court in this case.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:29pm

Do u know someone can start an Arbitration by renting the International Arbitration building facilities and uses their secretarial staff? That was the philippines arbitration.
The pinoys president avoided to employ the International Arbitration Court qualified judges. The pinoy president selected their own judges by appointing one ex Japanese judge to do so. The ex Japanese judge was in Ocean Laws court, Again, Ocean Law courts can also do Arbitration, but pinoy president did not employ any of the judges.

It is up to Sin city to say that was an arbitration Sin city recognized it. UNs own International Arbitration Court had came out notice to say that Philippines s appointed arbitration is NOT UN s owned arbitration.

The western media can say a lot about how objective is the pinoy appointed arbitration. The fact that the judgment said the 9 dashline is illegal and invalid is already bad, and the judges wrote Taiping island is a rock, and the rest are all rocks also made the judgment very bad. This kind of arbitration judgment Sin city preferred it. Too bad for its citizens.

I give u a good example how BBC bluff a story. At Aleppo about yesterday, the Syrain troops evacuated a village under the IsIs. The some IsIs firing from a lane the villages should run pass the entrance to that lane. The 1 minute video was clear with the whole story. A BBC used that video cut short to firing sound and the villagers mainly women and children running across the lane entrance, and reported the Syrain troops openned fire at the villagers for going slowly.

In modern medium, big time bbc can also being singled out to bluff readers. This arbitration is a clear example of how Philippines US trained president was trying to bluff a judgment.

Anything can bluff in internet. Now anything can bluff in main media. U need your own brain and keep in touch with social media like this site run by rb. To get different ideas. Then think for your own very idea how this world really functions.

Anonymous said...

Singapore SAF cant practice military training in Taiwan for simple reason

Today,Singapore is indirectly transferring modern military knowledge and technology to Taiwan military. Singapore acts as US proxy to aid Taiwan.

US are willing to sell high tech and sensitive military technology to Singapore.

In the past, Singapore needs Taiwan expertise and knowledge to help SAF to become modern military force.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Singapore can try to poke their nose into international dispute exist between India and neighbors,Nepal, Sri lanka, Pakistan etc...

Maybe, Singapore can try to interfere with USA main interest in the Middle East by criticizing them in Syria issue or Ukraine issue .

Let me see whether US or India would respect Singapore neutral position which go against them.

b said...

Solution is so simple. Sg can practise in Australia what. So big and so nice. Why go so far to taiwan? waste so much money.

China Xi must be angry with how Sg Lee treated Chinese Sinkies here and wanting to put in a muslim president. Sg Lee better apologized and repent.

b said...

Anyway, it is a golden opportunity for Sg Lee to suck up China Xi. Not many given such chance. Lets see how he can perform.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should openly support Pakistan against India over recent violence in Kashmir.

Singapore should openly ask India to respect Rule of Law and display goodwills to smaller nations who become increasingly anxious with India assertive to intimidate neighbor.

Singapore should openly ask China to form TPP in Indian Ocean to exclude India .

Let me see whether India would respect Singapore interest and neutrality position.

Geopolitics Observer said...

It is very clear now, to China. where Singapore stands in Geopolitics.

The South China Sea, historically belonged to China. Even Singapore as part of Malaya paid homage and annual "taxes" to China. That also include Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines. All these South-East Asian Countries were Vessel States of the Chinese Empire in those days. Even Australia and New Zealand were dominated by the Chinese, until they were all brutally slaughtered and murdered by the British Crooks and Criminals. These facts are stored in the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Singapore's Chinese Dominated Government, and Race-Bias-Government, should have known the Chinese History very well. History books are still there to serve as evidence. It is simply outright lying if Singapore Government openly states that South China Sea does not belong or should not belong to any country, that it should be open for "US-Dictated Freedom of Navigation". Remember, not a single Empire's Power last forever. Also remember that you are only a tiny weeny city-state and your survival or non-survival depends on the Big Powers. If you side with the Eagle today and challenge the Dragon because you are under the umbrella of the Eagle's protection. Where will your Eagle be when the Dragon soars high into the sky?

Singapore was taken as a friend because Lee Kuan Yew was able to balance on a tight rope in International Politics. Also during his time, China was poor and weak, after being totally depleted of its wealth by the Japanese and the other 13 Plundering Exploiting Criminal European Countries, including USSR.

Today, with the blatant disregard for decorum and mutual respect, the Singapore Government, under the son of Lee Kuan Yew, literally slaps the FACE of the Chinese Government again and again, under the childish fantasy of "Punching Above Its Own Weight". Such bravado is not only uncalled for, unnecessary but an outright challenge to China and inviting a direct retaliation.

The "Starlight" Operations in Taiwan have been going on since the early 1980's. It has been an open "secret", though China has been keeping an eye closed and mouth shut. If the Singapore Government had taken the stand of the "One China Policy", then it should very well know that it cannot have secret military cooperation with Taiwan. If not, then the Singapore Government is simply pretending to side with the "One China Policy" outwardly but behind China's back, it is actually siding with Taiwan's Independence from China. Such double-crossing dealings cannot be accepted nor condoned by anybody.

The compounding of the 9 Armour Vehicles and other Sensitive Equipment is only the Fist Step China is taking. There are more to come - more serious ones. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

I encountered an article written by wu sheng su (sorry he no general in singapore ntu) in diplomat, a magazine in ang mor lunguage.

He said 2 squadrons are enough to counter china s air force for SEA region. I was thinking if Singapore hs more than 2 squadrons or 24 planes. Got or not?

China better wake up lah. Our professor said 24 planes can shoot until u surrender, better quickly return the 9 armour cars as they are high tech similar to F22 stealth.

Only 24 planes or 48 planes can make china PLA airforce give up and run off?
Better for new citizens to do NS, not hai si lan.

Geopolitics Observer said...

Correction of my last Paragraph at November 29, 2016: 4.23 pm:

The impounding of the 9 Armour Vehicles and other Sensitive Equipment is only the First Step China is taking. There will be more to come - more serious ones than this. Just be patient.

Anonymous said...

@ November 29, 2016 4.42 pm.

// China better wake up lah. Our professor said 24 planes can shoot until u surrender, better quickly return the 9 armour cars as they are high tech similar to F22 stealth.//

Your professor must be a profess of bluffology or cockup-logy lah.

Tell him to watch the following Youtube videos first before open his stinking mouth lah.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg9UKNMYc3M
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhwWRxjVB38
3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNVHMs0qDXw

Anonymous said...

Geopolitics Observer said...
It is very clear now, to China. where Singapore stands in Geopolitics.

Singapore is not PAP lah.
Your statement should read as "It is very clear now, to China. where PAP stands in Geopolitics."

Anonymous said...

Singapore would become the next "Christmas Island." ( mini Singaporean)

Majority of population are Chinese (60%). Rest of the population are Malay, India, European ...

Nobody in the West even know about their existence.

PAP govt should get Christmas Island back from Australia because
1. It has a strategic position ( control strait of Java sea)
2. It allow Singapore increased their leverage over Indonesia .
3. National security against Indonesia (pincer)
4. Faster Direct reinforcement from Australia to Singapore island

5. Singapore could get Cocos Island .
6. Cocos island, Christmas island and Singapore island ( Triangle security against Indonesia threat)

Increasingly assertive Indonesia with their influence , economy, military and nationalistic citizens ( radicalism) would posed a serious threat to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

why those faraway islands , Yonaguni,Taketomi, ishigaki,Miyakojima,Amami,Tokunoshima belongs to japan when it is much closer to Taiwan ?

It is so far away from Japan mainland coast.

it is deeply ironic that Western media did not raise legality of their territorial claim.

Without those islands , Japan military have great logistics problem to invade Southeast Asian.

To safeguard Asia peace permanently, we should strip Japan off those islands which dont belongs to them in the first place.

Japan did not cede away their islands even after they lost WW2. US turned blind eye to it.

Anonymous said...

it is hypocrite for Singapore to raise issue with China claim over Spratly island.

The distance between Spratly island from China mainland coast is much smaller and reasonable than the distance between Yonaguni,Taketomi,Ishigaki,Miyakojima,Amami,Tokunoshima from Japan mainland coast.

BBC and CNN always make a great mockery of China claim in SCS by citing the great distance from mainland.

They turned a blind eye to those great distance between so called Japan island( it is way closer to Taiwan) from Japan mainland.

In short, Singapore is not Neutral.

Singapore did not ask Japan to respect Rule of Law .

Singapore did not ask Japan to prove their Sovereignty of their claim based on UNCLOS.

Singapore had blame China for not explaining their claim in SCS based on UNCLOS.

Anonymous said...

I think Lee Hsien Loong's days are numbered.
I think his cancerous cells have affected his thinking, temperament and emotions.
I think his Karma is ripening and his time is running out.

May be when the Entire Lee Family cannot influence in the Governance
of Singapore, Singaporeans' livelihood would be much better?

Who knows?

Patrick Low said...

Hi Rebean

I need to call you out on a few points.

1. US is China's arch enemy
They are superpowers vying for influence in the region. They are economic competitors, not enemies. Why the need for words that incite.

2. US is causing problems for China
What are the problems, can you enumerate?

On the contrary China's meteoric rise economically was due in no small part to US acceptance of China as a friendly trading partner. Since 1972 with President Nixon's historic visit to China, the olive branch extended by US brought China into the fold of the united nations of the world and most countries rode on the economic rise of China.

If you are referring to US strategy of pivot to Asia, which you conveniently copied the term 'containment of China' without real understanding, now why is it US strategies are highlighted as causing problems, but you are silent on China's huge One Road One Belt strategy? They are the same manuevourings of superpowers.

3.US instigating Aquino to go to The Hague
The US respects the sovereignty of Philippines. At no time did US play any role in influencing Aquino. With 3 options - kowtow to China, go to war with China, go to The Hague, which would you choose if you were Aquino.

The US is the most stupid superpower in the world. It begs weak countries to let it help them. When the Philippines chose to boot them out of the country, what did they do? They left without any resistance, applied no sanctions, continued to provide US aid that goes into hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

4. The aggressiveness of the US
Explain where was US acting aggressively in the Phils=China dispute. The US have consistently called for diplomacy and rule of law. The US has maintained their defense treaty can only come into play if Phils territory is invaded. The 9 dash line does not trigger the defense treaty.

China was the one that unilaterally redrew the map and grabed those islands. Why is that not Chinese aggressiveness to you?

If you are referring to US planes flying near to those islands, please understand the world does not recognise the 9 dash lines. US interest is in the freedom of passage, which is also the interest of the rest of the world, Spore included.

5. The kangaroo court of The Hague
A kangaroo court is an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone required especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. By so many counts, your choice of word is terribly wrong. The Hague is an international court. There is no crime -- it is an arbitration of disputes. China is a party of the convention under which the court convenes, but they chose not to attend. Might is more powerful than the laws to them. Philippines presented lots of evidence.

I bet you don't even understand the complex legal issues and technicalities that were discussed and details in the final rulings.

6. Why the ships stopped in HK
You displayed your ignorance of shipping operations and you want to comment on it.

7. Why use civil shipping for military hardware
It's called cost effectiveness. Every military in the world, including the US, does that sometimes. Don't e so naive.

8. It has nothing to do with Spore (China-Phils dispute)
It has everything to do with us. Spore's economic survival hinges on it. It is said in a battle of aggressiveness, if you don't do anything, the perpetrator wins. You and most negative pinkish Singaporeans tend to think our govt woke up one morning, saw the Chinese moves, and decided to side the US. These scenarios have long been anticipated and studied I'm sure even during LKYs time. Game theories must have been applied and outcomes determined. Our govt is not as dumb as you may like to think.

Anonymous said...


The distance between Spratly island from China mainland coast is much smaller and reasonable than the distance between Yonaguni,Taketomi,Ishigaki,Miyakojima,Amami,Tokunoshima from Japan mainland coast.

Is Japan redrawing the map and grabbed those island?

Why is Singapore keeping silent ? Please answer me!!!

By the way, China did not ratify(agree) those arbitration provision to settle dispute.
China agree to the UNCLOS but they never agree to the arbitration mechanism.
It is a kangaroo court.
Philippine presented lot of " Argument",not evidence.

The problem lies with "legitimacy and credibility 'of whole Judges and tribunal to interpret UNCLOS charter. They dont have authority to do so.

Anonymous said...


US pivot to Asia - placing 60% US navies to contain the rise of China and Russia alongside with Thaad missile on South Korea and Japan .

In addition to that,US maintain military base in Singapore, Philippine, Australia, Japan.

On the contrary, One Belt One Road is not about military .It promote deeper economic integration between Asian and Europe. It promote Free Trade deal.

It dont build 100 military base nearby USA homeland.

You are wrong to suggest that US left without resistance when Philippine booted them out. US still maintain military ties with Philippine covertly .
The reason why US left Subic Bay and Clarke base because they refuse to take out billion dollar to clean up those ashes from Volcanic eruption .

Philippine is still the poorest nation among the Asean in term of economy and military power, thanks to long dependence and reliance on US security. it is part of US policy to maintain their influence in the region.

Anonymous said...

Spore's economic survival hinges on it

But China and HK are two largest trading partner of Singapore, not the hostile US.

Singapore could have consistently upholding Asean values - Neutrality

but they betray those principle by offering Naval base for US aircraft carrier and littoral combat ships.

it undermine the Unity of Asean . It destroy solidarity of Asean by taking side with One superpower over another.

They are more vocal and outspoken on SCS issue than those real claimant, philippine and malaysia. They are lobbying Asean to confront China .

The problem lies with foreign policy by LHL.

People have absolute right to criticize PAP GOVT.
WP and SDP should do it freely without fear and without those labeling as " traitor" or "siding with enemy" when they speak against foreign policy by PAP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:02pm
I only watch no 1 on your list. This list is outdated. China PLA has around 3000 aircraft for combat. Listing: around 1200 interceptors, transport aircraft 800, and fixed wing attack aircraft 1300, all figures rounded down. Should be more than 3000 aircrafts now.

This professor at NTU saying 24 or 48 is enough to defense against PLA s attack if china uses its only carrier Liaoning. He said US carriers can take 70, china carrier can take 30. I think he is simple minded. PLA fighting force do not build on big carriers.

There are hundreds, my estimate 500 or more destroyers or frigates. The PLA fight with small water surface ships, and numerous below water subs, guided by satelites and air crafts or awacs.

When US in war with PLA, it is in a war with missiles+ water surface ship+ aircrafts+ submarines+ satelites in one package. Regional war such as with Indonesia, will be the same thing.

That professor wu did not talk about what PLA s "verticle" war concept, but thinking only Liaoning carrying 30 aircrafts to fight a war. That was not correct. Big carriers are more powerful carrying more aircrafts, that is for US, not for China as the aircraft can fly from land.

There was a good chance for PLA to test their war concept at Scs in May, but the US navy chief back off or Obama back off or Xi back off. Otherwise, it was good show to see how big carriers avoid getting hit by missiles. China has missiles faster than sound speed firing 2000 km away from cheng15 aircrafts aiming at ships, how can they miss carriers. Satellites are the tools this professor wu missed out.
What is the winning formular in war in this region?
Small water surface ships should be better than big one. Submarines and missiles firing from water are not easy to predict. Land war is hard to defense with missiles keep dropping from nowhere. Therefore, regional war such as Sin vs PLA, do not ask for it.

Sin may NOT win PLA lah.

Anonymous said...

To patrick.
You are the naive numbskull, not redbean. I answer your point 2 now. You asked why the word enemy is used instead of "competitor". Are you joking? Which normal, commercial, competitor will station military encircling everybody in the south china sea? You are so blind and used to the idea of good usa soldiers, as policemen of the world. But in reality, the business of usa is to create tension, change regimes, create wars, to support usa military contractors,so they poke their nose everywhere. Today china is focussed on economic development, different from Mao era...but because of usa military all round, china is forced to militarise. This answers your other questiin "wat trouble usa cause china".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks anon 9:56.
No point wasting your time and breath explaining to a nitwit.

I have no time for such simpleminded twit.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, this Patrick Low has justed pasted the word IGNORANCE on his forehead. Can't believe got so naïve people in Sin. A typical daft sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Patrick low, your last point shows me your low IQ, severely impaired. You said "Singapore survival hinges on it (china phil issue on SCS)" You are duped by usa propaganda to imagine that china will block all trade routes at ScS. What utter stupidity. What good is it for china to block trade supporting itself. The only blockade thst ever could happen is to restrict USA military doing nonsense war games there disturbing the peaceful SCS.The usa always trick you to think that normal commercial ship routes will be block by china. It makes no sense. The Mao era is over long ago. Yet usa harp in old facts, ignoring that todays china is a commerce driven machine, and military expansion is purely for defence. China is not interested to start wars, unlike usa Clinton obama.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 4:03, normally people get wiser with age. This old banana is getting a blockade in his head. Can no longer see an elephant even if you put one in front of him.

Anonymous said...

To Patrick (or most appropriately Pa-Trick)
the IDIOTIC Self-Appointed Expert
talking through his ass like smelly farts
in order to cast a slur upon the reputation, knowledge and wisdom.




Anonymous said...

To Patrick (or most appropriately Pa-Trick), the IDIOTIC Self-Appointed Expert
talking through his ass like smelly farts in order to cast a slur upon the reputation, knowledge and wisdom of Chua Chin Leng aka Red Been.