Asean – The Empire strikes back

The American hegemony has been shaken by recent moves by the Philippines and Malaysia to improve ties with China. The Empire will not take this sitting down and is striking back. The Empire has always regard Asean, in fact the whole world, as part of the Empire. The Empire rules the world and dictates to the world how it should behave or else. No independent country is free or really independent from the Empire.

The prosecution of the Malaysian PM Najib by the American Department of Justice is a clear case that the Empire rules. The embezzling case involving Malaysian govt, state funds, and Malaysians was though, in fact obvious to all, a domestic affairs of Malaysia. But the Empire said no, every state must be answerable to the Empire and Malaysia and its PM are no exception. They committed an act that the Empire would not allow and the Department of Justice had acted against its subjects. Full investigation would be conducted by all the subject countries to bring the PM of Malaysia to justice, in the courts of the Empire.

PM Najib of Malaysia has joined the rebels and headed to the rebel stronghold in China for protection. The rebel forces are strong. The Force is with them with Russia and China standing up to the Empire. Duterte, the President of the Philippines were even more rebellious by openly defying the Empire. Not only did he declared to break away from the Empire, he added that he would join the rebel forces led by Russia and China.

Duterte wants the Empire to pull out its remaining soldier in the Philippines. But the Empire said no, that the soldiers were there to help the Philippines to quell resistant forces. With that excuse, the Empire hopes to keep its soldiers in the Philippines, the way it is keeping its forces in Japan and South Korea,

Pressure is mounting to check on the Philippines. The Empire has told the Philippines that it would not be able to buy weapons from the Empire. It is a matter of time before sanctions would be applied to the Philippines for defying the Empire, attempting to break away.

The Philippines and Malaysia are now top of the list of countries targeted by the Empire. What else would the Empire do to remove Najib and Duterte and install more Empire friendly leaders to replace them? Would there be military coup or an invasion of these countries led by storm troopers?

 Don’t pray pray with the Dark Side. May the Force be with the rebel forces.


Virgo49 said...

DOJ- Department of Justice???

What Justice? FBI Director Mr James Comey wanted to disclose further criminal or other charges against Hillary Clinton and they tried to stop him.

Appointed by the incumbent administration and they themselves do not give justice to their own wants to append justice to others.

Before they already got evidence to proceed but was stopped by Democrats cronies including her ex President Husband pressure not to proceed.

Comey felt guilt and with renewed evidence proceed to reopen investigations.

Please keep your House in order before inteferring in others affairs.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 05, 2016 10:10 am
// Reflect. Why would China want to welcome a leader like Najib? //

In his pit of wits against Chiang J S and KMT for the control of the Mainland in the 1940s, MZT's tactics trounced his opponents and finally Chiang and KMT fleed the Mainland to avoid total annihilation?

Xi's targets may be multi-prong and one of them could be a pi sai?

With Najib, Jokowi and Duterte on PRC side (and acting as a "ring of encirclement" and "isolation"), pi sai is even labelled by Morgan Stanley as addition to the "Fragile 5" in its "Troubled 10" list? (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-16/morgan-stanley-s-fragile-five-swells-to-troubled-10-in-selloff)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The other economies in Morgan Stanley's Troubled 10 list are some of the economies in South America namely Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Chile and Asia namely Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan. The others are Russia and S Africa.



Anonymous said...

Rb //Pressure is mounting to check on the Philippines.//

In the past 2 years, the currency appreciating against the rest (including RMB) is the USD?

The last 2 cycles when years of USD depreciation followed by a sharp appreciation were in the 70s/80s (South American nations hit) and 90s (AFC - Asian Financial Crisis)?

With highly likely impending US interest rate hikes (and expected significant appreciation of the USD) in the foreseeable future, those nations heavily leveraged in USD denominated borrowings may be in for a hard time?

Anonymous said...

Another "crisis, this time spanning from South America to Asia" is "brewing"?

When the AFC hit in the 1990s, 50 years of economic labour in many Asian countries went up in smoke?

Who are the highly leveraged in Asia at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Though PRC may not be hit (directly in the next crisis), many of her major trading partners could?

What would be China "antidote"?

What are her options?

Anonymous said...

What kind of "economic wilderness" has Botak-nomics led pi sai to?

Anonymous said...

Part of the aims (this time) is to "emasculate" PRC through weakening (or even devastation) of her major trading partners' economies?

Anonymous said...

Democracy in USA is a bluff. This election says it all.

Anonymous said...

Jakarta protest turned into violent riot .
Some these hardliners group hurl the banner " Ganyang Cina"
Chinese minorities become scapegoat of Indonesia politics again .

Indonesia plan to grant amnesty for Rich Indonesian would fail miserably, thanks to these idiots.

Fortunately, China is strong today.
That is why Jokowi administration had deploy 10,000 police and troops to prevent any further violence.
Otherwise,we would been witnessing another repeat of 1998 riot.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, China is strong today.
That is why Jokowi administration had deploy 10,000 police and troops to prevent any further violence.
Otherwise,we would been witnessing another repeat of 1998 riot.
4:27 pm

Not really. It is more due to President Jokowi. Because Jokowi and his situation now is different from Suharto in 1998. The fact that the Jakarta Governor Ahok who is a ethnic Chinese already speaks volumes about Jokowi. In this regard, Indonesia is more progressive than Malaysia on race.

b said...

China can supply anything to her allies these days with help from a few other major allies, Russia being one of them. The establishment is getting cold feet. Oil and gas do not sell as well anymore. They may end up sacrificing one of their allies EU or Jap to feed their greed thru usurping the pension funds.

Anonymous said...

(Huge) Problems in its own backyard?


Anonymous said...

More problems in backyard?


denk said...

riots with anti chinese overtones erupted in indonesia,
sk navy machine gun spray chinese fishing boats,
no prize guessing who's the mastermind !!!

Anonymous said...

More problems ......


Anonymous said...

The frenzied lunatics are perfect tools for the evil power to manipulate to serve its purpose just like ISIS and the Abu Sayaf. They would be tolerated and fed by the evil forces to do their biddings to destabilise local governments at will.

Duterte must get rid of foreign forces feeding and breeding rebels in his country.

patriot said...

The World had just witnessed what happened in Turkey months ago.
Erdogan realized that the US
was doing Turkey in, luckily for him, he not only survived the Military Coup, he managed
to quell it and keep Turkey in order.
Most important to Erdogan was
that he at last got to know the Evilness of his Ex-ally, namely the US.