Duterte making the Americans in panic mode

Many silly Asian and Asean states were so desperate that they went crawling to Washington to beg the Americans to stay in their countries in fear of an imaginery straw man the Americans whispered to them. They simply forgot that it was the Americans that were desperate to be here. The Americans have an Empire to protect and needed many silly countries to be part of the Empire, to provide land for their military bases and to buy their expensive military toys and to obey and do what the Americans told them to.

The Americans have been harping about wars to frighten the silly Asian and Asean countries to rope them into their military embrace in military alliances. And to make the threat of war more real, they agitate, incite, provoke wars and tension in the region. They created straw men as enemies to frighten the silly Asian and Asean leaders. See, there is a great green monster over the horizon, you need us to protect you, allow our soldiers to be in your land to protect you from the green monster, buy our weapons to protect yourself. And there are all the rebels and anti govt subversive groups to feed, to nurture and to be trained to conduct subversive warfare against the govt to keep the govt on their toes, and the need for the presence of the Americans to protect the govt from being overthrown, either by the resistant or rebel groups, or if they are recalcitrant, refusing to allow the Americans to come in and take control, to be removed by regime change.

This strategy has been exposed by Duterte. By breaking away from the American military alliance, by adopting a friendly foreign policies to all powers, the threat disappeared. No more green monster. No more need to sign military alliances, no more need to buy more expensive military weapons and the money could go to more urgent and better uses.

Now the Americans panic. Duterte has called their bluff. It is the Americans that are falling on their knees, begging Duterte to let them stay, let them have their military bases in the Philippines. It is all about the Empire,stupid. The Americans would do anything to maintain and protect their Empire, to be the Number One hegemon in Asia and Southeast Asia. They will beg to be allowed in but the suckers would have to pay for it, through buying of super expensive American weapons of war, like the F35s and the THAAD system and what else.

Now is there any threat against the Philippines? Yes, Duterte’s life is under threat. He could be terminated, going the way of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, for daring to defy the Empire and the Emperor. That is the real threat to the Philippines, no the green monster.

Who needs who more?  The silly Asian and Asean countries needing the Americans more, or the Americans needing the silly Asian and Asean states more? The Philippines is now under threat, not from the green monster. The Empire will not go away and will resort to all kinds of threats, overt and covert, to keep the Philippines under the Empire. There could be more ‘Muslim’ bombings in the South.

Duterte, be very careful. The people of the Philippines must stand up to protect the life of their President. While in Japan, be careful of what is being offered to eat and drink. Do not be poisoned or come back like a zombie.

Below is a quote by former President Estrada on how the Americans treated him and the Philippines like an American colony and meddling with their internal politics. Were the Americans there to quell the Muslim rebels or to breed them to serve American interests and to be released against the govt when needed?

The former leader recalled that when he was president, the US government would always try to coax him into doing what they want, like when US Defense Secretary William Cohen wrote him demanding a stop to Estrada’s “all-out war” against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front which was believed to be behind several terror attacks.

“They meddled in my fight with the MILF. They stopped me,” said Estrada, who is now on his second term as mayor of Manila. “When they suddenly removed me, they neglected the MILF which continued in their bombings,” he pointed out. “Just because the US is helping us [through official aid] that does not mean they can meddle in our internal problems. We are a sovereign country. We have our own Constitution,” Estrada said. “President Duterte’s action is right. Why are they meddling?” he added, referring to the US.’


Hermit said...

To US, Philippines is just a bonus. No big deal of it is lost. The real American puppet in SE Asia is Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Ppines have strategic military significance to the American strategy of containing China. China is encircled from the North by South Korea and Japan, Taiwan and the South by the Philippines, to keep the PLAN and PLA Air Force from moving out to the Pacific. The Ppines control a big expanse of the sea/sky in the South to keep the Chinese navy/airforce under watch. Losing the Ppines will open up the whole Pacific for the PLAN and Air Force.

Anonymous said...

Who is D?

D cannot "play" with the American!

D can only talk talk only!

Without US, how is P?

Initially OK! But, would be down down long-term!

Will D last the whole term?

I pray for him!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Who needs who more? The silly Asian and Asean countries needing the Americans more, or the Americans needing the silly Asian and Asean states more?

For the silly Asean states, it depends on a case by case basis.

Take for instance tiny Sinkieland surrounded by much bigger neighbours. Can Sinkie Armed Forces alone defend Sinkieland if kena big scale attack by bigger neighbours? No, tio bo?

So if no, who can offer Sinkieland protection against attacks? In the mind of Hsien Loong, of course America lah. Or else why would Hsien Loong want to pay so much for American weapons and defence spending being a huge portion of the budget?

Anonymous said...

Short-Term.......Yes! Americans need Asian n Asean more!

Long--Term.......Yes! Asian n Asean need Americans more!

Why? Will C be happy to be the SAME in future? History 101!

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Rules For Rulers (Or How The World Really Works)

- is this why we need million dollar salaries for Generals?
- is this why we need million dollar salaries for civil servants?
- is this why we support million dollar profits for rich people?
- is this why we need to collect more money from Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

When Russia took Crimea Ukraine did US sent troops and Nato to fight Russia? US from Hillary s email lick, did the same thing as the pinoy ex president said on RB s po. US has habit of brewing insurgents like the muslim at Philippines, IsIs at Syria and Iraq. Even now, US told Iraq to open a corridor for IsIs to run alive to Syria side. What Russia did by bombing IsIs to spoil IsIs s billions dollar oil sales must hurt Obama and Hilliary s grand plan. I guess only. This grand plan that spoiled by Putin was in part as a scheme to build up Muslim rebels at Xin Zung Urghur to hit China similar to middle east. And similar to Philippines s muslim Abu sayar rebels.

China is wobbling at its long term growth. Even Singapore wants a part to decide if Scs belongs to China. China has been looked down for so long. Very similar to Duterte said: like a dog leashed and pulled along, rush to the bread thrown on the floor. No solid growth on Philippines side. No industrials, no market for their banana pine narpers.
Not for China now. It has own technology on space, weapons, missiles, industries and RD. Philippines need to learn and catch up fast. I guess Duterte is heading for those things and not war. War will destroy pinoys dreams, making them forever living like those crowds at Lucky plaza on sunday. For Singapore, there s no need to have industries growth. US will provide the war ships and helicopters for its populations to have free rides at South China seas. Chia Hong. Singapore is the champion in Asean. No country including China can get near. Singapore beat China as asia number one country. It can easily belittle countries in asia as nothing with a mighty godfather behind. It has US to guarantee its security. Australians to train its soldiers. And 70% to polish the elitist leeders boots. Pinoys and singaporeans are sky and earth apart, cannot compare.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1007
You are exactly one of the hundreds of thousands of idiots thinking of imaginary green monsters as highlighted by rb.
Which "bigger neighbour" will attack singapore?
We only have 2 bigger neighbour Malaysia and indonesia. Do we mind merge with malaysia? Lky himself sought a merger with malaysia in 1960s because there are advantages. He never believed in Singapore anyway, cry baby when Singapore separated and he hid several months. Singapore and malaysia relation is not like Arab-israel or northkorea-south korea tense relations with historical baggage. Our relationships with Indonesia is never a problem anyway, in this era you think Indonesia will bomb us they hv better thinks to do.
Our real threat is suicide bombers crazy people, we dont need 2nd hand usa aircraft or missiles for that. In fact we might do well to employ Gurkhas to guard us if we hv no faith in SAF or Sg Police. Why we stock up all the missiles for? To help USA fight war in the middle east! Stupid right?

Anonymous said...

Why we stock up all the missiles for? To help USA fight war in the middle east! Stupid right?
12:29 pm

Ya hor, hope Hsien Loong read RB's blog and your comment. Or maybe u should post your comment in Hsien Loong's facebook? Who knows, he may even reply u!

Anonymous said...

China actually gained foothold on Philippines by giving USD20000 millions aids and whatever. The future link on rail will not be Japan s Shinkangshien. China will build rails along the multiple islands in philippines as part of one road one belt.

US is a hollow super power. Same as Japan, could only give so little aids to Duterte, 100 times less than China gave.

I see the Hague fake Tribunal has forced Philippines to face the fact. Paid USD33millions to get the fake Judgment. No country excepts Japan Singapore are in support of the papers. US dare not to enforce it as it is not even a UN Ocean Laws conventions member.

Duterte said in Japan that disputes should follow UN s Ocean Laws. Not the Hague fake laws. See Japan Times yourself.

What is Singapore Leeders claiming against China? and Non alliance movement meeting?
The Australian charbor FM now said Scs disputes must settle by mutual talks. No more supporting the Fake Hague Laws. Singapore is alone. No wander they are so good in judgment such as hiring foreign talents to run the little city and sideline the citizens from Nus and Ntu. This kind of so called leaders are leading the economy to doom. Non oil export will keep going down. RD is not comparable to China.

U know that? China Biel Cystal and Lens, both factories beat Taiwan s regular HongHai as supplier for Apple i8 glass back casing orders. Where is Singapore? so called top in asia, all by asking main media to buy up such news on fuck up statistics. Singapore industries are going down with the leeders' foreign talent policies. Now the foreign policy also tekan jobs for citizens, as China market is screwed by the foreign policy to screw china openly at world stage. No hope singaporeans for voting these idiotic elites who does not live the day to day live with ordinary foods. They dont need to apply jobs. That is the real problem for all singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

That is the real problem for all singaporeans.
1:24 pm

The real problem for all singaporeans is that the opposition is not even ready to be govt, let alone be a better govt than PAP.

For instance, how to even trust the strongest opposition party, the WP, to manage the country when they cannot even manage the finances of a Town Council properly? How?

Anonymous said...

//The real problem for all singaporeans is that the opposition is not even ready to be govt, let alone be a better govt than PAP. //

Thats the real problem?

No backup at all?

Even when termites are goring down the tree trunks and going from 1st world to fishing kampung?

Anonymous said...

2.36 pm look like your brain has been totally washed clean by shit times propaganda. Not possible to explain anything to u as your brain is totally fucked up. With no critical thinking skill u are truly fucked.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

Anonymous said...

3.13 pm, please have better standard than to use words like shit and fucked.

If u have no standard or decency in your words, don't be a joker talking about critical thinking skill.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:36pm
I m not trying to convince you because I strongly sensed that you are saying the opposite. You want opposition to be government. You keep repeating what one opposition mp was saying to msm in order for the reporters not to write something more about his party.

This is the powerful point. What will happen to the voting in 2020? Count your vote out and also mine out. The results will be the same.

The situation is a flow, not static or freezed at 2015 election or the mp who said so that time, about 8 years ago. My opinion is: oposition can or cannot govern is not your question. You have no ability to govern. I heard your clear and loud again and again.

So others people can govern or not is not up to you who cannot to decide. You already told me this point. When i asked someone: can you do it? He would sometimes said may be. Then i asked to try. Problems come back. It was done. You are that type: always say I cannot do it. Sorry about your fate in life. What? Not many people like this type lah.

Similar to LTK who told others he could not govern. Who likes him? He has his fans and kaki as opposition. But there are other opposition members. I can tell they can govern much better than the army boy generals who talk so shallow on the economy and current problems. Why? They NEVER work in industries, similar to you: believing i "i cannot".

The tc accounting problem is the easy one. Many other people can do it with their own strategy to approach the problem. Again, you cannot do, because you have even seen an accounting software. That i am very sure. If you have worked in office environment, this kind of problems are so common and there are thousands, thousands of opposition members who have worked in offices can solve them once for all.

Someone said you are a fool. My due respect to you. I think you are the typical Pap supporter similar to some ah siow. People said cannot do, he will repeat. People said TC hawker ceiling not clean, he will repeat and yell not clean. I can only tell, you sell kokyo will be the best: the first will say: welcome tonight, you will say: tonight.
The first fellow say: this kohyo is good for kaichng tiar holan kan. You will repeat: holan kan. No need brain for your job, that you will be most capable: kaichng qiu.

Anonymous said...

...and there are thousands, thousands of opposition members who have worked in offices can solve them once for all.
3:45 pm

Then why WP cannot solve? And after so long some more? And u suka suka call people fool and ah siow? And u so clever why u never offer your services to WP to solve? Or even be WP candidate to win election?

So who is the fool or ah siow, u, me or WP?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:08pm
From your reply, you really believed that TC account problem is WP s problem unsolvable to them. Let me ask you: did the count appoint a big 4 sitting at TC?
Go sell kohyo. You want to get into politics, yet you only grasp at the surface level of what happened at TC of your concern. See that? Even sell kohyo, there are 2 levels of scripts. You can only master the half scripts. Kaylefair level. You made yourself sounded so useless when giving me that kind of analysis and advise. You should be the one to solve those problems and offer the services to WP. See what WP will say to you.

Anonymous said...


Lee Ka Shing run road from China ... ?

Anonymous said...

// I think you are the typical Pap supporter similar to some ah siow. People said cannot do, he will repeat.//

Sound like a patrait?

Anonymous said...

Oops ......

Typo ......

Should be "Sound like a parrot?"

Anonymous said...

A nation of "70% parrots"?

Anonymous said...


//Where is Singapore?//

Old fart's formula is to rely (heavily) on the rote learning, booksmart book worms scholars produced by one elite sch who think highly of themselves and ownselves pay ownselves humongous, obscene remunerations?

When coming to delivery in the real world of industries and commerce, so far the billions spent on bio-medical R & D speak volumes?

Philip what?

Yo lamp pa?

Squandered how many billions (of taxpayers $$$) thus far?

What is the ROI so far?

This bunch of JLBs would have been SACKED in the pte sector lo(oooooo)ng lo(oooooo)ng ago?

Anonymous said...

1.24pm //This kind of so called leaders are leading the economy to doom.//

Old fart's formula has inherent flaws and not sustainable in the LR?

By (blindly) adhering to Mao Tze Tong's obsolete) Red Book ...... ooops ..... old fart's ......., RD fate is lo(ooooooo)ng sealed?

Coupled with the ravage (on the economy) exacted by LoaGoa-nomics and Botak-nomics in the past 2.5 decades, the big tree is a hollow shell of its past, awaiting for the next BIG storm to bring it crashing to the ground?

Anonymous said...

5.05 pm, don't waste your time with him. He has nothing between his ears. The motherfucker just try to irritate u.

b said...

I think Sinkapore should be in panic mode. The dragons will take down the luciferans. Sinkaporeans should start making plans to migrate to countries that are self sufficient like Canada or Australia or NZ else will have to convert to muslims.

Anonymous said...

The whole world should be in panic mode and angry mood. Because the Third World War has just started by the Obama Administration and Obama has himself said he will be leaving USA soon.

Anonymous said...

China will soon set up a Naval Base and Air Force Base in the Philippines,
to replace the Americans.

Anonymous said...

/AnonymousOctober 27, 2016 8:40 pm
The whole world should be in panic mode and angry mood./

Dun worry?

Old fart said the team cool like cuCUMber?

See, during GFC the economic team under Botak was so cool turned around the enonomy (with economic steriod? courtesy of Botak-nomics?) from -0.7% EG (economic growth) in 2009 to 14.8% in 2010?

Anonymous said...

After that average 3% EG between 2011 to 2015?

Where got panic?

At the most pump more (steriod) into the economy to sustain it till 2021 erection?

Anonymous said...

Increase economic activity by building T4 at Changi when it was just renovated like one or two years ago and jewel at T 1 car park. Plus can bring forward T5 so don't worry, we will have growth for many more years to come.

Anonymous said...

Just read the news Huawei invests further in Malaysia multimedia supercorridor, PM Najib gave a nice support speech. Another news middle eastern country courts chinese investments. China is interested in economic development. Its interest in spratly is strictly to defend against japan who in recent years has remilitarised 300%. Singapore should not be annoying china by giving credibility to the private court ruling all the judges are paid by the plaintiff the old Philippines president. Now the about turn of Duterte has made Singapore laughing stock of world.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting moving PL Airbase to Changi, Tengah Airbase to TerKong, Tg Pajar Terminah to Folks shape reclaimed land?

Can build another at least 110,000 HDB in LCK, half of that in PL plus many more pte, commercial and industrial bldgs?

Tg Fajar area can build up to 50Xs MBFC at Marina City/ Sentosa prices?

Anonymous said...


Easily 2 to 3 decades bldg projects in the pipeline?

All these are above ground?

Anonymous said...

Havent count underground projects and many demolition projects?

Jiat Baey Liao?

But what is the MPW aka leakages (of such economic activities in sin city context?)?

Anonymous said...

Easily 0.6 to 0.7 of MPW?

Where to find the monies to fund such projects running into a few hundred billions?

From sin city taxpayers and consumers?