Who should be responsible to protect the legacies of LKY?

I may be asking the wrong question here by assuming that the legacies of LKY need to be protected. They should only if they are good legacies. Legacies should not be protected just because they are legacies. To ask such a question lies an underlying assumption that the legacies are good and worth protecting. Of course some may say the legacies are worth nothing, useless, should all be forgotten, dump into the dustbin of history.


I don’t think all of LKY’s legacies are bad. There must be some that are good or else we would not be what we are today. Then who should be the ones protecting his legacies? Should it be the people, the PAP or his children. As for the people, even if they want to protect his legacies, they are hapless. At best they could go to Hong Lim to kpkb but would be ignored. I bet Gilbert will be thinking about this seriously, to try a protest to protect LKY’s legacies instead of against govt policies and see how the govt will react, how the people will respond. Maybe he will get more supporters coming for free chicken rice.


Would the PAP protect and preserve the legacies of LKY? After all the PAP is his baby. The elite and the wealth they have accumulated were only made possible because of LKY and his legacies. Should they be honourable and grateful to want to protect his legacies that have made them rich and powerful? No country would have politicians becoming millionaires legitimately by just living on their million dollar pay. This is a legacy of LKY.


If the PAP does not think it worthy to protect the legacies of LKY, though I think they would if they are honourable, then it would be left to his children to do the necessary. Who among his children would be zealous enough to want to protect papa’s legacies?


We are already seeing some of his legacies being overturned and put away. Would there be any LKY legacies left by the end of this decade or sometime further down the road? During the mourning of his death, everyone was talking about his legacies. Now there is a silence, no one seems to be interested or bothered to talk about them, to bring them out to justify what they are going to do, to praise the legacies for the success of Singapore.


patriot said...

"There must be some that are good or else we would not be where we are today.", unquote.
Haha.....Typical Diehard Lee Kuan Yew Idolator.

Chin Leng Sir;
as a more active reader of your blogsite, l do not have the Impression that You are happy to be
'where You are' and so are many others here.

Me has got this feeling that many Sinkies are hoping and wishing for the Leaking Sampan to sink just to spite the Taikong aka Chief Boatman,
who incidentally is groomed and put
incharge of the Sampan.

Lee Kuan Yew was a most versatile, ruthless and clever man. No doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

Most important LKY legacy PAP must, will and is still protecting. That is PAP must win big every election.

So isn't that happening? And once that happens, PAP can forget about LKY's other legacies, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry! The white kakis, the lapdogs, the 70% will all know how to protect the legacies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning Patriot,

I understand your feelings. There must be something good even in the Devil or else he would not be created. And there are also badness in God that blind believers refused to see. So there must be some goodness in the legacies and some must be good and of course some are real bad.

I don't look at things from the perspective of black and white but a whole wide spectrum of grays as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

By the way, anything wrong with TRE?

Anonymous said...

By the way, anything wrong with TRE?
RB 9:16 am

Yes, something is wrong. But does it really matter?

TRE can say what they want about PAP but does that make the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt? And some more if TRE try to be funny and cross the line, they will suffer the same fate as The Real Singapore.

Anonymous said...

During LKY's time, PAP is very strong and PAP also quite good.(care for Sinkies)

After LKY died, PAP is still very strong, even though PAP become not so good.(care for foreigners just for GDP growth)

This type of LKY legacy good or not?

Anonymous said...

TRE website is down

Anonymous said...

Got hacked?

Anonymous said...

Can we please protect living Singaporeans rather than the legacies of dead Singaporeans.

Did LKY left us a legacy of vulnerable Singaporeans without any social safety net or access to public health care?

"I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do, lives after them.
The good is oft interred with their bones."
- William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

One legacy already down. Not to take sides between China and USA.
Second, make no mistake or out you go. Now making mistakes is ok. Making more mistakes oso ok.
Next legacy going, meritocracy, not by race. EP by race.

Anonymous said...

Listen up you dumb fuck Singaporean slaves.

Stand where we tell you to stand.
Sit where we tell you to sit.
Believe & obey when we tell you who is qualified to be President of Singapore.

Veritas said...

The Peranakan or LHL are getting more and more nuts each day in order to preserve their power. When PAP want to screw us up, race card will be played.

In reality it is PAP who created the racial divide. For example Singaporean Primary school students are not allow even to study a 3rd language, or the language of one of our races.

Then our minorities keep barking that they got discriminated when job requirement needs mandarin language skill.

But then what if PAP allow the study of 3rd language? Have anyone though about that?

The outcome will be our minorities will get sinicized.

Our linguistic policy in reality is to preserve the supremacy of English, at the expense of Chinese. This will not last.

Veritas said...

The racial harmony day or shit is cosmetic. The real integration will come when our kids given a chance to study each other language. There is no such thing that all race are equal and all culture are equal.

Hindus is the most fuck up culture on the planet and they are cancer that need to undergo chemo. Chinese culture remains the messiah of future humanity and is gaining supremacy.

What if our minorities study Chinese? The outcome will be Jay Chow, Cantopop, and many fine Chinese sentiments is going to spread in their heart, opening them to a while cosmo of good and virtue not found in Islam or Hindus.

Our minorities always fuck PAP pro Chinese.

In fact, PAP is anti Chinese.

It is PAP who prevent the spread of Chinese culture and force us to be "sensitive" to minorities.

Anonymous said...

What legacy. Policies change just to solve a short term problem. Goal Posts shifting is a norm these days.

Anonymous said...

Rb //I don’t think all of LKY’s legacies are bad.//

Unless YEWR eyes paste stamps (again), sinkies are witnessing one of his (greatest) legacies whenever they are travelling around the island to work, school, play or even chase Pokemon Go ......?

The every single trees lining both sides of each road and the centre dividers running across hundreds and even thousands of miles of highways and roads all combined?

Seriously, many sinkies move around with their eyes open (never paste stamps) but often "cannot see" what are (going on or happening) in the surroundings?

Another legacy?

There are none so blind that they cannot see (what is going on or ) in the surroundings?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ..... " The every single trees ......."

Should be

"The every single tree ......."

Lan Lan said...

When G argued for EP many years ago, it was about check & balance the G should the G be taken by Opp.

Now the Opp wants to be EP, so need another set of rule[s] to check and balance EP.

The set of rule[s] is [minorities race need to be represented]

Anonymous said...

To accept old fart as someone superior, there must be consistency, at least 1% similar to Saint Teresa: created NO sin. Old fart had created so much sinful problems. I chose to take him just like someone in civil service. Protect legacy? Does it sound out of time with the new generations using handsets as communication tools?

Readers are no longer depending on hard copies of news papers. The versatile young generations need to learn the ruthless rules of old fart? These new generations will tell u electing someone by race is not right making such choices.
Putting people in jail for 32 years is not right, as its no rational winning. Stopping women to have more than 2 children if they were not graduates was real sinful similar to selecting candidates by race. The stopping ordinary women with no more than 2 children was it good and not bad?

The attention on creating jobs for citizens was not provided by old fart. It was GKS. After GKS gone, old fart started to put foreigners as priorities in a bank. He took away jobs for citizens. The msm had published called "Don Be Singaporean" bank. This is the "legacy". It was continued when old fart was the black hand behind, though he wasnt pm. He started with one ang mor ceo in a bank, then the heads started to change to ang mor. Now its indians took the turn. All by race as decision.
The bank was was NEVER top in share price. The son continue the "legacy" to put a malaysian auntie to be mrt ceo. When mrt stopped at 4levels under grouhd for hour, tracks were found used plastic strings to tie up the horseshoes.
Old fart and son s "legacy" are the same, use race base selection such as foreigners to build the "nation", use citizens to be soldiers at cheap pay. Use US to front neighbors with invisible threats. Use china to show singapore s mini building township capability. Reality was paying china to let singapore learn how to build bigger towns. Singaporeans still believe it can do better than china politicians now. Singapore can compete with china on ports, airports, finance, aerospace, and building towns and infra structure.

What did singaporeans learn from the "legacy". This is the one: to put others down first, then ensure his approach is called "world class" using controlled media. It was a success when the west was trying to hit hard at china, and media were controlled by the west, on cnn bbc as major.

No more such world. So the "legacy" starts to show its flaws. Using US to threaten neighbors will soon be a problem, similar to putting down on opponents, and selecting the shutup in presidency. The world is shifting against US. Is singapore politicians prepared?

The old fart has nothing of common value that we need to protect. Honesty, dont steal cash from coffer or somebody, is not old fart s legacy: we learn from our parents. Respect opponents as human was never in practice by old fart and son. Why under old fart had different paths for different people? Was it good to remember such practices as norm?

Anonymous said...

veritas, PAP is not anti-Chinese
To be accurate, PAP is anti red Communist chinese.
LKY seems only promote [ confuzi] idealogy, it suits his strategy to govern.

Veritas said...

If there is no PAP or SG rule by a HK style pro-consul, Chinese culture will gain hegemony. The destruction of Chinese culture under PAP is way more serious than under white man pro-consul.

Big problem of PAP is her despise of Chinese culture.

And talk about Red communist, right now there are more and more signs that even Stalin will get favorable opinions.

What will happen if there is no Stalin or Mao. First, Hitler will conquer Europe.

Without Mao, China will be weak like 1945 KMT. With Mao, China defeated USA.

And the rise of Mao actually is more good than bad, as more and more evidence came up. Mao supported the Vietnamese revolution. PAP and white man media never mentioned 1% of Vietnamese landlord holds 90% of land. And many of these landlords are French.

They fuck Vietnamese women and dump them like nobody.

It was Ho Chi Minh with the help of Mao who get rid of these scum.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Ho Chi Minh Equivalences helped Japanese army to target Chinese for torture and to kill

Anonymous said...

If I am a slave owner.
And I own 5.5 million slaves.
And the hard work by the slaves gives me a million dollar salary and a multi-billion dollar piggy bank.

As long as the slaves remain daft & stupid
Why on earth would I want to change anything?
In fact I would do everything I can to keep the slaves daft & stupid.

Slaves work for their owners.
Slave owners do not work hard for their slaves.

Servant-Leadership? ... My balls.
You are stupid to believe this.

Anonymous said...

PAP is anti opposition, and very strongly too. Naturally so, because this is good for PAP.

In fact PAP is anti opposition so strongly that after 51 years, opposition is not even able to deny PAP 2/3 majority seats in Parliament, let alone ready to be govt.

And PAP use English as official language solely for economic reasons, to make money and for GDP growth. And also as a positive side effect of this, to be seen as fair to all races in a multi-racial society, and not that PAP is anti-Chinese.

Put it simply, PAP is anti anything that "cannot make money" or "cannot have power".

Anonymous said...

Tan Cheng Bock is no more pro PAP so by becoming EP, PAP will have less power. So of course PAP will be anti "Tan Cheng Bock become EP".

PAP is simply using the minority race criteria for EP to distract daft Sinkies from the real and unmentionable reason.

If not, why only now then raise the minority race issue for EP?

Anonymous said...

PAP is anti opposition, and very strongly too. Naturally so, because this is good for PAP.
September 05, 2016 1:41 pm

Do you think we can generalize and say "PAP is anti-Singaporean"?
Because if Singaporeans lose, PAP wins tio bo?

b said...

I think overseas singaporeans will protect LKY legacies. They benefit the most. The good recognition of their diplomas and degrees means they can easily go to nicer country to live and work. Not stay here and slave for unaffordable post lky properties and cost of living. The good (although not perfect) education foundation and good stopover destination that lky has installed have helped many to attain living standard in these overseas commonwealth countries that many can only dream off. I am overseas but still grateful to lky although he was not perfect.

b said...

I think the current pap ministers have betrayed lky legacies by making sg so unaffordable and ridiculously crowded. They should seriously rethink their commitments towards the grandmaster.

Anonymous said...

From HK s legco election, announced this afternoon, the results from 58% turnout voters show young voters voted for candidate s quality to serve them. Those mp supporting Occupied central, yellow umbrella, and protesting during assembly were sacked. One famous Raymond Wong who threw a broken glass in parliament had only half of his previous votes.

The HK election results are good indications for Singapore opposition to examine. New candidates are young and educated. The old anti China the HKies called trouble makers were sacked by the young voters. The turnout 58% from pictures queuing up were young and middle age.

Singapore opposition parties and including the ruling one, still believe young voters will eye at the old hacks as their candidates may be disappointed if they ignore the hidden demand of young generations. In fact, young candidates wishing to serve in opposition should step out to do work with old fellows in WP or other parties for their young voters to identify them. They will stand a good chance against the Pap.
Step out in last minute, can be a target of IB, and without local supporters. That can be stressful. The opposition chance is getting better with better candidates and younger voters.

Veritas said...

The HK vote for someone anti China period. Problem with HK is same with Singapore -- in the aspect that they think themselves higher caste than PRC for too long. Now when PRC is stronger and richer than HK, many people cannot accept it.

They prefer to be USA dog, suck USA cock than to accept the reality. This is especially true with banana.

Eventully these people will go down as their white man masters.

Same with our minorities. Our minorities think their culture is supremo and Chinese are shit, but inside them, they know Chinese culture is good. They worship USA or Taliban. Now they need to reckon to the fact that China MNC is going to flood SG, and they are going to be YES-man to PRC.

Anonymous said...

Children of Singaporean slaves do not need to go to university.
It's not as if they will become CEOs or managers correct?
We have Foreign Talents to be CEOs and managers in Singapore.

We only need Singaporean slaves to be cleaners, security guards and taxi drivers.
Young Singaporean women can provide sexual relief for our Foreign Talents.

Veritas said...

Children in Singapore do not need to go university. They will need to compete against Robots made in China, and make sure they win.

This is what fucking PAP want for our next generation.

Next generation, you see jobs like Taxi driver, ship captain lost to Uber and Google auto-pilot system.

40 years later, planes will be pilotless.

And making shirts, shoes, cars, macdonalds will soon be automated.

A whole lot of opportunities are loss due to PAP wrong industrial policy. Our engineering is shit. And PAP better formulate better policy so that our children can out compete against robots.

patriot said...

The Prospect and Future for young Sinkies are indeed grim, unless they
are off springs of the Ruling Class.

Those parents and the Youngs themselves who can afford should look for other places to work, do business and live.

Unless one is sure of future survival, no harm to venture for
greener pastures.


patriot said...

The Prospect and Future for young Sinkies are indeed grim, unless they
are off springs of the Ruling Class.

Those parents and the Youngs themselves who can afford should look for other places to work, do business and live.

Unless one is sure of future survival, no harm to venture for
greener pastures.


Anonymous said...

And PAP better formulate better policy so that our children can out compete against robots.
September 05, 2016 3:39 pm

Which is easier you tell me lah?
PAP to formulate better policy OR Singaporeans to get smarter by voting Opposition?
Either case will take a long time.
- it's better to emigrate

Which will be fixed first?
Tan Cheng Bock's Presidential attempt or our MRT trains?

Anonymous said...

Young activists win Legislative Council Seats in HK elections


This is proof that Chinese voters are not stupid.
Only Singaporean voters are daft and stupid.
Kena fucked & fucked ... I mean pay and pay ... until stupid.

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousSeptember 05, 2016 4:56 pm
//Kena ... ....... pay and pay (PAPed) ... until stupid.//

This statement may rank as the most classic succinct narrative of the social labyrinth of city of sin (real) hardtruths?

Anonymous said...

The 17 most valuable stock exchanges in the world


SGX - Where the fuck are Yew?

Anonymous said...

HK Legco election has distinctive results:
1. Pro china called love country camp won 41 out of 70 seats. This is a good indication of voters preference is not anti china but pro china.
2. Many pro Occupied Central young candidates lost their attempts.
3. Old hacks supporting the Occupied Central existing mp also got sack. Lee Chuok Yan, the Worker Union party chief was also sacked.
For point 2 and 3, the election was a clean up of those anti china ane extreme activists supporting HK independence.

HK independence to me is a real joke. Water is supplied by china, fresh vege, fish, meat are supplied by china with rail directly stop at HongHam. What else these young Hongkie want? They want someone to screw their ass, by approaching US and western embassies support. If HKies are blind and support the west embassies, i will be happy to see them die in my eyes.
Singapore position is no far better than HK. We eat lots of things from China and export things to their market. Wanna support Philippines and Vietnam to shoot at china s ass, those someones must be ready to run off when singapore has expensive foods. But not many ordinary citizens can run off to US carrying green cards. That what ordinary HKies feel. So they voted for a more mild approach to F35, US nuclear war ship base, anti china stand. Only opposition can do this, not the Pap.

Veritas said...

Anon Sept 05 is "lying". Only 40 out of 70 seats are directly elected by public while the 30 are elected by elites who are beholden to Beijing. For those directly elected office a great majority went to anti PRC gang.

HK people hate China.

Why they hate China? They think China are too poor for a long time, and HK people go China fuck and fuck. Right now China become rich, and they cannot go they fuck anymore, other than prostitute. So HK piss off.

If you have HK friends in FB, you realized these people hate China like a mad dog. Every single good thing about China was interpreted as evil.

China has feed HK dog for too long. HK should be reduced to relative poverty with respect to China, to take away their pride. Then they know they are shit. Independence sentiment will die off.

Anonymous said...

See who is telling lie.
41 seats was reported by wenweipo. Those has interest can go into it, dont waste time arguing.

Those can count can refer to Apple daily here:

40 red sq (red) and one dark blue (neutral) total 41.
Democrat 23, balance 6 are yellow type (yellow).

The Pro China are in control.

The western news like Telegraph only talked about 3 youngster involved in anti china activities got elected. Telegraph never gave a total picture. I have no patience to read Guardians.

Readers want to know HK news can never survive by reading Telegraph or BBC or Guardians. The useful papers in HK are Wenweipo, Takungpao, and Apple daily.

DO NOT tell lie about Hong Kong by reading western sites, you will have yourself to blame. Its like reading G20 by reading Daily Express: it advised May not to undress without mattress to wrap her up as Chinese might spy on her, May was advised that way, and it was headlines.

Who tell lie? You decide.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the pro British Hongkies. They rather kiss the queen's ass then called themselves Chinese. They want to be ruled by the westerners and be knighted by the queen and be called Sir or Madam.

Anonymous said...

The (terrible, horrendous and horrifying) consequences of Botak-nomics?

(The) Stock exchange (of a country) is a reflection of the strength and competitiveness of its industries and economy.

When near 99% of the economy and related industries revolve around "unproductive" cement and concrete rent seeking build build build model, ironically it could become a (precarious and vulnerable) house of cards (at the mercy of the next crisis or future rounds of interest rate hikes)?

When Yew are an interest rate taker (as an economy), Yew don't build an economy around concrete and cement build build build model while the interest rate setter brought interest rate down to near zero (and printed trillions of QE $$$)?

It is a (simple) known (economic) fact that it is not if but when the interest rate setter (eventually) will (need to) hike interest (like "crazy"?) to rein in price levels in the medium and long run brought about by the excess liquidity (of > US$4.3 trillion of QE $$$) sloshing around (in the real economy)?

As money is neutral in the long run, significant interest rate hikes are needed to keep prices in check eventually (down the road)?

When YEW are an interest rate taker and Yew let the economy takes on such a concrete and cement CENTRIC build build build model, YEWR Botak-nomics might lead to an economy really becoming "BOTAK" after the inevitable strikes?

Best Global "FM"?

What would the "F" stand for when the economy literally becomes "Botak" (after the inevitable takes place)?

Most "FartK" up?

Anonymous said...

Western media like bbc telegraph etc talking about Nathan Law,23 yellow umbrella leader won a seat, and put the page as HK is going for the independence movement. This is not the whole story. The total gain for the yellow movement is 6, on the expense of other opposition.

Nathan was unable to win. But the old timer in opposition, a dutch man 57 called Paul Zimmerman declared last few days to give up the election. Not only that, Paul Zim stood on stage to encourage his own supporters to vote for Nathan Law.

The story was never told in western news. Only talking about supporters supported Nathan Law. 23 year old student union leader was the opposition, recommended by an old legco man. So Nathan s win could not be counted as his own total win. He said he was shocked to win.

In Taiwan election, there was such cases. The young men who carried yellow flowers occupied the parliament were voted into it. One plays band as profession. They belong to some new party called the Power of Century. Meanwhile, the hard core Tailian party supporting Leetenghui was wiped out. Therefore, people expect these new young men who came out by supporting anti social movement will face the wipe out phase, when their abilities to serve show limitations.

Hope that Nathan Law prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, Amos would become the youngest MP in the Singapore soon.

Under Amos leadership, Singapore would able to prevent frequent MRT breakdown and win another Olympic Gold medal.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Who should be responsible to protect the legacies of LKY?//


Can YEW write a post based on the following title:?

"Who should be responsible to protect the legacies of GKS?"

In the 1990s, after GKS (was forced to?) stepped down from cabinet (in 1985), he became an (expert economic advisor) to DXP for the further opening up and modernisation of the PRC economy ........

PRC economy, with the guided wisdom of GKS, took off spectacularly in the early 1990s, after the significant hiccups encountered between 1985 to 1987?

Meanwhile, under LaoGoa-nomics, a sin(ful) city went downhill from that moment onwards when GKS stepped down in 1985?

The legacies of GKS need to be protected MORE than anything else?


Time to wake up for those sleepy (and senile) heads (barking up the wrong trees)?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... "..... he became an (expert economic advisor) to DXP ......"

Should be:

" .......he became an (expert economic) advisor to the Chinese PARAMOUNT leader DXP ........"

Anonymous said...

So ironical?

Old man sidelined the renowned G(OH)KS who brought economic success to the newly independent and miniscule resource-less tiny red dot?

And replaced with another G(oa) whose LaoGoa-nomics brought sinkieland to the current (severe) economic malaise and predicament?

Anonymous said...

B careful when some 1 coming

Back 2 live.esp...4 a power welding...

Anonymous said...

Do you think LKY's legacy is turning GKS's 1st world Singapore back into a 3rd world country with all the usual 3rd world diseases like:


Destitute elderly

Regular train breakdowns
crony capitalism

Is the above true?

Anonymous said...

How come no one talk about GKS legacies in the garment? Maybe GKS did not do anything good, so nothing to remember him about.

The publicity of Nathan's funeral and the eulogies proved that Nathan did more than GKS.

Anonymous said...

AhLee Uh Akbar
Down with GKS
Long Live PAP.