Singapore running out of luck

For several decades, nothing could go wrong in Singapore. And if anything went wrong, they would be put right immediately. The last outbreak of contagious disease was SARS and was quickly wrapped up and put away. We had many other problems but did not become too big a task to solve.

What is happening today? We have endless breakdowns on the public transport system after paying so many years of fare hikes for better services but with things getting worse by the days. We have outbreak of TBs, Hepatitis C, and now this Zika thing. How dreadful are the lives of pregnant mothers infected by the Zika sickness is beyond your imagination. Day and night, every moment, the mother and father would be thinking of their little unborn baby’s health. Would the baby be alright or born with brain damage? The latter is the fearful tragedy that could likely be their fate. What about little children infected with TB in kindergartens? If only you are the parents of the affected child.

Why were we so successful then and not now? Was it because we have had better people and better systems then and now no talent but highly paid people today with lousy systems? Very likely it is more like luck running out. For we are having the best talents from the world, oops, to be correct from the third world, to replace our own talents, and this is the result. This is one of the facts that we are living with but still needs empirical proof to connect the two.

If not this, then, assuming the people are still as talented and the systems have been improved, why then are we getting all the outbreaks? Luck running out! When luck runs out, the best system will still be found wanting. When luck runs out, poorly devised systems, half baked systems, tidak apa attitude, etc will stand out glaringly.

When luck runs out, all the wrong things will happen at the same time to wreck the system and the lives of the people here. How many more bad things are going to happen before the whole system implodes? 4 days of train faults and fuming commuters, and more and more Zika cases being detected and more mothers to be infected, and more coming along the way. When you have a few cases of infection, contact tracing is quite easy. When you have hundreds and thousands, you can forget about contact tracing.  Watch out for this Zika to develop into a full blown epidemic and woe beholds this little Red Dot. Complacency?


Anonymous said...

For the good of everyone, there must be a change in policy on highly infectious diseases like TB and Zika. The money means everything policy must not be applied to such diseases as people that could not afford to pay will not seek treatment and continue to spread the diseases.

Hey idiots, can use your blains to think or not? Not always think of money is everything.

Anonymous said...

We were a hardworking but happy nation many many moon ago
when our population was small.

We were then proud singaporeans!

With the rapid increased population in the name of growth,
see what is happening one by one.

Must it be.....不见棺材不流泪?


Anonymous said...

"Singapore running out of luck"

Tiok. But not PAP, tio bo? If not, how can PAP win every election and getting as high as 70% of the votes some more, u tell me lah?

So how come like that ah?

Anonymous said...

Chiok Sin-ka-pho ga tat-lang kut-lak (in hokkien)!

Wish Singapore and everyone good luck and hardworking!

- Greets from Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Until 70% of Singaporeans get infected with Zika; they will still continue to vote PAP.

Do you think our Millionaire Ministers will be fired if the Emperor gets infected with Zika?

Anonymous said...

Zikapore is the new found name. Now Indonesia check on Zikaporean s entry.

Some web report that one millionaire replied fb Zika was "mild" disease. How naive of the remark. Note this fact:

A man can recover from fever and rashes. The Zika stays inside his body, except in the blood that the hospital check called blood test.

Check the urine of the "recovered" patient male, urine has Zika.

I saw the advise in report: DO NOT HAVE SEX for 6 (six) months.
Can readers interpret the implication?

The foreigners with Zika will spread the Zika virus to female foreign workers, many doing domestic work. U know the consequences?

Look at the busy MSM showing smoky pictures of killing mosquitoes. Where is the Health care head? Was advise of using CONDOMS a must have for female foreigners? NONE.

RB want luck? NO such thing lah. The millionaires must get out of their seats to work (mrt 5th day delay, so crowded stations are to spread TB lagi faster than kindergarten), not hiding their faces from the media.

We pay for LEADER-SIP, or leader-ship? The SHIP is sinking.

How long can the leeders hide from the public health problems? Its their own work: 7 millions population, 10 millions eventually. Totally disregards of the risks of riots, diseases and jobs stolen from citizens. This is a very reckless and naive team of leeders. But voters want them to screw themselves hard.

However, I cannot bear to see the first picture of a Singaporean baby with Zika, will be devastating to many kind hearted people, and certainly, the parents, and grandies.

This is a devastating situation in Zikapore, what do u think?

Anonymous said...

Before........Love for Singapore
Present.......Love for money & power

Anonymous said...

The omens for Singapore's dark days are unmistaken: The white owl that flew into the Istana, the vote by 70% zombie slaves for lightning to continue striking them, the mainstream media's 51 years of endless propaganda etc.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday i predicted Zika would be 150 cases today.

I was wrong.

Today is 151. Spread to Targor sembawang. Yishun spare? U bet.

151 today? Tomorrow will be what?

I bet 170.

patriot said...

Sir Chua Chin Leng;

l like to state that since the Evening of 31st August 2016 there
was NO report of any new Zika Cases
up to the 9 am Channel News Asia News or on the News Bar.

Me was and is extremely surprise that for over 30 hours, there was
NO new Zika Case. Suddenly, Zika stops. Quite a blessing though unbelievable.
and doubt shall be as good as Yours.

As for train breakdowns;
today is the Fifth Consecutive
Day that the MRT is having problems.

I say nature is exacting punishments
and the People Incharge are exacerbating the Problems. All culminating to the Destiny of Sin.

Maybe there were too many calls for
Karma(Retribution). However, l wish
to remind Sinkies that the Poor Segment of the Population will suffer
much more than the Well-offs for the
Latter can leave Sin any moment to live lives of plenty and luxury.

The Poorer Segment shall be left to
face the Shits and be tormented by illnesses.

Beware of the Omens.


Anonymous said...

never mind a series of mega problems and issues facing singaporeans......

these mega problems and issues are the NEW normal......

very soon will be forgotten.......

very soon will be forgiven.......

this is Singapore, surely......home......

worry not......the next ge will be betterer.....78%.......


Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The problems all come from overcrowding.

patriot said...

'.....No report of any new Zika Cases
up to the 9 am Channel News Asia News or on the News Bar.' to be continued with ON 2ND SEPTEMBER 2016.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

In a joint statement by Ministry of Health (MOH) and National Environment Agency (NEA), they announced that as of 12 pm, 1 September, another 36 confirmed cases of Zika virus infection, which brings the total number to 151 cases in just within 4 days.

151 cases. This is real. Next day? U predict.

Anonymous said...

Is this:

Anonymous said...

If Leedershit can still win elections, and got 70% votes some more, then what are those who even voted for them? Bigger shit? More smelly shit?

Anonymous said...

Greater Fool theory? A fool who bought high will sell even higher to a greater fool.

Anonymous said...

In ancient times, the official would tell Emperor that his empire has lost the Mandate of Heaven. -a series of natural disasters.

PAP must pray to the Temple of Heaven and issue an edict of apology to the People.

Anonymous said...

Very sad, I mean for those Sinkies who suffer under PAP due to money no enough.

Even Heaven and God cannot help them. But then God only help those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Pray ? ? ?

How you know the infected ones are free thinkers or they do not diligently and devotedly pray to god and their religion everyday ? Wat a douche ...

So what other suggestion ? Kowtow to China everything ok
Unlikely right ...

China confirms first case of Zika virus - Xinhua ( 10 FEB 2016 )

China says 21 of its nationals in Singapore infected with Zika

China Prepares for Zika Virus as Two New Cases Emerge

Who knows the source spread here was bought here from China ?
China cases so low highly suspicious.

b said...

ZIKA sounds worse than SARS. Its time for the gov to fund and find the cure since it makes so much money selling properties to the people who have to pay for them using blood and sweat. The cure once found will be a great money making opportunity. btw, how did the mosquitoes in brazil end up in sg?

Anonymous said...

Very sorry,

dengue already taken so long... want to find cure for zika in short time ... up to it ?

virgo49 said...

WHO already praised Sinkieland in its handling of Jika.

MSM harping on them of the transparency.

Transparency? ? After first 41 cases reported after prolonged cover up until Pinky feels faint not to open up as pregnant ladies might be harmed.

NEA officers inspecting mozzies breeding spots either go to the same flats with occupants in most of the time to report their daily quota of inspections and there after hang around in coffee shops having happy hours.

They do not take trouble to check flats that owners flatly refused to open to them or just simply ignore them.

Once they came to my place twice a week and get farked by me.

Next door immediate neighbour as rented to Pinoy with door ajar and occupants in them.

They refused to open for inspection and they just left.

Too afraid to barge in. How to eradicate mozzies like that??

I wrote to complain and they came back with one thousand and one reason with finally the Director replying thanking me foe the feedback.

That time under that sissy Vivi.

This is how the ministries work.

denk said...

zika outbreak in sg !

after malaYsia, now is sg turn to be put thru
the wringer.

this is
like a cardinal sin in the eyes of uncle scam.

heard the latest mishap in mrt is due to
*signal interference* !

Anonymous said...

What out of luck? They have a Sir Luck in their midst.