Made in Singapore?

Modi wants to turn India into another manufacturing hub and came out with his Make in India slogan. His vision is simple and clear, products and services made in India, ideas originated in India, and made by the Indians and sold at Indian prices.
China, the factory of the world, has Made in China products and services. The products and services are made in China, by the Chinese and at Chinese prices. There is a slight difference. Many of the products and services originated from the West, the ideas from the West, but copied and modified and produced at much lower cost to sell at much lower prices.
What is Made in Singapore? It used to be made by Singaporeans and to some extent Malaysians working here. The ideas were western and some from Singaporeans. Today, Made in Singapore is no longer what it used to be. Many have ideas originated not from Singaporeans, and the products and services are made and provided by Third World citizens. The only thing that is still Made in Singapore is the price. Oh, the system and infrastructure could still be Singaporeans. The delivery and execution are hardly or barely Singaporeans. Walk into any hospitals and you may think you are in some Third World countries served by Third World citizens.
The universities have been taken over by foreigners and literally run by foreigners. The banking and finance industry, the IT industry, some manufacturing products and services, the medical industry, the human resource industry and what else, God knows, are all made and provided by foreigners.
We used to laugh at the Proton car that the local content is very little. Now Made in Singapore brand, how many percent is Singaporean? Can we still call it Made in Singapore, Singapore quality, served and provided by Singaporeans and charging Singaporean prices?
What is Made in Singapore? What is Singapore?


Anonymous said...

many moons ago, while overseas, was very proud
to let others know I m Singaporean.......

but not now........

sad sad sad........

you know why........

think about it........

Anonymous said...

Our days are over! Period. The moment you used cheap labour to hold back salary, more jobs would have to go to 3rd World citizens. The whole machinery would slowly drain of Singaporeans who could not compete with these people who demand lower wages. On the other hand, government could not control inflation so real wages for Singaporeans are dropping from year to year. There is no motivation from Singaporeans. What innovation we are talking about? Taxi license? Uber contract?....

Anonymous said...

Rb //What is Singapore?//

"Who am I?"


Where to start?

"Who or rather what is the 'I' ?"

"谁是'我'? 什么是'我' ?"

Ok ok, stop the round about .....

The subject is about this little red dot?

The "I" is this little island about 718 Sq Km in size?

Who or what then represents "I"?


What animal is that?

A mermaid?

Or a lion?


Who am 'I'?

"Chiap Cheng"?

Anonymous said...

For cheap n good products, people go for made in china or Korea.

If people wanted branded n luxury goods, they look to the west.

Who then will look at made in Singapore?

Who? Anyone? Who? Who?

Anonymous said...

Knn hospital is served bu pinoy followed by prc and Indian. Financial and IT served by indians. Hospitality served by pinoy. Geylang served by Vietnamese Thai pinoy Indonesian and or prc and high class one by Russian and Eastern European.

patriot said...

The Saddest Phenomenon in Sin now is that the Sinkies are cynical of their Leeders and frowning on the Singapore Brand.

How long more can Sin hold despite the Non-stop propaganda in the State Media?

Imagine Armed Police Officers running away and hiding from the Little, read minor, Little India Riot.

And after that we have Rulers telling Sinkies to face terrorism with guts and fight terrorism anytime.



Anonymous said...

What is Made in Singapore?

The Sinkie opposition, of course. This one where got and also cannot have foreigners, tio bo?

And look at their quality and strength, good or not, u say lah?

And if this "Made in Singapore" by all Sinkies only is not even good, what else can be good? If ownself not good, why blame "Made by foreigners" for not good?

Anonymous said...

Look at our dear neighbours.

They are all fast waking up!

Yes! Waking up! Waking up!

Singapore has to be very very careful!

Will it be........风水轮流转!

Hope not.

Anonymous said...

There are many many products and services that are still Singaporeans. For Products there is the cardboard collected by old age Singaporeans, for services there are the taxi services, foodcourt table-cleaning services, security guard services. These are still Singaporean. So why is Redbean so uptight? Relax Redbean, Singapore will prosper and all Singaporeans will live a Swiss standard living in the future. There are so many things Singaporeans should be proud of, namely, one of the most expensive cities in the world, best universities run by very qualified people from India and the west. Singapore has the best MRT and highly efficient police and arm forces. What more do you want? The best thing for Singapore is the Government. So Singaporeans, one and all, be happy, very very happy.

patriot said...

Sgp is fantastic.

Cardboard Policeman is able to deter crimes.

Machines are able to collect money.

Maybe a cardboard president can ensure a benevolent regime in Sin.



Anonymous said...

What is Made in Singapore?

The PAP government is made in Singapore by 70% of the Singaporean population.
Does that not make you proud?

Anonymous said...

@ September 21, 2016 9:17 am

Well, those HR companies agency mommies daddies or pimps earn big monies.

One of reservist mate supplying operators to Sg and Malaysia, driving an Audi.

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 21, 2016 9:34 am
And after that we have Rulers telling Sinkies to face terrorism with guts and fight terrorism anytime.//

Past history and lessons have taught better take ONE SWIMMING POOL of salt in what the PAPIGS say?

Otherwise u dun just become a "paid patriot" ...... oops "paid parrot"?

Yew become a cuckold cos next moment yewr wife selling her "puxsy" to long queues of ah neh and blangas in sgn?

Believe their words to your (own) PERILS?

Shun the Lo(oooo)ngKang where the "sham-pent" is?

Anonymous said...

Hello , according to primary school textbook we are "shu 1 shu 2" ,ok

Don't play play. The children will grow up to believe what they learnt.

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 21, 2016 9.34pm
And after that we have Rulers telling Sinkies to face terrorism with guts and fight terrorism anytime.//

When they say "A", better think of "B"?

When they say "Jump", better think of "Squat"?

When they say "Undress", better "run for your "puxsies" ...... oops lives"?

Anonymous said...

Eh, what about Instant Singaporean . Also made in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Is this Another Made in Singapore item ???
The singing career of the pastor's wife???

Anonymous said...

What about the investment prowess of another famous wife??
Made in Singapore or not?

Anonymous said...

Urban dictionary definition of the word "Made"

To have your cover blown, that is, to have your real identify revealed.
Applies to undercover police, secret agents, spies or moles.
"Get your ass out of there, you've been made!"


So what does "Made in Singapore" really mean?

Anonymous said...

Dallas Police Pension On Verge Of Collapse As Record Number Of Cops Seek Full Withdrawals


Lucky this can never happen in Singapore.
Our CPF is so powerful.

Anonymous said...

Our CPF, they withdraw for you before you can make a run for it.

Anonymous said...

Watch US Senator Elizabeth Warren question the CEO of the giant bank Wells Fargo over its massive fraudulent activities.

She does not give face.
She is persistent in her questioning.
She does not let let the CEO "siam" her questions.
- she will be a real terror in our Singapore parliament
- she is "Made in USA" ... not Singapore


Anonymous said...

"You should resign, you should give back the money you made while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. This just isn't right.... The only way Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds."
- Elizabeth Warren

Do you think Singaporeans are ready for this type of Hard Truths?

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares as long as I can make money from foreigners can already.

Anonymous said...

Made in singapore are 3 words a consummer must avoid like toxin. Months back. I walked passed simlin shop and saw a wireless electronic product label made in singapore. Out of supporting singapore, i bought it. There were similar products made in taiwan. Result was: it did not work. I was asked to go to UBI crescent the factory for "repair". New stuff day one out of the box. The entire staff there were speaking takalogue. The staff installed the product i brought again on his pc, he was unable to show me it worked. After one over hours, they gave me a brandnew package, the exact product ask me to go try it.
Another toxic made in singapore product? I was smarter than the them, i would not come "bark" to them again. I went to the shop to return the new product and ask for a more expensive taiwan made product, to offer the shop an incentive to exchange with me the toxic made in singapore product. I did not tell them that the product they sold did not work.

Wastage is something all of us hate to face. Spoiled foods wastage, we feel the pain. Spoiled electronic products take away space to keep with slight hope of reparing them working again. That is something i hate most. Any one will think like me: the product must work. Not for made in singapore.

I can tell readers why: singapore s supply chain on labor has totally damaged singapore s reputation. If employers are forced to hire citizens, we can know the standard as we know their educational standard. If employers are free to hire pinoys and indians, we cannot guarantee the results as we do not know these people s education at all. But singapore govt assumed foreigners are "talents". That is the results. The xport (non oil) is declining. The external debts of singapore increased rapidly.
Yahoo published on 7 Sept. Singapore has external debt USD1.76 trillions, as world #10th highest. Higher than china s external debt.
If compared to Sweden of citizens 5 millions, Singapore is heading for no U turn road. Sweden has external debt of 0.15 trillions only.
Which country is safe on course to future? Sweden. IMF recommends external debt should be about 150% of export. Singapore s non oil export is only 12.5 billions sgd. The external debt is >10 times its export.

In simple words, singapore is losing out under the present govt. Very greatly on the decline. The main reason is: hiring the unskilled labor to do the skilled jobs. The products are toxic and cannot sell in export markets.
Voters 61% are still hopeful. They will face the real retrenchment on their way as non oil export is not a bluff job. Export markets are like consummers in singapore: they dont want to buy rubbish to pile up wastage. And S$ is an adjusted upward game. Importers are not stupid as suppliers are abundant. Singapore has no unique products in export.

Anonymous said...

"In simple words, singapore is losing out under the present govt. Very greatly on the decline....Singapore has no unique products in export."
Anon 1:26 pm

So what's the issue for the ruling PAP when they can still win elections with 70% votes, even HDB pigeonholes can cost up to $1 million and the streets and even Hong Lim Park are very peaceful?

Isn't this every govt's dream, never mind the country may be in shit?

Anonymous said...

Heard that a housewife is in coma and fighting for life when
hit by electric scooter ridden by a 17-year-old youth.

Electric scooter again! Hope is not made in Singapore.

Sharing of paths can be very very dangerous to pregnant ladies
and seniors!

The sharing of paths must be stopped immediately before further


Anonymous said...

"Heard that a housewife is in coma and fighting for life when
hit by electric scooter ridden by a 17-year-old youth."
2:01 pm

Too bad, a housewife is hit, and not a PAP MP.

Or else PAP will sure do something about it if a PAP MP is hit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.47pm
The 61% support for pap was a real condition when one old man is taken out by nature.
Watch the words "taken out by nature".
The 70% was on a condition for an old man s passing. Pap cannot create another one same condition.

The nature will continue to take out some old men from pap. The 2 trillions usd external debt is conditioned on interest payment and principal repayment. Not matter if Yellen is playing speech drama, her interest rate increase will come after the US election. It will cause more retrenchment in Singapore whose debts they cannot pay due to poor quality of products they cannot find export buyers.

The immigration for E pass and S pass are still going strong. Many citizens will be out of jobs.
Again, pap s 61% is likely to go back to 55%+- in coming election when more old men are "taken out by nature".

U cannot be too happy as i have seen pap supporters now holding on to 1 or 2 high end condos having cash problems to pay for the loans as rental return is not sustainable.

The present pap s sell your home and dont work policy is good for show only. The E pass and S pass are not making money for their employers even they take $3100pm and return $1600pm to employer. This kind of employment will drive down the quality of products.

The pap team s plan to replace citizens in favor of foreign talents to run the economy is going full swing like what RB s po said. But i see the results can be devastating for the young generations future, and they are forced to vote for non pap govt, as they want jobs and increments. pap is doomed.

b said...

All leaders in democracy world have realised one thing - have to keep the voters poor and dim so they cannot revolt. To achieve that, all good jobs will have to go to foreigners/pr/ep. Only lousy jobs and unemployment will go to voters to keep them poor and dim. The west has been importing lots of migrants even if unemployment is sky high. They even tell a big fat lie that because the people do not want those jobs which only poor and dim voters will believe that.

virgo49 said...

Made In Singapore? ?

Got many, whilst companies manufacturing motor vehicles worked their butts out among competitors, Sinkie government just have a printing machine and churned out Paper COES that made trillions out of you.

Just install some tower gallantries and collect hundreds of thousands dollars from.you. Next they collect not enough and have GPS toll collections

Just switch on your engines of your vehicles and just move an inch and you start to pay.

Just build HDB flats at a fraction of price and sells at thousand percent profits.

These are made.in Singapore technology

Anonymous said...

What is working in Singapore?

The PAP voters are still working.
They will always vote PAP.
Very reliable.
Will never spoil.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares as long as I can make money from foreigners can already.
September 21, 2016 11:59 am

Don't you mean "Who the fuck cares as long as I can make money from SINGAPOREANS can already."

Anonymous said...

Who collect fees for foreigners to work here?
Who ended up losing their jobs to these foreigners?
Not my problem.

Anonymous said...

Who collect fees for foreigners to work here?
- You mean the "foreign workers' levy? I think it's the PAP government that collects the money correct?

Who ended up losing their jobs to these foreigners?
- I think it's Singaporeans who lose our jobs correct?

So what's wrong with collecting more money?
- as long as Singaporeans keep voting PAP ... nothing wrong right?

Anonymous said...

maybe Astar or ST made something but we dont know ? Weapons or vehicles or ???

Anonymous said...

maybe Astar or ST made something but we dont know ? Weapons or vehicles or ???
September 21, 2016 4:56 pm

I think they made a lot of hot air balloons.
Some of these hot air balloons may even have sneaked into the Prime Minister's office & cabinet.

Anonymous said...

为大规模应用铺路 美国本周将发布全球首部无人驾驶法规