Just when you think no more Chee By election

The Bukit Batok by election was all about Chee Soon Juan and was popularly and cheekily called the Chee By election. With such a phrase so easy on the lips the Chee By election would be remembered for good. And just as we think this co incidence is a rare find, and would not be repeated for a long time to come, who knows when there would be another by election to be called a Chee By election again?  The Chee persona is everywhere in this by election, even the root cause of it. If there is going to be another by election, Chee may not be the candidate to dominate the discussion or may not even be fielded at all.

No more Chee By election? Don't be too sure. The next coming presidential election is going to be all about Tan Cheng Bock. And, you got it, some are already calling it the Cheng Bock president election or CB president election for short. It is all about CB and whether he is or is not the target of all the changes in the next president election. It is all about whether CB will be eligible to stand in the next election. Don't get me wrong, CB is Cheng Bock's initials.

So, would the next president election be called a CB president election, with or without Cheng Bock running? It would be easy to call it a CB president election if Cheng Bock is running. It would even be easier to some to call it a CB president election without Cheng Bock running. Again this time it is all about CB and nothing else. Oops, I mean Cheng Bock and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

It would even easier to some to call it a CB president election without Cheng Bock running.

What election are you talking about? It's a walkover lah.

Walkover means no opponent so the sole candidate consider as win liao lor.

As Malay Ministar Yaacob already said, next Malay President need not be from the private sector. So roughly u no hu lah.

Anonymous said...

So roughly u no hu lah.
10:33 am

Tiok. Can count on my 5 stubby fingers.

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, CB aka Chee Soon Juan by election, even cannot beat the Ah Neh.

So even CB-Cheng Bok stands for PE also no chance.

Whatever the PAP puts their candidate green, yellow or black, they win hands down.

The daft sinkies been brain dead after fifty one years of brain washing and hammering will support them.

Ah Kong gave monies so vote Ah Kong.

See how the brain dead sinkies spending their time cheering the so called olumpians winning pieces if gold plated medals.

Little does they realise that their country is been overtaken by the foreign trashes and they ginna eat grass soon with high unemployment.

The Minister of labourer can conned them by saying these retrenchments are for quality new jobs.

And the sinkies believed their repeat hi kow yew talks.

Sinkies deserved to be screwed hard to taste real pain.

Anonymous said...

Malays who are:
Current full ministers
Current Speaker of Parliament
Ex full ministers
Othman Wok (more than 90 years old, so can rule out)
Ahmad Mattar
Abdullah Tarmugi (also ex Speaker of Parliament)

Anonymous said...

Must be Halimah. With that kind of bars, how to find a qualified Malay in the private sector?

Anonymous said...

With that kind of bars, how to find a qualified Malay in the private sector?
10:53 am

That kind of bar only applies to non Malay candidates. Of course cannot put it this way as a rule lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

A true race chauvinistic site indeed. Even when admin made no mention of race, his followers turned it into race. But then again, didn't admin turn this CB election from a Cheng Bok one to a race one in the first place with previous posts?

Come on already. For the last cheebye time. The changes to the EP is to prevent Tan CB from standing. Stop making it into a race issue and dividing society.

Anonymous said...

The whole game on cb selection was to exclude cb? I think the selection will be a cb. The reason for a cb selection is no sensibility to figures, just sign lah type will be the best. LP is more garang than cb, this is nature.
Why go to the extend of making changes to avoid an old CB? There must be something the old CB cannot know.

So looking at the recent report of a city state has Usd 1760 billions external debts. That report indicated USA s external debt was Usd17000+ billions. The second figure provided the basis for readers to believe, the first figure was not a joke.

What happened? In 2015, the figure of same kind for that little city state was only Usd 300+ billions debt.

As a reader, i cannot reconcile the sudden increase. The total output of that little state has never increase, still around Usd 290 billions, but the debts has increased to 6 times.

It happens to have election for someone to check on that figure. So change must be made in order for the mouth zipped on that figure. 6 years ahead can bring back the debt figure 6 times to 1 time only? That is a magic if it can.

The candidate does matter for now. How that person works out the outcome is still a question mark, unless he or she is a robot. Its only tells that old CB is no go. The rest are readers speculations. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Political Satire
What more do you want?
3 parrots in parliament, the cabinet or the Istana?

Actually hor.
I want 3 owls in parliament, the cabinet and the Istana.
I like owls more than parrots.

Hermit said...

Halimah was never in private sector and never practised law at the bar. She was with government run NTUC before she joined politics. It was this government linked union who helped her to be where she is today. If she had been in private sector, she would probably be a nobody today.

Anonymous said...

If she had been in private sector, she would probably be a nobody today.
Hermit 11:24 am

But then it is also very difficult for PAP to find Malays like her, or better than her, and maybe even more difficult, willing to be a PAP MP. And politically, PAP also cannot have no Malay MPs in Parliament.

Just like it is very difficult for Sinkies to find a better and stronger party than PAP to be elected as govt. And just because there is no good party, Sinkies also cannot have no govt.

Hermit said...

PAP found Halimah BECAUSE she was with NTUC. With a base of thousands of union leaders and a base of hundreds of thousands of members, it was easy to spot her then. She always popped up during major NTUC meetings with her signature tudung. Also because of NTUC, she managed to attend world conventions - also with her signature tudung. She was like an ambassador for Singapore who portrayed the perfect "successful career woman with the hijab". This was good advert and PR for Singapore worldwide. How can PAP even miss her?

If she had been in private practise, only her clients will know her. Unless she is one of a kind of lawyer like Subhas Anandan, how will the masses know her, let alone the PAP?

Anonymous said...

PAP found Halimah BECAUSE she was with NTUC.
Hermit 11:45 am

True. And perhaps she is also lucky that she is one of the few Malay women with the hijab, or maybe even the only one, who was also a senior leader in NTUC.

Just like Hsien Loong is lucky to have Lee Kuan Yew as his father, who had effectively neutralised political opponents for many years before Hsien Loong became PM.

Hermit said...

IMO, Halimah will be where she is today with or without the hijab. PAP would still have spotted her. Her hijab is a bonus to PAP. It can now say to the Malay/Muslim community we have a hijab lady in high office. Cosmetic. Then should she become president, a Muslim lady in hijab as President. Even more cosmetic.

Anonymous said...

Then should she become president, a Muslim lady in hijab as President. Even more cosmetic.
Hermit 12:22 pm

Agreed. Cosmetic. And that's the main reason why need a President in the first place, isn't it? In political terms, a figurehead with no real power, so to speak.

That's why PAP damn tulan with CB want to ka chio to be President. CB has no value, not even cosmetic, to PAP.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes very cosmetic. All the changes very cosmetic. PAP learned from the Ong Teng Cheong era. OTC wanted to dig into the records of our finances but was blocked. OTC made that public and PAP angrified. Now comes TCB. PAP foresees he is going to do the same. So die, die, TCB cannot be president. Next president must be PAP lackey. What else better than to change the consti and use the minority race card as excuse. The PAP knows that a small group of Marxist learning people (look at this site!) will bite the race card bait and forget the REAL reason - ie to prevent TCB to be elected. Then when the Marxist learning guys yak and yak and yak about race, race, race, PAP can walk comfortably with the new consti to make sure a minority president comes in, while TCB will have to wait long long before he is eligible. Maybe when he is 101 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

The elected presidency is just
a token to the minority race.
EP is just a symbol and nothing
The EP does not benefit the
people the slightest bit.
lt only let PAP pays one of
it's crony by the millions
and gets him or her to go
acting in concert.

Anonymous said...

If Halimah become President
then everybody will be happy.

The Malay-Minority will be happy
The women-AWARE will be happy
The Muslims will be happy.
The daft 70% Singaporeans will be happy

Only redbean and his Ah Pek gin gang will be unhappy.
And also the always unhappy 30%.

Yes. It looks like we have a winner.
Let's save money and forget about the elections.
Just nominate Halimah can already.

Anonymous said...

dont kpkb n kpkb yet.........

the next EP have already decided by HIM,above......

why are you all so very sure it is coming from that party.......

please remember.....no one can be sure......you can never beat HIM.......

please remember.....人是斗不过天的!......

please remember.....人算不如天算!........


Virgo49 said...

They put the criteria so stringent and high.

You think Halimah and the rest of the Malay candidates meet the requirements of managing above 500 millions paid up capital companies????

Their appointments mostly social related and labour related agencies.

Where got maanged 500 millions S$$$$$$ companies???

You tell me??

My Ah Kong said they are qualified means they are qualified.

So, dont argue, OK???

Anonymous said...

When Ah Kong give his blessing.
It is valued at more than $500 million dollars.
Dun believe me? ... then just ask that woman.

Anonymous said...

I can think of only one private Malay establishment to be able to meet the $500m benchmark.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the owner or any of its Malay directors will be interested in the president's post.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the owner or any of its Malay directors will be interested in the president's post.
September 25, 2016 5:26 pm

Why not?
Cannot travel first class free of charge
and combine Singapore state business
with private business meeting afterwards meh?

Can or not?
You tell me lah.

patriot said...

With the Privileges, Perks, Sinful Remunerations and Diplomatic Status,
even billionaires will want to be
Sin President.
Other than enjoying all the Afore-mentioned, the Sin President practically does nothing.
The Presidential Advisors are likely
to do much more.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone who run a $500 million or more business, with all the public glare and limelight associated with the job, will seriously want to be President, If they had wanted, they would have become PAP politician first. I am sure PAP will be more than happy to accept them as PAP MPs doing a part time MP job.

Secondly, anyone, even if seemed qualified, trying to run for President without PAP endorsement will face the risk of being blackmarked and ridiculed by PAP. Remember Andrew Kuan? PAP even digged out his past job hopping records and his bad performance in his last job!

Even Tan Kin Lian was not spared. During the campaigning, PAP, indirectly through NTUC Income, even revealed that he was asked to leave NTUC Income as CEO.

Anonymous said...

"... trying to run for President without PAP endorsement will face the risk of being blackmarked and ridiculed by PAP. "
@ September 25, 2016 8:36 pm

Are you saying that PAP encourages many capable Singaporeans not to offer their services to Singapore and Singaporeans?

Does this result in limiting the talent pool to only PAP approved candidates?
This is good for PAP.
But is this good for Singaporeans and Singapore?

Anonymous said...

But is this good for Singaporeans and Singapore?
8:43 pm

Ask the 70% lah. Remember what they did on 11 Sep 15? Is this good for Singaporeans and Singapore?

Anonymous said...

When the 2nd Emperor of the Sin Empire ....... oops ...... Qin Empire ascended to real power after his father, the first Emperor of the Sin Empire ...... oops ..... Qin Empire kicked the bucket, the Sin Empire ....Oops ..... Qin Empire did not last very long and collapsed in BC 206, 4 years after the First Emperor of the Sin Empire ..... oops ...... Qin Empire kicked the bucket ......

As recorded, when the casket of the First Emperor of the Sin Empire ....... oops ...... Qin Empire was paraded through the streets, millions of sinkies ..... oops Qinkies lined up to confirm that the evxl (& horrible) emperor (deepLEE) hated by the sinkies ..... oops .... Qinkies really DIED

Meanwhile, it was recorded that many of the first emperor's of the Sin Empire ..... oops ....... Qin empire enemies quietly celebrated throughout the country and popped their savoury wines and liquor saved for that occassion to rejoice the final passing of their deep seated common enemy, a man whose hands were stained with blood and untold sufferings of sinkies ....... oops .... Qinkies.

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 25, 2016 4:12 pm
When Ah Kong give his blessing.//


The countless shameless (fake) bimbos helming the myriad organisations?

When the (senile) ah gong decided, even the Geyland yew tank also can liao?

Anonymous said...

This Chee Bye (TCB) election is to keep the "itching worms" from crawling out from the AHs, CBs, the noses, ears, the mouths?

Anonymous said...

How lo(oooo)ng more before the "worms" forced to come out from the skin of eveLEE part of the boLEE?

Anonymous said...

The so called asset enhancement programme (aka "monetization of future generations blood & sweat toil $$$") started under LaoGoa in the 1990s, "has long proven unworkable" (and unsustainable) in the long run?

The ensuing high costs had distorted economic balance and arguably the GREATEST transfer of wealth and future income from the masses and poor to the property assets owners?

How lo(oooo)ng more can sinkies pay through their noses with $$$ they haven't earned, $$$ that belongs to the future and future generations, $$$ that are supposed to start a family to ensure sustainability but sucked away by a runaway flawed asset enhancement programme instituted by LaoGoa, Limp Chow Khiang and Mobodo Tan in the 1990s?

When eveLEE year fresh grads and new job entrants take longer to earn for a pigeon hole in the sky, this is a step backward and cumulative for about a quarter century liao?

It has entered into a vicious cycle of its own with sinkies unable to start a family due to unsustainable high cost and the need to import (more) instant trees to replenish the declining stock, adding to already stretched social strain?

Arguably the entire system is "on the hook" needing this model of 7m, 10m, 15m, 30m .......?

This is the so called (hilarious) long term planning of a (deceased) lawyer turned (jiatsai) economist and his team of handpicked super (kns) talent?

EveLEE major step is nothing more than KICKING the can further down the lo(oooooo)ngkang?

TCB (this chee bye) tinkie is nothing more than another CAN KICKING exercise further down this (no turning back) lo(ooooooooo)ngkang?


How lo(oooooo)ng more?

How lo(oooooo)ng more?

Before the (real) hardtruths explode in old fart AH?

patriot said...


Creating wealth out of creative ideas and implementions shall bring forth calamity from the Sky and the
Thin Air.
As it is, there were two cases of sons killing their fathers within a year or so. There was also a sibling
killing his brother. All these homicides are not much different from the shooting, stabbing and killing in the USA.
Soon Sinkies will be staring terrorism in the Face and rest assure that Sinkies will behave
like the Armed Policemen at the Little India Riot and Lee Hsien Loong with fire crackers. Few will face terrorism without running to hide.

the End is near and all will have
to face it; like it or not.


Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 26, 2016 8:07 am


Creating wealth out of creative ideas //

Like what?

Giving a value to even an AH?

So can grow the GDP (& inflate its value?)?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero "Ying Xiong" (Patriot):

U dun laugh so early,

Wait till they create wealth out of the stools of AHs?

Then u laugh until your stomach cannot take it liao?

Anonymous said...

As for the increasing homicides, why dun yew ask one anon in msn who likes to say red dot is a heaven?

How come "heaven" can have so many homicides?

Btw, dun worry paper generals grimaced and shrieked at the sight and sound of firecrackers; they are trained to fire huge mortars and shells to reach their rankings?

Their reactions are bcos they are shell-shocked why the firecrackers explosion so soft and child play-like?

No kick?

Anonymous said...

CB is also Char Boh president.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about others but to me every Erection is due to a Chee By.
So every Erection, to me, can be called a Chee By Erection, whether it is Generals' Erection, or Presidential Erection or By-ee Erection. Hahahahaha ....... Must have more Erections, if possible Every Single Day. It will be good for everyone, whether you are in the Gov or Private Sector, whether you are male or female, young or old, etc. That's VIAGRA is so popular nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Well the bill in Parliament has already been labelled the Tan Cheng Bock Bill. Everyone knows the whole drama about minority representation is to keep him out but just to play it safe to ensure no other person gatecrashes their plan, the additional 500 million caveat was placed. So looking ahead we should just call the bill and changes to the constitution the CB Bill. That is what it really is a Chee Bye Bill