Elected Presidency – The number games

Since the changes to the Constitution is going to be a reality come what may, let’s look at the numbers and how it could work in the future. The key proposal for minority president is 30 years. So if a minority is not represented in 30 years, it would have an automatic reserved election to elect one of its kind to be the minority president.

Today we have 3 minorities, Malay, Indian and Eurasians. What happens if the new minorities also want to be counted in this minority game? Let’s say the Pinoys, Myanmese, Vietnamese and perhaps the Europeans, the latter would cleverly choose not to be Eurasians, then we would have 4 more categories of minority races. Not sure how many more would want to be counted as a different minority race. Let’s stop at these 4 plus the 3 categories we are having at the moment to make it 7.

If each minority would to serve one term of 6 years, it would mean 42 years before the majority Chinese would have its turn in an open EP election. Hey, is that not more than 30 years? If only there are 5 minority groups, it would even the slate and every race, including the Chinese would have to wait 30 years before their turn is due. Even under the current CMIO status, a majority Chinese EP will come about after 18 years when each minority has its 6 year term, at least, on condition that the Chinese will vote for a Chinese EP in an open election.

The problem here is that the minority is guaranteed a 6 year term every 30 years. The majority is not, I think. If this is the case, the majority may not even be represented every 30 years if they lost out in the open EP election.

Now got to watch how the Constitution is going to be amended and hopefully the majority would not be disadvantaged.

What do you think? Fair or not? Possible or not? Would the new minorities be fighting and pressuring the govt to have their rights to be automatic EP in reserved elections?


Anonymous said...

Rb // Let’s stop at these 4 plus the 3 categories we are having at the moment to make it 7.

If each minority would to serve one term of 6 years, it would mean 42 years before the majority Chinese would have its turn in an open EP election. Hey, is that not more than 30 years?//


Uncle RB and all oldies uncles and aunties in MSN.

Let's make this crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Mee have stated this umpteem times before (in MSN) and it deserves, for posterity sake, red dot sake, human beans sake, mankind sake, our civilisation sake, to be repeated, reiterated, emphasised, driven home, replayed over and over again?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers' math (mostly) sucks?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers I T skills (mostly) sucks?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers' Economics knowledge (especially quantitative Economics knowledge) sucks (BIG TIME)?

Anonymous said...

So it is not surprising uncle can so easiLEE already "discover" one glaring mathematical incongruency?

Given the make up of this special (but mathematically stupid?) committee?

Look at how many lawyers (or legally trained but mathematically daft, kongcum, idiots, cmi, (totalLEE) hopeless, gone case lao uncles) aitting in the konmittee?

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that the minority is guaranteed a 6 year term every 30 years. The majority is not, I think.

So what's the issue, if the EP has no power one?

Anyway if later got problem, just amend the constitution again lah. So simple, tio bo?

Most important is to win elecions to be able to do so, and which is what really matters.

jjgg said...

so..u reckon it's easier to invoke the Isa against undesirable candidates? won't put it past them to have considered that

Anonymous said...

So what if it is EP?

So what if it is AppointedP?

So what if the constitution is to be amended?

Why? Got "free" money for all?

Let me tell you lah! No point kpkb n kpkb!

70% already OK-ed! What you want now? What can you do now?

What is important is that you must got enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to
survive on this very very tiny crowded city state!

Pls remember....No money no talk! You-die-your-business!

Yes! No money no talk! You-die-your-business!


TGIF! Cheers!

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, don't bother. We most likely not live to see this mess.

Leave it to the younger generation if there is still one as sinkies are shrinking day by day.
Many are in the 70% daft voters

See the mess now in Charlotte. Third night of protests underway.

Karma, karma for the Bloody whites who caught Kunta Kinte as skaves to work in their cotton fields and now rioting in their backyards.

Same, same for sinkieland besides the first episode Little India riots.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, I read somewhere that you said you were not writing anymore on this PE subject. Here you are again, flogging a dead horse. It is going to happen, it will happen, the outcome will be exactly how they want it, and nobody, not you, not any Singaporean can stop the downhill train with no brakes. So Redbean, why don't you give it a rest. What will happen will happen, whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing actually. What is the fuss about? All wayangs by the white albinos to confuse, make sure no more Ong Teng Cheong's, so they can do what they like with no need to answer difficult questions and thereby hang on to power.

This mess will eventually turn into a bloody mess with no end in sight. When someone they do not like can make the grade and score all the goals, they will again move the goalpost.

PAP wayangs have no endings. That is for sure.

Anonymous said...

9.24am knn u can let rb let off some steam or not knn

Anonymous said...

With amendments to EP, will we be upgrading from the Sanpan
to a cruise ship, soon?

If not, no point keep talking about it!

Btw, even the famous casino ship LeisureWorld cruise ship had been
upgraded this year to a newer cruise ship Aegean Paradise!

So are we? Or never?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are witnesses to a grand tragedy that is being designed into the political system. If Sinkies think this is nothing and do not bother, our graves are being dug right before our eyes with our consent, for not speaking up, nor resisting.

I want to stop writing about this topic but there are so many grave points that must be raised before the four nails are hammered into the coffin and lowered, to be buried for good, with the future of Singapore in it.

This is a very dangerous thing to do with many cracks and pitfalls along the way. It is not as simple as they would want the people to believe.

I can't believe Sinkies are so daft and could not see the gapping problems lying ahead if this thing goes through.

Anonymous said...

Upgrading from sampan to cruise ship?
What about upgrading the captain? Or is it downgrading?

Anonymous said...

Your eye pasted STAMPS, izzit?

Here is what uncle wrote:


" 9/20/2016
Elected President - My last post on this issue?"


Yew cannot read ingrish?

Anonymous said...

Yewr EYES "old flower"?

Cannot see the "?" Mark?

No understand the difference between full stop and qn mark punctuation different meaning?

Anonymous said...

Maybe GIC, Temasek and CPF have to do with all this changes.

Anonymous said...

Rb // 9/23/2016
Elected Presidency – The number games//



Numbers game for lawyers or some legally trained mathematics IGNORAMUS?

Anonymous said...

Can prove mee wrong since legally trained people like to prove a lot of things in court?

Like got touch or no touch?

Like inside (the ......) is not within certain distance?

Anonymous said...

The yes or no borders on hilarity?

And insanity?

If touch a gals pte xxxx is molest?

Anonymous said...

Aiya Rb worries too much lah.
Sampan 到桥头自然直.
Things shall ultimately come
to a settlement or ending.
Anyway the elected presidency
is just wayang. It has no
consequence and losing sleep
over it is just pure kongcum.

Anonymous said...

But if inside her is not considered molest liao cos not within the outside le?

Super talent logic?

So can prove mee wrong to call legally trained judges mathematics IGNORAMUS by taking a mathematics "IQ" test?

Anonymous said...

"直" yewr kongcum blardy fool?

If "直" then why make the changes?

Dunno how to apply Chinese phrase dun lao kui in front of everyboLEE lah?

Anonymous said...

Give yew one month to study?

Then take the test in End Oct?

But guaranteed yew will get a big kor naught aka "0" mark?

Anonymous said...

Dare take the test?


Pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

Why worry about 30 or 42 years . It is called L..o..n...g term planning

like our investments.

Their concern is the next 10 -15 y.ears to ensure no one know what their

Investments are. 30 years from noe they already join their ancestors, so who cares.

It is all wayang, Pian gin na. (Bluff the kids)

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Pinoys, Myanmese, Vietnamese - classify them under south east asian natives with malays, in my opinion.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cannot classified under Malay as it would undermine the rights of the Malays.
Under Others would undermine the rights of Eurasians.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, y use a bastard sounding moniker?

Anonymous said...

Yew are not even remotely remotely worthy of the chinese word.

Yew should change the logo to hell, hade, darkness, evxl, that's the hardtruths (of YEW)?

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 23, 2016 10:37 am
Why worry about 30 or 42 years . It is called L..o..n...g term planning

like our investments.

Their concern is the next 10 -15 y.ears to ensure no one know what their

Investments are. 30 years from noe they already join their ancestors, so who ......./

Tiok lah?

In 30 years time all go join yew know who lah?

So they dun care liao?

Just care about now and the next 10 to 15 years while they are alive?

Damn "selfish, self-centred, self-serving"?

Anonymous said...

RB s concern about ep is understood, as i too, sense the potential racial tension has been restarted in discussions. The official lines said ep must be Malay, but the Malay may not be from private sector, one managing a $500millions (paid up?? ) company.

The lines are clear who "will be" the candidate.

I have "Malay" Questions:
1. is this must have condition helps in promoting singapore s overall interest? what are they?
2. Or is this must be Malay condition helps to remedy past "honest" mistakes in discriminating one particular race?

First, what is a Malay. To me. A malay is one of those friends i used to talk cork with. Easy going like me. But he or she has his own kind of rules. They cannot agree with me when we friend in long term. We parted with good wishes. These kampong friends are well qualified to be ep. Singaporean and the malays.

Second. Malay who are cannot have malay descendants. Malay having ang mor spouse, and kids holding foreigner citizenship. Are they the minority qualified to be ep?

As we can see, ep must be set aside for a very narrow group of people. Some of these people actually do not qualified the social role as ep lacking of culture tradition as Malay.

The word is culture and long term: not the criterion of S$500millions company.

The criteria want both. How many sgp paid up companies has $500millions? How many hire malay ceo? We must go across to malaysia to find them or go to Jakarta. Many Indonesians manage such size companies out side singapore, but they hold citizensship with malay names. Are they boleh to be ep?

Go back to the questions i asked: interest for overall singapore. Think about the Malay groups i mentioned.

The new ep election is:
decide skin color first then give him or her the ep.

If brown is the color for ep, then pinoys citizens, myannmar citizens, Indonesians are well qualified too.

By putting Malay as a must have criterion, the next question people ask will be, why Malay cannot be Pm?

The present pm said Indian could not be Pm because singaporeans were "not ready for an Indian Pm". He said but i did not agreed. I ask why cannot? Now Malays must ask, why Malays can be EP and cannot be PM?

The change stirs up racial tension in the long term. U cannot ignore this side effect. The Malays are happy. The non Malay minorities are lagi unhappy to be excluded, tho they are brown skin. The chinese are shaking heads why must be Malay.

Anonymous said...

Cannot classified under Malay as it would undermine the rights of the Malays.
Under Others would undermine the rights of Eurasians.
September 23, 2016 11:03 am

Why not simplify into two classes of citizens.
PAP-linked and non-PAP linked?
Let's do away with the racial classification.

Do you think political affiliations is more important than racial affiliations in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Other than political
and crony affiliations,
other criterias are

Anonymous said...

Criterias for a useless appointment ?
lt must be a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

Everyone stinkie sinkie knows that the change of the EP rule is to stop Dr Tan Cheng Bok from standing as EP. Yes, everyone except the racists in this blog who want to make it a race issue. Not that the Malays are happy about this change either because to them, this is cosmetic. The Malays prefer to see an Indian PM (Tharman) than a Malay presdient. To minorities, the real race problem is that the PM is always Chinese. But racists in this blog being racists, now turn the "we want Cheng Bok" issue into "let's please the Malays issue".

Anonymous said...

Criteria for Executive Crony in Singapore

What is the criteria?
- went to same school?
- related by family?

Do we have crony capitalism in Singapore?

b said...

Sg elites are shifting away from selling meritocracy to selling the race card. Usually, race card will not end up well. Just look at UASS and Europe.

Anonymous said...

Crony capitalism in Singapore? No, no, no. It is not true says the PAP and MSM.

But everyone knows what lies beneath the PAP carpet. Know but cannot see or talk about it.

Anonymous said...

In western world, like UK France Germany. If you were against immigrants like Muslims from middle east, politicians like Tony Blair who presided multi millions imports of low salary job seekers into UK, would quick to condemn anyone as "racist".
Then at UK and Germany, this word was useful to stop politicians opponents to speak against immigrants into their country.

Now in todays world, you can try to shout at anyone as racist, you will see people just ignore you. The word "racist" has lost its meaning to use it to label someone a person dislikes. The reason is: the person who shouted racist can be more pungent and outrageous in discriminating against race himself. Only real behavior can show if one is racist. Not words.

The same applied to posts in this blog. The EP arrangement by its very nature is by race Malay. Yet someone can shout others are racist for pointing out this very nature of discriminating by race practice. To the attack dogs, they just bark racist, similar to the western politicians such as Tony Blair. Time will tell who are the racists in meaning that they do things based on skin color as basis of decision.

TCB pretends to be gentleman in EP debate. He knew very well, even the pap did not change the rules, he may not even win. TCB did not even secure more than 50% of votes. How can people in posts here claim that TCB will win, after a lapse of years of silence in politics?

Labeling something is called branding. Labeling someone to insult someone is a past time in the web. However, most people are thinkers after playing in the web. For example, i read that some funny pork noodle was labeled as world top because a Tyre brand said so. I look at the noodle picture and found it yah. I can do it better.
The same tyre brand recommend chicken noodle at china town can tell you what i meant. The noodle stall has been there so long. Its oily and the chicken meat was so so. Suddenly people said it was good. I dont find it tasty. So branding, labeling cannot last forever. The EP arrangement itself is racist. While TCB win or loss, really has no guarantee, as long as the pap put someone similar to the present president kind of standard as candidate, TCB can hardly win. There are names people know who will win if they are put into the ring. Dont forget the racist change cannot be buried by putting TCB as a reason.

Anonymous said...

Thought minority includes all non Chinese which means Indian, Malay, Eurasian and others. If any of this group did not get elected, then after 30 years, they will have a go and the Chinese would stand aside and not contest. Tiok Boh

Anonymous said...

@3.20pm. Isn't the very reason for change to prevent TCB to be president? Is not race used by PAP just an excuse? We should cry foul why are we stopping a legit candidate like TCB from contesting. Instead, like what you mentioned, people jump on the racist argument card and ignored the real reason. That is what the admin of the site just did in the first place, which has swung the argument in this site as race skewed.

To the racists in this blog, would you prefer the following format instead?

1) Let it be ALL races have a chance to rotate such that any race that does not have 30yrs as president, be allowed first choice. That includes majority Chinese.

....at the same time.....

2) The exact same criteria be applied to the post of PM and DPM.


Anonymous said...

RB you're 1 illiterate son of a bitch. Go read the proposed amendments properly instead of masturbating on the internet with your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Minority in Singapore means "Opposition".
So a minority President should be someone who is Opposition-linked.

Anonymous said...

//2) The exact same criteria be applied to the post of PM and DPM.
September 23, 2016 4:35 pm//

Wah like that all the race chauvinists here will have to wait long long like 60 years not only for president but for PM and DPM also. Hahahahahhahaa.

Anonymous said...

@ September 23, 2016 8:50 pm

Which is worse?
A "race chauvinist" or a "PAP chauvinist" ??
A "patriot" or a "pro Alien traitor" ??

Anonymous said...

In BC 216, the Qin Emperor decided to further strengthen his grip by executung two "roll eyes" draconian measures (and inhuman) against many advice, common sense and values:

(1) He went to the extent to change the (imperial) CON-stitution, ban all publication of books and ordered the burning of books across the Sin Empire ..... Oops ...... Qin Empire

Anonymous said...


I think she damn lucky the Singaporean did not scold her for having a "subsidy" or "crutch" mentality.
This helpful Singaporean man is probably not a member of my "Psycho Action Party".
If it were us, we will definitely scold her for being so needy.
"The world does not owe you a living"

But you all owe me a million dollar salary.

Anonymous said...

Vivian: Death penalty keeps Singapore as one of the safest countries in the world

Hey. Mr $300 million dollars over the budget but still worth it man.

If death penalty so effective in making a country safe.
Why not impose the death penalty in Syria and Libya?
Do you think this simple measure can make Syria & Libya safer?

It is Singaporeans who make Singapore one of the safest countries in the world.

Do you think PAP Minister Bala is being ungrateful for not acknowledging that Singaporeans peaceful and daft like sheep?
Making his million dollar salary the easiest to earn in the world?

Anonymous said...


Should be

"executing two "roll eyes" draconian (and inhuman) measures

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Anonymous said...

RB you're 1 illiterate son of a bitch. Go read the proposed amendments properly instead of masturbating on the internet with your stupidity.
September 23, 2016 7:20 pm

If you are such a clever son of a bitch, why don't you write a piece and show us how clever you are instead of writing 2 liners and resort to personal attacks and name callings?

In the first place go and start a blog and get people to read what you are writing and whether what you write are worth reading.

Anonymous said...

(2) burying of scholars who spoke against the Sin Emperor ...... oops ..... Qin Emperor policies ALIVE

The scholars were (rightfulLEE) outraged when the Emperor changed the (imperial) CON-stitution and ordered the (ridiculous and backward moving policy of) burning and banning of books across the Empire and many (vociferousLEE) spoke against such "berserk" and "future time bombs planting" governmental stance (not unlike the vehement social media KPKBs in modern times)

Alas, the Sin Emperor ...... oops ...... Qin Emperor Kee Siao (as he was greatLEE incensed by the massive disapproval) and further aggravated his (grossLEE) misguided policies by ordering tens of thousands of scholars buried alive in BC 216.

Anonymous said...

The swines will come and hide under anonymity to attack anyone personally. That is their trait and job. If they are worth anything, they would not feel ashamed to use anonymous If they are good and worth their salt they proudly tell you who they are.

Swines are swines. You see them in the pig sty, no names, at best a number scrawled over their dirty and smelly bodies.

Anonymous said...

PAP should amend the constitution to allow Opposition party to appoint the elected President instead given that PM already belongs to the ruling party.

Only then, there are check and balance exist in Singapore.

Opposition party could play an effective role to prevent dictatorship of one party.

PM belongs to ruling party. (Yin force)
President belongs to opposition party. (Yang force)

There are harmony in Singapore.