80% readers want Tharman to be PM – The Independent Singapore

The Independent Singapore social media site said this, ‘We asked our readers on Sunday (4 Sep) who should be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. As at 12pm today (6 Sep), we have had 2,316 responses to the poll – and most (1882 votes) voted for Tharman Shanmugaratnam to lead Singapore into the future.’ The votes for the other hopefuls, touted as potential PM by the main media, with their votes indicated, are Chan Chun Sing(53), Tan Chuan Jin(28), Heng Swee Kiat(288). Lawrence Wong(21), Ng Chee Meng(26), Ong Ye Kung(1), Grace Fu(1) Masagos Zulkifli(14).

It would be interesting if Hsien Loong was included in the survey. Chee Hian managed 17 votes. Now what did the numbers above said of the voting pattern of Singaporeans, presuming the readers taking the poll made up of a fair sample of Singaporeans? And what did they said about the current prevailing official truth that Singaporeans are racists and would vote for candidates of their own race?

Unless Tharman is just the proverbial dark horse that is a flash in the pan case, the polls reviewed affirmatively that the readers did not vote according to race. Tharman is popular and has been popular among Singaporeans. Period, no dark horse, not dark horse. He is a force of his own to be reckoned with. He has a very strong following among all races.

The seond point, Masagoes even scored better than Grace Fu and Ong Ye Kung. So, another confirmation that race did not really matter that much?

What is interesting about this poll, if it is representative of the general population, Tharman would beat every one of the Chinese ministers hands down. But would this translate to him being the PM should there be an opportunity to elect the next PM? One thing for sure, the views and wants of the general population do not count in the selection of who is the PM. It would be decided by a small group of inner circle members within the PAP. The question then, is this group racist and would vote or select the PM based on their racist biases? Would they be different from the readers and the general population in wanting Tharman to be the next PM?

Who is the racist or more racist? The general population or the inner circle member so the PAP?

What do you think? Did the strong votes for Tharman debunk the current official wisdom that is being parroted by everyone in the political leadership, that voters are racists? Shanmugam and Tharman agreed with the official wisdom as well? With all the talks of a minority President, the inevitable outcome or consequences of raising this issue is the position of the PM and the minority’s interest in wanting a minority PM. Would there be a challenge to Hsien Loong’s position as the next PM given Tharman’s popularity in the next GE?

The people has been agitated to think that a minority President is just tokenism and the real stuff is a minority PM and would be making more demands for a real change. What now, brown cow? Anyhow opening a can of worms has its consequences and a price to pay.

PS. The survey was commissioned by Yahoo and conduct by Blackbox.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! I m the fan of Tharman!

Yes! Tharman is the man!

Yes! If not Tharman.....who? You tell me! You tell me!

Yes! Wait no more! Waste time no more! Now! Now! Now!

Yes! Tharman is the man!


Anonymous said...

Racial differences will never go away but we should not over play it. What people want is an effective leader and a well loved President, not because of race. Instead of dealing with crushing economy, they concentrate on EP where few people really care about. What can an EP help the people? Can he give good jobs? Help the sick? They should not over rate.

Early Bird said...


There should be another Constitutional Review Commission to review Minority Representation for the Post of the Prime Minister, as has been done for the Post of the President. This is even more urgent and relevant than that of the Constitutional Review Committee for the Post of the President.

If Lee Hsein Loong has been sincere and truthful about the need for Minority Representation, then he should look himself in the mirror and discard all fears of the Prime Minister's Office being taken over by a Minority Minister. He should step down and vacate his post and become Minister Mentor to the new Minority Prime Minister.

patriot said...

First Thing first;
DPM Tharman has rejected the Wish of the Majority who wish him to be PM.

Personally, l think it requires great commitment, passion and even great sacrifice to be the Prime Minister of Sin. The Road ahead for Sin is extremely challenging as the Can has been kicked down the Slope and is rolling down at a uncontrollable speed.
Who then dare face the Consequence?
Definitely not the Smart Players.

Sinkies too are having no choice but to choose between the Devil and Hell after puttung themselves into the Circumstances after the Last General Election.

Think the Sinkies are more desperate than the Rulers over their(Sinkies)
own fate after putting it(fate) into the Hands of the Pappies.

DPM Tharman's Official Rejection of the Sinkies' Wish must have disappointed many.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Early Bird, I understand your points and many people share the same concerns. But this is politics.

A very modest and defensive Tharman is quoted in the ST today to say this, 'Just to be absolutely clear, because I know of this talk that's going around, I'm not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It's not me. I know myself, I know what I can do, and it's not me.'

If it' not Tharman then who? Who is better suited than Tharman in the present batch or the so called 4th generation to fit the bill? What if they are made of lesser stuff than Tharman, does it mean not the best man wins? What about meritocracy?

Anonymous said...

Tharman said he is not the next PM.

Too early to say that!

When HE want Tharman to be next PM, Tharman will be the next PM!

No one no one no one can stop it!

Please remember......人是斗不过天的! 人算不如天算!


Veritas said...

Tharman just said he is no candidate of PM.

patriot said...

There could be a case of overrating and or blind idolising.

Ex Indian Prime Minister Mamohan Singh is a Internationally renowned
He did not make India economically better whence he was the Prime Minister.
He is also not on any international organizations in the developments of
economics. If he does, he is not playing leading role.

As in Sin, it is the People in India working like asses to prosper themselves and hence benefit the Economic Progress of their homelands.

As for Tharman, other than being the DPM, he is also the Finance Minister; is Sin making much progress for Sin, economically speaking?
Maybe Sinkies shall have to be like the PRC, India Indian, Pinoy, Nyanmese, go abroad to work and help their homelands to progress.

unfortunately for Sinkies, there is no advantage in currency exchange rate to gain. On the Contrary, currency exchange rate shall disadvantage Sinkies.


patriot said...

My apology.

'is he making much progress for Sin?' to
correct 'is Sin making much progress for Sin'.


jjgg said...

rb..Singapore is saturated with plps..people in civil service,businesses, military, police and politics who owe their positions to cronyism and family. to be PM..u need to get rid of all these folks..otherwise it's still going to be like Lky's 'retirement' ..where everybody who wants something done just go straight to him....don't think Mr T wants to conduct that purge. kudos to Mr T..let Singaporeans sleep in the bed they made.

Early Bird said...


If it is all politics, then the one who will be hen-picked as the next PM, would probably be the one who can be trusted by the Lee Family to protect their family interests and by coincidence, also the interest(s) of the PAP Elites.

If that is the case, there are only two Minions who stand out like sore thumbs. I won't mention their names. You know who they are.

By the way, the pitted face Rear Admirer does not fit the bill because after more than 30 years in the government, he can only think of nurses as low-grade menial workers like the low-grade construction workers. He is forever a book-worm only good in passing exams with flying colours.

Anonymous said...

80% readers want Tharman to be PM – The Independent Singapore

So what?
Since when does the opinion of Singaporean slaves matter?

PAP chooses the Prime Minister.
Not Singaporeans.
Because Singaporeans have voted PAP to be government-emperor.
Therefore PAP decides.
Not Singaporeans.

Is the above true?
What do you think?

Early Bird said...


Sorry, I missed out on your point about meritocracy. My personal opinion and that of most of colleagues and friends is that meritocracy is only a political term that is to be used in various interpretations as various occasions according to who is speaking and for what purpose. Nevertheless, meritocracy has to be seen together with pragmatism, which is the principal excuse for all unpopular decisions or policies made by the leadership of the PAPA Party. Pragmatism overrides meritocracy as and when necessary. Thirdly, there is also the term "for national interests", which can be used to cover up all sins.

Anonymous said...

/// A very modest and defensive Tharman is quoted in the ST today to say this, 'Just to be absolutely clear, because I know of this talk that's going around, I'm not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It's not me. I know myself, I know what I can do, and it's not me.' ///

And is this why Tharman is a Millionaire Minister and not redbean?
Because Tharman knows his proper place in the Singaporean slave society.

“Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate…
Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party…
You must make distinctions – What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion… people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’”
– Former Foreign Minister George Yeo

Learn from George fucking Yeo.
Yew fucking Singaporean slaves
If you don't know how to vote, then you deserve to remain slaves.
You and your slave children ... and your slave parents.

Anonymous said...

I watched on tv, he seems to look very worry. If you look at Malysia when the deputy becomes ambitious, u know what happen to them as the leader will not tolerate challenges. So it's better to lie Low and enjoy the millions lar

Anonymous said...

The Independent Singapore social media site said this, ‘We asked our readers on Sunday (4 Sep) who should be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. As at 12pm today (6 Sep), we have had 2,316 responses to the poll – and most (1882 votes) voted for Tharman Shanmugaratnam to lead Singapore into the future.’ The votes for the other hopefuls, touted as potential PM by the main media, with their votes indicated, are Chan Chun Sing(53), Tan Chuan Jin(28), Heng Swee Kiat(288). Lawrence Wong(21), Ng Chee Meng(26), Ong Ye Kung(1), Grace Fu(1) Masagos Zulkifli(14).
The Independent social media survey

Aiyo please lah. If like that ah, the opposition election rallies have huge crowds turning up to support them what. For PAP rallies, miserable crowds fetched by buses and must also be given dinner packs as incentives some more.

But how come opposition, despite contesting 100% of seats in last GE and their huge rallies, lost 93% of them, u tell me lah?

So you think Tharman can still become PM based on social media poll that he has the most support?

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong, social media poll also said Chee Soon Juan would win the Bukit Batok by election in May this year.

But look what happened? Not even near to winning!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

That's what mee have in mind too?

It is like taking a poll with almost 100% of democrat supporters asking whether hearalready kitten will win the Nov Election?

Anonymous said...

Or taking a survey of certain measurement among Africans and then generalise that the average male tinkie are 10" and girth x"?

Many new brides may be "disappoint" on their wedding nite?

Just to draw an analogy when the sampling target is "totally salah" but extrapolated to the entire population?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ....

Should be

" ....... "disappointed" ....."

Anonymous said...

The 2000+ respondents surveyed may be less than 0.01% of all the people in the sampan?

So can it be representative?

Is like surveying pub patrons how many are drinkers?

And if 80% kee chiu, does it also mean 8 out of 10 MSN oldies are jiu gui or drunkards?

How about surveying people in the smokers corner in a kopishop how many smoke?

Such survey also worth to talk about and get excited?

Many oldies in MSN must be verLEE bored?

Botak is botak?

Botak-nomics already failed Singapore?

Nothing else matter?

Anonymous said...

Botak-nomics already failed Singapore?
1:20 pm

Tiok. I think Botak also knows himself lah. See what he said:

Of course he put it out more nicely lah, not as a Botak-nomics failure.

But discerning Sinkies like Anon 1:20 pm knows Botak for his policy failures as the economics man in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Any present pm,

Has 2 ans 4 d past reserve.

virgo49 said...

Botak said prepare for hard time ahead.

We could do better next time, sorry you Guinea Pigs.

We know we created mess. BOA and Goldman Sucks even retrenched

Hello GKS, we need you. LKY, carry on sleep.

If not after all credit you sai poo again.

We have no foresight but backsides.

Fortunately only Sinkies backsides kena screwed.

Now how to entangle the Labour mess of the foreign rubbish who are now entrenched on Sinkies jobs.

Any the employer preferred them.

Luckily GE not round the corner.

But actually Sinkies vote us more when there's recession.

They are poor timid slavws.

Anonymous said...

Botaknimic failed ?
Many are saying he could
easily gets himself high
appointment in imf, world
bank or anywhere dealing
with money.
Is there a place other than
Sin where he gets paid by
the multi millions just by
talking cock and sing song
just like all the others
in the cabinet ?

Anonymous said...

Tharman is a smart pragmatic fellow,

he won't want to inherit shits.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place other than
Sin where he gets paid by
the multi millions just by
talking cock and sing song
just like all the others
in the cabinet ?
Anon 2:32 pm

Just google and you will know the IMF and World Bank chief annual pay are less than S$1 million. Or around US$400-500K only.

No wonder Botak did not join them. With daft Sinkies as electorate, to be PAP minister under Hsien Loong is much, much better, both for $$ and non $$ areas eg sure win election one.

Anonymous said...

Botak-nomics is short term E-CON-nomics lah?

Maciam panadol or steriod?

Can take short term but long term, just look at those former East Germany swimmers? Many if not all multiple organs failure by mid-30s?

Anonymous said...

That he created while in charge of education and finance?

b said...

He is not suitable and not eligible. During his term, only made indians and japs rich not the sg people by leaking many secrets. In fact, he cheated many sg people their hard earned money by allowing banks to use jargons to deceive clients.

Anonymous said...

Fomer IMF chief (2007 - 2015) Olivier Blanchard is a renowned MIT Economics Professor and well versed in macroeconomics policy making on a global scale.

Botak dun even know about the medium and long term neutrality of money (or care long term enough to brief his cabinet coleagues then), otherwise he won't have allowed the runaway property market post-2009 GFC which now hangs around the sinkies necks and the sampan economy like an albatross?

Since 2001 when he joined the cabinet, which economic policy has he enacted that is not steriod-like giving a false boost in the short term but systemic-wreaking in the long run?

b said...

I think better get Lee ah Long son to be PM than Sha or Tha (sounds like kill him). Black face PM means will bring bad luck for the country.

Anonymous said...

Many "PAPIGS cronies are even on the hooks (and stucked)" with more than 1 properties (way) below equity value?

Even if current foreign population (policy) is maintained at current (tap) flow of +100,000 net, even as far back as Jan 2013 when the PWP was rolled out or even further back in 2011 or 2012, it can (easily) be projected it was not sufficient to maintain property prices and construction at that kind of rate?

Goodness, by 2012/ 2013, construction sector made up more than 13% of sampan GDP and manufacturing less than 19%? How on earth can such an economy be sustainable? Who on earth was in charge of the economy in the cabinet back then? Vivi, Rooster are medical trained, so cannot be them?

Unless it is $8 cow?

But Cow was not in charge of the either the monetary or fiscal policy in the sampan?

Big nose took care (& coordinate) homeland security then (given his background as a former 1-star military inner circle)?

Sham is a legally trained former senior counsel and never known to be good in economics?

Who was the minister in the cabinet (excluding MOS and SMOS) who is trained and practising in economics other than Botak after GE 2011 and before GE 2015?

The only other nearest chap is Ease-Wo-Lah?

2 star Kee chiu and 1 star ah beng (paper) general are about 1/3 economics trained in PPE in either Cambridge or Oxford and were not fool ministar for much of that period?

Same for Law(lessness) W(r)ong?

So whoever gave their colleagues in the cabinet wrong economics advice between 2011 to 2015 most likely points to Botak and to a lesser extent East-Wo-Lah?

Another pivotal economics chap could be the Ravi name sake in the CB (sandtrail bunk "takadog pronunciation") of sampan?(why every time must have CB involved?)

Anonymous said...

Under Botak-nomics, "even banks are on the hook"?

Anonymous said...

Under Botak as Findnest Ministir, the stalk macake bee-comb a ZOMBIE?

Anonymous said...

Sampan bee-comb a laggard in S E A?

Anonymous said...

In the long run, history may have its final judgement and trace the (eventual) downfall to Botak-nomics as well as the preceding LaoGoa-nomics?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He looks very worried. Yes, I also think so.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In politics, every word has a political definition unlike the definition in a standard dictionary. The meaning can be anything the politicians want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Botak-nomics in the end may prove as "effective" as his other "great work" in education?

Heard about Botak's 2004 ("orgasm engendering") TLLM?

T(each) L(ess) L(earn) M(ore)?

After 12 years, what was the outcome?

Look at the many (worried) parents tearing their hairs (at their wits end) on the plights of their kids education?

Flowery rhetorics, speeches and words may cause many (females) to experience Dec weather monsoon like rainfall but are they practical?

Have such rhetorics produced any significant and concrete result (given MOE takes up abt 20% of annual govt budget)?

Why did HSK in his last act in MOE (in 2015) turn back part of Botak's policy to reinstate Further Math, Computing etc into the A Levels curriculum (which was taken out by Botak in 2006/ 2007)?

Why do sampan's present days creme de la creme, best of the best, all the JC students in the red dot, mostly if not all, dunno almost anything outside their school notes (mind YEW! Not even txtbks? Read SCHOOL N-O-T-E-S)?

Anonymous said...

Like when Botak said "GST helps the P-O-O-R" without blinking his eyes?

Knn, the founder of modern economics Adam Smith dunno face palms how many times in heaven when he heard Botak said that?

Dunno what type of economics Botak is trained in?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb,

Yew know what?

After Botak said "GST helps the POOR", many sinkies couldn't believe their ears?

Mee went to NLB and many other online resources and went through countless economics books, journals, articles etc etc, technically thousands of them and many even written by Nobel Prize winners, but cannot find any trace of evidence from all these economics professors etc that remotely links an ad valorem tax (aka red dot GST) to any aspect that would help the POOR?

Uncle RB, next time when YEW attend botak's seminar or press briefing, can YEW kee chiu and ask him his theory that "GST helps the POOR" come from where or which teaching of economics?

Anonymous said...

Tharman got to come out to declare that he's not suited for the PM job, else he'll be backstabbed and end up like George Yeo . . .

Anonymous said...

Is it true that GST helps the poor become poorer?
Or maybe is it PAP that helps the poor become poorer?

Is any of this true?

Anonymous said...

Familiar Story Plays Out Against The Native Landowners of West Malaysia


Is it the same in Singapore?
The native orang asli of Singapore (called Singaporeans). Have they been bullied out of their jobs by thugs?

Anonymous said...

If Tharman is smart, he will not want to be the PM, even if he thinks he can do the job.

Why? Because the PM will take all the blame for the bad economic policies made by his ministers.

In fact it is happening already. Hsien Loong is now being blamed for all the bad policies and outcome made by Tharman and other ministers.

And Tharman, unlike Sham and Kee Chiu, is popular more because of his "nice guy" and "not arrogant" public image but actually he screwed up on all the areas when he was minister, eg education and manpower, besides finance.

Anonymous said...

These are the 11 most corrupt countries in the developed world


Countries in the corruption index are ranked according survey responses to the following three questions:

1. In your country, how common is illegal diversion of public funds to companies, individuals, or groups?

2. In your country, how do you rate the ethical standards of politicians?

3. In your country, how common is it for firms to make undocumented extra payments or bribes?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

1) Get another super calibre sinkie like Mao Show Tong (eg. Ivy League or Oxbridge or LSE credentials) "suddenly showed up for ward contest" ("to infiltrate as a triple aeyjent"?) together with other oppo existing heavyweights like Elzoonick"?

2) Get Am-Ant-Dee ministir build workers quarters in the ward pte estates like in Leem Hui Huat Sirankgoondu ward before 2011?

Anonymous said...

@ September 29, 2016 8:55 pm

If you can't write English ... Fuck off and post on a China website.

Anonymous said...

U need declare who the Oedipus Complex motherfucker u are?

U dun even have the shit right unless u own this blogsite?

Talking about China, dun get too cocky?

China will tell this pisai snort to fuck off one day if yew think yew can push her around?

So yew are the one who should fuck off and dun come here run down China!

Anonymous said...


Some pple kena exposed liao Baey Song ALR?

So try to chase pple away from MSN lor

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 29, 2016 6:09 pm
Tharman got to come out to declare that he's not suited for the PM job, else he'll be backstabbed and end up like George Yeo . . .//

Botak nvr learn from Mr Teochew?

After Ah Hia daclared not ready govt, all the more kena hantam?

Now Botak declared same thing?


Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

@ September 30, 2016 2:41 am

I stand corrected. If you can't write English ... Fuck off and post on a Japanese website.

denk said...

dont be surprised if one fine morning lhl announce an early retirement 'following doctor's advice', to be succeeded by........ tharman or masangao.
when that happens the desinicisation of sg would be complete,
with indian dominated law, finance, media , parliament, a million ft and an indian pm !
cheered on by 80% of sg no less !

something to be 'proud' of , the ultimate proof that sg chinese aint 'racist' as charged ?

denk said...

i forgot to add...
indian dominated medicine.

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 30, 2016 9:37 am
Fuck off and post on a Japanese website.//

Yewr ingrish is so powderful?

Setting gooooooood examples for yewr grandchildren!

Am sure their ingrish will be as powderful as yewrs in the future, of not now!

Keep teaching and showing such great ingrish and values to yewr grandchildren and next time great grandchildren ......

Yee must open your eyes BIG BIG to witness your offsprings powderful ingrish and great values pass on by yew.

Great job and keep it up (using such powderful ingrish)!

Anonymous said...

@ September 30, 2016 4:30 pm

My kids' Mandarin is definitely better than your English.

Anonymous said...

Are yew banana (cock) sure?

Prove it!

Otherwise wear a white T-Shirt with a banana in front and at the back (with a few (other) small ones?

denk said...

why's sg implmenting these desinicisation policies ?

from the gobi diam gissip newswire.....

u think pap wanna do this ?
they've no choice, the order came from washington.
sg is a de facto 51 state of the unitedsnake in case u havent noticed.
the murcunts wanna make sg another 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' like okinawa,
but the snake doesnt trust a chinese leadership at the helm, would they obey order to bomb their ancestral land when the shit hit the fan ?
uncle scam wants a indian dominated sg run by indians, cuz the indians are fully onboard
unitedsnake's anti chinese bandwagon.

indians already dominate the finance, media, law, medicine, with an indian pm,
the bloodless take over of sg would be complete.

if u want to know whats going on behind the scene, forget about the shit times and all that think tanks run by angmoh/indian pundits. listen more to the gobi diam newswire.
those ah pek dont've a degree in political science from some 'prestigious' uni but i'd take their advice over those damn talking heads on tv any time.