USA will have to pay a price for its crimes against humanity

                               Just like the Japanese, the Americans will have to pay a price for its crimes against humanity

The Americans and the Western European countries are assuming that they are still the supreme masters on earth and that no one can stop them in their evil doings and wicked deeds on trampling on other countries big or small. Decades ago in the 1950s to 1970s the  Evil Empire overthrew dully elected governments in many South American countries and replaced them with USA lackeys, That tumultuous period  was known as the operation First Condor in which many nationalists were cold bloodedly massacred by the Americans and their lackeys.

Then immediately after the Second World War USA planned to take overall control of the Middle East Arab countries.USA instigated and provoked wars among the Arabs by deepening their distrust and hatred among them by playing on their religious differences viz the Sunnis and the Shites. Then in 1948 USA  with the help of UK planted a Jewish state in Israel to act as a proxy of America to police and control all the Arabs. Since then the Arabs in the Middle-East have never known peace. Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya were brutally murdered and their countries left in chaos with hundreds of thousands bombed and killed by the Americans and millions left in untold suffering and greatly impoverished. Meanwhile USA and the Europeans enriched themselves with their virtual control of the oil and other natural resources in the region.

They still want to treat China as they did to her in the 1830s to the 1940s , when China was attacked by eight to twelve western countries and Japan and in which China lost millions of square miles of land to the conquering marauders, the British, French, Russia, Japan and USA. USA continued to interfere in the Chinese Civil War from the 1930s to 1940s and right up to the present.China would have liberated Taiwan and there won't be a divided China had USA not stationed its Seventh Fleet to stop China from accomplishing its task of national unity.

USA provoked and started the Korean War in1950 with the motive of destabilising and weakening further an already injured and very feeble impoverished China.During the Korean War USA threatened to nuke China . Then it did a very heinous and most immoral thing when it freed many first class Japanese war criminals after the Second World War, instead of committing them to death by the firing squad. Emperor Hirohito and Abe's grandfather were the two foremost war criminals that should be sentenced to death. But both and many of the high class diabolical Japanese scientists and generals who worked on the Unit 731 chemical and biological war programmes were released under two agreements. Japan would hand over to USA the thousands of tons of gold in which Japan robbed from the people in China, Korea,Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand , Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma. Japan must also hand over to USA in toto all the records of their experiments in chemical and biological warfare research. Emperor Hirohito was the number one war criminal who should be hanged for inspiring the Japanese to extremely cruel and brutal warfare against conquered people and Abe's grandfather was the minister in charge of the toxic inhuman Unit 731 in which very cruel and painful experiments were conducted on living persons. Abe's grandfather made sure all the germicidal experiments like bubonic plague, anthrax, small pox and flu were conducted on the Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Indonesians and some westerners while they were alive.The victims suffered slow dragging painful death . In freeing the first class Japanese criminals America was complicit in the crime against humanity. America has yet to pay a price for this. The freed Japanese scientists began to work as heads of American and Japanese universities in charge of germ and chemical warfare experiments. Many of them became heads of huge commercial corporations.

The Americans are just as cruel and evil in diabolical deeds. They always use the terms " democracy" and " human rights" as a smokescreen to hookwink the world to cover their evil deeds of carrying out regime change against countries which do not toe the American dictates. They horrendously murdered and killed millions of innocent people by their mass bombings through super bombers or drones. They are creating wars everywhere to keep their war industries humming and to enrich themselves. All these diabolical deeds are done to maintain American supremacy and world hegemony and its number one position in the world .Just like the Japanese , the  Americans will have to pay a price for their crimes against humanity.


Friday, 05-08-2016


Anonymous said...

Correct. US will pay S$0.50 or 50 cents fine.

Unknown said...

God is good all the time. Yet they were all Christians and how can they do this horrendous things. Yet they dare to preach Christianity to the Asians. If God do not punished them for their heinous crimes, then their God is their creation to subjugate us to slavery. Wake up all Asians, do not be deceived but come together to deliver ourselves from slavery, just like Moses deliver the Jew's from the Eygphtian.To those Christians, the chapter on Revelation tribulations applied only to them who had done heinous crimes by breaking the laws of God given to Moses. Rise up together to deliver all who are enslaved from these people who continue to sin against God.

b said...

No one pay any price because we are all primates. Primates live on the motto - survival of the fittest. Moses was not christian. Religions based on moses or abraham are power hungry and harmful/good in different levels. They were created to mislead us into thinking that there is justice and a loving God. If God is loving, there will not be so many sufferings, diseases, handicaps. There is something those religions did not tell the sheepies.

Anonymous said...

If you are into karma then nature will take it's course.

Let wise China also have to pay for all killings in Tian An Men sq and destruction of people family bloodline for centuries in creating eunuch and many other vicious crimes to its people.

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Karma doesn't give a damn of how 'exceptional' western countries think of themselves.

It will strike as hard as possible at their weakest moment.

Let's wait and see :)