Breaking News - National Day Rally halted

My gosh, I was watching Hsien Loong delivering his ND Rally speech and saw him tilted to his right and the camera was cut off, showing a stunted audience. The next moment when it pointed to the front rows, many of the seats were empty, the two deputy PMs, Ho Ching and a few senior ministers were also not in their seats. There was an uncomfortable silence among the invited guests.

An announcement came over inviting the guests to proceed for the reception.  The Rally has been temporary terminated. Heard a comment, 'Hope he is ok'.

Hope Hsien Loong is ok. This is so unexpected. He was looking so normal, speaking in his usual self, with no hint of anything like that coming. During the last moment of his speech he halted, tilted to his right.... The officer in charge of the cameras was quick to react to turn the camera away.

Wish him well.

PS. If you have nothing good to say, please refrain from saying anything unkind.


Anonymous said...

Just saw twitter of Lee s freeze speech moment. Seemed like a stroke freeze his mouth and eyes. RB s post was good warning to those who need to give up yet staying on stage.

Why younger leaders are not good enough?

Anonymous said...

Some twitted lee is coming back to talk:
"Prime Minister Lee HL falls ill while delivering National Day Speech, to continue speech at 2230 hrs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just heard from Tharman over the news. Hsien Loong's heart is fine and he did not have a stroke. Rally continues at 10.40pm. And Hsien Loong is talking now.

Anonymous said...

LKY stepped down as PM at the age of 67.

GCT stepped down as PM at the age of 63.

LHL is 64. Is this a sign to tell him to step down?

Anonymous said...

This only happened once in 50 years, or rather 51 years. So not to worry too much.

Anonymous said...

On the tv for 5 mins and heard lee taking about jurong, moving payalabar to changi (i think should be seletar), or i was wrong. He still expected birth rate at 1.6 with his high rental, high hdb price, low salary resulted by foreigners pmets inflows. I switched it off.

No new ideas from this leeder is a chill for me to worry about my children s future. Who care he is 64 and his father was 67? His father had spent too much time to put him into position. His father was the main man that put in 2.5 millions foreigners into singapore to push up the hdb and condo prices. The old man even warned if people did not vote for pap, prices for properties would fall. Now those sitting to watch the young lee speech would be scared. Can properties prices keep going up with exports keep coming down under the young lee?
It too long over due. Better let new leaders to lead as group to revamp the entire economy of all sectors. The people cannot wait till he collapse then change the economy. UK already voted for no globalization and UK wants to fully control immigrants. The young lee still hope to have 7 millions population at 2030. Will he burn our children s future?

Anonymous said...

Dehydration in an aircon ite stadium? I have not seen man can collapse for standing at aircon room due to "weather being too hot". Foreign news said weather too hot, lee got dehyration. Bei tahan. Did he go for route march and drills at parade square? No stroke now does not mean no stroke later. Better take the warning sign, No man will freeze like this due to lack of water. Why lee is lack of water? I cannot agree. Its time to go, let someone to take over. He should not cling on like his father. His party must ask him to step down.

Anonymous said...

The prices of home also can make one faint.

Speedwing said...

I sincerely hope PM Lee is fine. Must be the stress and hard work resulting in exhaustion. Hope he recovers well.

Anonymous said...

Now PM LHL need to choose between health and wealth...not possible to have both..he is now the happiest person on this planet ( no one can oppose him & no dissenters) ..1 thing can deny him, all his wishes will all collapse..not gg to wish him speedy recovery cos it against my own honesty..