Haze - Time for Singapore to punch above its weight

''Asked about the complaints from Singapore, Jusuf only said, "It is up to them to complain. Whom are they going to complain to? Are they going to complain to the wind?"'

This is what Jusuf Kalla, the Vice President of Indonesia said about the haze over Singapore. Basically what he was saying is that Singapore got to live with the haze come what may. Indonesia already done its best and Indonesia cannot change the direction of the wind. What about cutting down on the number of cut and burn incidents? We are trying our best, so don't expect too much and don't push too hard.

Now the ball is squarely in the Singapore court. The haze is Singapore's problems. Complain as much as you want, the Indonesians would not be listening and don't try to go to them with your complaints. Just deal with it or live with it. So, how is Singapore going to deal with it or live with it? Or would Singapore try to punch above its weight and stare squarely into the eyes of the Indonesians, without blinking, and the haze will go away, with the Indonesians hurriedly trying to put them down?

Indonesia does not know that our PM was specially invited to the White House for dinner and the images sent all over for the whole world to see. What is the message? Want to act tough with Singapore? See who is behind Singapore?

Ok, what's next Singapore? Who shall we send to Jakarta, Vivian, Chan Chun Sing or Masagoes? Doing nothing means we will have to live with the haze. Complaining into the air is no use. Did we get the message from Indonesia?


jjgg said...

Government didn't release information on zika virus in Singapore ..so nobody any wiser...I have advice for government...don't tell Singaporeans got haze..100% we will never know that haze is here. Like mrt situation...why create panic...just don't tell anyone...hehe makes all this rules and regulations about cigarette smoking rather stupid isn't it, but the purpose of governing is to pass laws in order to get their paychecks...you want to better your life? That's your pasar...so far the government is doing a darn good job at passing laws and getting a fat paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can only kpkb n kpkb!

What can Singapore do next? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Singapore cannot do anything to our friend!

The ONLY thing is that Singapore can pray to the God of wind!

Pray that the wind don't brow the haze towards Singapore!

This 7th month praying worked! This year the haze is rather kind, short!

Soon 7th month praying will be over. How? What can we do next?

Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Rb //Indonesia does not know that our PM was specially invited to the White House for dinner and the images sent all over for the whole world to see. What is the message? Want to act tough with Singapore? See who is behind Singapore? //

Got lah?

From MBFC cannot see meh?

Clear blue sky on Sunny Monday morning?

So different from last Fri (just 3 days ago)?

So shrouded in smog that many RC aunties and uncles (lining the streets) were seen and heard coughing and some trying to get hold of masks at the eleventh hour (& 59th min 59th second, 2359.59)?

Anonymous said...

The Indon VP echoed what the former old fart said "...act of God ..can't be help.."

Anonymous said...

Stop stirring shit.
It's a blessing .Be thankful.
The only way to deal with haze is to welcome them with both arm .
Only no brainer will complain or wayang because they cannot think far.
Haze help many smokers to quit smoking as it's free smoke.
Haze helps to reduce cases of dengue or zika etc.
Many other advantages but cannot reveal here .

Virgo49 said...

ASEAN bros holding cross hands smiling away all bullshits.

Co operations?? What cooperations??

Big Bro superior in numbers but not in IQs, you dared to tell us what to do??

No Big No Small.

Want to prostitute oh sorry prosecute my people on my land??

Me No face you know.

In the end, everybody behaves in their own animal instincts even they knew that they are wrong.

Asians, face very important. Even a beggar also wants to save some face.

So just take it as fumigation for the Adedes plus now Zika mosquitos.

Yussuff will send bill of expenses later.

Hard work in these burnings you know.

Anonymous said...

hep C....

what is happening....

Anonymous said...

//The only way to deal with haze is to welcome them with both arm .//

Haze can hug meh?

What are u smoking?

But YEW can certainly welcome with both arms the hordes of ah nehs and blangas into YEWR home?

It's a blessing for YEW?

Be thankful?

Dun complain?

Even if they behave in your house as if back in their countries or buses?

Many advantages YEW know?

But oso cannot reveal here lor?

Anonymous said...

I know one good solution. Make ghost month bigger and burn more paper money, paper houses, incensed papers and big big joss sticks. But shift the burning when the Northeast monsoon is blowing. Then can send deliver some haze to Indonesia to reciprocate a kind act.

virgo49 said...

Hi bro anon 9.24

That's why I feel faint when I think of these unnecessary itchy backsides problems which we created.

More to come. Roulette also lost a chunk. Have to think all ways to reset principals account or else pee Chiak lobang, gonna lose next erections for sure.

Not already cannot erect with The PE in the horizon.

If get another OTC, die, die, Korek until backsides Koyar.

virgo49 said...

Indonesia knows you all cannot do anything lah.

Sinkies too diplomatic. Not because too courteous but because Too Timid.

Even Aliens they brought into their Land also bullied them.

Years of NS trained to be fighting men.

Pui! ! Don't waste time and monies.

Sinkies are well trained dogs to obey their Masters.

patriot said...

Sinkies are indeed damned.
Oops dumb, not damned.

What's so difficult to deal with
the Haze?
Other than been invited to the
White House indicating the die-
hard support of the World's
Most Powerful Country, Sin
can go to thr Hague Tribunal
to get justice mah.

The Prime Minister of Sin had
called on China to abide and
respect the Verdict of the Hague
Tribunal, Sin should get Indonesia
to comply with Hague Ruling by
engaging It to rein in Indonesia.
After all, the Smog Pollution is
definitely preventable at the
Source .

On the Other Hand, Sin's
Neighbours can also go to
the Hague Tribunal to stop
Sin from spreading Zika to

The Hague Tribunal is very
much respected by Asean
Members except for one or

Get the Hague Tribunal to
Sin should find it impartial
and dependable.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The best suggestion from Patriot. Bring the Indonesians to The Hague. If they don't participate, better still. Get the Japanese judge to appoint all the judges that are sympathetic to us. We pay for their salaries and everything. We can afford to pay for justice.

And when the judgement is in our favour, tell the Indonesians to respect and abide by international law. Tell the Indonesians that The Hague is backed by the UN.

The Indonesians sure oblige and abide. They also said The Hague ruling is binding on China. So they cannot say Hague ruling not applicable to them and they don't have to comply.

Patriot, you are good.

patriot said...

Sir Chua Chin Leng;

Thank You very much for the Compliment.

Me merely taking a ride on Yout
Insights and Wisdom.

Keep it up Sir.


virgo49 said...

Mr RB & Patriot,

You think Pinky Loong will do it.

Nah, hey We are ASESN. Bros and now Sis interlocking arms.

Think of the billions of trade we gonna lose if we pee mee or sour relations with the Indons.

You know they are small minded people and revengful. They make real life difficult for you.

Embargo here and embargo there.
Reasonable or unreasonable for the next five years b4 hearing.

And afterwhich no hui!!

And no guarantee you win. The clown Hague court can go the other way.

So Better you poor Sinkies bear with them. Only try to persuade them. Let them korek your arses also never mind.

Just three to four months in a row yearly affair.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the Hague staged court and little dot dreaming to be super power.

Hunsen 27th replied his fb saying he supported china against the vietnamese webers anti china demand. He said he respect vietnam s choice to go against china, but he took care his own interest. Ownself for ownself.

Same day, vietnam pm was said to be visiting little dot.

So the camps are clear: Cambodia add Loas, one side. Vietnam add little dot one side. Both are singing songs against each other.

I speak from little dot side: ownself for ownself.
Someone said someones attended white house dinner meant US generals will back these politicians with blood. Really?

I quote example. There is treaty to protect Taiwan under US s "pretection". Many taiwanese do not think US will come to taiwan s aid when china invade it. They know, china will invade from the east side, while on the west side, there are plenty of missiles firing from main land. US will not dare to get near or get into taiwan, when PLA occupied it.
Why? US knows, US marines cannot win such a war faced with powerful fire power.

Come back to little dot s dream: super power. There is no treaty on US to help little dot. When face with Indonesia, will Vietcon send its gun boats to help little dot?
When Vietnam send gun boats to beat china, little dot will fly its mighty F35 to vietcons aid, that is for sure. I think Hunsen will thumb up, bagus and said ownself for ownself, bye little dot.

Veritas said...

Singapore already punch above the weight. I bet Wilmar and Golden Agri, whose big boss reside in Singapore are involved in this burning. Also these plantation holding has so much to convoluted cross holding to hide the owner that, probably even the PM family got one hand in it.

Just arrest Robert Kuok, dont forget he got a lackey George Yeo, and all problem solved.

Anonymous said...

May be Singapore can send our airforce to bomb jarkata into submission so to punch above our weight. In return the I ndonesians just piss on us and flood our island with their piss?

Anonymous said...

No envelope, no talk.

Anonymous said...

Western media dont talk about lack of unity in Asean org on the issue of Haze.

Loong can ask Indonesia to respect Rule based Order. - get a ruling from arbitration first before slamming Indonesia as the sole wrongdoer.

Anonymous said...

US is a paper Tiger.

NK had WMD . NK had threaten to nuke Japan and USA.

What can US do so far?

Invasion of NK as they did in Iraq or Afghan?


USA justify their invasion of Iraq based on self defence principle - pre emptive
strike because Iraq had WMD and threaten to nuke US.

virgo49 said...

How to arrest the Elites? ?

This World, WEALTH is POWER.

They dared to arrest one of its ex-Minister??

Once got pot-hole of Damned cannot disclose behind scene oor armm.goings on, whole political Party would collapse.

Better let the karma smoked out these bastards by giving them Zika,TB,Cancer, Leukuminia etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52pm
US dare to invade Iraq because that time, UK had a nazi PM and France had another similar one, only listened to US Bush s directions.

Now UK is not part of EU, not able to get France and Germany to follow US's directions. When Hillary takes over, if she wants to invade China, i do not think France and Germany will want to test the missiles themselves. They will want to have 1B1R for better fortune, and leave US to makan the missiles ash and smoke.

I predict the world has changed. That s why US is desperately getting Japan and S Korea and Singapore to shoot at China.

US Obama and Carter's tactics are costless. Hear me: costless.
S Koreans paid for a huge 300000 troops exercise for nothing, not even scared the Kim fat boy. Abe busy giving gun boats to Philippines, end up the boats are not used to irritate China.

Obama gave a dinner, expected Singapore to buy F35 for helping US to show show.

Overall, US has not come out a single cent to irritate China.

Only Hunsen is smart chap. He saves money and breath. Expect to have high speed rails and cheap financing from China.

But little dot is paying huge funds for F35 that cannot bomb, according to Mahathir.

I think losers are those who think they Punch beyond their weights, Obama and Hillary are laughing in their hearts. Siow thing tong, correct? Small is small, weak is weak, got punch over the weight? Go learn some physics on newton s laws: Law no3, action and reaction are equal and opposite. If a spur punch beyond its weigh, china will blow its nose, the spur will fly away. That s what i know in science, what is Newton s second Law? I cannot teach you lah.

Anonymous said...

Complain to Hague Tribunal about the haze?

If can, Singapore would have complained already, tio bo?

So more interesting is what are the reasons why Singapore did not want to complain to Hague Tribunal.

Anonymous said...

//expected Singapore to buy F35 for helping US to show show.//

This one got to do with Economics Law lah?

More specifically Say's Law?

"Supply creates its own DEMAND"?

Mb otw are "F36", "F37", "F38" .....?

The Siao Ting Tong are the 70%?

By the time take deliveries of "F38s", "70% Siao Ting Tong" retirement coffin $$$ goal posts DELAYED till "87-yo" liao Lo?

b said...

Singapore should buy up another island for contingency purpose.

Anonymous said...

Haze from Indonesia could probably kill off Zika virus because mosquito cant breathe in those dirty polluted air.

Singaporean people should feel "grateful" because Indonesia save your lives.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, what is your opinion on China claim in South China Sea -9 dash line?

What is your opinion on the Philippine arbitration and ruling?

Who is the aggressor in SCS? China or USA

Anonymous said...

Veritas, I too would be interested in your insight on China/Japn, China/Vietnam, China/Malysia, China/Philippines and Chin/India disputes. Thank you.

reuben sng said...

Go war or live with it

Anonymous said...

Go war or live with it