Fare hikes if you want to have better services

How many times Singaporeans have been told of this mantra, ‘You want better service, be prepared to pay more’. If this is true, I think Singaporeans would not be complaining and would be most willing to pay more. The truth, the facts, over the years we have so many fare hikes, and so many times we were told that the hikes would lead to better services, but what were the truth? Were the services better or worse?

How many think the services of public transport have improved? And if this is the truth, our transport services would be the best in the world after so many years of fare hikes.  The truth is just the opposite. All the fare hikes led to lower quality of services. Tiok boh?

And if fare hikes led to poorer services, should not the mantra be, ‘More fare hikes for poorer services’? You want poorer services, be prepared to pay more.

Now, am I talking sense or nonsense?

What do you think?

PS. Train faults and breakdowns are the new normal. The problems are unlike building HDB flats, like taps, switch it off, then switch it on. You can’t switch off train faults/problems and then switch it on again. It is not that easy. The faults/problems, if serious, would not go away by simply wishing they would go away. You need real talents to solve them, not anyone can do it.

The faults and problems would not go away just because the fares are hiked. If only they are so simple, hike fares and services would improve.


Veritas said...

Cuba have longer life expectancy and lower child mortality compared to USA, despite not having access to medicine and modern healthcare technology.

And why USA have so many big pharma and good doctor and healthcare so fuck up? The reason anything being captive of capitalism in the form of cartel like business will do harm to public. These business will destroy capacity to create scarcity to raise price.

They also keep parroting they need $$$ to raise service. Cuba healthcare is free.

Anonymous said...

"The faults and problems would not go away just because the fares are hiked."

Tiok. But remember what Gerard Ee, ex PTC chairman already said, faults and fare hikes are 2 separate issues.

Just like PAP not performing but still receive 70% votes are 2 separate issues, tio bo?

Veritas said...

In China the HSR boss and ministry have repeatedly assured China HSR will not raise price. PRC citizen are able to enjoy low HSR price even at Lunar New year.

Unfortunately there are many Kuan Yew like traitor who want to sell HSR or to privatize HSR in the name of raising efficiency, and bail out tax payer from subsidizing money losing state companies. Fortunately Chinese are not SO stupid, yet.

When PAP privatize MRT in the name of raising effiency and asking SG people to pay, you guys know what happen.

First Ho Ching appointed her friend, moron, ugly, fat, piece of shit Soh Phaik Hwa. Moron Soh knows nothing but to stip mine the entire engineering team of MRT and then brag she made a monies.

Then MRT keep raising fare, cutting corners on maintenance, while profit shows up in books.

CEO Soh is now like a fucking talent.

The MRT (and LTA) engineering team is so FUCK up that today ALL new lins break down a few days after operation.

Tax payer pay pay pay.

Anonymous said...

Cuba healthcare is free.
Veritas 10:53 am

And Cuba also produces a lot of doctors too, just like how Sinkieland produces a lot of engineers. That's why Sinkieland engineers are not well regarded as a profession and as a result not well paid.

Sinkieland medical intake is so controlled that there is shortage of local doctors and hence need to import lots of foreign "talents".

Anonymous said...

"The MRT (and LTA) engineering team is so FUCK up..."
Veritas 11:01 am

What to do, since they are the best available. Or else if don't take them in, there may be no engineering team available for MRT and LTA, which is even worse, tio bo?

patriot said...

The Sin Rulers are the Highest
Paid in the World running one of
the Smallest country which has
yet to attain nationhood and
everything in a mess.

Any evidence to show any qualities
of the Rulers in Sin despite they
paying themselves Sinfully?



Anonymous said...

"Fare hikes if you want to have better services"
"Higher Minister salaries if you want better government"
- is this the usual Pay & Pay mantra?

Until dumb fuck PAP voters learn to say:
"We vote Opposition until PAP government can improve. No more blank cheques."
- it's more pay and pay for every Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

"Fare hikes if you want to have better services"

"It's like this one."
"Lan, lan bo pian lor."
- what a dumb fuck PAP voter will say

Anonymous said...


$8.00 $8.00 $8.00


Anonymous said...

The mrt started with singaporean and then all of a sudden, the ceo changed to malaysian pr, and down the lines, there were so many changes, from coo down, probably more than 30-50% are PR or were formerly PR or foreigners.

From one accident recently involving death, the Ceo was telling reporters at press conference the parties and victims involved had complied with safety procedures. It ended up what the Ceo said was wrong fact. That was an indication that, the entire organization is a fractured creature consisting of individuals.

If the organization was proper and well led by leaders in sections and departments, there should not be such lapses causing so much problems.

Organization formed by foreigners, especially from Malaysia n India, Philippines are fatal combinations. All these nationals are individualistic and self centered creatures daily counting their time to go and methods to tricks with more salaries and power.

That is what the millionaires want the mrt to be: breaking down so that there are attentions diversion, from the poor economic policies, from the unemployment of locals, from the stagnant salaries of the middle classes. These millionaires, including the Ceo, will not be affected by breaking downs.

They can increase salary and millions of dollars bonus by increasing the fares. The fare increases certainly will not affect the continuous breaking down facts. Wan cow to harakiri? He will not lah as salary and bonus will still increase for him.

Anonymous said...

"Fare hikes if you want to have better services"

Smart Singaporean voters should say:
"Vote you out if you increase the fares"

Anonymous said...

Rb //You need real talents to solve them, not anyone can do it.//


The problems and loose ends left behind by Botak-nomics are elephant legs?

Not chicken feet?

Yew need real talents to solve them?

Not 2 economics ignoramus "fake" bimbo even cannot deliver a vase role but termite all the way?

Anonymous said...

Organization formed by foreigners, especially from Malaysia n India, Philippines are fatal combinations.
1:06 pm

But they are also the ones available, and in the numbers required. Depend on Sinkies where got enough, more so when good Sinkies are not interested in engineering and technical work?

Lan, lan bo pian lor, what a dumb fuck PAP voter will say, but also the truth what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"Organization formed by foreigners, especially from Malaysia n India, Philippines are fatal combinations. All these nationals are individualistic and self centered creatures..."
1:06 pm

Does this sound also like our many Sinkie opposition parties? All these parties are are individualistic and self centered creatures...fatal combinations, tio bo?

b said...

Fares have been increasing all these years but services are just dropping. Maybe the one who wants fare increase should explain why that is happening. Increasing fares is never the solution to problem. Finding the source of the problem is. I think most likely is high management fees.

virgo49 said...

Anon 3.01

Pay higher salaries not to themselves and see whether Singaporeans will work or not.

Also pay professional maintenance contractors like the Aussie and see how many breakdowns a day.

Get these sleepy head jokers who spent eight hours sleeping and two hours working can expect breakdowns every now and then.

My spouse ex stint with Aussie rail maintenance contractor can testify to these happening when they were stationed in Bush an Depot.

Even break in do many times easily with farked up security.

virgo49 said...

Bishsan Depot Not stupid Bush Lah

Anonymous said...


The consequences of Botak-nomics?

Tip of ice berg?

Just the beginning?

Looking back, the best era was Goh-Keng-Swee-nomics?

After that downhill all the way beginning from LaoGoa-nomics?

Botak-nomics is LaoGoa-nomics II?

The road (slippery slope) to ABYSS?

Anonymous said...

Let's vote Opposition if Millionaire Khaw increases fares.

Let's see if Singaporeans are scared of the PAP government or the PAP government is scared of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Norway Raids Sovereign Wealth Fund To Cover Government Expenses

For the first time since its establishment in 1996, the Norwegian government is starting to withdraw money from its sovereign wealth fund to cover government expenses.
.... Moreover, withdrawals are expected to accelerate in 2H 2016 reaching nearly $20 billion, a run-rate that would have them exceeding the fiscal limits imposed on fund withdrawals of 4% of assets, or $36 billion.


Is Singapore more transparent than Norway?

Anonymous said...

Fucking Singaporean slaves.
You want to stay and work in Singapore?
You pay whatever we tell you to pay.

You shit where we tell you to shit.
You stand where we tell you to stand.
And remember to say thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not only Tq .....?

Yew will be rewarded with even HIGHER percentage.......?

..... from 70= to mb 85% ...... the highest in history ...... higher than the pioneering old guard ever got .......

The Chinese have a maxim:


In Ingrish, it means:

"Be thankful to your tormentors"

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousAugust 30, 2016 7:59 pm
Fucking Singaporean slaves.
You want to stay and work in Singapore?
You pay whatever we tell you to pay.

You shit where we tell you to shit.
You stand where we tell you to stand.
And remember to say thank you.//

To understand the labyrinth of ANON 7.59PM 30 AUGUST 2016 is to understand the labyrinth of way of life in a sin city?

1) "You pay whatever we tell you to pay."

=> Pay and Pay (PAP)?

2)"You stand where we tell you to stand."
=> Does any MP including any minister has a choice when ah tao (aka 老大, big bro) tell them to stand in a certain area during an erection?

3) "You shit where we tell you to shit."
=> Is that NOT very obvious?
Anon 7.59PM, do YEW not shit in your home's toilet bowl and NOT on your master room bed? They created the toilet bowl and ask yew to shit there ( "You shit where we tell you to shit.")?

Need more evidence?

When yew feel the urge to LAO SAI say in the train, do YEW unzip your pants and shit there and then or "You shit where we tell you to shit." and make your way to the nearest toilet cos yew are told to shit there and yew will shit there than in the train or on the platform or anywhere else other than where yew are told to shit?

So anything wrong if after the MP stand where they are told to stand, sinkies shit where they are told to shit; and after they pay whenever they are told to pay (and pay), the MP of the entity who told yew to pay and pay (PAP) GET a BIG T Q from sinkies and win with even higher %age like 85% next time?

"Tq" for waking up sinkies and teaching them the labyrinth of sin city through your pedagogical "Yew do what yew are told to do" method?

Anonymous said...

Yew see, to understand what it takes to stay in a sin city (& make a living) can make even the bravest human beans faint?

Apart from "scary cardboards" of human size almost eveLEEwhere, there is the issue of this quantity of infinite "what's wrong collecting more $$$"?

The subject matter of being a sin bean appears so laborious it makes a human bean wonders whether being a bean of sin or a sin bean is not just another form of Sisyphean work?

Anonymous said...

@ August 30, 2016 7:59 pm

You made a typo.
The last line should read:
"And remember to say Thank Yew."

Anonymous said...

The labyrinth of the city of sin may be epitomised in ..... ahem ..... "Yewism"?

Is "Yewism" defined as follows:

1) A division of labour based on (un)productive principles?

2) A division of social classes based on the followings:

a) People who are (un)wise should rule?

Heard abt Botak-nomics and LaoGoa-nomics?

b) People who are (not)strong and (un)shrewd should guard?

Heard about eradicated diseases like TB exterminated during low tech, traditional days under the old guards making a comeback in modern, high tech city of sin?

c) Others who are strong, wise, shrewd become foot soldiers and become like lions but obeying the command and order of rabbits? A battalion of lions commanded by ...... ermmmmmmmm. ..... a rabbit king?

Heard abt a subway system commanded by a sales girl and literally ran the trains to the ground?

Or a star studded army general commanding an (ICONIC SHIPPING LINE) civilian navy fleet (they called it job rotation like goalkeeper becomes striker and layman becomes expert and vice versa?) into extinction?

Yewism in short means organising society based on (un)just principles and cultivate (un)virtuous values?

Thus, the labyrinth of the story, the way of life, the beginning, (the beginning of) the end in the city of sin dissected and explained (in a nutshell)?

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern

This is to advise all that matilar hassled passed away peacefully on Monday. The motherfucher has lived a full life and enjoyed himself at the expense of many people. We do not mourn his loss.

The Family

Anonymous said...

They screwed up the train system so badly and now got the cheek to ask the people to pay for it! Should the people demand for pay back and crawl back?

With all the tintongs in charge, they think the people also tintongs and did not know what is happening. They said pay, and the people just pay and did not know who is at fault or should be held responsible and accountable.

Anonymous said...

@ August 31, 2016 8:29 am

The Millionaires may be tintongs.
But the Millionaires are paid million dollar salaries.

And the dumb fuck Singaporean slaves who voted for the tintongs.
The dumb fucks are paid a slave's salary.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.22

The dumb would not vote the opposition even whatsoever disasters fall on them.

They take it as their fates to obey the Emperor and these happenings are Tien Tee.

Don't blame our enlightened Rulers from Heaven.

We are only supposed to be slavws to them as they are our Saviours.

The more disasters, the higher percentage they get as they are dumb, senile and many in the dementia grouping and they only knew Great Saviour Lee Kuan Yew.