F35 - The $114m wonder pill

The Americans are producing the so called state of the art warplane that can do everything except eating and shitting and is pushing it around to their allies to pay for it at $144m a piece, basic, minus the weapons systems that could be another $100m if the aircraft is not just to fly to show off but to do all the things it is supposed to do.  I hope the Americans are not dangling this piece of toy as a Christmas for the children to say ‘I want, I want’, but actually twisting the arms of the allied countries to pay up or else?

Singapore was rumoured to be interested in 10 or 12 pieces of this wonder pill and in many occasions was rumoured to have made the order or closed to signing on the dotted line. In the ST on 11 Aug, it was reported that Singapore is still considering this deal and delaying it till a later date.  One strange smell emits from this F35 episode. The Americans are never easy to sell their top end, state of the art, air superiority warplanes to anyone except themselves and a few extremely die hard allies. The fact that they are pushing so hard to sell this piece of toy to so many countries is something to ponder over with. Is it just a commercial piece of crap that they want to make the most money from, another bottle of snake oil? The Americans would always keep their best weapons system to themselves, not to anyone. Even the sale of the THAAD system to South Korea is for strategic reasons in favour of the Americans and would be fully under the control of the Americans. Why would the Americans be so generous to sell this wonder pill to all and sundry begs questioning. A can of problems? When a snake oil salesman says buy, run as far as you can from him.

Anyway, what are the reasons for a small little country to want to cough out billions to purchase 10 or 12 pieces of this aircraft and what can a few pieces do to improve the odds? Does Singapore really need such an expensive and sophisticated toy that should rightly be flown by a super intelligent robot, not an ordinary no talent Singapore boy? Or should Singapore than go all over the world to recruit foreign talents to fly these toys if it could not find enough Singaporeans to fly it?

Some of the considerations for Singapore to want to flatter itself with such a hyped piece of machine must be what Singapore is up against, the potential enemies and what they have that we don’t have and we need to be better than what the enemies have. Are our F15s good enough against the Russian toys of our potential enemies? If our potential enemies are buying inferior stuff and flown by not so able pilots, do we need to have these wonder drugs to be superior over them? Aren’t our F15s and our well trained pilots more than good enough to be on top of the situation? Do we also need to pay for the billion dollar system called THAAD?

Please take note, we are not the USA and our enemies are not the super powers and we need not be like the Americans to want to have the best of every military hardware to be the Empire. We only need enough to be an effective deterrence against little countries. We don’t stand a chance against the super powers even if we lelong the whole island to pay for all the F35s that we think we need to take on a super power.

Heard of prudence when spending public money? Let’s not behave like those boys and girls gambling with OPM, buy everything, everything is a goodbye, oops, I mean good buy, and hoping for the best. Lose money never mind, got more OPM to play with? Singapore has a lot of money to spend, money is not an issue?

Do we really need this wonder pill called F35?


Anonymous said...

Anyway, what are the reasons for a small little country to want to cough out billions to purchase 10 or 12 pieces of this aircraft and what can a few pieces do to improve the odds?

Aiyo RB, sometimes I wonder if you are a bit naive on such things, even though you were once in the air force. Let me explain.

The 12 pieces of this aircraft could be only a small part of a broader unspoken military package lah. For instance if Singapore is attacked, the package may include America coming to her aid immediately, thereby immediately repulsing the attackers into defeat. This type of thing how to say out publicly, you tell me lah? But the enemy being smart, knows lah, so it is a effective deterrent against attacks.

Of course the package cannot defend against terrorist or biological attacks lah, since SMRT is unable to even safeguard the security of the trains from vandalism, or preventing their staff from getting TB.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.50

So in plain gangster talk : "Kua Tow Duit" or PROTECTION MONIES.

Now Modern days Art of collection of protection monies.

American Mafias selling Weapons of Destruction and Not Chinese Mafias selling War Toys and yet so many trusted the AMERICAN mafias.


Anonymous said...

"Do we really need this wonder pill called F35?"
- there is no "we" in Singapore.
- there is only PM Lee and PAP and what "they" want.

The "correct" question to ask is:
Why does PAP's PM Lee government need to buy the F35?

jjgg said...

Anon9.50... U mean protection money is it? Won't it be cheaper to enter into a mutual Defence treaty with the yanks? USA kena attack.. We will rush to defend them n if we kena attacked,.. they quickly quickly come. Hehehe...Vietnam n Korea never had to spend billions of dollars buying American weapons when the Americans intervened. Did Nato countries spend as much as us to purchase American weaponry to ensure continued American protection? American war efforts are dictated by their arms manufacturers who spend billions of $$$$ nurturing US foreign policies..our purchase , if it goes through, is merely the end product of consistent lobbying n fear mongering of a very well oiled machinery..btw...has the winner been declared in the Middle East? After all the trillions of $$$ spent in superior air power n munitions? All one could see was after the US " protection", countries left in devastation ..birth of terrorism and throngs of refugees.. We really asking for US help?

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese idiom saying '狐假虎威' or a fox vaunting in a tuition of a tiger...this Papies Garmen could be adopting such kind of a strategy to deter any aggression. If we r perceived to be weak or no advance military weapons SinkieLand would juz be trampled upon within days in a war..look at Kuwait-Iraq war in the 90s..small state is so vulnerable wat else can u say when it's a tiny red dot island..1 nuke is gone ka..boom..so next weapon to buy ? A thaad missile defense system..

Anonymous said...

Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Iran, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA.

They are the 12 countries in which ordinary citizens, in some form or another, are currently receiving free sums of money, no strings attached.

The idea of giving everyone a standard amount of money on a regular basis to uplift the social welfare is known as basic income, and it’s seen surging levels of attention in a number of countries over the last year.


Anonymous said...

@ August 20, 2016 11:51 am

We are daft Singaporeans.
We cannot give money to help needy Singaporeans.
Crutch mentality.
My Father say cannot.

Better we spend billions on F-35 planes.
Better we spend billions subsidizing profitable private companies like SBS and SMRT.
Better we spend millions on free education for non-Singaporean children.
Better we spend millions on non-Singaporean sports talents.

Better we lose billions investing in foreign bank shares than spend millions investing in our own Singaporean children.

What more do you want?
Three meals in a hawker centre, a foodcourt or a restaurant?
Pay and pay.
What's wrong with collecting more money from Singaporeans?

Better to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to automate HDB carpark to collect more money from Singaporeans.
Better to do this than to let Singaporeans park for free in their own country.
Because Singapore does not belong to Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

We cannot give money to help needy Singaporeans.
12:04 pm

Tiok. Because give or no give, 70% will still vote for PAP anyway, tio bo? So why give, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

So why give, u tell me lah?
August 20, 2016 12:13 pm

Because it is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will def buy F35 in time to come. Also rumoured that they were interested in the B model.

Seriously now is not the time to buy. Even US has not fully tested F35 itself and fully armed all its service units, on all its associated platforms, realised its full potential, and its operating doctrines. Now even you buy, you will also not be getting these toys fast.

Like F16, Apaches and F15. They will only buy when all the problems are resolved and has demonstrated realistically its potential. Let US and it 1st line allies spend money and go through all the lessons learnts. Singapore will pick up then on where problems are overcomed. Even after buying, these aircraft will also be deployed in US 1st to train and then redeployed back say at least a year later.

As for the reason for buying, it is part of the alliance assurance. And also there is a potential threat when China with its operational aircraft carriers begins expanding to edges of the nine dash line near natuna waters. It will also serve as a somewhat deterance (better than nothing), this works in line with the poison shrimp theory.

Remember there was a time, there were rumours that Navy wants a helicopter carrier later exposed that if combined with F35B will become a light aircraft carrier which coincidentally works out in line with Japan, SK and Taiwan strategy. How this will become effective without huge ASW and ASu cover that will need large navy manpower to operate becomes a giant question. Later these news went dead.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Universal income is a bad idea. We will be stuck with the wrong type of migrant. You will probably be taxed a lot more to pay for the basic income of some refugee.

Anonymous said...

Some comments here sounded like living in mars. F35 having just 10 for what purpose? if parts run out of supply, may be only 5 can be on the air. Where can the F35 fly from and to? In 5 years, Jokowi had ordered his airforce chief to take over the regional air control rights from singapore. What Jokowi wanted was to have full control of Riau airspace. F35 will need to check clear with Indonesians in future.

How much can a F35 help US missions against china? Almost zero. The biggest threat for US carrier is not to sink. Is this clear? US generals are very clear. China submarines have this called yu-8. Come at high speed and not easily detectable to react fast. Torpedo does not need to hit a carrier, but only need to explode below it to create the vacuum to sink the man and planes into the sea.

F35 is stealth but may not be undetectable to china s radar. It become a toys as DF and Hawk hits firing from the air are good enough to keep F35 away. Air to air combat between china s su35 equivalent is yet to be proven.

Having F35 is nothing. Having 10 is even small stock without good submarines. Singapore wants to be attack dog of US, the citizens must work hard. But the leeders dont even let citizens to work on positions on what they are trained for. The leeders want them to drive taxi and sell hawker foods.

Where can singapore have the money to buy and worst up keep the expensive F35? Look at singapore s exports, on the decline for at least 5 years still having no turn around.

Its like a family, having no solid income, yet the sons want to buy Ferrari, Maserati to park outside the house. Can u imagine what will happen?

Anonymous said...

Universal income is a bad idea. We will be stuck with the wrong type of migrant. You will probably be taxed a lot more to pay for the basic income of some refugee.
August 20, 2016 1:19 pm

Are you saying that the PAP government is so incompetent that they will allow the wrong type of migrant into S'pore?
- can you give an example of this wrong type of migrant that is currently in S'pore?

- got refugee in s'pore meh?
- can give example?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I say that it will probably give incentive for this type of migrant. Just look at the west, most of the refugees don't stop at the first country they can stop but continue to the countries that have the highest welfare. That is why we see a lot of them in Sweden, Britain and Germany.

If we have a welfare state the same will happen here. That is why refugees don't come here rather they continue down to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants taking away jobs from citizens come at 2 forms. 1 form is genuinely trained such as from Harvard or Stanford. Another form is from some marash institute to printed in JB issued to himself Florida master degree HR or accounts experts.

Singapore Pap govt accepts all of them. Remember civil servant issue raised by WP? 1 woman working as civil servant advertised her master from 1 fake degree mill (no real campus for classes). The mom minister said her degree from mumbai was accepted. Mumbai university ranks 3000th approx in this world. Compare with a NUS NTU degree holder, looking for jobs in civil service and often seen being rejected, the mumbai woman was super lucky, yet displayed a master without a campus. Which is which? Was she accepted as master or degree holder? No none bother now. She was said to be a "citizen" and now said to be living in USA.

Singapore government is bluffing its own citizens for accepting immigrants as "talents". That is the key reason behind the falling exports. Singapore made things are not salable, as the exports figure shows. Do not blame market is bad. When market is bad, the best products are still needed. U used handphone right? Made in singapore?

Politicians bluffing citizens are so common. I want to draw u a live example. In June 2016, the (ex uk) exchequer G Osborn detailed that he needed 30 billions pound extra to balance the deficit in spending on UK at Brexit (out), if out won. 50% taxes on 30 billions was needed. He also said 800,000 will be out of jobs due to outwin.

Merely 40 days after the warning of George Osborn, Brexit happened about 30 days ago, UK has surplus this month, and has less borrowing. This is a proof that politicians are not really honest. U must wash your brain with detergent. I recommend u used the most powerful toilet wash detergent to put on your head. Otherwise, u keep posting the same kind of messages.
"The public finances were in surplus by around £1billion last month, after being in the red by around £7.8bn in June, official figures revealed today.

Public sector borrowing is now at £23.7bn for financial year-to-date, down £3bn down from the same period last year and the lowest since 2008"

Anonymous said...

@ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm

You must be a daft Sinkie.
Educated with PAP logic.

The solution to a non-existent refugee problem in Singapore is to deprive financial aid to needy Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

@ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm

Do you also believe in another PAP logic?
We cannot release your CPF money to you when you turn 55 years old ... it is because there is a non-existent Singaporean man who spent all his CPF money on Batam women.

So Singaporean women also cannot get their CPF money when they turn 55 years old.
It is because they will also spend their money on Batam women is it?

Anonymous said...

Where can singapore have the money to buy and worst up keep the expensive F35?
1:20 pm

How you know Singapore don't have the money? You are in charge of GIC or Temasek or what?

Anonymous said...

@ @ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm

We can spend billions of dollars on our defence budget getting ready to fight an imaginary enemy.
But we cannot afford to spend a single cent on real needy Singaporeans.
Another PAP logic masterpiece.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

There aren't any refugees because the PAP is authoritarian enough to be able to deport them without much fuss. But the human rights crowd on the cultural left are always calling for more migrant rights. We cannot assume that the PAP will always be able to deport illegals, in the future the social justice crowd might win. Which is what happened in Europe where activist say "no one is illegal"

If that happens and you have a migrant magnet like universal income, we will get a much larger migrant problem.

Anonymous said...

F35 alone and single craft against china is not formiddable. But working as a airforce/network workhorse together with 3 to 5 arms service together is more than formiddable. ie. why it is called a joint strike fighter.

Not to mention the rest. It will be the one type of aircraft which will armed all services.
To begin with F35 logistics will be much more easier to handle. Compare to China which has now developed so many aircraft types, ship types, missiles types is a logistic nightmare for resupply. This is especially so if the base is not in china itself. I think it has lost its focus and a lot of contractors are bluffing money.

All these DF what YJ missiles are now less useful as the network of encirclement is complete with more detection, tracking, destroy capabilities are in place. Imagine now, your enemy knows precisely where all your bombers and aircraft, missiles types are deployed with the deployment of X band radar. Any launches will be detected 1st and you still dont know where is your enemy yet.

You also do not know how a ship is built. How come a US same length, width height carrier weighs 2 times more than a China one. Its draught is also deeper than the China one. So it is not untrue that it is not so easy to sink a carrier. Its design and material technology have made it so much heavier not mentioning that its has nuclear propulsion to put it on >30 knots speed.

A simple Thaad deployment in SK already caused so much issue in the whole region. China is screaming like shit. Now with this deployment, China strategic nuclear deterance is significantly off balance and China needs to spend more and more money to deploy more missiles and to research more new models. No longer can copy as its Russia or Ukarine reseach resources have all dried up because of no money.eg. T50 is no where. In the end, china has to raise defense budget significantly in the midst of falling yuan and economy restructuring.

If F35 is no threat to China, there is no need at all for China to buy only 24 Su 35. somemore it is at the time frame where it says that J20 will be readied. Its engine technology needs to have a urgent infusion.

As for whether Singapore has money or not, just look at the new cars on the road, COE increased, ERP increased, people still buy buy and buy.
Not to worry, Singapore is super rich, it is just that the people are not that rich and the govt (the banks) have all the money to lend you. Can other countries do so, ie. its bank can lend so much money to its population and currency still strong?

Anonymous said...

Dear all regarding Lycurgus80ofsparta @ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm

He is using a typical PAP logic called a "straw man argument".

This is the Wiki explanation of a "straw man" argument:

/// A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.

The so-called typical "attacking a straw man" argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent's proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e. "stand up a straw man") and then refuting that false argument ("knock down a straw man") instead of the original proposition.

This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged emotional issues where a fiery, entertaining "battle" and the defeat of an "enemy" may be more valued than critical thinking or understanding both sides of the issue. ///

The straw man put up by Lycurgus80ofsparta (@ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm) is the use of the non-existent "refugee" and "migrant".

Anonymous said...

Straw man argument.


Anonymous said...

This Lycurgus80ofsparta (@ August 20, 2016 2:24 pm) has yet to directly address the benefits of universal income versus the inefficiencies of the current PAP system.

Making thousands of Singaporeans queue for hours to beg for help at Meet-the-People sessions.

If the PAP civil service and government were functioning effectively.
Why do so many Singaporeans need to queue up at Meet-the-People sessions ??

If the PAP civil service and government were functioning effectively.
There will not be anybody at these Meet-the-People sessions.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I think we should let other countries try out basic universal income first. Study the consequences, see if asylum applicants increase, more migrants etc etc. If the effects negligible then we try.

Anonymous said...

@ Lycurgus80ofsparta @ August 20, 2016 3:36 pm

Why not you also say "let other countries pay million dollar salaries to Ministers first.
Study the consequences, see if they really get better Ministers.
If the effects is positive then we try."

You are really the PAP piece of internet shit called theonion aren't you?

Anonymous said...

@ Lycurgus80ofsparta @ August 20, 2016 3:36 pm

Why not you also say "let other countries buy the F-35 plane first. Study the consequences, see if the planes really work. If the results is positive then we try."

Anonymous said...

If the PAP civil service and government were functioning effectively.
Why do so many Singaporeans need to queue up at Meet-the-People sessions ??
3:05 pm

Majority of Singaporeans, maybe at least 70% or more, do not need to queue up at Meet-the-People sessions lah. And if they also vote for PAP, then PAP win leow lor, tio bo?

Only about 30% or less need to, but in terms of numbers, that is also so many Singaporeans which is what you see need to queue up at Meet-the-People sessions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:44pm
I can safely say that singapore has not enough money to buy the F35. Do you have facts to challenge me?

I tell u facts, as there is no way for you to find out even you are the president. U want to challenge me? Go ahead to write other facts to prove to me that the leeders will be placing order for 10 to 20 F35.

Fact1: options are given for old folks to draw out cpf later. It means delay in payment for the debts owing to public. If there are lots of cash, the leeders will offer to take away cash early, not later.

Fact2: gisee admitted its returns was at 4%. most conservative estimates would be that the real returns could be lesser than 4%. yet cpf has to pay at 4%, so gisee will have to match 4%. future can be lesser after this 4% warning.

Fact2: tomasack asked singtold to buy its shares holding of a telco. does it sound like lend some money for the shares? if singtold want to achieve better business strategy, it can go ahead to buy up whatever telco. what is the reason for it to take over tomasack s shares holding of that telco? what synergy can be achieved on this kind of buying out of a sudden (for singtold)?

Fact3: F35 purchasing was talking for a long time. why out of a sudden the decision was delayed? does it sound embarrassing to obama who openly said singapore can buy F35 in front of pressmen? wasnt that be a proud moment for the lees by following up to buy 30 to 50 F35 to show off singapore s reserves? now RB said only 10. ai yo, i was shocked. 10 is for indonesia to buy, 50 should be for cash rich singapore to buy, correct? if you said singapore is cash rich still.

look at the exports year in year out is declining. which country can be so confident with export keeps declining yet bother to spend on expensive toys like F35: cannot do bombing on neighboring countries, according to mahathir.

Similar to buying toys, to buy Ferrari and Maserati is buying play toys. They cannot race on singapore roads. To buy F35 that cannot bomb neighboring countries, is that similar to buying Maserati? Got money, ok to buy and park outside the gate,. Got no money, buy toyota. So the observations are from facts. Now it is your turn to say singapore is cash rich.

Anonymous said...

/// Only about 30% or less need to, but in terms of numbers, that is also so many Singaporeans which is what you see need to queue up at Meet-the-People sessions. ///
August 20, 2016 4:50 pm

30% of 5.5 million Singaporeans = 1.65 million Singaporeans

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Why not you also say "let other countries buy the F-35 plane first. Study the consequences, see if the planes really work. If the results is positive then we try."

Now ya learning. smart.

Anonymous said...

Why not you also say "let other countries pay million dollar salaries to Ministers first.
Study the consequences, see if they really get better Ministers.
If the effects is positive then we try."

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

let other countries pay million dollar salaries to Ministers first.
Study the consequences, see if they really get better Ministers.
If the effects is positive then we try."

Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

Lycurgus80ofsparta = theonion = oracle

Are you also on PAP's Millionaire pay scale?
Or still working up the ladder?
How many more people will they parachute in front of you?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Part of the online propaganda ministry. Not quite there yet, but will try harder.

Anonymous said...

Ah Lee uh Akbar.

b said...

F35 is just another form of protection money. This is mafia law. The option of not paying is to end up like those broken countries.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir was lying even up till today using his old trick to try to fool the people but he forgot he is too old now to do anything. All his hand picked successor all failed.

There was a idiot like you who copy the whole transcript where Mahathir said that Malaysia F18 a expensive American plane which cannot bomb any country including Singapore without the source code.

I rebutted that clown to show him F18 and BAE hawk AND not Russia plane were used to pre bomb the Sulu rebels before the troops moved in. It thus shatter the myth worldwide or at least the clown's myth which he then keep quiet since.

Now there is a question on why russian planes were not used and i suspect it is a logistic issue and the ground troops cannot sync the strike package. And it proves that buying American F18s is so far the most correct choice its air force made.

All the 3 facts from you exactly proves the govt is rich which is good at sucking your money during good times AND bad times. It just keeps on changing tactics to keep your money. And that is his money and not your money where 70% of voters agreed to it. Our model of sucking money is actually quite uniquely Singapore where other countries govt will collapsed if they copy ours. But some countries do try to learn a bit.
Singapore will buy as it consolidate its defense budget which is highest in SEA. Now when to buy and how many to buy, in batches or in one single order is already demonstrated in all previous order. They wont buy in one big package. It will buy in batches to replace the so called old planes in time. US congress will also not allow big no. orders in one big sweep for Singapore based on history records.

F35 just a few months ago was rumored to be still plagued with bugs. Hardware and software all got problems according to its own US sources. Nobody believed few years ago that it will armed its airforce last month. The only thing everybody heard was the price is going up and up then but the plane cannot even beat F16 and EA-18 in trials. Which is now proven that all along it is a ruse by its contractors and it cronies in the services to bluff congress money. Suddenly it is operational and can win all the planes in service, also they say one....Huh?? Like that also can.

Anonymous said...

U like to lie about the assault on sulu.
BBC report: 5 March 2013
"The operation to oust the clan began at 07:00 (23:00 GMT on Monday), the Malaysian government said.

Seven army battalions were deployed to the area on Monday to reinforce police.

Among the aircraft used in the assault were an F-18 and a Hawk fighter aircraft, Malaysian state news agency Bernama reports. Helicopters were also seen flying in the area.

F18 was used and DID NOT bomb the sulu.

Najib said, "We started with air strike by jet fighters of Royal Malaysian Air Forces, followed by mortar strike; and as I'm speaking, the army and police forces, along with other members (of the security forces) following behind, are taking action to arrest and destroy the group which has breached the nation's sovereignty"

Readers must read air strike normally involve machines guns missiles to bombing, and is not bombing = airstrike. Clear?

Let me ask u readers, there are 180 sulu the malaysian police was facing, was it justified to bomb the positions with bombs mounted on the jets?
From the sound, i can be very sure no bombs were used.
"A report on Malaysia's The Star Online news site said "gunshots were heard" and fighter jets were seen early Tuesday circling the Felda Sahabat area in Lahad Datu town, where followers of Kiram have been holed up for three weeks.

"Gunshots were heard and fighter jets were seen circling around the Felda Sahabat area. Four (explosions) were also heard in Kampung Tanduo," the report said.
- See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/297689/news/nation/malaysian-fighter-jets-bomb-sabah-camp-of-sultan-s-men#sthash.lcoVhpN2.dpuf

I can say that the 4 explosion was artillery mortar, and not powerful bombs from jets.

I would like to point out that Mahathir was a PM. How can anyone conclude he lied about the "F18 cannot bomb" without any pointer of the motive?

On the other hand, this anon has the intention to mislead readers for his own purpose.

I hope he reads things with his head thinking and not blindly talking about Mahathir lied. I still think Mahathir had no real reason to tell lie for giving a speech to the public who might be in distinguished positions to rebut him outright.
Did readers find any materials to rebut Mahathir s claims?

Anonymous said...

The F35s should be renamed JLBs. If you do not know what JLBs are, they cost millions a piece, just as expensive and useless as the F35s. Hyped to be multi talented, but good for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why people choose to believe Mahathir and not news report and Malaysia/CNN news?

From Wiki

On 5 March 2013, Royal Malaysian Air Force fighter jets, reported as F/A-18 and Hawk fighters, bombed Kiram followers hide-out

From CNN, updated 11:49 AM EST, Tue March 5, 2013

The Malaysian operation Tuesday morning in Lahad Datu, the district in Sabah where the Filipino men had come ashore, involved an air raid by F-18 and Hawk fighter jets followed by mortar fire and a ground assault by soldiers, Bernama reported.

From BBC, 5 March 2013

Among the aircraft used in the assault were an F-18 and a Hawk fighter aircraft, Malaysian state news agency Bernama reports. Helicopters were also seen flying in the area.

All copied from state source, Bernama reports...

Do i need to go further? Why try to be so creative as to make people believe that you were there to see live action rather than the Bernama sources. Why Bernama or Malaysia then govt would want to collude with US, CIA to boast the capability of F18 and BAe Hawk ? Another conspiracy out of conspiracy theory?

Another stupid question as to why need to bomb 180 rebels ( how to know for sure only 180 then)? You meant you dont know the effects of high speed jets passing by overhead? and effects to be caused by artillery or airstrike? Ask the Iraqi soldiers?

Hahhaha.......FYi, if you know Malaysia politics..... Mahathir and Anwar are the biggest liar in history. They plotted a lot of things in younger days and colluded together to get to great heights and tear apart when interests are divided. Check the wealth of Mahathir's son. All the old uncles can tell you these, young punk!

virgo49 said...

Why follow the Americunts tactics of warfare.

Drop ten tons bombs just to kill a dozen militants at a cost of millions.

Some more at costs of hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Some more killing innocent civilians.

If got hoods or lan par Chee fight men to men like the Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Hahah....You are funny and like your humor.

Israel has the most powerful airforce in the middle east. Its airforce is also one of the worlds best trained.

Without its airforce, it would have surely lost all its arab war.

Its aircraft are also unique designated for Israel.

Even in the palestine and lebanon conflict, air force is a important tool. ie. people say it is bully.

Only idiots would fight hand to hand nowadays. The guy on top will say, have a good journey and burn in hell. It really literally means "burnt".
It is still consider a cheap deal and there is nothing you can do about it.

Thomas Ruiz said...

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