American Race Relations at a Crossroad

The police shootings of 2 Black men in the US cities of Louisiana and Minnesota are grim reminders of the consequences of losing the never-ending race against racism in the most developed and, arguably, most civilized modern human society. In a direct response, a black sniper-shooter killed 5 white police officers in another distant city of Dallas in Texas. 

In the weeks following Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas, the US race against racism veered off its future destiny of true freedom and equality to run forward towards her bigoted Jim Crow past.

White American racism against Blacks in particular was thoroughly cooked and boiled in the living hells of her past institution of chattel slavery from 1619 to the 1865 Presidential Emancipation Proclamation that freed more than 3 million Black slaves, lasting about 246 years. Their freedom is followed by more than 150 years of systematic and continuous social discrimination and exclusion, as manifested lately by the Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas killings.   

To be fair, American race relations have in fact improved significantly since the 1960s. Many Black Americans indeed have moved up the social mobility ladder through education and achieve prosperous careers as entertainers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, businessmen, politicians, professioals … etc.  A Black President in the White House for 2 terms should have convinced Black Americans of the abundance in life and social opportunities awaiting them that they have access to. For many Black Americans, these are simply not enough.

Black Americans at 13% is the largest racial minority, compared with 77% of racial majority Whites Americans. Hispanic and Latino Americans together amount to 17% of the population, making up the largest ethnic minority. Asian Americans at 5.6% are at a far distance, but more than the 1.2% Native Americans.

Many Black Americans believe that they are singled out for systematic discrimination by social institutions and by the law-and–order systems. Their proportion in prison far exceeds their proportion in over 20 states.  On the whole, they made up 35% of jail inmates and 37% of prison inmates.  Another study concluded that at the time of his birth, a Black American has a 33% chance of going to prison during his life-time.

Black Americans appeared to be trapped and languishing in their own self-perception of a persecuted people who were freed from plantation slavery just to be quickly enslaved by the larger White society. Poverty, unemployment and incarceration reinforced inherently low self-image and perceived lack of economic progress when compared with other better-off non-White Americans eg Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Hispanics and Latinos, many of whom were recent immigrants only in the last 30 years.
No wonder White Americans’ stereotypes of Black Americans are reinforced concerning the capability and suitability of the Black man to live and work in the civilized and modern American society of law. This sad state of mutual misunderstanding affects and retards any significant progress in their race relations, and can be attributed to the absence of visionary and courageous leadership in the President, both Houses of Congress, Community and Social Leaders, Black and White Influencers and Business Leaders. 

Leadership failure by both Black and White leaders is culpable and responsible for the American race against racism taking off on a momentum with racism in the lead far, far ahead.      

Know that American society was created with white racism. The earliest white God-fearing Christian settlers in the New World deployed racism as their weapon of choice, alongside firearms, to expropriate Native American Indians of their legacy ancestral lands as a matter of their self-assumed divine entitlement in order to create their own colonies. 

Early American colonies have a disdain for non-White immigrants who were not from countries like England, Ireland, France, Holland and Sweden.  That racism was nurtured and systematically developed by the early and subsequent colonies is baffling since they had migrated to the dangerous New World to escape religious persecution and social ostracism. 

The Chinese who first came to America in 1850s in search of gold and silver fortunes and who later helped built the Great American Railroads, like other non-White settlers, also encountered systemic White racism in the forms of legal and extralegal discrimination in daily living. Considered “the dregs of Asia”, they were prohibited from public schools, from voting, from citizenship and from testifying in courts or legal access. They were instead however legally liable to pay school, property, water, hospital taxes as well as a “permission tax” for gold and silver mining activities.        

The Chinese were only allowed US citizenship in 1943. It is not until the 1965 Voting Rights Act which banned discrimination against voters belonging to language minority groups and provided critically important protections to these and other minority Americans.

We should regard the USA as becoming a young modern democracy only in 1965 using the universal franchise measure for a modern democracy. 

Racism has neither a white or back face.  Racism is an evil that has neither colour nor face.  Racism is learnt.  We learn it from our parents. We teach it to our children.  The motivation to teach racism to our children arises out of our own fear.  We fear what we do not understand what or whom looks different from us.  Our natural reaction to the irritating uncomfortable fear is to retaliate, to defend, to eliminate and to remove the source of the discomfort by causing pain and possibly its death.  Racism counters such fears by concealing these fears.

Racism feeds on a dangerous diet of contaminant ideas and lies regarding race and racial superiority, and regarding the inferiority of other races along various dimensions.  Read for example, the Malaysian Myth of the lazy Malay and the divisive bogus notion of Chinese privilege in racially harmonious Singapore.  

The race against racism is long and never-ending.  We need to conquer the lingering racism in ourselves. Some may believe that we cannot live without racism; for sure, we cannot live within it.  To win the race against racism, we have to first conquer ourselves (quoting Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu).

Yes, it is OK to ignore the things we disagree and focus on those we do, especially that which unite us. Social harmony does not require consensus or standardisation or assimilation. Harmonious co-existence in race relations needs only the respectful tolerance of differences without discrimination or recrimination.  A strong united community can embrace diversities of practice and opinions to allow the innovations of thought and ideas to make for a better future society. 

After Dallas, can America run and stay increasingly way ahead in her race against racism? Only her readiness in truly acting out these responsibilities can begin the end of the long, long race against racism. Over these recent weeks, Americans know now that the mega-thon race against racism is far from slowing down … or over.

Read the Full Article:
The Never-Ending Race Against Racism: American Update


Anonymous said...

Michael, why do you have to apologise for the Whites? They are racist to the core till today and tomorrow.

Call a spade a spade man.

Mikospace said...

Pls read the article again, or the Full article. No apologies proffered on behalf of anybody. Hope u got a better understanding of White racism in US.

Anonymous said...

The Americans do not practice wat Sinkies is doing ...old man henchmen (Raja) had done good job in nation building by reciting the Sinkies pledge on " regardless of race, language or religion" & annual national racial harmony day r good examples..but problem comes when old guards passed on & open leg policy become rampant or wider...some ppl foresee a future unrest due to failure in social integration it become a victim of globalization much worse than US & Europe as the ruling party & the 70% dafts these issues.

Veritas said...

Michael Heng wrote another piece of shit. Is USA white racism really responsible for black miserable or is black got shit because they keep screwing themselves?

Is white racism is really so bad, why Jews who being discriminated before 1950 can emerge? Same for Chinese.

And Mikky are stupid enough not to consider blacks are extremely racist also.

Blacks hate East Asian because East Asian perform better in schools.

Any East Asian who ended up in black neighborhood, and got into black school got 100% bullied, and even sodomized or rape.

And I wonder if people hate black because of racial realism.

When I go USA, I see black guy running around with 10 children fathered by 10 different women. I got digusted. And such thing is not statistiscal outlier but extremely common.

East Asian despise their promiscuous East Asian and is East Asian despise of black fucker justifiable?

You go black ghetto in USA and you lucky if not murdered broad day light.

Michael Heng blame everything on racism. In fact, white has raise black to unprecedented level.

The blacks in Africa are more murderous, irresponsible, and there are no white there.

Veritas said...

This NTU is really fuck up because of academic like Michael Heng. He cannot think and same for all his colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, you are just as silly. The Chinese only got their freedoms from the whites in the 60s. They were treated as half slaves by the whites in the US. So don't be so grateful that you are now a free man and can go to universities to become an engineer.

Veritas said...

The East Asians and Jews wherever they go will succeed. Put blacks and Islamo everywhere they are loser.

Then Islamo and blacks will cry DISCRIMINATION.

Who want to compete discrimination with Jews?

The problem of black and Islamo is that they have low IQ, and go look at that from Richard Lynn.

Black and Islamo are stupid is because they engage in stupid dysgenic behavior and they women select spouse base on stupidity and violence. And they evolve to low IQ.

Veritas said...

Islamo and blacks are accursed by God due to their shit ways and they are STILL proud of their shit ways.

In Malaysia, anyone who bash Chinese will be treated like a rock star. The more lies you invent against Chinese, they more you rise up. You improve your chance of breeding. In middle east, you accumulate wealth by calling jihad and loot.

Imagine if goon Muslim in Malaysia taking a sign board into a mosque telling people stop hating Jews, because Jews have not harm Malay? Such people will be decimated. He will have less sexual opportunities.

Over 1300 years, Islam have been selecting people base on lies and violence, decimating their kind people. In now they got the curse of Allah and they are stupid and violent.

In Africa, same thing. You read about savage african warfare and the most violent people get to breed with the female. In the end they are shit.

While in China, the imperial scholars get to breed.

Result is East Asian evolve to high IQ.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Mikospace:

Your article is one sided. There is a huge amount of data/ evidence supporting the fact that Black Americans are just as racist---for e.g. they do not like Asians and people from the Middle East.

Maybe you can argue that Blacks are "pushing back" or reacting to white COPS racist attitudes, and that would be fair. However to blame racism entirely on white America is highly inaccurate, regardless of the history of Jim Crow laws, segregation and the recent spate of police "executions".

Race relations, like all relations between various cultures are complex things. For starters they do not exist in "reality". They ONLY exist in the minds of people. In objective reality, we are all ONE SPECIES because there is no such "thing" as RACE, from a biological perspective.

The various "races" we see in the world are the various CULTURES which are not real, but a VERY POWERFUL ILLUSION which only exists in the individual minds of people as part of their IDENTITY NARRATIVE.(i.e. the narrative we all tell ourselves, e.g. I am {name} I am {of this culture} I was born in {date, place} I have done {such and such} etc etc...this gives us our identity, which is a complex weave of many MENTAL processes)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Book by Bruce Hood: How our quirky, fallible, gullible brains create the illusion of identity.

I draw attention to Chapters 6 & 7 : "How The Tribe Made Me" and "The Stories We Live By" which explains and cites examples on our brains wonderful propensity for trickery, which fools all of us....even those of us who are aware and understand what is going on.

Because part of the brain's function is "social" our (illusion of) identity is linked to in and out groups, like race, family, tribe, friend/ foe, what we like and dislike etc etc.

All this shit is only in our heads. Our minds are fantastic tricksters! In reality, there is one race; one species:

The Human Race

Anonymous said...

Then i dont know how you classified HK once look down on China.

Or Sinkie look down on other types.

Or is it universal if you have no $$$$?

Anonymous said...

Notice your regular Veritas usually sprout incoherence and nonsence, RB.
Sure, can respect anyone's right to free speech .... but for a no brainer like Veritas?
You should have the right to exclude people like that who add no value but chase away other contributors.
Veritas is so unhappy with his alma mater NTU. Wonder why?
So unhappy, should give back his 3rd class degree ... maybe he graduated wth no class at all!?
His posting language is worst than a grade3 black kid ... this standard, can graduate from NTU? He's a disgrace to your blog, man ...!

Anonymous said...

Notice your regular Veritas usually sprout incoherence and nonsence, RB.
Sure, can respect anyone's right to free speech .... but for a no brainer like Veritas?
You should have the right to exclude people like that who add no value but chase away other contributors.
Veritas is so unhappy with his alma mater NTU. Wonder why?
So unhappy, should give back his 3rd class degree ... maybe he graduated wth no class at all!?
His posting language is worst than a grade3 black kid ... this standard, can graduate from NTU? He's a disgrace to your blog, man ...!

Unknown said...

In order to talk about race differences one has to study human biodiversity. Since humans evolved in different environments the traits selected for will be different. So we cannot expect same economic outcomes for all races.

Unknown said...


Race is term that is hard to define. You could call it sub sepcies, or breeds or populations.


Veritas said...

The only politically correct way to study about race is "all races are equal". Different outcome of of achievements are due to poverty, racism (today only white and Chinese are suitable candidate for racist) and exploitation.

That is a lie. That is a creation of Jews/Left after WW2, after getting slaugtered by Nazi, whose main aim is to brand people who study race differences as racist.

If poverty is the main reason for low IQ and scholastic under achievement Muslims, then why does Gulf Arabs still have low IQ of 82?

IQ has not everything to do about poverty but many to do with culture, hardwork and gene.

The fact that Gulf Arab remain stupid after so high GDP points to the fact that you cannot improve Muslims IQ by wealth. Muslims are in shit when there is no oil not because of discrimination but because they are stupid, no matter how much $ they have.

In addition, They are violent because they are stupid. Being stupid condemn them to a life time of insect life. By being violent and shouting discrimination and embark on a career of murder, they acquire cosmic self worth, far preferable than their life of insect.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I try my best not to delete posts if possible. But when it is too close to home I will have to do the necessary. Just deleted another post of Veritas.

Yes, Veritas has extreme views. Please take him on and knock him to his senses. Scold him if you need to.

Unknown said...


Its a plan by the secular progressive Jews to trick the whites into a sort of civic nationalism as opposed to ethnic nationalism which they could not be a part off. That is why many American jews support degenerate things like feminism, LGBT rights, degeneracy and mass migration to make the white people lose their racial identity.

Things like human biodiversity is suppressed by the mainstream media and academia. That is why in order to learn this sort of things you need alternative media. Many people here are still stupid and think that all races are equal. Lee Kuan Yew is a smart fella and knows the truth.

I think most behaviour is biologically determined. I also believe in gene-culture co evolution.

Unknown said...

If you think about it from a scientific view point it is perfectly rational to support your own race. Since we share common ancestry. The meaning of life of all living things is to pass down their DNA to the next generation. Hence, it would make sense to sacrifice your life for 8 cousins since the amount of DNA being saved is equal to that lost. Race is just an extension of your tribal family. It is silly to deny this reality of life.

I like Veritas edgy views as politically incorrect as they may be.

Veritas said...

There is a conspiracy of white man elites to roll back democracy, enlightenment and scholastic ability via means of tolerant to barbarity of Islam. Any criticism of Islam is deem racist and white elites basically leave truth speaker like Charlie Hebdo to be murdered.

Then prostitute main stream media rant Charlie Hebdo deserve to die because he is "not sensitive".

Every single step sliding back to savage and moronism is made by rationalizing and justifying with being tolerant to Islam.

But White man is now facing a dire side effects of their own evil. By weakening their population and civilization, they would not be able to stand up to China.

Han Chinese being the most scholastic-phille race will never allow idiot Islamofascism to thrive.

China will civilized Islam, and not the other way.

Unknown said...

I agree, i think that the good outcome of western people not waking up the racial differences is that China can easily overtake the west. The atheist Chicoms have no problems with genetic engineering unlike the christian countries. Western civilization will crumble once the average IQ goes below 90. Some places in Europe already have seen a 5 point decline in IQ.

I like the reactionary aspect of Islam though. Like traditional gender roles. The problem is the IQ of Muslims not the ideology itself. Chinese Hui Muslims seem to be getting on fine.

A problem i can see is that once the west collapses, East Asian countries might be forced to take in all the refugees. I hope we will be strong enough to say NO.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of Sparta:

I am aware of the "alternative hypothesis" view of race. I also happen to "like" dual inheritance theory (gene-culture co-evolution).

As with all science, more work needs to be done in these areas. Unfortunately "political correctness" and associated bullshit under the guise of "equality" can HIJACK any research in these areas, because the politically-correct-progreesive-liberal crowd is well known for protecting its interests by any means fair or foul.

All research boils down to collecting data in experiments where you need to control for and be able to ISOLATE VARIABLES. We can see how difficult this becomes when dealing with intangibles (not "real" in the physical sense, but occur in mental processes) like culture. In culture, its difficult to even attempt to IDENTIFY the variables, let alone isolate and control them.

I leave it to people far more capable than I am to assist humanity tease out the truth (signal) from the noise (political correctness and the culture of silence)

Luckily there's recently been a pushback to political correctness. Most people are FED UP with it.

Fortunately I live in a place where in the Australian senate sits a lone wolf, Senator Leyonhjelm, and here's his promise on protecting free speech for Australia.

Remember folks, offence is TAKEN. You have to TAKE OFFENCE at what I say. I cannot offend you if you refuse to accept what (opinion) I offer. Simple as that, motherfuckers.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Unknown said...


If you're into human biodiversity check out https://hbdchick.wordpress.com/

She talks about the Hajnal line and how mating patterns led to high trust societies.

Also https://jaymans.wordpress.com/

A black liberal who believes in human bio diversity.

I'm not a free speech absolutist, i think in a multi racial society like Singapore free speech will be very divisive. But i think the internet will always be a bastion of free speech.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of S:

Free speech is supposed to be divisive. That's the point---to tease out ideas which go against the grain. Perhaps those ideas are "right", or perhaps they're not. The only "cure" for free speech is MORE free speech. The dialogue, no matter how ugly, will continue. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the context) we are all self-aware individuals, with individual minds and "world views".

In the end, we all "agree" on some steady-state---even if it is agree to disagree. No one can argue forever, as there are lives to pursue and other things to get done. So I don't worry about the potential harm from free speech---from those who will no doubt use it to stir up some shit. That is bound to happen, no problem.

Singapore has a long long long and longer way to go with regard to free speech. Most people still believe that OFFENCE is GIVEN. Therefore they will be making police reports from here until a millennia of Sundays just because someone "insulted" their race/ religion/ politics/ mother / degree / school / favourite movie and football team...

Sorry Singapore, no free speech for you kids, until you grow up and become adults.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of S:

I enjoy "citizen science". In fact, I am an occasional dabbler myself. However I keep running into the same problem over and over: the unavailability of large data sets and the necessary computational resources to evaluate them.

The same problem gets worse: we citizen scientists deal with ALREADY PUBLISHED materials where the authors have arrived at conclusions themselves (filtered and interpreted through their own HUMAN COGNITIVE BIASES), and we think that this is somehow the "undisputed truth", without offering nearly enough the amount of skepticism ANY CONCLUSIVE CLAIM requires. When dealing with population studies, it is all too easy to make errors....you don't even know how the data was collected, what methods were used, the degree of error etc etc.

So the best we "citizen fans of science" can do is to take every claim with a pinch of DOUBT, and realise that all human endeavour is fraught with the potential of error, and COGNITIVE BIAS.

If you revisit the SCIENTIFIC METHOD over and over again, you'll understand that whatever you read on the internet needs to be taken in skeptically. At the end of the day, what is needed is large amounts of verified data, collected and evaluated carefully, and the entire process repeated by many other parties. Negative and positive results need to be published, and conclusions not "cherry picked" by faulty human faculties.

Unknown said...


This is very true. It would be very hard to find unbiased sources especially when it comes to issues like race and IQ. Also the politically correct atmosphere of academia makes carrying out research hard. Looking at the political orientation of most academics though, i think most of the science is skewed towards egalitarianism.

Veritas said...

Compare today white man land and white man land 30 years ago, people would have said that white man land is far less desirable to migrate now.

Parts of USA and Europe have become ghettos of pedophile, rape, murder and terror thanks to the hardwork of Islamo and black. White man elites fuck the law enforcer who dare to do justice, using racism against good people.

White man land is now de-industrialize and become shit hole.

In short, we should welcome Islamo and black destroying white man land.

This is a great opportunity for emergence of East Asian.

In another 30 years time, white man would be a slump dog, hoping to migrate to China.

Unknown said...

I think the 50s was the peak of western civilization. The decay came after the sexual revolution after the 60s. Their birthrate drops from healthy 3.0 plus to sub replacement. They had all sorts of degeneracy. In order to maintain the welfare state countries like UK and Germany have to continue bringing in migrants leading to even more dysgenic outcomes.

The problem with the anglo-jewish elite is that they want to use economic institutions (IMF) as well as cultural institutions (NGOs) to control the world. Or to convert the world to their progressive ideology. NGOs push things like feminism/lGBT rights,Han Chinese privilege in east Asian countries.

The faster the current world order destructs the less harm they can do to us.

Unknown said...

In the future, i would expect some parts of European countries to have a nationalist revival while others become ethnic enclaves. Maybe east Asia could accept the top 1 or 2 percent of the white people fleeing as sort of a brain gain. But no more we could not allow them a significant minority of more then 3 percent of our population. But we should focus on fellow Asian refugees from the west 1st though.

Veritas said...

White man land bring in migrants are most likely a Jewish plot against white. Bring in the worst scum which is Arab Islamo, they are able to serve 2 objetive.

1. divert attention from Jews
2. create racial tension in place of class struggle.

The white man elite then lie. They told their people they "cannot" find anyone willing to do janitor.

If white man elite want peace, they can import East Asian or non Muslim SE Asian instead.

When Islamo are in, the elite told white man peasant that they need to accomodate these barbarians, else they are racist.

Unknown said...

One of the conspiracy theories out there is that it is a Jewish plot to create racial tension, then when the tension gets too much the Jews in europe will flee to Israel. Thus increasing the number of Jews in Israel making it more homogeneous. So they achieve the objective of a stronger Israel.

Don't really believe that Jews have that much power though.

Veritas said...

One big secret elites have been able to hide from most population is Hitler economics. Hitler has shown the world economic crisis and unemployment are elite creation.

When Hitler took power in 1933, Germany was in shit and weakest state in Europe. But the time 1937, Germany was the strongest state in Europe.

Hitler actually say fuck to capitalism.

Unknown said...

Hitler actually did save Europe from the degeneracy that was the weimar republic. Where all sorts of degeneracy was permitted. Also managed to get the birth rate up quiet a bit. Came into conflict with the jewish oligarchs. It is the same for Putin in Russia who has purged the oligarchs and reinstated a strong nationalist revival. That is why Putin is so demonized by the mainstream media.

Veritas said...

The degeneration culprit were Jews, who were sexualizaing Germany.

Similarly counter culture leaders were Jews, and the counter culture movement uses black as a front man to go against white racism/nationalism, which is Jews pot shot against WASP.

Black get benefit from counter culture movement but the one benefit most are Jews.

It was the turning point whereby elite college like Havard turn from discriminating Jews to be captive of Jews. Today Havard discriminates everyone else including WASP and especially East Asian in favor of Jews.

Jews actually impose racism against everyone in USA.

Unknown said...

Because Jews are classified as white when it is convenient for them and non white when it is not. In reactionary circles there is the concept of the cathedral. Havard and the Ivy league universities are the cathedral. Like the christian church of old it is from here that they disseminate their ideas to the masses. Ideas from academia gradually get adopted by the elite classes then get spread to the masses.

This is exactly how we got the politically correct, anti racist, feminist ideologues that pollute civil society. The online citizen is filled with self hating cucks like this who buy into the whole progressive idea.

Veritas said...

Fucking Feminist leaders, LGPT leaders, free-fuck-leaders of counter culture are all Jews. Same with Hollywood and the most powerful shylock in USA.

And especially the world most powerful central banks.

While Jews help USA to unprecedented wealth and scientific advance, they could been causing the demise of western civilization in the long run.

Unknown said...

Actually i feel some sympathy for the zionist. Like us they are a high IQ population surrounded by somewhat hostile Muslims. They even sent some army guys to get our army running. But i dislike the subversive nature of the Jews living in western countries. It would not be my problem if they were not spreading their influence here.

Anonymous said...

USA just cant admit that there are strong institutional racism in their White dominated system.

Whenever the shooting of black case happen, USA media would put those obedient Black hosts to report the news. It would express sympathy and solidarity with Police. -Dallas attack.

Death of those 5 cops get more coverage and outrage than the death of those innocent black people.

Sometimes, they would invite another Black people to challenge against those racism accusation made by another black.

Veritas said...

How many blacks was killed by white cop?

99% Blacks killed themselves in their shithole crime neighborhood. Should they harakiri?

And why cops don kill East Asian?

Have you spoken to a cop who need patrol in automatic weapon neighborhood of blacks. The daily experience of violence and danger has make USA cop so hypersensitive that they need to respond fast to situation.

Else the dead could be cop themselves.

Anonymous said...

the fall of USA empire was doing more good than harm for world ,Asia, middle east and Singapore.

patriot said...

Glad to learn much from the
Discussions in this Thread.

Must say that me learnt and
benefits much from reading
Lycurgus80ofSparta. The Nick
is a little too long though.
Does it stands for anything?

Thank You Folks.


Anonymous said...

Veritast, We are talking about Police brutality!!!

You are talking about Crime rate committed by black people against other black.

This just prove that black people are not racist.

Unknown said...


haha, thanks. This guy is was a spartan who wrote the spartan constitution who advocated for constant military training, thus gaining their famous warrior ethos. I like your posts as well, we lack patriotic men in society!

Anonymous said...


Could Singapore become a successful city nation if Indoesia had develop their Batam and Bintan back then to compete with Singapore?

Veritas said...

Black against black does not equal to black not racist.

Police brutality against black does not mean police racist.

I talk to white cop in USA. Call him racist if you want. This guy say he would not shoot me if there is an encounter.

Police actually do profiling of criminals, base on their hairstyle, tattoo, the way the walk, and the neighborhood, the time (at night), and whether this guy looks like a junkie...etc... Sometimes, these folks even appears they carry firearms

When USA police see such person, they get tense up.... whether this person got firearms...etc

You can easily fit many of blacks killed in the profile.

East Asian seldom fit into the profile.

Unknown said...

Actually this whole issue with race relations can be easily solved if black people get their own ethnic state in Mississippi-Alabama region. Would be best for everyone. But the Elite will never let that happen. Rather they want to push their narrative of multiculturalism and this idea of a proposition nation. The elites also bring in a lot of latino migrants who compete with blacks for lower end jobs resulting in conflict.

If you look at voting in U.S, jews blacks and Hispanics almost 90 percent democrat. Whites getting more republican. Asians in between. It really looking like a divided country. I think the demographics have come to a point where it will be hard for a republican to win. I really do not see how this can end well.

Veritas said...

If people like Michael Heng rose to leadership position, Singapore is finished.

Anyway the western civilization trajectory is unlike East Asian. The Western civilization is capable of moving into dark ages and break apart. The Rome break apart fall into dark ages and civilization recede. The reason is because her elites are too fuck up, and wealth concentration too high... (are we talking about today)

Unitary empire is anormaly in western culture. Roman republic collapse. Then a dictatioship emerge. The Roman empire collapse and break apart.

I have mentioned many times in RB blog that I expect USA to breakapart.

The only civilization able to be a unitary state is China, and on a lesser and smaller extend Iran.

Our sour grape minorities who want see a demise China wait long long.

Unknown said...

The progressive agenda is also being pushed into USG allies. They push the myth of Han Chinese privilege.


A lot of Sinagporean Chinese kena brainwash into believing this type of crap. It is no wonder that the Chicoms are wary of western education.

Veritas said...

Han Chinese in China have more cow sense than Singaporean Chinese, sadly speaking. We have a fucking Straits Time which have a sworn aim of instilling guilt in us and make us believe we are racist.

While our Islamo and caste head minorities are BIG VICTIM, according to lies of Straits Time.

China Communist Media tell more truth. Minorities assholes are educated to repent their shit ways.

At the end, China minority trouble maker will be civilized, after knowing their shit ways.

Singapore minorities will be more and more shit, feeling more and more like victim, and already they are learning very hard from Middle East, and FT Indians their shit ways.

With sympathetic kindman like Michael Heng, Singapore will become a savage terror land or caste shit land.

I am pessimistic.

Veritas said...

But on the other hand, white is indeed racist though black deserve their own shit. Or I need to put it Aryans are racist.

In Christian white man land, even if they are racist, you still stand a chance.

if the race is shitty, Aryan land quickly evolve into a caste society just like India. Now South America is also a caste society. The white on top white others below.

Nevertheless White racism today is nowhere near Islamo or Hindus. After a few more hundred years, white will be like Hindus. They are Aryans and they have same thought process.

Anonymous said...

Do we have voluntary slavery in Singapore?
Do Singaporeans ownself fuck ownself by voting PAP?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Lycurgus80. Matilah has never talked sense or at least be sensible and sober for a long time. It is good that you could lead him into a proper discussion, and not only him, even Veritas.

The discussion, the content and the mood have raised the quality of this blog up several notches. I am not going to praise Matilah as that would drive him insane. In this aspect Veritas is more predictable and normal.

Cheers guys.

Unknown said...


The pleasure is all mine. I feel at home here, my mission is to defend Chinese culture and Chinese people against the degeneracy of western propaganda or liberalism. To make sure our men are masculine, and not emasculated. To argue for our family values so as to continue our civilization.

Which brings us back to the topic of black people. In the 50s the black family was intact and even though the discrimination was much worse then. The blacks were functional and did not have a culture of crime and welfare dependency. If you look at them now, more then 70 percent their kids are born out of single mothers. This was done by projecting the image of the black woman as independent career women by the media.This and other things like promotion of Rap music lead to the collapse of the black family.

If the anglo jewish elite want to destroy their civilization that is their problem. But it is important that we do not let them infect us with their bad ideas.

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura is the Most Popular here with the Most Fans.
He is the Oni One with isolator,
disciple and fans interacting with him. Now he is having more dialogues with less profanity, a vast improvement as observed by Rb

Both Matilah Singapura and Veritas are interesting, so they attract some harmless snipers here. It would not be surprising that CIA, MI5 and ISD maybe curious about them.

It would not be surprising that Snipers of a different kind from the Type here are interested in them too


patriot said...


idolator to replace



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning Lycurgus80.

We share similar objectives, to provide a more balance view against the misinformation and propaganda by the West against Asians, Africans in general and the Chinese Civilisation in particular.

200 years of western biased and distorted reporting have affected several generations of Asian and Africans to think like them. This is particularly effective on the bananas. The forget who they are and lost pride in who they are.

History will see the rise and fall of civilisation and we are seeing a dynamic shift for Asian civilisations to rise and the western civilisations to fall. Europe would be history in another two generations. Yes, the likelihood of the Americans breaking up into several states are there, like the Soviet Union. The seed of disintegration is there and germinating.

Anonymous said...

RB, your Veritas is just shooting all over the place again, predictably.
He is a racist but cannot make up his mind between the hindus (a religion) and aryans (people) who are actually Persions (today' Iranians). He wanna be pro-China, dont think he really know china or that china is not homogeneous has more than 53 tribes. Maybe Veritas is not actually Chinese or he will not use a Thai girlie foto as him. He so ashamed with how he looks, maybe he prefers to be a girl ... this also shows his sexual cofuscion from lack of satisfied sexual performance. Or fed-up that he cannot perform in bed .... whatever. In america, persons like Veritas will get a ar15 gun and shoot up everyone and claim to be a isis jihadist. Just to mask his sexual frustrations.
Why he so anti-Michael Heng (whois?) not rational? because he did not get 1st class honour degree from NTU? How many subjects taught by Michael Heng? Lucky NTU let him graduate, no point keeping him ... so stupid that he shouldnt be selected at first.

RB, Veritas sufferring from very low self-esteem and has mental health instability.
He's just so angry with the world because he could not achieve what he think he is entitled to. Looking at all his posts here, we all know why. Veritas got no enough IQ to be a univ graduate ... cannot write properly and cannot think logically lah.
Really spoil the quality of your blob, RB!

Anonymous said...

Racial, language and religious divide are real, no illusion. It is the curse of Babel.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

I have been sober for nearly one year now. I congregate with my "bros" every Sat night at a charming old stone and wood restaurant in old Fremantle. We have a feast, and a rip-roaring "male-bonding" jolly-good time. Occasionally we hire a stripper, or a good classical musician for entertainment.

At this regular Saturday soiree, I have one, sometimes two glasses of red wine. That's it. That's ALL the alcohol I consume. I keep a bottle of Mattel Cordon Bleu in my kitchen for cooking, because the flavour from this cognac when added to cooking--as an ingredient or by "flaming", is simply indescribable.

Because so many of my friends are doctors, I can also easily get medical marijuana (LEGAL in Australia), as much as I want, anytime I like. But I choose not to. I've never been healthier or more sober in years.

So you can cancel any idea insobriety when you read comments from me which "offend" you. As I've said time and again, "offence" is never given, it is TAKEN.

As for "profanity"...there are instances where I will summon up my gutter-mouthed demons and super-twisted sexual stuff, but as always, I mean no harm, and whenever it happens it's always a JOKE. πŸ˜‚

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good that you have picked up your good old self again. wan sui, wan sui.
Live longer and many more good years. Don't stop drinking completely.