Shangri La Dialogue – Terrorism the real and immediate threat

SINGAPORE: Terrorism featured heavily in discussions at a ministerial lunch hosted by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen on Saturday (Jun 4), in conjunction with the Shangri-La Dialogue.
Leaders acknowledged terrorism as a clear and present threat needing international and regional cooperation to tackle effectively….’ Channel News Asia
The security dialogue at the Shangri La was nearly hijacked by the international terrorists to serve their hegemonic and empire dream of controlling the South China Sea and the countries in South East Asia by insisting on establishing their military bases in these countries on the pretext of an expansionist China that was accused of threatening the freedom of navigation for building infrastructural facilities in their islands in the South China Sea.
It was wise for the host Singapore to take the initiative by redirecting the real and most serious problem faced by the countries in the region, ie terrorism. Every country in South East Asia, including those in other parts of the world, are faced with immediate threats from terrorism. Some had been attacked and had lost lives and destruction of their infrastructure. What is more important than the terrorist threat than crying wolf about a red herring in the South China Sea? Why be coerced by the Americans to serve their hegemonic agenda?
And what is more dangerous and threatening in the region than terrorism? The wolf in sheep clothing, the world’s Number One Terrorist has moved in, has built up military bases and facilities to conduct the most destructive terrorist act in the region. In the guise of freedom of navigation, the Number One Terrorist is forcing the countries in the region to allow its Imperial Forces to station in these countries to engage in a war that these countries did not want and have no reason to want to go war.
Why would South East Asian countries want to fight a destructive war, to claim islands in the South China Sea that belonged to another country? Why would South East Asian countries want to become lackeys of the world’s Number One Terrrorist Nation and be misled into a war when they have been living in peace and making progress in every field of endeavour to better the lives of their people?
Is war so much fun? Is fighting a war dictated by the Number One Terrrorist Nation so attractive, or plain stupidity? Why would Asean countries want to go to war? Beware of the Number One Terrorist. They brought war and destruction in every corner of the globe that they moved in, militarily.

Asean countries must not end up as lackeys of the World’s Number One Terrorist Nation. The Philippines have wisen up to the danger of flirting with the World’s Number One Terrorist and have openly stated that they would not be its lackey. Would there be other stupid Asean countries that wanted to be lackeys to the World’s Number One Terrorist Nation and bring their country and people to war?


Anonymous said...

This talk in little dot was very much a Ash Cater talk show. The rest of the countries were to comment, and Vietnam took the hints, while China is to comply with the "principle" Cater mentioned 38 times.
The conclusions are very clear.
1. Vietnam deputy defense minister said, if China continues to develop S China Sea islands, "China will have no friends." That is the "principle" application number 1.
US has succeeded to cut a gap in relation between Viet and China. The shows is on Viet. If Viet eventually attack China, then, US would provide support as "pre dominant super power". Asean countries like little dot will play a supporting role as part of the encircling China.
US needs action while its weapons can be sold faster.
US will also encourage Taiwan to buy more advance weapons to encircle China from the East side, together with Japan and S Korea.
All in all, US do not want to be directly involved.

2. China s plan is clearly stated by Guangyufei, the foreign affair head in Min of Defense. He said China will engage the 10+1 asean, and continue to trade along "one route one belt". There will not be "isolation" as Cater said.

3. The super powers play was so obvious. China will continue to develop the S China Sea, and ignore the Hague "principle". US will "partner" Vietnam Pilippine and Singapore, and Taiwan grouping with Japan and S Korea to harass China.

4. China will avoid these countries listed above. Its still continue with Cambodia, and Brunei in asean, while putting more resources in east asia countries, pakistan, russia.

Conclusion: The high speed rail liking from China is almost 95% off the concept. The rail route linking from Vietnam will not be done as Vietnam is now a US partner.
It looks lean for Asean now. After the S China sea, US carriers can sail around. Meanwhile, China will deploy nuclear submarine in pacific ocean, and more focus on relationship with East Asian nations and Russia.
Bye China for now. Probably for centuries.

Anonymous said...

To wrap up the story.
China deputy chief of gen staff Sunzengao said this morning (5 June) that
1. pinoys Hague show was a camouflage to cover pinoys occupation of certain reefs belonged to China, and to attempt to disapprove China s ownership of islands and reefs. Pinoys behavior was against international laws.

2. certain country outside the region sail around to show their carriers power and to instigate the regional countries to group resources and under this country s support against china. He said there was a mutual understanding signed between Asean and China to resolve islands disputes mutually thro negotiations between the country concerned.

The first point is the answer to Ash Cater s call on China to be "principled" and McCain s talk that China is not following international laws. The second point is clearly referring to US being not in the region but meddling in the region s affair.

What little dot can enjoy could be less export to China and more imports of pinoys banana. I hope to see cheaper banana in sup mar. Little dot will have US support to stand against China s threat.

But poor pinoys will definitely lose its Scarborough Shoal. Someone had asked Cater if US would act against China when China continue to develop Scarborough Shoal. Cater did not make direct answer. He said US welcome country to seek its assistance. This means buy weapons. No direct help from US when philippines want to fight with China.

It will be cheaper to buy weapons from China to fight with China. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

China has applied Sun Tsu's art of war to build itself to a size that no Asian country can think of fighting China and win. A war with China for Asian countries is pure stupidity. But do not rule out the number of stupid leaders that would think they can win a war against China and want to fight China.

The Americans have been speaking lies and breaking all the international laws and obligations all over the world. Trump would shape up the Americans and bring them home. The fear is that the war industries and the military hawks would assassinate him before he becomes the President or if he is elected.

The world is ruled by the devil in disguise in Washington.

Virgo 49 said...

All the American wayang is only one main objective.

Buy Weapons from our ailing Weapons Industries.

Disarm tyrant nations from WMD but we are special. No need to disarm and sell you jokers hard earned monies to buy our weapons.

Many of you even cannot three square meals to your citizend but foolishly squandered them on the fireworks.

Some more want to save Mother Earth.

But military exercises more serious than no plastic bags in supermarkets.

Hypocrisies in the highest order.

Psssst they said weapons purchase very good commission. Sapuloh dua???

No wonder many buying new toys and planes.

Anonymous said...

After Russians air raids on ISIS oil supply lines which Putin said Istanbul president s son was alleged to take cheap oil from ISIS to profit from sales.

Since then, ISIS has been in trouble, tho Istanbul president shot down a Russian jet trying to cause Nato against Russia.

ISIS can be a story of the past. Syria is attacking Raqqa, the head quarter of ISIS. It has about 5000 fighters inside. Once this is cleared, ISIS is out but it has shifted HQ to Libiya, thanks to the west who brought down the "mad man". Any middle east country brought down by US will be in big mass. This is a good example.

I doubt US has the capability to bring down China with UK and France. US seemed to be on the weakening side, well passed the peak of a super power. Russia after re org is on tip top of technology and selling the weapons and technology to China.
China has the money and is rapidly making top tech weapons to counter US s old weapons.

This process is similar to people using old hand phone and new hand phones. A new smart phone can beat 10 old hand phones combined.

Vietnam Pilippines and little dot challenging a cash rich China, Are they wise to forgo the huge market potential? That is an interesting point for young generations to ponder. In 10 to 15 years, US and UK will go further down the hill while China and Russia are coming higher on scale. The high speed rail might have reach Italy.
Trade between China, Russia, and Germany may be something little dot and pinoys going to be mouth watering.

Anonymous said...

Is the Shangri La Dialogue just like our Dialogue with SMRT.
Talk & talk for 10 years.
And still the trains continue to break down.

Anonymous said...

Shangri La Dialogue IISS is very much a US affair, The organizer is from UK. China has not sent a defense minister there except in 2011. China s representative is only deputy chief of staff.
As a result, lunch meeting with ministers will only show case ang mor talking to each other with a few asean ministers. The main player China is absent.

There is no direct contact between US and China in meeting except a few minutes of casual talk at dinner time.

IISS has in deed lose its importance.

The most important meeting for US and China is tomorrow.
US secretary of state John Kerry will show up in Beijing on 6 June on the regular dialogue.

IISS is for US defense minister to issue orders to other countries like S Korea, Japan, Singapore to follow US s preferences. eg Cater want to form a group to have regular exercise together. These countries will sure be the one group, may be Singapore is out due to lacking of resources.
Cater want to group China into his cage for training and taming. Chinese is hard nut to crack for Cater. So at the end still only Koreans and Japanese are the most loyal to US. And also little dot. IISS will go on each year in similar way. Indeed, no concrete results with China.

Anonymous said...

South Korea and Japan cannot get out, coz they are semi colonies of the American Empire.
Would red dot also want to become a semi colony of the Empire? Duterte said Ppines would not be a semi colony. Vietnam would not, after chasing out the Americans. Another hopeful is Malaysia. But under Najib, no way. America may do a regime change and replace him with Hishamuddin. This mad dog very happy to be American semi colony.

denk said...

wot ?
the henchmen of the no1 terrorist country usa are here,
arrest asston carter n his cohorts pronto !

Anonymous said...

Rb //Shangri La Dialogue – Terrorism the real and immediate threat//

Lao uncle rb,

Nothing is as terrifying as no $$$?

That is the ( only impt ) issue confronting sinkies and sinkieland NOW?

Households and firms are "sinking" under high COL and "sinking" AD ( aggregate demand ).

Anonymous said...

Even many staying in pte properties such as condos and landed are feeling the ( intense ) heat.

Still got time to debate swee swee nurture local talent, shortie dare-see-mong离 security cannot outsource ( wayang ) and ( rooster talk ) terror when the most "terrifying" thing for most low income and now even middle and high income families is "$$$ no enough"?

Yall eyes paste STAMPS or NEWSPAPERS?

Walk around never see anything?

Never notice most places business most of the time every quiet?

Anonymous said...

Daft daft daft?

Forever led by the nose?

No hope le?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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