PAP is the Singapore Miracle

I don’t think any history or political science student or academic could figure this out. It has never happened before in history, for a political party or dynasty, to last forever. But if they are looking into the politics and political developments of Singapore, many would be shaking their heads, unbelievable is what they would say.  No it is not about the evolving and emerging police state that is taking shape. It is about the PAP that is going to last forever and ever as the ruling political party of Singapore that has never happened in the history of civilisation. You cannot find any weakness in the system that would lead to the disintegration or fall of the PAP.

On the opposition front, it was like a given. None of the opposition party would stand a chance to challenge the dominance of the PAP. None of them can present a leader that is charismatic enough to lead his party or a coalition of parties to challenge the PAP. The position of the PAP is simply so comfortable, so invincible.

And the PAP is doing all the right things to keep themselves in power forever. They have a monopoly of all the political talents there is in the island in their team. They have the civil service, the uniformed services and all the organizations and institutions, social, cultural, sports and businesses on their side. They have all the right policies in how to run the country that no one else could do or capable of thinking, and have the confidence and undying support of the majority of the voters.

The PAP is flawless in every way. They are united, the leadership is united, those hoping for an internal split are wasting their time, and they have all the grassroot organizations behind them. And they have talents in depth with constant leadership renewal and more talents waiting to come on board. There is just no way to break the PAP stranglehold and vote them out. They are even planning years ahead, 50 years, a hundred years that no political party would bother to do so as not many would last through more than two terms in office.

Now is this depressing and exhilarating news for the citizens, a never ending story of a PAP rule into the unknown future. PAP all the way. And looks like God is on the side of the PAP.

God is also on the side of the American gangsters to start wars, destruction and killing people all over the world in the hundreds of thousands. How many have ISIS and the terrorist organizations killed, peanuts compared to the number killed by the Americans. And the people of the world love the Americans and called them benign power, full of righteousness and goodness. It only confirms that God is White and will support any regime that is white. Apologies, I got distracted.


Anonymous said...

The PAPies to rule this tiny little red dot 4ever? ...ok Lah give them rule for as long as they can Lah..wat will happen to Sinkies...by then many mid-income & talented Sinkies would have left SinkieLand for other greener pastures & let this red dot be taken over by foreigners trash...By then this SinkieLand will be renamed as EveryBodyLand or a Hotel SinkieLand where the local has a tiny population & the rest r from other parts of the world..& how long can PAPies stay in power ? 50, 100, 150..? Can we live that long to witness it? History tells us no parties or dynasty can last 4ever Leh unless this SinkieLand tiny red dot can last 4ever. By then humans may have self evolved & migrate to other planets or other galaxy..so wat is this little red dot in space time? Nothing (also Papies become nothing) at all Lah ..

Anonymous said...

PAP is the way, the truth and the life.
The kingdom of God has finally touched down and it is the PAP
PAP shall reign forever and ever because PAP is the everlasting kingdom.
A kingdom which can't be shaken and can't be taken down because it is founded on the eternal rock of LKY

Sin is indeed blessed. Amen.

Anonymous said...

And looks like God is on the side of the PAP.

Hahahahaha. God is on the side of anybody who help themselves.

On the other hand, the opposition don't want to be strong, united and ready to be govt, and also like to shoot themselves in the foot, so of course God is also not on their side lah.

Anonymous said...

Yes! PAP is the Singapore Miracle!

Yes! In fact, many many have equate Singapore = PAP and PAP = Singapore!

Yes! GEs in Singapore is a total waste of time and resources.

Yes! There is no space for opposition parties here. Don't waste time!

Yes! Never say it is impossible for PAP to split.

Yes! There is a REAL possibility of split between the military and non-military politicians.

Yes! Any wrong "sizing" of these two major fractions within PAP by their chief can be disastrous to PAP.

Yes! Will the split take pace soon? After LHL? After 2020? Or never, as some commented.

We shall see.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The PAP can only rule/ govern if they are "consented" to by THE MAJORITY.

In that way, the people get the govt and the cuntry they deserve.

BTW, the Swiss have just REJECTED *FREE* MONEY http://bit.ly/1U33RrU

Since SG emulates a "Swiss standard of living", will SG also reject "free money"....or will the idea even be mooted for discussion? (I have my doubts)

Anonymous said...

Singapore only wants more billionaires here. Is that free money?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There's not going to be "free money" in Singapore.

However if you are rich (and you should be), you can take advantages of the system and get "TAX FREE" money. (which you should)

Anonymous said...

The last presentation by someone was the Jewal retail mall at changi. He sounded as if the world is coming to little dot to buy the cheapest fashions from all over the world.

LV bags along Orchard road are almost 2 times prices at bangkok. China chinese will rush to little dot to buy, there is no doubt about it. They like the casino mah, the universa studio cannot find in Shanghai.

There are plenty of space to sell LV bags for those supporters who can make tons of money. The advise is to be buyers and hold the cash tight. The little dot is sinking fast. Cash is easy to run than holding properties or lots of LV bags.

Anonymous said...

They think the world is filled with daft sinkies that would rush and queue up to buy and pay the highest price when they could get it cheaper at other places.

Anonymous said...

1 middle east fund bought a building near the casino sands for 4.34 billions lettable area 1.25million, worked out to 347.2 dollar per sq ft.

So cheap and the local funds has no money to buy?
Sinkieland is having huge stock, even 300per sq ft is expensive. Pity the banks. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Are Singaporeans working for the PAP Miracle, the Singapore Miracle or the Alien Miracle?

Anonymous said...

Miracle? No such thing in science.
The politicians took away jobs from citizens. There are 600000PR, 600000 E and S passes, total 1200000.
70% or 840000 are real good jobs.

If citizens can get 500000 good jobs presently occupied by foreigners, the retailers will have more shares of sales.

The politicians want the retailers to go off faster, they put in foreigners to take the cash earned from employers to India, Pilippines and Prc.

This way of running the economy is unique. Earned income is transported out of sinkieland. Yet there is GDP "growth". Good plan, it needs miricle to save sinkieland. Vote for the same politicians in 2020GE. Good for sinkies children s future.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Miracle - We have 60% daft voters in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Let's all pray

Our Father LKY in heaven
Hell o be thy name, thy kingdom has come, thy will has been done
Forgive us not our trespasses, as we forgive not those who trespass against us
Lead us into financial temptation, deliver us not from its evil
For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

Earned income is transported out of sinkieland. Yet there is GDP "growth".
1:11 pm

Why not, or else how to show GDP "growth" every year? And some more 70% are OK with it because the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13pm
Foreigner bulldozer away sands from malaysia, the govt there stopped it. Bulldozer from Vietnam also faced the same govt stopped it.

Here the politicians help foreigners to bulldozer away cash to India, pinoyland, no one can stop it.

Both situations are the same: long term permanent damages will cause to the lands and economy.

The politicians will blame the problems on others except them as they can only create miracle, according to RB, nothing less.

U are right, 70% voted in 2015, but 61% voted for the same brand in 2016.

People voted emotionally to HOPE for miracle. They dont bother if foreigners bulldozer away tons of cash is doing damage to the economy. They will blame others other than their political masters.

Any way, those suffering from the bad economy are well deserved to get the screw by the same politicians. I hope they win more to screw these voters till they broke. They are already in debts total 80% GDP of private debts. I hope they will get into 200% and jump from the blocks. Then those wake up will vote for opposition.

b said...

Nothing lasts forever. First generation earns it, second generation spends it, the third only left with crumps. The arabs are coming in to buy up stuff. The region is under threat of arabization. They are also trying to diversify from oil which is going nowhere. Tropical countries are interesting to them.

Anonymous said...

From past 5 millennium anecdotal evidences of the Chinese dominated civilizations, the people usually ( will only ) wake up when they are "impoverished and reduced" to subsisting on tree barks, as seen many times in China's history. .....

The land in China throughout history is quite vast and therefore "no problem" finding trees to "de-bark" and cook the softer inner layers to survive ......

In some villages in history, there were even many instances of "people literally eating people ( 人吃人 ) " as recorded in Chinese history .......

Anonymous said...

Look carefully how the politicians played on emotions to get votes, They time the election just months after an old man s death. The due date is 2017 not 2015. The voters put in 70% support. Was that result based on emotion rather than rational reasoning? What have the Pap done to deserve so high support? They did not create a samsung in little dot. The instead bring in more foreigners to displace and replace capable citizens who can earn high income and support the retailers. The Pap want 1 millions foreigners to take up citizens jobs. What happen to the retailers? With lower tourists and literally cash poor citizens, the retailers are going to go broke.

The 70% voted emotionally for a dead man. They deserve to be screwed and be indebted. Do not blame the Pap. Blame themselves to be emotional. They opposition are having a good laugh. These voters deserve to be indebted and jobless.

Voters should know what Pap White Papers mean to them: to take them out of the economy and put in foreigners, until 2030 or 7 millions population.

Voters want this fate on their own. Only miracle will open a road in the ocean for them to pass thro. They will die in my opinion. Die cashless when the population is taking them away. They ask for it and the politicians will not blink.

Anonymous said...

Useless staff in shopping centers/malls, especially big electronic stores, just wasting away by standing around, texting with their mobile phones, or "harassing" customers with rude manners and bad english or chinese. Just simply no heart to serve is everywhere. Work for fuck? Work till death? Goodness, sinkies deserve bad services everywhere because they have so little self respect for themselves and for others.

Maybe all their respect has gone up the pyramid of corruption?

Anonymous said...

Under Water World is giving away animals to Zhuhai.

This is a miracle happening. Out of kindness, little dot pity the chinese having to travel so far to see these animals.
The animals will go to them to see and care for them.

I like it. Sinkies going to lose some jobs out of kindness. Any ways these jobs are mainly for foreigners, so sinkies do not blink at all.

Anonymous said...

Service jobs are not real jobs. Real jobs are those which earn big bucks for moving your mouth. In fact, shouldn't call it work when you earn big bucks for working your tongue in high office. Just call it tongue jobs.

Anonymous said...


Sin no more soon ?

Anonymous said...

"And the People of the World love the Americans.............", unquote.

One Sinkie here adores the Benign Dictator and loves Sin.

Anonymous said...

Policies planners work in 5000th storey cloud scrapping Ivory Towers?

And they hardly in touch with the ground but just rely on numbers?

When glassloot "报喜不报忧", how are the 1000th storey ivory towers dwellers to know the ground?

Anonymous said...

Having a gd set of teeth

Is a miracle.

Anonymous said...

where to find one man who does most of the talking and tens of thousands of mostly educated folks who would give him money to sit under his spell for hours and every week?

now that's an unbelievable miracle