Obsolete ASEAN And The Brainless Gaffe By Some Pro American Western Oriented Intellectuals

Obsolete ASEAN And The Brainless Gaffe By Some Western Oriented Bananas

It is time for Asean to close shop and for the pro American stooges to stop their illicit comments .Asean should be disbanded and discarded now as it is a very anachronistic organisation which  no longer serves its noble aim . From day one when Asean was infiltrated by the Evil Empire - USA , it has been losing its credibility and bearing. Asean has been hijacked by USA to serve its agenda of divide and rule and its grand strategy of containing China's peaceful development. The belief that Asean countries are still running the organisation is a self deception and a disillusionment . The unseen hands of the Evil Empire behind the steering wheel is setting the direction and calling the tune. The intrigues of the Evil Empire has already undermined the peace, security and stability in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.The problem is that since many of the Asean leaders have their own selfish national interest to serve they become divisive and and an easy target for USA exploitation for its own agenda. Asean leaders and politicians and intellectuals in Think Tanks and institutions of higher learning are willing to be politically anaesthetised and numbed by USA that they become incapable of independent rightful thinking They become subservient to USA dictates and like plasticine their pigeon brains are now controlled and moulded by the manipulative hands and political chicanery machines of  deviant and devious USA 's massive  insidious propaganda. Asean leaders and politicians choose to ignore the horrible painful history of violent USA wanton aggressions and invasions against other countries. They  ignore the historical truth of the real and rightful owners of the island territories in the South China Sea. For thousands of years since the Han Dynasty of 250 BC China had traversed and reigned these islands which was interrupted only by the arrival of the plundering marauding European buccaneers in the 1800s and later joined in by the savage Japanese  and American imperialists. Even then all the South China Sea islands inclusive of the Paracels, Pratas, Spratleys and others have always been recognised as Chinese territories by both East and West including USA and Japan and even the Viets and Pinoys prior to mid 1970s. It was somewhere around 1975 after China announced the discovery of large deposits of oil and other mineral resources under the seabed that the littoral states like Philippines , Vietnam , Malaysia and Brunei began to lay claim unabashly to many of the islands and of course with the instigation and support of USA. Their illogical claims provide USA with an unwarranted opportunity to create trouble and conflict among the claimants. USA's interference to stir up instability , turmoil and conflict is part of its overall evil scheme  to ultimately assume full hegemonic control of the East China Sea and the South China Sea. This is actually the scenario of USA strategy of pivot to East Asia. Before USA appeared on the scene there was peace and tranquility in East Asia and the South China Sea. For decades USA has left trails of blood and suffering in the Middle East with its plots and plans of endless wars among the divisive  Arabs where their deviant faith of many divisive denominations led to easy exploitation by USA for its own selfish interest of ultimately holding undisputed control and hegemony over the whole Middle East .

Having created all the wars and misery in the Middle East USA thinks it can do the same in East and South East Asia. It is now bent on adopting the same wicked strategy of divide and rule in East and South East Asia.  USA is exploiting the greed and illogical claims of territories against China by some silly Asean countries and Japan.

Adding to the reverberations are the silly  comments of many anti China intellectual psycophants who are addicted to the sweet swelling farts and the special flavour of the American shit.Their silly anti China remarks will have its pay back politically and economically  and is of no benefit to their countries. They just regurgitated the wild vicious American propaganda which USA is used to hurl at a peaceful China. These moronic characters do not acknowledge their ancestral roots but choose to believe they are white and identify themselves culturally, mentally and ethnically with savage white people of the West. The white Americans and the Europeans must be laughing themselves silly thinking of these  deranged moronic Asian bananas. It is a disgrace that these pro American bananas are working in higher institutions supported by the government with tax payers' money.Their constant wild anti China utterances expose their utter ignorance of even the most basic history of China and Asia and may be the whole world. They should be removed from the government supported institutions  so as to save tax payers money and at the same time prevent them from bringing harm to the the country from their brainless gaffe. In a recent commentary a shameless nutty intellectual cast uncalled for aspersions on China and disparage China with irrelevant remarks which is anathema to Asean's interest. Remarks like "shoot itself in the foot" and "Trojan Horses" should apply more aptly to the intellectual's country and to Asean for inviting a satanic USA into the grouping and for acting as Trojan Horses on behalf of USA.

I would urge the self esteemed intellectuals to delve more deeply and seriously into history and especially on the history of savage American wars of aggression and conquests before they show their ignorance in their wild utterances.. The utterances that Asean survival as an autonomous body rests on its ability to neutralise external influence in its affairs" is hogwash. How can that be when Asean openly welcomes an outsider, a distant non Asian monster,a warmonger and world trouble maker into the grouping and allows this monster to hijack the agenda and call the dictates. All this while China look askance with disbelief at the folly of Asean. True to expectations USA began to create waves of crisis, instability, hostility and insecurity in the South China Sea region.US has seen fit to to indulge openly in issues between China and some individual Asean countries in a hostile and detrimental manner to China.The issues is between each individual Asean country and China and not between Asean as a group and China. It would appear that USA has succeeded in bribing some non involved Asean countries to use Asean as a block against China. Free passage is not an issue in the South China Sea and has never been an issue  But why is Asean on stasis and so dumb on USA harping on "Freedom Of Passage" knowing that Freedom of Passage is not an issue. Asean does not and should not assume the right to interfere in territorial claimant issues between China and a few of the other individual Asean states. It is a bilateral issue. Asean interference is bad enough and it is worsened by encroaching USA's interference. It clearly shows some Asean countries are conniving with USA to create trouble with the motive of getting some benefits from it.

In conclusion it is strongly advised that ignorant political commentators should keep their mouth shut to save them from contempt and disdain by the general public and to free the public at large from irritation and poisoning.


Wednesday, 22nd June, 2016


Anonymous said...

It looks like ASEAN is gonna split into 2 groups: Pro Uncle Sam & Pro Chenna. There could be no room for neutral cos tat country will have 2 enemies to handle, if not with them u r against them. SinkieLand, in times of adversity, could be force to stand on the evil empire of States, & Chenna is well aware of this..in times to come ASEAN would be like the Middle East or become states with divided self-interest & self-entitlement..

Anonymous said...

RB s article is a fair picture of Asean s hot issue. Anyone reading ang mor s article will find the historic ownership of the South China sea islands completely missing, while the angmor will direct readers focus on the outcome of Hague tribunal.
The way western articles including those US authors living in Asean such as Myannma, is standard. The SC Sea islands were left in the wild for thousands years till china declared they have oil and minerals. Suddenly, these islands appeared to the eyes of nearby countries like Philippines.

Asean is no longer functioning, based on the recent meeting at Kunming. The learned FM of Singapore and China ministers were supposed to meet the press. It ended up China FM s own show without Asean repr. It signified the death of Asean.

Who care about pinoys islands? The indon simply fired at China fishing boats near Naturna. China recognized Natuna as Indon islands, that s enough for Jokowi.

In other words, pinoys shoud do the same. Fire at China troops on the Scarborough Shoal and claim declare in UN china occupied pinoys islands. That will be fastest way to resolve the issue. The Hague Tribunal was a show by US through pinoys. But US do not sign for the UNCLOS claimed by pinoys.

Other Asean countries supporting US against China are just dumb heads when China question the historic facts, while they claim on UCLOS. If the oceans laws can be applied then many maps will have to be redrawn. Will Indon want that? Indon has most islands beside pinoys. Sg will be caught as Malaysia has shores near sg.

Aseasn supporting pinoys s claim will face similar claims later when their govt change. sg will face malaysians in reclaimed lands development. Stupid govt right?

Anyway, Asean is dead with cambodia clearly said it only support China s stand. May be sg FM will take the lead similar to that show in shangrila to internationalize the South China Sea issues again. If not, Asean and China has no more such talks as President Xi will put his FM to do the 1B1R projects with Euro Asian FM and Russians.

That means the PLA will deal with the US. PLA deputy chief had said " we dont fear evil tricks, we dont make trouble, we deal with trouble directly." In real chinese meaning is: dont fire at us, or we will fire back. US carriers better get better protection on china missiles before making noise. The real DF21c is known to be deadly for carriers. For Asean's part on SC Seas, it has no influence except voicing for US.

If pinoys attacks China s island, will sg send in F?? to bomb china troops? Will Vietcon do so? Indon JOko will be very unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Asean is now spelt USAsean.

Anonymous said...

/// In conclusion it is strongly advised that ignorant political commentators should keep their mouth shut to save them from contempt and disdain by the general public and to free the public at large from irritation and poisoning. ///

Do you think this is a very well trained PAP dog?

Anonymous said...

All these PLA clowns can blow their trumpets as much as they want. Exactly the same as what they have doing back at home.

However as time goes by, all the lies and deceits will be unveiled piece by piece.

Uptill now, these DF21 have not been test fired in the open seas such as operationally hitting a high speed ship moving at the open sea. One such successful test will quickly restore peace to south china sea.

2) Their close allies Pakistan still chooses F16 over J10B or FC1. When US refuses to sell the new F16s, rumors goes they are seeking Jordan old 2nd hand F16s???? While their enemy allied with US for possible F18 or 16 assembly plant?

3) Pakistan decided to look at other countries attack choppers after some WZ10 attack chopper have served in Pakistan. Apparently there are engine issue which affected the payload.

Pakistan thought it was cheap to buy from China but in the end got short changed as because of geographical and historical reasons is always in constant war where it cannot play play with its military. In the process also upset some traditional allies as he thought he was smart to get the best deals by playing games on both sides, in the end might be a lose lose game. A good lesson to be learnt from those who thought of playing 2 head snake game?

Anonymous said...

This southernglory character is the typical Chinese that is a disgrace to the entire Chinese race. They hold back Chinese cultural development and new ways of getting things done.
Their way of doing things will result in more loss of Chinese lives.

Listen up you atavistic gorilla.
The modern way (soft power) to win an argument without starting World War Three is to make a movie.
If you think China has genuine grievances in the South China Sea
(and I think China does have some legitimate complaints) ... make a movie to convey your message to a global audiences.
If it's a well made movie, you might even make millions in profit.

Think. Use your brains.
Stop anchoring the Chinese people to the same ancient ways of getting things done.
Chinese people like you do more damage to Chinese progress than white people ever could.

Anonymous said...

Is there any high speed aircraft carrier at sea? How high is high speed aircraft carrier, 30 knots? A cyclist could cycle faster than that.

The best kept Russian secret is the MIG 31, operational since the late 1980s. It is still better than the 5th generation American Raptor F22. American fighter aircraft are all hyped. The Raptor and F35 looked like tying a few fins onto a piece of rock.

Look at the Russian MIG 31, MIG 41, the SU 30 and 40 series. They really look like fighter aircraft.

Anonymous said...

'Think. Use your brains.
Stop anchoring the Chinese people to the same ancient ways of getting things done.
Chinese people like you do more damage to Chinese progress than white people ever could.
June 22, 2016 11:18 am'

You are a nut. You think can win a war Hollywood style?

Anonymous said...

Look at the Russian MIG 31, MIG 41, the SU 30 and 40 series. They really look like fighter aircraft.
June 22, 2016 11:20 am

If looks could kill.
There is a certain woman in Singapore who could be used as our secret weapon in case of war.

Anonymous said...

According to this Anon 11:18, just fold a few paper boats and send them to face the two American aircraft carriers can leow. Seow kow.

Anonymous said...

You are a nut. You think can win a war Hollywood style?
June 22, 2016 11:26 am

The Vietnam War was stopped using movies and movie stars to sway public opinion in America.

Anonymous said...

This southernglory is our typical Qing Dynasty Palace Eunuch.
He is stupid & incompetent.
He covers up his incompetence and stupidity by mouthing useless patriotic noises to the stupid Empress Dowager and the gullible Chinese people.
And gets himself promoted to a position of authority.

The enemy of the Chinese people are the Qing Dynasty Palace Eunuchs.
The Eunuchs dafted the Emperor and Empress Dowager.
Leading to the decline of China.
Not the white people.

The white people saw the opportunity and colonized China.

If you want to hate your true enemy;
Hate the Qing Dynasty Palace Eunuchs
Hate the Daft Qing Emperor and the daft Empress Dowager
Hate the Chinese culture that demands blind obedience to authority figures without question.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1120

The ability of China to be able to track a non stationery target in open seas and the ability to feedback the moving target new location after ballistic missile launch such that it it is able to alter its own trajectory in order to hit precisely the moving target in a non nuclear strike is in question.

A 30knot ship is high speed. Go and check what is the top speed of our coast guard and navy vessel and compared this to a carrier size. In any case, a missile test will confirm such weapon is operational otherwise it is bullshit.

If China uses a nuclear tip DF-21 missile (ie no need for a precise hit) to hit the carrier strike group, US will deemed it to be a nuclear 1st strike and will retaliate with its 7000 warheads against 250 scenario. It will be extinction for mankind but for sure the chinese race 1st.

For F22, F35 and T50, these are designed to be BVR (engaged beyond visual range) stealth fighters. As for the earlier generations, i dont want to go into further detail as generally they are designed to engaged in dog fights. The concept of design is different.

Eg. F35 is rumored to be able to control more than 1 drones in the air to attack in swarms.

So at the end of the day, talk and talk no use one. Show evidence and test results. Pakistan now like kana slapped in the face as he thought he was smart. Now India its enemy will buy western weapons.

Qing Navy those days also big deal in Asia and i think world's no. 9 but what happened then?

Anonymous said...

I bet the Chinese win outright if pinoys jointly attack Chinese troops with US marines.

1. The US marines lost badly against the poorly equipped Ho Chiming troops. The latter overran Saigon and the withdrawal of US side was in a big mess. Better equipped US was loser.

2. The withdrawal from Iraq was not declared victory.

3. If US could defeat the poorly equipped Taliban troops, why are the Taliban troops are still fighting strong?

US can only lose in using the carriers marines with pinoys. The chinese troops are no longer poorly equipped.

I can bet china win if US partner with the pinoys.

Anonymous said...

According to this Anon 11:18, just fold a few paper boats and send them to face the two American aircraft carriers can leow. Seow kow.
June 22, 2016 11:29 am

I did not say this.
And even if I did - no Chinese lives would be lost by folding a few paper boats.

Still better than the Boxer Rebellion right?
- gullible Chinese people dafted by people like southernglory
- think that performing "kung fu" or wushu can make them bullet proof

So who is more seow kow?
paper boats or Chinese Boxers?

I cannot believe that Sun Tzu can even be remotely related to Chinese people.
Can a master strategist be born from among such stupid gullible Chinese people?

Anonymous said...

See how the Indonesians handle Chinese even in 2016? Dont give face!

Remember the confrontasi from Indonesia on Singapore then.

Still got stupid people in Singapore question Singapore foreign ministry way of handling even though our race majority are chinese?

Very forgetful people indeed! If anything happen, we would be the clown as who would help us?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1225

If come to this stage as per your description. A lot of people do not realize the real issue.

Where do you think money from this whole region would flow to? Where do you think the jobs would relocate to?

Or do you think everything would be the same? When Deng Xiaoping decides to open its doors on china, what did it gain and what did it lose?

In vietnam war,korean war, commies against KMT/Japs, people lifes in china are cheap. Everybody has no possessions and are willing to die even without food and weapons. What do you think has changed now?

What do you think US wants? Again like in all wars, none occur at its doorstep and look at what happen to the country or its neighbour when war strikes. US citizen is still eating fatty burgers, drink beer, watching baseball or NBA while the other side do not even have clean water to start with.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

On the brightside if war does break out all the foreigner talent will probably leave. And we can have our island back again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47pm
US people, Asean people thot the present Chinese people are like Taiwanese or little dot chinese or boleyland chinese. The China chinese are different from those so called chinese.

Eg little dot is the US base to encircle china, when the china chinese know a person is from little dot, they will not treat this person as friend, with beer or talk freely. In other words, people from little dot are not their friends.

That is the level. Go to china and meet those people especially holding communist positions see how they treat little dot comers.

If someone join the PLA, his thinking must be higher level for the communist, education must be graduate. Look at the US army at Okinawa. They raped and killed the local Japanese girls almost yearly has cases, so far reported about 100s. Did any one see report PLA rape local girls?

By comparing these facts, i can conclude that PLA will win the US marines + pinoys + Aseans including the little dot.

My obs is: bullets are the same, kills people. Bombs are the same blast off bodies into pieces. In war field, it is how determined the soldiers are willing to risk their lives to blast off enemy.

To the Chinese PLA, their enemies want to take their lands, so they will blast them off.
To the pinoys+aseans+usa marines= par simi lan lah. can run now better run off to save life to go home. Not our lands.

Anonymous said...

11:54, you just escaped from IMH?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:18pm

I have a different opinion.

The Americans irregardless of who is China chinese or chinese chinese or whatsoever (whatever skin color) needs money right now and beyond.

They have now for sure changed their position from 30 years ago. ie. they think globalization will be the solution for US for the next century. Things have since happened in such a manner that it seems that globalization is not the solution for US but has since worsened their debt condition.

This has since become a hot election topic unlike previous years as more results/data have clearly shown this.

So how do they recover their money? Of course they need to get it from the ones who have money or the most money. I dont know how they will succeed in sucking away the commercial investments and jobs but one thing i am sure the west is already selling more weaponary to this region to earn cash. For eg. by allowing the Taiwanese to have offensive weapons where it has previously refrain from doing so is already earning more cash and more jobs to US people. Even the pinoy also is raising budget to buy more and more even it needs to sell more bananas?

Technology has since changed so much especially so for a naval air war than ever before. How a Army soldier perform has since evolved so much as how well he is able to use his weapons wisely and planning. Even Singapore armed forces (all services) have changed their stance. Last time i was the stupid infantry on the ground using 2 legs and of course as you grow older all legs,joint problems start to show up.

Determination in the face of smart bombs and missiles being thrown at you from distance is something very different from old days where you can see your enemy.

If someone choose his battle grounds wisely and has a clear objective in his mind will plan in such a way that he maximize his gains. In short, you must be clear on what is your enemy objective such as does he want to go to war on mainland, the seas, the oil and gas or just creating shows to stop economy progress in whole region.

I dont want to go into the details of communist cadre leaders or PLA officers. I just want to say they are no different from our govt and its scholar. Party alliance is no.1. And to summarize all, the best will leave the country to seek jobs elsewhere and the rich will purchase properties or hold dual citizenship elsewhere as well.

Jiawu war - Do you mean the Qing Navy despite having Asia no.1 navy then lose to Japan because its naval crews are gutless? go and read more history. These people were more determined to go and confront their enemies but they shocked and died in horror.

From my conclusion, history will repeat china again under the current political situation where there is no checker in place.

Sounds similar? At least we still have a sleeping co driver who occasionally will wake up to slap the driver. Then the main driver will wake up and pretend from time to time that he is committed to driving and not go auto pilot.

Anonymous said...

Eg little dot is the US base to encircle china, when the china chinese know a person is from little dot, they will not treat this person as friend, with beer or talk freely. In other words, people from little dot are not their friends.

This is one reason why china cannot grow "big".

Even in working life, there is no such thing as friends. Only common interest or common foe. Even Vietnam embrace US after so many years of hatred on the imperalist dog.

I can only say China foreign ministry is no match for US cunning and treachery as the smart people all leave liao and leave behind the hot headed one. It is falling exactly into the US trap. Even our old man is so smart, even US cannot read its mind thus earn respect from both sides. What makes you think the wanggu talks is held in Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The China of Qing Dynasty was a big power with obsolete weapons. The Industrial Revolution in the West had ran past China while it was sleeping. The military might of Japan and the West then were so superior that it was like the Europeans shooting the Red Indians that were using bows and arrows. It was a mismatch.

Today, the military might of China is second only to the USA. The thinking Japanese knew that it is a mismatch for Japan to fight China today.

Only the Americans could take on China. In a nuclear war, China would be hurt most but not before it takes the USA down as well. Mutual destruction. Chinese ICBMs can reach every American city.

In conventional warfare, without going nuclear, China is not going to attack the US or able to attack the US yet. China would be on the defensive and it would be to China's advantage when it can use the combined might of all its weapons and military forces. They just stay put to defend. The Americans did not have enough conventional forces to fight and win against China. They would be like the aliens attacking earth and using their aircraft carrier groups to attack China.

American strategy is to hit from a distance, using aircraft carriers to launch drones, cruise missiles and bombers, ie to attack from a distance, I can hit you, you can't hit me.

Unfortunately for the Americans, the Chinese have counter this strategy and removed the American threat. Now the Chinese can hit the Americans and the Americans cannot hit China except from bases in Japan and South Korea. Theese would be destroyed at the onset of war.

The range of DF21 and DF26 is at least 5000km, far longer than cruise missiles and drones. B52s could have the range to reach China but not before being intercepted by many layers of air defence.

The aircraft carriers would be rendered useless, staying out of range from the anti carrier missiles, thus rendering the aircraft, drones and cruise missiles on board also useless. All China needs to do is to lob cheap anti ship missiles against the Americans. The B52 would be easy targets without the protection of fighter aircraft when they near China mainland.

It is near impossible for the Americans to attack China using aircraft carriers. Now would they dare to sail them into the western Pacific Ocean? China has more drones than the Americans and probably cruise missiles as well. When war is declared, the carriers would scoot as far as they can to be safe from Chinese missiles.

China has demonstrated that it can knock out satellites in space. That is high tech precision stuff. They have practised hitting aircraft carriers in the Xinjiang area. Would the Americans dare to risk 7000 men and hundreds of aircraft and nuclear weapons in a carrier and sail to within range to attack China?

One hit, 7000 men, very worthy target for cheap anti carrier missiles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05pm
"the best will leave the country to seek jobs elsewhere"
From this sentence, i knew that you have not know china men in as close as friends in their homes.

There are so many china men women, the most capable are working in china. Those went overseas are relatively very few to the total population. One shanghai is bigger than little dot. Its not easy for you to grasp what is china now if you have no local knowledge.

I am very keen to know if you are correct that the PLA are ordinary like little dot army. Their artillery is simply missile company or divisions. The firing power will blast off most of the US marines + pinoys soldiers before their tanks takes over. I strongly doubt the US cannot beat the Taliban yet can beat the PLA.
US army and air force are always claiming super good. When on the ground for war, all the ventures lost.
In war, win loss is not decided on technology factor. Further more, PLA is high tec and the hardware supplies are unlimited as the weapons are made in china. Not for pinoys or little dot weapons. PLA wins these outside forces at home ground is a logical bet for me, i have no change in conclusion.

b said...

Asean, like mideast, is just another milk cow for UA . Like any other people in this world, they will think of themselves when there is a war. As in ww2, they will let them fight and only pick up the remnants. Having problems learning from history?

Anonymous said...

You think the tribal chiefs in the Asean countries got brain to think meh?

denk said...

i dont blame the compradors in asean,
but none is able to withstand the armtwisting from
the biggest and meanest mofo in town.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:21 & RB

Dont draw conclusions as you do not know where i work at and in.

What has it got to do with population as we are talking about the best. To work in top positions in state own enterprise, one must declare loyalty to the red book. Some people dont want to do so and as a result were outcast. So some decide to leave as they really are smart and has the talent to do so. Some i know go to US and west (particular Norway) and dun want to return.

All (and not most) chinese especially the younger ones are mostly concerned about their property, stock market and money. For war, as long as it does not involved them, let the professional PLA soldiers handled it.

PLA is growing bigger and that is a fact but it is still smaller than world no.1 for now as its budget shows.

You need to be aware of what type of warfare and the landscape you are talking about. Look at Afgan, iraq, syria, vietnam, NK....etc then and you want China to suffer the same fate to their country and then US lose the ground war while its citizens are watching CNN from air con home drinking beer, having good or safe food and then you say it is China victory. Think lah, why sinkies cannot think? What do you think the outcome for now if SCS war occurs in a environment of sea, air and some reefs and islands?

5000KM ballistic missiles are nothing as in Soviet times, missiles can reach 10+Km for both sides. You need to look at the quantity and quality as well. If technology is not important, PLA would not restructured its forces and spent so much more to aquire better weapons from Russia if not self innovate.

As we proceed for into more advance stage, there will be no more humans, humans manned planes or ships for war. Everything will be massed produced cheaply to replace human beings. Wah lau? you got see the china and US robot dog difference? Technology is key as it gets worse if AI takes over.

If the DF missile can successfully hit a target in xinjiang desert, why not do a similar test in the open seas with a moving (no need 30knot) ship to show to the americans and asean? Why, why, why? It also has electro magnetic catapult system then why its 2nd local carrier is not even steam catapult one, why why why? If one hit from a ballistic missile sunk a carrier can kill 7000 sailors, why not i launch a nuclear strike in return featuring 100 warheads on each china city and i still have leftovers. What makes you think the chinese dare to fire a ballistic missile at US navy for fear that it mistakens it as a nuclear 1st strike. The Soviets has already such technology in the 70s but terminated it then as there is no way to tell whether such ballistic missile launch is nuclear or not.

Dun talk about satellite killers, both side also has and oh US also has rod of god weapon which was used on Tianjin? Want to believe also. Now China also dare not explain what happen in tianjin?

American strategy in the the south china seas is to contain china as such that it will destabilize the region causing shifting in regional growth to other continent. Increase spending for the PLA like the soviets prior its collapsing and then earn cash in the same time as its sells weapons overseas.

Anonymous said...


By causing a split in Asean and having pinoy going to hague court is already causing distrust in the region and protraying china is a barbarian and one that dont follow law. So how can you can have continue growth in this region unlike 30 years ago? More law suites will follow after the pinoy hague court thing if pinoy succeeds.

US is already laughing all its way as it has planned all this? You think all this is a coincidence.

Qing navy then is not obselete (no.1 in Asia) as prior Jiawu as it purchase its naval ships from Germany and UK same like Jap navy. Qing Navy has bigger ship (in nos. and in tonnage) and bigger guns compared to Japs smaller but rapid fire gun. China is not poor, i mean most people are poor. A lot of silver went to the purchase of weaponary overseas. Chinese are no stupid then. So what happen then and where did the money go to as such that all these foreign built vessels lost to the Japs in that war.

All the money went to built the summer palace for the woman. Why no checker object?

Anonymous said...

Some days ago, there was a taiwan talk show talking about EA-18 prowlers.

Of course, there is no way to prove this at least for now as everybody has its own agenda.

It seems that prior this SCS issue, the US was already having this game with China.

US will send one EA-6B jammers fooling the Chinese in thinking that 200 planes are attacking China from Russia direction while US Kitty Hawk is exercising in the east. While Su27, F7/8 were busy scrambling to visually locate the strike force, they eventually spotted this lone plane from afar as it say bye bye.

Of course now times have changed as probably Chinese anti jamming and deception capabilities should have increased. However Chinese were extremely concerned when US deploy 4 EA-18s in pinoy land.

Only Oz has these type of plane and unit in service in this area other than ?China. Even Japs also have little or none such capability.

Very little is known for the US unit except that all US initial strike force into Iraq war were escorted by this type of unit especially the F117s that were sent in to take out the AA units.

How true is this remains to be seen?

Anonymous said...

You wrote such a long piece and I thought you have some substance. But the more you write the more shallow it reveals your thinking process and your understanding of the subject you are talking about.

Let me just point out two simple flaws in your analysis. USA got bigger military budget, China small budget. US up on China on this count. Do you know that an American bullet cost $10 and a Chinese bullet cost 50c? An American fighter aircraft cost $200m, a Chinese one cost $2m. Please spare me about the quality. An American soldier cost $100k to maintain, a PLA cost $10k to maintain. You still want to compare budget?

American got 20 aircraft carriers, China got one retrofit, so China lost out? Too simplistic. Ask what is the purpose of the carriers in a war? China does not need a single aircraft carrier if it is not going to attack the US continent. The American needs the 20 carriers but only if they can be deployed to striking range. If not, they will be irrelevant. Hope you can understand this logic. A good example will be asymmetrical warfare by ISIS. All the American weapons, aircraft carriers, cruise missiles, 5th generation jets, nuclear bombs totally irrelevant against a few suicide bombers.

And you mentioned unmanned aircraft, drones and missiles. These made the aircraft carriers obsolete or sitting ducks. The important question, would the aircraft carrier be in play when war breaks out?

The daft Americans think they could fight a conventional war and limit it in the Western Pacific Ocean, and China would not hit back at the American continent if the American strike mainland China. Would China be so stupid not to hit back?

You think China would be still like those HK movies, a 1.7m Ip Man fighting in a boxing ring with a 2m giant weighing 200kg and obeyed the boxing rules except weight class? Those were fictions. In a real war, all hell will break loose and if the Americans were to bomb China, they can expect China to hit US homeland.

A little lesson on realpolitik and warfare and analytical thinking.

Anonymous said...

If it is 10 dollars and it can function as it went through stringent QC checks. why not?
Such checks are even more important for critical components?

How many times you kana inferior quality china made items? some more during critical times? Due to this critical time, a lot of other equipment is on standby to wait for this cheap component, eventually it become more costly to save on this 50 cent item? something like it is not captured on budget and cause budget over run and i need to cover it way some way?

So many people start realizing this in the whole region, you think the chinese they themselves also stupid such that they trust their own product? Milk powder is one obvious fact. And the most important lesson here is where do you think any extra money has gone to?

Correct like what you say, Pakistan also thought it needs cheap product thinking it can replace US one. In the end after so many years, the pakistan also think twice. You got read news or not? Chinese despite having J20 to be online soon, also needs to buy Su35 and S400. You think they are stupid as their media always boosted their product is as good.

Aircraft carrier is obsolete, then why china is building 2nd one and 2 more and many more in the pipeline some more theirs is the skid one really obsolete one? US carriers are there to provide a mobile strike force ( a base to feed the strike force).

One carrier is like a nation's airforce, maybe it will take 5 strike groups + land base planes will be able perform a strike into China but 2 groups is def enough to take care of PLA navy and its SCS islands excepts it submarine force.

At current stage, China will only "win" if it engages nuclear strike with its former 2nd Arty corp. I mean like what RB say : mutual destruction ie. bringing war to US homeground and let US citizen suffer as well otherwise i consider it a win for US in any scenario. But i dun agreed with him on one thing. With the amount of warhead, US will survive but it takes time. China mainland chinese race including cockroaches will be exterminated if international opinion (if there is any left) do not step in. And one fact: US and China is not nuclear biggest power, Russia is as it possesses largest amount of warhead.

I dun think it is going to be Ip man movie, dun watch too much movies but should learn more from history. I think the outcome will be similar to the Jiawu war as they chinese will learn the hard way as they have been deceived from the chinese govt no different from ancient times or Qing times for a very simple reason : No Checker.

Even our govt dont realize how angry the people are over the HDB issues during Malboro times. This is the problem when you have no checker. The same question is Where did the money go?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as America has the world's reserve currency, ASEAN will be the USA's friend, and allow if not welcome American military presence in the region.

That's not going to change. No one trusts China. Whether that is fair or unfair is not an issue, because it is a FACT.

All national leaders are human. And thus they will have preferences and dislikes which are multidimensional and nuanced in each individual.

Anonymous said...

USA is a paper tiger.

Can they invade North Korea?
Can they invade Crimea?
Can they invade Iran?

They dont even have courage to fight against ISIS in syria.

ISIS supporters had killed more than 40 American people (gay club)

Anonymous said...

Why fight ISIS when you can let Russia take over as it drains its resource? Somemore oil price is so low and why i need your oil if i have shale gas in abundance back home? At the same time, i can still purchase the now super cheap aramco oil?

Is China also a pussy when foreign military ship stationed 12NM within your declared sovereignty? In the end, play the same game on Japan. Where US is so happy coz US will gladly sell more weapons to Japs?

Isnt it better to let Europe handle this ISIS problem while i can use this excuse to stop muslim to enter my country? Dun you think the white people have the same fustration as sinkies when foreigners come in as PR or residents/refugees and take over the jobs at cheaper rates and some worse enjoy welfare?

Some more a lot of people is saying ISIS is created by US itself to destabilize middle east? or muslim countries who have oil.

Why invade IRAN, just purchase 100 over Boeing jets and more from Airbus? It is time to love IRAN. Now a lot of companies is looking for IRAN opportunities.... Tourism would be a hit which will mean more high class hotel.

Where the hell is crimea and what can it offer to US? same like NK? got money ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10pm.
Anon 4:48pm gave a good answer.
4:10pm sounded like a confused mind. Missile not accurate hitting target, in china? U saw it? Most properly computer guided missiles are accurate. U studied physics or not? Or u studied talk cocks and confusion.
China has satellite systems to guide its missiles. This is beyond doubts.
If China can shoot moving satellite in space, which US was alarmed, china need you to tell them how to shoot missiles in xinjang where ever.
U are a real lost man.

Go read more and learn from Anon 4:48pm. 4:48pm is uptodate.
4:10pm, dont waste people s time and wrote so much nonsense shallow in facts on military about PLA.

denk said...

but none is able to withstand the armtwisting from
the biggest and meanest mofo in town.*

June 22, 2016 3:59 pm

just to make sure there is no misunderstanding,
that mofo is uncle sham of course !!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:33pm

No need to do empty talking same like China chinese and anon 4:48 (dumbfounded in the end)which as time time goes, all the lies and deceit will peel off layer by layer. Show to all with facts and evidence. Similar like Jiawu war, they thought they were almighty but they got the rude shock at sea when faced with real challenge as can no longer wayang.

Sad to say, this is how China works. Bottom deceived the middle and the middle deceived the top and the tops deceived the very tops. Layers and layers of deceit as there is no checker.

I teach you how US works. They will not only cry foul of concern of enemy weapon superiority on their armed forces but will do so for other countries as well. All in the hope of getting more money from funding from their own senate and foreign countries coffers. That is why i say US is far too cunning and treacherous. Otherwise, why can it go around the world waging war as it likes. Their eagle symbol is not for nothing. If you look long enough, it will give you a sinister feeling. This white head eagle will be the cause of the fall of China as chinese prophecy foretold.

Even now Indo dun give a damn to chinese and chinese cannot protect chinese property in this case. More and more such thing will happen as china is getting even more desperate to go overseas to steal resources to feeds its 1.4 billion population.

Indos set a good precedent and gave a good example to all countries that china cannot do anything. Countries will be deemed useless (cannot defend own land) if it cannot match Indo's move. This will become worse after Hague court officially declared the boundary. If China retaliates, it will give the PLA navy a good chance to see whether it can stand up to the real test.

Anonymous said...

Indon good example? Wait till China decides it will act and tell the Indons it will shoot, then you will see if the Indon frigates would still stick around.

Anonymous said...

By the time china figures out what to do next, game over liao already. Probably even Brunei will stand up against china.

This is the problem when you have too much educated scholars ( graduated from the same brain wash academy) infested inside the administration with no alternative voice or checker.

If you know them well, this is a typical scenario where no one wants to be responsible. I mean who wants to be responsible where you can live comfortably with the riches by NOT making any out of the box decision.

Sounds familiar? Everything is the same except their problem is enlarged many many times compared to ours simply because of its size.

Anonymous said...

It's really disappointing to see how Indonesia despite having new leaders is still letting itself be used by the "empire of chaos" to do confrontation with China.

It's not really surprising when you think a bit deeper, though.

How many military officers from around the world were trained in US' military academies ?

How many of the bankers ...? How many of ...? etc

Do you notice the pattern? Whose particular country these suckers' "loyalty" really lie with?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the answer.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1151:

Dun pray pray...Indonesia got penchak silat or "bersilat" as we know it in Singapore.

They also have bomohs...

Anyway, hard for me to take sides. I like China dolls, I also like Indonesian cewet.

So much pussy...so little time...

Anonymous said...

Today's our glorious newspaper said that China have no dispute with Indos on the Natuna island but got boundary overlap issues over the sea areas and the traditional fishing grounds.

Indo Jokowi went to visit the area on board i guess some naval ship and said we must protect our area.

No need to guess what will be the next move of all the SEA countries? Who wants to be a traitor in their own country's history book?

What is China thinking? picking up each one by one as such everyone is forced to choose sides?