Do not despise the dogs, they were expensive dogs

The ST on Friday had a long piece of article cautioning the public not to look down on stray dogs. In Singapore, these dogs could be very expensive dogs even if they have been rejected by their masters. Many of these dogs that have lost their usefulness were once pedigrees like Pit Bulls, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Dobermans, even Huskies, you name it, you can find them in the cages of SPCA. They are expensive, very expensive to buy and to upkeep.

Many of these dogs have gone through serious training courses, obedient training, toilet training, learn how to sit, how to fetch, how growl, how to bite, They have been trained in many skills just to please and serve their masters. But one thing cannot change, dogs are dogs. They may be faithful dogs, but what they lacked is the sense of right or wrong. They would just protect their masters faithfully, to do the biddings of their masters with no questions asked.

It is a pity that after serving their masters faithfully for so many years, giving so much pleasure and fun to their masters, they are dumped in the SPCA or disowned to run around as stray dogs, unwanted and having to find their own food, pickings from the dustbins or leftovers. Seen some chasing after the rats at Bukit Batok too. Many are in very pitiful state of decay and diseases due to lack of care and attention once they are not wanted by their masters.

You people out there who still like dogs and have a soft spot for dogs, please go to the SPCA to adopt a couple to give them a better home while they are still kicking. They will make good dogs, good faithful friends like they used to be. They have been trained to be such by their former masters.

Poor dogs. Once pedigrees, the pride of their masters, walking around with their masters, to be stroked by their masters and feasted with the best dog food, and shampoos and manicures. Ya, every dog had his days. That is a dog’s life.


Anonymous said...

KNN rb, u genius?

U saying dogs or "指桑骂槐"?

Scolding someboLEE as "DOGS" and "all kinds of 不抗入耳的 insults" yet on surface u are talking abt "dogs" and not them?

KNN u really cheeky genius?


Anonymous said...

Rb, I thought u have gone mad till I read Again. Walau you first class leh

Anonymous said...

But one thing cannot change, dogs are dogs.

Tiok. And being dogs and no matter how smart, they also don't know how to make or spend money, or emigrate to a better place, unlike smart Sinkies.

That's why smart Sinkies will never feel unwanted or being dumped, as long as they have lots of money.

Anonymous said...

That's why smart Sinkies will never feel unwanted or being dumped, as long as they have lots of money.
10:06 am

Tiok. Any Sinkie with lots of money will have no complaints, no matter how bad their political masters, the PAP, are.

And the smarter ones will just emigrate to a better place for a better life with less money. They will never become like stray dogs.

Anonymous said...

Recent crimes/ news on animal cruelty show that out-of-control cat abuse is bigger #1 compare to dog abuse . The cycle continues in Singapore: Domestic Pet > Animal Abundance > Stray Animal > Animal Hoarding > Unygiene Public > Animal Cruelty > (Hopefully) Socially Responsible > Animal Adoption . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Bitches are luckier. They mix with pigs who eat well and live well. Bitches who mixed with pigs also look like pigs...prosperously fat.
Obviously, bitches are very particular about their food since they have learned to eat well and live well like pigs.
You never touch a bitch food when she is eating or she will be so upset, she will spew pig's sewage on you till you beg for mercy.

Anonymous said...

After reading your article, I kept thinking of a dog I used to know called Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Never offend a bitch who mixes with pigs or she will demand an apology even if she has to go to pig's court to get it.

Anonymous said...

I thot the dog was called Laura, not Wendy?

Virgo 49 said...

Dogs are such faithful creatures. No matter how badly ill-treated by their Masters/Mistresses they be still greet them and warm up when sighted them even they are been abandoned by them.

They called the dogs smart, think in human beans minds - one word- STUPID.

Now the Masters/Mistresses arrived already liao being multi millionaires.

So change of taste kept exotic animals instead of dogs.

They havd the Bengali and Tamil Tigers. The Wolves of The Great Wall. The vultures and eagles from the Great White Continent. The Hyenas and Snakes from the Dark Continent and Scavengers from the Philippines in favour of our patriotic, faithgul dogs.

When these wilds group together and formed a Union, left to be seen whether they devoured by them. Anyway, the dogs were still die in defending them.

Fifty years been trained to be faithful dogs by the Scissors Milan Masters.

Spell DOGS backward GODS.


Anonymous said...

It is wrong to tag a value to a dog or cat. I had both when young. They gave me memory and joy. The most lasting memory was the dog died and the cat went missing. Someone said the cat was eaten. That kind of memory was nothing when i was young. After passing the prime time, when sitting alone, i still ponder about the dog and cat, once my friend. I never allow my children to have dog or cat as pets. When they were young, i seemed so cruel to them, but when they have intellectual capacity, i shared with tears on my experience that my cat was eaten. My children began to understand why i disallowed them to keep dog or cat. The basic reason is: these are alive and are your friends, NOT PETS. If you are incapable to give them protection, foods and see them through in their life cycle, do not get into it. Because you will bound to feel regret for the part when they part and you failed in duties.
Animals are not for show like pet and master. That kind of relationship then come with money, pride to own but NO FRIENDSHIP with the animals.
If you have a friend, do you tag a price on how much your friend worth?
The message that a dog was expensive is a totally misleading concept. U will not get the joy for owning expensive dog.

Anonymous said...

Despite the death of their long time owner.
The dog population in Singapore is still about 70% loyal.

Anonymous said...

The once well taken care of dogs ( or even cats ) by their masters had lost their favour to a new incumbent ( aka foreign talent mah..). Their masters used to play with these dogs & cats & all of a sudden they lost their favour to these new intruders. Or could their masters find it hard to maintain & choose the "virtual reality pets" or VR pets animals, ez to upkeep & fun as well ...is it a kind of upgrade or change in paradigm...a sort of skills future initiative by G to inform these old dogs & cats to learn nee tricks to please their masters or else be discarded to oblivion..

Anonymous said...

RB, when you mentioned dogs, I thought you were talking about Sinkies --- espensive & well-trained, but pathetic and despicable.

Anonymous said...

".a sort of skills future initiative by G to inform these old dogs & cats to learn nee tricks to please their masters or else be discarded to oblivion.."
June 05, 2016 11:18 am

Either the old Singaporean dogs learn new tricks;
Or they better learn to find a new master i.e. Vote Opposition or emigrate.
But of course some sick old dogs with disease like stroke cannot run anymore.

Anonymous said...

Read this somewhere: a legal wife was abundant by husband whose mistress was a viet prostitute at geylang.
"Expensive" wife given up, and went for strayed one. This is really Singaporeans taste: dog life.

Wife being abundant is a good news to start afresh. 2 years separation can sue for divorce and get maintenance for wife and kids without the "master".

Real dogs cannot sue.
"They had been having an affair secretly all along when jeremy promised his wife and family he will leave her. But now he is living at joo chiat with this woman, yet showing off loving pics in wechat.

They often hang out at joochiat and jeremy seet is a frequent in Mask 51 at Geylang. This vietnam woman even approached the wife and challenged her, Jeremy did not say a word at all to protect his wife, what a bastard.

This vietnam was sent back to vietnam last year. The wife tried to commit suicide at home, but now she is back in singapore again this year.

As a friend of Jeremy''s wife, i hope guys out there will cherish your wife after reading this. Please share this and shame them !

Wife had filed for seperation and divorce but this bastard dont want to sign it."

Anonymous said...

I love dogs and cats, be they for eating or be kept as pets.
Dog is man's best friend and everyone who had and has it can feels it.
As a cuisine, had it in Korea, Hk and China, dog meat tastes great; so good that it becomes a national cuisine in S Korea and some parts of China.
Like to say cat tastes as good, had it too.

As a pet, the dog is the most faithful, had seen them got whacked and tortured by their masters and the dogs still stayed by their owners and wagged their tails whenever they saw their masters.

Cats are different from dogs. Little or no loyalty to talk about. Whoever provides better, the cats will be friendly. Unlike dog, the cat does not protect it's owner.
Cats are cute, it's malu malu mau during courtship and mating can be quite interesting.

Both dog and cat are good as pets as well as for their meats.

Anonymous said...

/// As a pet, the dog is the most faithful, had seen them got whacked and tortured by their masters and the dogs still stayed by their owners and wagged their tails whenever they saw their masters. ///
June 05, 2016 1:24 pm

The Singaporean breed of dog is the most faithful.
You can curse the Singaporean dog everyday - "daft", "always need re-training" and etc.
You can put spurs into the sides of the Singaporean dog.
You can starve the Singaporean dog and his puppies.
You can make the Singaporean dog's parents scavenge for food at foodcourts and rubbish dumps.

And still guarantee at least 60% of the Singaporean dogs will stay faithful to its master.

Anonymous said...

In some places, dogs can't bark. They can only "singleash" which means sing in a leash.

Most of these dogs are incapable of juggling the two- proper barking and singleash.

The elite dogs and bitches seem to think it is cool for dogs to be able to singleash.

They don't understand that singleash is a disease of the mind and character. It is a destroyer of relationships at all levels and promote confusion among many other problems.

One particular bitch, the sumikao kao, said bo pian must accept singleash to keep dogs stupid for the vast majority. Singleash is the dogs culture and they are proud to sing song talk cock.

Her leash made of gold that's why the bitch talk like that.

Anonymous said...

Destroy their abilities to communicate effectively and you will destroy the people.
As good as dumb, deaf, mute and blind.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Uncle RB,

From sinkies now become dogs?

What have you done?

Others may like "mud fight" ...... but ...... but ......

U "长辈 elderly patriarch" ......

No good for reputation to "fight in mud"?

Mb sinkies ( and/ or oldies ) like "mud fight"?

Anonymous said...

Wishy washy language reflects wishy washy people. A fuzzy and imprecise mind how to debate with snakes? No need to show respect to vast majority of gibberish talkers. Just ram through.

Anonymous said...

A timely reminder from George Orwell:

/// Power worship blurs political judgement because it leads, almost unavoidably, to the belief that present trends will continue.
Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.
If the Japanese have conquered south Asia, then they will keep south Asia for ever, if the Germans have captured Tobruk, they will infallibly capture Cairo; if the Russians are in Berlin, it will not be long before they are in London: and so on.

This habit of mind leads also to the belief that things will happen more quickly, completely, and catastrophically than they ever do in practice. The rise and fall of empires, the disappearance of cultures and religions, are expected to happen with earthquake suddenness, and processes which have barely started are talked about as though they were already at an end…

Nations, governments, classes and social systems are constantly described as expanding, contracting, decaying, dissolving, toppling, crashing, crumbling, crystallising, and, in general, behaving in an unstable and melodramatic way.
The slowness of historical change, the fact that any epoch always contains a great deal of the last epoch, is never sufficiently allowed for.
Such a manner of thinking is bound to lead to mistaken prophecies, because, even when it gauges the direction of events rightly, it will miscalculate their tempo…the instinct to bow down before the conqueror of the moment, to accept the existing trend as irreversible. ///

SG 100.
What you think is destined to happen is not necessarily what will happen.
The existing trend is not irreversible.
Whoever is winning at the moment will not definitely be the ultimate victor.

It only feels that way. It always feels that way.

Hang on a bit longer and watch.

Anonymous said...

We generally only comment in the entertainment area but we love dogs and we lean a lot from them especially doggie style which we practise in our riding exercise. Please take care of dogs please.

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