White men speak with fork tongue in a straight face

John Kerry visited Hiroshima to place a wreath at the commemorative site where the atomic bomb landed 65 years ago. The two atomic bombs brought an end to the savages’ imperialistic dream of conquering the world and colonizing Asia. The Americans and the victims of Japanese invasion and savagery were and are still thinking that the bombing was justified. It is not easy to let an army of savages running wild, bombing, killing, looting, raping murdering the peoples of Asia. The Japanese deserved every bit of the two atomic bombs and the 200,000 death which was a small fraction of the millions they slaughtered during their invasion of Asia.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a just dessert for the Japanese for their cruelty and barbarity to their victims and brought an end to it abruptly for the good of Asia. What was mischievous about this Kerry visit to Hiroshima was the things that he uttered with a straight face. In an Agencies article in the Today paper on 12 Apr, it has this headline, ‘Kerry reaffirms US anti nuclear stance during Hiroshima visit’. And the article quoted him saying, the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ‘was a reminder of the need to pursue a world free of nuclear weapons’. 

To the innocence, such a statement appears so noble. But when one knows that the Americans possessed the most nuclear warheads among all nations, more than 7000 of them, more ten times the nuclear warheads possessed by all the nuclear countries, what John Kerry said was either crap, white lie or pure stupidity. The USA was the first country that used a nuclear bomb on another country.  The USA was the only country that had on several occasions toying with the idea of nuking other countries. And the USA is the country that possessed enough nuclear weapons to wipe the human civilization off the face of the earth. And it is saying that it is anti nuclear weapons! But not to worry, many silly Asian countries will believe the Americans really meant what they said.

And the Americans are pushing very hard against Asian countries possessing nuclear weapons but not their allies and not themselves possessing more than 7000 warheads.  The American anti nuclear policy means that all countries that the Americans considered as their enemies cannot possess nuclear weapons. Only America and its allies can have nuclear weapons. Period.

White men speak with fork tongue? No? Why must the Americans built so many nuclear warheads and carry them around the world in bombers and nuclear submarines and in bases across the whole world if they are anti nuclear weapons?  Which country possessed the first nuclear weapon and refused to commit a no first use of nuclear weapon policy?

Oh, they are blaming the North Koreans for wanting to go nuclear! It is the fault of the North Koreans that the Americans must have more than 7000 nuclear warheads. It is confirmed, double confirmed. The Americans need 7000 nuclear warheads for peace. The Americans need to sign military alliances everywhere and build military bases all over the world for peace. What more does one need to believe the Americans to be stupid?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> White men speak with fork tongue? <<

Of course. All the time. The more "powerful" the speaker, the more forked the tongue.

Why does bullshitting work? Because the probability of such a ploy works more often that it fails. The "victims" (aka "marks") are essentially dishonest to begin with, and are also in a state of delusion.

So remember this:

"You can't cheat an honest man."

"We are never deceived. We deceive ourselves."

Asian leaders are essentially dishonest and are easily fooled when a powerful and very rich whiteman opens his mouth and starts to make sounds. Kerry is fucking rich, his wife even richer, and he is the 4th most powerful person in the US (US Presidential line of succession) after the president.

Got angmoh tuakee Pinkerton brainwash?

Get on your knees you useless Asians and start sucking! 💦🍌

denk said...


jap speaking with forked tongue, he probably got it when licking kerry's balls, hehehehe

jap fm taro aso
*Japan, China never had a smooth relationship* [sic]

hey i wonder why aso ?
could it have something to do with jp pirates in ming dynasty, tw, ryuku [now okinawa], ww2, unit 731,
asia pivot ?

Anonymous said...

Nanjing massacre, Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Diaoyu Island........

denk said...

ah anon

how could i omitted diaoyu ?

luckyguy said...

Yep, just like what the native Americans said "white men speak with fork tongues"!

When it comes for the top prize of hypocrisy, nothing beat the Western countries - do as we order you to do, not like what we did!

Anytime these Western countries criticize other countries, you can bet that they did what they accuse other countries of with much more bigger scale!

Anonymous said...

Kerry is the only successful secretary of state in obama s 8 years history. He solved Iran s deadlock. Hillary s code of conducts for china to deal with S china sea island vanished in the air. Sg was keen to repeat for Hillary. We can observe that these people are not influential to china. Now Defense secretary visited Philippines and India, and cancelled plan to visit china seems to suggest Kerry is the only contact to the chinese. In this G7 meeting, the Japs was hoping Kerry wld show sympathy to the Japs died by the Hiroshima bombing. Kerry didnt say it. The Japs are the worst fork tongue double face. The Japs shd apologize for the people who received the atomic bombing and thanks the American pilots for no dropping onto Tokyo.
The G7 declaration on S china sea has no effect at all. Vanished in the air after few days.
The Japs are going broke with 250% GDP public debt. IMF ex economist projected, Japan will go broke in 5 years, ie by 2020. Better be nice like US, to borrow from China. Kerry probably knew it too.

Anonymous said...

Bush Jr and Blair also spoke with forked tongue. Better than Kerry.
Kerry is an honest speaker. He believes he spoke the truth when he spoke at Hiroshima.
Ask him about Vietnam War. Ask him why he lost. Hear him out.

The said...

Yes. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were spared conventional bombings while other Japanese cities were bombed - this is to study the effects of nuking these cities. The lie that the US had to nuke Japan to shorten the war is just that - a lie. They wanted to see the effects of atomic bombs on human and what better target that yellow men. The US would never consider nuking the Russians or the Germans. In fact, the US hasten to drop the Fat Man and Little Boy before the Russians could become involved in the war in the Far East and thus share in the victory.

Forked tongue indeed.

Anonymous said...

/// The lie that the US had to nuke Japan to shorten the war is just that - a lie. ///
April 13, 2016 3:20 pm

It's not a lie lah.
Don't let your racist sentiment against white people make you daft.

Shorten the war means more American (and Japanese) lives can be saved.
The invasion of the Japanese homeland will result in even more fanatical kamikaze defense tactics.

By nuking the Japanese;
American soldiers lives were saved.
Japanese soldiers lives were saved.

Japanese civilian lives were also saved.
The fanatical Imperial Japanese army made many Japanese civilians (on Okinawa island) commit suicide rather than surrender to the American army.


Many of redbean's Chinese relatives in China was also saved because the Japanese had to surrender.
redbean should kow tow and bow to the Americans on behalf of his Chinese ancestors who were saved.


Thank God for the Americans.
If not, redbean's relatives will be talking to him in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

I see, RB's relatives in China, your relatives in America. So you are either Americans or chap cheng kia. Tiok boh?

b said...

Washingtom will sacrifice anyone - european, muslims, indians, chinese to fully control the world. None is exempted. We are all slaves of the elites.

Anonymous said...

@ April 13, 2016 4:36 pm

I'm a banana - not a chap cheng kia.

China emperors only know how to bully Chinese people.
When China gets invaded; no Chinese emperor has ever been able to chase out the foreign invaders by his own merits.

Mongol invasion - Chinese people have to wait until the Mongol leadership die off before reclaiming the country.

Manchu invasion
Again Chinese people unable to reclaim back their own country.
The Manchu invaders got kicked out by the Japanese invaders - Not Chinese patriots

Japanese invasion.
Again the useless Chinese people under useless Chinese leadership unable to kick out the Japanese.
Have to wait for the Americans to nuke the Japanese before Chinese people can reclaim China.

What about Singapore?
Can Singapore emperors defend Singaporeans from losing our jobs to Aliens?

Chinese history is sad story of a slave people who are unable to defend ourselves from Alien invasions.
Chinese emperors only know how to bully Chinese people.
Unable to defend Chinese people from Alien invasion.
But Chinese people are equally stupid.
Continue to support all these useless Chinese emperors in the name of racial loyalty.

Chinese people are better off learning from the white people.
How to be free and how to vote out useless Chinese emperors.

That's why it's better to be a smart banana than a stupid Chinese ... bowing to portraits of dead emperors who never did anything for the Chinese people.

Wansui, wansui, wan wan sui.
They can't even protect Singapore jobs over the last 10 years.
And still want to talk about 10,000 years or SG 100.

Anonymous said...

You know what they did to bananas?

Anonymous said...

You know what they did to bananas?
April 13, 2016 7:37 pm

Pure bred Chinese slaves like Low Thia Khiang and his Worker's Party.
Can protect Singaporeans in parliament or not ... you tell me lah?

Only English educated bananas like CSJ and SDP can speak up and protect Singaporeans in parliament.
Chinese slaves in parliament will always wait to get permission before trying to protect Singaporeans.

Chinese bananas are the vanguard for Chinese freedom.
Chinese bananas lead and die from the front.

Chinese slaves hide behind the emperor's dogs.
Waiting for the Aliens to free them from the Chinese Emperor.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Sun Yat Sen is a Chinese banana?
Without studying English and absorbing western ideas and values ... where would Sun Yat Sen be today?

Where do you think Sun Yat Sen got his famous 三民主義 ideology from?

Nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people.

Traditional Chinese culture got nationalism meh?
- everything belongs to the emperor tio bo?

Got democracy meh?
- Chinese culture is about chopping off heads NOT counting heads to decide majority vote

Chinese slaves got livelihood meh?
- slaves live only at the pleasure of the Chinese emperor

Anonymous said...

This Chinese eunuch reincarnate is cursing the Chinese emperors as usual.
Don't like dat lah. They only cut your balls away in your last life. Now your balls grew back already what. Ok lah, maybe smaller a bit, but still balls what.

Let go your anger lah. If you don't you can go mad easily. Or already mad leow.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have made it a law for the right to conduct a preemptive nuclear strike on another country. This is how vicious these wolves in sheepskins are. And they go around the world talking about peace, about anti nuclear weapons.

Only silly Asians and sick bananas would believe in this poison.

It is their right to use nuclear weapons on other countries. That is the reason why they have thousands of nuclear warheads and forbid other countries to have nuclear weapons. Only the Americans can have nuclear weapons and can use them.

Anonymous said...

Americans have given themselves the mandate to conduct a preemptive nuclear strike.

Who have received the mandate from Singaporeans to conduct preemptive legal actions against people who have different opinions?
- Dumb slaves