China’s peaceful rise

Jean Pierre Lehmann, emeritus professor of international political economy at IMD, Lausanne, wrote an article on the above in the ST on 9 Apr.  His story centres on the rise of international powers starting with the Portugal, Spain , the Netherlands, Britain, France, US, Japan and The USSR.  He traced the history of these powers and the use of violence and wars as an intrinsic part of their ascents. War and violence as parts of conquest and world domination were inevitable before a new power took the pole position.

And now comes China. Would China’s rise as a super power be peaceful, be an aberration and not in the mold of the western powers, predated by wars and violence?  The western narrative has constantly harped on a belligerent and expansive China that would swing its big clubs at everyone on its way up, like the western powers. China would be like one of them, no exception. So beware, China is coming.

China today is the Number Two super power after the US. In a way, China has risen, peacefully, without the need for wars and conquest. This alone would have been enough proof that a super power can rise without resorting to violence. China is what it is today, without the need for conquest but by trade and commerce.  Is this enough to assuage the western thinkers and media to accept China as a risen power, peacefully?

The other notion, China is not there yet. It has to overtake the USA and this last step would force the issue and a war with the Americans. And in Lehmann’s view China has the right to engage in wars. It was the victim of aggression when major powers came to being. China should follow the same pattern in the rise of a super power, through war and conquest, to challenge and defeat the incumbent super power, the USA.

However, according to Lehmann, ‘if China succeeds in achieving a peaceful rise to great power status – that is, dispensing with war, pillage, slavery, conquest and exploitation – it will be the first rising great power to have done so.’ This could be a welcoming outcome if China is left alone to continue in what it is doing for the last 30 plus years. Unfortunately this may not be the case. The Americans are in the way of the peaceful rise of China with its confrontational approach towards China, the pivot to Asia, building anti China trade and military alliances, escalating and precipitating armed conflict, particularly in the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea.  Today it is reported that the Americans would be conducting sea and air patrol in the South China Sea, not freedom of navigation, as if the South China Sea belongs to the American Empire. Here it is not China challenging the Americans to a show of force. It is the Americans that are standing up to China, confronting China and putting up obstacles to contain China’s rise.

Though the American patrol is only a token show of force, it is a bad precedent. China could ignore this little insect, but in principle it is bad. What the Americans are doing, violating other country’s sovereignty and economic zones, China could do the same. China could announce conducting air and naval patrol in American economic zones as well. Both sides can play the game of bully. The American’s blatant flexing of military muscle to exert control of the South China Sea and in the Korean region should not be ignored by the world community.

In Lehmann’s view, the world must work with China to achieve this historical aberration, that a super power can rise to the pole position without having to go the disastrous and destructive road of war.  China’s march towards the Number One super power status, to eclipse the Americans through economic means, economic development could be a possibility and only a matter of when. It is in the interest of the rest of the world that they work with China for a peaceful rise instead of following a confronational course set by the Americans.

China has risen and will continue to rise peacefully as an economic and military super power. The main protagonist against such an eventuality is the intent of the Americans and its bellicose policies towards China. China is no western nation, has its own culture and values, and is not seeking conquest and colonization. It is a super power more in the economic sense and would grow to be a bigger economic power, without having to control and colonise any country like the western powers did.

China is not seeking war, and war is unnecessary in the Chinese model to be the greatest power on earth. The world can and must work with China for this to happen, peacefully. The world must not allow the Americans to force an issue with China leading to a conflict of epic proportion and destruction. The Americans too knew that a war with China is inconceiveable. China knows that too and is trying to avoid a collision course with the Americans.

If good sense prevails, the peaceful rise of China will be a welcome aberration in the history of humankind.


Anonymous said...

"China is not seeking war, and war is unnecessary in the Chinese model to be the greatest power on earth."

Tiok. And so is America. I mean America will not seek war with China. Seek war with Middle East countries yes, but China or even North Korea, strictly no no.

If can make money, which idiot country leader want to seek war?

If can make money, which idiot Sinkie want to join the opposition to fight PAP?

Virgo 49 said...

Not make monies.

You think North korea and China walkovers like the ME??

The very most all perish together.

You think the Americans are safe??

Cannot even beat the Vietnanese, want to beat China and North Korea.

Hot air only. They only pushed others to post monkeys photos with the middle finger.

Anonymous said...

"This alone would have been enough proof that a super power can rise without resorting to violence."

That 70% voted PAP would have been enough proof that majority Sinkies can rise to a good life and riches without resorting to street protests or voting opposition.

That said, I think Chee Soon Juan is wasting his time and effort in Bukit Batok. And the longer PAP delay in announcing the by election date, the greater will his time and effort be wasted. Hope he will come to his political senses after it is all over.

Anonymous said...

China s raise contributes tremendously to world prosperity, justice and peace. From a backward land, xenzheng became the world s major electronic goods supply center is an evidence of china s contributions to world economy and prosperity. Sg citizens gain benefits for employment in china while its own govt deploy foreigners from Malaysia India, philippines, and indonesia to take over citizens rights for jobs. Without china, many citizens will have more difficulties in gainful activities. Sg should support china in time of war. It is a big base for citizens to run to china if sg is attacked by neighbors or even china missiles.

Anonymous said...

And the longer PAP delay in announcing the by election date, the greater will his time and effort be wasted.
Anon 8:59 am

Ya hor. Was wondering if the delay is a strategy to also tire Chee Soon Juan out?

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan is a soldier, not a soldier of fortune.
Only soldier of fortune runs away.

Anonymous said...

China is even buying 1MDB assets to help Najib. And I think only China and no one else.

This is one way to have peace in Malaysia.

And there is a reason why the ringgit has been strengthening against the USD recently.

Anonymous said...

China s contribution to justice is evidence from its relentless attack on corrupted practices. Only when china started to arrest criminals hurting main land chinese, sg started to change course. sg used to be the center for indonesia govt to allege for hosting criminals who ran away with huge funds from indonesia corruptions. Indon and sg s relation has never been top grade due to this issue. Indo has a long list of criminals they want from this little dot. But Indon was timid. Not for china, it sent officials to sg to arrest ran away official who got pr in sg and bought condo with ran away cash. 1 evidence was china s official #2 criminal on wanted list. He was taken back to china with world wide publicity. Everyone knew sg was such a place. That strong arm tactics hopefully has taught some scholars here about criminal harming main land chinese cannot get away even they hide at this little dot. The same applies to USA now. The west dare not to prevent china from wanting its criminals while the west US or sg want the ran away s cash to station at their places. It brought great change to world about justice.

Anonymous said...

It is a historical fact that Chinese people under Chinese emperors have no history of external aggression against other countries.

China under Mongol Emperors ... yes.
The only historical instance of China external aggression that I am aware of.

Chinese people spend most of our history fleeing China and the Chinese Emperor.
That's why we find so many Chinese in so many other countries.
The trend continues today.

With the depreciating Chinese RMB currency, a lot of Chinese money is seeking refuge in USA and Canada.

JayF said...

" Anonymous said...

It is a historical fact that Chinese people under Chinese emperors have no history of external aggression against other countries.

China under Mongol Emperors ... yes.
The only historical instance of China external aggression that I am aware of.

Chinese people spend most of our history fleeing China and the Chinese Emperor.
That's why we find so many Chinese in so many other countries.
The trend continues today.

With the depreciating Chinese RMB currency, a lot of Chinese money is seeking refuge in USA and Canada.

April 15, 2016 9:41 am"

China not expansionist?

What are the Tang and Sui invasions of Korea?

What are the Han and Ming conquest of Vietnam?

What are the Tang expansion into Western Asia before being expelled by the Arabs?

What are the Tibetan Tang Wars.

What is the State of Qin's expansion into the Sichuan basin, making the people there Chinese by force?

Even the Song, hemmed in by peer powers conquered and kept Xixia lands.

Anonymous said...

China historically has shown itself to be respectful of others' territories.
Had it has ambition for territorial conquest, it could have had an empire larger than the British long ago.

China will soar like the Proverbial Dragon one day above the Terrestrial Domain. It shall search far above the Ground for further human endeavours.

龙的传人/Descendants Of The Dragon
is a prophetic reality in the Future.

Anonymous said...

Rb //China today is the Number Two super power after the US.//

As ethnic Chinese, it pains us to see China on an economic trajectory that is unsustainable?

If one cares to read up what many mainland Chinese intellectuals, researchers, etc wrote and said, many of the policies that led to China's rapid economic expansion are not viable going forward.......?

Which is more unsustainable?

The US or China?

Either one of them imploding economically will wreck havoc globally?

Between 1928 and 1960, the USSR economy also grew rapidly at a compounded rate of more than 7% per annum.

Even many prominent western economists then such as Nobel Laureate the late Professor Paul Samuelson of MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) predicted the USSR over taking the US as early as 1984 in its GDP?

It led to then USSR chief Nikita Khrushchev to declare in a famous speech in the early 1960s that the USSR "will bury" the western economies?

What happened later?

Whether a country's long term economic growth is sustainable depends on the source(s) and type(s) of economic growth generated?

When they are predominantly inputs based, investment spending heavy and the early economic expansion fuelled merely and/ or predominantly by relocation of resources from one less productive sector to a more industrialised sector, such growth does not itself possess a long term self-perpetuating virtuous cycle but will reach a point of ECONOMIC indigestion, decreasing returns to scale and met with the economic hardtruths of LDMR ( Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns )?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As layman observers, we are in no position to pass judgement or jump to conclusion of an evolving process of economic devt in a $12 trillion economy of 1.4b people.

What has come true, in less than 40 years, the Chinese govt has turned around an impoverished country with nothing, very little trained talents, scientists, engineers and professionals of all fields, no funds, no industries, etc to be what China is today is no small mean feat. There are bound to be problems here and there but the growth is undeniable and remarkable. The trajectory is up.

The Chinese are more than capable of looking after themselves and their economy and development.

Just watch how things unfold. Your guess, my guess, are just guesses of laypersons. Even the experts in the west are guessing.

No need to sweat the small stuff and argue until face green green and think one is cleverer than another. Oh my guess is right! I so clever!

No one can see what is going to happen tomorrow, another 10, 30 or 50 years.

Anonymous said...

RB:"China could announce conducting air and naval patrol in American economic zones as well. Both sides can play the game.."

China has weak naval power. That s not possible. However, why patrol the sea water unless the route is blocked. China does use patrol boats to protect fishermen s boats to harvest in the sea.

US is the one has this liking of running big ship around. But for what? Much like a taxi without gain. Now Ash Carter has announced to patrol S China sea with philippines naval force. This is going to be interesting, if pinoys want to land in some islands claimed by china. Pinoy has landed one such junk boat and claimed the island belonged to philippines.

When world court decides the Taiwan s Taiping island belongs to philippines, china will be in a state of denial. But US naval force may help pinoys naval to land at Taiping island which taiwanese forces has stationed on it for donkey years. That depends again on US s gut. When comes to facing potential war with china, US carrier may suffer damage.

Past week, Russians jets had encircled US carrier Donald Cook 38 times, and the lowest flight was only 9 meter from the dock. It showed how vulnerable a carrier in ocean. If US shot down the russian jets that carried no missiles, the shooting might induce a rain of missiles on it own dock.
Once US carrier went to black sea, the russian rammed a ship onto the carrier. That US carrier quickly ran back, and no more patrol in black sea. US carrier is not strong when alone. The firing power is limited. Chinese knew it. That why they deploy DF and S300 on those islands and also stealth chang 11/20. The US carrier alone is like a taxi plying the route. Limited use.

Anonymous said...

The Curious Story Of The Chinese Tycoon Found "Chopped Up Into 100 Pieces" In A Vancouver Mansion


Do you think this chopped up Millionaire would have had better luck if he had made his home in Singapore instead?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:37,

I was considering writing a piece about what the Russians are doing against the American provocations like Donald Cook. This is something that the Chinese can do. And with their land based missiles ready to fire should the Americans shoot them down.

Anonymous said...

" As layman observers, we are in no position to pass judgement or jump to conclusion of an evolving process of economic devt in a $12 trillion economy of 1.4b people. ...
No need to sweat the small stuff and argue until face green green and think one is cleverer than another.... No one can see what is going to happen tomorrow, another 10, 30 or 50 years."
April 15, 2016 10:35 am

redbean ... laochek.
If you want to be consistent, then you should shut down this blog.

If we layman cannot comment on China, then why you bother to comment on Singapore?
This is the essence of democracy.
What is now called "wisdom of the crowd".

Expurts cannot be trusted.
They cannot be trusted to "ownself check ownself"
Because they will never "ownself fuck ownself" by being 100% transparent.

We the citizens have to "Guard the Guardians."
We the unwashed masses have to "watch the watchmen".

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Not everyone is ( a ) layman lah ......?

Again another ( flawed ) assumption?

Oki oki, China is like your life ( long passion )?

That we know?

Given sinkies current life expectancy, many oldies likely will live to see 2030 and beyond .......?

Long enough to watch what will unfold?

Historically, ( the right and/ or suitable ) political and economic institutions ( ultimately ) determine the decline or rise of a nation?

( Let's agree to disagree on this ...... ? )

You mentioned before everyone is welcome to disagree?


But watch how China unfold economically over the medium and long term?

In 2022, 2025, 2030, 2035 .....?

The USSR was the first nation to send even a dog into outer space in the 60s?

Does that not mean they also have leading edge technology?

In an economic developement ( and race ), what counts in the end is efficiency, quality and quantity, not just number games?

As mentioned, the right and suitable economic and political institutions are paramount?

Is the Chinese ( domestic ) politics even ( as ) stable now ( as during Jiang Ze Ming and Hu Jin Tao periods ), much less instituting the needed changes?

Do you know ( how ) many PRCs living or studying in sinkieland are having "torrid" times bcos their parents or husbands back home are finding ever more difficult to send $$$ over every month ( and some or many are already behind time in their monthly rental payment? And would have been evicted ( by the landlord ) if not for the insipid feeble rental market?)?

Many well to do PRCs Tai Tai in sinkieland are even looking for some jobs to earn extra income to help lessen their husbands burden back home?

After the USSR economy started to stagnate from the 1960s, it took another 20+ years before they imploded under the last USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev?

Obviously many ethnic Chinese are still culturally and emotionally attached?

So who want to see China in trouble?

But a spade is a spade?

A deer is a deer?

Not a horse?

Unless one is the ancient eunuch 赵高?

Btw, uncle RB, many sinkies study and research on China in Chinese, and not in 2nd hand or 3rd hand info translated into English or other languages?

Do you get your main info on China in English or Chinese most of the time?

Can you blog in Chinese at least even once a week?

That's not a challenge or affront, btw, just wondering?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Making comments and opinions are fair games. Everyone can do that. But jumping to conclusions or insisting it must be like this or like that, or one is right and others are wrong is the level of the nutties.

I made many comments and views, but those are just my views and I do not claim that they are the right views or people must accept my views. Everyone can disagree with my views and that is normal. We are all different, with different upbringing, values and wearing different colour lenses.

The blog is just for discussions and sharing of views. You can come up with ridiculous views if you don't mind looking ridiculous. People will judge you by your views. Some will stand out like nuts from IMH for sure. Some pure stupidity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Depending on where to start "measuring" China's rise, you could make the case that it was "peaceful". You ould also make the case that it was VIOLENT to its own citizens. Maos killed millions. Deng slaughtered unarmed students in Tianamen Square.

China has not been tolerant of dissent. But that's ok. The people get the cuntry and the govt they deserve. Political culture emerges from social/ national culture and the both have a REFLEXIVE RELATIONSHIP. Social culture Political culture ➤➤ consequential government ➤➤ destiny of the Motherfucking Cuntry.

Governments have every right to hammer the fuck out of citizens who don't tow the line. To me this is ENTERTAINMENT! 😂🎭

So China may have been "peaceful" to the rest of the world during all this time, however the question is whether or not china WILL REMAIN peaceful now that its power is ascending?

IMO, the answer is NO. We are a warlike species. To be powerful is to assert power. China HAS TO assert its power to remain relevant.

Whatever the case, I say hooray for the ensuing ENTERTAINMENT! 😂😂

Anonymous said...

@April 15, 2016 10:03 am

Than you for updating my historical knowledge.
I stand corrected.

See. I don't apologize okay.
I just stand corrected.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My command of the Chinese language is as good as someone educated from the English schools. Not up to it to write in Chinese.

Every country will have its own problems at every stage of its devt. Only difference is how they coped with them and whether they come up better or worse, just like growing up.

China would not be what it is today if it is doing more wrongs than rights. Look at the new cities China is building, the new aircraft, ships, missiles and whatever. They could not do any of these things 3 decades ago. Look at the Chinese travelling all over the world and spending their riches. They were poor farmers one generation ago.

They have made progress by leaps and bounds. We are now thinking of buying bicycles to get around, they are buying luxury cars for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

The late LKY ( took all the trouble and effort and ) went to address the US Joint Congress in 1985 to try avert an impending trade war then between the US and Japan?

Sinkieland thrives on a peaceful global system and free trade?

If hell break loose in South China Sea, regardless who is the initial victor ( remember Pearl Harbour, the Japanese sank the US fleet but in the end lost the war ?), the first to suffer and even "sink" is sinkieland and sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Rb// China’s peaceful rise//

In Chinese, often it is translated as "和平崛起"?

"崛起" this term itself contains militaristic connotation?

It was rightly pointed out by the late LKY to the Chinese leaderships?

They try to change the term to "和平发展" or other terms?

But too late?

"和平崛起" is like terms such as sinkies and sinkieland?

Can it be erased from sinkies vocabulary, ...... oops ....... actually mean sgreans vocabulary?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, if your source of info on China is in English, it may not be that much more accurate than say one who acquired his knowledge of China in say Arabic?

There is an almost infinite amount of analysis, info and data on the REAL Chinese economic conundrum BUT in CHINESE, mostly written by mainland Chinese ........

Well, let's cut out many and go to the "CRUX"?

Below is a short extract from a prominent Chinese intellectual who has extensive on ground knowledge of the Chinese economy. ......

It is in quite plain and simple Chinese. So whether you have A1 or F9 grade in your "O" level Chinese, it should not pose a problem?

Nonetheless, if any oldies have problems understanding it, pls kee chiu and post a comment, and it shall be translated at the earliest convenient opportunity. .....




The above is just a small tip of the iceberg?

Anyway, this is just to present another perspective, a "first hand perspective" not filtered by any translation?

Let’s give uncle rb the benefits of doubt and trust his version of China is correct?

Anonymous said...

8 of the 25 deadliest dictators in the history of men were Asian. Guess who topped the list?


Like the old man once said.. It's in their blood or.. Just plain idiots

Anonymous said...

Here is another perspective about the current Chinese society written by another prominent Chinese researcher:




Anonymous said...

One more .....




Anonymous said...

If hell break loose in South China Sea, regardless who is the initial victor ( remember Pearl Harbour, the Japanese sank the US fleet but in the end lost the war ?), the first to suffer and even "sink" is sinkieland and sinkies?
April 15, 2016 11:39 am

As a poor Sinkie, I only lose my HDB flat that does not belong to me.
But I get chance to see Millionaires lose their bungalows that have been in their family for 3 generations.
Heng ah!
Let's see who die first when war breaks out.

Anonymous said...

RB: 1 of the most interesting topic about china in this week is taiwan and china s tussle over taiwanese criminals who scammed main land chinese s money from kenya, indonesia and malaysia.
There are 52 taiwanese in malaysia ready to be sent. China wanted them to be sent to china, while taiwan asked malaysia to send to tw.
The major difference is: criminal in cheating in tw will be released upon landing and some might get a few month jail, mostly less than a year. But in china, the same crime can be life imprisonment depending on the amount being scammed. That why taiwanese scammers are not scared as tw govt will fight for them to be re sent back to tw and released in short time, and of course, scamming mainland chinese again.

Kenya sent all the taiwanese to china. Will malaysia deny china to take the taiwanese criminal this time? It is a very interesting topic.

That is a reason i secretly hope, china shd invade taiwan. I hope the new president tsai tw will have the gut to declare taiwan s independence. From the way of asking for criminals, they are an independent country from china. Only china mainland are foolish to comply by letting taiwanese to be sent back to taiwan. I too receive chinese speaking scammers calls. I hope to see these people being held in china forever, including the taiwanese.

So by May 20, i hope president tsai said taiwan is independent from that day. And china and taiwan are different country. Then i want to see if china got balls to deal with taiwan and US.
Trouble is: president tsai was born with no balls. i knew it too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Someone here wants to see blood

Anonymous said...

"We live, bizarrely, in a world of surplus and yet, people die of want. That is economically ridiculous. It is intellectually absurd and it is morally repulsive."

Anonymous said...

"This incredible, massive growth for which you and the rest of us are beneficiaries. But is it possible to continue not just on the local level in Singapore, but on a global scale? The answer is simple. No, it's not possible.

"All those charts from that last guy don't mean anything anymore,"

Anonymous said...

There is a big dick up north coming to fuck your Ah, compliments of the dead guy

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The history of China in the late 19th century and first half of the 20Th century was all about pain, suffering, shame and poverty. Every Chinaman felt ashamed and embarrassed to be a Chinaman. The whole world was laughing and sneering at China and the poor and useless Chinaman. Conmen, robbers, pirates, bandits, cheats, etc were good enough professions.

Today the Chinaman can talk about the China Dream. Chinamen travelled around the world and warmly welcomed, seen as big spenders. There was a time when a rich yellow skin man appeared in Europe or America, they would ask if he was Japanese. Today they asked if he is a Chinaman.

Look at the big picture and see the big change. Every Chinese city today is a brand new city much more modern and organised than any western city.

No one is there to despise the Chinaman anymore, except silly bananas whose days are limited. The bananas would be extinct soon. An aberration of existence in the history of the Chinese Civilisation, like duckweeds.

The little crimes of a few Chinamen here and there are too small to have any impact on the development and rise of China, a continental size country with 1.4b people.

Anonymous said...

I spit in your brands

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ April 15, 2016 1:47 pm

I sure hope you are right.
Then I will be one happy banana.
Just because I am a banana does not mean I am not pro Chinese.

But there is so much that is useless in Chinese culture;
How can keeping these useless aspects of Chinese culture make you more loyal than a banana who wants to throw out all these useless relics.

Ancestor worship.
Bowing to a portrait of a late, great ancestor.
Following blindly everything this great ancestor says.
How many Chinese died as a result of following Mao's Little Red Book?

Anonymous said...

Chinese culture does not tolerate dissenting views and opinions well.
There is a tendency to conflate dissenting views as being a anti-Chinese and being a banana.

Just like Singapore.
Criticize PAP policies and you are likely to be deemed anti-Singaporean and being disloyal to Singapore.
Dumb fucks never heard of the dangers of groupthink.

But I guess it cannot be helped.
Singapore is predominantly Chinese.
So Singapore culture = Chinese culture = blind obedience

Anonymous said...

So Singapore culture = Chinese culture = blind obedience

Or educated idiots

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, we look down on China more

Anonymous said...

The problem with any society, much less a huge, vastly populated and with a long history, is how to organise it to achieve SEVERAL MAIN MACROECONOMICS, MICROECONOMICS and SOCIO-POLITICAL OBJECTIVES?

The Americans have organised theirs since 1776 along the political path of democratic tradition and the economic path of free economy for the past 240 years, witnessed one major civil war, two World Wars, One Great Depression and One Great Recession, several civil unrest, achieved equal civil rights, even elected a black President?

Not too bad?

Anonymous said...

For the Chinese, they organised themselves for the first 3,000 years of recorded history under a decentralised garment-nance, then the next 2,000 years under a centralised garment, 30+ years of failed democracy in the early 20th century first under Sun Yat Sen and later under Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek, from 1949 Central Planning Command Economy under Mao Tze Tong for almost 30 years, failed and Deng Xiao Ping steered it towards a political central planning but economic capitalist system since 1978 for the past 38 years .......?

What ultimately would suit China in terms of a STABLE economic and political model or system remains to be seen ( and/ or even HEARD )?

Can it use existing system and modify to suit itself or something new needs to be created ( for it to work in China )?

Many intellectuals ( both in mainland china and overseas ) seemed to think political reform could be the panacea China needs ( to solve its economics and social malaise ) BUT nobody ( at least in Mainland China ) dares to suggest it ( partly bcos of the potential consequences? Think USSR in 1991? )?

Anonymous said...

But look at USSR ....... oops ...... should be Russia?

Since achieving democracy in the 90s for more than 20 years, what have it ( democracy ) brought to the Russians?

From the start of its economic decline in the early 1960s to its disintegration in 1991, USSR experienced a painful, agonising, soul searching, tormenting and often deprived 30 LONG years ......?

After throwing themselves into the "LOVING" arms of democracy since the 1990s, many Russians didn't really find their lives becoming that much better?

So they more or less bor hue ( wtf is ) democracy ( can eat or not? ) and embraced strongman Vladimir Putin as long as he can deliver to them national dignity and economic fruits?

Having seen the USSR experience ..... oops ..... Russian ( dismayed ) experience with democracy from the 90s to the 2000s, how much hope would it give to a real Chinese leader worth his salt that political reform and ultimately democracy is the "RIGHT" elixir ( 仙丹 ) to treat and cure China's current economic and social malaise?

Anonymous said...

For a while, the sinkieland democratic model was under intensed study by the Chinese, until the 2011 GE .....?

Then they thought it wouldn't work too .....?

Till the "unexpected results" of GE 2015?

So now they are in two minds?

Sinkieland model can work and be adapted in Mainland China or not?

If can, old man not interested in 3.3 million sinkies "bowing to" him?

1.4 billions will kowtou and shout "万岁万岁万万岁" in front of his portrait?

No need "silly" 5-yo to do it 10 times still cannot do it properly?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

The hardtruths is it probably cannot and 1.4b people kowtou-ing to old man's portrait will not happen?

But the right "anecdotes" to China's economic and social ills may have been found?

b said...

Washingtom is controlled by a monster called soros who is anti civilisation and want to destabilise, destroy, plunder and rule. He and his team of puppets Hillarious and Merkill will try to bring mayhem to different parts of the world and set the world backward for a few hundred of years.

Anonymous said...

Like the 1000 years of DARK/ MIDDLES AGES in medieval Europe?

Which ended in the historical BUBONIC PLAGUE or BLACK DEATH?




Anonymous said...

Oops typo ..... Dark/ Middle Ages ......

Anonymous said...

Wherever the BUBONIC PLAGUE infected, about 50% of the population were wiped out?

Anonymous said...

Bcos of that, life was ...... like throwing a dice .....?

What do you call it in a casino?


Anonymous said...

Life was like as "frivolous" as dice throwing in a casino during that time?

Anonymous said...

During the BUBONIC PLAGUE or BLACK DEATH period in the late Middle Ages in Medieval Europe, no one knew who wouls be next?

Who would survive?

Who would not?

Anonymous said...

Some one mentioned Mao s little red book and laughed it over. It is not a joke book. Any one can get a pdf copy from china sites. One of the thoughts i read said china has been weak because china was unable to unite its real friend to take counter measures against its real enemy. I tend to agree with Mao s thinking. Xi is far better believer of Mao s red book than Hu, his predecessor. Xi first started to visit Putin and thereafter, refused to impose sanction against Russia, on US and EU's pressure. Today, Xi enjoys the support from Putin, not from Modi, and certainly not from Park of S Korea. US will not go far to entangle China. The more it goes in S China seas, the fastest it sees China develop the rail route linking China to Russia and Germany.
Xi s project is an application of Mao s real thinking to boost china s power, ie linking to Germany. US can never have advantage from China. It is china s real en-i-mee. Hillary comes up with loud talks will see china have more collaborative projects with Russia in North pole oil shipment route, where Russian troops beef up controls.

On silk route: China might have to skip some countries like India to route the high speed rail to Germany. Russia shd be the beneficiary. Thailand has given up on this route. So KL to SIN high speed rail actually has no real purpose. There are buses, trains, and cheap airlines linking now. Why Najib still wanta to talk about it? We all can guess as it is a big money structure.

Anonymous said...

In recent history, when Sun Yat Sen tried to bring about change, he faced countless attempts on his life but miraculously survived to witness the fall of the inept Qing Imperial Court?

Whatever happen down the road is up to the Chinese to deal with their own problems?

Who knows who is right who is wrong?

Who did what and what did who?

How bad is the situation?

Below is an excerpt from a Mainland Chinese:


" ...... 而所有官员又是无官不贪,无官不腐,这意味着的是什么呢? ...... "


How do anybody solve such problems through what means via what channel?

Why did the Ming Dynasty fell to the Manchurians in 1644?

Subsequent Qing Emperors like Kang Xi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long spanning from mid 17th century to late 18th century ( about 100+ years ) tried to eradicate the perennial ills of the Chinese society but without success?

How to save a tree that is infected from roots to trunk to the the branches with termites?

When "termites" permeates almost all aspects of a society, how can anyone solve the problem?

When Sun Yat Sen tried to bring about change, it was an "evil dynasty" and yet it was almost practically impossible if not for Sun's "madness"?

Yet he only brought down the Qing Dynasty but not the ills of the Chinese people?

Mao Tze Tong more or less eradicated the perennial ills of the Chinese people but couldn't solve their fundamental economic problems?

So stepped in the diminutive strongman Deng and he traded off what Mao achieved with the economic fruits of the capitalist system based on ends than the means with his famous "White Cats Black Cats" theory?

So now after less than 40 years since 1978, the Chinese system in terms of their perennial ills are back to the mid 17th century to late 18th century Qing Dynasty?

Without solving this perennial ills, how can the trees be able to remain standing in the face of adverse weather if they are infected everywhere to the core by white termites?

How to salvage a tree infected everywhere with termites?

Burn it?

Cut it?

Chop off the infected branches, trunk and roots?

What would be left?

It took China to suffer and be utterly humiliated for 100+ years from early 19th century to mid 20th century for them to swallow the bitter treatments Mao prescribed and rid the society of the perennial ills?

What do the Chinese mean by:

" 而所有官员又是无官不贪,无官不腐,这意味着的是什么呢?"?

Isn't this as good as the entire tree being infected by termites and what way can any human do to salvage such a tree?

Would the Chinese society be able to tolerate another dosage of Mao's treatment to rid of their perennial ills?

What must the Chinese society undergo to reach this stage again and what next?

Undercurrents and tensions are building up?

Too much imbalances in the system?

A situation whereby survival is to pretend it doesn’t exist?

For now, everything else is secondary?

Anonymous said...

Additional excerpts:

" “最近这段时间打击不通过银行转移资本的广东地下通道,中共的高官大量的资产向外转移都通过这个通道。比如薄熙来,转到海外的资产是82亿美元,怎么转出来的?肯定是通过地下通道。打击地下通道,是因为当大官的人,他们的巨额资产转移的差不多了。现在要转移的是中产阶级,还有一些级别不高的贪官,他们也着急了,也想把资产向海外转移。”"

Anonymous said...

Talking about corruption, have a look at how UK Cameron s father and him evade taxes on the Leak news. The names list is 200 times bigger than wiki leak.
Look at how Tw Chen sp transferred US$23millions out of tw to his account through singapore.
There is open banking system to steal state cash, there are many dark channels underground. Can also carry cash in brief case to buy properties, as some encountered in singapore during the boom time, just 5yrs back.

The one who stood out is Xi. He demanded chinese officials to go to other countries to arrest the criminals, this is very new to western officials who pretend to respect sovereignty. Like swiss bank account, like singapore banking secrecy, are these devises for corruptions?

The good way to stop is go international and disregard sovereignty for arresting criminals. Use the strong arm tactics like US forcing swiss accounts to be open to capture the tax evaders. However, sanctions must be imposed on those low tax heavens to avoid firms like in US, using those heavens as HQ, to pay no tax. US now ban those companies in tax heavens to borrow from US banks.

The big countries must take the lead to stop corruptions, some are legal like pay no tax practice. China and US are our hope in this century on such corruptions.

Anonymous said...

Rb 1.47pm //Look at the big picture and see the big change. Every Chinese city today is a brand new city much more modern and organised than any western city.//

Uncle RB, are you referring to 14 of the world's tallest 20 buildings constructed or being constructed in many Chinese cities?

Ha ha ha ha ha

You think that's a good sign ( for things to come )?

From past bad memories, the West steered clear from such endeavours bcos such signs are the peaks of gigantic bubbles?

One Empire State Building in the early 1930s already "Buey tahan" and brought 10 full years of economic depression in the US?

14 of the world's top 20 tallest buildings towering more than 500m and 600m each in Chinese cities?

Uncle RB is so proud?

Uncle RB said must see BIG picture?

Is this picture BIG enough?

Need see any lagi BIGGER picture?

Uncle RB?


What data are you looking at ( to arrive at your conclusion )?

Talking about more organised, which Asian country can beat the Japanese?

Is the toilets in China's BIG CLEAN cities CLEANER than the most "dirty" Japanese toilets?

What economic theory is that?

How come the Japanese are so much cleaner and more organised YET their bubbles still burst in 1990 and their real economy been struggling since 1992?

Uncle RB, your "theory" can "pa kay" or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't look at those highest or tallest buildings. These are the hobbies of megalomaniacs. Look at the infrastructure, the designs of the city, the road system, how they could turn farmlands into a well integrated modern cities. You think that is easy to do? Look at the OBOR and the high speed trains spanning across continents, look at how they feed 1.4b people, look at how they beome self sufficient in food, and there are many substantial things that they are doing right.

If you insist on looking at the pimples and rashes, and think China will go bust go ahead, there will be many, even cancers. China had gone bust, burnt to ashes. It is now a waken giant with a GDP of US$12 trillion from the days of bankruptcy. You think that is a fluke, happened just like that and the Chinese are still silly people good to be cooks and laundrymen?

Anonymous said...

In recent history, when Sun Yat Sen tried to bring about change, he faced countless attempts on his life but miraculously survived to witness the fall of the inept Qing Imperial Court?

The Qing court was only interested in their power and money. They did everything to protect themselves, including selling out the country. They put up weak resistance against the flood of foreigners into their country but went all out to keep the opposition.

Their real enemies were the people not the foreigners. They don't mind the foreigners carving out the country for themselves as long as they remain in power and enjoy the riches. country and people can go as long as they hold on to power and eat the best money could buy.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Two of the greatest ethnic groups in history bordering China tried to inject their strengths into the Chinese system and after that what happened?

One was the Mongolians whose empire at its zenith spanned half the globe as far as Central Europe?

The other was the robust and tenacious Manchurians?

Instead of reforming and curing the Chinese society ills, both kena "reformed" by the Chinese "uncurable" social disease and becoming equally "ill"?

The moral of the story is whichever race goes into China by force or otherwise sure kena absorbed by them than the other way round, going by history?

And will get "infected beyond hope"?

Look at the Mongolians?

Such a tough race?

But in the end 1 millennium after they kena driven out from mainland, their descendants still cannot shake off the ills infected during their reign in the mainland and basically not a menace anymore for a long time to come?

Likewise the Manchurians?

So good luck to the Yankees if they choose to walk into the mainland?

During WWII, divine should have let the Japanese stay longer in mainland and get "infected" beyond hope like the Mongolians and Manchurians before them?

Then the Japanese will likely also not be a "menace" to the mainland like the Mongolians and Manchurians for a long, long time to come?

Likewise many individuals, corporations and even old man ...... oops ..... national leaders kena "sucked" dry and many sinkie businessmen even came back after a couple years of "invasion" into mainland, SHIRTS IN TATTERS and bank accounts bled dry or barely enough to live out their remaining years?

One ex multi-million oldie now in his 70s made his forays into mainland in the late 90s and lost almost everything and had to borrow tens of thousand here and there from youngsters less than half his age to start afresh in sinkieland when he finally returned broke in the late 2000s to sinkieland?

To "scare off the yankees", perhaps someone can tell them: " Trespass Mainland at your own Perils "?

Or "Come, come, come, we will make sure you will be kena infected worst than the Mongolians and Manchurians and cannot recover in the next 10 millennium"?

Ha ha ha ha ha ......

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, mee just looked up the "Skyscraper Index" and so far ( it ) proven spot on in the past 100 years?

Pls see below some abstracts:
Source: http://m.journal-neo.org/2015/08/05/will-the-skyscraper-index-kill-the-world-economy/


"There’s a curious fact: once the economy of a country begins overtaking other states, monumental building start appearing out of thin air, superior in height to each and every single skyscraper that exists in the rest of the world. But once the construction of the highest buildings in the world is finally finished, retribution that is embodied in a large-scale economic crisis follows, and more often than not it is provoked by the country where the skyscrapers were erected.

This pattern was first observed in biblical times, when for an attempt to build the Tower of Babel, which was destined to reach heaven, people were punished by a heavy penalty, which still makes them speak different languages and wage endless war on one another. To honor this analogy, the inexplicable connection between skyscrapers and economic crises that follow after their construction, journalists have dubbed it the “curse of the Tower of Babel.”"


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, there are many ways to get money to feed a people?

When ( Chinese ) corporations borrowed US$18 trillion to keep themselves afloat and from becoming insolvent, can the borrowing continue indefinitely?

What ( will ) happen when the tap is turned off eventually or when they go the Zimbabwean style of massive printing by the Central Bank?

One way implies massive business failures and waves of unemployment?

The other unthinkable runaway inflation reminiscent of 1921 - 1923 Germany Weimar Republic?

After 35 years of binge borrowings including financing a navy consisting countless aircraft carriers battle groups, the US public borrowings finally hit US $18 trillion end 2015?

With an economy much smaller and corporate debt as big, if not bigger than US public debts, where would it end for China, dear uncle RB?

Is it sustainable?

Real sustainable economics talk about sustainable, not how big, how gigantic, how impressive?

Real sustainable economics talk about practicability, not about ordering 20 wasteful super dishes for just 3 people to look good, 24-7-365?

Nah .....?

The cureent Chinese way of life and economics won't work and won't be sustainable down the road?

But uncle rb, fret not?

All will likely live to see it unfolds before our eyes?

Just like in 1989?

The tanks rolling over the citizens bodies in TianAnMen Square?

Anonymous said...

China should start to sanction Malaysia on releasing 20 taiwanese criminals caught by Malaysian police for scamming mainland chinese money through phones. China sent a plane to take them, while Malaysia released them to Taiwan last night on Taiwan s pressure.

These 20 criminals were all released in Taiwan after 1-2 hours of questioning. Taiwan is the biggest in the world on scamming criminals. Yearly there are 6000 criminals sent back to taiwan and released, and they went back to the same trade.

Why? In Kenya s case, the scammed funds involved was 1000x100millions taiwan dollars. 85% were remitted to taiwan.

When i said i hope China should invade Taiwan, someone said someone wanted to see blood.
This is the problem in international value. NO see blood. But a govt of crooks politicians is helping its citizens to scam its neighboring countries is considered proper world order. This the same as banking secrecy to protect criminals putting stolen money in banks. The same as giving citizenship or PR to criminals who stole huge cash from someone. Do u think politicians deserve respect? I dont think so. They are as bad as the crooks too.

Anonymous said...

You can continue with your American Dream and hallucinate like the Americans. China has oredy overtaken the US as the Number One economic power and is moving to over the US as the military power in the not too distant future. China is the biggest trading partner to more than 130 countries in the world, double that of the US. And there is no way the Americans can catch up on this.

Anonymous said...

US carrier will have a hard time. China is developing run way on Yellow Rock island, about 200km from where US carrier harboring at Philippines port. China will deploy mid range missile to cover the entire Philippines Luzon island, and include the US carrier.

If China is not ready to take US, it will not bother to go so far off to put the sparking point so near to Philippines. If US is not trying to challenge China, eg Harris or Ash Carter are both hawkish, they support pinoys behind, to have the line up for battle.
Shooting is not impossible for the US carriers. A matter of time. US has one more fear is Taiwan Tsai is putting the ex -2 state claims writer to be president assistant, her ex partner writer in 2 state between china and taiwan. The other one is Tsai herself.
China invading taiwan is a matter of time too. This both sparking spots can come together, if there is shooting, there is shooting, PLA generals will put pressure on Xi to do the invasion. Xi can be overthrown if he back down.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen there .......

Can bet till mind last dollar. ....

...... and cent.

Anonymous said...

The more u see sabre rattling in S C sea, it means the more problems China and US have in their domestic sectors ......?

Anonymous said...

When Xi met Obama, he told him they share the same dream. ....?

" ..... 习近平又跟奥巴马说我们的梦是相通的 ......"

Means they both wayang in S C Sea to DIVERT domestic attention and also gain domestic support?

Anonymous said...

What the domestic audience see is two BIG GIANTS squaring up to each other in S C sea?

Anonymous said...

Polishing their guns opposite each other?

Anonymous said...

You kill the mice.. Any problem with that theory?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What r u referring to?

Mt Buttock's 2,000 rodents ( exterminated by the pests company )?

Or the one that "pilfered and consumed" the "private property" of another man?

Anonymous said...

The curse of the Tower of Babel
Media reports excerpts:


Anonymous said...

Further excerpts:
" 美国纽约胜家大厦和大都会人寿大厦1908年前后落成,接着金融危机席卷全美,数百家中小银行倒闭;1913年伍尔沃斯大厦落成,美经济出现收缩;上世纪20年代末至30年代初,华尔街克莱斯勒大厦和帝国大厦相继落成,之后纽约股市崩盘,并引发全球经济大萧条;70年代中期纽约世贸中心和芝加哥西尔斯大厦再夺全球最高,后发生石油危机,全球经济陷入衰退;1997年吉隆坡双子塔楼取代了西尔斯大厦,亚洲发生金融危机。事实上,作为中国改革开放的产物,金茂大厦在1998年封顶时也遭遇了1997年东南亚金融危机的洗礼。"

Anonymous said...

The Tower of Babel theory is not just a simple theory. It is a good example of the folly of man. Only small mind men would always want to be number One for all the wrong reasons. I am the best, like being the most expensive country in the world, being the most expensive in everything, in paying politicians out of this world salary that no country would dare to challenge or want to challenge.

God will strike down the people that built the Tower of Babel.

Anonymous said...

Way back in 2010/ 2011, the current economic problems in China were already anticipated?

Many private sector economists back then were highly sceptical of the long term benefits of the RMB 4 Trillion fiscal stimulus spending announced by then Premier Wen Jia Bao in 2009 and its medium and long term consequences?

Many privately are of the ( critical ) view that then Premier Wen Jia Bao "standard" in macroeconomics is as good as any old auntie in the roadside market place?

Those who are in the economics field would know what that means?

The cascading effects and consequences in the medium and long term are so "frightening" that they more than wiped out the short term benefits many times over?

Especially given the type of social, political and economic systems and circumstances in China?

The actual real trickle down effects for the masses even in the short term between 2011 to 2012 are very minimal bcos of the "skimmed off nature" through the entire process?

By the time any spending is realised on the ground, the actual amount could be much less than 50% but the bills that the masses need to bear in the long term are many times bcos of the compounded ( repayment ) effect of the initial amount?

In short, the efficiency is "atrocious and horrendous"?

As an analogy, it is like hunting in the wild and the costs of 10,000 "wild" shots return only one deer in the short term BUT the masses need to bear the costs and consequences of the "10,000 inefficient wild shot" in the medium and long term?

Anonymous said...

Please lah, stop being stupid can or not? Just because the angmohs said China's economy got problem, so every unthinking parrot will keep regurgitating got problem.

Tell me which country of that size can manage a 6-7% growth? US 2%, Japan 0%, Europe 0%, Singapore 2%, and no problem, 6% got problem?

Unthinking daft sinkies are like dat. Cannot think, no mind of their own and pretend to be thinking and clever.

If America or Europe were to achieve 3-4% growth, they would blow the trumpet to the whole world that they have done a miracle. Go and worry about countries with less than 6% growth first before coming here to utter about an economy with 6-7% growth as having big trouble.

How stupid do you want me to call you?

Anonymous said...

The latest official announcement showed China achieved "6.7%" GDP growth in Q1 2016 vs "6.8%" in Q4 2015?

Can such figure even be believed?

Why cuntries like Brazil and sinkieland who have massive trades with China experienced much more than the official indicated decline in their exports to her?

ZheJiang province is renowned and famous for being the number 1 in the whole of China for their business success and entrepreneurial drive, spirit and abilities?

When many businesses in ZheJiang start failing ( already happening? ) or their bosses "run road", that will largely indicate how "bad" situations are?

What can the central garment do?

You see, when a horse is over worked and they repeatedly injected it with fast boosting drugs and thus it went on and continued to work for a little while more .....?

Now the horse is more or less over "juiced" and lying on its side on the ground and only sufficiently alive to breathe, how to get the horse up again, regardless of whatever injection they can undertake?

If they do it again with say another injection, would it work? Would it get the horse up to run or do the heavy lifting again?

Property is maxed out?

Stock mkt is maxed out?

Manufacturing is failing?

The sky over Beijing cannot get any darker with sustained 500 psi pollution?

What kind of ( SUPER LOUSY ) growth is that if a cuntry needs to pollute its capital city so badly to eke out their GDP growth since the 1990s and 2000s?

Do you think the previous Premier Wen Jia Bao is of high economic ability if he needed to damage China's environment so badly during his reign just to grow their GDP?

As overseas ethnic Chinese, it deeply pain us to see that in the end it is not the corrupted officials who will suffer ( as they have the means to run road with their massive illegal gains ) but the hundreds of millions of commoners where some literally need to LIVE LIKE ANTS to get by in the cities?

In mainland Chinese, they are dubbed the "蚁族" 。。。。。。

"蚁" means "ants"

"族" means "race" or "social group"

Anonymous said...

If you cannot figure out or imagine what that means to the tens, if not hundreds of millions of Chinese human ants "蚁族" ...... Chinese human beans ...... lifestyle in Chinese cities, you can make a trip to any nearby nature reserve near your home and go inside the forested area and look for the ants colonies among the bushes or undee the trees ......? Observe how they move, work during day and retreat underground to the small dark, damp, unhygienic "tunnels and dugout" underneath every day when night falls?

If still cannot, book a budget say $59 or $99 air ticket to some southern Chinese cities and just ask any taxi driver, they know where all these "蚁族" stay at night .......?

If u are still not convinced, take the budget internal domestic flights or by trains/ subway to other cities up north or further inland ....... see for yourself ....... beneath the shiny facade of gleaming buildings, these are the harsh realities and hardtruths behind China's economic miracle?

When the Chinese economy hard landing gets closer, what would happen to all these Chinese human "ants" dubbed "蚁族" in Chinese media?

What would happen to social stability?

Why did the central garment abandon restructuring measures and started to try stimulate the economy all over again in the past 6 to 9 months?

Credit creation and lending reached a peak in Mar 2016 when corporate China is already settled with about US$18 trillion of debts?

How long can such "economic madness" go on before catastrophe hit?

Xi took over a "BIG, BIG MESS" from Hu and Wen in 2012/ 2013?

Whoever takes over from Xi down the road may encounter unimaginable "shit"?

Over 30+ years, China has built an economy with a GDP of about US$10 trillion by 2014 but at what costs and is it sustainable?

When the bills need to be settled eventually, how far will she be set back?

At best China will be like Japan stagnating for decades to come but with HIGH INFLATION and NO GROWTH?

Japan past 2.5 decades experience was deflation with no growth?

Any economist would know the difference and consequences between stagflation and recession?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Anon 10.39am,

Pls stop hiding your head in the sand?

Many economic reports, data etc are published in Mainland China in Chinese?

Uncle RB ( a banana himself ? ) already admitted last Fri 15/4 ( pls see below ) his command of Chinese language kns and conceit unable to blog in Chinese?

>>> Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanApril 15, 2016 11:39 am
My command of the Chinese language is as good as someone educated from the English schools. Not up to it to write in Chinese.<<<

How many Ang Moh then are better in the Chinese language than ( bananas like RB? ) and work for mainland Chinese media?

The intention here is not to out argue any bean but to acknowledge the facts?

To call a spade a spade?

Anyway it is not very ingenious to drag in "bogey men" like the western media or the American to support an "indefensible falsehood"?

Anonymous said...

Oops ...... typo ...... should be "...... conceded ....... "

Anonymous said...

So, even if Chinese economy grows at 4%, it is still very good.
Anyway, you can go and hide under your bed and tell everyone the world is so dark.

Anonymous said...

Essentially, it is illogical for an ethnic overseas Chinese educated in sinkieland studying Chinese as a First Language and even Chinese History and Literature in Chinese to lambast or run down China right?

The pain to see "screwed up policies" in China is as much, if not more than the pain of witnessing sinkieland's iconic crown jewels such as NOL being "badly run" and sold off?

Sinkieland's economy is highly open and easily susceptible to external demand downturn?

Whatever mentioned above about China's bleak economic outlook are probably published or mentioned millions of times and described in far less flattering terms gazillion times over in Chinese media in recent times?

It is only right to give a balanced view and sinkies at least aware of the other side of the coin?

If China continues to slow down in the coming years, sinkies are highly likely to be impacted?

The ( non-transparent ) official figures churned out should always be viewed with less than 100% gullible wholesale belief, right?

Some Chinese economists, based on other indicators, put the Chinese current growth rate at between 5% to as low as minus 10%?

Of course the latter could be referring to real GDP growth as price increases even in essential food items are quite rampant in recent times?

Pork prices for example has shot up in alarming rate in some big cities in recent months and the same goes for many other basic necessities?

China's economic issues and the further economic integration of AEC should be two key areas sinkies should keep a watchful eye on in 2016, 2017 and beyond?

In the near and medium term, to compensate for any shortfall in exports demand from China, sinkies and sinkieland's may have to look for alternative demand or sources of growth?

AEC market and potential opportunities may not be a full replacement for China but nonetheless potential for growth in some areas to lift up sinkies and sinkieland's economy?

In the near term, the Chinese central garment still have some means/ "ammunitions" to ensure some growth but at or of what kind of quality?

They have for now actually put restructuring at the back-burner and thus the low-quality growth of the past 30+ years seem inevitable going forward?

So it is just kicking the cans down the road for the 6th generation Chinese leadership to pick up the pieces in 2017 and 2021/ 2022?

By then, the malaise would be even worst ( if the Chinese economy had not hard-landed by then )?

There are pockets of innovations among the youth in Chinese cities right now but definitely not a force anything near to stop a faltering economy falling off the cliff?

Existing mainstream businesses are simply sitting tight at their forts and trying to hive off "parts" that are unproductive/ unprofitable so some to substantial retrenchment or wage squeezing ( of the employed masses ) like an over-crushed orange or sugarcane is inevitable?

Anonymous said...

So you are saying the millions of Chinese in the Chinese media who are worrying aloud the bleak Chinese economic outlook are hiding under the bed?

Even the ZheJiang Business Association members?

Even Ma Yun ( Jack Ma, Alibaba's Chairman )?

Even Li Ka Shing?

Your nose ( and business acumen ) is sharper than Li?

You must be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett?

Anonymous said...

Even with evidence, facts, figures pasted right in front of your eyes, u are still so stubborn?

No wonder there is an idiom?

"As OBSTINATE as an OX"?

Anonymous said...

Why do u think Li Ka Shing sold off his holdings in so many companies in Mainland and exited China in the past 3 years since 2013?

Btw, Li is dubbed "SUPERMAN LI" in the media .......

Maybe since u are so convinced by the pictures painted by official figures, u may want to do the opposite and go in when even Li Ka Shing are "moving out"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bor Eng.....

Anonymous said...

...... to entertain. ......

Anonymous said...

..... u .......


Anonymous said...

Write some more to show your stupidity. China will collapse tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Are u advocating or encouraging Ad Hominen remarks in this blog?

Or personal attacks?

Which part of the comments mentioned >>>China will collapse tomorrow.<<>> AnonymousApril 17, 2016 4:25 pm
Write some more to show your stupidity.<<<

U just wrote 2 short sentences and already showing it?

Or your ( aging ) minds and eyes playing tricks with the words or u can't comprehend "simple English" in the comments?

Need translate into Chinese?

Oops .... forgot u are a ( half baked banana? )

Chinese cmi?

English also .... ....?

Now u know Chinese cannot suka suka bully, right?

When push come to shove, the only way is "以牙还牙"?

You are acting like the Big Bully in S C Sea and ME?

Bullying a Chinese "书生" like mee?

是可忍, 孰不可忍?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing such as peaceful rising in the realistic world.

People often using beautiful words to disguise its true action.

Even simple fishing in traditional fishing grounds or EEZ will lead into dispute or conflict. Why ? For the simple reason of hunting for the fish to eat or sell for profit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

搞不好,生下你孩子的而还叫他叔叔 (给你绿帽带的)就是这你所谓的畜牲。