China should tell the American gangster to ‘Fuck Off’

China used its military plane to ferry some injured workers from the South China Sea. And the American gangsters think it is their right to demand an explanation from China as if they own the islands and China is one of its colonies. China should simply send them a letter with two words, ‘Fuck Off’.

Who do the Americans think they are? The Empire of the world and can go around demanding other sovereign countries to explain what they do in their own countries? China and countries of the world should not fall into the trap of responding to the demands of the international gangsters. By replying and explaining what they are doing is in de facto acceptance of recognizing the power of the Empire and to submissively try to explain and justify their actions. Malaysia did the right thing by telling the Americans, yes, fuck off, on the American reports on human rights abuses in Malaysia.

China and countries of the world might as well start to question the Americans for everything they did inside America, like the silly presidential candidates meddling with other countries domestic affairs and criticizing and attacking the rights of other countries and the wars all over the world, the killing of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. The thing is that most countries did not have the time to bother with this international gangster and just let the Americans behave like rogues all over the world.

How about China and Russia conducting freedom of navigation around Guam, Diego Garcia, Hawaii and the Carribeans?  Of course they are not so silly to want to waste their resources and tax payer’s money on such silliness. Both did not have wild ambitions to want to rule the world. Only the Americans can make their tax payers pay for such nonsense and counterproductive acts, freedom of navigations, conducting war games all over the world, raising tensions and inciting wars.


Anonymous said...

"Only the Americans can make their tax payers paid for such nonsense and counterproductive acts, freedom of navigations, conducting war games all over the world, raising tensions and inciting wars."

Only the majority Sinkies can make their taxpayers and themselves paid for such good things as million $ pay for talented ministers, million $ HDB flats, $100K COE, $600K peanuts etc.

Anonymous said...

China should simply set up a military base on the island, and tell everyone to fuck off. It's their sovereign territory they are sitting on. The pinnoys and malaysians boleh can fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Don't look down on the Malaysians and Pinoys. The Malaysians are going to push the Chinese out of the South China Sea. The Pinoys are going to beg the Americans to donate one submarine to fight the Chinese navy. Maybe Singapore can donate one of the older submarines to the Pinoys as we upgrade to a better one.

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese/Taiwan be NATO Commander-in-chief.

No Action Talk Only.

That's why so many kuching kurap countries like the Philippines can even intimidated their fishermen, ocean going vessels and kidnapped them for ransoms.

These uncivilised bullying blood in their genes barbarians need to be bashed terok terok.

Likewise the Vietnamese and indonesians.

The Chinese culture and civilisation of been principled and upright are been scorned by these gangsters as been paper tigers and sick cats.

On the other hand, we have those traitorous yellow bananas that suck out to all and sundry as long as they are of benefits to them.

They can sell their own race for their selfish gains.

Understand and denied by our PM that he endorsed the Presidential Gangster candidate moh peng poke face Rodrigo Duterte.

Now one American Warship in sinkieland.

Frightening, Chinese of all various denominations of different cultural traits and unbringing have so diverse characteristics.

Some Kwan Kungs and some Lui Pehs.

Anonymous said...

China is hapless faced with so powerful navies from Vietnam, Ppines, Malaysia and Indonesia. They combine together will sure defeat the PLA Navy. China must be very worried.

Anonymous said...

China is in trouble. US is surrounding china with the ports which include singapore changi to station carriers. The current state is to have "joint" patrol of S China sea with Philippines and Vietnam. Japan gave free pinoy patrol boats, and rent pinoy fighter jets to do the patrol around the southern disputed islands. By June, the International court will rule in favor of pinoy to claim the islands, which include taiping island now taiwanese owns. The Court is western setup, and China did not send representative in the disputed case. Once the ruling comes in, the likelihood of pinoy, vietnam supported by US to land at their respective islands will be increasingly probable. ie War.

Indonesia is also going into the dispute to do oil drilling as a pretext.
Meanwhile, China has amassed 1.5 millions pla around N Korea border to standby for the ending of 300000 S koreans having landing assault live exercise. It could be a push for the real attack on the North.
The Chinese has fired a DF41 inter continental b missile, while its deputy chief of army was checking on s china sea island, all most the same time when Ash Cater was on carrier stennis viewing the same group of islands.

Xi wore camouflage uniforms to visit beijing underground joint command and advised commanders to be accurate and to train to fight and win wars.

Overall, my view is: it will be good to see if China has the push power to take over Taiwan first. If China stop US meddling with Taiwan, US will not meddle in HK, and then there are less places to create publicity for s china sea islands. Its a cut off from main land. But China is after all, a weak country when talking about war. When the US talk loud, china will backdown, that how china gets these kind of bullying all years long. China must punch like Mao to stop US. Learn from the live example Putin. US just done want to mess with him.

Anonymous said...

When war starts, all the military bases in South Korea and Japan, Koreans, Japanese or Americans, would be taken out in the first hour.

Next would be all the aircraft carriers and then Guam.

China has prepared a few thousand missiles for this purpose.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Who do the Americans think they are? <<

It's not a matter of "think". They know they dominate the planet. They control the world's money by having a "legal license" to CHEAT. i.e.: they can sell you debt, borrow money from you, and then print money to pay you back.

With that kind of "superior advantage", the USA can essentially do whatever the fuck it likes. The US Fed (private banking cartel) is the world's lender of last resort i.e.: the are everyone's "friend" when there's an economic collapse.

Anonymous said...

Haha.....Redbean semalan tak dapat.

Waiting for China and America to fight.

How about Indonesia taking over Australia and then New Zealand ?

Anonymous said...

Taiwan is the main cause of US s pivot to asia. HK s current independent movement is aiming at US to support. The party for independent met US embassy staff while the latter offered financial support. Taiwan s support for tw independence from US and Canada is beyond doubts. This is what China weakest governance. It has no control on HK citizens, of course taiwanese.
China s course of actions is to pretent both are chinese citizens, Xi s words are always :”we are chinese”. This kind of pretence cannot perpectual when 70% of taiwanese believe they are independent national, in taiwan republic. The moment will come in months when tsai eng wen allows US to use Hualian port to support the movement in US navy to the nearby S China sea shows.

China asked for it. Xi though Ma ying jeou will help in unification, but actually Ma is also a passive tw independence individual. He does not change anything that is for taiwan independence, so much so that the DPP can scold him like scolding a running dog. That also led to the down fall of KMT, too weak and lacking strong leader. Xi is the similar kind, very similar to Ma. Xi talks to Ma to buy time. He eyes at tw manufacturers moving to China. But he did not demand that those business men must show loyalty to China. So we can see business men make money by RMB and support DPP in independent movement. Singers, actresses, actors are doing the same thing: make rmb, support tw independence. This is Xi s era. Xi if continues to do such things being weak to the independent movement, will see deeper trouble ahead for China main lands. Tibet independence, Urgher independence will come. PLA is like a show piece, where US navy thinks they are toys players. Unless China leader, most likely not Xi, can show US navy that China missiles are not toy but can damage US navy, US navy will do the shouting on PLA, like now.

PLA is built to take taiwan, not for show. Wander china leader got this in mind. Who dare??? That is a question.

Anonymous said...

Before the 甲午战争 in 1894, 李鸿章 of the then Qing Dynasty was very scared to take on the 小日本 navy cos while on an audit trip to the military ports along the Eastern Coastal region, 李鸿章 discovered almost all the ammunitions were either empty shells or filled with cocoa powder instead of gunpowder?

Though China then had the world's 4th most powerful Navy Fleet, he dared not take on the Japanese till forcefully ordered by Emperor Kuang Xu to do so?


Anonymous said...

Banning Falong gong in China is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

USA is currently the powerhouse of the world. South East Asia is important to USA for keeping an eye of China. There are many countries in this region that will willingly act as listening post for the USA. Japan is the greatest ally followed by the Pinnoys. Singapore is sitting on te fence at this moment, but I think Singapore is leaning a little to the USA by having the base at Changi.

Anonymous said...

In the next round of war, likely we would see stealth hardware to be in play.

Stealth hardware would change the doctrine of traditional warfare and beyond.
Imagine your enemy planes/ships cannot be detected or lock on by fire control radar. This will be a nightmare even the enemy is only a single plane or ship. Worse if it is attacking with one plane or ship followed by cheap and numerous drone planes or ships all with a radar signature of a mini drone or fisher boat. You just dun know which is which.

Of course whether it would succeed or not still leaves much room for debate.

However the amazing part is these group of people dare to dream and think out of the box with heavy investment of money, time, talent. It is a risk as research may failed but if it succeeds, you hit the jack pot. For sure, this time round hopefully they will learn from lesson on the art of spying.

DF whatever series are useless unless your intention is to fight a nuclear war. As there is no equipment to detect whether a ballistic missile is nuclear or non nuclear. Any launch of of ballistic missile especially medium or long range ones will be regarded as a nuclear first strike and will invite massive retaliatory attacks.

Anonymous said...

a large around waist rubber duck float will b handy

(incase of mass flood)..during a total all out atomic war..

(Only can travel in waters in atomic wars.)

Anonymous said...

As mentioned two years ago in MSN, hegemonic wars are silly if no side achieved overwhelming superiority?

Nonetheless, in history, hegemonic wars are unpredictable and triggered by seemingly innocuous events such as that of WWI?

But unlike the past, now weapons of mass destruction or total annihilation are in possession ( by both sides )?

Hitler was a mad man?

But whoever triggered WMD wars are gazillion times over madder than Hitler?

Anonymous said...

How about China and Russia conducting freedom of navigation around Guam, Diego Garcia, Hawaii and the Carribeans?

Dun be so naive! Do you know the Russians...they are just as bad as the Americans..

Russians are now pissed off with China for copying their rocket, planes, ships, subs, cruise missiles, ballistic missile technology. Worst part is they modify it and sell it cheaper than russians to other 3rd world nation who were originally traditional Soviet/Russia market. Russia now badly needs cash as oil price is down.

Why people just wont learn from history?

Anonymous said...

Stealth aircraft like F22 or F35 are detectable by China s radar DWL002. This radar covers a range of 400-500km, covering Taiwan and Senkaku island, but not up to Okinawa airbase.

According to Moscow Center for Analysis, researchers said DWL002 capability is not exaggerated.

China also sold stealth aircraft J31 to Pakistan. Stealth technology is new to singapore airforce, but not to the super powers including Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

All the silly people acting as if they are experts. The Russians are selling so many of their advanced weapons and aircraft to China and both are working hand in hand against the Americans. They know that the USA is the greater evil and would need to cooperate or they will be annihilated one at a time by the Americans.

As for stealth technology, it is only useful against countries like Iraq and Middle eastern countries that cannot hit back. The Americans would not dare to fly a stealth into N Korea or Iran to strike at their nuclear missile sites. Such a move will mean an instant all out nuclear war and all ICBMs would be flying. No need for any stealth anymore. It will be an all out blow out and the USA will not be spared. Russia and China would also be firing their ICBMs. There will be no where to run and no where to hide.

Stealth tech is only to bluff and threaten the smaller powers that cannot hit back. They are meaningless when big powers with second strike capability are concerned. It is a no go and even the mad Americans know that it is something they cannot try to attempt.

Anonymous said...

Besides the China s J31, Russia has a new way to counter THAAD. It tested a vehicle that can carry 10tons load fire into the air, and this vehicle then fire nuclear missiles in any directions which missile defense system cannot calculated that fast. According to UK news report, Russia tested it at border near Kazakhstan.

China should take US in the S China sea in coming month if pinoys and vietnam want to land on these islands with US support. On larger scale, if US support S Korea to attack N Korea, then China Russia will go into the war. Russia had a war game near N Korea after it withdrew from Syria. Meanwhile, PLA might force Xi to attack Taiwan as the independence movement is spreading to HK.

Both HK and Tw joined force to promote independence at the 2 locations. Xi will have hot seat if he ignores the rebellion movement, which is supported by the Japanese and US.

Anonymous said...

Russia military analyst also commented that China would not last one hour if there is a nuclear exchange with US.
Russia military analyst also commented that Numerically superior China navy would be annihilated by Jap Navy even if US Navy do not physically join in the war. It also commented that China subs are sibei noisy copying the 70s soviet technology.
Russia military analyst also commented that China limited no. of AWACs will be eliminated at the start of war with Japan.
Russia sold S400 missiles to China, but what is the part that they didnt sell?
Why China wants SU35 if it already has J20 and J31? was there anything wrong with the own developed engine?
Why China 2nd carrier (1st china built) do not have nuclear propulsion or electro magnetic propulsion ( or steam catapult) which it earlier boast and still uses skid jump or old Liaoning design.
Where is the China carrier based AWACS?
Why Russia wants to sell to Vietnam improved Kilo class subs with klub cruise missile capability (one notch higher than China ones)?
Why Pakistan still wants to buy F16 (and still maintain F16 squandrons) even if it has FC1 or can buy J10B/C (who is perceived to be better than F16 not to mentioned this J20 or 31)
Why Russia and China do not want Thaad to be deployed in South Korea even if it is useless
Why India wants F16/F18 plant set up in India in exchange for bases if it already signs a deal with Russia for its T50 stealth plane
Why China talk and talk only while US already deployed F22, going to roll out F35, to be commissioned stealth destroyer with rail gun, and a ? stealth carrier.

With former Soviet ICBM tech transferred to China by former Soviet scientist due to collapse of USSR, now China has a real ICBM (from land or sub launch) to threaten US soil. However the quantity is too small compared to US arsenal.

Russia is not soviet union, last time if a soviet jet is shot down by turkey, what would be its reaction.

All these point to one thing, copying is good but over time if you do not invest heavily in research. You will gain nothing except deceiving yourself.

Personal exp: Do you know what happen to the 1st China Deep water pipe lay vessel when it wanted to lay pipes?? This is the hardware part, Still havent come to the software part.

Why people just dun reconcile with facts and keep on dreaming where engineering or research is not there yet.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Peter Navarro s analysis is useful to see the present situation between China vs US. Most heavy industries in US have shifted to China, including weapon production. China is closing the gap on technology in weapon production with US.

ON the other hand, US has run into bottleneck on new invention. Its F35 is the last product. It is estimated in next 20 years, F35 will be the product.

During war time, US will run into difficulty for replacing the damaged carriers, jets to other weapons. It will be interesting to see the regional war most likely at S China sea islands, how China performs and how it can replenish the wear off equipment.

Japan has no fight to China, while US might run into short in supplies. Philippines junk war ships are no no for war. Therefore, Japan and US must break their pockets to support philippines during war.

If the N Korea is at war, it has its own army to deal with the S Korean army. China and Russia might be dragged into it. Who will win is hard to say as N Korean army are famous for training, each soldier is said to receive 10 yrs solid training.

If China take taiwan, that will be even better and interesting to watch how much is US s involvement. My guess is US may stay away from the direct conflict.

The ball is now waiting for whom is the first to break the sparks. I hope pinoys have the courage to land in S China sea, then a serious war may break out after fighting, where Koreans are involved. That will be good chance to see how PLA s performance is. Russians have shown in Syria its technology. So i guess China will be performing on par with Russia: professional standards are high as seen in Syria. US marines are unlikely to be involved. So the wars can be 1 sided to China Russia s side.

Anonymous said...

US marines good to fight Arabs only. Can't even get rid of pirates in Africa. Lost to volunteer armies in the Korean War, lost to pyjama vietcongs in the Vietnam War. They only won battles fought in Hollywood movies, Hamburger Hill.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:01 pm

I am not sure what heavy industry you meant. Perhaps you can elaborate further.

Do you know that manufacturing/production is one thing. Blue print/Engineering or Research is another thing. Even for a simple class approval, you have to go back to the west head office to get engineering approval before you can get site attendance approval? Do you know nowadays for a construction crane or thruster PLC circuit breakdown, You can uplink to Europe head office in the middle of the ocean to use internet to do diagnostic trouble shoot rather to wait for service technician or Chief engineer to come in and crack their head and next thing you know, they said they will send the spare part enroute to Singapore.

Also for eg. Ships catering to world wide market irregardless of tanker, rigs, FPSO, support ships even tugs that were built in China shipyards. Where did the blueprint come from? Likewise the commercial aircraft engines that were use on the China Boeing or Airbus planes ferrying passengers across domestic china cities?

ie. to say today i can set up the base in your country to manufacture or to produce. But tomorrow i can also take it back as i have the blueprint.

Do you also know why Li keqiang is so angry on why China cannot produce the same quality of ball point pen Japan produces? Apparently the technology is on the "ball" on homogenous material.
Also go and see how a german ball bearing runs on a shaft and how a China one functions. Of course it does not matter if the you do not require high performance. It all boils down on tolerance technology where how a German lathe machine works compares to a China one....sigh...

Look at the car industry in China that has a 1.3 billion market, why china car cannot make it after so many years?

Even looking at our country, why after so many years of using the China MRT, the latest one LTA decide to procure the Japan one, maybe under public pressure?

Please string up all events and think again.
These are all hands on nitty gritty engineering issues and not something a economics professor that can understands with charts and graphs and numbers.

Can you name any US defense contractor that began its weapon production in China?

Do you know that US has mothballed numerous old convectional carriers, destroyers, subs and cruisers dun even mentioned old aircraft and not scrap them? In short how many Carrier battle groups it has put into reserve?

At 600 USD billion US defense budget (even though it is credit money but who cares as their credit facility is sibei high) and USD 200 billion for china, you are telling me that US F35 is the last aircraft that we will see, well perhaps.... but will there be improved versions of D,E,F or even V versions just like the F15,16, 18 series.

As for conflicts (maybe not wars) depending on how you called it, maybe you are right, China may emerge victorious (again on how you define victorious) for each respective rival country. But the world is not so simple. Have you consider the scenario where everything (Taiwan, HK, Xinjiang, Tibet, Japan, Asean (including Vietnam), India, N/Skorea) which US is trying to push all happens at the same time? Otherwise why some people call it world war?

Can China then handle all fronts?

I wonder what will be Russia stance then. If you travel to Harbin, i wonder why the church and the buildings in the central district all have Russia flavour in it? Do you think by then Russia will help China or will jump ship to ask China to return what it "belongs" to them? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The only problem if N/S Korea is at war will be seoul for the sole reason that North Korea has many many many "old" rockets and artillery that is within range of Seoul and it also tactical short range nuke at its disposal. It will be days if not weeks that these artillery will be cleansed out.

If fighting without nukes, NK will not have a chance at all due to SK has air superiority and much much more modern army, navy and airforce. Now NK planes already start to have aviation fuel problem with world wide embargo.

Even if they fire the dirty missile at Seoul, NK would also not survive as i think there is a treaty (or whatever) for US to provide nuclear umbrella for SK and Japan in even of nuke attack in exchange for these 2 countries not to develop nukes. So our fatty kim is trying all his best to develop nuclear weapon as he know he will not win in a convectional war.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:01 pm

The US has mothball one convectional JF kennedy aircraft carrier, Ticonderoga class cruisers, Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates, and numerous supply ships in Philadelphia (East coast)

It has also mothball three aircraft carriers: USS Ranger, Independence, and Kitty Hawk.[9] two dozen decommissioned submarines, several frigates, and numerous supply ships in Bremerton (US West coast) near Seattle.

All carriers mothball are convectional ones probably suggesting on the maintenance issue on the giant Nuclear reactors.

You tell me whether is this coincidence or they already plan in advance?

Anonymous said...

Ano 4:07pm
China factories are busy in producing F22 F35 similar kind of fighter jets modeling Russia Su, china called chen 20. China factories are busy building war ships. US are stuck at producing F35. Budget cut, and technical difficulties. U have different views?
Why worry "can china handle" so many fronts. China has no world top paid president and pm, they have capable men busy manning their stations, including landing in space. U dont have to worry for them. This is what my observations r.

As to china cannot produce ball pen balls. This is an example Li KQ mentioned. I have read speeches of Li. He is very detailed. eg he talked about service quality standard, he set in the visions and also the detailed procedures, and they meeting of seniors party managers signed as resolutions. ie they must do it according to what agreed upon. That s Li style of pushing things moving among his men, cannot "jiat chua" then claim sorry, "honest mistake oversight, move on".
What i thot Li meant on ballpoint example is: "Go do the RnD, dont be idle." Simple to me to solve this: buy the top machines to make the "balls", do the same in China lah.
But to Chinese business, i think they will come out a kind of plastic balls easy to make in 360 degree round for ball pens. Who is so stupid to pay for a steel making machine to make ball pens selling at $0.1 per pc?

China dont good cars. That was 20-30yrs back kind of factories. China hs BMW factories, Honda factories etc. U need to clarify it is century 21 china.

Lastly, there is straight solution in modern wars: fire mid range missiles to destroy all bases of US, including Singapore changi, so that their carriers cannot park. More missiles will rain at the bases stocking stealth. B4 the stealth can fly from US, u will see this scene in war. Be smart if staying at changi.
The battle is on: the scarborough shoal island philippines is claiming in international court. China is said to go ahead to develop this land. Ash Carter said US will respond. So, your doubt on China will have the answer. I will watch the showdown. U too stay healthy to watch the show.

Anonymous said...

According to the Russians, all the flatbeds would be turned into scrapyards in the opening hours of war.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:14am

Hello, i think you dun understand me and got the whole picture of manufacturing & R&D wrong.

Maybe i got it wrong, some idiot said that US weapons have shifted to China for production.

F35 is fine and will roll out. The problem here is due to expensive price tag per unit. Its total number it can order is cut for this year fiscal budget year and so on. In any case, it was designed not to engage the enemy in doves but probably in a single configuration which is different in the old doctrine. Like the Boeing V-22 helicopter, this one has crashed dun know how many times but now it is on the stable path and in full operational status. The advantage is it can takes off and land like a helicopter but fly likes a plane with similar speed and range characteristics. Why can this people think out of the box and dare to dream?

So like in everything R&D is something costly not only in money but time and human resource as well. Even after they got the stealth planes and ships. They also need to innovate the whole doctrine and practice time and time again to find out what is wrong. Sometimes it can still failed.....

Maybe you are not chinese, do you know how humiliating it is to use and import japan ball point pens (not high tech product) for china now that it is a superpower and super rich. Do you know what is shame? On one hand, i said i never forget about Japan Invasion and Nanjing murder/rape/plunder but on the other hand we still use your japan pen (some more ball point pen) as we cannot produce the same quality.???

For China cars, you must be ignorant. Those BMW plant (if there is one, as i dun think BMW will set up china plant) or Honda or Toyota plants were set up by respective German, Japanese chief engneers and staff. If you have a China designed car (blue print by chinese, including the engine), plant set up by china engineer and the car sell like hot pan cake catering up to 30-40% of the local market, i give you thumbs up!! Why use Jap cars or allows Jap to set up plants in China if there is so much hatred, the simple truth is China cant match the cars in design, safety, quality at the same cost like Japan.

If you fire ballistic mid range or long range missiles, it will be deemed as a nuclear 1st strike. Because there is no sensor or equipment that can identify whether a ballistic missile is nuclear or non nuclear. The soviet came out with the ASBM (same like DF21) design but abandoned it and pursued the normal ICBM route. The amercians decide not to make nuclear tip tomahawk cruise missiles and segregate their missile catergory. In short, both Soviet and US have a understanding, if they fire cruise missile, it must be non nuclear but if is ballistic missile, it must be nuclear. Now China broke this rule and might suffer the consequence in playing the fake wolf? If China fire one ballistic missile, what makes you think US will not fire 1000 in return for elimination of china deterance stockpile. US has 1:11 numerical superiority.

The message i am trying to say, there is no short cut in everything you do. You copy also must understand and continue to R&D especially for the chinese. Cannot be yaya banana when you are "strong", make sure you are real strong and fundalmentally sound.Maybe due to my heritage, i dun want to see the Chinese to suffer the same fate again like the opium war and where 8 nations invade China ( Chinese people those days really believe their body will really resist bullets are drinking some burn tailsman water). So i am telling the truth based on what i think and know.

Anonymous said...

Ano 1:44pm
RB will charge me for the space used if i use lots of space. My heritage taught me to have self restrain. In short, my opinion is China must change their brains, forget about the past about opium war that kind of technology. Similar to N Korea a small country, missile firing is identical, press the button lah.
I cannot speak for others, if wear uniform, i am ask to count 54321 to press the button, i can guarantee u i press the button before the 1 is said. I want to blow up the other side. So simple. How many missiles the other side will fire back is not a concern. I will be ready to disappear in flame.
In war, dont ask the fate to let u live, while others must die. Just die, u will feel things are easy to do in war. U are the millionaires generals? They will not die lah, but so what, still die some days lah.

RND is no cheap money, because the results can be many failure before success. Chinese will not re invent a ball point ball making machine, or a BMW factory. These are consumer goods. I mentioned using plastic ball, is real, because there is such plastic so hard like steel, may be some RND can make ball point balls. That is commercially cost effective. Its cost effectiveness preventing china not making cars.
Not cost anymore, if making war ships or jets. China chen 11to31 all can hide like stealth jet, take off in short run way, or vertical taking off, and can do V shape sharp turn. These technology are chinese tech, including making the powerful engine for the jets. China cannot save cost and ignore the RND. They must ensure they can improve the power of the jet engine when required, as F35 will do it, so China follow.

My point is, soldiers are not for show, weapons are made to use. Dont expect otherwise, when its time to have war, the generals start to worry, if firing 1 missiles, 1000 from US will fire back. That is incorrect at reason to have military. In time of war, even firepower is weak, there is still ways to hit hard at enemy and die for it, just do it.
In China s war with US, i look at if the generals are motivated (if worry about enemy US too strong, salah general liao), the correct reason for war, like US is landing on the Scarborough island, China must fire. Then if Chinese soldiers have ground advantage, they have in S china sea. Then lastly how equipped are the PLA, they are well trained and equipped.
My point for China PLA is: just do it. Dont think of the past.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:08 pm

Part 1 of 2

This is where i think is wrong. A very different understanding of what is a strong country which is trying to pit with the world No.1 not number 2 or 3.

In engineering, everything is interlink as each events are dependent on the next stage.
If you do have acquire the skills at level 1, how do you proceed to level 2 or 10.
Worst is when you need that tech, you do not have it and also dun have relevant skilled people and then who else to blame then.

For eg. China said that it have its successfully unlocked the secrets to Electro Magnetic catapult (EMC) system for installation on its own china designed aircraft carrier. Thus skipping the need for Steam catapult which is used on Nimitz class. In reality, they could not produce the power generator that can be installed on the carrier that is able to power up the EMC. On the contrary, the US not only tested its EMC on ford class but produces a nuclear reactor smaller than the Nimitz carrier and can provide 3 times the power supply over Nimitz. And this thing in a way changed a lot of things... EMC can launch big or small planes (such as drones) by adjusting the power supply otherwise you can cause structure failure ejecting a small size plane using bigger force, last time steam very difficult to control. EMC also increase 33% of flight operations coz it can eject faster over the steam one. Ford class carrier also can install laser defense system and electromagnetic gun because it has sufficient power supply. All these are impossible if not for the leap in nuclear technology. For the Chinese, their 2nd carrier( china made one) is still a skid one like the liaoning one and not even steam one. Because of these their J15 will carry less fuel (less time in air and range) and ammunition and cannot have awacs plane (this is the the most jialut part).

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:08 pm

Part 2 of 2

Chinese heritage -one of them is drink water must know where is the source. We do not forget our ancestors and what they have suffered for our own personal gains. Do you know why up till these days, do you know why Qing dynasty is still so hated by the people. Remember about HK and Macau?

Do you also know why a a lot President (commander in chief) are non military people because there are so many things to consider and he need to be ultimately accountable to the people for the actions he has taken. Soldier only take in orders and that is the easy part. Decision maker will face the wrath of the people not only for one day but for decades or centuries to come. Look at the Ci Xi dowager. Your people will suffer for decades just for the stupid, impulsive, selfish decision made. So far Chinese leader have in a way swallow some pride for the China dream and growth of China. For you information, in the US they have eliminated the need for soldier to execute a ICBM launch as they found that the humans are not reliable during drills. The sole responsibility lies on the commander in chief. So no need for your 54321.

I give you a hint,go and check what are the F22 and J20 Radar cross section area and what is vector thrust (similar like T50) and we can talk more. You realize engineering terms and knowledge are very important down here. And i am not saying China cannot make it better, of course it can with more research and more investment across the board + growing local cohort of scientist, researchers and engineers. You never know whether a innovation in consumer technology can even be apply in military technology.

We are talking about US here. You think they will take it back if you fire missiles and destroy their carriers or hit US mainland. They are going to hit you back with everything. And probably will try to destroy everything if not hunt the enemy leader head and its team down.

To begin with, you check what is the distance of these cluster of sprately islands to china and its size. How do you resupply these bases if they are 1000 miles away if you do not have air superiority and water infested with enemy subs. How do you prevent your reclaim forward base to be bombed or attacked if the philppines base with US presence is 200 miles away?

China generals have no experience in 3D/4D warfare and no war experience. Furthermore in the South China sea war, it will be a war of Navy, airforce + missiles. The US has already experience in these areas and have doctrines to support.

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@ Anon 5:08 pm

One last thing, you mention about China have capable men busy manning their stations, including landing in space.

Then explain to me why there is CCTV footage showing strange bubbles coming out from their space suits travelling in a anti gravity fashion in a gravity free environment.

I can show you the link of these CCTV footage but i guess you be able to google it easily over the net.

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I think the no. 1 criteria of any CCP general is party allegiance to the 党,中央军委,和主席。

They are not selected firstly based on their capability. Furthermore, PLA is formerly army based and not navy or air force focus. So it is 100% brand new in terms of hardware and software.

As shown in 4-Jun incident, numerous Army formations (such as the famous 38th, 27th Army -who open fire on own civilian) were involved. I think the CO (军长 -徐勤先) together with its deputy of 38th Army refuse the central order on excuse such as without Zhao Ziyang order, they wont comply. He was later court martial and jailed for 5 yrs and then put on house surveilance. He commented in his later years that he did not regret his decision.

This is real courage and i salute him. Not just follow orders blindly like 54321.

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Ano 9:32pm
U lived in part decade about June 4 and Qing dynasty. Let me remind you, Wang Dan a June 4 hard core, teaching in Tw Ching Hua, his contract was not even renewed, Ur Kaisi is worst being looked downed like Wang Dan in Tw. These people are con artists, including those ran to US and married ang mor. Zhao Ziyang was a weak leader who met these students trying to negotiate. If he succeeded, he fell into US s trap.
The current pool of few students trying to claim HK independent are supported by US embassy.

The video about bubble can be fake. I had no interest in China s space walk. That kind of thing US had done donkey years back. I dont even on tv to watch such news. I checked the video u mentioned by googling. I enlarge the "bubble". It looked like an object moving up. A bubble must be round and break off as it ascending up. It did not break up. That showed the space walk was not in water. I cannot rule out photoshop, as US bloggers can do anything.
Recently, Ma Ying Jiue was said to run with short with no under wear, and his balls was seen by a photographer, closed to Tsua Ying Wen. The photo was proven to be photoshop and the photographer apologized publicly.

The real problem China must face is to attack the forces from Philippines Japan and US, trying to arrest control from China the S China sea islands.

U have so much worry for China is something i dont have in mind, like opium war, 8 nations combined forces etc. I dont think the west can beat china PLA now, comparing to Qing dynasty troops. I hope to see PLA attack Taiwan to take back the island. I also wish to see PLA fire at US bases and carriers if Ash Carter fire at PLA trying to take Scarborough Shoal, claimed by Philippines.
The battles will help PLA to establish its reputation. I think PLA will win, no doubt about it. I only hope Xi will not backdown like Zhao Ziyang. If Xi backdown, his fate will be the 2nd Zhao Ziyang, sacked by the Communist party. Its not difficult to predict the outcome. Lets watch in May after Philippine win the International court case against china.

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That is why you are wrong and start jumping conclusions.

I am saying the 38th Army 军长 who got guts is a real soldier and that is why they won the korean war.

For the rest of Jun 4 incident, these young students have their dreams and their cause is good - anti corruption. At that stage of development, they need to be stop but not killed. Anyway this is my opinion.

In my opinion, Zhao Ziyang is not weak. He was working under Deng Xiaoping who orchestra China open door policy. He sympathize with students which was exploited by Lipeng who force Deng Xiaoping to take action (party politics). It was never about the students. Different army commanders serving different factions all have different agenda.

We will wait and see on how perspective are changed as Chinese leaders are changed. People are asking for vindication of the Jun 4 incident. Xi came to power on the side of Hu/Wen all under the Deng Faction while Jiang and Li Peng faction is declining.

You are wrong. A bubble need not be round as it is shapeless especially when it is moving, if air is inside, it can expand in volume as it changes it density (which is why compressed air is dangerous). In a gravity free environment, anything especially the bubble cannot move up in one direction. It will move in a random direction. And it will not accelerate as it moves in a gravity free situation. If you say the bubble did not break up, did you see it hit anything or not shown? otherwise where did the bubble go? See the video again....make sure you see the CCTV version otherwise you say it is photoshop or us propaganda. If talking about propaganda thing, i can bring up the star wars weapon - Rod of God which was used to hit tianjin explosion.

I am not saying the west will beat China. I am saying US is also using it foreign policy (China is damn weak in this area) is ganging up its allies and possible Europe and Auz to surround China and weaken its position. In terms of military, there is absolutely no doubt at all US military will win at this stage of conflict.

Why cant you just bring up concrete facts and examples to support your view and not just pluck figures from the skies which is what the china media is doing to fool its audience.

If you see the grand picture and understand more about Modern China leader in the Communist Party. Xi's problem is he is trying to tackle the corruption problem (break some people's rice bowl), restructure the economy, stock market volatility, trying to tackle the 9 dash line issue, east china sea issue, Taiwan issue, HK issue, PLA internal structure (leadership Allegiance), Japan issue, Xinjiang terrorist, India relationship all at the same time. Mao and Deng also tackle each issue one by one.

Not mentioning about other things especially on the economy, he or his team make a mess of the taiwan issue. Worst Taiwan is not only sucking up to US but bloody hell to Japan. HK is getting more and more unstable. Of course we can cont to blame the US for this this this and that and do not reflect your own mistake.

You are so naive as US is hoping for China to invade Taiwan (or make 1st move). Then there will be perfect excuse legally to seal the area which is right at the centre of trade in china's backyard. Irregardless of the outcome of the war, China 60% export trade will plumber and it is time to shift the money to elsewhere together with the manufacturing, take note it is not only US money but World wide money and future investment will take a decade or so to recover. Also China will be deemed as the devil. Also not to forget on the embargo of US materials including commercial aircraft engine parts, generator parts and so on. What will the Chinese people do then, i mean the leaders and senior party leaders will not be affected though.

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Ano 11:21pm
I will not use "naive" to describe u. Naive means someone has no good judgement. To use the word means "mustabation": "kaki song". Some like it some dont.

I want to deal with the "bubble" video about China space walk brought up in pos to discredit china.
This is for readers who follow my pos replying yours. Not targeting to reply your po.

I search Nasa, and this is the record between the china space walker and Nasa men up there that day:
"Via NASA TV, Expedition 7 Science Officer Edward Lu (left) and Commander Yuri Malenchenko react enthusiastically to the news of China's first manned launch.
+ View video

From Houston, ISS Spacecraft Communicator Mike Fossum informed Expedition 7 Commander Yuri Malenchenko and Science Officer Edward Lu of the successful launch of the Long March rocket carrying the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft and Chinese taikonaut Yang Liwei. "It's really some exciting news to share. The world's spacefaring nations have been joined by a new member tonight: China."

"First off, we want to congratulate them," Lu replied. "The more people that go into space, the better off we all are. This is a great achievement and good for everyone in the long run."

In Chinese, he later added, "Welcome to space. Have a safe journey."

To answer why Zhao Ziyang was weak leader: he bowed to students on 4 June and said "he came too late". He was deemed to be the master mind behind the protest, and under house arrest.
History proved that, students leader Wang Dan cannot even account for the money donated for his cause in taiwan. These people are corrupted and i doubted what was June 4 for: for US and UK s master minds. HK that time was about to hand over to china. Zhao if continued, would be like Gobarchop, who disintegrated the USSR to please US. That why Gobarchop has no followers in Russia, but Putin is popular, because Russia has such traitor.
Lastly, if Taiwan is let alone to do their taiwan independence teaching for another 8 years by Tsai engwen, China s Xi will face problems in Tibet and Urgher, which are big crowds. Xi is on hot seat, it is not naive to take Taiwan and also US in one go in next 4 years before Abe produces more weapons to shoot at China and to pull Taiwan back as its own Japanese colony.
China is better face some death now than face larger death when Japanese weapons are more potent. Naive or not, its a judgement every one have to think about Taiwan s potential damage to China, if they are pro china. If they are anti china, they will want to see china fall like USSR. Its not so ok for Singapore as it has lots of investment in china.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:39

Precisely, in my opinion, i am saying you have no judgement and no foresight. Worst, cannot provide facts and examples especially technically thus easily hook winked into believing nonsense. I am positive you do not have any background in Engineering. I urge you once again to provide technical examples and facts to establish your point. At least i also can learn something.

Okay lah, discredit China let it be. Very soon, we will know whether it happen or not. We will know which country's astronuant reach other planets or so. I mean nobody can defy the law of physics ie in this case zero gravity. Look how those bubbles or whatever on how they react. You also check the dates as well and which shenzhou you are talking about.

You know nothing about China politics. Everybody from outside think opening of China economy is good. Do you know there is a lot of senior party members then (called revolutionalist - follow Mao in the beginning) oppose this move. Zhao is only a chess piece. All of the opposing force want to remove Deng and so called reformist. Even up till today, they are still continuing to fight for power.
A lot of people dun understand, The biggest challenge every China leader face is not from external or economic but the internal power struggle.
Xi is not worry about Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, HK, Japan to a certain extent. He is more worried that his opponents will use this excuse of mishandling to pull him down saying he is making a mess of the country.
Do you know in China politics, if you are down. Your whole family, gang are involved. Look at zhou yong kang, bo xi lai, xu cai hou, army general that all belong to one faction are down and their family investigated. All in a series.
Dun you get it. China will always survive (maybe not too good) even at the worst, proven in history even if it close its door. People will suffer but will still survive.

I dun blame you. If you grow older, you start to see things in a more refine way. For the time being. I can only say you are looking things too simple. With 1.3 billion population, what is 1 million death? It is just a number game to China who can afford to play.

Anonymous said...

Ano 10:41am

I cannot win on your kakisong skill. I want to keep other readers objective minds in place, so that they are not confused by your po.

1. the video with bubbles was intercepted and the bubbles were highlighted. It was not original, and the resolutions were so poor. My advise to u is to learn photoshop first, to be technical competent to dig into this point.

2. the quotes i copied fron NASA communications between the commanders was the technical evidence. U lack the technical knowledge to understand my po.
NASA was not so free to call the commander of China space walker in space. That was my message u did not catch lah.
If NASA can call China commander in space, NASA did not know where was the person replying? If not from space, NASA will not put their own commanders in space to talk to china space commander.

Ok lah, Naive is the word u used so much, i gave it back to u. I have no interest to win argument like this, comes with insulting even unknown anon s intelligence. I dont gain much o what u had put forward about china having in fighting. This is part of politics. No in fighting? Resign from politics like Zhao ziyang, now power, no in fighting liao.
Have a great future whereever you are.