By election to vote for a new MP for Bukit Batok?

Does anyone know what they are voting for in the by election? Sure, we are voting for a MP. What is a MP? A MP is a member of Parliament. Is it? I thought they are voting for an estate manager.

Ya hor, they all talk about improving the estate. Some want to do this, some want to do that. Do they know that they are supposed to be member of the Parliament? Or should they change the election to By Election for an EM? What is an EM? You did not  misspelt it for EP right? What EM? Estate Manager lah.

Ya ya, they better vote for estate manager. No need to attend Parliament sitting, got more important things to do than to attend Parliament. What for attend Parliament, talk, talk, talk and ask question only? Voting decided by the Whip, so no need to think, to agree or not to agree, understand or not understand the bills never mind, just vote when told to vote lah. No need to know what the bill is all about also. Absent from Parliament how to know? But when people ask, cannot say like that. Must you know what you are voting and you agree with the bills not because told to vote against your will, values, principles, or lagi best, dunno what the bill is all about.

What is more important in an election for an EM, oops I mean MP? To be representative of the people, to speak for the people, to make sure changes in govt policies, in laws, should benefit the people. But how to make sure when you can only vote what the party tells you to vote?  Or when you don’t even have time to attend Parliament? KNN getting $16,000 plus plus to be MP but got no time to attend Parliament. How can like that one?  Everything part time, attending Parliament also part time.

Ya hor, no wonder no need to attend Parliament. Like that all election should be called election for an estate manager. No need to waste time to attend Parliament. No need to call them MPs or Members of Parliament. No need to pay them MP allowance of $16,000, got bonuses some more, for not attending Parliament. Just pay them market rate for an estate manager enough leow.

What do you think? You know what is an MP or not? Yes, yes, an MP is an estate manager. Tiok, pass.


Anonymous said...

New Requirement? New Requirement?

Yes! All candidates in future may have to be armed with a COE
on a 1 month, not cheap, part-time course in Estate Management
issued by the universities.

Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Virgo 49 said...

That's why you see one year only three to four parliament meetings Nd nearly three quarters empty seats.

No quorum evsn to pass bills.

The other day Ministerial apeech by our Minster MOM very important regarding the state of employments etc!!

Only one quarter attendance.

Too busy with esates managements or their 16 directorships duties???

They do not care a damn whether Sinkies die ir not.

With or without employment.

Insult to Mr Lim Swee Say

Anonymous said...

What course did ministers attend ?

They seem to be expurt in every field, moving from one ministry to another.
They are also adviser, director and many others concurrently.

They got time for upskilling ?

Anonymous said...

Because PAP knows, and majority voters also know, Chee Soon Juan will not make a better estate manager than a PAP MP mah.

So this is just another strategy to make sure Chee Soon Juan will lose the BB BE lah.

And if Chee Soon Juan loses again, habis (finish) lah. Where got face to continue as politician and contest future elections?

But not to worry for Chee, because he and his family can survive without any job for many years already.

Anonymous said...

Who say as a MP, he/she must attend ALL parliament sittings.

Must they?

If not.

The $16,000.00 per month 真好赚.....真好赚!

Like that.....I also want.....but too bad....not invited for
tea party....sad...........

Ha ha ha........

Virgo49 said...


All I want is to get in and just nod my head and collect my 16K allowance.

I want to continue my Law practice.

This is just a PAP ploy of allowing minority race to get to Parliament to show the BUMIS in Malaysia that they must do this as gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

PAP send minority candidate against Chee is to make Chee lagi (even more) no face if Chee loses.

Because PAP very confident (at least 93%) even a minority candidate can beat Chee anytime, anywhere and any election.

And this Chee also knows. But he still contest because or else he also got nothing better to do since he has no job. No job, and even his wife also not working, but still can survive with 3 kids. Maybe those poor Bukit Batok voters should ask him how he do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.41am, you are perfectly correct to say that left hand money comes in and right hand money ALSO comes in.

But, like someone once said, what's wrong collecting more money! Anything wrong!


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9.51.

Why you kept harping that Chee no job and still can survive???

You want to go for upgrading and learn how to do this??

Better ask the PAP.

They tell you how to suck the sinkies dry and make themselves millionaires and yet the sinkies worshiped them like GODS.

Sinkies so dumb that Mr Redbean even said STUPIDITY has NO CURE.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people outside BB are crying out for BB voters to send CSJ into parliament.

I hate to use the word "impossible".

BB is not PE.

Only HE can help CSJ now. Really.

We shall see.

virgo49 said...

Why the PAP keeps harping of Estate Manager? ?

Bukit Batok once held by SDP ling how doong.
Lost back to PAP because unable to maintain standards due to non cooperation by all government agencies specially the MND,HDB,etc.

So they want to remind BB voters of this trivial issue.

Dr Seet Ai Mee Lost because she kept washing hands after shaking resident's hands.

So if.this Murali keeps cleaning hands then BB voters will.get incensed and vote Chee.

virgo49 said...

LEE SIAN TOW said civil servants are not independent to the government.

Only impartial. Impartial just to vote your choices.

So government agencies gave HELL to opposition wards as directed by LHL.

Anonymous said...

Please vote Chee Soon Juan to raise the quality of parliamentary debates.
- Members of Parliament are not Estate Managers
- if we want estate managers - let's hire professional estate managers like Colliers ... and close down the Town Council

agongkia said...

Virgo laochek oso MP before what.
Only thing he more class and "powderful"
Risking his life entering those kampong and lorongs,inviting and bring back SAF deserters and absentees,something that
he is still proud of till today.
Sometimes his lohkuan brothers call him chowkow but he is still performing his duty faithfully.
But dun know got abuse power and duck SUS at KDB or not.
That's is why he is also my Lao Hero,becos he MP.
Do your job well and will get my support.Who care what MP stand for.

Anonymous said...

How can a daf person vote sensebilly?

Anonymous said...

Only 1 person is not daf...

Anonymous said...

You have been tricked. You know how a trick works? Now you see it, now you don't.
Since most of you claim to see it, the trick continues.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Chee Soon Juan is in Parliament, I can bet the attendance would be 100%. No one can eat snake. The whip will be there to get everyone to attend, to listen to the sermons of Dr Chee.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, we MPs in the sixties just like the Pioneer Old ministers all got gee kee want.

Mostly Hokkien pengs unlike present day bananas and toufu.

We treat our fellow lohkuan comrades with respects. To us those detainees are "heros" want.

Dared to defy their Officers and NCOs. Unlike today's chow ah kuehs peng even scared of civil police.

Our time hammered civil police detectives. Only MPs can arrest them. Our Defence Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee. Not the Hen.

We knew the chao peng got hardships yet they served the country. Most of time they are in of some sadistic thian chiak pengs mental revenge to torture the soldiers.

Most of the charges are trivial like aruging back as insubordination.

They just want to torture and show their superiority.

Even we escorted detainees to their next of kins wakes without discreetly.
Unlike the stupid SPF handcuffs even five year old boys.

Boh lan pars.

Many detainees so popular that they become MPs so as not to chao pengs again.

This is our long long time ago happenings.

Jack Neo can make part three.

virgo49 said...

Mr Chua, The Whip can always excuse These skivers of their own.

Only when the Old Man returned to seat in the House, you see full attendance.

Now we have one hehgey hehgey PM who interested only in sending condolences and congratulations to the Elites of the World, the MPs no hue him.

Unless Ms Lee Wei Ling is also in the House.

There be 1000percent attendance.

She pulls no punches and wore knuckles dusters like the OM

Anonymous said...

Two kinds of public rebel
One type played by the rules
The other type fucked the rules.
Everyone is watching the type who played by the rules

Without order there will be chaos.

With order, you have the type that plays by the rules.

Your education got you this far.

Anonymous said...

Fucking stupid people deserve to be fucked

agongkia said...

Ya.Some joker good in wayang.
On one hand ask SUS whether MP got tekan him and let him know if there is.On the other hand tell RP to tekan SUS,who is his man, terok terok if he KL .Good actor got prospect:-)

Anonymous said...


So big crowd?

Looking around for uncle bean ......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tonight can't attend the rally. Will go for the sat or sun sessions.

Anonymous said...


Have a great long weekend.

Happy Labour(less) Day :)))

Anonymous said...

Now is the time ......

...... for the Buttock to fart ......

.....and stink Botak into "tak boleh tahan" and "capitulation"?

Anonymous said...

Now is the time ......

....... to queue up

and get an audience with a bright star ....., the star of tomorrow, ....... the star of the future, the star of sinkies hope and salvation. ......

Anonymous said...

Now is the time ....

........ to get a great book ......

and display it side by side with a few other books ...... no! Stack it on top of a few other books ......

VIRGO49 said...

channelnewsasia live streaming

chee spoke in Tamil

lky cannot even said nanda

good speech in mix hokkien and mandarin

huat SDP

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

If the adjacent/ nearby SMC/ GRC, for one reason or another, triggers same same, then really Huat lor .....

Go check it out last year ( +/- ) 20 Sept 2015 comments made soon after the disastrous results about possible by election ......

One time Huat is lucky, if 2nd time it is destiny ......

Divine's will?

Jiak liao bee "完蛋" le?

Anonymous said...

Given the screwed up in economics policies after the late DPM GKS ( premature ? ) stepped down in the mid 1980s, serious flaws are surfacing and the "wheels and spokes" in the sinkieland's Choo Choo trains are falling off all over the place "every few km travelled" ?......

When a professor in psychology "随随便便" talked about sinkieland's economics also "hits bull eyes", then the state of economy, as they said in Chinese, must be "千疮百孔" le?

Due to the "massive" domestic structural problems causing severe uncompetitive exports in the international market, this ( growth ) engine is gone le .....?

Anonymous said...

He said very soon sinkieland will be like "Kodak filing for bankruptcy" if Jiak Liao Bee continue to run the "very jiat lat policies"?

2 years after BOTAK voted best "FM" globally, sinkieland's economy now "mired in deep shit"?

That is really "VERY LAT SAY" ...... "VERY MALU" ....... "丢脸"?

Anonymous said...

Now is the time ......

even for a psychology professor ......

to tell the Jiak Liao Bee how to run "NOL" ...... oops ..... the economy so that it will not end up the "same fate as NOL" ...... oops ...... "same fate as Kodak"?


Anonymous said...

The structural problems caused by "insatiable GREED" especially Marboro Tan, Lao Goa's failed asset inflation policies mean sinkieland's economy almost impossible to turn around in the short and mid term?

The "bleeding" may have begun and could go on for a long time to come ......?

In the early 2000s, after 10+ years under lao goa's ownselves check ownselves economic policies, it is already quite evident the competitiveness are gone when one travelled around then ......

Anonymous said...

Coupled with the ( huge ) excesses since then, with the (temporary boosting ) effect of steroid. ..... oops ...... vices ...... oops casinos gone, the economy will revert to its original economic weaknesses exhibited in the early 2000s?

What economic competitiveness has sinkieland acquired since the early 2000s?

Anything else except legs open BIG BIG?

Anonymous said...

Just like the Geylang prostitutes, when the tinkie "VERY LOOSE" le, even the ah Neh workers also stay away and nobody wants le .....?

Anonymous said...

When total merchandise trade plunged by 100 billions in one year ( 2015 ), gold-fish eyes 20-year 4.5 billion ITP economic restructuring is going to be "TOO LITTLE TOO LATE" .......?

Maciam patient in "ICU and he still hoping to give panadol to revive the patient" ......?

U think such "economic cure and policies making ability" kong cum and very jiat lat or not?

Anonymous said...

When a patient is "VERY SICK", the Chinese have a phrase:


Bo Yok Kew liao?

Anonymous said...

The sinkieland's economy. .....oops ...... "VERY SICK PATIENT in ICU" already inserted with tubes all over the body?

Almost like vegetable and sustained by machines .....?

How to save this type of "病入膏肓" ICU patient on "life support"?

Another NOL on the way ......

...... oops .....

Should be Kodak otw ......?

Wait ......

Wait ......

Anonymous said...

Steroids maxed out liao Lo?

Cannot take anymore steroids already?

Game over?

Jiak Liao Bee?

Or Jiak Sai?

You decide?

Whole economy maciam KODAK?

Anonymous said...



You decide?

Anonymous said...

In the past 12 years since the last Year of Monkey in 2004, the whole economy revolving around vices, build, build, build, build?

What capabilities have the economy acquired over this 12-year cycle?

Same same 1990 to 2004?

Nothing except build build build and asset inflation?

After 30 years of flawed economic policies since 1985, how long and how big can the "bubble be blown"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Now is the time ......

To eat "Tao Suan" ......

With "皮条" 。。。。。 oops 。。。。。"油条" on this prelabour SAT morning?

Anonymous said...

And avoid BODAK(NOMICS) like a plague?

Otherwise your bank account and economy could end up same fate?


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Which is more "scary"?



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

State-led economics like "NOL-NOMICS" needs to be revamped?

Otherwise, sinkies and sinkieland will experience "INSANE-NOMICS"?

Doing the same thing over and over and over again and hope to experience "SANE-NOMICS"?

Anonymous said...

The private sector should be rejuvenated. .......?

One way out is to drastically cut down the "overcrowding out" by the state by REDUCING PUBLIC SAVINGS ( as too much are "imprisoned and inefficiently locked-up" starving the private sector )?

It runs against fundamental economics as excessive PUBLIC SAVINGS results in the private sector being choked and starved of the much funds needed by PRIVATE SECTORS to undertake INNOVATIONS and PRIVATE SECTOR led investments?

virgo49 said...

Aiyo, PAP nothing new.

Speaking like old broken record of trival issue of up keeping estate.

They kept the estate clean meh? ?

So many rats and even licked the CB of their pro lan par supporter.

Do not Shame the Role of a MP as a national icon lawmaker into a keep the estate clean garbage man.

Main duties of MP oversees the interest of Nation and its citizens and not only his constituency.

See how the Assembly Man of South Korea behaves with pomp and dignity. Wearing a button hole button of a Lawmaker status.

Here, just smile and shakes all hands, hugging babies and putting on a wayang.

The stupid Sinkues feel proud to be taken photos with them hugging their hypocrisy smiles babies.

Wait till you beg on The Streets then all babies become zombies

Anonymous said...

The "KODAK" or "BODAK" way of state economic management has run its course and proven "INEFFECTIVE and INEFFICIENT " in the 21st century?

To continue the present ( "BODAK" ) path would be going the "KODAK" way of economic ( ownselves destroy ownselves ) DESTRUCTION?

Now is the time to change the "BODAK" way of state economic management and give greater freedom and power to the private sector to led enterprise and innovation take roots?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Going by current trajectory, the next 5 years will most probably witness such trends .....?

When Lao goa, Marboro Tan started building the economic structure from 1990 on quick sand, the only way in the long term is for the whole damn tinkie to sink .....?

How can anything build on quick sand not sink?

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to revamp the education system to open up the minds of sinkieland's future generations?

The present system only practises:

"读死书, 死读书"?

Anonymous said...

Education if done right is good .....?

But what ( kind of kongcum ) education are the children and students getting nowadays?

Worst, 2 Jiak Liao Bees are parachuted to take charge?

Gone le?


The feedback from some ( on the ground ) is that the only thing about ( revamping ) education the 2 Jiak Liao Bees are "obsessed" with is to "remove" the word "Acting" in front of their ("education portfolio") Title?

Everything else are "secondary"?

Anonymous said...

In ancient China, after Kingdoms were established, the next thing all the new Emperors did were to remove at least 90% of the generals from their posts and made them retire?

Had sinkieland gone against wisdom even the ancient people knew about?

Now half the garment and GLCs are ( "IRONICALLY" ) filled with ex-military ( or military related ) people?

Talking about "insanity", what can surpass that?

It would be a surprise the economy can stay at its current state over the next 5 to 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Why do many "smart and bright" sinkies uproot and migrate?

When a system goes on like that, which "civilian" head ( in the future ) can control "a bunch of ex-military ( but incompetent in business, civilian, financial etc sectors ) people?

Which capable "civilian people" would want to join the "garment" and lead a "bunch of ex-military Jiak Liao Bees"?

Anonymous said...

Talking about "LONG TERM PLANNING", whoever overseen such a system previously must be eyes pasted stamps or only can count until "abcdefg" and never think of "xyx, aabbccddeeff ......xxyyzz, a1b1c1....x1y1z1 ....... aaaaa10000bbbbb10000......xxxxx10000yyyyy10000zzzzz10000" ( aka the future consequences and consequences. ....) of such a system?

On other hand, based on what Han Fook Kwang wrote in recent past and hint hint here and there, the "planner" seemed to know of a "bad" outcome in such arrangements even in the short run and "foreseen" some possibilities playing out ......

In other words, "he" only "planned until "hij" cos the arrangements probably will "punk-chek" by "efg"?

But how much "PAINS" sinkies must withstand before the "painful transition period" is over IS LEFT UNSAID?

Mb next time, HFK would like to enlighten sinkies based on his "enlightened understanding"?

Anonymous said...

Father built son destroyed. This is the meaning of a dishonorable son.