Silver Spring job portal – Singaporeans helping Singaporeans?

Kudos to Helen Lim, 69, and a few others for setting up job portals to help Singaporeans looking for jobs, temporary, part time or permanent.  Singaporeans are trying to help other Singaporeans when getting a job is soooo difficult. Just look at the media report and you will know what I mean. ‘According to Ministry of Manpower data for the third quarter of last year, nearly 55 per cent of Singapore residents made redundant in the previous quarter were able to find a new job within six months. This means that 45 per cent take longer than six months to land a new job.’

Read what the MOM did not say. Every time they used the phrase ‘Singapore residents’ it is a sign that they are hiding something. Why are they afraid to give the breakdown between Singaporeans and non Singaporeans? Fishy, something that they find it embarrassing or politically wrong to give the breakdown? And why selectively only the third quarter of last year? What about the first and second quarter? Is it that the third quarter results are the most pleasant to the ears of Singaporeans? And for the 45 per cent that could not find jobs within six months, how many could not find jobs after one year, how many after 3 years, how many could not find jobs longer than that?

The article in the Today paper today also said that many of the job seekers ‘have a diploma as a minimum qualification, while many have degrees and post graduate qualifications. Some have experience working in multinational corporations.  It then added a ‘unique group of school leavers in their mid 50s onwards who have grown well in their organizations to managerial levels. This group, when retrenched, faces more challenges getting another corporate job with no paper qualification to support them,’ said Ms Lim.’

Here again we are hearing a uniquely Singapore paradox. University graduates here could not find employment for lack of skill sets. Experience PMEs that have done well, with a good track record, also cannot find jobs. And some ministers are saying paper qualifications are useless, cannot eat. It is skill sets and job experience that matters. If you keep listening to the clowns in the circus, one should be laughing. In this case, you just cannot laugh.

And despite Singaporeans coming out to help other Singaporeans, who do you think are the people or organizations employing the seniors, mums and mature workers? The article mentioned small and medium enterprises. ‘The current organizations that contact Silver Spring for candidates are growing small and medium enterprises…as SMEs “see the value in having some mature silver talents in their workplace.”’

Why no big organizations, why no GLCs, govt ministries? They are too big to help? They can’t find mature PMEs good enough and must go to 3rd world countries to hire foreign talents with fake or degree mills or from ‘chapalan’ universities that are better than our world class universities?

The MOM also set up portals like Job Banks, for what? Is that their only responsibility and effort to help Singaporeans? Why can’t they work with GLCs and govt ministries to provide more jobs for mature PMEs, to give preference to Singaporeans? Or the foreigner CEOs are dictating who they want to hire and nothing can be done about it, even in GLCs?  I know the parrots would say cannot. Look, given preference does not mean you hire the bad apples. There are many good PMEs that are still good for another 5 to 10 or 15 years.

Who is helping Singaporeans to find jobs? What is the govt and MOM doing about this? Providing job data, talking about Singapore residents? That’s all? Why are the GLCs not helping out? GLCs that are making billions in profits do not need to engage in hiring cheap labour from 3rd World countries. They should be doing national service to hire Singaporeans at the middle management level and below except for jobs that Singaporeans did not want. The Singaporeans are doing national service, sacrificing their lives, why can’t GLCs be doing national service to reciprocate the sacrifices of Singaporeans but continue to hire foreigners to replace Singaporeans? What is there to defend for the NS men, to sacrifice their lives for?


Anonymous said...

RB, very well written and a most analytical and incisive post to hit PAP on such matters and where it really matters.

But too bad, because the opposition is disunited, one too many and needless to say, also not ready to be govt, hence by default, PAP got a 70% mandate in the last GE.

So I think PAP can afford to ignore it without peril to them.

So like that how?

Anonymous said...

Yes! In 2015, the massive massive 70% indicated OK/YES
and thank you very much, sirs.

Isn't this what we wanted? Asked for?

So now how? What to do now? Tell me!

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

There are 3 endgames for sinkies and sinkieland? :

1) Implosion ?

2) Implosion ?

3) Implosion?

SG100 had a hidden meaning?

Take away the 1 in front and all can start all over again and do a reset just like 1959 or 1965? Start from "้›ถ", "้ธก่›‹" all over again?

Heng ah?

Labour ministir "lumber 1" ah?

"Gui" oso him?

"Lang" oso him?

Heng ah?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.58am, your reset number 1959 came in First Prize
at last Sunday (6 mar) 4D.


Anonymous said...

1959 ... wasted ...

Don't worry can try 1965 next 4D.

Or 1942 also can ... next reset for S'pore may be more like 1942 than 1965 or 1959.

Anonymous said...

55% of retrenched PMEs found jobs within 6 months --- but PAPies never say what kind of jobs. Most of these PMEs even if they find another job, are getting much lesser pay and basically way way under-employed. Many are simply driving taxis, security guards, even cleaners, and other dead-end jobs just to survive.

As for SMEs going to those job portals for older PMEs --- you think those SMEs are really interested in helping the PMEs?!?!? SMEs just want to exploit the down-and-out PMEs with experience. Pay them $1.8K and expect them to perform a $5K-level job. Most of these PMEs will quit after couple of months rather than let themselves continue to be exploited and working 14-hr days and 24/7 on-call. Might as well work as security guards.

Anonymous said...

But 70% of daftees are happy with the situation what. These people have good 5-day jobs with nice salaries, can afford cars and everyday calculate how much bonus and increase in their house prices. Everyday you see 5-star hotels and restaurants full of rich & happy daftees enjoying $100-$300 per head meals. Those retrenched, cannot find jobs are just minority, most probably lazy and/or stupid.

Anonymous said...

Pay them $1.8K and expect them to perform a $5K-level job.
Anon 9:39 am

If true, are you such a boss or the exploited PME to know this?

If not, don't anyhow hear and anyhow say OK?

Anonymous said...

/// What is there to defend for the NS men, to sacrifice their lives for? ///

There are many bungalows belonging to Millionaire Singaporeans.
They have to be defended by peanut salaried NS men.
If NS men don't do this job, who will?

Aliens will not risk their lives on peanut salaries.
Therefore the high paying jobs in Singapore must go to the Aliens.

Do you think the above is true?
Of course not!
It's so outrageous and stupid an idea .... only stupid people will vote for it.

Anonymous said...

"Everyday you see 5-star hotels and restaurants full of rich & happy daftees enjoying $100-$300 per head meals."
Anon 9:46 am

It's true. At least on last Friday when I was at one of those places. Oh boy, the buffet dinner was crowded, even at $100++ per head, and with free flow of Alaska crabs! Perhaps that's where the 70% in GE 2015 came from.

Anonymous said...

come next erection, I tell u, 79.99% will say Yes/OK.......

do u think so..........................we shall see........

Anonymous said...

It is indeed fortunate that 70% will still stay and fight for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Tell YEW what, the next ( reset ) number ..... oops ..... date could be 1923?

The ear a "GIANT" was born?

Reset at YEWR own peril?

Some say 2303?

The day an "enigmatic pragmatist" was "lost"?

Some say 1609?

The bd of one "invincible intellectual thug"?

Some say 1300?

Back to the fishing village Prince Sang Nila Utama founded?

Or was it 1299?

Speculate the numbers ...... oops ....... ( reset ) date at YEWR own "peril"?

agongkia said...

NS is not a sacrifice but already a privilege given to Sinkies .
Can swim mean can swim.
SME do not owe PMET a living.They are kind to take in PMET not because they can be exploited but simply because they care for Sinkies.
Many PMET exploited elderly workers or poor leadership that end up like this.I cannot say karma becos my sifu dun agree that there is such thing..

Anonymous said...

Mb ..... mb 2903 ....?

The day a 16-yo gained fame or notoriety?

And heaven "wept" uncontrollably with an unusual and long downpour?

For the final passing and turning into ashes of a "giant"?

Or the ( untold future ) fate of a 16-yo?

Yew can speculate till the cow returned and bbq .....?

But anything ex-sex-sive is disaster?

Like the blue or pink pill?

Turning one botak quiter's hotdog into a shrivelled "over fried" sausage, much like the severed dried biblical cord on the navel of a week old baby, and dropping off anytime?

Ask him lah .....?

His two tiny lp already shrivelled and turned into small peas tinier than even red beans. ......?

An unintended consequence of ex-sex-sive and abuse of certain pills?

Unwittingly this quiter has become a botak modern eunuch?

Cos his 2 lp are gone leow?

Anonymous said...

NS is a special privilege reserved for Singaporean men only.
Singaporean men are indeed very fortunate to have a guaranteed well paying job when they turn 18 years old.
Aliens don't have such a privilege you know.

Lucky 70% Singaporeans voted to continue this privilege.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I salute their entrepreneurship!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Don't wait for the govt. to "solve" shit.

Private enterprise is much better. Those who fail, fail. Those who succeed, have to continue to "prove" themselves.

In a government, if you go over budget and have epic failure, don't worry, you will still have a job and the govt will still be in "business"! Fuck that shit! ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ”ซ

Anonymous said...

Sexual Assaults Soar At Swedish Swimming Pools After Refugee Influx


Alien or Foreign Talent Invasion

Anonymous said...

It is indeed disappointing that our government instead of helping its citizens, is continuing to deny and whitewash all negative results. It is obvious that we have amongst us are so many foreigners who took over PMET jobs from the local. Surely, if I were the boss of a MNC, I would take in the cheapest and those who are not affected by NS and reservist duties. Unless of course the government imposts on me certain restrictions.

Government must protect us from cheap labour. Our sons paid a price for defending the country and yet being penalised at the end. It is not about qualification and please do not mention that again. It is about lax law that allow MNCs to take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

// Government must protect us from cheap labour.//

There are 3 possibilities:

1) Tan Chin Ku?;

2) Tan Ku Ku?; and

3) Tan ( Ka ) Keow Ku?


Never will they?

Not even when it is at the end of this world?

It is in their blood?

It is in their sinew?

It is in their bone marrow?

It is in every cell of their bodies?

It is in their soul?

It is in their subconscious?

Anonymous said...

Bcos they take it as their fiduciary duty to fixate solely on $$$$$$?

Anything non-monetary is transparent to them?

If they do ( care anything non-monetary ), it is pure hypocrisy ( and snake oil sales pitch )?

4 Natural Remedies for Eczema said...

Sad to say, I realise despite the talk from ministers to ask companies to keep matured experienced staff, those GLCs, statutory boards are doing the opposite.

If those GLCs and statutory boards don't set a good example in practising fair hiring practices, how do you expect the private sector to follow?