NUS cooking up more First Class Law graduates

The law students must be in déjà vu with the recent announcement by the Dean of NUS Law Faculty that there will be more First Class honours graduates from the faculty.  Now, how can they be so sure that there will be more First Class honours graduates? Are they going to teach them better or are they going to admit more better grade students and coach them better to get the First Class honours? It is quite easy really, no need to work so hard or teach so hard.

You see, statistically, other world class universities are producing many more First Class honours than NUS. Some are producing as many as 30% of a cohort. NUS is producing a miserable 10% or at times 5%. How can be like that? So to get even with the best universities of the world, NUS would be raising the percentage to maybe 20% or 30%. See, it is so simple.

One big question, have we been shortchanging our graduates and depriving them from getting First Class honours for the last few decades? What a crime against our local talents. And is this applicable to other faculties as well? Is this also one of the reasons why ‘foreign talents’ are all flashing First Class honours degrees and deemed better than our graduates caused we were so stingy in giving First Class honours to deserving or undeserving graduates?

Who is doing the right thing and who is doing the wrong thing? How about flashing First Class honours from degree mills or Timbuktu? Who are the fools that have been fooled all these 50 years?

No wonder we have so few talents in all fields while other countries are producing First Class honours in everything, making every fool looking like super talents flashing their First Class honours degree here.

This foreign talent law dean is doing something right for Singapore. We need more clever foreign talents. He deserves every dollar we are paying him. Singaporeans would not be able to think of such an innovative and clever idea to produce more First Class honours graduates. The other faculties must also learn from this.


Anonymous said...

Is this what they called thinking out of the box?

Or is it that since we cannot beat them, might as well join them. If the world is filled with crooks, let's be crooks also. If the banking and finance industries are run by crooks, let's recruit more crooks to help us play the game?

Anonymous said...

I once asked the business school dean the same question that as they are attracting The best students, why give so many the lousy grades. The students might as well go to the others or overseas as many of the local Uni rejects came back with first class and boast they studied very little. The fool answered me indirectly that their degree is very prestigious so can not any how give. Unfortunately that is not viewed in the job market by employers.

Anonymous said...

When uni professors are thinking like fools, what can you expect?

Anonymous said...

When our fools prefer to take in fools with first class honours degree from the dustbins, what can you expect?

Anonymous said...

First class honours or not, not important lah!

What so important about first class honours?

Just ensure that our courts and laws are First Class!

That is most important!

What say you?


virgo49 said...

In the Army, Insubordination used to silence and punished whose who goes against them

In Civil World, Sedition is used to silence the same.

What World class Courts U expect??


Anonymous said...

When fools are in charge, they cannot tell the difference between fools, fakes and first class honours. They are all first class honours when they can show a piece of paper with first class chopped on it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak. A cuntry filled with more lawyers...of the "first class" quality, no less.

What? Is Lee & Lee going global or what?😂💀 Wah, open up in China/ India and grab market share of conveyancing fees...just like the HDB conveyancing-fee monopoly.

Good. Good! Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is harder to get First Class Honours from NUS?
Do you think this makes NUS a better university?

Do you think it is harder to get First Class Honours from NUS simply because NUS makes it harder to get First Class Honours?
And if true, this may not mean that NUS is a better university?

If NUS is such a good university, why is it that NUS graduates may be just as likely to be retrenched versus a degree holder from a 3rd world country?

Anonymous said...

This is a first class honours case study?

As reported in today's ASS..........

"Just barely a week after my mum passed on, my dad got sacked by his company for taking too much leave. It is not as if my dad took leave without informing or for personal leisure reasons. He took leave is simply because that hosting the wake is the last thing that he could do for his beloved Wife. Or maybe perhaps this event is not classified as important reasons for his boss but come on, if the death of a loved ones happened to you, would it be considered as important and valid reasons for taking leave?"

Can "fight" the case?

This is Singapore.....................

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Illustrious Minister Mentor

"Forbes has missed out the billionaire MM from its global superaffluence list. Some billionaires are keen to appear on
Forbes' list while there are also some who are not for personal reasons. Forbes are not known to be unheeding to their wishes.

"It is not a secret that the Lee family derives its fortunes mainly from the Lee & Lee law firm, which grew from a modest beginning in the fifties of the last century to its present mammoth organisation. The Lee law firm has a near monopoly of the conveyancing business of Housing & Development HDB) apartments. It is a bizarre phenomenon that HDB apartments purchasers and sellers gravitate towards Lee & Lee law firm for their conveyancing needs,...."

The above is excerpted from a post in February 2009 on The Singapore Recalcitrant blog. It has been removed. Here is the original link. http://bit.ly/1SEr7NK

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The ENTIRE POST and comments, thanks to the Wayback Machine in the Internet Archives!

I suspect the post was deleted because it may have been "defamatory" in nature. Too fucking bad. Once on the net, chances are FOREVER on the net.



Anonymous said...

In the old days, each law cohort only 40-50 students. After 4 yrs training, only 1 or 2 at most will get 1st class honours. It's a tradition inherited from old British-style Cambridge/Oxford. (I believe it's no longer the case even in UK today) Doesn't matter if the entire cohort all got straight As, all GPA 4.0 --- the professors will scrutinise each student & compare each individual subject or module and see whether got 1 mark or 0.5 mark difference. Even if everybody gets 100 marks for all subject & modules, they will cross-examine what each student had done & contributed outside of studies, e.g. being active in student chapter of Law Society, providing pro-bono voluntary legal advice services, how they interacted with professors & fellow students, what they did to help fellow students, etc etc.

Bottom line is that in the old days, only 1 or 2 max out of each cohort will get 1st class honours. Most will get either 2nd upper or 2nd lower. I know coz got some relatives who are/were lawyers (many are old birds, retired liao).

But with the influx of foreigner villager lawyers getting strings of 1st class honours from village universities, what value is there in a 1st class honours NUS law degree?!??!? More & more law firms here don't give a fuck, as the traditional old lawyers & bosses retire. As long can do case law and argue your case in court, and talk cock sing song can liao.

Anonymous said...

Another First Class Honours exam question.......

Who will win the next President Election if we have
Dr Tan vs Dr Tan? Why?


Anonymous said...

@ March 11, 2016 10:45 am

If NUS will only award 10% of each cohort with 1st class honours.
And if other universities award 30% of their cohort with 1st class honours.

Is this another case of Singaporeans ownself FUCK ownself?

Is it like good jobs for Aliens?
And unemployment for Singaporeans?
And National Service for young boys?
More examples of Singaporeans ownself FUCK ownself?

Anonymous said...

Singapore excels in ownself fuck ownself.
The citizens kena fucked until blur blur, no no what is happening to them and the country.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are so robotic. When they see someone flashing a first class degree, their knees went soft, straight away feel inferior. They lost the ability to think, to question, to challenge.

They would not ask if the first class is real or fake, from village universities or degree mills. So they ended up being fucked by all the fakes from the villages.

So pathetic. From the top to the bottom, all sama sama, unthinking, just collect money, count money.

Virgo 49 said...

°Hi Anon 11.51

Dr TCB will contest the next PE.

But Presidential Council said must be qualified candidate holding current billion Dr dollars office.

If Dr TCB already fully retired and not holding current billion S$$ office.

Sorry not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to their craps. There is only ONE thing to change. Every Singaporean born here has the right to stand for election as the Elected President. Period.

Stop mucking around with the rights of the citizens.

This country belongs to the citizens of Singapore, not your grandfather's country.

Anonymous said...