Most seniors working past retirement did not suffer pay cut

I quote Leong Sze Hian from his article posted in the TRE.

I refer to the article “More in Singapore remaining in workforce past 65” (Straits Times, Mar 7).

98% who continued working beyond 62 did not suffer any basic wage cut

It states that “”Nearly all who approached 62 are offered re-employment.

“Most do not suffer any cut to their basic pay if they continue on the same job with the same job scope and responsibilities.”

In 2014, 98 per cent who continued working beyond the age of 62 did not suffer any basic wage cut, with about 10 per cent earning higher wages.”

Why are these seniors so lucky? I think many are working as cleaners, security guards, or like what Leong Sze Hian said, as operators or service/sales workers. These are jobs that many Singaporeans shunned and also paid very lowly. There is no way for the employers to lower the pay further and to think of being able to hire more of such workers. In fact many cleaners and security guards are getting raises instead of pay cuts.

So you see what the statistics are saying? What about the PMETs who ended up as self employed bosses driving taxis? Are they part of the statistics for employment? Also, read carefully, it is all about ‘re employment’ not new employment. A PMET joining the workforce as a security guard may not be called ‘re employment’.  ‘Re employment’ means being reemployed in the same job. So if one is employed first time as a security guard, it is new employment, no count. But once employed as a security guard and reemployed as a security guard, like that can count.

This is just one possible explanation to make the statistics make sense. Please feel free to disagree with me.


agongkia said...

2014 or not ,actually it's 100 percent who continue working beyond the age of 62 did not suffer pay cut and instead all enjoy wage increase.MOM is just being humble to say 98 percent.

Those earning lesser are those who now work shorter hour or those choosy and lazy type.
Sinkies seniors PGs like many of you are lucky,plenty of jobs so long as one is not choosy ,lazy or having EM.
In fact a many apeks work just to go
hug Mei meis.

Anonymous said...

"This is just one possible explanation to make the statistics make sense. Please feel free to disagree with me.
I will vote Opposition so that they can ask the question in parliament.

I hope Prof Tambyah will run in the Bukit Batok by-elections.

Anonymous said...

They can always said/showed what they wanted people to know!

Statistics figures are for them to show ONLY the figures they wanted to show!

What is most important is not the figures!

What is the REAL thing happening on the ground to our seniors?

Many are singing "Song-Of-Sorrows"?!!

Please find out!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think what the stats show is that there is a noticeable TREND occurring, that people are staying employed past "retirement"---which is a concept of previous times. It is becoming less applicable in today's world.

The trend of "post retirement employment" is a global trend. Here in Australia, lots of oldies continue to work, as they do in almost every developed cuntry (where most of the well-paying jobs are)

I think MoM is "massaging" the meaning of the stats a bit. Typical. The reason why oldies are earning "more" is that wages at the low end in general are UP, but it is hardly a reason to "rejoice".

Among the many reasons that so many are ABLE to work is because the oldies are staying alive and healthy longer. No point getting a job if you're physically fucked and lingering at death's door.

Also, one must appreciate the vast plurality of job opportunity, primarily because the economy is ROBUST and PRODUCTIVE. i.e.: a rich cuntry can afford to pay its oldies to work.

And as agongkia has so piously counseled the horny old dudes, No Money, No Honey!

Anonymous said...

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independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ clueless 🔫 independent individual:

>> The individual has rights. << ❌ 𝟎%

No they don't. The idea of "Rights" is completely made up. 😂

Anonymous said...

62 doing same the job must have pay cut?
A Real Singapore story. A small manufactuer was bought by a tomasuck subsidiary. The small company ceo raised his pay 100%. Others followed market. This ceo implemented: executive at 50, to be on 12 month contract subject to renewal. After rolling for years, many at 50s had to check if contracts renewed, as HR missed out the contract renewal deadlines.
U can imagine how the company looked like, old staff emptied, now staff mostly from india and prc and malaysia. At the end, the ceo s own contract was not renewed. Of course, if profit was good, ceo should not go, correct?

To undercut/discount old staff’s contribution is suicidal to the company. Pinoys, indians, prc can replace the old executives at cheaper cost? Its a ceo s dream. Its like kicking the old mechanic off and replacing a young prc or indian and hoping the car or machines will run as normal. Will the workshop mati on such HR policy?

I called the ceo s strategy “throwing stone on someone in a well”. He thought he was smart, similar to the scholars we knew. Hitting someone at age 50 or 62 is easy. Those people cannot deny they are at 50 or 62. But are they not producing the company wanted after passing the birthdays?

Singapore s strategy: push the old citizens to drive taxi, and let the young pinoys indians and prc to run the city companies, manufacturers and retailers. The consequence will be similar to that small company i saw: suicide death.

At the end, Singapore will see, cost up, revenues down. Services not up to quality standard, products cannot be exported, not comparable to Koreans or China's. It is suicidal death for discounting useful human resources' contributions. Intelligence grow with age, yet the old s contributions can be discounted?

Anonymous said...

Ya angkokia is right, no money no honey. Most honey needs $100 for two shots so ah Pek needs to work hard to enjoy once a month two shots. No point paying $100 only one shot that makes the outing very expensive mah

Anonymous said...

Now he is telling the truth. a Freudian slip. Thought he said no need to pay one.

Anonymous said...

he got paid ?

Who knows ?

patriot said...

Fuck the EXPURTS who forecasted that GDP will grow by 2.5% next year(2017).

They think they are gods?
They are sure that the Current Heatwave affecting the Region
will not result in disaster sending
the Region into calamities such as
drought, famine and disease ???


Anonymous said...

ok, got job. still got same benefits?
still working the same no of hours or issit more?
still got same duties or issit more?

MOM figs really correct?
the 98% figure of reemployment sounds like a Very Tall Tale.
needs Lots of salt to swallow.

a lot is SAID in Spore. a lot is Claimed.
another matter whether what's said/claimed in actually DONE!
and another matter too is if what is done is done in the way its supposed to be.
(did those "unmarked" police cars that went to ben lim's sch have QX
plates, which everyone knows are the licence plates for the police?
ben's sch Really called up and said How's the boy?
we say we are green, but we want to create havoc in the catchment area?)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

»the Current Heatwave affecting the Region «

Yes. The phenomenon you refer to is El Niño's impact in Asia

[quote] In South East Asia, El Niño is typically associated with drought. This has helped fuel some of the worst wildfires on record in Indonesia in 2015, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The fires have had significant health repercussions, including an increase in acute respiratory infection.

In South Asia, El Niño conditions generated a weaker southwest monsoon than usual. El Niño is believed to have played a key role in the rainfall deficit in India.
[/unquote] Source UNOCHA

2.5% growth, as forecast by their "model"? 😂😂 Consider the cuntry "lucky" if the growth doesn't go negative and everybody gets fucked up! And thirsty and hungry, and hot...and drier than a nun's cunt!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Talk about govts fucking up their citizens and their cuntries...how about the oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia?

Saudis are deliberately keeping the oil price low with the hope of wiping out their competition (USA, Canada, Brazil etc). However this might be a case of them fucking themselves up in the process.

Going bankrupt, FAST....broke cuntry, weak govt...time for ISIS to step in and take over.

Fucking hell. The shit could get very interesting indeed. 🐷

Anonymous said...

There are not enough suffering pay cut and unhappy PMETs to even reduce PAP's majority as compared to GE 2011, let alone vote PAP out in GE 2015. On the contrary, PAP's majority even increased to 70% in GE 2015!

So like that how, I mean for those suffering Sinkie PMETs?

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura.

Thank You for the Response here.

Me just find those fucking expurts in Economy and Finance worse than those fortune tellers at 'si beh lo'(Waterloo St Kwan Im Temple). And just as relliable as the 'Horrorscope' and Geomancy Expurts.

Btw, there are too many of them in Sin and yet the Banks and Commercial Houses prefer to engage Third World Calibres over the Local Expurts. Even State-owned entities prefer foreigners.

And there are academics who CANT discern between military training and fighting in the battlefield. Talked about patriotism and sacrifice to link them to negligences of trainer and commander as though to be killed due to their(trainer,commander) negligences make the Dead Trainees as human sacrifices as justifiable consequence.

Talking about JUSTICE; it is the Primary Duty of police officer to protect life and property and UPHOLD JUSTICE.
With controversial cases liked the Death of Dominique and Suicide of Benjamin, is JUSTICE DONE FOR THEM?


Anonymous said...

If you hear them in Pariahment, you know what kind of justice they were talking about.
No remorse, no guilt, no responsibility, no accountability.
You die your business.