Korea – Who is the maddest of them all?

The answer is so simple. It must be the North Koreans. See, they keep on testing the patients of the Americans and the South Koreans, developing nuclear weapons and testing missiles and threatening to use them.  Is that your final answer? Want to call your papa or mama, or your girlfriend?

It is so easy to be misled by the media with an agenda when one is lazy and refuses to think. Everyone reading the western media, including our local media will come up with the same answer, the North Koreans are mad, crazy, irresponsible, going to start a war any moment?

Put yourself in the shoes of the North Koreans and ask why they are doing what they are doing? The fear of an invasion by the combined forces of the American Empire plus the Japanese and South Koreans is very real. The only means of defence to the North Koreans is to ensure they have a very powerful armed forces, and that is not all, to possess nuclear weapons with a second strike capability. The fact that North Korea is not invaded still is that they have the capability to deliver a nuclear strike, maybe not to the USA yet, but no problem hitting Tokyo and other major Japanese cities and the whole of South Korea. The fact that they did not do it said it clearly, they are no fools.

An attack on the South would bring in the Americans and would put an end to the North Korean regime. This is as sure as the sun will rise the next morning. North Korea will be minced meat if a war starts tomorrow. Now, why would the North Koreans want to court their own disaster? Only fools would think they would.

And two countries were invaded for exactly not having nuclear weapons, Iraq and Libya. Would the Americans dare to invade Iran or North Korea?  No they would not. But they would want the South Koreans and the Japanese to do so, so that they would kill each other while the Americans gave them full support from behind, from afar.  This is as good as you die first.

The question again, who is the maddest of them all? Why are the Americans, South Koreans and the Japanese so adamant to want to provoke the North Koreans and knowing that when pushed to a corner, if there is an outbreak of war, they would be the first to be nuked by the North Koreans? The North Koreans may beat the war drums when provoked but would not risk a war and invite their own destruction. They are smarter than you. It is the Americans that want to provoke the North Koreans to fight. And who would suffer most other than the North Koreans? No prizes for the right answer.

No the North Koreans are not mad. No the Americans are not mad. So who is the mad one that wants to have a war with the North Koreans and invite their own destruction? Again, no prizes for the correct answer.  Everyone knows who is the maddest of them all.

The answer, you, the one who thinks the North Koreans are mad? Who wants war and who stands to benefit the most from this war? Who is the puppeteer?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When it comes to which is the most insane culture of all time in human history, the grand prix goes to the USA.

North Korea as a culture, as a cuntry IS NOT INSANE. It's leaders however, are, unmistakably so. Thus, "insanity" is confined to the top echelon, where decisions and policies are made and implemented in efficient, top-down, central-control fashion as is the case in under a Marxist regime.

In America however, just about EVERYONE IS INSANE. Why? Because in a culture steeped in the SANCTITY of Individual Rights, everyone has the same guranteed FREEDOM to say and do what the fuck they like...and in that "freedom of expression" culture, there is very little (if any) "self-censorship" going on. Thus, insane people elect insane leaders, thus proving that there scope of "freedom" is so vast, they are even FREE to fuck themselves up royally! And also be a "contrarian" and PROFIT from such calamity😜.

American culture's observance of the "right to private enterprise" (the basis for free-wheeling capitalism) was truly solidified during the Prohibition Era where gangsters and citizens came together to thwart govt. efforts to outlaw alcohol (a big fucking mistake). This is a nation built on underground commerce and market domination...so now you know why they're so good at it. 😂

When the Americans turn up in your area, rest assured the shit's getting interesting real soon. It doesn't have to be a battalion of Marines, just a few dudes-with-attitude turn up in your small quiet Thai town, and soon the place is rocking to Springsteen and James Brown, your daughters and wives are all dating those "fine American boys", and your traditional culture thrashed, then "commercialized" and marketed to a new industry: tourism, American style. All of a sudden, your society gets wealthier, but there are costs....everything is a trade-off! 👍🏽

N Korea is the low hanging fruit for political, social, historical, human rights...etc. BASHING. Too easy lah, no challenge at all. Due to decades of poor nutrition, they are on average about 5cm SHORTER than their cousins in South Korea, who have enjoyed 2 generations of industrialization, upward mobility and almost "westernized" freedom, and of course, more nutritious food.

So N Korea is Asia's "bad son" who just won't play ball in geo-politics. Even fascist-junta Myanmar is now a world citizen, and the economy opening up. And so N Korea gets bashed up all the time. It also helps the haters, that the "Kim" leader, whoever he is, looks and behaves like an evil circus clown.

But on the other hand, America too is easy to bash up. They get bashed up everyday...mostly from their own, from within. This is why Donald Trump is so popular.

As I said, insane FREE people elect insane leaders.

Anonymous said...

North Korea does not want to depend on China to bargain with US on nuclear weapon. NK and US ended their fruitless direct talk with new tests. SK was alarmed of such direct talk. SK president had jokingly said the present military exercise involving 300000 troops and 2 US fleets might move all the way to the north.U know what she hs in mind right?

NK has more than 1 million troops. Most of these men are trained for more than 10 years. Even when these people become refugees in war, they will turn the south into war zone without uniforms. NK no longer takes order from China. Now China Russia are alliance without NK on their side. The watching side but not involve in the conflicts. Worst, cannot gain NK s trust as "taikor" any more.

SK JP and US, and may be Taiwan are in one single axis. That forms the 3 kingdom story.

One sub group against China is JP, Vietnam and Philippines. This group can include India also,

The whole setup is: surrounding china. US and JP are spending money and efforts to gather these small countries to turn against China. The China civilian government is timid. The NK is an unknown factor. If US can pull NK to its side against China, then China military may take over the civilian government eventually or it may ends up like the Qing dynasty. At war, the remaining US alliance like Australia, UK may join in the forces to divide China.

Therefore, China will not let NK to be “disturbed”. If NK invades SK, China military will have golden chance to take Taiwan within a week. The civilian government may not be able to stop such move as Chinese communist party has large pool of military men as seniors. The timid side might lose power.

US is a weak force in Asia. The fleets on oceans cannot take multiple hits by nuclear bombs. THAAD is capable for a limited number of missiles. Only stupid men will fire one by one missile to let THAAD tests its capability. Probably hundreds will shoot out to destroy the THAAD. So the loser will be US and losing US marines lives will stop the war immediately. Its obvious NO WAR lah. The chinese are always on “peaceful development” kiasi first win the move, until JP is able to convince a US president that US can win the war. May be hawkish Hillary might want to her name in history for that venture. The current president is retiring with good name as Nobel prize winner. Start a war? Not so stupid lah.

Veritas said...

RB must have taken monies from China to write such things.

Anonymous said...

Singapore already has nuclear weapons, developed together with Israel. But the nukes not based here. They're based in Western Oz, together with most of RSAF assets. Can hit targets in M'sia and Indo within 5-10 min of activation.

BTW, S'pore has a fully established war HQ & bases in western Oz. In event of impending hostilities or instability, ministers, PM, president, and key civil servants will be flown to bases in western Oz to operate & control S'pore forces & resources from afar.

denk said...

a bee gees commermoration

denk said...

and fat boy kim could be a cia asset !!!

Veritas said...

The trouble of Korea would mysteriously resulted to the fall of China. When Sui China attack Korea and lost, soon she was gone and Tang took over. Tang managed to took Korea later.

In Ming, the lost of Korea to Japan even temporary result to a huge bleed of China. Later Korea was lost to Manchuria. And shortly Manchu took China.

The lost of Korea in Qing dynasty result to Qing being overthrown just 16 years later.

A china without controlling Korea is always a weak China, like Song, or ROC.

PRC control half of Korea, so PRC is strong.

When PRC control entire Korea, China will regain her power.

These events are strange. And in all China history, whenever China lost Korea, China will fall.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...
RB must have taken monies from China to write such things.
March 15, 2016 11:02 am

What are you implying?

Anonymous said...

Much as it is true that Americans are hypocrites and stirring trouble in Asia, it is still not clear to me why redbean writes a very strong article in support of Kim regime. Know ye not, rb, the atrocities committed by kim family against his dissenters, even family members...and the lavish spending at the expense of million of nkoreans? Is this dictator worth defending? Are you as someone bluntly accused y of, getting special favours in your barrage of unbalanced articles in recent days, ever since you got to be staff writer in china media? Please dont censor this comment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What you people heard of about abuses and atrocities in North Korea, some are true, are mostly by westerns who have not set foot on North Korean soil or by dissenters who have an axe to grind. I am not saying there are all liars.

In today's paper, it is reported that 300,00o Syrians have died, how many have been maimed? What about the Iraqis and Libyans? Who are the devils committing those atrocities that are many times worst off than what were speculated about North Korean.

But more important, with all the daily provocations, North Korea's only response is verbal threats. What is wrong with the North Koreans developing its own missiles, nuclear bombs and weapons to defend themselves?

They hypocrisy and twisted logic is insane. I am not a supporter of North Korea. I just can't stand the tagging, branding and unthinking hypocrisies.

Leave the North Koreans alone. The more dangerous countries are those with thousands of nuclear warheads and WMDs and going around the world stirring trouble, inciting and provoking wars.

Anonymous said...

Singapore - which is the horniest political party of them all?

Anonymous said...

Who knows the 1 million strong NK troops and millions of civilians may desert in masses after war starts.

SK and China is apprehensive of the refugee problem this may create.

Now NK is in different times where there is practically no aid and shortage of fuel. Unlike the 50s korean war. US is now stationed in SK soil and SK military is better prepared. Those times, NK troops overrun seoul and was near SK Busan and encircled the last grounds until US aid under UN banner came and push back steadily.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here's Christopher Hitchens opining on his experience in North Korea.

Make of it what you will. Hitch won't care. He's dead.

Anonymous said...

Veritas still did not have enough of western oppression. He could get a decent education because he his forefathers were oppressed and so poor that they had to flee China. Lucky they did not flee to gold mountain in the US to be laundrymen or railway slave workers.

In Singapore he is lucky as Singapore played the role of a page boy to the Empire so got some crumbs to munch.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:31

You still dun get it. What oppression you are talking about?

At the end of the day, you need money to survive and to support your family. What page boy, laundrymen or slave workers you are talking about? They are all fighting for survival and to support their loved ones whether it is with them or back home. China was and for many years in civil wars then and in famine....No jobs, no money and no food.

Ask those that were fighting in the 50s or 60s against western imperalism/capitalist/colonist ideas and at the end of the day, what did he get or did he get for their family. China did progress eventually but were they credited or rewarded? Now China has become more capitalist more than any other country.

Dun pretend you went through all this as you do not understand what these page boy, laundrymen or slave workers went through during their times.

Anonymous said...

True. The Chinese in Sin lick the American balls to fuck the Chinese in China and are rewarded with some hotdogs. And they are ever grateful to the Americans. The Chinese in PRC can die, as long as they are well fed in Sin, it is good enough. They are not Chinese but Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Stop imaging things....and hallucinate.

Who is grateful to who? They are just making a living..... Who die who survive, you got to make out for yourselves. Chinese, Malays, Indians, non Asians.... All need to EAT as they are all mortals.

Travel more and see for yourselves. Most people in China and other parts of the world (including Japanese or Singaporeans) are just ordinary folks making a living day to day for simple survival means.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong of being page boy, laundrymen or slave workers? What moral grounds have you got to judge these people at his times.

Look at the Blanga, Indian workers, Filipino/Indo maids working here. Most are just earning a honest living to make ends meet. If they have a better choice, who want to leave their home, family and children.

American hotdogs..... I hope you choke on this.

Anonymous said...

No wonder, with your kind of sick mentality, you deserved to be ruled and oppressed and despised and insulted and be beaten. And to lose your cuntry.

Anonymous said...

At least i dun look down on other people's profession as they are making a living to feed themselves and families with their own hands and legs.

While you are just a snobbish doggy which will continue to choke on the hotdog.

You cannot even take care of yourself or family and you talk about country.....hahahha.

Anonymous said...

This guy is either stupid or damn childish. Need to go back to school.

Simple maths....You dont even get a chance to be ruled/oppressed/despised/insulted/beaten or to lose your country when you are in hunger.

Only when you jia bao bao, then people start to talk about all these.

How come Sinkies are so daft....