How credible is Moodys

Moodys downgraded China’s credit rating to negative sounded like another China bashing and the standard remarks from the bunch of western doomsayers. China is in big trouble everyday for the last 40 years in the minds of these China bashers.

While Europe is at the brink of a recession, the US barely trying to avoid one, and China is still chalking up 6.9% of growth as the second biggest economy in the world, its credit rating is negative as far as Moodys is concerned. What about the more than US$3 trillion of reserves against the USA as a debtor nation with more than US$15 trillion debt, if I could remember the numbers correctly? And the US is printing money recklessly to shore up its economy and its debt and commanding a better credit rating than China, the banker of the USA?

What a joke! And what were the reasons for this downgrading? China’s surging debt burden? How much is this compares to the US govt’s debt burden? China’s inability to reform? Is that a reasonable reason for downgrading the credit rating? Oh, the Chinese economy is the weakest in a quarter of a century? True, but that is comparing to an economy that was hot with double digit growth to single digit growth in the 7% that many countries will be salivating. Why not compare the Chinese economy with Europe and the USA? One is still having very good positive growth and the other two are about to kaput? What kind of comparison and analysis is that?

And what reform is Moodys talking about? Deng Xiaoping had started the reform ball rolling in the late 1970s. And China today is a totally new China. Not good enough because China is not subordinated to the Americans and not allowing the Americans to dictate how and what China should or should not do, allowing the Americans to drive the Chinese stock markets anywhere it wants it to go?  Let me quote  what Jean Pierre Lehmann wrote in his article, ‘The Trump effect on China’ in the ST on 3 Mar, ‘President Barack Obama’s statement, ”We can’t let countries like China write the rules of the global economy, we should write those rules”, is especially offensive. What rules were we (the West and Japan) playing to when we were carving up and exploiting China? Besides would it not be more proper in the 21st century to be writing the rules together?’

Has Moodys joined the circus industry and hiring clowns as analysts? China is going around the world buying up big corporations costing billions. China is the top trading partners of more than 30 nations. The Chinese economy is comprehensive, from infrastructure to manufacturing, banking, commerce, high tech, low tech, agriculture, farming etc etc. The Chinese economy is not going down like the US and Europe.


Anonymous said...

China must never be allowed to overtake the US as the No. 1 economy nor become the No. 1 military power.

So, all ways and means must be explored to bring her down. China is too big to deal with like bringing down Iraq or Syria militarily, so must try to isolate her by using the poodles to do the job. Economically, everything must be shown to be wrong with her system and what better way than using rating agencies and the media to do the job.

The West is using every possiblility just to bring her down. Increased military spending, dealing with North Korea, missing Hong Kong media people tied to their opposing China, stoking the fire in the South China Sea disputes are all big news everyday in the MSM.

The likelihood of China becoming No. 1 is no longer a pipe dream. It is a reality waiting to happen and the West, particularly the US is terribly uneasy about it.

Who, 40 years ago, would have thought that China could become the world No. 2 economy? Many thought that Japan, the No. 2 then, was unbeatable. And many now believe it is a possiblity and only a matter of time for them to overtake the US.

And that is a very bitter pill for the US to swallow lying down. It is obvious that they must do what they are doing now, if you know the thinking of the whites. But I believe China will be able to deal with it

Anonymous said...

How credible is Moodys? I don't have the answer.

But one thing I know, as u had commented........

CHINA is everywhere.....at all corners of the world!

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Will China soon sings...."We Are World!".

We shall see.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, China is not that "special" that it is immune from the vagaries of economic and financial up-and-downs.

There are massive problems in China. Let's not be in denial here lah. However, just because there are "problems" doesn't mean the cuntry is down and out. Smart cuntries with their govt. and people, fix their problems, China is ACTIVELY trying to fix theirs.

Moody's can get fucked. It has shown itself of late to be untrustworthy and unreliable. But there are other ways of teasing out data about China's finances and economy...just go to Hong Kong, and you will find many very knowledgeable people there.

There are also numerous scholarly articles on China's economic state---rich with data and key points. Many of them never make it to the mainstream media, but they are available online, no one needs to simply rely on agencies like Moody's any more. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

The agenda of the West is to make use of every opportunity to hammer down their arguments and make every problem a big issue regarding China. Nothing big is positive, everything big is negative when it comes to evaluating China.

Moody's and all the Western rating agencies are fucked since the Lehman Brother's collapse and the last financial crisis and are untrustworthy. They are only for advancing the agenda of the West against those they deemed not with them. Fucked them for good.

Anonymous said...

Death and Despair in China's Rustbelt

" Tonghua’s story is repeated across the country, where state-owned enterprises that were the bedrock of China’s industrial development have become its biggest burdens. Typically overstaffed, inefficient and heavily indebted, they offer President Xi Jinping a stark warning of what the country could face if the millions of workers who depend on these lumbering corporations should get thrown out of work with nothing to fall back on.

Uprisings have started from less in China. "

Virgo 49 said...

When you have Agencies like Moody, report according to their Moods- most of the times Moody.

Likewise Standard And Poor. Reports that made you Poor.

What U Expect???

These hai kow yee forecasts that made people Moody abd Poor.

Anonymous said...

Rb // What about the more than US$3 trillion of reserves against the USA as a debtor nation with more than US$15 trillion debt, if I could remember the numbers correctly? //

Uncle RB, according to many media reports, the US had already busted their current ( Congress-approved ) debt ceiling of USD18.1 Trillion as at Nov 2015 and their Congress at end last year approved an interim "arrangement" to let the ( debt ) ceiling ( continuously be ) breached till Jan 2017 when the next ( US ) Presidential inauguration is in place, and Congress is in a new session by then to trash out between the White House and Capital Hill the next debt ceiling ( which by then the national debt could have swollen well in excess of USD20 Trillion and well in excess of 100% in terms of debt-to-GDP ratio .....)?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, given China's current account ( trade ) surplus in recent months, its foreign reserves could swell well in excess of USD4 Trillion within 2016/ 2017.

Anonymous said...

Mb China's rating agencies also can publish their ratings of the US .......?

Anonymous said...

Beside developing military power, China must quickly develop and strengthen its financial system. The past 20 years saw many Banks, Hedge Funds and investors
investing in China equities.

If America wants to create chaos in China, all they have to do send more
ships and planes to South China Seas, create a situation of instability
then started to sell their investments and withdraw billions of dollars from
They did the same thing to Russia (Ukraine is the reason) bringing the ruble down.
They have experts like Soros, Buffet, Koch Brothers etc. whose profession is to manipulate currency.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the world is that the demand for US$ is still there despite the massive debts of the United States, and this despite the fact that the whole world knows they are printing fiat money just backed by thin air. There is nothing one can do without the global community backing the US$, which is unlikely to change, since world trade is now totally dominated by the US$.

That is why some wars are needed for regime changes, not for democracy or human rights shit, because those countries wanted to sell oil in other currencies other than US$, for example Iraq and also attempts by Venezuela, Iran and Russia. And that is also why the setting up of the infrstucture bank by China to counter the World Bank is such an issue to the West. When Russia and China do oil trading without going through the US$, that also is the reason for the beating down of Russia in Europe and the stirring up of resent against China in the South China Sea.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, I was told the American debt is something like US$25 trillion. US dollar still in demand, but the other countries are working to get rid of this demand. Poor Saddam and Gaddafi died trying to do that.

Russia and China would not go their way. Europe and Latin America and Africa would quietly work to move away from the greenbacks. And the US would be buried in a mountain of debt and useless dollars. It is only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been taking a free ride to prosperity paid by the rest of the world for too long. This greenback free ride will bring America down when it is game over.

Anonymous said...

China has been growing for the last 20 to 30 years. The current slowing is good for China. It is good to have a break. Two steps forward ,one step backward. It is
dangerous to keep growing, because a fall would be very serious.
After all China has only about 20 years of experience in handling international
currency manipulation. This crises would give China the experience and also to train
more financial experts for future needs.
American Government working together with the few Multi billionaires can create
chaos and regime change on countries they call enemies.

Jhony Bairstow said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"USA The Greatest Rogue And Terrorist Country Since The Annal Of History"

Of course! And also the richest cuntry---so rich they don't even give a fuck about their monster debt, because SUCKERS buy this un-payable debt...but it's ok, it's American! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฟ USA! USA! Yoo Es Eh !

The crap toilet paper US dollar and the bankrupt US Treasuries make up the biggest traded market in the world. Now if you can pull off such a stunt of obvious fraud---the the point where the rest of the world approves your "crimes"---then you must be some kind of awesome cuntry with "magical powers" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Other super duper things about wielding American power and influence:

1. You get to essentially run the English speaking internet and lucrative online super e-commerce businesses.

2. Your popular culture is so seductive, it is causing fractures in other "traditional" societies.

3. The value of your currency determines the level of economic activity, and their "success", in other cuntries.

4. With exception of a few places to be avoided, wherever an American goes, he'll get the most attention, and usually be treated the best.

5. If you a male, fat old and butt-fuck ugly, women who can be your grand daughter will willingly fuck the shit out of you.

6. Freedom of Speech. Of all the cuntrees in the world, America has the freest speech of all. Which maens you can say the most awful things to anyone on this planet at anytime for any reason...and you are protected BY an IN LAW for doing so. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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