Eugene Tan – How should we honour our pioneers properly

SMU’s law professor Eugene Tan had an article in the Today paper on 29 Mar on the above topic. Here is the gist of what he said and I quote,
‘Let us ensure that the legacy of our pioneers lives on, not only to inspire us but to also provide us with new pathways to critically understand and interpret our nations, our challenges and our evolving destiny. This self knowledge is our collective intelligence that provides valuable guidance as we navigate uncharted waters.  Our nation’s life story is about our greats and pioneers, who steadfastly believed in our right to be a sovereign nation state, and who … build this little red dot to what it is today.  It is to our collective peril if this life giving belief is not nurtured and sustained.’
This is the crux of our story, the reason why our pioneers built this island into a nation state. The big question, build this nation state for who? This life giving belief is about a home, a country for Singaporeans, the descendants of our pioneers, to live a good life.  And if we foolishly dismiss this life giving belief, not nurtured and sustained it, it is to our own peril.
Anyone understand what Eugene Tan said? Our pioneers built this island for us Singaporeans, not for foreigners to come here and inherit everything they built for us. The foreigners here today did not build a single thing, not a single shit. Everything was built by our pioneers.
Are we not betraying our pioneers to give this island away to foreigners and not to Singaporeans, the children of our pioneers? Who says this island shall go to the most talented foreigners and their children?
In the minds of our pioneers, it is all about us, about their children, the future of their children. The foreigners were not in their mind, not in the equation. It was us, Singaporeans first and last.
Any silly twit wants to tell the Singaporeans they should move out and leave and let the foreigners take over their homes and their country, built by the pioneers, their forefathers? Should we bundled the pioneer generation and throw them out in the sea, rewrite our history starting today, Singapore is built by the foreign talents in the 21st Century?
How should we honour our pioneers properly?  Still didn’t get the answer? It is to make sure the children of the pioneers inherit this island and enjoy the fruits of their labour. This island is what our pioneers willed to us, our inheritance, not to be given away freely to foreigners.  The pioneers will be turning in their graves if their children could not inherit the legacy they built and left behind for them.

PS. Many Singaporeans, the daft and the new Singaporeans, are telling the true blue Singaporeans to give away this island if they are stupid and cannot make it here, cannot compete with the foreigners with their fake degrees and talents. Heard of 败家子?


Anonymous said...

What can one say when 70% do not mind. Sinkie voters are municipal voters voting estate managers. 70% do not understand nation building.

Anonymous said...

/// How should we honour our pioneers properly?
It is to make sure the children of the pioneers inherit this island and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
This island is what our pioneers willed to us, our inheritance, not to be given away freely to foreigners. ///

Do you think our pioneers are PAP voters?
Do you think they got the government they deserve?
Do you think it serves them right that their descendants are poor toilet cleaners ... cleaning out the shit left in the toilet by Aliens with good jobs?

Anonymous said...

How can Sinkies honour the pioneers, who built Singapore with blood and sweat, when the Sinkie Politicians or Psuedo Politicians are determined to sell out the country and her people just for the sake of growing the GDP (which is a plain blatant lie that covers up a string of undisclosible skeletons in the cupboards of the Leachers)?

Anonymous said...

The answers to anonymous 8.58am yr2030 PSLE exam questions are as below:

1. Do you think our pioneers are PAP voters?...........................Yes!

2. Do you think they got the government they deserve?..................Yes!

3. Do you think it serves them right that their descendants
are poor toilet cleaners ... cleaning out the shit left in
the toilet by Aliens with good jobs?...................................Yes!


Anonymous said...

" If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained.
It's like with dogs.
You train it in a proper way from small.
It will know that it's got to leave, go outside to pee and to defecate.
No, we are not that kind of society.
We had to train adult dogs who even today deliberately urinate in the lifts. "

Do you think our Pioneers are well trained dogs?
Do you think they left us the legacy of the PAP government?
Do you think our Pioneers are worthy of our respect?

Daft slaves will always be daft slaves.
Whether you call them Pioneers or any other fancy names.
Slaves are slaves.

Anonymous said...

How should we honour Pioneers?

Do we honour them in the same way we honour slaves?
With an unmarked grave?

And when the land they are buried in becomes too valuable...
Do we dig them up, cremate them and scatter their ashes at sea?

Do you think we will benefit with more space for condos for all our new citizens?

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that this law professor Eugene Tan is the only voice in Sin City.

Anonymous said...

I believe with a majority Chinese population in its earlier years, Sinkieland would still have developed into what it is today, regardless of who governed the country.

If you have a hardworking majority Chinese population, the country can just run on auto-pilot and prosper without much goading power. You could see that in Hong Kong and Taiwan. You could even see it in countries without a majority Chinese population, like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia where the minority Chinese population can still strive on auto-pilot and dominate the economy against all the odds.

Sadly, while our ancestors broke their backs building this country, the credit goes to those who had contributed little in its early development but just arrive later to take shelter and claim the spoils.

Anonymous said...

Rb // Heard of 败家子? //

Can it be more scary than "亡国奴"?

Or "亡国臣"?

Or "亡国君"?

Anonymous said...

Of course I heard about 败家子! 败家子! 败家子!

But. What can you do? 无可奈何! 无可奈何! 无可奈何!

Living in this very tiny crowded city state is like that.

You MUST.......自己保重! 自己保重! 自己保重!

They said........"You-Die-Your-Business"! "You-Die-Your-Business"!

So the secret of living here is 知足常乐! 知足常乐! 知足常乐!

Will our 儿孙自有儿孙福 or 儿孙自有儿孙愁?

You say lah!


Anonymous said...


To complete your "ambiguous" sentence, let mee suggest the following insertion at the end of your sentence to make it MORE PRECISE: // ...... who truly believes in the interests and WELL-BEING of not only the present and future generations of sinkies but the sinkie founding pioneer generations as well. For how can they RIP if their present and future descendants are "sold off, discarded, traded, conscripted and consigned" as "prostitutes" for sinkie women and premature gals and "national slaves" for sinkie men and young guys?//

Anonymous said...

Reading some of the comments is just like riding in a horse carriage with square wheels on a rocky country road. What are they trying to say for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

What are they trying to say for goodness sake.
March 31, 2016 9:55 am

Fuck Yew.

Anonymous said...

Mb they are saying if you are very "dumb", then dun visit MSN for you will realise how "gong" you are and go down in ( mental ) depression?

Otherwise, uncle RB welcomes anybolee ( to MSN ) but to "keep to themselves" when they are too "kongcum" to understand and NOT ANNOUNCED in the WORLD WIDE WEB to the whole world they are so "dump, gong and kongcum"?

You think you are entitled to everything "explained in kindergarten a-b-c level" FOR FREE in MSN and FREELOAD, FREE RIDE BIG TIME ...... like those ( undeserving ) aliens in sinkieland?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

» How should we honour our pioneers properly? Still didn’t get the answer? «

Lord Acton's famous quote about absolute power leading to absolute corruption is only quoted in part. Most people do not know the COMPLETE quote, which when read---even uncritically---adds an important dimension of truth to the meaning.. Here is the famous quote by Lord Acton in its complete form:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”

Original Sorce: Letter to Mandell Creighton (5 April 1887), published in Historical Essays and Studies, by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton (1907) ✱ Creighton was a high ranking official in the Anglican Church as well as an historian

Now, it we accept that there are truths in the aforementioned quote, then the obvious question to ask is WHY would we want to "honour" pioneers seeing as how history also documents the awful things they did and various TOXIC aspects of their character.

This law professor ought to know better. This is not a fucking radio station where you only "hear the good stuff". If the truth ought to be evaluated, then it has to be the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but.

‘Let us ensure that the legacy of our pioneers lives on, not only to inspire us but to also provide us with new pathways to critically understand and interpret our nations, our challenges and our evolving destiny. This self knowledge is our collective intelligence …[nonsense deleted]…’

WOW! This is a generous dollop of Grade-A Bullshit approaching the form of word salad. 😂 Typical lawyer-speak.😖😝

Anonymous said...

Veteran SAF military working dogs up for adoption


So is it the same with our elderly Singaporeans like redbean and agongkia?
Also time to put them up for adoption in Malaysia, China or Australia?
Because Singapore welcomes only Aliens, Billionaires and PAP people?

Anonymous said...

// And if we foolishly dismiss this life giving belief, not nurtured and sustained it, it is to our own peril. //

When some kena this "kongcum" coma, you can kpkb for all that you can but ultimately it will be FUTILE?

Like a strong "drowsiness inducing pill", these people's minds are technically in a "coma" state, induced by a super heavy "dosage" of "kongcum causing poohsees"?

How can "life giving belief" prevailed when pitted against "extreme titillating pleasure giving BELIEF"?

All commonsense and logic are OUT the Windows they go?

Mt Buttock's coming CHEE BY election is a good empirical example of senses giving pleasures triumphing over life giving belief?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Absolute pleasure engenders comatose absolutely?

Anonymous said...

KNN, you think all pioneers are ministers ya?
Pioneers include the workers and coolies and the red hat samsui women and many more. All powerful and corruptible? No power pioneers how to corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Silly, you are putting faith in men or a man who go to the toilet and poo like you, shit probably smells worst than yours..with a body susceptible to unseen organism like you and also when dead..rot like you and buried in dust to dust ..among cockroaches and worms..just like you

if you think about it...how can a tiny brain be given so much honor and power to decide the fate of a nation or humanity? Why? Because he she writes better abc or count more numbers than you or mouth bigger than a twat?

Nah...you are dealing with absolute stupidity and absolute stupidity makes a bloody monkey out of a sausage like you

agongkia said...

Bluff who?One already let their pioneers down by having colourful names.Not to mention the word honour.
How can one claim their pioneers inspired them when they go for colourful name where their ancestors are proud Tan Ah Seng or Lee Ah Kim.
These colourful names only cause others esp.Angmo to lord or boss Sinkies around.
Only typical Sinkie like me,Goh Ah Gong can be more convincing by writing such articles,and not those Richard of Tonys.
To honour our pioneers,start naming your grandchildren with proper names.

Anonymous said...

Why people cannot use names they like? Your gong name so great huh?
You like to call yourself gong, people like to be known as Eugene oso cannot, must ask you for approval?

agongkia said...

@anon 337
Can lah.Who say cannot.Many,if not most of my friends who name themselves and their children with colourful names love angmo and see angmo high high.
These friends are the one who will welcome angmo here so I dun understand why uncle RB always feel those writing such article are one who think our cuntree belong to Sinkies only and are against FTs especially angmo FTs.With such friends,our cuntree dun belong to Tan Ah Kow,Mustapha,Samy or Ranjit Singh any more.We should be like our friends and welcome more Peter and Paul.
Uncle RB dun really understand fully what is 敗家子。Dun be shallow minded lah.敗家子comes in many forms.
Honours our pioneers?hehe..

Anonymous said...

// Eugene Tan – How should we honour our pioneers properly //?

Definitely NOT by what happened in Mt Buttock that triggered the coming Mt Buttock's Chee By election?

Those who had "dishonoured" sinkieland's pioneers should "redeem" themselves during this period?

Go to the pioneers' graves and kneel overnight for 7 days 7 nights to repent, ruminate and "SINCERELY" show remorse that they had DISGRACED sinkies' ancestors by "SALIVATING" at the first sight of their subjects' wives' poohsees and cuckolded their husbands with animals-like LUST?

Anonymous said...

This scribe is everywhere in Sin. When he opens up his mouth, and because he is funda-mentally a scribe, his words are as hollow as a lukewarm cup of liangchar

Anonymous said...

/ Eugene Tan – How should we honour our pioneers properly //?

The fucking pioneers bought their HDB flats for $5,000.
And resold their HDB flats to young Singaporeans for $300,000.
And stupid fuckers like Eugene Tan still want to honour them.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia u still very free it it? Not Kena fire yet and selling your ass for a living and gain the experience of tuakee doggie u from behind and playing your little can with two tiny balls? U damn lucky ok

Anonymous said...

All dead pioneers are good pioneers.
Because they cannot vote PAP anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:45,

You share your wife with the foreigners? You share your pantat with foreigners?
No wonder Singapore will be stolen under your nose. Your pantat is public property. Your wife is also public property. Anyone can take and use.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You niggers are forgetting:

1. Every pioneer was a foreigner. From the very first fisherman and pirate...all from "somewhere else", be they Siamese, Malay, Boyanese, or European.

2. The sub text of many of your comments presuppose that "pioneers" only existed during PAP time, and ignores period of the House of Temenggong (Johor motherfuckers) and British colonialism (House of Hanover---German-descended motherfuckers who ruled England)

3. It really ignores the even earlier cultures and civilizations which inhabited the island. See this

Lee Kuan Yew and his merry band of PAPs and their "pioneers" may lay claim to the development of modern Singapore, but there were many who came before them. I say "came" because everyone in antiquity is a foreigner who came to Singapore/ Temasek...according to the archaeological dig at Empress Place the artifacts date back 700 motherfucking YEARS.

Archaeological teams need MONEY. But the govt is somewhat lacking and seems disinterested. In that way the PAP can DOMINATE Singapore history and OWN the word "pioneer". Judging by how people are commenting (by ignoring pre-PAP Singapore), I'd say the PAP has succeeded in brainwashing the masses.

The PAP would have us all believe that "Singapore was nothing" before the PAP successfully socially-engineered the Singapore we know NOW.

What about the Singapore no one alive today never knew?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

They need money. Why won't the PAP govt give them any?

We have a very colourful history. But the PAP want to dominate the show.


Anonymous said...

// Eugene Tan – How should we honour our pioneers properly //?

No efforts should be spared ....?

The kitchen sink included?

As redemption for the sins committed in this Sin City, especially Mt Buttock?

Anyone game to worship in solidarity as sinkies?

This Sunday Mid Night at LCK graveyard?

The actual Qing Ming date to honour the dead and ancestry?

Anonymous said...

// Eugene Tan – How should we honour our pioneers properly //?

By having enlightened leaders?

Remember Botak's 2004 "TLLM" which had "bombed out" MONUMENTALLY?

And later his "PIC" which practically achieved nothing to boost sinkieland's productivity and innovation?

His most recent $500 "SkillsFuture" programme is maciam back to the old days in the 60s and 70s?

Dunno want to cry or laugh?

A more APT name for "SkillsFuture" could be "SkillsFlinstone" or "SkillsCavemen"?

When Mr "So" just publicly emphasised that new initiatives will be more TARGETED than "BROADBASED", what is the ( doomed? ) "FUTURE" for this lagi BROADBASED $500 ( worth of grant aka ) "SkillsFuture" fate?

The old guards most likely would have "CRINGED" everytime BOTAK rolled out all his "white elephant" initiatives which seemed to go no where so far except economically misallocate precious taxpayers monies?

Anonymous said...

Lots of Sinkie Patriots leh.

Up to 2015, most Sinkies are patriots to PAP, in a way they are mini puppies, oops mini pappies. Could it be that before the 2000s, Rb himself, a pioneer btw, was also an idolator of Pappies liked most of the Pioneers?

Can it be said that it is too late, way too late to repent for the Pioneers as the Damage is done and beyond repair. Cry and shout for all You want. it shall all be in vain.

After helping others to gain absolute power, the Pioneers are blaming those they helped to exploit themselves(pioneers), they now cry foul and regret.
Big joke lah.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are tired of anymore initiatives rolled out by the garment cos each new roll out is one step closer to the cliff and abyss?

Since 1990 with Lao Goa's "GOAL 2010", "SWISS STANDARD OF LIVING ", "MORE GOOD YEARS", nothing has materialised?

With the pioneer old guards, what they say they meant it and delivered?

Now it is all "motherhood empty war cries" but "Very, Very Expensive White Elephants" in the end?

It is getting more "scary" with each passing year and each passing new initiative?

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap! What pioneer? A bunch of babyboomers who benefited greatly from a post war boom, who never had to serve NS, who voted again and again for a government that has becae even harsher than the Brits? The so call Pioneer generation sounds good on paper, toilet paper specifically. Who really had a better life? What scarifice? GCE O levels enough to get a white collar job and afford a car? Low medical cost, low housing cost, a real childhood without the need to cram day in a day out. Yet this bunch, hoisted on their children high cost housing, student debt, to name a few. And as they exit this mortal coil, they became a loyal voting block, taking handouts greedily from the government even though they probably have more savings than the next generation. Handouts that their children will have to pay for in the form of higher taxes and so call mandatory health insurance payments.

Anonymous said...

After 50 years of nation building, sinkies have found themselves even incapable of building a proper stadium?

Heng Swee Kiat majored in Economics for his 1st degree and also did MSc in Econs?

So what did he roll out lately?

When sinkieland dun even have the talent to build a national stadium with a proper field of international standard, what makes Heng Swee Kiat think sinkieland has talents in 20 sectors and some more able to tailor made Roadmaps dor these 10 sectors to international "stardom"?

Are these "building castles in the air"?

Can anyone hear and sense GOH KENG SWEE, TOH CHIN CHYE and many of the pioneering old guards "CRINGED" in their graves?

Anonymous said...

For those close to the education sector, they likely know what type of standard being churned out in the past 10 years and going forward likely in the next 10 years?

What makes Heng Swee Kiat think he has the talents in 20 sectors to be able to chart customised Roadmaps?

Is he really serious that he can do it?

When our "talents" are causing frequent mrt breakdowns, declining NODX for the past 15 months, donkey years of negative productivity growth in spite of recent years massive PIC programme, a "moribund" stock market despite "infusion of massive foreign talents and investments"? ...... etc etc ?

A national icon in our crown jewel shipping line been sold off after been "run to the ground" in recent years by "BESPOKE SHIPPING TALENTS" ........?

What has genuinely worked in the past 25 years except asset inflation, asset monetisation, unlocking of values created by earlier generations?

Where are the real new capabilities in recent years?


It makes one wonder does Heng Swee Kiat "SERIOUSLY" believes he has "BESPOKE TALENTS IN 20 SECTORS to chart the ROADMAPS"?

When the dust finally settled in years to come, how much can this "BESPOKE ROADMAPS IN 20 SECTORS" initiatives by Heng Swee Kiat really achieved?



Or minus 10%?

What would be the barometer and performance indicators to measure whether this so called "BESPOKE ROADMAPS in 20 Sectors" is getting its $$$ worth and really working and reaping the intended results?

Anonymous said...

3 words only to honour the dead

Leave em alone...

Anonymous said...

Pioneer batch also had the advantage of not having a Productivity board to force them to stay back at work to draw silly fish diagrams for the amusement of a know it all civil servant.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday every1! :)