Chee Soon Juan – 10 reasons for and against his chances in Bukit Batok

Gilbert Goh wrote an article stating 10 reasons why Chee Soon Juan would stand a good chance to be elected in Bukit Batok. In The Independent blog, there was a reply with 10 reasons why Chee would not be elected in the by election.

The reasons given by both parties were nothing new nor exciting but some can be comical. Let me amuse you guys with one favourite reason that is the mantra of the day, and I quote from The Independent.

8. No Experience Running a Town Council
The SDP has zero experience running a town council. They may claim that they managed town councils when the Party had Members in Parliament. But their MPs, Ling How Doong and Cheo Chai Chen, who were elected in the GE 91 did so badly managing their town councils that the voters decided to give them the boot at the next election. The fact is, besides Mr Chiam See Tong, who subsequently left SDP to form his own party, no one has effectively managed a town council. From rats to mosquito breeding, Bukit Batok has a number of municipal issues which only an effective town council can resolve.

I am not going to belabour the point why MPs should not be managers of town councils. Leave it to the professionals to do the job, 7/24, not part timers who have no experience in managing town councils or should be managing town councils. The MPs are the people’s representative to the highest body in the country, to be law makers, to talk about national interest and the people’s interests. Do not downgrade this vital role of an MP to become estate managers.

Ok, let me come to the point. How many people have experienced in marriage before they get married? How many people have experience in managing a family before they get married? How many of the PAP MPs have experienced managing a town council or running a govt, or have experience as a minister?

No experience cannot meh? Ok, make sure all those people wanting to get married get some experience in getting married first or else cannot get married. It applies to being MPs and ministers, go and get the experience first.

How many people got experience becoming a PM or the President?


Anonymous said...

Rb // How many people got experience becoming a PM or the President?//

Ya lor?

How many years was LKY a PM when he became PM in 1959?

How many years was TT a president when he became one in 2011?

Anonymous said...

By the same logic, how many years is a 2nd lieutenant one before he becomes a 2nd lieutenant?

How many years is a new MO ( medical officer ) an MO before he becomes one?

How many years is a bus driver a bus driver before he becomes one?

Anonymous said...

For that matter, how many years was LKY mother a mother before LKY was born?

Zero year, right?

But look how well LKY was brought up and later became well known worldwide and 5 generations of China leaderships called him an old friend?

If his mother was disqualified to be a mother bcos she did not have any prior experience ( as a mother ) before lky was born, then there would not be the current sinkieland that sgreans know it to be, rt?

Virgo 49 said...

This Town Council shits invented by the evil PAP regime just to pluck Opposition MP's wards.

Just simply get those ex HDB MIs now retired to join the Cleaning Down Graded Sinkie Land MPs roles instead of esteemed Members of Real Parliament.

They will do their jobs better than the PAP wards.

For donkey years, they been managing the estates. Just because some wards goes to the Opposition and they want to kill them.

Many ex HDB iron rice bowls MIs were apphensive when forced to be transferred to the TCs.

If ward goes to another party, pooh goes their ricebowls.

This is how the PAP looks after its citizens with their evil agenda to kill the opposition.

Economy of scale one managing council can even bring the costs down for residents.

Furthermore all other government agencies will be pressurised not to give full cooperation to the Opposition Wards.

See how evil they are.

Anonymous said...

Rb // No experience cannot meh?//

This is a rubbish reason to discredit others but does not apply to themselves?

How many years is their ( new ) candidate a Member of Parliament?

Anonymous said...

"No experience cannot meh?"

No prior experience cannot have extra-marital affair meh?

Anonymous said...

No Chance! No Chance! No Chance!

After the announcements, the present "heng seng" of the BE is......
PAP 70% vs 30% SDP.

Whether got experience or not.....no chance!

Tell me how to win lah!

PAP is very very strong in BB! PAP is everywhere in BB.

Furthermore, PAP is still riding HIGH with their 70% at GE2015.

This 70% momentum is really really tooooooOOOOOOOoo strong!

Together with the current remembering LKY's anniversary events,
you tell me, how to win lah!

You seriously think that BB will do the IMPOSSIBLE?

Very Difficult! Very Difficult! Very Difficult!

Not here to ..........泼冷水! 泼冷水!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

It also applies to Matilar and agongkia. For Matilar, no prior experience can engage in incest meh. Yup that is right, he had no experience before but nevertheless he did it and he is now full of experience.

As for agongkia also same. No experience for Lau ah Pek to hug Mei Mei can not meh? He now claimed to have hugged Mei Mei free and is full of experience.

And that asshole that like to call people dog also same same, now full of experience scolding people whereas prior to that he probably is not an asshole.

Anonymous said...

70% only?

Why not let's make it 90%?

And the deposit be forfeited?

Anonymous said...

If MPs are not elected to run Town Councils, what else can they do? Just parroting in Parliament? Why can't the job of running the Town Councils be left to the professionals in the first place? After all, the PAP run Town Councils still outsourced most services to third parties, or those closely related to you know who and what.

The most important reason Town Councils were created was to make the daft Sinkies think and believe that only the PAP MPs can qualify to run them. When the WP in Hougang did the unthinkable and won, most professional cleaning companies doing this kind of job shun them (why?), but they managed and the rest is history. But they have been trying all ways and means to make the opposition look not up to the standard they set. And they have more or less succeeded, with the help of all Government bodies, the law and the outlaws.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah please lah, this is politics---like religion it divides people into warring camps.

And Gilbert, oh well...having his family secure and happy in Australia as IMMIGRANTS is good enough for him, but heck no to immigrants who come to Singapore and who end up gainfully employed, and have their families secure and happy.

😂😂 Got irony?

agongkia said...

Experience or not is not an issue.Important must have integrity and know how to use the brain to get support rather than using sensitive issue blindly without using the brain.
Whatever,I will be richer from bet after the election.

Anonymous said...

// From rats to mosquito breeding, Bukit Batok has a number of municipal issues which only an effective town council can resolve.//

The above statement borders on insanity and stupidity?

If TC is effective, then why the existence of such trivial municipal issues and taking so long to resolve?

But doesn't matter as long as 70% voters are not affected .....?

And it is even better if can hit 90%?

1% is also a win?

40% is also a win?

More "muddy" better right?

Anonymous said...

Got Ah siao ting Tong?

Anonymous said...

Escapee from siao ting Tong asylum?

Anonymous said...

Wayang time again

Anonymous said...

Wise voters concerned about TC management? They can easily do a comparison between WP HG and Buki Butock. I happened to do it when the Buk Butock slope was full of rats.

Now the rats are sent to heaven, Buk Butock has a mp wearing loose underwear and got complained by some woman s husband. Bye election is on public funds, to pap is ok boleh, as pap has a strong lawyer candidate to muscle the seat from the opposition in tc work history doubt.

Tc management is a secret recipe to pap only? No no no. The rats problems indicated it s not.

Tell u the secret: its how the mp see his estate, does mp spot problems like rats running when walking around.

Someone said the mp caught with pants down was "hardworking". U wanted to laugh for his joke right? That man also said $1000pm salary can buy HDB flat. Joke of the century right?

Some of the "hardworking" mp are joke for voters to share. Their eyes do NOT see the rats running around, while the rats are barked by dogs. Blind and mute mp, but got other secret interest.

What is the learning point? Does the mp take action when seeing a problem? This is the real recipe.

TC mgt is not impossible for CheeSoonJuan to do. It is an easy task with a team to help him. SDP has it now. The SDP team is motivated, voters should let the motivated team try, and not choose the team that does not see problems even dogs are barking at.

Vote for the motivated opposition to warn the pap potential mp(s) not to waste time on sex at 55+ year old. SDP wants that chance, some pap simply waste that chance.
So voters: Vote for SDP, its a timely warning to pap mp(s). It s just a by election. Pap will work harder, at least wear tight underwears if SDP wins this by election at Buki Buttock.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.37 is on track. Yes, PAP will work harder if they loose their Batok hill, and the rest of Singapore will benefit for sure.

Do not believe that the PAP make those recent changes because they care about you, or the oldies. They do not. The main reason was their loss of Aljunied GRC and the two by-elections, despite all the denials and claims about having thought of making those changes five years before the last GE. Do not be fooled. Be smart, you voters of Bukit Batok.

Anonymous said...

Indian vs Chinese.

Time for them to show their cocks

Anonymous said...

Yes...voters want to see cock fight. White cock vs black cock haha

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Because you think like a slave, hence you are a slave

Virgo49 said...

March 24 Budget Day.

Bukit Buttocks Estate to get free upgrading.

Big connector parks and gardens.

Senior residents special GST Credits for Bt Batok (Cough, cough)

Sinkies pragmatic and greedy when comes to rewards.

Results: PAP- 80% SDP-20%

Anonymous said...

Make it 90 : 10?

Lose 80 or 90 same same still lose?

But to "rub salt, soya sauce, grinded chilli padi, black pepper powder, curry powder, vinegar" into the "open wound", deposit also gone?

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49March 22, 2016 8:51 pm

//March 24 Budget Day.

Bukit Buttocks Estate to get free upgrading.

Big connector parks and gardens.

Senior residents special GST Credits for Bt Batok (Cough, cough)//

Unlikely just for Buttock lah but whole sin city?

So sinkies must thank Buttock residents .....oops ...... no ......... must thank itchy LC and poohsee for garbagement to LL open public wallet to give people ......?

Then they will try to take back after BE?

But also "plant the seeds" for "angry sinkies" to show "middle fingers" down the road ......?

Won't be surprised if "botak 它妈" kena "Piak and piak" non-stop on his botak head in pte meetings?

Recently "botak" doesn't "look good" in public appearance?

Must be kena "f" until got to "take cover under the table"?

For not ctrlg his man's properly......oops ..... his man's itchy LC and zip properly ....?

Aiyo ....?

Will this be the last ....?

Ha ha ha ha .......

Karma is a bitch .......

Yiew allow the ( siao kow ) mad dogs to anyhow bark, the other dog ..... oops bitch ( which is karma ) come back to return "favour" .......

Bark some more lah ......?

Tmr onwards better put a tight leash and muzzle over some ( siao kow ) mad dogs otherwise karma the bitch might come back non-stop ....?

Btw, fyi some of the siao kow are actually "Tom boy" bitch. ......?

See already gazillion face palms type?

Very JiatLat leh ....?

Why like that?

Very "seet pai" ......?

How to "tong" until SG100?

3 years after the Qin Emperor died in BC 210, his whole Dynasty collapse monumentally in BC 207 .....?

Pls do not break this record lor .....?

Thank Yiew?