Bukit Batok by election – Who to win?

One gave 10 reasons why Chee Soon Juan should win and one said otherwise with 10 reasons to back up. Let me put a few reasons why Chee should win despite the odds and the bad showing of SDP in the GE. The most important reason is God’s will. Heaven is on the side of SDP and Chee Soon Juan. When God is helping him, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.  Ok, I am using God’s will for convenience. I could have used feng shui and the name Bukit Buttock to justify my argument. Maybe some other time.

The first point, there is no chance for Chee or anyone to get into Parliament until the next GE. It needs a little miracle or indiscretion to force a rerun. And this rerun can be anywhere, in any constituency, in a GRC. But it has to be in a SMC and in Bukit Batok, not in any other SMC. And when it comes to Bukit Batok, the only candidate that has been working so hard for so many years is Chee Soon Juan. Why not the last SDP candidate that ran for the GE? This is a by election and only the best candidate will do, and PAP is putting up its best candidate, the very best candidate in its stable of candidate. Murali Pillai is the best the PAP has and putting up anyone in SDP will get an even bigger rubbing. See the hands of God at work?

Even the by election is crafted in Chee’s name. No one is calling it a Murali by election. It is called a Chee by election. Don’t have naughty ideas please. It is all about Chee Soon Juan, the come back kid.

And of course this is not going to be easy and PAP would make it even harder. The PAP is going to put up its best and most hardworking candidate supported by the whole PAP machinery to win this by election. Murali is even more hardworking than David Ong, and have excellent relations with the grassroots. According to Tharman, an old auntie was asking for him to come back to serve Bukit Batok.

But there is a catch that many people did not see. PAP is like giving away this by election, conceding an own goal before it even started. How’s that, many of you would not get it. PAP is putting its very best, how to concede an own goal?

Think GRC? Why GRC? There were two key assumptions when the concept of GRC was mooted. To ensure minority representation in Parliament through GRC. Why? One, minority candidates are weaker. Two, the voters would vote on racial grounds. So minority candidates would stand on weak grounds and fighting in SMC is a losing proposition. Then why put up a minority candidate in Bukit Batok? So he is the best candidate, though a minority. This part is like saying my logic is ‘head I win, tail you lose’.  Heard of ‘mao dun ’? So what if Murali is the strongest minority candidate, and that he is better than a majority candidate? The people would still vote on racial ground he sure to lose. This kind of logic, not I say one huh. I only parrot this clever logic.

But now things have changed. According to Tharman and other PAP politicians, the voters are smart and not racist, and would not vote on racial ground. This argument I also parrot.  Not I say one, not my logic. Head I win, tail you lose.

If this logic is true, if things have changed, the voters have matured, not daft anymore, not racist, it must mean that there is no need for GRCs anymore. True or not? If PAP believes in this logic, there must come out with an amendment in Parliament that henceforth there is no need for GRCs and all will be single wards.

Would the PAP do this? If not, then it must mean they don’t believe the people will not vote on racial grounds. Then Murali will be a sacrificial lamb.  Tiok or not? Do I sound logical or illogical? I am just trying to practice the art of ‘mao dun’.

Incidentally, for those who are still guessing what is this art called ‘mao dun’, let me explain. It is about a super talented salesman trying to sell his spears and his shields. He claimed that his spears were the best and can penetrate through any shield. Then he also claimed his shields were world best and no spears could penetrate them. One time said could poke through, one time said could not poke through. Which is right?  Some one asked what would happen if his spear would to be used against his shield? This was how the phrase ‘mao dun’ came about. ‘Mao’ is spear in Chinese, and ‘dun’ is shield.

So what do you think of this ‘mao dun’ logic and the chances of Murali against Chee? Is Murali put there to win or to lose? I just find the ‘mao dun’ logic of fielding Murali a bit difficult to accept and thus conclude that Chee should win. I may be wrong, because I am not a super talent and therefore unable to understand the logic of super talents.

So, Chee wins or Murali wins?


Anonymous said...

Bt Batok BE also tests whether a non-Chinese can beat a Chinese in a SMC.
So far, no.
Hope Chee does not win by racial default; even though Murali is the better man on the merits.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, this GRC thing of getting minority candidate elected is a red herring lah. Together with running Town Councils, the real reason is to make things difficult for the opposition to contest elections. Or if elected, difficult for the opposition to run the Town Councils. Just look at WP and you will know what I mean.

And the minority PAP candidate for Bukit Batok is to make sure that Chee Soon Juan will be more thoroughly humiliated if he loses, and lose he will.

Get it RB? Where got mao dun?

patriot said...

Come on lah Rb;

dont be superstitious, can?

What Fengshui?
The By Election has got nothing to
do with the Candidates lah.

You said Chee Soon Juan haf been working hard at Bukit Batok for years,
yet You failed to see how the Buttock Voters treated him in GE 2015.

Anyway, it shall be interesting to have Chee S J in Patliament. Sinkies shall get the Opportunity to see some slaughtering during Parliament Meetings.

Just wondering why Rb is hoping and rooting for a pro US Politician.

Personally I had wished for more Alternative Parties Members incuding Chee S J, in Parliament. But was greatly disappointed by fellow voters.
So, the Problem lies with the Voters, NOT the Candidates.

ot shall be shit as usual.


Anonymous said...

人算不如天算! 人是斗不过天的!

You can talk and talk and talk until the cow comes home!

You can give 100 reasons why CSJ wins!

Let me tell you. BB is just not PE! PAP is everywhere in BB!

I am no fan of Murali or CSJ.

It is not who will win. But, win by how many %!

At present, CSJ needs a "miracle" from BB voters to get into parliament.

Maybe, the GOD is involved in this by-election.

HE will decide! HE got the answer! He will decide!

Maybe.......人算不如天算! 人算不如天算

And, one thing I know is......人是斗不过天的! 人是斗不过天的!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

人算不如天算! 人算不如天算


When heaven decides, it shall be it.

Anonymous said...

It is Chee By Election after all.
Mao has risen. Dun will not appeal to Buttock.


Silly, it is Buttock people that's why.

The mighty lighting rod is very well greased to enter into victory.

Virgo 49 said...

They know that they had conned you with the GRC fiasco

That's why Pinky Loong now suggested more SMCs

See Anson JBL majority Chinese and yet they voted JBL

Anonymous said...

GRC fiasco is more a con.

They Con Yew. with bet idea.

But Karma works and Aljunied goes.

Now reverse gear and back to idol worship.

Anonymous said...

The heart of idol worship needs to be visited on a public holiday.

Anonymous said...

Now they are propagating the anniversary of the 'unmentionable one' to win sympathy votes in Bukit Batok. Ever wonder why this by-election was called so fast and early? The co-incidence is uncanny, but of course they have their reasons well prepared to counter the conspiracy theory.

Just could not tolerate the North Korean 'dear leader symdrone' 24 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

CSJ is not likely be the man blessed by fengsui or heaven. He needs to cultivate helping other opposition parties to gain support for SDP. Its too late for him even he wants to do so.
SDP got 26% was not without reason. It was rational result comparing to Fengsang WP 42% in 2015.

These 2 smc contests are going to be similar. At best guess, CSJ will get 36%, due to by election effect, the swing voters votes.

My reasons:
1. BButock do have opposition voters supporting WP. What did CSJ did in one by election to WP? He proposed WP should share with SDP in that by election. Those who remembered the details should be upset on CSJ's irrational behavior. For those real opposition voters, probably 50% might change their mind now at BButtock to support SDP. Its the only choice in opposition.
2. CSJ is only getting serious on election when he cleared his bankruptcy. Remember YSL s rumor? Some social media said it that site that started rumor had editors who were pro certain opposition party against WP.
3. Remember CSJ wanted to join force with WP after 2015GE. Did he get WP s reply?

CSJ will have to face the heaven for what he had done.
Heaven is no blind. Its fair. In reality, its how friendly an opposition party has had against other opposition.

If u use my logic, u can guess, how and why some opposition parties are always very small in size and head counts.
Their leaders are not friendly but looking for opportunities to sidekick opposition party that is more reputable then them.

So when bye election comes, opposition supporters will think, is voting for that small opposition party a right move? If no choice, 50% may still support that party. And 50% will support the incumbent.
Who will be the winner? It is true, heaven decides: how much good or bad deeds the candidates have done.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is up to the people of Bk Batok to choose a SCIENTIST over a lawyer.

Vote in the scientist. He'll be guranteed more fun during parliament, as you know he will tekan the PAP and the PAP will close ranks and gang up against him. But you know Chee will hold fast...until he cannot anymore because either kena sue or bankrupt.

Don't be sheeple any more. Reclaim your DIGNITY and become a real human being---i.e. a PERSON.

Vote the fella in. C'mon Bk Batok---it's your turn to step up to the plate, and kick some arse in your SMC.

Anonymous said...

@ "Ultra-Holy" RB: // So what do you think of this ‘mao dun’ logic and the chances of Murali against Chee? //

Aiya ......

Why so difficult?

Just take a page out of how "SeeToe" wrestle back PP from "See洞"?

Anonymous said...

Remember "Abalone" porridge?

So Aung Juan better not be caught off guard?

Better stand by "counter move"?

Anonymous said...

Sdp no chance lar as the swing vote just can not be that large.

Anonymous said...

Muru cannot be offering "abalone porridge" right?

But sinkies like "free stuff" anyway especially "free YUMMY food"?

How abt "10,000 free prata with egg and curry" with every family member queuing up entitled to say a max of 8 egg pratas per address in Buttock area? ( So if Yiew staying in Pasir Ris or Tampines or any other places, can forget joining the Q lah )?

Anonymous said...

CSJ needs a "miracle" to get into parliament!

Yes! Nothing less than a "miracle"!

Anonymous said...

Egg pratas with curry so YUMMY so if anyone in Buttock area, many dueing weekend morning can just go "Q" lah and take 8 egg pratas for brkfst ....?

But Aung Juan have so many Chinese food residents like such as Fish Ball Noodle, Carrot Cake, CharKueyTeow, Hokkien Mee, etc etc ......?

How to "fight"?

Anonymous said...

Well rb already say "this is not Muru by election but Chee By election"?

So what else but "Chee" type of "free" food?

Since this by election is somehow triggered by some matter pertaining to "sex", why not go along the flow and counter with a "secret weapon food"?

Anonymous said...

Only the spear can make the buttock happy especially big spear

Anonymous said...

How abt during walk about, supporters and volunteers help to distribute free sets of "HUM CHEE PENG and GORENG PISANG", local favourites that many heartlanders like?

Every walk about keep doing it?

To remind Buttock pple that this is a "CHEE BY election", NOT a "Muru by election" as RB proclaimed in his post and quoted as below:

RB: // Even the by election is crafted in Chee’s name. No one is calling it a Murali by election. It is called a Chee by election. //

Mai tang liao?

This is a once-in 50 years chance?

"Hum Chee Peng and GORENG Pisang" confirm no "矛盾"?

Fit like a "bolt into a nut"?

Ngum Ngum Ho?

No need super talent "logic"?

Let Buttock truly go down and be remembered as the CHEE BY election?

With the "CONTEST" of food?

Which is more alluring, "sexy" and appealing to residents?

"Egg pratas with curry"?



What do you think?


Which would residents prefer?

Anonymous said...

Win or lose, I think doesn't matter much to Chee Soon Juan lah.

I mean, he already lost so many times in the past 20 years, so what is one more loss?

I think what he want is the publicity that he can get from the by election. After all, he is a public figure so must need lots of publicity mah. Or else how to continue to be famous?

Anonymous said...

// I think what he want is the publicity that he can get from the by election. After all, he is a public figure so must need lots of publicity mah. Or else how to continue to be famous?//

Now that this by election is even in Chee’s name ( CHEE BY election ), if he wins it, it will likely go down in posterity and remembered as the most "memorable"?

One that was "sex" triggered?

And with an equally matching "nick name" for it now circulating as the "CHEE BYE election"?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... type too fast ..... fat fingers ......

"CHEE BYE election" should be corrected to:

"CHEE BY election" without the "E" after the "BY" ......

Anonymous said...

Buttock looking for some loving this coming chee by election. I think that the high priests of Sin will not disappoint buttock people

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You people are so imaginative. Singapore got creative talents, plentiful of you here.

CHEE BY election said...

Dedicated to ah kong 65

Your wish is granted

Now no more anonymity

Stare "MISFORTUNE" in its eyes and it will FLEE ...... said...

Stand still and the dog flees

Flees and the dog is after your Buttock

Protect your Buttock in CHEE BY election

Ah kong 65 see! Problem solved? said...

Problem of anonymity solved

Snap snap

Eszi peni

Ah kong 5 days old baby said...

Would this make you happy?

阿嬷65 said...

Buttock is "Dammed" after giving 72.3%?

If give 80%, Buttock "open flower"?

老王吃grassroot said...

Bo 鱼, hei ah ho?

Bo grass, root also can?

So ah ong eat grassroot lor?

patriot said...


Anyway, I think Prof Thambyah, also
of the SDP would have being a better choice, as it will prove that a minority Race Candidate can also win in a Single Member Ward.



Ah kong 65 老牛推车 said...

Ah kong,

Buttock bullock cart waiting for u?

But no fresh grass for you this 老牛?

Only some mature grassroot?

Pls make do?

One botak did?

Patriot, in next GE, predict opposition lose, then opposite happen? Good idea? said...

Patriot ah kong,

Why u so sure!

Before GE 2015, you oso predict so many fanciful outcome but nothing or opposite happen?

When you say yes, it turned out no?

Now you say no, it will turn out yes?

Hum Chee Peng Manifesto said...

A spectre of fear is "haunting" Buttock. The spectre of CHEE BY election?

Anonymous said...

Unite "Buttock-ians"!

In this " CHEE BY election " ......

U have nothing to lose except the "矛" in the Buttocks?

Ah kong 65 grammar and English sucks? said...

Ah kong,

When u said those who post anonymously are chicken and no balls, people like mati etc are included bcos if u are of at least 4-yo intelligence, will noticed many anonymous posts by those fellas u mentioned. .....

After u called him chicken and no balls as people like mati did post anonymously many times, mati still "commended" you by saying your comments are "well said" .......

OMG ......

After kena called chicken and no balls, this mati still commended "well said" ......

What do readers think is the brain size of this mati guy?

Ah kong 65 is a PhD holder? said...

Oops kena ah kong virus liao ....

Typo .....

Should be " will notice" ......


Ah kong grammar really cmi

patriot said...

Do hope that it turns out as
You say here.

This old boy is not too sure about what i predicted . However, i do remember that me implored voters NOT to vote for CRONYISM, NEPOTISM AND TYRANNY.
BUT, alas it was NOT to be.

I oso made a prediction then that the Pappies could win by a margin og 69%·
That prediction is still floating around in Cybetspace.


Anonymous said...

By-election is not a lottery or a charity.
Chee must prove he's the BETTER man to win.
My view is Chee WILL lose b'cos he got NOTHING to offer to Bt Batok other than he was not allow to contest elections for 15 years! It's a stupid reason to get voters to elect him!
Do not give Chee the wrong signals here.
CHEE WILL LOSE ... there is no simpler way to put it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "size hangup" 438

» What do readers think is the brain size of this mati guy? «

Brain? What brain? I have computers, no need for brain anymore lah. I also got the 💸 PAP 💸 to do all the thinking for me. They know best.

Parrots and Donkeys are just followers, NEVER trail blazers? said...

// I also got the �� PAP �� to do all the thinking for me. //

Looking at the latest budget, your masters seem running out of ideas too?

Where are the game changers?

Can whatsapp or email your higher up for some heads up ( what game changer if any in the latest announcements other than doing for the sake of showing they are doing sthg )?

Any economist or policy maker see anything "exciting" or "game changing"?

There is always a CBA in any decision, much more involving huge $$$?

What are/ have been the returns ( so far)?

What results to show?

If every year, 35,000 to 40,000 SMEs are so called "being helped" in expanding overseas, then Sg GNP ( Gross National Product) should be far larger than Sg GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) right?

How much public $$$ have been spent on such efforts and what are the returns?

How much have such efforts contributed to real sinkieland's economic well being?

How much have such efforts even contributed to sinkieland's economic output ( if at all )?

Otherwise it would have shown up in the GNP figures?

What are the breakdown of such figures ( overseas contributions ) then?

Any garment figure to support that the public funds used yield reasonable returns?

Or are the bulk of the public $$$ just inefficiently misallocated and wasted?

What is Leon Pereira doing?

Can he table some pertinent and pointed economic questions since he is supposedly the most qualified opposition parliamentarian in the economics field?

What have the various initiatives achieved so far in terms of performance ( measured ) against public $$$ spent?

How much can such schemes really help and/ or fortify sinkieland's LR economics position, sustainability and viability etc etc?

If Pereira is not asking the necessary questions ( on the crucial economic areas ), what more can be expected from Mr Mao Show Tong, Pretend Sick, etc?

What are the ( opposition ) parliamentarians doing pocketing $16,000 per month?

As for parliamentarians on the other side of the political aisle, to expect anything of significance ( and game changing from them ) in terms of parliamentary questions tabling may be a wait as long as the 32nd of each month?

It will never be and this day will not come?

What is the most important thing in a CHEE BY election? A Panacea to Solve the "impotence" in "current policies making" in terms of their "efficacy in addressing pressing problems"? said...

This CHEE BY election in Buttock has taken an added significance, importance and urgency ( given the "impotence" of the current state of ...... )?

"Potency" needed in Buttock CHEE BY election? said...

Perhaps due to the inadequate "chee-ing', a CHEE BY election is "triggered"?

Who else to provide the panacea than ........ a "CHEE" in "name and essence" to solve the "impotence" of ......?

Perhaps, a potent "outcome" is quintessential in this CHEE BY election in Buttock to precipitate "treatments" ....... due to the "impotence" in ....?

Anonymous said...

the nation watches excitedly for the day when the buttock will be splitted. Will the buttock be splitted in the middle or will the buttock be splitted more to one side? Whatever the outcome maybe, for sure the buttock people will never be the same again. They will not walk the same way in fact, more upright after Murali visitation.

Bearing a nation's burden? said...

// I just find the ‘mao dun’ logic of fielding Murali a bit difficult to accept and thus conclude that Chee should win. //

The burden of supporting opposition causes have been on residents staying in the North-East and Eastern corridors of sinkieland except for a brief period between 1991 to 1997 when Ling How Tong defeated MOS Seet Ai Mee in Mt GongButt during GE 1991 in Lao Goa's 1st GE after receiving the baton from the 1st PM.

Now, after about 19 years, once again residents in the North-West and Western corridors of sinkieland are tasked with the "unenviable" responsibility to put another alternative voice into parliament ......

What would go through the mind of a typical Buttock's resident in terms of the "swing segment"?

What would tip the scale?

What matters to them?

Anonymous said...

A faster, better and cheaper lightning rod matters most to buttock people.

A possible green beret dilemma? said...

The biggest "tulan" factor might well be the "scandal" itself?

A red card "offence" is a red card "offence"?

This is a "penalty kick"?

For some ( indignant, conservative ) male residents, if the "ball" doesn't go into the net during the penalty kick, could they be next to be "scored" by the "wrong message" and become the next ( green beret cuckold ) "commando" one day and live to regret for the rest of their lives with broken dreams, families, lives, future and eventual mb likely solitary walk into the twilight zone?

The burden is heavy, yes?

But not carrying the burden now ( when they have no other choice ?) might result in a possible no reprieve eternal burden till death being placed on them by circumstances ( of their earlier choice ) with no option whatsoever?

It didn't go well for the garment in 2006? said...

Unwittingly the learned Dr might have placed his ( entire basket of eggs and ) hope on Buttock's residents and given the circumstances, to lose will mean "ITE" - "it's the end"?

If there is any tea leave to read, it is in the 2016 Chinese astrology?

What does it say?

Enough is enough? said...

A "strong tussle"?

Evenly "matched duel"?

A year to ( finally ) show the "middle finger"?

Anonymous said...

Well what is there to "lose" for "Buttock-ians" except their "potential green berets"?

Their MRT station is there to stay!

Their Bus interchange is there to stay?

The polyclinic is there to stay!

The library is there to stay!

The hawker centres are there to stay!

The schools are there to stay!

The roads are there to stay!

The HDB flats are there to stay!

The tracks are there to stay!

The bus stops are there to stay!

So it boils down to sending the right message?

What is right and what is wrong?

What messages to send to their spouses and future generations?

What messages to send to their daughters in law and granddaughters?

Buttock-ians just voted 6 months ago .... who caused them such agonies and dilemma again and thrusting them into national limelight and the Butt(ock) of many circulating ( national ) jokes?

When they go to the night courts for a minor parking offence, are they ever spared or given a 2nd chance?

Or they are usually slapped with a huge fine and a possible custodial jail sentence in default of non-payment?

Are their children given a 2nd chance when their children could not get in to the school of their choice?

What message would they need to send to safe guard their future?

Time to make a ( tough ) choice?

To make a necessary decision ( to save own "Buttock" )?


Anonymous said...

The news about helping 35,000 to 40,000 SMEs expanding overseas each year were online yesterday's evening but subsequently "disappeared" ....

Why was this ( part of ) news "removed" or "moved" to where?

Anonymous said...

Budget 2016 seems to "favour" an opposition as nothing particularly "reaching out" appears to imply so......?

In fact, some fronts of the SEC has been "rolled back" ....... qualifying age in particular has been jacked up from 50 to 55 and quantum of subsidy reduced from 8% to 3% for age grp 55 - 59.

The new baby top up scheme of $3,000 is likely to benefit at most a few hundred Buttock residents and assuming only 30% of them are in the swing segment, the impact is almost negligible. .......

Silver Support Scheme is operationally pushed back from Apr to Jul so the " $$$ won't reach the residents in time " ....

Statistically the Fresh Start Housing scheme is of not much significance in terms of the number. The absolute number of beneficiaries for this programme in Buttock, if any, could probably be counted in one hand .....?

And there is an ( unspoken ) admission of "wastage of public resources in the previous PIC scheme" in its rolled back? The repeated emphasis on AVOIDING broadbased programme in the future speaks volume of the efficacy ( or failure ) of the PIC programme in channelling precious public revenue efficiently and achieving its prioritised objectives? When a scheme achieves almost none and "open to misuse", much public funds and opportunities to innovate and upgrade local business processes might or could have gone down the longkang over the past few years and going forward till 2018.....?

When the " PIC scheme" was rolled out previously by botak few years back, on paper it was like baojiak but now it appeared a "huge disappointment" causing much public resources "to be inefficiently misallocated"?

Many new schemes seem to appear "good" on paper but will they turn out to be "flop or monumental failures" in a couple of years time once implemented?

If a thorough breakdown of PIC is laid out, the brainchild of this scheme or policy maker might get a BIG "F" in terms of achieving its originally set out OBJECTIVES of driving PRODUCTIVITY GROWTH, INNOVATION and strengthening sinkieland's overall economic growth down the road?

How many 5 to 10 years ( can be afforded to get wasted ) for each ( major ) policy flop which was meant to "save" a sinking economy?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro, Yiu shud be politicial analyst

Take over Chua Mui Hong

Ah Hong ah??

SDP required yr svs


Anonymous said...

Anon 25 Mar 8:19am.
Agree with u PIC was a flop. It was a legally correct "fraud".

Remembered saw tv shots of an electrical appliance retailer "benefited" from PIC. The shots showed that firm at amk bought a new employee time in time out system. Obviously, such factory size firm should have one such system years back.
And shots of windows 8 on pc. It seemed, new pc were bought. Replacing old pc on windows 8 improve productivity for giving up the old pc?

What productivity improvement was there? The employee punch in out system probably was a new replacement. Should tax payers pay for its replacement? The pc hardware should have been there for years, guessed new pc were paid for by the PIC, was it correct in policy?

The government officials probably processed the claim forms from the contractor doing the installations. The installers approached such firms. They submitted the papers together to charge at tax payers. In other words, many PIC were gifts to firms replacing their old hardware.

Can improve productivity? replace a bicycle with a new bicycle?

If there is audit done, one can easily find PIC was a hardware replace legal misappropriation, charging on tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha uncle Virgo49,

That’s a complementary complement or a sarcastic sarcasm?

Anon u know hu ......

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 12.14 pm,

That's the problem, isn't it?

They are ( supposedly ) the ( so called self-proclaimed ) super talents but can even call such schemes ( as remote as they are not unlike striking toto 1st prize ) "cutting-edge, forward-looking, innovative, creative and exceptional ways, means and measures to "RE-MAKE" Sg?

"Remake" into what?

A backwater trashy outback islet not unlike the one young Deng ( Xiao Ping ) encountered when he transited in 1921 enroute to Paris ( for his further studies )?

Many sinkies are quite unsettled and many among peers, some of whom are scholars themselves who had benefited tremendously from the system in their education and career.....

Among them, some commented privately that they are ready to uproot once situations worsen and become "untenable" ......

Some probably even already cashed out some of their property investments bought much earlier before the casino-induced boom and divested in places like Australia, US, London etc ......

How can many sinkies have faith ( in sinkieland's future, sustainability and viability ) when time and again such ( ridiculous ) schemes are trotted out as game-changing policies to remake sinkieland when they are no more than what you described above ( and likely the revelations you made are just scrapping at the tip of the ice-berg )?

Anon 8.19 am

Anonymous said...

This is pap shooting own foot. GRC has to go!

Pap has created the biggest political joke in pap history!