Brussels attacks – Where are the Americans?

After stirring the hornet’s nest and set the hornets scattering all over Europe, the Americans quietly fled the scene. Not their business anymore. Who created ISIS, dunno. Why are the Arabs fleeing Syria and the Middle East?  Dunno. But Europe is now going to pay the price for this heinous crime against humanity. Europe will burn because of the crime of the Americans.

Not only Europe will have to bear the brunt of ISIS attack. Our ministers already gave the warnings, that it is a matter of when it will hit us. The threat from ISIS and suicide bombing is real and present. Stop wasting time and money dreaming of buying F35s. Use the money and resources wisely for this imminent threat to our lives and properties. I must emphasize on properties so that those people with a lot of properties will wake up, that if we are hit by ISIS, their property prices will collapse.

What happened in Brussels, in Paris, in Istanbul, were very expensive lessons for us to learn and to take steps to deal with them. Our intelligence sources, our monitoring and surveillance teams, our checkpoints, our researchers, our field soldiers, are they doing the right things, do we have enough of them, or are they stretched thin and become the weak links in the chain?

We are fortunate to be privy to the sequence of events happening in Brussels and other places. We may not be able to stop some of the attacks, but these live scenarios would be very useful to help us prepare for them, the command and control, the Home Teams, the SCDF, the soldiers, how many are needed, how to deploy them, I am very sure our experts would be working on them in great details and in earnest. How to react, who to react, what to react, and how to deploy the resources?

The ISIS threat is very real and requires all the resources available to deal with them.  The number of soft targets here is unimaginable. Would all the valuable resources deployed for less important duties or spurious activities be recalled and regrouped to deal with this immediate threat?  There is no privilege for politicking and shadow fighting with one’s own shadow instead of preparing for this very real threat?

When similar attacks like the ones in Brussels or other cities hit us, would we be ready to roll out the forces like clockwork precision, or would we be in the same situation like the Little India riot, not enough manpower, caught in traffic jams, running for cover instead of rushing to the scene to take control of the situation?

We have the advantages of hindsight from these incidents to prepare for such eventualities. Let’s not waste time and get to work immediately and take this threat very seriously. We need more manpower and resources to tackle this imminent threat.

Do not depend on the Americans. They are busy preparing another war zone for Asians in the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea. And the Koreans are smart enough not to take the bait and go on to kill each other. Not sure about the silly Asean countries and their bravado in the South China Sea.


Veritas said...

There is not a single Confucius suicide bomber. 99% of terror are committed by Sunni and every single Sunni need to get their head check.

Basically Sunni is the culprit who put Islam name in shit hole. The Shia and Ahmadya behave themselves and Sunni forever give reasons why they must kill kill kill and why everyone discriminate Islam (Shia and Ahmadya has no such problem).

Unfortunately the western white man are in bed with Sunni against her own citizen.

To solve Sunni shit ways, one need to be more like Sunni, not less. I remember I read an article that USSR Stalin baiscally murdered and send the castrated cock of Sunni Islamo terrorist relative to the terrorist. Once a Sunni go into terror, the whole family get to see Allah. These terrorist breaks down and cry like babies and the next second, insurgents disbanded.

No one dares to play around with Stalin.

Also look at how Sunni cringe when seeing Burmese junta. They are like fucking loser and cowards.

We need to use Sunni ways against Sunni. Sunni always brag they got the ultimate truth and they are perfect. Lets do it on them.

Anonymous said...

Very Very Sad!

This is the world NOW! Cruel! Cruel! Cruel!

Anyway, the Brussel attacks will have some implications on
the results of the coming B Batok election and next year PE!

Higher margins for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Where is the silly dog? When is he going to condemn Veritas and to show his support for Sunni atrocities?

Anonymous said...

Pedo YW! I know you like to see fights and disputes. That's you. You are sufferin' the Paradick Sindrome, remember? Good life with a doc certificate of pyscho from Oz, but unhappier than the Syrian refugee who has less than three meals a day! Muahahahaaaaa..

Chinko veritas is at it again with full endorsement from the King of Racists, redbean who is the admin of this racist site. He/she/it talks as if Muslims are not victims themselves.

Chinko veritas knows that there are terrorists of all sorts. IRA terrorists who are Christians. Zionist terrorists who are Jews. And of course chinky terrorists from the CPM and Red Army who oppress the weak.

But Veritas only chooses his favourite whipping boy, Islamo. All other terrorists are let off free in his books. Veritas is a racist. Redbean allows that racism to flourish in his hate site.

Finally, the perv doc who is a racist himself, enjoys seeing this racist rant from veritas.

Veritas said...

Idiot, all these insurgent group never shout Jesus Hu akbar when killing. They do not claim that they rape for Jesus.

Only Islamo shout Allah hu akbar, but they put cock into virgin against their will.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump will be the next US President with more of such attacks. The Americans will be crying for Trump to do the necessary, to bash up the terrorists and to close the door to more terrorists wanting to enter the USA.

Hermit said...

A few days ago, Turkey. Now Brussels. No end.

Hermit said...

Not forgetting Paris much earlier than that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, chinko Veritas! Even if IRA did use Jesus' name, you will find another excuse to SOLELY accuse Islamo. That is the racist in you. After all, your fellow chinks did use Mao ShitDong's name to spread oppression, yet you support.

Anonymous said...

This sick racist hiding behind anonymous and calling Veritas racist.
Shame on you. ISD watching you.

Anonymous said...

@11 .22 am Hahaha! You have proven that this is a racist site! When Veritas launched attack on Islamo, you were enjoying your popcorn and coke. But when you see the word CHINK, your eyes popped out and your dick peed so hard it wet your living room! Aren't you selective with your racist accusation?

You see, this site has been a supporter of Chinese chauvinism and Veritas loves this site. He has tainted Islam and no one cares. Tainted Indians and no one cares. Tainted Africans and no one cares. But breathe one word that is racist against CHINK, and supporters of this hate site scream – like what you did!

Thank you for confirming that Veritas, the racist, is residing in this hate site! Muahahahaaa!

Oh, btw, don't you think that redbean would be the one who would be called up for kopi instead of his commentators?

patriot said...

Rb sounds like a Zhuge Khong Min.
Unfortunately, he is not given a post
which Khong Min was offered though he repeatedly turned down.

Going by the Evidences of the Little India Riot and the Latest Deaths of the Two SMRT Maintenance Staff at Pasir Ris Station, Rb and his fellow Sinkies should 'zi gey poh zong', take care of ownself so to say.

How to depend on those protector and defender of life and property when they took cover when their police cars, ambulances got burnt and destructed right before their very eyes. Theyran for their own live, so how can You expect them to protect others, enforce Law and uphold justice???

When Commander, Trainer contravened training protocol that resulted in trainee's death, they got promoted.

When SMRT followed protocol in deploying their staff, it resulted in deaths of two maintenance staff.

What kind of faith can Sinkies have
with their leaders in view of all the
Evidences thus far?

Ownself takes care of ownself is the Only Safe Bet.


Anonymous said...

Brussels is EU HQ. This spot is the starting point of so called free flow of immigrants. Now the free flows of immigrants through Greece, originated from mid east and Syria is biting the assholes of the same groups of politicians propagating global city free flow of immigrants.

Brussels, London, Paris, and many on red alert countries can never ever stop sudden attacks from unknown groups. Reason: these cities are highly divisive in groups. Its far different from Beijing or HK where the original inhabitants are cooperative in security, wanting to live peacefully. In Brussels, Paris, London there are thousands of groups ready to strike.

Singapore is working towards a global city modeling London and Paris. By 2030 the foreigner population will be 4 millions while original citizens are 3 millions. Singapore still depends on NS as main security force. This is out of date policy. There are many different groups in NS other than the original groups. These new additions are new citizens, PR sons. They are different, so divisiveness is inbuilt. Expect them to fight war or ISIS?

It better for the pap to stop depending on a cheap NS force having no cohesiveness in the long run. Pap should hire foreigners from Nepal whom they trust most. Build a huge contingent of Nepal force to protect the institutions like police stations, airports, mrt stations, bus stops and patrol HDB flats, and fight ISIS.
A professional armed force consisting of foreigners like bangali, indians, not only are cheap in cost, they are also able to supply master and phd degree holders for top commanders.

Singapore security will have to depend on foreigners after 7 millions population targets and 10 millions eventually under the pap. This logical as foreigners will be the majority at 7 millions.

For original citizens, they will have to vote for the opposition to keep the foreigners population down. If they keep the pap, they will see foreigners threatening their survival.

ISIS form of attacks will grow in numbers, common in Singapore, with more foreigners living in this crowded island, and traveling between their home countries and here.

In certain terms, limited jobs, more foreigners means less for citizens to earn income. More crowded, more conflicts, more foreigners, more divisive, and more this form of social structure is like Brussels, Paris now. Sudden attack is unavoidable. Voters, be wise, not to go for 7 or 10 millions population. It is a dead route for citizens survival.

Veritas said...

The best way for our house price to drop is to flood us with Islamo. One day, bomb goes off in Orchard, you see property price in SG plunge like nobody. So on the contrary for those who call me names, I see Islamo positively in many areas.

Also Islamo will expose the sin of everybody. Before Islamo come, everywhere is heaven, no one feels any discriminations. Even minorities like Chinese prosper like nobody in white man land feeling grateful to the host who take them in.

After Islamo came, suddenly the whole world is racist against Islam. And suddenly everyone deserve to die because they are so sinful against Allah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually it is better for the Yanks to sit this one out, because they might---under Obama's admin---cock up the show again and make it WORSE.

The silly progressives of the Obama admin made the grave error of funding and TRAINING "rebels" to overthrow dictators Qaddafi and Assad, in order to bring "freedom and democracy" to these brutal but STABLE dictatorships.

These "rebels" now well trained, superbly outfitted with weapons and cutting-edge encrypted comms have "blossomed" (if I can use that word) into the Islamic States of Libya and Syria. The Yanks never learned their lessons properly. They funded and trained (by the CIA) the Muhadajadeen and its commander Osama bin Laden to conquer the Russian Soviet (communist) interlopers and occupiers of Afghanistan. Hollywood---every ready to make a quick buck---dutifully followed by making Rambo III, and the world cheered, whooped and hollered as Sylvester Stallone and the Muhadajadeen vanquished the Soviets.

In the early 1990's, the Taliban---hard-line, brutal Sunni Muslims---took over Afghanistan. Osama---himself an avowed and devout Sunni Muslim---once an ally of the US was now an asseverate enemy, who began putting out propaganda tapes not unlike gangsta-rapper Tupac Shakur putting out mixtapes. ๐Ÿ˜œ

All this shit and more, was caused by the USA in their neurotic pursuit of "American Exceptionalism", which is as most of us know subtext for "Global Domination".

So yeah, stay out of Europe. They already have NATO there. Europe's Islamo fascist problem is probably best handled by Spetnaz-trained Putin, the most BADASS leader on our planet. Even our own Brigadier General Lee cannot take this guy. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

If BG Lee and Putin had a one-on-one fight, not even the famous hatchets and knuckle dusters of his dear dad will save BG Lee from having the shit kicked out of him.

Eh, cheebye, don't laugh ok...have some respect for your Lee-der ok? ๐Ÿ˜ One more Asian kena keropok by crazy Mat Saleh....

Anonymous said...

Chinko veritas is the delusional one. It is because of the Chinese chauvinism as propagated by Shit Peng in Malaya and Lim Shit Siong in Singapore that we had wars, riots, insecurity and many investors were wary then. Once these Chinese Commie terrorists were removed, both Malaysia and Singapore prospered.

As for Mati, I am sure you know that the chinese commie marxist is more dangerous than Mat Salleh. After all Shit Peng's men have shown to be very devious even cutting up fellow Chinese men for not supporting the CPM. Ownself kill ownself. Yet you see fans of this site who support the Nanyang-Nantah idealogy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 148:

Please lah, what year are you living in lah? ISIS is a seriously deadly threat NOW. The Chinese communists of Malaysia...that was the "Cold War" days. ๐Ÿ˜‚ 50 years ago lah, when Chairman Mao struck fear into the hearts of billions, and roti prata + kopi was 20¢ and TV was black and white ! ๐Ÿ˜น

Anonymous said...

This sicko is still haunted by the past. He is having nightmares every night of being screwed by Chin Peng.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, mati. You talk so much but all hot air. Empty vessels make the most noise. How can ISIS be biggest threat when it is just a pawn of the bigger terrorist? As if you dunno ISIS is funded by US the terror nation? US has been funding terrorists for so many decades lah. Even after Osama and Saddam die, still got their followers carry on. Even after AlQaida got reined, still got more come up like ISIS and ISIL. From history I can predict 100% that even after ISIS and ISIL destroyed, still will have another terror group come up. Why? Because US is still funding all this group. So to end terror, we have to end US funding the terror. Your shallow mind thinking that ISIS is the problem shows your scant knowledge. Mati only can fart hot air. No substance in his talk.

As for Chinese commie Marxist threat, you think it is over? Look around you lah. Even after Nantah close down still got Nantah supporters who cannot stop thinking the Nanyang Spirit. Teo Soh Lung, Vincent, Tan Wah Piow all still thinking of making a comeback. Look at their speeches and their praise for all the past terrorists like Jing Quee, Soo Kai, Thye Poh etc. They even talk about the greater plan of making Malaysia and Singapore into a socialist state. What no threat from the commie marxist?

Wake up lah Mati. You are so shallow and ignorant but talk so big. That's why you avatar is always about sex, sex, sex. No brain, small cock, but want to act as if you are a great Romeo lover playboy. Ha ha ha. Better for you to masturbate ownself lah. Even the pressietute dowan you lah.

Anonymous said...

@2.31, ya I agree that there is a sicko who holds a PhD degree from USQ who
- impersonate real people
- hack and use people's emails
- hack into people's accounts in forums and gain access to the PM box
- sexually harass women and young girls on the internet

denk said...

the reason why terrorism keep growing inspite of the never ending wot is...
people keep barking up the wrong tree !

ever notice,
*ISIS Conveniently Targets Washington’s Adversaries Worldwide*

wanna fight terrorism ?

Veritas said...

One of the most wonderful thing the white man has done is to spread their legs and welcome those Sunni scum into their land. Soon these kind white man realize they are the "oppressor" discriminating these Islamo.

People should let Islamo rot and swim inside their shit land created by their shit mind.

And white man did not learn much from Sunni who got the ultimate truth. Sunni will force everyone to convert with their cock. Any girls who dont convert get a Sunni penis into their vagina forcibly.

That happen everywhere like Iraq, Syria, Egypt pakistan, Nigeria...etc.

This is really the MOST MOST MOST ultimate truth white man should learn.

Any Sunni women who dont convert to Christianity get a Christian cock...ooops.

I support Sunni and their ways. The world need to do it on Sunni. THe white man need to do Lina Joy on Sunni girls.

veritas' mommy said...

Veritas my child, please stop hating others of a darker skin colour. It pains your mommy to see you harbour such hate. I have forgiven your dad who raped me. I know you hate him because he has a dark complexion. That is why you hate dark people so much. But in spite that you are his bastard child, I still love you. Please stop your hate. It pains mommy so much.

Anonymous said...

ISIS will send Trump to the White House.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As the western leaders continue to live in a state of denial, pretending to be angels, Donald Trump is looking more like the only sane man around. He narrated this story of an old woman and a vicious snake in a video.

Old woman, please help me, said the dying snake on the river bank. Please take me home with you.

The old woman took pity on the snake and carried it home. Once inside her house the snake bit her.

The old woman was shock and angry. How could you bite me when I just save you and carried you home to take care of you.

But you know I am a snake. And I bite. It is not my problem. You should have known better.

Thank you for bringing me home. Ouch! The snake bit her again.

Anonymous said...

The snake story sounds like all the foreign PRCs taking up our jobs and shitting/pissin at our public parks.

Anonymous said...

The snake bite story is already far too late. Europe has absorbed millions of immigrants, similar to Singapore. Do note the identified Brussels bombers are LIVING IN. These people live in Belgium.
Some said poor becomes bombers. They may not be right. The attackers must have money to live in groups.
The problem is Brussels is a mixture of different kinds of people. Some speak French, some speak Dutch.

It is very similar to Singapore. When i walk in the evening at estate, there are all kinds of people talking among themselves staying at condo nearby. I cannot understand what languages they are speaking. Condo people move in cars, and they dont need to let others know who they are.
If they eventually gather explosives and guns, few will suspect them.

To these strangers, they are occupying their own space among their groups for the purpose they stay here. The locals dont communicate with them, as if they are from heaven or hell.
If from hell, someone might have to mati if they strike.

This is the results of Singapore mass immigration policy. WHEN they want to strike, according to the minister in charge of countering them, is the question, not impossible of a strike.

In other words, terrorists are not taking boats from Indon islands and have lunch and plant a bomb at orchard. This kind of job is impossible. If the minister thought terrorists can strike in Singapore, then, terrorists must have been living inside Singapore.
The New citizen attended NS is one potential. The bangadeshi 27 of them teaching each other how to stab someone in sitting position from behind. They are the few being caught, the unknown, not caught are probably doing their jobs some days.

Voters will vote for opposition after some terrorist attacks say at Orchard road, JE or some malls or mrt or bus stops or anywhere.
Because there will be many want to sell properties to leave. Prices will drop sharply and banks will call the borrowers. By then they will know pap immigration policy is the source of terrorists immigration, similar to EU. Too late. Voters ask for it, they will get it at the end. 70% cannot learn by words, except when the foreign bombers show them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:48pm

That's the whole point. The refugees are the victims too. But the media and some far right wing politicians have been portraying them as aggressors. The real culprits are the funders who train the cells and planted them in such countries long, long ago. You have been fooled into believing refugees are the problem. Donald Dumb has been lying to you about that snake oil story.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ boring fucking writing, 234:

»You talk so much but all hot air. Empty vessels make the most noise. «

Motherfucker, what are you? 12 years old? Using fucking hackneyed primary school idioms to make your lousy point?

»Mati only can fart hot air. No substance in his talk. «

Well bully for you for wading thru my post and taking the time to respond! ๐Ÿ˜œ

» You are so shallow and ignorant but talk so big. «

Free cuntry motherfucker. I can do/ say whatever I like on the net (and off the net too!!) . So sorry if it gets stuck in your craw. Not that I give a shit actually...but I do love writing on RB's blog, even if it is to fuck with sub-human intellects ๐Ÿ‘พ

» Even the pressietute dowan you lah. «

Now that is complete nonsense. Last night I improved your mother's looks by shooting hot sperm ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ all over her face, and your dear father licked up all my salty jizz like the hungry dog he is.

I thought that was a real good deal for 50 bucks. Please give your parents my best. I'll remember them in my prayers next tie I go to church. ๐Ÿ™


Anonymous said...

Eh mati, I am limpeh and you ask me what I am? You dare ask your farder such question? I raised you bloody fucker and I know all your weak points. Want me to embarrass you publicly that your weenie is so small even if you shag a mouse it cannot feel it is in there? And what is this you say you fark my marder? Dun you know my marder is your grandma? She died many years ago and you wan to fark a ghost. Wake up from your dreamland lah mati. Limpeh tell you to shut up and go back do your homework. One more E or F grade from you and expect a walloping from limpeh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15pm
Your quick in drawing line that refugees cannot be the aggressors. Aggressors are trained and funded. Trump is lying. The conclusions reflect your eyes in seeing terrorists as one type, funded and trained type. They are not. Many cases surfaced in recent 5 years seemed to be self funded lone wolves. Paris group lived in poverty premises. Boston was lone brothers. Both groups were second generations of immigrants.
I do not draw a line that refugees are pitiful and harmless. Luckily, the pap didnot entertain vietnamese refugees in the past and not those from mid east. To understand vietnamese culture and know what they can possibly do, u must go to geylang, more than once, to study what i meant by culture difference.

The present Brussels brothers died on bombing were living in Belgium. The airport 3rd one who escaped and arrested yesterday was also living in Belgium. They are not refugees. That does not mean refugees cannot produce terrorists. Its the culture the people inherited. Immigrants not born in Paris, London, or Brussels are more likely to have that type of culture.

For sure, terrorists go for self destruction. They act for certain ideals the group member share among themselves. The likely people in Singapore to accept the ideals to take up death for sure ventures are non citizens. This part is clear.

My guess is based on logic. The bangladeshi potential terrorists were non citizens. The new citizen wanted to gain real war experience in mid east is also not a typical citizen born here.

So where do u think the terrorists in Singapore will come from? The non citizens, non citizens second generations, or the locally born citizens?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "get creative, motherfucker" 808:

» She died many years ago and you wan to fark a ghost. «

Dig the bitch up, knock a hole in her skull and shove your dick in.

Problem solved! ๐Ÿ‘ป

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:11pm,

You are not convinced that refugees are not the terrorists? Buying into Donald Dumbo and other right wing argument? Consider this:

What does a refugee gain from the bombing, other than putting himself out of misery. He might as well kill himself and be done with it. Much easier.

So on one hand you say that these are lone wolves. Yes, yes, yes. So if lone wolf, then the argument that they have been influenced by others is farcical. How can you be a loner and be influenced by another party you never met? Oh? Internet? But these refugees don't even have a home with electricity. What internet? Meeting up at mosques? But you said lone wolf! So if influenced by others at mosque then it is concerted effort by some group. What lone wolf? See the loopy, unworkable, nonsensical arguments by right wingers?

The truth is out there. It is a known fact that these bombers are trained. By the funders who are interested in keeping the war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan for as long as it takes. The American people are fed up with wars. The support for wars is waning. So to whip up sentiments for support, there must be terror bombings.

Terror bombings benefit the warmongers. It does not benefit refugees who themselves are running away from the bombing the terror nations are dishing out in their homeland.

That is that stark truth.

veritas' mommy said...

My child veritas. Please stop your hate. Just because your dad made you into a bastard child you go round hating others? You are hurting your mommy too with your hate. In spite that he raped me and I gave birth to you, I have forgiven him. Please stop your hate.

Anonymous said...

Eh mati, trying to be farnee with limpeh issit? Just because your weenie too small you want me to do the job for you? You want to know why your weenie is still XXXS size after so many years? The doctor instead of cutting your umbilical chord accidentally cut off your tiny balls. You have been a eunuch since birth. That's why your weenie is always a wee, wee bit too small for even a rat's cunt. You never had a chance to go through puberty.

Now get back and do your homework. For once, if you can even get a C for your test limpeh will be very happy. Stop being so obsessed with your tiny, tiny weenie before I decide to cut that off too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas said...
Refugees or not it does not matter. When you have a huge bunch of Islamo, they will support shit ideas, even in Singapore, some are trying to kill many Singaporeans.

For some reasons, they are loser in their own life, and precisely because they think like shit, they are loser. Then they blame their failure on everyone else.

Singapore tudung babes complaint discrimination when boutique store fire her for refusing to take down tudung.

March 23, 2016 8:26 pm

Veritas, I have deleted your last para. Getting too close for comfort.


Anonymous said...

It is just a matter of time countries like Brussels change the rules of the game. Even if the govt dun change,the people will force them to change just like Germany.

ISIS is just trying to fulfill an old time prophecy.