Why school is written as skool?

Has anyone wonder why skool is the new word for school? I think it is cute, just like writing govt as garment and yew think everyone will appreciate the creativity of the word. My First Skool must be the first step to creativity. To promote creativity, to be different like yew know ya, everything goes. If our skools will progress along this line we will have many Steve Jobs and Bill Gates or Zuckerbergs in the future, provided no one will snuff out this creativity streak in the young. I am not going to challenge the professional educators on why this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The young minds are innocent and impressionable and skool would be in their vocabularly for life. What about the adults who would view things differently, maybe cynically. Some are already commenting that this is a Freudian slip, that our schools are really nothing but skools. They are not schools any more but this new thing called skool and not sure what it means or what it is doing.

What is a skool and what is it supposed to produce, Stool or R2D2? R2D2 is famous for being a mobile storehouse for information and data. Not sure if it is programmed to think, but it sure is a remarkable robot that is a super encyclopedia. Whatever that is fed into R2D2 will come out like stool, freely and smoothly, not a word or a comma missing.

Would our schools be transformed over time, into skools as a natural process? What do yew think?


Anonymous said...

My First Skool (MFS) is the pioneer childcare arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative Limited.
It was established as NTUC Childcare in 1977 and became a co-operative in 1992.
Operating mainly at void decks of housing estates, MFS provides quality and affordable childcare service that is accessible to parents.


Did 70% of Singaporeans say "I don't care about proper spelling. If NTUC says "school" should be spelt "skool", that is good enough for me."

Anonymous said...

Workers' Party Joke
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: When the driver stops, then I will cross the road.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> I am not going to challenge the professional educators on why this is a good thing or a bad thing. <<

Fuck them. The so-called "professional educators" are the world's biggest fuck-ups. That's why many kids today are "broken" or "spoiled".

"Skool" for "School"? Please lah, it's cute for about 10 seconds, after that it's annoying and surreptitiously promotes the idea that the bad spelling resulting from a world texting, and IM-ing, and Whatsapping and SMS-ing is ok and "kool".

...but, before anyone accuses me of being an "oldie" who is "stuck in the mud", let me affirm the other side of me who appreciates and celebrates the idea that

The origin of "skool" is probably from the contraction of "old is kool!" to "old skool", usually used to refer to some aspect of culture of the past. for e.g.: "Tie-dye T-shirts are old skool. Yeah, I really "rock" tie dye shirts!". The word "rock" in this context means "to maximise the effect, with attitude."

At the end of the day language is about communications. And we coin new words or neologisms to communicate ideas. For e.g.: "Google" is now a verb. "Google that!" means use the search engines to find out more, regardless of whether the search engine is Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuck Go!, the verb "Google" means "use internet search".

Other kool new words/ phrases are: cray cray, dafuq, sheeple...go ahead, Google that shit ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Or is it verbal diarrhoea?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rb // To promote creativity, to be different like yew know ya, everything goes. //

Aiyo .....

Anonymous said...

"Why school is written as skool?"
Is it because a PAP-linked organization said so?

If PAP asked you to risk your life for 2 years in the army for a peanut salary ... will you still do it?
If you are willing to do this, then why can't you accept that school is spelt as "skool" when a PAP linked organization tells you so.

If a PAP MP tells you your CPF is not your money, why you find it so difficult to believe?

Anonymous said...

Your HDB flat belongs to you.
Why you find it so difficult to believe?

Is it because you still have to ask HDB for permission to rent out your flat?
Is it because HDB can suka suka tell you that you must surrender your flat under the SERS scheme even if you don't want to?
Is it because you can only use HDB approved contractors even though the HDB flat belongs to you?

Do you think you will ever truly own anything in Singapore ... like normal citizens in other countries?

Anonymous said...

"Every school is a good school."
Why you find it so difficult to believe?

Is it because you spend $2,000 every month on private tuition because your children don't understand what the school is teaching?

virgo49 said...

Bahasa Malaysia lah!

School - Skool
Block- Blok
University- Univerciti
Restaurant- Resturaunt
Technology- Technogioli
Gila- Gula.lah

Anonymous said...

Skool is very kool